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A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day....07-10-06....Military Monday ~ Tribute to LadyX
Billie, The Mayor

Posted on 07/09/2006 8:59:29 PM PDT by The Mayor

A Few of FR's Finest
....Every Day
FR is a Treasure Trove of talented, compassionate, patriotic, wonderful people who gather every day to discuss the latest news and issues; salute and support our military and our leaders;  tell a few jokes;  learn a new word;  write poetry;  pray for those in need;  and congratulate those who are deserving. Thank you, Jim Robinson, for giving us the vehicle in which we can express ourselves.
Free Republic made its debut in September, 1996, and the forum was added in early 1997.   Over 100,000 people have registered for posting privileges on Free Republic, and the forum is read daily by tens of thousands of concerned citizens and patriots from all around the country and the world.

A Few of FR's Finest November 11, 2001

So many people have written me since my original Veteran's Day Tribute, asking how they, or a loved one, could be included in that tribute. Since I could no longer add the photos to the body of the thread, I had been including them in additional posts as I received enough to make another collage.
Still that didn't seem to be enough. I think there's never been a better nor more appropriate time to keep the faces of our own Veterans and Active Military in front of FReepers--every day! That's why I wanted to do yet another Daily Thread .....ABOUT FReepers .....and FOR FReepers. But not only about our Military FReepers; for all FReepers! Wouldn't it be nice to get to know a few of the other FReepers as well? That's why we've created a place for just that. This is a friendly room in JimRob's house where FReeper FRiends can gather every day and just say hello if that's all they want to do.
There's more of course. We sometimes feature different FReepers, with a little background information on who they are and what makes them who they are, along with a few photos you might not have seen on other threads; sometimes others write an essay for us to post as the feature for the day; sometimes our presentation is a human interest story found elsewhere that you might not have read; sometimes special holiday threads; but whatever the topic of the day, it is always with FR's Finest in mind and that is YOU!
If you would like to be featured, or would like to see someone else featured, please send me a private FR mail.
Every Monday we will post the photos of FR's Military Personnel that I have collected and put into groups; these will be available to view through a link the remainder of the week - every day just a click away. :)   If you would like to add a photo of yourself or a loved one in the military, past or present, please let me know; I will hold it until I have enough for a new group.
Thank you, and please have fun with us...every day! ~ Billie


Thank You For Serving Our Country!

TOP: Logos, SwedeGirl's hubby, Neil E Wright, FallGuy, 1John, Sneakypete
MIDDLE:  T'wit, COB1, LadyX, Dick Bachert, 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub
BOTTOM:  YankeeinSC, Delta21, JoeSixPack1

TOP:  Bosniajmc, AFVetGal, Archy, A Navy Vet
MIDDLE:  4TheFlag, Aeronaut, 68Grunt, Xinga
BOTTOM:  Codger, AAABest, Clinton's A Liar, Duke809, dcwusmc

TOP:  mc5cents, Norb2569, LBGA's son, VanJenerette
MIDDLE:  Jim Robinson, KJenerette, davidosborne, KG9Kid
BOTTOM:  gwmoore, Equality7-2521, SAMWolf

TOP:  porgygirl, Phil V., MudPuppy, NorCoGOP
MIDDLE:  RaceBannon, Neets, rdb3, jwTexian
BOTTOM:  USMC Vet, TheMayor, Vineyard, rhododogma

TOP:  g'nad, AgThorn's son Justin, SLB, AgThorn's son Brett.
MIDDLE:  fish70, razorback-bert, CheneyChick,Leroy S Mort, Mark17.
BOTTOM:  Terry's Take, Taxman, DinkyDau.

TOP:  ValerieUSA's son Grant, SK1Thurman, kd5cts, RangerVetNam,
dansangel and .45man's son-in-law Tony
BOTTOM:  rangerX, Old China Hand, Trish, Howlin's dad, Mustang

TOP: ohioWfan's son, MamaBear's father-in-law, MamaBear's dad, ladtx
MIDDLE:  The Mayor's niece, M.Kehoe, Beach_Babe's son-in-law
BOTTOM:  deadhead's dad, HiJinx, Severa's hubby, viligantcitizen's granddad.

TOP:  spectr17, RightOnline, SERE_Doc, Tet68.
MIDDLE:  FutureSnakeEater, RightOnline's wife, CIApilot, Clamper1797
BOTTOM:  usmcobra, onedoug, DiverDave, Joe6-pack

TOP:  Q6-God, Scan59, Mama Bear and JKPhoto's son, ofMagog.
MIDDLE:  Big'ol_freeper, JustAmy's great uncle, Prodigal Son.
BOTTOM:  JustAmy's husband, JustAmy's brother-in-law, JustAmy's brother.

TOP:  dakine's wife, MeeknMing's dad, Auntbee's nephew, MilitiaMan7, AlasBabylon.
BOTTOM:  Joe Brower, Temple Owl, Temple Owl's wife, dutchess' dad, Aomagrat.

TOP:  ladtx #2 son; DiverDave's twin Don; petuniasevan and husband
poorman; Mustard; ladtx #1 son;
BOTTOM:  AlamoGirl's brother Floyd; AG's dad; AG's brother Jim (inset);
WVNan's husband; ladtx' Aunt Eva.

TOP: Mo1's dad; BuffyT's Uncle (right, w/ her dad & grandmother); Armymarinemom's 3 sons.
MIDDLE: ru4Liberty's dad; SheLion's husband, MaineRebel; wirestripper.
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TOP: Repubmommy's brother, Rose in RoseBear's uncle, BoxerBlues' son Chris, BoxerBlues' son Brent.
BOTTOM: Rose in RoseBear's cousin's hubby, Deadhead's stepdad, Dansy's dad, Misty's brother.

LEFT: Little Pig; TOP: hattend, Old Sarge, Aquamarine's dad.
MIDDLE: HuntsvilleTxVeteran.
BOTTOM: Its_me_K.E.T.'s son, Veloxherc, SeeRushToldU_So.


07-01-06 ~ Hall of Fame #16


thru -07-7,8,9-06...
T.G.I.F. at the Finest

Opinions by our own 'King of Ping'
Every Thursday at the Finest
The guy's good, folks!

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Free Republic; Miscellaneous; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: freepers; fun; military; monday
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To: The Mayor

Thank you The Mayor for this wonderful tribute to Lady X.

61 posted on 07/10/2006 6:56:23 AM PDT by Mrs.Nooseman (Proud supporter of our Troops and President GW!!!)
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To: The Mayor; Billie; ST.LOUIE1; GodBlessUSA; Mama_Bear; WVNan; Diver Dave; JustAmy; DollyCali; ...

A Tribute to our Dear LadyX
God looked around His Garden and saw an empty place. He then looked down from heaven and saw your tired face.
He put His arms around you and took you in His care. To make up all you’ve suffered. He wanted you up there.
It broke our hearts to see you go, but you did not go alone. For part of us went with you the day God called you home.
God saw you getting tired and the cure was not to be, So He put His arms around you and whispered come to me.
With tearful eyes we watched you. We saw you pass away. Although we loved you dearly we could not make you stay.
A golden heart stopped beating. Hard working hands at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best.

God Speed Maggie….You Will Always be Alive in our Hearts!

62 posted on 07/10/2006 6:59:30 AM PDT by dutchess
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To: LadyX; WVNan; DaBearOne; MedProf; inhishands; Billie; The Mayor; Mama_Bear; Aquamarine; dutchess; ..

In Loving Memory of my friend, Maggie,

I know in my heart and soul that you are reading this.

Who would ever think that a Marine and a deadhead
would be good friends :-)

You are home with the Lord now, I know you are at peace
Prayers for you. Prayers for your dear husband, Bernie
and all of your family. Prayers for your friends.
Thankful that you met your Great-Granddaughter, Eva,
and you were with your family when you were
leaving earth and making your way to Heaven.

I have been Blessed to have you in my life.
You were such an inspiration to me.
Maggie, you were so smart, loving, funny, oh....that Irish wit
Loved reading about your family, your life, your adventures.
Maggie, a truly remarkable person.

I will miss you so very much, we all will.
FR will never be the same for me.

Both of us, being 'night' people, we shared many nights
'chatting' on Free Republic. Cherish your friendship. Maggie,
thank you so much for being my 'adopted Mom'
You knew how much I missed my Mom and when you wrote
that you were my 'adopted Mom', it warmed my heart.
Thank you for being there for me.
I feel like I know your family, like you knew mine.
Including Binky and Lucy :-)

As a 'night' person, on 7/9/06, I made an exception
Woke up early and worked on my garden all day.
In memory of you, Maggie, I planted a purple daisy
Planted an orange dahlia for your dear Sistah, Nan.

May God Bless and hold you close, always.

Peace & Love,
Colleen (deadhead) and Lucy too :-)

63 posted on 07/10/2006 7:00:29 AM PDT by deadhead (God Bless Our Troops and Veterans)
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To: DaBearOne
My condolences to you and your family.

I have known Maggie for a short while and in the time I have known her she gave me inspiration.

I admired her strength and wisdom and will miss her.

Some day we will all meet again when we go home to our Father.
64 posted on 07/10/2006 7:02:30 AM PDT by Mrs.Nooseman (Proud supporter of our Troops and President GW!!!)
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To: The Mayor

Thanks Mayor for the tribute to LadyX. My heart goes out to her family. It's difficult to think that we will no longer be blessed with her presence here but it's a great comfort knowing she's now in with the Lord free of all the pain and suffering.

65 posted on 07/10/2006 7:06:43 AM PDT by The Thin Man
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To: trussell


66 posted on 07/10/2006 7:12:22 AM PDT by TexKat
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To: NicknamedBob; JustAmy; ST.LOUIE1; dutchess; DollyCali; GodBlessUSA; Mama_Bear; The Mayor; ...

Storming the Beaches of Heaven

The tide has taken me this far in,
The sand is warm against my skin,
I look down at my feet in shock,
And then I look to find a rock.

I’m here on the beach in a frontal assault,
But I’ve lost my weapon and it’s not my fault.
I was holding on tight when that last wave came,
And when it was gone things were not the same.

My boots are gone and my uniform ... well ...
I might be better equipped for Hell.
For I’ve nothing to fight with and nothing to hold,
But I’m here and I’m ready and you’re never too old!

So I look all around for a sign of the foe,
And that’s when I notice that I have a new toe.
The old one was lost in a battle one day,
Along with its mates when the foot went away.

But this one I wriggle and it seems quite okay,
And I think I could march for a year and a day!
Except, where am I going, and what is my goal?
I was sure of myself when I stepped from the shoal.

I stand up and look all around me once more,
And I realize I’m on a really strange shore.
There’s no sound of combat, no sign of a fight,
And in fact everything is a beautiful sight!

The trees are asway in a gentle warm breeze,
And the sounds I do hear seem intended to please.
So I stroll further inland to scope out the place,
And then I look into a familiar old face!

“We’ve waited so long to welcome you here,
Please won’t you come along with me, Dear?”
In shock I just mumble, “This can’t be true!
Why, it’s been a lifetime since I have seen you!”

“Oh, yes. You will find things are different here,
In the blink of an eye you can lose a whole year!”
And at last the truth dawned that my battle was done,
And I worried a bit, then I smiled, ‘cause I’d won!

So I looked all around, and I saw all my pals,
Those rock-steady soldiers, both the guys and the gals,
My Mom and my Dad had a place on a hill,
And if I can stay here forever ... I will!

A tribute to LadyX

From NicknamedBob ©. . . . . . . . . . . July 9, 2006

67 posted on 07/10/2006 7:30:05 AM PDT by Billie
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To: DaBearOne; ST.LOUIE1; Billie; dutchess; DollyCali; GodBlessUSA; Mama_Bear; Aquamarine; JustAmy; ...

As the thread grows I am reading some truly heart felt thoughts of our Maggie. Thank you all for contributing as this will be a thread that shows just how much we all loved and respected a wonderful woman.

I will be leaving for a while and return tonight.
Thank you Bernie for coming by and sharing your thoughts with us.

68 posted on 07/10/2006 7:34:16 AM PDT by The Mayor (
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To: Billie; NicknamedBob

Thank you.

69 posted on 07/10/2006 7:35:12 AM PDT by The Mayor (
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To: Billie; NicknamedBob
Beautiful tribute to our fine LadyX.
70 posted on 07/10/2006 7:39:25 AM PDT by Mrs.Nooseman (Proud supporter of our Troops and President GW!!!)
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To: The Mayor; All
Thank you so much, everyone, for your love, thoughts, and prayers. Please forgive me for not replying to you individually.

I would like to repost my message from Mom's prayer thread so that I can share some thoughts, memories, and a video of Mom with those who might not have seen my it yesterday.

Good morning everyone,

I tried posting yesterday as I read your posts for my mother, but I just couldn't at the time. I did check for new posts hourly and have read each one. What a wonderful tribute to Mom, comfort to my family and I, and testimony to His unbound Love for us all.

Mom endured decades of suffering from severe diabetes -- especially over the last several years. She was on peritoneal dialysis almost around the clock, was able to sleep very little, had profuse diarrhea, constant leg cramps, and much more, all while meticulously managing wildly swinging blood sugars that have ranged from a low of 17 to a high of 1400. But despite all of this, she drew tremendous strength from all of you and felt she was allowed to stay, despite her suffering, for a purpose. She praised God nearly every time I spoke with her through the years about how He has allowed her to share with you, support and encourage you when needed, and to be loved by you. God works through us when we let Him and Mom was happiest when she felt His presence helping others through her. She expressed absolute glee when sharing some of her moments with you. Here is an example from an email on my birthday in 2002:


Okay, MedProf:

You'll need to log on later to FR to acknowledge the Birthday Wishes piling up!!

( Hahahahahaha - you now are a celebrity!! )

You missed yesterday The Music War - -

and the Biscuit War I initiated...:))) you will love all the graphics of the weapons we employed - -

Angelique in Arizona and a good friend - and I - were hurling them at one another with Freepers in Texas told not to stand up and get hit.

SAMwolf in Oregon backed me up with his Super-Duper Biscuit Launcher from Portland, Oregon, and others participated.

Wove in an old cheese joke, too, from past threads which is interjected now and then; and fruitcakes for missiles razorback-bert makes at his Freeper Island still as a sideline. (He is an oil/gas well man like COB1 is) Understand he has a contract with the government to furnish them to use as land mines.

No one has more fun than I do with these great persons! And so many are staunch Christians . . .

Happy Birthday again, Steve.




I've known Mom for 52 years. Even through difficult times as my brother and sister and I grew up, Mom always made the most of the situation and has always reached out to others. For example, when we were stationed at Eielson AFB in Alaska, we were on a very tight budget (even hunted moose, bear, etc. to eat, not for sport), yet she invited young servicemen without families to our home for a meal and penny ante poker during the holidays to help them through the loneliness of being so far from their homes. She taught me to revel in Florida sunsets, to not be able to pick only one weed from the yard (an addiction), appreciate music (The Lion Sleeps Tonight was our favorite together), and so much more. Above all, she taught me respect for others, honor, patriotism, and to love the Lord.

I've put a brief bit of video of Mom online. It was taken in the early '60s while we were stationed at Eielson AFB in Alaska. Mom is in the black top and red skirt. The video starts out with a few shots of moose near the house. Then mom and a friend are putting up a flower box in front of our quarters (she loved flowers even then!). Finally, she loved to coax our dog Striker to slide down the slide out back.


Thank each and every one of you. May God richly bless you.

I miss you Mom, and I love you.

Steve Martin

Son of

71 posted on 07/10/2006 7:48:07 AM PDT by MedProf ( Son of LadyX)
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To: The Mayor

I love the photos you've put together of our Maggie.

72 posted on 07/10/2006 7:48:40 AM PDT by Billie
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To: The Mayor


73 posted on 07/10/2006 7:49:13 AM PDT by Billie
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To: StarCMC

That's beautiful, Star. I have to download the mp3 to hear it properly because of all the buffering with dial-up.

74 posted on 07/10/2006 7:52:35 AM PDT by Billie
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To: Mama_Bear

Lori, your Maggie tribute is beautiful.

75 posted on 07/10/2006 7:53:46 AM PDT by Billie
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To: JustAmy

That is so pretty, Amy. There are already so many wonderful posts, and I know it will keep growing as the day goes by.

76 posted on 07/10/2006 7:56:47 AM PDT by Billie
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Love your post, Luvbo. Perfect for our Lady Marine.

77 posted on 07/10/2006 7:57:39 AM PDT by Billie
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To: MEG33

Oh, Meg. :( You always know how to touch us with your beautiful posts.

78 posted on 07/10/2006 7:59:06 AM PDT by Billie
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To: MedProf
Thank you for sharing this video with us,MedProf.

Your Mom was truly a wonderful person and I will always remember her.

God bless you and all of your family.
79 posted on 07/10/2006 7:59:49 AM PDT by Mrs.Nooseman (Proud supporter of our Troops and President GW!!!)
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To: trussell

That is so very pretty, trussell. I can see LadyX sitting at the foot of that waterfall, basking in all its beauty.

80 posted on 07/10/2006 8:03:14 AM PDT by Billie
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