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President Hillary Chavez Clinton to Seize Oil Profits for the Public Good, Nationalize Oil Companies ^ | 2-2-2007

Posted on 02/02/2007 11:00:39 AM PST by Right Wing Assault

See video for Hillary's plan.

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To: Rummyfan
". . . She may as well just nationalize them! . . ."

Am I the only one who sees a theme developing?
121 posted on 02/02/2007 3:18:13 PM PST by StJacques (Liberty is always unfinished business)
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To: kcvl

The oil companies didn't invent oil, they invented the processing and machinery to use it. They do need to be kept in hand about pollution and waste. If I could get the energy from all the rocks in Missouri, I would be rich, too. Farmers didn't invent corn or wheat, or cows.

As for ethanol. The third major global warming catastrophe will cause worldwide drought (ask Bill Nye the science guy). Try growing weeds without water. We need to do something with all the ocean water, unless that evaporates, too. The glaciers have been melting for a very long time, we are just at the top of the curve and its accelerating. If you are from Arkansas, you should visit Elephant Rocks in MO. Wonderful gigantic glacial stones, like river rocks, left behind by the glaciers. Solar energy is the way to go if the sun is heating up. Every building should have the panels.

But guess what, no matter what we try, unless we repent of killing 45 million innocent unborn, it won't do any good. God hates abortion and He is just. 3,000 more people were murdered today, and He heard their screams while witnessing their mutilation and burning.

Enjoy all the profits you earn while you can.

122 posted on 02/02/2007 3:28:15 PM PST by huldah1776 (Worthy is the Lamb.)
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To: dhs12345

"She really doesn't understand business does she."

But didn't she make a small fortune in a short period dealing futures a few years ago?

See. She understands. She just wants to get hers; and yours as well.

123 posted on 02/02/2007 3:28:46 PM PST by Breyean
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To: Right Wing Assault

Oh! Let's undermine the nation's economy. Anything to kill a good plan.

124 posted on 02/02/2007 3:29:22 PM PST by Sword_Svalbardt (Sword Svalbardt)
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To: kcvl; Mia T; Alouette; Salem
Wait a minute... This is a variation on the standard rant about the oil companies, of course, but something kinda slid in there that went unnoticed. Is it okay if I go back and ax a question about it?

What was it she said?

"and the manipulators of the money"?

Do I dare to go there? Do I dare to ask what she just confessed with her own mouth in the context of what we already know about her?

125 posted on 02/02/2007 3:31:52 PM PST by OKSooner
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To: devolve

126 posted on 02/02/2007 3:34:37 PM PST by Dr.Deth
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To: Right Wing Assault

I'll listen when she pushes a Book Deal Profits Tax!
Waving Big Oil in front of Dims is like a Baby Seal in front of an Eskimo.

Pray for W and Our Troops

127 posted on 02/02/2007 3:35:47 PM PST by bray (Redeploy to Iran)
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To: mak5
"Commisar Clinton has more in common with Hugo Chavez than her initials. She has no right or authority to "take those profits"."

If you really want to be frightened, go over to the DUck room and read the comments on any Hugo Chavez thread!

They love him and everything he is doing. To say that they want a Communist Dictator here is an understatement!
128 posted on 02/02/2007 3:41:49 PM PST by Beagle8U (Thompson / Hunter 2008)
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To: Red in Philly
Be careful people. This nasty woman is appealing to all those folks, that the MSM are telling, that these big oil companies have made the biggest profits in history. She is a Chavez. Republicans best get on the stick informing people, which they are not doing, what is up. Republicans are quiet, and die due to the poorest communications imaginable. They will let this pap go unopposed and they will fail to point out the fallacy in it. I wish her saying this would just wake people up. Look at 2006, it will not. Why?
129 posted on 02/02/2007 3:46:58 PM PST by dforest (Liberals love crisis, create crisis and then dwell on them.)
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To: Breyean
Its her talking points. Attack the business that everyone hates. Next, it will be McDonalds for transfat.

It doesn't have to make sense. As long as it plays well with the public. And she knows it won't happen and that American voters memories are short.

The other question should be what was the Government's cut of the Oil profits (in taxes)? I am betting it is in the billions, too. They never mention that.

We are being played for chumps.
130 posted on 02/02/2007 3:52:12 PM PST by dhs12345
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To: Right Wing Assault

"Seize the oil companies, hu?" (hugo girl)

That--and a plan for victory in the frontier could lead to...
*crimminies* sorry lads and lassies , been daydreamin' agin'

I promise...nice tall glass of ice water before the next post.

131 posted on 02/02/2007 3:59:46 PM PST by Natchez Hawk (Sean Payton 2008)
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To: Screamname
She`s beyond dangerous, I would even go so far as to say a greater threat to this country than terror. Consider she had her husband put the lives of New Yorkers at risk by pardoning the FALN terrorists (who bombed NYC 130 times in the late `70`s and early `80`s) all so she could get a few votes from a few hypocrites while running for Senator. If she places such a low value on the lives of those she represents in just one state, how do you think she will be if she is CEO of all the states? She cold set up the destruction of some small town and wouldn`t think twice.

Liberals are a far greater threat to this country. Terrorists can't ruin this country. Even in 2001, terrorists couldn't compete with drunk drivers for deaths. Even if terrorists set off a dirty bomb in a population center, they'll never be able to compete with the economic damage that socialism can cause. Statists (in both parties) are ruining this country.

132 posted on 02/02/2007 4:00:30 PM PST by TUAN_JIM (Sic Semper Tyrannis)
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To: cajungirl

Gotta agree with you...You summed her up well, and I'm sure we could add more to the list because this women is a commie.

133 posted on 02/02/2007 4:00:34 PM PST by sasha123
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To: Snardius
why not incentivize oil companies to find more domestic oil?

Because Miz Hillary knows best how to put all that guvmint money to work to discover all those new methods of alternative fuels and stuff.

(Note that AFTER she takes the profits from the evil oil companies, it becomes guvmint money.)

134 posted on 02/02/2007 4:02:51 PM PST by savedbygrace (SECURE THE BORDERS FIRST (I'M YELLING ON PURPOSE))
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To: Right Wing Assault

I want to take those profits...

135 posted on 02/02/2007 4:09:02 PM PST by BulletBobCo
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To: Right Wing Assault

Thanks for the link. Just when you thought she couldn't get any more insane.

136 posted on 02/02/2007 4:10:03 PM PST by facedown (Armed in the Heartland)
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To: Right Wing Assault

Sounds like Bolivia. Why doesn't she seize all the gas and oil fields and create a national oil co like Citgo and all the profits fund socialized medicine with gagged infants.

137 posted on 02/02/2007 4:12:14 PM PST by omega4179 (Hitler had a "Rockstar" personality too.)
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To: omega4179

Hey I'll say one thing after listening to 2 of her "webversations" last week. She's not trying to fool anybody like "BJ" Clinton did. There's no "moderate" here. She comes right out and tells you she'll be a socialist.

138 posted on 02/02/2007 4:15:58 PM PST by nascarnation
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To: Right Wing Assault

Fox had a clip..Hillary is a very scary socialist.

139 posted on 02/02/2007 4:18:14 PM PST by MEG33 (GOD BLESS OUR ARMED FORCES.)
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To: kcvl
"I want to go after the oil companies and the oil speculators and the manipulators of the money, because they're the ones who I think are really behind this," Clinton told an audience in Elmira Heights on Thursday. "You have a hurricane, and all of a sudden you see prices going up like that. That has . . . everything to do with people trying to make money off the backs of this tragedy."

She has a point. Yet, the root cause of this is the government and the answer she proposes is ... well... more government.

This woman does not want to be president. She want to be the Grand Commissar.

140 posted on 02/02/2007 4:23:22 PM PST by VRW Conspirator (Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. -Mark Twain)
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