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America’s Silent Killer: 48.5 Million Americans Lost
The Movement for a Better America, Inc. ^ | September 29, 2006 | Movement for a Better America

Posted on 10/11/2006 11:02:24 AM PDT by MBA4Life

It may sound like a scenario from a super-secret nuclear contingency plan, but a silent killer has eliminated a population equal to that of America's 60 largest cities. Forty-eight and a half million Americans have vanished without a trace! According to Dennis Howard, who heads The Movement for a Better America, "that's not some imaginary nuclear contingency plan. It is in fact the cumulative impact of nearly 34 years of abortion on demand.”

MT. FREEDOM, NJ - September 29, 2006 -- It may sound like a scenario from a super-secret nuclear contingency plan, but a silent killer has already eliminated a population equivalent to that of America's 60 largest cities.

According to a regular annual review by The Movement for a Better America, a non-profit, pro-life education organization headquartered here, "Forty-eight and a half million Americans have vanished without a trace."

"This is not some imaginary nuclear contingency plan. It is in fact the cumulative impact of nearly 34 years of abortion on demand,” says Dennis Howard, a former investigative reporter and market researcher who heads the organization and who has been tracking the nation's abortion statistic since 1992.

"What's amazing," Howard says, "is that the vast majority of Americans hardly seem to notice."

His organization doesn’t make these numbers up. They are all based on data collected by the Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood. “We simply take the most recent data and project it through the current period. Otherwise, there is always a 2-3 year lag in the estimates.”

Howard asserts, "The fact is that nothing has inflicted more permanent damage on our society than abortion. 48.5 million abortions is 43 times more than all the fatalities from all the wars in our nation’s history, including the ravages of the war on terrorism and the tragedy of September 11. Yet these numbers never seem to make the headlines.”

Howard, who began his career as an investigative reporter and later directed market research projects for major corporations, blames the media for their self-imposed censorship on the abortion issue. “A handful of casualties in Iraq will make the evening news, but the abortion industry will kill more people in two days than we have lost since 9/11, and that never gets a mention.”

”Imagine if we had lost 6,850,000 people in the so-called war on terror,” he said. “That’s how many children we have lost to abortion since 9/11."

Howard's analysis has uncovered a number of reasons for public apathy about the abortion toll:

“Politics can’t change things because of the extreme polarization between the two major parties,” he said. “That started when the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade by edict, instead of allowing normal democratic processes to deal with the issue.

“Roe v. Wade effectively split the country in three – left, right, and confused middle. So now we have politics by media sound bite and bumper sticker cliches instead of healthy, honest political dialogue.”

“In some ways, we’re like the ‘good Germans’ during World War II who never seemed to realize that there was a brutal holocaust going on,” Howard said.

Howard blames public apathy on the fact that the abortion industry operates behind a veil of protected secrecy. “Unlike the Germans, we don’t have industrial-scale concentration camps operating two miles out of town. Only 1 in 15,000 American women have an abortion on any given day, so no one notices. But if you multiply that by 365 days a year for 34 years, the total becomes astronomical.”

Howard has been tracking the economic impact of the abortion toll since 1992, when the count first reached 30.5 million. Since then, an estimated 18 million more babies have been aborted.

“The economic loss may be the least of our problems,” he said. “Abortion has also desensitized the culture to sex abuse, violence, and predation against children. Just look at what we see on television every night."

Nevertheless, Howard’s market research background led him to conclude that the trend had the economic impact of a major nuclear war.

“The human loss from abortion is the same as if all of our major metropolitan centers had been lost to a nuclear attack,” said Howard. “The only difference is that a nuclear war would be a dramatic, cataclysmic event, while abortions take place one at a time in the sanitized privacy of a medical clinic.”

“The long range impact on America's human resources is no different,” he said. “We measure the economic impact of other things like this all the time -- from alcoholism and drug addiction to AIDS and cancer. But the economic impact of losing a baby is far greater than when someone dies after a long life.”

A list of the top 60 cities with a population equivalent to the loss from abortion can be found on MBA's website:

A few of the more obvious repercussions include:

Social Security: If half of the 48.5 million kids we aborted were working today, they would be contributing an additional $88 billion a year into the Social Security trust fund.

Taxes: The downstream loss in future tax revenues from abortion currently exceeds $18 trillion dollars. “Someone else will have to pay those taxes.”

The end of the Youth Market. “The 30% bite that abortion took out of the youth market is a major reason for the drop in daily newspaper circulation as well as increased competition for young audiences by other media. By supporting abortion on demand, the liberal media are killing off their own future audiences. Pro-choice politicians are doing the same thing. That’s why they have such a hard time winning.”

Labor shortages: There is a looming shortage of labor in critical fields such as nursing, teaching and even the armed forces. “We’re raiding countries like the Philippines for nurses today, and using citizenship as an incentive for immigrants to fill the ranks of the military. Where will that leave us in a major military crisis?”

Immigration: “The labor vacuum created by abortion is also related to the immigration crisis,” Howard claims. “Ross Perot had it wrong: The giant sucking sound was really the sound of illegal immigrants crossing the border from the south, not just jobs heading the other way. Right now, apples and peaches are rotting on the ground in Oregon and Washington because there aren’t enough workers to pick them.”

“As the Pete Seeger song says,” Howard concludes, “‘When will they ever learn?’”

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To: MBA4Life
"What's amazing," Howard says, "is that the vast majority of Americans hardly seem to notice."
61 posted on 10/11/2006 10:50:29 PM PDT by Lexinom ( -- the only chance?)
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Bump that. Thank you.

62 posted on 10/12/2006 2:45:03 AM PDT by .30Carbine
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To: Coleus

You said -- "And, you didn't answer the question. Now would be a good time."

Let's answer it this way..., I was at the original seminar series on this subject by Francis Shaeffer and C. Everett Koop. That was back in 1979. If you don't know what that was, then I don't have to go any further (it's of no use...).

I was also featured by a local television station for having videos for the public to use on the issue.

AND, what I do know is that you don't advance this cause by LYING about it. If you want to put out PRESS RELEASES and promote web sites, then be clear about it.

What I would support up and *above* any abortion issue -- though -- is salvation through Jesus Christ *alone* on the basis of *faith alone* as given through the *Bible alone* -- and not through any priest or church or any tradition (of man's or any so-called institutional church).

On that issue, all that is necessary (with *no church membership* or any priest) for *full salvation* is simply --

Romans 10:9-11 -- which says...

9 that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

10 For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

11 For the Scripture says, "Whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame."

That is more important than any abortion issue, because all else proceeds from that. And it's important for people to know that *no man* on this earth is going to have *anything* to do with your salvation -- and *no church* on this earth is either.

It's *only* down to God's Word (and *no traditions* of any kind) and Jesus Christ (and no pastor or priest of any kind) -- which has to do with one's salvation.

Star Traveler

63 posted on 10/12/2006 5:50:35 AM PDT by Star Traveler
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To: nonsporting; All

It is far worse than any of you have seen, soon they will surely pluck out your spleen. Abortion is only the tip of the tree, soon they will be coming even for thee.

Repent and die, the end is neigh!

The majority loves the dollar more than the child. A fool would say that this is mild.

Put away your hope, put away your dreams, all will unraveling out from the seams.

Do not give birth, do not give life, for all will die at the tip of the knife.

Abandon all hope, abandon all hope, life as we knew it was naught but a dope.

64 posted on 10/14/2006 1:02:06 PM PDT by Soothesayer (The end times are neigh! Repent and die!)
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Can you send me some good links for the latest abortion figures please.

65 posted on 10/16/2006 11:52:09 AM PDT by TomasUSMC ((FIGHT LIKE WW2, FINISH LIKE WW2. FIGHT LIKE NAM, FINISH LIKE NAM.))
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To: TomasUSMC
This is the latest:

This is older but has some important facts the 1st does not:

God bless you and thank you for your service to our Nation.
66 posted on 10/16/2006 3:13:20 PM PDT by (A Catholic Respect Life Curriculum is available at
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To: Salvation

There are a lot of very good pro-life arguments, but I've always had trouble with the one that says "We should have had more babies to be indentured servants to support OUR retirement".

67 posted on 10/16/2006 3:16:11 PM PDT by linda_22003
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To: Soothesayer

"Repent and die, the end is neigh!"

The end is the whinnying of a horse? Do you mean "nigh"?

68 posted on 10/16/2006 3:17:08 PM PDT by linda_22003
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To: linda_22003

Yes I mean nigh, the end is nigh!

My spelling is bad,
like the prank of a lad

69 posted on 10/16/2006 3:26:09 PM PDT by Soothesayer (The end times are nigh! Repent and die!)
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To: two134711

I've just finished reading an article in the New Oxford Review on the history of the fight over abortion in the 19th century. It is in their November issue and, unfortunately, is not yet posted on their website: It is by Frederick N. Dyer and is titled: The Physicians' Crusade Against Abortion. But anyone seriously interested in the history of this issue ought to read it:

To summarize it: Abortion was virtually the only method of birth control available to women in the early 1800's -- a period when most families had 6 or more children and maternal death during childbirth was quite common. Considering the state of medicine at the time, the even more radical intervention of abortion was even more dangerous. However, many women sought it as their only escape from the burdens of a time when life was hard to begin with (no central heating, no supermarkets, no appliances, etc., etc.) Imagine doing laundry for a family of 8 in the middle of winter in 1804.

By the 1850's, abortion had become a serious concern of many physicians, and one Horatio Robinson Storer became the leader of a physicians' crusade against abortion that climaxed in the passage of restrictive laws against abortion on a state by state basis that stood until Roe v. Wade. Feminist voices like that of Susan B. Anthony, who called abortion "child murder," also contributed strongly to this crusade.

The main thrust of the physicians' crusade was education and persuasion on a patient by patient basis, chiefly among married Protestant women where the practice was more common. They found allies in this effort among Catholic priests who had the forum of frequent confession to reach Catholic women as the practice spread into their ranks.

These efforts were more successful among married women than among the unmarried for whom pregnancy was a huge social stigma at the time. However, it was this combination of education, persuasion and legislation that made the 19th Century crusade so successful. Indeed, it was still going strong into the mid-20th Century until Margaret Sanger broke down public resistance through her counter-crusade during the 1920's and '30's.

Today, relatively few physicians strongly counsel their patients against abortion, and the Catholic practice of seeking frequent confession and spiritual guidance has all but disappeared. Indeed, it is the rare parish where the topic is even discussed from the pulpit more than once every few years. The clergy themselves seem to have been very much influenced by the new "spirit of the times."

Meanwhile, the pro-life movement has tragically become a largely a political one, and pro-life education is limited to a few organizations like my own ( that actively promote discussion and dialogue as the best means of promoting understanding of the inexorable consequences of the wholesale extermination of unborn children.

Politics alone will never solve this problem. What is needed is more honest, open discussion and the beginnings of a profound moral, spiritual, and cultural change. Sadly we're not getting either from the medical profession or from most of the clergy. "If the salt lose its savor, wherewith shall it be salted." It seems we will have to convert the churches first.

What is mind-blowing to think about is that if the 19th century abortion wave had not been stunted by this crusade, cumulative population growth in the U.S. would have been dramatically hampered, and there is no way we could have become the industrial leader of the world and the arsenal of democracy in two World Wars. Instead, we might very well have ended up as an outlying colony of the Third Reich.

Like it or not, history is ultimately determined in the bedroom and the cradle. Only God knows where we will end up given the birth dearth in the U.S. and Europe and the continuing population explosion in the Muslim world.

The main reason for our approaching defeat in the Iraq War is that there is no way we can win a war of attrition against a population whose young men of military age outnumber our forces by 40 to 1. They are having the babies and we aren't.

70 posted on 11/07/2006 3:09:04 PM PST by MBA4Life ("The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." -- Edmund Burke)
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To: FormerACLUmember
That is also 48.5 illegal immigrants needed to replace these murder victims in the workforce.

Try "we need to find a way to LEGALLY bring in 48.5 million immigrants into the workforce over the next 20-30 years."

One thing: taking care of old geezers (like I'm rapidly becoming) is manpower-intensive. The alternative is euthanasia, and that's wrong on so many levels.

71 posted on 11/07/2006 3:12:05 PM PST by BeHoldAPaleHorse ( ~()):~)>)
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To: BeHoldAPaleHorse

Mark my words: Murder ("euthanasia") will be covered by Medicare in 10 years and endlessly encouraged by the democrat party media as the "right thing to do."

72 posted on 11/07/2006 3:16:36 PM PST by FormerACLUmember
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To: FormerACLUmember
Mark my words: Murder ("euthanasia") will be covered by Medicare in 10 years and endlessly encouraged by the democrat party media as the "right thing to do."

Scary but true.

73 posted on 11/07/2006 3:17:26 PM PST by BeHoldAPaleHorse ( ~()):~)>)
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