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New campaign debate: Is Satan Jesus' brother?
World Net Daily ^ | December 12, 2007 | WND

Posted on 12/13/2007 12:10:33 AM PST by tessalu

WASHINGTON – Satan has reared his ugly head in the 2008 presidential campaign – literally. Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has prompted angry denunciations of religious bigotry by rival Mitt Romney as well as an official retort from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for speculating in a New York Times Magazine interview this weekend that Mormons believe Jesus and Satan were brothers.

"On first hearing, the doctrine that Lucifer and our Lord, Jesus Christ, are brothers may seem surprising to some – especially to those unacquainted with latter-day revelations," says the statement. "But both the scriptures and the prophets affirm that Jesus Christ and Lucifer are indeed offspring of our Heavenly Father and, therefore, spirit brothers. Jesus Christ was with the Father from the beginning. Lucifer, too, was an angel "who was in authority in the presence of God," a "son of the morning." (See Isa. 14:12; D&C 76:25–27.) Both Jesus and Lucifer were strong leaders with great knowledge and influence. But as the Firstborn of the Father, Jesus was Lucifer's older brother. (See Col. 1:15; D&C 93:21.)"

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TOPICS: Culture/Society; Government; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: huckabee; mormons; religion; romney; satan
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To: tessalu

Real question is, did man originate on Kolob? LDS theology is a lot like science fiction.

41 posted on 12/13/2007 3:03:16 AM PST by damondonion
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To: carumba

Silly indeed. Soon enough we;ll vote according to who thinks how many angels can fit on the head of a pin.
It has no place in US politics.

42 posted on 12/13/2007 3:05:04 AM PST by sonic109
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To: damondonion

One LDS hymn “If You Could Hie to Kolob” is probably the first science fiction hymn. The origins of man, the nature of God, are ponderable and learnable especially when you seek guidance, intelligence, inspiration, etc. from God himself.

43 posted on 12/13/2007 3:11:17 AM PST by carumba (The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made. Groucho)
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To: tessalu
I understand the objections to Mr. Romney's chosen theology. But, I can't support a candidate who would attack another's religious beliefs like this... Not in America where there is such a thing as Freedom of Religion. I don't think this will be good at all for Huckabee, even if the majority of Christians, and/or the majority of his supporters do agree with his theological beliefs. As for an ability to attract moderate or liberal voters.

If the Republican Party selects a candidate for President that makes religion such a huge issue like Huckabee does I don't believe they have much chance at attracting enough swing voters to secure the office, frankly. Not when the general public are so concerned about the War on Terror and may be afraid to elect a candidate who is so openly talks about religion and makes it an issue. They are looking for well-reasoned leadership -- not a holy warrior. As for campaigning against Romney -- there are many, many other objections one can bring up that would show him to be an unsuitable candidate without even touching on religion... Starting with the 2nd Amendment...
44 posted on 12/13/2007 3:11:59 AM PST by LibertyRocks
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To: sonic109

sonic109 wrote: “I totally agree , religion has no place in US politics and I wish people would stop making it a major issue.”

Religion is very important to many voters. Why should they ignore something that is important to them when they are choosing candidates? Also, think about a Muslim president. Would you ignore his religion even though it conflicts with the freedoms we hold dear? Christianity compliments democracy. Islam opposes it. My point? Religion is one of many aspects that should be used to determine a candidate’s fitness for office. It shouldn’t be an overriding factor (the candidate’s track record and historical job performance is a better indicator), but it should be considered.

45 posted on 12/13/2007 3:13:05 AM PST by CitizenUSA
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To: tessalu
Ezekiel 28:12 “Son of man, take up a lamentation upon the king of Tyrus, and say unto him, ‘ Thus saith the LORD GOD:

Thou sealest up the *sum*, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty.

13. Thou has been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold; the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in the in the day that thou wast created.

14 Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of GOD; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.

15 Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou was created,

till iniquity was found in thee.

16 By the multitude of thy merchandise thy have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned;

therefore I will cast thee as profaned out of the mountain Of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire.

17 Thine heart (pride) was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness:

I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings,

that they may behold thee.

18 Thou has defiled thy sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquities, buy the iniquity of thy traffick;

therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, it shall devour thee,

and I will bring thee to ashes upon the earth in the sight of allll them that behold thee.

19 All they that know thee among the people shall be astonished at thee: thou shalt be a terror, and never shalt thou be any more.

Satan, Lucifer, king of Tyre, king of Babylon, devil, destroyer, serpent, tree of the knowledge of good and evil, accuser, are just some of the names/types this entity has been allowed to play.

46 posted on 12/13/2007 3:20:38 AM PST by Just mythoughts
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To: tessalu

yep! this is just the kind of thing I want politicians talking about. I mean it’s not like they should be talking about reducing the federal government’s bloated beauracracy, cutting taxes, making government and politicians accountable or fixing social security. I’m just glad they’re spending time and energy on the important stuff-stuff that politicians are elected to do.

47 posted on 12/13/2007 3:45:48 AM PST by mrmargaritaville
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To: CitizenUSA

I’, speaking of Western religions being that we are a Western culture. I think any Easter religion may not jive with Western democracy. That being said I think making a candidate’s religion and religious DOGMA a main concern is huge mistake in US politics.

48 posted on 12/13/2007 3:48:51 AM PST by sonic109
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To: Mohito Loe
I have NO hope that any Christian will believe this.

LOL!!! That's good! Then you won't have to be disappointed!

49 posted on 12/13/2007 3:53:58 AM PST by GiovannaNicoletta
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To: burzum

My goodness, are we now to vote for the Theologian in Chief? Or the best man for the job?

This is silly, and unbecoming in a pluralistic Republic.

50 posted on 12/13/2007 4:01:06 AM PST by padre35 (Conservative in Exile/ Isaiah 3.3)
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"This kind of publicity will NOT win the LDS Church any converts and will only hasten their ultimate demise. At some point, the LDS Church will have to denounce their "strange" doctrines or implode."

Hmmm, maybe God is in control after all.

51 posted on 12/13/2007 4:05:15 AM PST by Psalm 73 ("Gentlemen, you can't fight in here - this is the War Room".)
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To: burzum

There’s a difference between what’s legal and what’s moral. I’ll continue “testing” candidates based on their religious views. For instance, I’ll never vote for a muslim.

52 posted on 12/13/2007 4:13:02 AM PST by gotribe (I've been disenfranchised by the GOP.)
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To: rogue yam

From Job, in the Bible:

1:6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them.

....... Any Questions?

53 posted on 12/13/2007 4:18:31 AM PST by ArtDodger
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To: FFranco; Luke Skyfreeper; burzum

The problem with Romney’s theology is that it reveals a strongly supersessionist bent - newer, better ideas replace the outdated. This, as well as his political history, would suggest that he would be very comfortable with a loose constructionist view of the Constitution.

54 posted on 12/13/2007 4:25:00 AM PST by yatros from flatwater
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To: tessalu

“Angels are created beings and have NO brothers. They were not born of a woman, but were created by God.”

Not only that, but, “He was a liar from the beginning and the father of it”.

55 posted on 12/13/2007 4:25:33 AM PST by RoadTest ("It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law. - Psalm 119:26)
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To: GiovannaNicoletta

Ah, but he may get surprised!

56 posted on 12/13/2007 4:34:18 AM PST by Vanders9
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To: tessalu
I don't care if Romney worships Satan himself. My only question is this: will he lead America wisely? I'm not voting for a pastor; I'm voting for a Commander-in-Chief.

Personally, I've come to the conclusion that he's the best of the uninspiring crop of Republican choices.

57 posted on 12/13/2007 4:36:35 AM PST by jude24 (Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?)
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To: ovrtaxt
"Satan Jesus’ brother? What a stupid concept. Jesus is the Creator, not the creation of anybody. Satan can’t create squat"

Amen brother. Does the clay crow to the potter? Can the created boast to the Creator?

58 posted on 12/13/2007 4:36:52 AM PST by joebuck
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To: ArtDodger

yes, whats your point?

59 posted on 12/13/2007 4:37:22 AM PST by Vanders9
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To: donna
I’m not picking a leader who believes Satan is Jesus’ brother.

I'm not picking a leader who even talks about this subject as a matter of public discourse.

60 posted on 12/13/2007 4:40:10 AM PST by King of Florida (A little government and a little luck are necessary in life, but only a fool trusts either of them.)
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