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Gingrich Says There Is a 'Great Possibility' He Will Run for President
ABC News ^ | May 14, 2007

Posted on 05/14/2007 6:46:39 AM PDT by Hadean

The Former Speaker of the House Warns GOP Hillary Clinton Has a Good Chance of Becoming President

Newt Gingrich for president? It could happen.

In an interview with Diane Sawyer on "Good Morning America," the former Republican speaker of the House said there was a "great possibility" that he would run for president.

He will make that decision sometime in the fall. Sawyer noted that previously Gingrich had only said he was "thinking about" a run for president.

"You said you'll make a decision at the end of the September,{is it} more likely, less likely this morning? Sawyer asked Gingrich. "I think right now, it is a great possibility," Gingrich said.

"A great possibility you'll run? Sawyer asked. But Gingrich declined to elaborate. "I don't want to get into all this stuff," Gingrich said. "I want to focus on what we have to do to make America successsful."

Gingrich was visiting "GMA" to talk about his new book, "Pearl Harbor: A Novel of December the 8th," which he co-wrote with William Forstchen.

But Gingrich took time to assess the field of declared candidates and said he wasn't happy with the current contenders, comparing them to contestants on "American Idol."

"We're in this virtually irrational process," he said. "It's exactly wrong as a way of choosing a national leader."

Gingrich said Republican candidates needed to champion large-scale reforms.

"I think unless a Republican who is nominated is committed to fundamental change in Washington they will certainly lose the election," he said.

According to Gingrich, Republicans need to realize that Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has a good chance of winning the White House if she gets her party's nomination.

"They are very effective at raking on their opponents," he said of the Clintons. "I think she has a very good chance to win the presidency."

Time for Another Conservative Contender? Polls show that the Iraq War is a big undertow for Republicans. Gingrich said as far back as 2003 that Bush had "gone off a cliff" with the Iraq War. Gingrich believes the United States should get out of Iraq as soon as possible.

"I think we have to turn over policing responsibility for the Iraqis as rapidly as possible," he said. "Pull our troops out as rapidly as possible."

A Newsweek poll has every Democratic front-runner beating every leading Republican: Clinton edges out former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani by three points. Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards beats Arizona Sen. John McCain by 10 points, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney by 37. Illinois Sen. Barack Obama prevails over McCain by 13 points.

Republicans also appear to be hitting other potholes on the presidential path. Conservatives are wary of Giuliani's staunch support of abortion rights, while McCain is seen by some as unreliable on other conservative issues, such as immigration.

The top Republican presidential front-runners are trying to woo conservatives, but so far it seems an unrequited love.

"The three front-runners are just not viable conservative choices, and I think what we know about the three front-runners is enough really to doom them," said one Republican voter.

There seems to be an opening for a conservative candidate. Former senator and actor Fred Thompson may have his eye on the White House. Some speculate that Gingrich, with the release of a new book and his apology to conservative leader James Dobson for past personal indiscretions, could as well.

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To: kerryusama04
Check out Hunter's biography.

He worked in the private sector from 1976 until his election to congress in 1980.

Four years is better than probably most people in congress. Yes, it would be nice to see more.

In fact, if I were the king of the country, I'd make it a rule that a person had to spend one year in the private sector or on active military service for every year they spent in public office. All high level bureaucrats would have to be hired from the private sector and could spend no more time in government service than years they had experience in the private sector. And mandatory retirement age for all those at mid level and below would be age 40.

61 posted on 05/14/2007 8:01:53 AM PDT by Vigilanteman (Are there any men left in Washington? Or are there only cowards? Ahmad Shah Massoud)
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To: TomGuy

There’s bound to be a lot of that going around when any people end up being governed by lawyers.............which is another of my problems with Washington.

62 posted on 05/14/2007 8:02:00 AM PDT by DJ MacWoW (If you think you know what's coming next....You don't know Jack.)
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To: Vigilanteman

4 years isn’t enough. There needs to be a Constitutional Ammendment that no individual can spend more than 20 years in Federal elected office. This means Senators can only have 3 terms, and any Congressman who serves over 12 would be prohibited from the PResidency. We need more turnover up there, not less. A lot of the corruption stems from these career types, IMO.

63 posted on 05/14/2007 8:09:13 AM PDT by kerryusama04 (John 19:31)
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To: All
P.S. Newt...and this goes for all the candidates...lose weight, become fit. The presidency has a schedule and pressures that if you don't, you are at a real disadvantage. "Aging Like a President" is a very real deal. Also, with America being such a visual society, we want a pres who looks good all around. You say that doesn't many of you were proud of President Bush when you saw him in that flight suit...private smiles are included!????

President Bush should be an inspiration to all who follow!

64 posted on 05/14/2007 8:10:19 AM PDT by NordP (The greatest gift God can give us is LIFE. The greatest gift man can give to another is FREEDOM.)
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To: Hadean

I believe Newt has proven that he is capable of accomplishing good things for our country, and that he has much to contribute, but not as POTUS.

This country needs a person of strength in that office, and no one deserves it who admitted and demonstrated, as did Newt, that he was “weak-kneed” around Bill Clinton (or anyone else, for that matter, except God Almighty).

All have sinned, but some have the courage, and strength of character to withstand the blackmailer’s threat with humility and the truth, relying on the mercy of God and the people, and willing to accept the consequences. He was tested on the world stage and he failed the test. The information that apparently made him weak-kneed came out anyway, as he should have known it would do, and the way it came out diminished his crediblility, imo. We are at a point in our history,imho, that we cannot afford to trust him not to fail again, in a far more important position, should he face something or someone else that made him weak-kneed.

65 posted on 05/14/2007 8:10:59 AM PDT by LucyJo
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To: Hadean

Newt DON’T run.

Not interested.

66 posted on 05/14/2007 8:12:28 AM PDT by Names Ash Housewares
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To: mainepatsfan

> He’s the only one with negatives approaching Hillary’s.

Really. As much as Gingrich accomplished as Speaker, whom do you think the Dems would most like to run vs. Hillary?

67 posted on 05/14/2007 8:14:06 AM PDT by cloud8
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To: Hadean

Go Newt!

I don’t think he will get past the primaries, but I think he will force the other candidates to actually discuss what it means to be a fiscal conservative. I had hoped Ron Paul would have ignited that debate, but he is too minor a figure. Newt, on the other hand, would bring it to the forefront. And if nothing else, he might get the nod for the Vice President slot.

68 posted on 05/14/2007 8:25:06 AM PDT by burzum (None shall see me, though my battlecry may give me away -Minsc)
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To: Hadean

Hannity will be having Newtgasms today!

69 posted on 05/14/2007 8:27:15 AM PDT by don-o (We are "THEY")
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To: pnh102

Right. He committed serial adultery, dumped two wives after they became seriously ill, and wouldn’t support his children, so the family had to get support from their church.

Sounds like a fine upstanding guy.

In my book, he’s just as bad as Giuliani or Clinton.

70 posted on 05/14/2007 8:31:11 AM PDT by Politicalmom (Conservatives want freedom. Republicans want power.)
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To: mainepatsfan

He’s the only one with negatives approaching Hillary’s.

Guess you’ve never heard of Rudy..

71 posted on 05/14/2007 9:12:25 AM PDT by RebekahT ("Government is not the solution to the problem, our government is the problem." -- Ronald Reagan)
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To: Coleus; nickcarraway; narses; Mr. Silverback; Canticle_of_Deborah; TenthAmendmentChampion; ...

Please FreepMail me if you want on or off my Pro-Life Ping List.

72 posted on 05/14/2007 9:52:56 AM PDT by (A Catholic Respect Life Curriculum is available at
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To: mainepatsfan
He’s the only one with negatives approaching Hillary’s.

And how does Joe Six-Pack vote if he has a choice between Newt and Hillary?

73 posted on 05/14/2007 10:24:04 AM PDT by Retired COB (Still mad about Campaign Finance Reform)
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To: Coldwater Creek
Newt is an adulterer. Big difference than just being divorced.

I believe you can put Rudy and McCrazy in that same boat. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

74 posted on 05/14/2007 10:25:56 AM PDT by Retired COB (Still mad about Campaign Finance Reform)
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To: Hadean

He lost me when he folded on global warming to JohN (Viet Nam) Kerrey. Newt’s not tough enough, especially after he resigned as speaker.

75 posted on 05/14/2007 10:31:35 AM PDT by KenmcG414
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To: Hadean

Newt is only fooling himself. He has absolutely no chance and should quit before he really makes a fool of himself.

76 posted on 05/14/2007 10:48:37 AM PDT by Deo et Patria
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To: DJ MacWoW
Newts Contract with America was stellar and I believe he’s needed in our government.............but not as President

Newt's Contract was nice, but it was just paper. He quickly sold out. Read Tom Coburn's "Breach of Trust."

77 posted on 05/14/2007 11:20:05 AM PDT by Barney Gumble (A liberal is someone too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel - Robert Frost)
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To: B Knotts; Hadean; All

Here’s an interesting hypocrisy-exposer regarding the current “candidates”... How many senators running for president claim to want to reduce so-called global warming, or at least our dependence on oil from the Middle East? Plenty. BUT(!) have you noticed how they’re nevertheless so lacking in vision (or integrity, amidst the petro dollars that they seek) that they still refuse to sponsor the Energy Department’s potential “H Prize” for hydrogen fuel breakthroughs? Where are McCain, Hillary, Obama, & Kerry?

One can learn more about the “H Prize” at: , S.365

In the House, H.R.632 already has several dozen co-sponsors AND ACTUALLY PASSED LAST YEAR...only to languish due to Senate inaction including that of Senators McCain, Obama, Kerry(!) and Hillary Clinton.

For some reasonably recent articles on the H Prize:


EXCERPT: “[p]rizes can provide an extra push, particularly for innovators who may be flying under the big automakers’ radar.”

And for an additional analysis of the prizes paradigm:

And most interestingly nowadays, for relevant information about the only current or potential presidential candidate who aggressively backs government-sponsored prizes:

Remember how exciting it was when he shut down the federal government 12 years ago for its wastefulness? Since he left office our national debt has nearly doubled.

78 posted on 05/14/2007 11:21:27 AM PDT by Shuttle Shucker
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To: Retired COB
I am not casting any stones, just stating facts.

That piece of scripture has been taken out of context, way too often.

79 posted on 05/14/2007 11:22:57 AM PDT by Coldwater Creek
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To: Barney Gumble
Which is why I stated that I wouldn't want him for Pres. But he does have some great ideas. Also see my post 43 :It was stellar. It’s what got Repubs elected in 94. It reflected what voters wanted. But, as usual, the elected forgot on their way to Washington exactly what it was that got them there. Don't need to read a book as we both watched it happen.
80 posted on 05/14/2007 11:26:37 AM PDT by DJ MacWoW (If you think you know what's coming next....You don't know Jack.)
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