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Threat Matrix: November 2006

Posted on 11/01/2006 8:20:24 PM PST by nwctwx

:::FreeRepublic's Threat Matrix:::
The Price of Victory
-Full Story-

The "bombshell" revelation from last April's National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), which was leaked to the New York Times in September, was that the war in Iraq had resulted in more terrorism, not less. As reported by United Press International's Claude Salhani, "Did we really need 16 intelligence agencies to tell us that? Ten minutes of watching the newscast of your choice, from Al-Jazeera to Fox News, would be enough to convince most observers." But the key question is why the war has provoked the global Jihad.

One answer has to be the influence in the Arab world of the America-
hating network Al-Jazeera
. The AIM DVD on "Terror Television" shows film footage of captured terrorists saying they came to Iraq to kill Americans because of the words and images on Al-Jazeera.

Al-Qaeda Doctrine for International Political Warfare
- 2006 Midterms: Another bin Laden Victory?
Three Years Ago: Threat Matrix Begins
Thread Forty-Two
Click for Color Code Information
Threat Matrix HTML designed by: Ian Livingston

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: alqaeda; alqaida; binladen; globaljihad; hezbollah; indonesia; iran; iraq; jihad; lebanon; prewardocs; russia; syria; threatmatrix; venezuela; wot
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To: Oorang

"port city"

Thanks for posting all those news items, Oorang.

1,521 posted on 11/29/2006 9:05:49 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All


1,522 posted on 11/29/2006 9:19:16 PM PST by Cindy
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Residents use pig races to deter building of mosque

K.I.A., that's the Katy Islamic Association, plan to build a mosque here. "It's not an appropriate place to have a mosque or church," said resident Barbara Simpson. It isn't going over real well. "As a house of worship, they shouldn't be disturbing the peace and tranquility of 15 homes," said resident John Wetmore.

Neighbors tell us they're concerned about traffic and drainage and a little fear of the unknown. Some of the homeowners even offered to buy the land back for more than a million dollars. The K.I.A. doesn't seem very interested in the offers. "We're not going anywhere," said Katy Islamic Association member Alvi Muzfar.

So it seems the community at the end of Baker Road has a pretty good fight. But this fight has gone much farther than many between two neighbors. You see in these fights, sometimes neighbors throw mud at one another, in this instance they're wallowing in it.

Craig Baker owns pigs. He's the guy behind the second big yellow sign on Baker Road. That's the one announcing Friday night pig races. "What does it matter, I can do whatever I want with my land right," asked landowner Craig Baker.

Sure can.

But aren't pigs on the property line racing on a Friday night a little offensive to a Muslim neighbor?


1,523 posted on 11/29/2006 9:33:31 PM PST by Oorang (Tyranny thrives best where government need not fear the wrath of an armed people - Alex Kozinski)
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To: Jet Jaguar; JohnathanRGalt; backhoe; piasa; Godzilla; nwctwx; All

November 29th, 2006
"Weapons Trafficking in Somalia Condemned"
Nov 29th - 10:22pm
By EDITH M. LEDERER Associated Press Writer

1,524 posted on 11/29/2006 9:47:19 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All

"Statement of Tasia Scolinos, Director of Public Affairs,
on The United States’ Settlement with Brandon Mayfield"
(November 29, 2006)

1,525 posted on 11/29/2006 9:56:27 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All





JIHAD "A HATE CRIME WITH NO HATER" (August 3, 2006) - SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER: "'I AM A MUSLIM AMERICAN, ANGRY AT ISRAEL' Six shot, one killed at Seattle Jewish Federation" (July 29, 2006)

SEATTLE "HATRED HITS HOME: 6 SHOT AT JEWISH OFFICE" (July 29, 2006) "1 Dead, 5 Hurt in Seattle Terror" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Haq's father was a founding member of the Islamic Centre of Tri-Cities in Richland. He and his wife moved to Pasco three years ago. According to Chris Richey of Everett, Haq had been his neighbor until two weeks ago, when he abruptly moved. The landlady at their apartment told Richey Haq was going to Pakistan. Haq spoke often about guns and politics, said Richey, and didn't like President Bush. A law-enforcement source said Haq had a licence to carry a concealed weapon.") (July 29, 2006)
MICHELLE - Weblog: "MEET THE MUSLIM SHOOTING SUSPECT" (July 29, 2006) - SEATTLE "SUSPECT'S BAIL SET AT $50 MILLION" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "After listening to the 911 tapes, Kerlikowske described Haq as initially enraged. Haq "wanted the U.S. to leave Iraq, that his people had been mistreated, that the U.S. was arming Israel, and he didn't care if he died," Kerlikowske recounted.") (Saturday, July 29, 2006 Last updated 10:06 p.m. PT)

1,526 posted on 11/29/2006 10:31:38 PM PST by Cindy
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To: All



"The ACLU Targets Christians"
By Jay Sekulow
Tuesday, November 28, 2006

1,527 posted on 11/30/2006 12:02:57 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All


Wednesday, 11/29/06
"Christians must 'let go' some beliefs for sake of peace, theologian says"

Staff Writer

ARTICLE SNIPPET: "After five years of rising gas prices, disturbing privacy issues that followed the Sept. 11 attacks and the fear of terrorism, it became apparent that everyday life in Nashville is directly affected by religious conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere, conference organizers said.

"We felt like the larger community is calling for this," said Larry Bridgesmith, executive director of Lipscomb's newly established Institute for Conflict Management.

Panelists representing different faiths presented their own views on how to begin to bridge the religious divide.

For Kahled Sakalla, a spokesman for the Islamic Center of Nashville, some of the answers lie in better education about Islam in the non-Muslim world."

1,528 posted on 11/30/2006 3:04:37 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All; backhoe
November 29, 2006
"Afghanistan: Teacher Ripped Apart For Educating Girls"

1,529 posted on 11/30/2006 3:10:10 AM PST by Cindy
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To: Jim Robinson; Grampa Dave; Ernest_at_the_Beach; RaceBannon; backhoe; piasa; Godzilla; nwctwx; ...

Note; The following post is a quote:

British terror suspects lose extradition battle
The Daily Mail ^ | 30th November 2006

Posted on 11/30/2006 2:45:29 AM PST by Mrs Ivan

Two terrorist suspects today lost their High Court battle to avoid extradition to the U.S.. Lawyers for Haroon Rashid Aswat and Babar Ahmad argued that, despite U.S. assurances, there was 'a real risk' that the men would be mistreated, or tried and sentenced as enemy combatants if sent to America.

Dismissing their appeal, Lord Justice Laws, sitting in London with Mr Justice Walker, said the allegation that the US might violate undertakings given to the UK "would require proof of a quality entirely lacking here".

Ahmad, a computer expert from Tooting, south London, is accused of running websites inciting murder and urging Muslims to fight a holy war and also to raise money for the Taliban.

Aswat, a British man arrested in Africa, faces trial on charges of plotting to set up a camp in Bly, Oregon, to train fighters for war in Afghanistan. He has been fighting extradition to the US since being arrested in Zambia and held in the UK.

At a recent hearing, Edward Fitzgerald QC, appearing for both men, asked two senior judges to halt extradition, arguing there was a danger that their human rights would be abused, despite diplomatic assurances from the US Government.

The QC told Lord Justice Laws, sitting with Mr Justice Walker, that the men also faced the risk of extraordinary rendition - the process of removing terrorist suspects to third countries for interrogation - and being held in solitary confinement.

He said they were in danger of being indefinitely detained at Guantanamo Bay under a military order applying to foreign citizens, or tried and sentenced by a military commission as enemy combatants in what would amount to "a flagrant denial of justice" and European human rights laws.

Mr Fitzgerald told the judges they should not rely on assurances given by the Americans that the men would be treated fairly.

1,530 posted on 11/30/2006 3:11:55 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Three Controversial Church Leaders Executed Secretly in China"

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

1,531 posted on 11/30/2006 3:14:25 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All; backhoe; piasa; Godzilla; nwctwx; Jet Jaguar


Note: The following post is a quote:

Russia starts supplies of Su-30 fighters to Venezuela
Ria Novosti,Russia ^ | 30/ 11/ 2006

Posted on 11/30/2006 2:32:15 AM PST by sukhoi-30mki

Russia starts supplies of Su-30 fighters to Venezuela

10:24 | 30/ 11/ 2006

MOSCOW, November 30 (RIA Novosti) - Russia has shipped the first two Su-30MK2 multi-role fighters to Venezuela under a contract signed in July 2006, an aircraft manufacturing industry official said Thursday.

Russia signed $1-billion contracts on supplies of 24 Su-30MK2 Flanker fighters and 30 helicopters to Venezuela prior to this year's visit to Russia by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, triggering criticism from Washington, which regards the Venezuelan regime as a potential security threat in the region.

"The first Su-30MK2 fighters for the Venezuelan air force have been transported to Moscow by an An-124 Condor transport plane, and later they will be shipped to Venezuela," the official said, adding that two more fighters will be delivered to the Latin American country by the end of 2006.

Russian-made fighters will substitute American F-16 and French Mirage fighters currently deployed by the Venezuelan air force.

The Su-30MK2 is an export version of a formidable Su-27 Flanker air-superiority fighter capable of accomplishing a wide variety of combat missions at significant distances from the home base, in any weather conditions and severe jamming environment, both by day and night.

1,532 posted on 11/30/2006 3:18:21 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All

20 November 2006


Given the strong affinity that Hizballah Venezuela shows for the country's current President for Life™ Hugo Chavez, it seems likely that this story has been created to provide a pretext for future "Hizballah" attacks on US and/or Jewish interests in Latin America. Teodoro says as much:

...esta es la información que tenemos de fuente no oficial que remitió a este comando, de resultar cierto tomaremos acciones extremas y gravísimas contra intereses norte americanos y judíos en Venezuela, las acciones incluyen el uso de explosivo de alto poder de destrucción.
Posted on 20 November 2006 @ 11:32

25 October 2006


14 August 2006

1,533 posted on 11/30/2006 3:26:31 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All; JohnathanRGalt; yonif; backhoe; piasa; Godzilla; nwctwx

Note: The following text is a quote:

Warden Message: Syria-Lebanon Border Incident
Consular Affairs Bulletins
Middle East / N. Africa - Lebanon, Syria
29 Nov 2006

Printer Friendly Email Article
Related Reports
21 Nov 2006
Warden Message: Lebanon Caution Urged
20 Nov 2006
Middle East and North Africa Public Announcement
20 Nov 2006
Israel/Lebanon: Model for Crisis Evaluation
20 Nov 2006
Middle East and North Africa Public Announcement
13 Nov 2006
Syria Travel Warning
U.S. Embassy Damascus issued the following Warden Message on November 29, 2006:

This Warden Message is being issued to inform the American community of an incident which took place November 28, 2006 on the Syrian/Lebanese border crossing in which an alleged terrorist was killed. While we are still examining this incident, it does not appear to have been targeting American or western interests. Further, the American community should note that President George W. Bush will visit the region on November 29, 2006 and that such visits have the potential to be catalysts for anti-American actions in Syria including demonstrations and possibly terrorism.

The Embassy in Damascus was attacked by armed terrorists on September 12 and continues to be in a vulnerable location. We recommend that Americans residing in Syria review their planned movements and remain vigilant. We continue to encourage Americans citizens to review their individual security in view of the volatile security situation in the region.

For the latest security information, Americans should regularly monitor the Department's web site at where the current Worldwide Caution Public Announcement, Travel Warnings and Public Announcements can be found. Up-to-date information on security can also be obtained by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll free in the U.S., or, for callers outside the U.S. and Canada, a regular toll line at 1-202-501-4444. These numbers are available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays).

Americans living or traveling in Syria are encouraged to register with the U.S. Embassy in Damascus through the State Department's travel registration website,, so that they can obtain updated information on travel and security within Syria. Americans in Syria without Internet access may register directly with the U.S. Embassy in Damascus.

Embassy of the United States of America
Consular Section
2, Al-Mansour St., Abu Roumaneh
P.O. Box 29
Damascus, Syria
Tel: (963-11) 333-1342
Fax: (963-11) 331-9678

1,534 posted on 11/30/2006 3:28:55 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All

NOTE: The following text is a quote:

Chad Vehicle Commandeering
Safety and Security
Sub-Saharan Africa - Chad
29 Nov 2006

Printer Friendly Email Article
Related Reports
28 Nov 2006
Warden Message: Chad's Capital Quiet
27 Nov 2006
Warden Message: N'djamena Security Reinforced
26 Nov 2006
Warden Message: Rebels May Reach N'djamena Monday
25 Nov 2006
Warden Message: Chad Rebel Advance
22 Nov 2006
N'djamena Disturbances Possible
The Regional Security Office at U.S. Embassy N'djamena reported the following:

The Embassy continues to receive reports of vehicles being commandeered by what appears to be Chadian military personnel. Most reported confiscations involve Chadian government vehicles. However, this afternoon an several suspected soldiers attempted to flag down an Embassy locally hired employee and take his US Government owned vehicle with green diplomatic license plates. When he stopped, they demanded his keys and attempted to pull him out of the vehicle. The employee was able to drive away unharmed. All are advised to stay indoors after dark, and avoid non-essential travel around N'Djamena for the coming days. Remember to lock your doors when traveling and be suspicious of impromptu roadblocks. Avoid traveling alone and report any incidents related to this activity immediately to the RSO or Post 1 at the Embassy (call 517009). Stay on well traveled roads if possible.

Please remain be vigilant, carry a reliable communication device and let others know where you are going and when you'll be back. An update to this message will be provided if necessary.

1,535 posted on 11/30/2006 3:33:43 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All

Office of the Spokesman
This information is current as of today, Thu Nov 30 2006 03:34:44 GMT-0800.

Worldwide Caution
October 11, 2006

1,536 posted on 11/30/2006 3:34:58 AM PST by Cindy
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To: Cindy
"Trudy Mathews said she was most proud of the legacy her son has left someone else. She remembers taking her son to renew his driver's license last year and asking him about his decision to become an organ donor."

"I asked him if he really wanted to do that, and he said, 'Sure, why wouldn't I? I don't need them, and it could save people.' That's exactly what has happened. His heart was matched right there at the hospital. And it's a good heart, a very good heart."

Thank you for linking this Cindy...just too sad for words. Still too many incidents of those in this world who are a waste of breath, who take the lives of wonderful, productive people. Hang em High and let the buzzards finish him off.

1,537 posted on 11/30/2006 3:42:13 AM PST by all4one (9/11 Never Forget - Never Forgive -- Prayers for the families & our soldiers)
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To: all4one

Ditto, ditto, ditto...

1,538 posted on 11/30/2006 3:44:57 AM PST by Cindy
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To: All; copguy; backhoe; piasa

November 29, 2006

"Civil rights victory: man who threatened to kill Jews, castrate Bush freed from prison"

1,539 posted on 11/30/2006 3:47:18 AM PST by Cindy
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To: Oorang
"Baker has long roots here, his family named the road and when the new neighbors moved in, he tells us, they asked him to move out."

"Basically that I should package up my family and my business and find a place elsewhere," said Baker. "That's ridiculous, they just bought the place one week prior and he's telling me I should think about leaving."

Thanks Oorang for this article...good luck to Mr. Baker and his neighbors. I would put up football stadium lighting, and charge admission for pig racing 7 nights a week. I would claim that MY religion required liberal spraying of pig excrement from crop dusters over my entire 11 acres at least once a day....yep...I would come up with more and more interesting ideas like this on a daily basis.

1,540 posted on 11/30/2006 3:51:00 AM PST by all4one (9/11 Never Forget - Never Forgive -- Prayers for the families & our soldiers)
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