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December 16, 2006 | Urbane Guerilla

Posted on 12/16/2006 1:06:03 PM PST by Urbane_Guerilla


The worship of mohammed, which is inspired by islam (the made-up mess of a book called the koran, the hadith, the sira), has a nihilist view of existence, as do all the totalitarian belief systems thought up and implemented by demented, hating men. Paradise is always on the horizon; destruction, violence, hatred, sadism, pain and death, always on the march toward the ever-receding goal; in this case, until you get the promised sex orgy in heaven.

Bombs and soldiers are not anywhere close to the answer in confronting totalitarianism. Nor is merely the will to win, as if we could gain victory if we only tolerate more deaths by our own civilization, and more of our treasure expended in ever greater amounts.

This is above all an ideological war. It needs to be waged as a battle of ideas.

The audience for this battle splits into two parts, the worshippers of mohammed, and those in the West who cannot or will not recognize their own peril, or who indeed share the totalitarian pov and hate liberty, especially because they hate America.

Here are ten ideas and themes, (they are many more) we can use in the battle.

1. YOU ARE GOING TO HELL. Jihadis and other mohammed-worshippers think they are going to the sex orgy in the sky. This is a very vulnerable mental state. The question of their ultimate other-worldly destination resides in the upper-most part of their psychologies. They must be told at every chance that their destination is HELL.

2. YOU ARE BEING EXPLOITED BY RICH COWARDS. The vast disparity of wealth in the islamic world is rich with possibilities. Poor, ignorant moslems (meaning, most) must be bombarded with the idea that their religion is a sham used by wealthy cowards, who are only interested in saving their own pampered, sheltered lives and their money, but who use mohammed-worship to keep ordinary moslems down.

3. YOUR WOMEN ARE TREATED LIKE GARBAGE. There is always going to be a large segment of moslem women who will be intelligent enough and courageous enough to be susceptible to the truth, and of acting upon it. They can be a valuable fifth column. Even with the relentless intimidation and brain-washing moslem men inflict on moslem women, the human mind is capable of understanding the truth, and the human heart of fighting for the respect and dignity every human being deserves.

4. YOUR CIVILIZATION IS A ZERO. mohammed-worship produces nothing constructive, adds nothing positive, creates nothing, and can take no pride in any accomplishments modern man can think of.

5. MOHAMMED IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF A NARCISSTIC SOCIOPATH. The man worshipped by moslems had all the expected failings of a sociopath. They are familiar to anyone who has studied islam even a little, but they are unknown or denied even by mohammed-worshippers, forget about Westerners. The various aspects of this sociopath's life must be relentlessly presented to the world.

6. THE KORAN IS A VIOLENT, INCOHERENT MESS. The koran, to worshippers of mohammed, is the perfect analogy to the Resurrection for Christians. If you don't believe in the koran as the literal spoken word of allah, then you don't believe the central tenet of the faith. The koran is so incoherent and ridiculous, it cannot be defended except by death threats and intimidation. It must be "deconstructed" in the hundreds of ways possible. All that needs to be shown, literally, is that one word of the koran is false: how difficult can this be, if the propaganda is relentless enough?

7. MOHAMMED-WORSHIP CAN ONLY BE DEFENDED BY DEATH THREATS AND INTIMIDATION. The worship of mohammed is illogical and irrational, hence it can only be defended by death threats and intimidation. As long as those are the only "logical" means available to defend islam (that is, any exercise of human intelligence in any aspect of islam is deemed to be dissing allah), they should be focused upon daily.

8. ISLAM HATES AND DISRESPECTS CHRISTIANS, JEWS, HINDUS, BUDDHISTS AND EVERY NON-WORSHIPPER OF MOHAMMED. This cannot be stressed enough. Everywhere in the world the worship of mohammed goes, it hates and kills. The koran teaches moslems to disrespect and loathe the belief of Jews and Christians. The worship of mohammed deserves no more than what advocates toward others.

9. THE WORSHIP OF MOHAMMED HAS NO GOLDEN RULE, NO FORGIVENESS OF OTHERS, AND IS LOVELESS. This cannot be stressed enough. The golden rule is inherent in human nature. Even moslems, because they are human beings, must understand that the golden rule is the basic rule of existence. But they have been convinced that infidels are subhuman, and thus not worth according respect even in the most basic way.

10. WE LOVE MOSLEMS, WE PITY THEM, WE HOPE FOR THEIR REVERSION TO HUMANITY. This also cannot be stressed enough. mohammed-worshippers are human beings, just like the rest of us, no better and no worse, except their minds have been flooded with fear, intimidation, irrationality and hatred. The propaganda battle must include a constant reminder that all we want is their peaceful happiness and fulfillment.

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KEYWORDS: civilization; dhimmis; dhimmitude; islam; mohammed; terror
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To: Urbane_Guerilla

Those are unlikely to work.

It it trying to use intelectual arguments on individuals with only the capacity for emotional thinking.

In addition many of those who are invested in the cult of islam are told they personally are direct decendants Mohamed. In a culture where family ties are blood sacred, you can overcome the notion of direct lineage.

In fact how many of the Islamic factions are factions because of "who is a decendant."

The only way to stop the cult of islam is unquestioned victory Ulysses S. Grant style.

101 posted on 12/17/2006 6:12:35 AM PST by longtermmemmory (VOTE! and
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Islam IS tribalism.

It is a form of tribal governance.

In order for islam to really die out you would have to genetically conclusivly prove they are not really direct decendants of Mohamed. If there is no PERCIEVED blood connection there is less of an emotional wall.

102 posted on 12/17/2006 6:24:56 AM PST by longtermmemmory (VOTE! and
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anecdotes do not disprove the rule.

the london bomber was such a "quiet boy".

103 posted on 12/17/2006 6:27:34 AM PST by longtermmemmory (VOTE! and
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To: Caesar Soze
Re 91:

A perfect example why we are probably going to lose. The utter lack of imagination and ability to grasp the Main Idea.

Propaganda can be anything from subtle to overt, depending on the audience. But the essential idea is the essential idea. You need essential ideas. How you put them across is another matter. What is so difficult about that?

If you read my entire post, you will see that my wish is for clever Americans with the means to do so conduct the propaganda.

No where do I suggest that a sledgehammmer be used on anyone's head, and it would be stupid in most circumstances to use one, but not all.

Where the heck did you ever get the idea that I was suggesting that moslems read Free Republic to have their heads straightened out? Wow.

And the marxist bit? Wow again. Talk about missing the point.

The point is to demoralize mohammed worshippers and make them question their own thoughts, exactly the way they do to us. It could be by way of logical analysis, but it can also be directed to their emotions, and there are a lot of those, including resentment toward those who are exploiting you, as the rich, comfortable and powerful mohammed-worshippers do the poor ones.

moslems have bountiful hatred. It is to our benefit to have then direct it at each other rather than us.

104 posted on 12/17/2006 6:29:31 AM PST by Urbane_Guerilla
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To: Urbane_Guerilla

Your premis is all wrong. Islam is not Mohammed worship. Allah is worshipped. Mohammed is the messenger.

105 posted on 12/17/2006 6:30:20 AM PST by bert (K.E. N.P. Rozerem commercials give me nightmares)
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"This is a broad brush we are painting here."

Yep. The same brush Muslims paint Christians with.

106 posted on 12/17/2006 6:30:51 AM PST by bonfire
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To: Urbane_Guerilla

.....I do not believe it.....

What you believe on the matter is absolutely, totally irrelevant. You are completely wrong inspite of a blinding revelation that forced you yo write the post.

Revelation or no, you are still the author of baseless drivel.

107 posted on 12/17/2006 6:34:29 AM PST by bert (K.E. N.P. Rozerem commercials give me nightmares)
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To: Jemian
You are absolutely correct.

I work with a Palestinian Muslim fella, we trade ideas and theologies frequently. I must say, this guy is really lost.

One moment he will share how Islam is tolerant and loving, then on the other hand blast Christians and Jews as murderers, rapist and so forth. One comment was how Christians ripped babies from the wombs of their mothers in Kosovo.

Wonder where he learned this? Betcha from the imam at his local mosque.

Pray for them. Gently share the love of Jesus. Don't try to convince them your right, plant the seed of Christ in their lives and pray the Holy Spirit water the seed.

We have a Christian guy at work that gets into these verbal volleys of who's right and who's wrong. They both get all worked up and disjointed.
108 posted on 12/17/2006 6:38:55 AM PST by servantboy777
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To: longtermmemmory

So I assume that the Oklahoma bombing proves the same thing?

At 1.5 Billion people we'd better get used to Muslims being around for a long time. In all religions there are good and bad people.....bombing their cities and converting them to christianity is one of the more laughable retarded ramblings of AC....

Oh well flame away...

109 posted on 12/17/2006 6:39:48 AM PST by JNL
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To: Urbane_Guerilla

Summary of Islam: a small percentage of Muslims commit murder in the name of God, while the other 99% endorse the murders by doing absolutely nothing to stop them.

110 posted on 12/17/2006 6:40:14 AM PST by pleikumud
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To: Jemian
Please forgive my having to post such an uncharitable view of Islam on Sunday morning, but I didn't write the Koran, the hadith, ad nauseam. And this is Sunday morning.

Before I do the unavoidable deconstruction of a paragraph posted by you, it is time to point out that the thousand years of murder in the Islamic areas is best understood in terms such as these:
1. "The Arab understands best power and vengeance."
2. "The Arab is either at your throat or at your feet.
Better he be at your feet."

Googling Churchill's view of Islamic societies, found in his classic The River War, is most enlightening.

"Third, actually evangelize. We have Moslem's in the US living and working. They're in our neighborhoods. Have you gone to visit them? Have you established a relationship with them? Are you seeking to convert your unsaved neighbor? My guess is no. I really think God has brought them to the US so we will evangelize them. We do a poor job of sending evangelists to them so God brings them to us. He actually loves those heathen! Can you believe it? Perhaps God doesn't know they lop off the heads of the good guys and don't deserve to go to heaven. He wants them to hear about Jesus. We should obey.

Given the Muslin concepts of tarquayya and kitman (holy hypocrisy), anything a Muslim tells a non-Muslim is of most questionable reliability. Judeo-Christian cultures are virtually alone in demanding truthfulness of their believers.

When a Muslim is allowed, even required to lie to the unbeliever, American style conversation is impossible.

Muslims came to the USA because of a sloppy immigration policy. Surely you are not confusing G*g with ICE or The Swimmer?

Sending evangelists to Islamic areas results in the evangelists being beaten, imprisoned, tortured, being killed, or all of the above. What have your fellow Christians done to you that you would send them to such a certain fate?

As a Christian, one believes God to be omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenelovent. I wonder how you can postulate that G*d doesn't know about Muslim head lopping, and the rest of a long list assorted, sordid forbidden behaviors?

As I remember, Jesus walked the Middle East, his religious forebearers were at Sinai, which I believe was in the Middle East, and descendants of both branches of the Judeo-Christian faith were once numerous in the Middle East until they were killed off by Muslims.

Muslims know about Christians and Jews. They simply made a decision to devote their lives to killing them.

Evil does exist. Islam is evil. So are its believers.

We in the West will have to accept this, learn to live with it, and offer the Muslims a choice. That choice must be -Have a Muslim Reformation and adopt acceptable beliefs OR be killed.

Islam is antithetical to America and the entirity of Judeo-Christian cultures. Only a complete reformation of Islam will make it acceptable.

One last question for you - Given the centrality of holy hypocracy in Islam, can we afford to take their word for anything? If not, either the Islamic cultures or the Judeo-Christian cultures will be left after the religious war we are now in is finished.

I post this not to belittle what you posted, but to point out that we in American have many unjustified beliefs about Islam. Some beliefs are antithetical and can't be reconciled.
111 posted on 12/17/2006 6:44:05 AM PST by GladesGuru (In a society predicated upon Liberty, it is essential to examine principles, - -)
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To: wai-ming
How you gonna deal with people who won't listen to reason or logic?

Reason and logic are only a couple of means of propaganda. Most moslems are irrational by upbringing and impervious to reason and logic, altho some can grasp it.

This is very frustrating.

Do folks understand what propaganda is?

Let me give you an example: the MSM engages in it every single day, to disparage America and discourage Americans.

But they do so indirectly, and by constant repetition. They don't say "we hate America," even tho that is the theme of their propaganda, that America is bad.

There are a million ways to say "you are going to Hell" without ever saying you are going to Hell.

112 posted on 12/17/2006 6:44:07 AM PST by Urbane_Guerilla
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To: longtermmemmory
it is trying to use intelectual arguments on individuals with only the capacity for emotional thinking

OMG ... this is so discouraging, if even Free Republic does not get it.

Where oh where do I ever say use intellectual arguments? I said propaganda, which may include intellectual arguments, but probably not, especially with moslems.

If you say "use ivory soap" a thousand times, you are not making an intellectual argument, but if you say it to any given group of human beings often enough, a substantial portion will use ivory soap.

The daily violence conducted by mohammed-worshippers is propaganda, in case folks do not realize it. The message is: we are too wild and crazy to be dealt with, so give up and don't even try.

It is succeeding only too well, when we have ridiculous words like "islamist" used by our most brilliant writers.

113 posted on 12/17/2006 6:54:54 AM PST by Urbane_Guerilla
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To: Cicero
Cicero wrote:
I think these unpleasant facts need to be confronted, not swept under the rub and ignored. The only way to deal with the problem of Islam, which is a serious threat to the survival of civilization, is to tell the truth about it.
Conversion of Muslims isn't easy, because their family and friends will kill anyone who conversts. But I believe it can be done, and must be done. The only alternatives are surrender or bloodshed on an unprecedented scale. That's what will happen if we don't wake up and confront the facts in front of us.

How to defeat Islam?

As momentous as the task appears in practice, it is really quite simple in principle, as succinctly stated by Ann Coulter in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack:
1. Invade their countries
2. Kill their leaders
3. Convert them to Christianity

Indeed. It is "as simple as that", and as difficult, as well.

Do anything less, and Islam survives - and, eventually, may prevail in its goal for world domination.

Since we cannot afford to do anything less and still have the expectation "to win", then it is _The West_ that must recognize the enemy and muster the resolve, stomach, and wherewithal to see this struggle to its completion.

- John

114 posted on 12/17/2006 7:01:55 AM PST by Fishrrman
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To: Urbane_Guerilla
The Resurrection of Christ is in the Word of God.

When I said the word "system" when I wrote "Christians entire belief system", I was referring to the whole faith is based system on the fact that the Word of God is inerrant. Belief in the Resurrection is a fundamental part of that belief.

I can walk around all day long and believe my hamster Chris was raised from the dead and worship him. That does not make it true. If I had 500 people testify under penalty of death it was true, that might be different.

Christ himself told us, he is the Word of God. I guess he was ill informed as well

Your arrogance is especially ugly when coated in spiritually

115 posted on 12/17/2006 7:03:07 AM PST by Popman ("What I was doing wasn't living, it was dying. I really think God had better plans for me.")
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To: bert
Your premise is all wrong. Islam is not Mohammed worship. Allah is worshipped. Mohammed is the messenger.

Oh man. Wow. It is amazing to see Freepers take offense on behalf of the mohammed-worshippers.

You say they dont worship mohammed, and they say they dont worship mohammed.

OTOH, I do say they worship mohammed. Anyone who says they do not is falling for the con game mohammed was playing in fabricating his religion. Mohammed made up the religion to have people worship him, just like any garden variety sociopath does thru whatever means they devise. In mohammed's case, it was religion, like Jim Jones.

mohammed is the associate of allah who, have you noticed, doesnt exist.

116 posted on 12/17/2006 7:03:55 AM PST by Urbane_Guerilla
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To: word_warrior_bob
Penn & Teller were prevented by Showtime from doing an expose' on Mohammed, how insane is that?

Considering even CNN let Glenn Beck do a expose', I would agree.

117 posted on 12/17/2006 7:04:56 AM PST by Popman ("What I was doing wasn't living, it was dying. I really think God had better plans for me.")
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To: Popman
Your arrogance is especially ugly when coated in spiritually

Arrogant I well might be, but please do not accuse me of being spiritual, let alone coating anything I say in spirituality. I can say a lot of things about spirituality, but the only relevant thing is that I am not.

It is not I but Paul who says if you do not believe in the literal physical resurrection of Jesus then dont even bother. You probably know the cite.

And you are far far more intelligent than I if you understand the concept of Logos.

But what is so discouraging, is that many Christians are no different from leftists and liberals in their uselessness or worse when confronting islam.

Many Christians do not have the intellectual fortitude to confront islam. In effect, their pov is: I am religious, they are religious, we have more in common than not, and if I criticize them, the same arguments will be used against me.

This, I believe, is one major reason our President cannot face the truth or tell it.

It appears that free men and not Christians will be fighting this war on the field of truth.

118 posted on 12/17/2006 7:26:18 AM PST by Urbane_Guerilla
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To: Urbane_Guerilla
Many Christians do not have the intellectual fortitude to confront islam.

Spoken like a left winger.

I do realize Christians have been systematically portrayed by the MSM as willing sheeple that will follow any fire breathing preacher and check their mind at the door of the church. That number is a small majority.

Anyone who actually thinks about the best way to confront Islam without painting all Muslims as radical jihadists is written off as weak willed or as a tool of Islam as you accuse me. Nothing is further from the truth.

It appears that free men and not Christians will be fighting this war on the field of truth.

You have no idea what you are talking about

The Christian who is willing to confront Muslims in truth, love and hope is the only way to win this war of ideas. We will need superior firepower to rein in the real wacko's to protect ourselves, but to win the hearts and minds will not be at the point of a gun.

Believe me, I know. I have supported and worked with missionaries who have been working in the Sudan. These people put their literal lives on the line every single day to reach Muslims. They have lost children, property in their work.

These people who have walked to walk and talked the talk.

119 posted on 12/17/2006 8:01:56 AM PST by Popman ("What I was doing wasn't living, it was dying. I really think God had better plans for me.")
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To: Urbane_Guerilla
Your sympathy with psychopathic hatred, on the other hand, has to do with your insecurity with your own faith.

I have no sympathy for hatred. I despise it most when it seems to be coming from one who professes to be among the Christian faithful. My soul is too dear for me to abandon the teachings of my faith for Earthly gain & personal gain is where you're coming from here.

In order for me to go with your first point, I'd have to lie. As I said in my earlier post to you, "Hell" is the death of the soul, the grave. It is a state, not a place.

What makes you think I'm insecure about my faith? Because I don't agree with all of the points? My response to wasn't telling you it shouldn't be done, but instead it was a matter of doing it in a way where it might be more effective. You are too focused on yourself & what you want.

Your insecurity is why our President, a Christian, is unable to speak the truth about mohammed-worship.

I don't think I'm the reason the President can't be more frank about the ROP. He's not a preacher, so conversion of souls is a bit outside of his job description.

He is frightened about the implications of that truth about Jesus worship.

I disagree & don't think he is frightened about the implications.

In other words, he does not have the intellectual capacity to distinguish between the two.

Lacks the intellectual capacity? ::rolls eyes:: What name do you go by over at DU?

120 posted on 12/17/2006 9:02:24 AM PST by GoLightly
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