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14 Years Later, Mystery Still Remains in the Death of Vince Foster
14 Years Later, Mystery Still Remains in the Death of Vince Foster ^ | July 21, 2007 | Kathy Miller

Posted on 07/22/2007 4:36:02 AM PDT by GFritsch

14 yers ago today, on July 20, 1993, the body of Vincent Walker Foster, Jr. was found in a Virginia park, next to a civil war cannon, with an unidentified revolver lodged in the right hand. Vincent Foster died of a small-caliber gunshot wound to his head.

Vince Foster was not only deputy White House counsel but also the personal attorney to Bill and Hillary Clinton. On the night of Foster’s death, top Clinton aides made a frantic effort to enter and remove documents from his West Wing office. In the days that followed, federal investigators were stymied in their investigation of Foster’s office and strange death.

The following happened within weeks of his death. Vince Foster finally files the missing Whitewater tax returns. On July 19, FBI director William Sessions is fired. Clinton personally orders him by phone to turn in his FBI property and leave headquarters.

That evening, Clinton security aide Jerry Parks' wife Jane says she overhears a heated telephone conversation with Vince Foster in which her husband says, "You can't give Hillary those files, they've got my name all over them."

On July 20, Clinton names Louis Freeh as Sessions' successor.

That same day, the FBI raids David Hale's Little Rock office and seizes documents including those relating to Capital-Management.

Just hours after the search warrant authorizing the raid is signed by a federal magistrate in Little Rock, Vince Foster apparently drives to Ft. Marcy Park.

Foster was found dead of an apparent gunshot wound to the head in Ft. Marcy Park. His unoccupied car, a 1989 Honda, was found in the park's parking lot. Several witnesses - before and after the arrival of the park police - have claimed they saw a briefcase in Foster's car.

A so-called suicide note was found in an office briefcase that had been searched and found to be empty after Foster’s death. The note was torn into 27 pieces. Yet an FBI examination found no trace of Foster’s fingerprints on the note and three independent handwriting experts determined that Foster's suicide note, was a forgery.

The Raid of Vince Foster’s Office While the U.S. Park Police studied the body, Foster's office at the White House was being looted.

Secret Service agent Henry O' Neill watched as Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, Margaret Williams, carried boxes of papers out of Vincent Foster's office before the Park Police showed up to seal it, yet the official identification of Vincent Foster's body by Craig Livingstone did not take place until 10PM!

Another Secret Serviceman saw Craig Livingston remove items from Vincent Foster's office in violation of the official seal. Witnesses also saw Bernard Nussbaum in Foster's office as well. Three witnesses noted that Patsy Thomason, director of the White House's Office of Administration, was desperate to find the combination to Vincent Foster's safe. Ms. Thomason finally opened the safe, apparently with the help of a special "MIG" technical team signed into the White House in the late hours. Two envelopes reported to be in the safe by Foster's secretary Deborah Gorham, addressed to Janet Reno and to William Kennedy III, were never seen again. When asked the next day regarding rumors of the safe opening, Mack McLarty told reporters Foster's office did not even have a safe, a claim immediately shot down by former occupants of that office.

The next day, when the Park Police arrived for the official search of Vincent Foster's office, they were shocked to learn that Nussbaum, Thomason and Williams had entered the office. Conflicts channeled through Janet Reno's Department of Justice resulted in the Park Police merely sitting outside Foster's office while Bernard Nussbaum continued his own search of Foster's office. During this search, he opened and upended Vincent Foster's briefcase, showing it to be empty. Three days later, it would be claimed that this same briefcase was where the torn up suicide note was discovered.

The boxes of documents removed from Foster's office by Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, Margaret Williams, were taken to the private residence area of the White House! Eventually, only 54 pages emerged.

One set of billing records, under subpoena for two years, and thought to have originated in Foster's office, turned up unexpectedly in the private quarters of the White House, with Hillary's fingerprints on them.

So, who ordered the office looting?

Bill Clinton was unavailable, being on camera with Larry King. But Hillary Clinton, who had only the day before diverted her planned return to Washington D.C. to Little Rock, was on the phone from Little Rock to someone at the White House in the moments before the looting took place.

The death of Vince Foster is very unsettling. There is an amazing amount of inconsistent information surrounding his death, the investigation and the autopsy. And, of course, his close relationship with Hillary was intriguing. Many books have claimed that the two were lovers for several years.

To date, several unanswered questions still remain. What did the White House know and when did they know it? Another question: If Foster was not identified as a White House official until at least an hour and a half after police arrived, why were police officers associated with an elite federal unit on the scene within 45 minutes? Evidence suggests that White House officials were informed of Foster's death, at least an hour before they claim to have been initially notified.

The FBI never officially investigated the case but simply signed off on the Park Police "probe." The bureau had little choice.

Later, Robert Fiske, selected by Clinton’s counsel Bernie Nussbaum and Janet Reno, quickly confirmed the Park Police probe as a suicide. Yet, no fewer than three of the paramedics on the scene indicated in reports or testimony that the crime scene was consistent with a murder scene, not a suicide.

? A careful FBI microscopic investigation of Foster’s shoes found not a trace of soil or grass stains on them, though he supposedly walked several hundred yards through wooded Fort Marcy Park to where his body was found. [Years later, Starr’s investigation found plenty of soil and grass stains. Rodriguez charged that the shoes were tampered with to produce such "evidence."]

? Foster was found with little blood around his body – and despite claims that he fired the gun into his mouth, practically no blood was found on the front of his shirt.

? Foster was found with a 1913 revolver no one in his family could claim, with two serial numbers, made from the parts of three or more guns. None of Foster’s fingerprints were found on the gun. The bullet that supposedly killed Foster was never found, despite intensive searches.

? The first witness to find the body insisted that there had been no gun near the body. The memory in Foster's pager had been erased. Critical evidence began to vanish. Many witnesses were harassed. Others were simply ignored. There were even suggestions that the body had been moved, and a Secret Service memo surfaced which reported that Foster's body had been found in his car! The official reports were self-contradictory.

? All of the X-rays taken during the autopsy are missing. Complete crime scene photos don’t exist. The Park Police said all the photos were "accidentally" overexposed. A series of close-up Polaroids, which Favish is suing for, remain.

? A briefcase in the car of Vincent Foster was removed after U.S. Park Police arrived at his death scene. The briefcase, which may have carried important documents, was never listed on official evidence reports compiled by park police who conducted the first investigation into the White House deputy counsel's death.

Hillary Clinton was trying to gain leverage over her husband, possibly in relation to future divorce proceedings. It is possible Mrs. Clinton wanted to get to the bottom of persistent rumours about her husband's philandering before subjecting herself and her daughter to the media glare of a presidential campaign. At the time, Mrs Clinton and Vince Foster were partners at the Rose Law firm.

Did Hillary Clinton have an affair with Little Rock lawyer Vincent Foster? According to retired Arkansas State Trooper Larry Patterson, "There is no doubt in my mind that there was a long, ongoing sexual relationship between Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster."

Patterson, who guarded the Clintons for more than six years, made the new disclosures on the audiotape set "More than Sex: The Secrets of Bill and Hillary Clinton Revealed"

Patterson said that on one occasion, at a birthday party for Hillary Clinton, he saw Foster touch Hillary in private areas of the body twice. Patterson said his belief about Hillary and Vince was formed after years of observation during the frequent meetings between the two, when Bill was out of town, and the stories of other troopers.

Patterson gives eyewitness details of several occasions upon which he saw Vince and Hillary in compromising situations.

On the day of Vince Foster’s death, Patterson said he learned about the death before the Park Police even found Foster’s body and hours before the White House said they were informed. Patterson’s information, corroborated by another trooper, exposes a cover-up bigger than Watergate.

A case arose from an overall conspiracy to obstruct justice in connection with federal investigations into the death of deputy White House counsel Vincent W. Foster.

Patrick Knowlton was in Ft. Marcy Park the afternoon that Vincent Foster died. What Knowlton saw and what happened to him afterwards is one of the most disturbing stories of the whole Clinton saga. You can read the testimony here

Miguel Rodriguez was a prosecutor on the staff of Kenneth Starr. His attempts to uncover the truth in the Vincent Foster death case were repeatedly foiled, and he was the subject of planted stories undermining his credibility and implying that he was unstable. Rodriguez eventually resigned.

After learning of Fosters death, Jane Parks, the wife of Jerry Parks claims that her husband said, "I'm a dead man". Parks had collected detailed data on Clinton's sexual escapades, including pictures and dates. His wife claims federal agents subsequently removed his files and computer, and that Bill Clinton still owed him $81,000.

(Note. Two months later, Jerry Parks is found murdered gangland-style )

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To: Gorzaloon

Your assessment is 100% correct.

141 posted on 07/22/2007 1:57:43 PM PDT by sport
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To: Lancey Howard


I remembered some of the details wrong (Foster lieing uphill not down) but overall it was tragedy all around.

142 posted on 07/22/2007 1:57:53 PM PDT by ScubieNuc
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To: Shooter 2.5
This is compounded by the fact the family seems to be satisfied with the results.

That too makes one scratch their head. If my dad or wife or brother or brother-in-law or father-in-law or whoever wound up dead like Foster, I wouldn't rest until I got some satisfactory answers.

The only thing I can figure is they had some dirty laundry that they didn't want aired, so probably a pay-off and a guarentee some skeletons stay buried, and they sign off on the 'approved' investigation.

But now we'll probably never know the whole truth as long as no one in power pursues the truth.

Damn! Rehashing this one Clinton scandal is getting me all depressed and angry. I gotta just keep repeating...They may fool most of the people and escape punishment here, but they don't fool God and they won't escape his punishment.

There. Now I feel beter.
143 posted on 07/22/2007 2:18:13 PM PDT by ScubieNuc
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To: GFritsch
You done took a u-turn into tin foil hat territory.
144 posted on 07/22/2007 2:36:41 PM PDT by Shooter 2.5 (NRA - Hunter '08)
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To: ScubieNuc

It’s perfectly ok to believe Vince Foster killed himself at Fort Macy Park. All you have to do is remember he killed himself because he was tied into all the illegal and immoral acts of the clintons.

Works for me.

145 posted on 07/22/2007 2:39:27 PM PDT by Shooter 2.5 (NRA - Hunter '08)
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To: Shooter 2.5

Whether Vince killed himself or was silenced by thugs doesn’t matter that much anymore.

What matters is that people and agencies INTENTIONALLY over looked, covered up, or ignored the evidence of a tragedy at least, a murder at most. Just hiding the truth is a crime. The reasons for hiding the truth is probably the greater crime.

The fact that the trails lead to the Clintons is only part of what is maddening. The fact that, for them to get away with their shinanigans, many other people of supposed integrity allow them to do it through their silence, is probably more maddening. It only gets worse, when you realize that many “so called” conservatives are part of that wall of silence which hides the truth and protects the Clintons.

But I’ll sleep fine, because I know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that God will not let any of them escape their punishment.


146 posted on 07/22/2007 3:08:27 PM PDT by ScubieNuc
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To: GFritsch
“Where’s Craig Livingstone today and what is he doing for a living?”

The last thing I heard, he was a limosioune driver in D.C. But that was years ago.

147 posted on 07/22/2007 3:11:46 PM PDT by Clintonfatigued (Open borders and outsourcing are opposite sides of the same coin)
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To: tang-soo
Yeah, she’s a minion. But then, she may try to hijack the AntiChrist like she tried to highjack the Bubba presidency.
148 posted on 07/22/2007 3:25:42 PM PDT by Thumper1960 (Unleash the Dogs of War as a Minority, or perish as a party.)
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To: ScubieNuc

“The fact that the Republicans had control of the WH and Congress and has apparently decided that all of Clinton’s scandals are not worth looking into anymore, shows a real bad tolerance level for the growth of evil.”

No, what it shows is that both parties are corrupt and in cahoots.

149 posted on 07/22/2007 3:40:51 PM PDT by .44 Special (Ta Muid Buarch)
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To: GFritsch

A good book on this subject:

by Christopher Ruddy

another must read:

Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House
by Gary Aldrich

150 posted on 07/22/2007 4:07:22 PM PDT by RDTF (Republicans believe every day is July 4th, but Democrats believe every day is April 15th. - Reagan)
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To: george76

A picture that’s worth a thousand words.

151 posted on 07/22/2007 4:11:16 PM PDT by cerberus
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To: GFritsch

Not so fast, people. If you’d been intimate with Hillary Clinton, wouldn’t you have committed suicide too?

152 posted on 07/22/2007 4:43:40 PM PDT by A_Former_Democrat
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To: Shady
This had to be the biggest scandal ever in American history and nothing was followed up! unbelievable! I hope this becomes a big part of her 2008 campaign Teds folly is nothing compared to this. The Democratic party has become murderers row
153 posted on 07/22/2007 4:58:46 PM PDT by ronnie raygun (I'd rather be hunting with dick than driving with ted)
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To: GFritsch


154 posted on 07/22/2007 5:09:59 PM PDT by VirginiaMom
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To: Voter#537

“A Face In The Crowd.”

155 posted on 07/22/2007 5:32:01 PM PDT by fieldmarshaldj (~~~Jihad Fever -- Catch It !~~~ (Backup tag: "Live Fred or Die"))
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To: Lancey Howard

They wouldn’t have had to pay her necessarily. If she liked to breathe, she’d keep her mouth shut.

156 posted on 07/22/2007 5:36:04 PM PDT by fieldmarshaldj (~~~Jihad Fever -- Catch It !~~~ (Backup tag: "Live Fred or Die"))
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To: Borax Queen
Sick. I either didn't know or forgot this could be why the Clintons murdered him.

I have the same case of amnesia. yuk.

157 posted on 07/22/2007 5:49:48 PM PDT by nicmarlo
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To: devolve; george76; ntnychik; PhilDragoo; dixiechick2000

158 posted on 07/22/2007 6:01:50 PM PDT by potlatch (MIZARU_ooo_()_ooo_MIKAZARU_ooo_()_ooo_MAZARU_ooo_()_ooo_))
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To: nicmarlo; V.Foster; jyro
Sean Hannity to speak of Foster’s death in a minute or so. Just after this commercial. Hannity’s America on Fox
159 posted on 07/22/2007 6:16:39 PM PDT by Syncro
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Oops, sometime this hour. Their promo said it was next but they were just using a hook. But they say they are going to address the issue before the show is over.

160 posted on 07/22/2007 6:20:32 PM PDT by Syncro
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