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On Nightline Tonight: Dixie Chicks vs. Free Republic 10/26/06 (Will Air Tomorrow Night)
Thursday, October 26, 2006 | Kristinn

Posted on 10/26/2006 7:18:40 PM PDT by kristinn

Nightline contacted me Tuesday looking to interview Jim about a story they were working on about the Dixie Chicks. Jim declined as is his wont and he said I could do it if I felt like it. I informed ABC of Jim's decision. They did a pre-interview with me by phone Tuesday afternoon. Yesterday they called back and scheduled the inteview for late this afternoon. They asked if I had an office they could film the interview at. I laughed and said, no, so we set it up for the ABC News D.C. bureau on DeSales St.

This morning, they asked if they could move the interview up to mid-day. I said sure and arrived at the bureau promptly at 2:30, accompanied by Nofel al Jazairi, an Iraqi friend who has spoken at many of the D.C. Chapter's support the troops and their mission rallies over the past four years. Nofel and I had a meeting on Capitol Hill planned for this afternoon.

We were met downstairs by a waiting Nightline producer who took us upstairs to the Nightline offices. She offered us coffee and tea, which we glady accepted. Another woman brought us to the studio where the interview would be conducted. However, it wasn't exactly a studio. It was the office of Nightline co-anchor Terry Moran. I guess they were intent on not using a sterile set for the interview.

They applied no make-up to me, but they did have me wipe my forehead to ease some of the shine reflecting off my ever receding hairline.

I introduced Nofel to the producer who would be doing the interview off-camera. She said she had been to Iraq at the beginning of the war. We spoke about Iraq for a few minutes before we got down to business. Nofel sat on a couch off-camera while I sat on a chair in front of Moran's desk.

The producer told me she didn't really know that much about the blogosphere and would be interested in meeting later to learn more about it ( When she said that, I thought back to Mary Mapes' crash course on the Internet the day after Rathergate broke.) I told her she should, because we were driving her profession out of business. I didn't mean that in a snarky way, but it's a fact that even ABC's political director Mark Halperin has been sounding the alarm about.

The interview went on for what seemed liked thirty miinutes, but it was probably shorter. It was a decent interview, question wise. One thing that threw me for a bit of a loop was when she read back a quote by one of the Dixie Chicks from the interview they did for the show this morning. The gist of it was they were blaming Free Republic for creating an atmosphere of hate that led to death threats. I answered by saying, "Don't lay that at our door" and spoke about the death threats that conservatives get on a regular basis and about the new Bush assassination film and the similarly themed books and plays, and Air America host who called for Bush's assassination. I asked where's the outrage for that.

I also said that if Natalie Maines had made her remark in Iraq about Saddam Hussein at that time, that she would have been kidnapped, raped, tortured, mutilated and her body dumped ina canal or buried in the desert and that her family would never hear about her again.

The producer began the interview by asking about Free Republic. I gave the usual answer, "It's a conservative news, analysis and activism forum..."

We got in to the London incident and what role Free Republic played in the downfall of the Dixie Chicks. We spoke about the film and certain scenes in it. She wanted to know how we felt about our 'victory' over the Dixie Chicks. I tried to put it in context with other efforts that received less acknowledgement, like Freepers helping to get President Clinton impeached and later instigating a boycott of Morgan Stanley for having Clinton speak at a meeting shortly after Clinton left the White House in disgrace. I was reluctant to claim complete responsibility for the 'victory' as it was more than the reaction of Freepers that laid the Dixie Chicks low. Freepers played a visible and effective role, but we weren't the only ones outraged by the Dixie Chicks back then.

There were more questions and discussions, but I don't have a detailed recollection because.....a few minutes after the interview ended the producer came over to me with some bad news. The audio recording was blemished by static. She asked if I could do the interview over. I said sure. Nofel, who has a background in broadcasting, told me he had a feeling there was a problem with the sound, but he didn't say anything as he assumed the professionals had it under control.

The sound engineer explained later that the piece of equipment he was using is twenty years old and is designed so you can only moniter the sound from the mic to the recorder and not the output.

We had planned to go outside and film a shot of me walking about a tiny park. It's a much used, but much denigrated in the business technique for B-Roll that can be used with a voiceover by the reporter. Thankfully, that went out the window with the botched first interview. Nofel went outside any way after having witnessed the magic of network television firsthand. Once was enough.

Terry Moran was not put out by his office being tied up for a while longer. We ended up speaking for about five minutes while they reset the camera and lights. Despite how surly he came off when he was dealing with Scott McClellan, we had a decent conversation about the the foundering mainstream news business. He was flabbergasted when I told him Katie Couric was down to a 1.1. in Los Angeles.

The second interview was shorter. I got the feeling, having been an interviewer myself, that the producer had a more precise idea of what would work for the segment after having gone through the first round.

Some of the questions were the same, like the Dixie Chicks accusing FR of inciting hatred, and some were different. I was a bit fatigued for the second try. The producer had to remind me a few times to look up when I was speaking because I was lowering my eyes while I was thinking back to how I responded the first time the question was asked.

After it was over, she said told me that she thought this round was better than the first. "The first one was good," she said, "but the second was great!"

I laughed and said, "You say that to all the interviewees."

She said she meant it but I had my doubts because I felt like I needed an espresso after the two go-rounds.

The sound engineer agreed with the producer, saying, "You had some great (sound) bites in this one."

All I can say is, we'll all be able to find out later tonight. 11:30 eastern, 10:30 Central and after your late local news in the Mountain and Western time zones.

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To: MNJohnnie

Check out their website for the movie! It's one big Dixie Chick Bash!!! It's fabulous!

101 posted on 10/26/2006 7:58:21 PM PDT by Hildy (Some are born to sweet delight; some are born to endless night.)
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To: kristinn

AWESOME !! Sounds like you did a terrific job, Kristinn.
Thanks for your great representation of those of us who love this country, our troops and our President. I'll be watching.

BTW, Hannity and Colmes had the Dixie Chicks manager on tonight and he too blamed Freerepublic. Sean defended his 'Freeper friends'!

102 posted on 10/26/2006 7:58:50 PM PDT by 4integrity
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To: MNJohnnie
"Wonder how many other Freepers got their start by the Junk Media bad mouthing Free Republic?"

I found FreeRepublic by reading the forward in a book that Jim had written. Been here every day since.
103 posted on 10/26/2006 8:00:19 PM PDT by Beagle8U (Getting the FReepers to bring down the Dixie Chix is hard work......G.W. Bush)
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To: kristinn

Way to go, kristinn. We are fortunate to have you there as a representative.

104 posted on 10/26/2006 8:00:33 PM PDT by doug from upland (Stopping Hillary should be a FreeRepublic Manhattan Project)
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To: cpdiii
That is so true. It is like having thousands of Journalists all watching for news for you. On any topic you will find some Freepers who have an expert knowledge on the topic who can help you better understand. When bad news breaks I have learned "don't panic, wait to see what the Freepers say".

Freepers have never let me down.
105 posted on 10/26/2006 8:00:55 PM PDT by MNJohnnie (EeevilCon, Snowflake, Conservative Fundamentalist Gun Owning Bush Bot Dittohead reporting for duty!)
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To: mystery-ak; Tijeras_Slim

106 posted on 10/26/2006 8:01:18 PM PDT by ButThreeLeftsDo (Fight Crime. Shoot back.)
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To: mystery-ak

I agree - they are still doing very well (which I can never figure out, considering they are from Texas) so this 'downfall' thing doesn't make much sense. I was clicking thru the cable channels only a few weeks ago, and they had a record breaking #1 video on VH1 for many weeks.

107 posted on 10/26/2006 8:01:30 PM PDT by RDTF (Iraq: terrorist flypaper)
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To: Extremely Extreme Extremist
"What part of:

Opinions expressed on Free Republic are those of the individual posters and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Free Republic or its operators.

Does Nightline and the Dixie Chicks not understand?

They understand. Leftists know, indeed have understood for decades, that it fits their political goals to always play the victim. They bank their reputation on representing "victims", oppressed by evil, wealthy, white, cigar-smoking Republicans. When Rick Lazio asked the Hildebeast to sign a pledge to not run a negative campaign, every feminist from NYC to SF was howling about that mean 140-pound bully invading her personal space and intimidating The Shrew.

In trying to portray FR as part of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracytm they're just playing true to form. Nevermind that, for instance, I'm an engineer sitting on my bed with my laptop a whole three time zones from JimRob (wow, he gets around, doesn't he? he even bullied me into parroting the VRWC propaganda -- grin). The Pajama Patrol, the pahjamadeen, indeed must be elevated to the role of armband-wearing, secret-handshake-using, psychotic commandos -- they must make us a threat before they can marginalize us.

I'll check out Nightline tonight but I'm not optimistic. Im my experience, ABC News is the worst of the worst when it comes to the Marxist Media. Don't underestimate the determination and cunning of liberal editors when they really need a hatchet job.
108 posted on 10/26/2006 8:01:52 PM PDT by Windcatcher (Earth to libs: MARXISM DOESN'T SELL HERE. Try somewhere else.)
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To: Hildy

Really? From the Trailer it seem like it is one big Dixie Chix love fest. Thank you for letting me know that!

109 posted on 10/26/2006 8:02:11 PM PDT by MNJohnnie (EeevilCon, Snowflake, Conservative Fundamentalist Gun Owning Bush Bot Dittohead reporting for duty!)
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To: kristinn


You always do us proud, thank you!!!

Glad to be here, MOgirl

110 posted on 10/26/2006 8:03:08 PM PDT by MOgirl (My tag line will be changed soon)
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To: cpdiii
"We have doctors, lawyers, engineers, truck drivers, enlisted men and officers and everything in between." In every city and state too, as well as many foreign countries.

Thats one reason why Breaking News on FR cant be beat, most of my friends at work finally joined FR because I kept knowing the big news before them.

"Where did you find that out?" "Its on Free Republic".

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111 posted on 10/26/2006 8:03:09 PM PDT by No Blue States
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To: kristinn

Great job, kristinn. I'd love to see the entire first take, static and all.

112 posted on 10/26/2006 8:03:14 PM PDT by Revolting cat! (We all need someone we can bleed on...)
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To: kristinn


113 posted on 10/26/2006 8:03:22 PM PDT by SmithL (Where are we going? . . . . And why are we in this handbasket????)
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To: kristinn
Of course it wasn't FreeRepublic:

DIXIE CHICKS: Who Was REALLY Responsible For The Take Down? Horrible Truth Revealed At Last! ^
  Posted by Stultis
On General/Chat ^ 10/26/2006 9:07:33 PM CDT · 8 replies · 230+ views

Dave "Mudcat" Saunders | 26 October 2006 | Self
First, forget what you've heard, even from Natalie Maines herself. Much as every true FReeper would love to take credit, it wasn't FreeRepublic that initiated the campaign to undo the Dixie Chicks. It was an entity -- a CORPORATE entity -- far more greedy... far more insidious... far more ruthless... and far more powerful, and power "hungry"... than FreeRepublic could ever hope to be, even in Jim Robinson's most maniacally extravagant dreams. It was an entity, although all but unnoticed, which has over decades peppered Red America with it's small, squat and unassuming (unassuming looking) outposts. It was... [pause for...

114 posted on 10/26/2006 8:05:25 PM PDT by Stultis
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To: kristinn; All

Of course you realize this means war!!!!

115 posted on 10/26/2006 8:05:41 PM PDT by KevinDavis (Nancy you ignorant Slut!!!!!)
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To: JRochelle

>I will watch Nightline tonight, the first time in years.

I didnt know Nightline was still on.

116 posted on 10/26/2006 8:08:44 PM PDT by CAWats (And I will make no distinction between the terrorists and the Democrats)
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To: kristinn

I think it would be better to let this talent-less group of whores drone on about the evils of FR. They have no credibility and they only speak to their base of fringe, leftist, kook wackjobs who will always think that FR is evil anyway. Anybody who is curious can log on and see for themselves.

It is best to never argue with an idiot or with a group of idiots. You have nothing to gain and they have nothing to lose.

117 posted on 10/26/2006 8:08:54 PM PDT by Axhandle
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To: mystery-ak
The Ditzy Chick say FR is the catalyst that has created the atmosphere of them being hated.

Of course, they themselves are to blame.

118 posted on 10/26/2006 8:08:54 PM PDT by Red Steel
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To: jveritas

>I think FR is the most powerful and the largest conservative website on the net.

I agree.

119 posted on 10/26/2006 8:09:40 PM PDT by CAWats (And I will make no distinction between the terrorists and the Democrats)
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To: kristinn

Prayers up!

120 posted on 10/26/2006 8:09:49 PM PDT by AliVeritas (We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately. Ben Franklin)
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