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The Truth Leaks Out About Kosovo (Bill Clinton's Iraq - A Flashback)
Eagle Forums ^ | 11-24-99 | Phyllis Schlafly

Posted on 06/22/2006 8:30:21 AM PDT by Fighting Irish

The embarrassing truth is starting to come out that the Clinton Administration lied to us about Kosovo atrocities which were supposed to justify the bombing of Yugoslavia. In five months of investigation and exhumation of the dead in Kosovo, United Nations war crimes investigators have found only 2,108 bodies.

Before the bombing, Clinton and Defense Secretary William Cohen repeatedly tossed out figures of 100,000 dead, and the State Department even claimed that up to 500,000 Kosovars were feared dead. Clinton claimed that his bombing prevented Milosevic from "deliberate, systematic efforts at ethnic cleansing and genocide."

The chief prosecutor for the UN war crimes tribunal, Carla Del Ponte, can confirm only the 2,108 figure. That's what she reported to the UN Security Council.

Pathologist Emilio Perez Pujol, who led a Spanish forensic team looking for bodies, found only 187, mostly in individual graves. He calculated that "the final figure of dead in Kosovo will be 2,500 at the most. This includes lots of strange deaths that can't be blamed on anyone in particular."

The British, who seem to be more interested in getting to the truth than Congress, are pressuring Foreign Secretary Robin Cook to answer claims that Tony Blair's government misled the public over the scale of deaths in order to justify NATO's bombing of Belgrade. Alice Mahon, the Labor MP who chairs the Balkans committee, said that the Kosovo deaths were tragic but did not justify the killing of Belgrade civilians by NATO's bombing.

Lacking a constitutional or national security basis for his Yugoslav adventure, Clinton relied wholly on the humanitarian argument. That rationale has fallen apart because the numbers of Milosevic's crimes in Kososo were so grossly inflated, the indiscriminate damage done by the Clinton/NATO bombing raids was so vast, and all the people he said he was helping are far worse off than before the bombing started.

The Clinton/NATO bombing was carried on for 78 days with total disregard for human life. The bombs killed thousands of innocent civilians and even destroyed hospitals and schools.

The Clinton/NATO bombing decimated Yugoslavia's economic infrastructure and created an environmental nightmare. Not only are water and power systems destroyed, but the lifeline of the region, the Danube River, is polluted and largely impassable because of destroyed bridges.

Repeated air strikes on the Serbian town of Pancevo enveloped the area in clouds of black smoke and flames for ten days and unleashed tons of chemicals into the air, water and soil. The fish, produce and water are all contaminated.

What was advertised as an air war against Yugoslavia's military capabilities was really a war directed against the Serbian people. Dropping cluster bombs from 15,000 feet and firing missiles from many miles away guaranteed "mistakes" and "collateral damage" and prove that the targets were civilian as well as military.

U.S. Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Michael Short admitted that the goal was to break the will of the Serbs and make them so miserable that they would force Milosevic to pull out of Kosovo. Estimates of the cost to rebuild the damage range up to $100 billion, but the costs in human misery are incalculable.

The situation in Kosovo, the province Clinton was supposed to be protecting, is even worse. The danger from unexploded British and American cluster bombs and mines is at alarming levels, according to international aid agencies.

Before the bombing began, there was no humanitarian crisis in Kosovo. It was only after the U.S. and NATO air strikes began that the Serbs started to expel Albanians from Kosovo.

The NATO "peacekeeping" force in Kosovo is completely unable to restrain the revenge-seeking Albanians who are beating and murdering the Serbs (even targeting grandmothers) and burning their homes and churches. More Serb civilians have been slaughtered in Kosovo than ethnic Albanians before the bombing began.

The daily violence continues even though there are now more NATO troops in Kosovo than Serbs. According to Human Rights Watch, 164,000 Serb civilians have been driven out of Kosovo.

The Clinton-Albright policy is based on the absurd fantasy that America and NATO can force the Serbs and Albanians to live together in a multiethnic society. Neither side wants that, and the attempt to impose our will means that U.S. troops will play the costly roles of global cop and social worker indefinitely.

The only people happy about the Yugoslavia debacle are the globalists who want America to be perpetually engaged in foreign conflicts. In a speech to the Canadian Parliament, Czech leader Vaclav Havel praised the Yugoslav war as "an important precedent for the future," saying that "state sovereignty must inevitably dissolve" and nation-states will be transformed into "civil administrative units."

When Clinton's National Security Adviser Sandy Berger spoke to the Council on Foreign Relations on October 21, he described Clinton's foreign policy as grounded in the policy of "engagement." America will now be "engaged" in Yugoslavia for the rest of our lives.

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To: doug from upland
Where was Code Pink? Where was Kerry? Where was Murtha? Where was Biden? Where were the environmentalists? Where were the human shields?

Where was the GOP opposition?

41 posted on 06/22/2006 10:41:53 AM PDT by Alberta's Child (Can money pay for all the days I lived awake but half asleep?)
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To: doug from upland

What about wonderkin Wesley Clark?

42 posted on 06/22/2006 11:13:52 AM PDT by superfries
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To: superfries


43 posted on 06/22/2006 3:26:24 PM PDT by Lion in Winter (islamics arn't religious, just set on on mass murder of non-muslims! NO FAT ISLAMIC broads!!)
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To: soozla; joan; Lion in Winter; Bokababe; Wraith

No it won't....check out There is a group of us that won't let it die.

I also have this collection of quotes:

Circa 1998:
There's a military insurrection that is taking shape, backed by the members of the Albania Diaspora in Germany, Switzerland, and right here in New York City, where a lot of Albanians and Albanian-Americans are sending a lot of money and support to Kosovo. (Gosh - NYC? -SG)

Holbrooke: An independent Kosovo would "unravel Southeastern Europe."

JIM LEHRER: And they want an independent Kosovo ruled by Albanians, right?

RICHARD HOLBROOKE: Yes. And more. I met with several Albanian leaders in Kosovo who said their goal is an independent Kosovo, their goal is to recreate the Greater Albania that existed briefly during the 30's and 40's, which includes Albania, Kosovo, and part of Macedonia. That, I can tell you, Jim, would unravel Southeastern Europe and dramatically increase the chances of a general war. And that's why the situation is both not the same as Bosnia and why it's so dangerous.

I really need to stress this point so people do not misunderstand it. The Kosovo Albanians have been very badly treated for over a decade by the Serb minority in Kosovo. Their rights have been denied and the Yugoslav federal constitution was changed to reduce their powers. This was entirely wrong, and it led to the inevitable reaction which we're now seeing. At the same time, the violent solution which is being advocated by the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, which is really not an army but a lot of different groups that are gradually forming an infrastructure of resistance, this approach is highly dangerous to stability in the region.

Sept. 10, 2002
Cumberland, Md.: Where you aware of the KLA and Bosnian Muslims' ties to Osama bin Laden at the time you were negotiating with them?

Richard C. Holbrooke: Yes. In fact, we were so concerned about this issue that we wrote into the Dayton Peace Agreements a clause requiring the withdrawal of all "foreign elements" within a short time after the agreement took force. When we found elements that had remained behind, we launched raids against them. Not all of these people were removed, and the effort is still continuing. Without the peace in Bosnia, there is a real chance that bin Laden would have been able to set up in the Balkans what he did in Afghanistan with far greater danger to the West.

Now--fast-forward Nov 8 2005:
Holbrooke, the architect of the 1995 Bosnian peace deal, who said that independence was the only way forward for Kosovo and its mainly Muslim Albanians.
"I cannot see any final status for Kosovo other than independence," said Holbrooke, who forged the Dayton Peace Accords that ended Bosnia's 1992-95 war.
"But at the same time ... this cannot be achieved without ironclad guarantees for the safety, security, and protection of the rights of the Serbs who live in Kosovo and the protection of their magnificent monuments," he said.

44 posted on 06/23/2006 12:59:41 AM PDT by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: Alberta's Child
"Where was the GOP opposition?"

Supporting the C-i-C during a war, like we ask the Dems to do now?
45 posted on 06/23/2006 1:06:37 AM PDT by decal (Different Tagline Tomorrow!)
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To: Paradox; Hoplite; ma bell; DTA; montyspython; Bokababe; Wraith; tgambill; Sarajevo; joan; ...

Yes, a mass grave was had Serbs, the biggest one yet. In my inquiry I asked a close friend i knew in Kosovo to give me what he knew, which is separate from this article. He was personally involved in the searching.


"Regarding mass graves prior to September 1999, I can only tell you of the 2 that I was personally involved with. Both contained the bodies of murdered Kosovo Serbs. I think they were both discovered in August. One contained 8 or nine male bodies and was located past Malisheve (the road that ran behind Camp Monteith) towards the Serbian border, I think it was near the village called Podgorca or something like that. The bodies were buried just below the surface. ICFY was later involved in the recovery of the bodies. The other was 4 or 5 Serb male bodies (it look like they had been beaten) that had been dumped in a slit trench in a wooded area used for training by the VJ close to Gjilan/Gnjilane - going out on the road that was later blocked off for the police RHQ heading towards Mucibaba about a Km out of town turn left up into the wooded area. These were both quite clearly revenge murders, taken apparently purely because they were Serbs. This was pretty prevalent in the GN area in June to September, indiscriminate attacks were being taken against any group or individual Serb that had remained if they strayed out of the relative protection of their enclave. There might have been one or two others but I was not involved and do not remember the exact details."

Source: Personal statement to me from an OSCE Official.

Article: #1

Another Mass Grave In Malisheva Is Being Investigated
Trans: S. Gajtani

12 Aug 99 (Zeri) – The workers of Office for Missing Persons and UNMIK forensic teams from Prishtina, lead by their Chief, Pablo Baraybar, started searching for another mass grave in the territory of Malisheva Municipality.
The searches are being made in the same location where three months ago a mass grave with 13 bodies was found, according to the information’s they belonged to the Serbian nationality.

Since Thursday in Mirdita neighborhood of Malisheva, two diggers are working on digging the ground and searching for the mass graves. Argentinean Special Forces are securing the location with tape and a sign to not cross into the area.

So far no bodies has been found according to the Baraybar. The office that is led by him has information that 10 to 13 bodies are in these mass graves, which they suppose are Serbs.

The new searches, according to Baraybar, will continue until they find the bodies. He has information’s that the new mass grave is somewhere near the mass grave that has been found in May of this year.

Article #2

New mass graves of Serbs near Gnjilane
August 28, 1999

Gnjilane, Aug 27 (Tanjug) - The discovery of another mass grave with bodies of 50 Serbs in the Gnjilane area demonstrates that atrocities continue to be perpetrated by rampaging ethnic Albanian terrorists against Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija since the arrival of international KFOR peacekeepers.

Serbs who wanted to find out the fate of their relatives or friends after the discovery of a first grave with 15 bodies, were told by an unnamed UN police officer that another grave with 50 bodies had been found in the vicinity of Gnjilane and that investigation would be undertaken soon, Tanjug has learned from well informed sources.

Serbs fear that the terrorist "KLA" has committed a series of mass crimes against non ethnic Albanian civilians, as many Serbs have been reported missing in the area since KFOR's arrival at the end of June.

KFOR spokesmen made no mention of the latest crime at their regular press briefing Friday.

Embittered by KFOR's benevolent attitude towards terrorist atrocities, several hundred Serbs blocked Thursday about 1 p.m. the Gnjilane-Bujanovac road, demanding that the murderers be brought to justice and that Zoran Stevanovic and Slobodan Antic, abducted Wednesday on the Gnjilane-Prilepnica road, in an attack organized by the new waterworks director, ethnic Albanian Ramadan Gajtani, be released.

Relatives of abducted Serbs who wanted to identify the victims were banned by a KFOR officer from seeing the bodies, which were taken secretly during the night to the Pristina forensic institute.

Systematic terror against Serbs in the area continues, as the "KLA" is trying to cut the corridor linking Serb enclaves in the province with Serbia.

On Thursday, Gradimir Stolic was abducted, the house of Lazar Mitic was torched, and bombs were thrown at the homes of Vladimir Denic in Gnjilane and of the Djurovic and Stojanovic families in Gracanica.


"In April 99, the State Department stated that perhaps 500,000 Ethnic Albanians were missing and feared dead at the hands of Slobodan Milosevic’s army. About a month later, Defense Secretary William Cohen told a television interviewer that "about 100,000 military-aged men" were missing (Newsweek). After the end of the war in June, NATO revised the estimate to about 10000. Guess what? In a report to the Security Council the chief prosecutor for the UN War Crimes Tribunal said that so far 2108 bodies have been found in 195 "mass graves". More are expected to be uncovered when the ground thaws in spring. The high estimates currently hover around 7000. The report added that many of these bodies were in individual burial plots, and only 11 sites reported more than 50 bodies. I am not trying to belittle the slaughtering of civilian Kosovars (however many), but instead am trying to analyze the politics of war in a more realistic way than what the major networks have so far been doing."

46 posted on 06/23/2006 1:19:02 AM PDT by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: Fighting Irish

Except for Phyillis Schafley readers and here on FR don't expect this to get any play at all in the MSM.........EVER!

47 posted on 06/23/2006 1:34:22 AM PDT by PISANO (We will not tire......We will not falter.......We will NOT FAIL!!! .........GW Bush [Oct 2001])
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To: Lion in Winter

Specifically, what focus of information would you like to have......

48 posted on 06/23/2006 1:34:40 AM PDT by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: Paradox
Do we know the numbers?

We won't until the Serbs themselves are willing to come clean upon the subject, but, alas, there's little hope for that coming to pass.

Point being, there was an effort to transport corpses out of Kosovo and hide them in Serbia proper, much like the effort to hide the evidence of the Srebrenica mass executions.

Serbia's about the only European country where the government can transport hundreds of corpses to police grounds, burn and bury them, and the responsible agencies can carry on "business as usual" after the corpses have been recovered. (800+)

No worries, however - if the Serbs are unwilling to deal with the criminals in their midst, there are other ways of addressing the issue, mainly isolating the Serbs and ensuring they don't exercise any power over those they have recently victimized.

Which is why Kosovo will be granted independence this year - we're just tired of the Serb's BS.

And if some still think, after 6 years of Republican leadership, that Bill Clinton is the deus ex machina of American Balkan policy, well, some folks you just can't reach, and after a while it becomes a waste of time to even try.

49 posted on 06/23/2006 2:15:24 AM PDT by Hoplite
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To: decal
Supporting the C-i-C during a war, like we ask the Dems to do now?

Who's "we?"

50 posted on 06/23/2006 3:34:45 AM PDT by Alberta's Child (Can money pay for all the days I lived awake but half asleep?)
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To: Alberta's Child

[shameless self-bump]

51 posted on 06/23/2006 6:23:51 AM PDT by Fighting Irish (Ever find yourself posting messages just to show off your taglines?)
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To: nutmeg
"Exactly. And where were the marches on Washington, New York, San Francisco, LA, Vienna, London, Paris, etc.?"

The only "marches" I know of were by American Serbs -- but because we are "normal Americans" with jobs who didn't realize that newspapers shut down for the weekend and that you have to call TV stations if you want them to show up --we marched on Saturdays and we were completely ignored.

The protests in other countries (like Greece & Italy) re the NATO bombing, were either ignored by the media or quashed by the US State Dept. Greeks told us (when were there a year later) that there were continual protests in the streets of Athens -- but then "Mad Maddie Albright" & the US State Dept threatened to issue a "Travel Warning to Greece" if they didn't stop. If that would have happened, the Greek economy -- heavily dependant on tourism -- would have collapsed, so these little shop-owners had to back off or literally "lose the bread on their table". So when NATO & the UN did show up, Greeks showed their passive aggression by giving incorrect directions to places when asked and turning around street signs en masse so that they all pointed back to Athens just to confuse the internationals! Greek men also risked their lives and went to Kosovo as unpaid volunteer bus drivers for Serbian children.

Re "move-on" and the Soros crowd, who do you think help sponsor the break-up of Yugoslavia? Soros is up to his neck in blood! Diana Johnstone's book, "Fool's Crusade --Yugoslavia, NATO & Western Delusions" is an excellent book on the subject of the bloody break-up of Yugoslavia, not just about the "who" and "when" but also the "why". She does describe how Soros has hijacked the Left (who would normally have been protesting the war) for his own ends and how most Liberals became convinced that Yugoslavia was their own personal "Spanish Civil War", filled with all the pathos and romance of a Hemingway novel.

It is hard to understand why Britain and the US State Department would ignore all the evidence against those they support in the break-up of Yugoslavia and risk US interests in the region -- until you realize that the US State Department (and British equivalent) are largely a bureaucracies covering their own ass and covering their own mistakes. And they have been screwing up big time with Yugo since WWII. Rather than admit those mistakes and move on, one lie gets covered by another and another until the mountain is so high that they actually begin to believe their own bull, ignoring the tankers full of blood that their lies costed those who live there!

I was raised to be proud to be an American, but I am truly ashamed of this. I do not know when or if I will ever stop being ashamed of it, because it has made me doubt what we are doing everywhere.

52 posted on 06/23/2006 9:54:54 AM PDT by Bokababe (
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To: Hoplite
Well, didn't the Serbs appear clean on the Srebrenica statement? of course, you need to be unambiguous with what you ask. You judge the Albanians as truthful? Do you believe the Bosnian Muslims to enclosed honest and precise Intel sumnations or their hard facts were spurious? Which is it, hotshot?

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

53 posted on 06/24/2006 3:14:19 AM PDT by ma bell ("Take me to the Brig. I want to see the "real Marines". Major General Chesty Puller, USMC)
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54 posted on 06/24/2006 3:22:50 AM PDT by GretchenM (What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Please meet my friend, Jesus.)
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To: Fighting Irish

'...bombed for 78 days with total disregard for human life'. Plus the pollution of the Danube, people driven from their homes, etc.. Not a peep about this out of Liberals. A forgotten quagmire. US 'meddling'. But if Clinton did it, it's okay.

55 posted on 06/24/2006 3:24:54 AM PDT by hershey
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To: hershey

hershey...thats because Clinton wait, that is monica...

56 posted on 06/24/2006 4:30:51 AM PDT by ma bell ("Take me to the Brig. I want to see the "real Marines". Major General Chesty Puller, USMC)
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To: Lion in Winter
The people of the world are about to give Kosovo( a SERBIAN word) to a people from another country( ALBANIA)who came there with the express purpose of STEALING the land from its rightful Serbian owners.

To the best of my knowledge in digging through documented history, the above is very accurate. Starting in WWII , the Serbs in their own land of Kosovo have been persecuted, executed, and exhiled. The Albanians have been pouring into Kosovo, outbreeding, and taking over -- driving the Serbs from their homes and country. The genoicide and ethnic cleansing was perpetrated UPON the Serbs not by them. That they would be angry at all this and at the foreigners supporting the invaders is understandable.

That Clinton and cronies helped those invaders by waging war on the Serbs is another chapter in the long line of Democrat presidents (Wilson, FDR, Truman, LBJ) screwing up other nations and planting the seeds for future unending conflict that Republican Presidents then have to deal with (and get wrongly blamed for).

57 posted on 06/24/2006 4:56:07 AM PDT by Solitar ("My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them." -- Barry Goldwater)
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To: Fighting Irish

[another shameless self-bump]

58 posted on 06/26/2006 9:02:46 AM PDT by Fighting Irish (Ever find yourself posting messages just to show off your taglines?)
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