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Posted on 01/20/2008 7:04:57 PM PST by RebelTex

Don't let Fred quit.  

Fred HAS to win the Republican nomination!!!  Here's why:

  1. Our country has never faced greater peril than now.  Islam seek our destruction and the establishment of a world-wide caliphate.  Illegal aliens have invaded who threaten the rule of law and are continuing to do so.  Socialists are destroying the moral fabric and character of our country by advocating government control over every aspect of our lives.  Communism has resurfaced to threaten  Judeo-Christian values and promote atheism and mediocrity and the undermining of our economy.  We are under unprecedented physical, spiritual, moral, and financial attack by our enemies.
  2. Our country, as leader of the free world and a bastion of freedom, can not long survive if a Democrat or RINO is elected President in this election cycle.
  3. All of the other remaining candidates are RINOs and no Rino can win the general election this time.   Even if a RINO could win, the end results would be the same.
  4. The nomination of a RINO will destroy the Republican party for at least 20 years, if our country manages to survive that long. 
  5. Without a strong and true conservative to lead us, our country will not be able to withstand all the threats we are facing.
I realize that the odds are stacked against winning, but not insurmountable.  The RNC primary rules penalize the early primary states, and Fred has a devoted base in almost all the later primary states as well as most all of the Southern and Midwest states.  The egos of the RINOs will not allow them to drop out, resulting in a fractured and split result for the convention.  None of the delegates will support one of the other RINOs in a brokered convention, but they will support a true conservative. 

Even with limited funds, Fred can still prevail.  And the contributions will greatly increase with a clear and firm statement that he will continue through the convention.  Many of the voters fear wasting their votes and money on someone who will give up before the 'fat lady sings'. 

Give them what they want - a firm commitment - and the votes and money will come in like a tidal wave.   Do not acknowledge any possibility of loss.  Be resolute and absolutely believe that Fred will win, and convey that commitment to the people.   Fred needs to have and make this commitment, and so does his staff.  The MSM has too many times alleged that senior staffers have hinted of his dropping out.


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To: ImpBill; RebelTex; jellybean; EternalVigilance

The Cluetrain Manifesto

(just substitute “Political Party” whereever it reads “Company”)

95 Theses

101 posted on 01/20/2008 8:44:55 PM PST by The Spirit Of Allegiance (Public Employees: Honor Your Oaths! Defend the Constitution from Enemies--Foreign and Domestic!)
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To: papasmurf

"I'd like to see a thread/sign up list, for FRedheads (only) to commit to hanging' tough with FRed."

I'll second that motion.  All in favor, say Aye.  Motion carried.

102 posted on 01/20/2008 8:45:16 PM PST by RebelTex (MOLON LABE!)
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To: Cicero; rogue yam; Nonstatist
What the record was earlier, I don’t know.

I checked my lists and he's not listed as a FRedHead pingee. I realize many Fred supporters are not on the ping list, so that doesn't mean much. But I don't recognize him as a committed Fred supporter. Nominal maybe.

103 posted on 01/20/2008 8:45:21 PM PST by jellybean ( Proud Ann-droid and a Steyn-aholic)
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To: outofstyle
"Fred could not even gather enough signatures to get on the ballot here. Maybe that says something. "

It says a great deal- about Delaware!

104 posted on 01/20/2008 8:47:17 PM PST by matthew fuller (Fred Thompson/ John Bolton 2008)
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To: Owen; adm5; All
No, Owen, it’s not over. The main donate tab is still up, and the site has just been updated.

The Red Truck ticker is down because it was for SC.

But keep swinging as if you know what you are talking about, it is entertaining...

105 posted on 01/20/2008 8:47:51 PM PST by ejonesie22 (Mike Huckabee, Tithing via Taxation, the Christian Democrat way...)
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To: Brandie

"well ok he can be President of all Americans but we get to cheer first for him."


We already are, heheh.


106 posted on 01/20/2008 8:48:41 PM PST by RebelTex (MOLON LABE!)
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To: Soliton

Rasmussen is a mirror site for Intrade. When I was posting Intrade data about Fred, it was shouted down. But the data was still valid. At 0.4% it suggests that Fred’s a bargain, as long as he doesn’t drop out. He could be up to 4% in a matter of days, yielding a 10X return — not bad. His dropout contract leads the pack at 85% for January, 95% for February. So it is a dicey proposition, but putting your money where your mouth is for your candidate can earn you money if you’re right. Good luck with that.

107 posted on 01/20/2008 8:54:41 PM PST by Kevmo (We need to get rid of the Kennedy Wing of the Republican Party. ~Duncan Hunter)
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To: papasmurf
Thank you. It bears repeating, so I will:

He threw his hat in, at our request. He gave up a lot to serve our Country. He LOVES this Country. He is an outstanding Conservative.


Get 'er Done, FRed!

Our Country is dead without FRed!

Posting HTML

108 posted on 01/20/2008 9:00:25 PM PST by womanvet (There are 10 kinds of people in the world - those who understand binary, and those who don't.)
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To: Kevmo

You’re right. Why aren’t the Fredheads pumping money into intrade? The only thing that cost them money would be if Fred Drops out. Come to think of it. Why doesn’t Fred’s campaign put their funds in before they announce they’re sticking it out and double their money?

109 posted on 01/20/2008 9:00:55 PM PST by Soliton (Mitt/Huck 2008 "The 50 State Solution ")
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To: matthew fuller
It says a great deal- about Delaware!

I'll give you that.

110 posted on 01/20/2008 9:03:11 PM PST by outofstyle (My Ride's Here)
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To: Alkhin

If it makes you feel any better, Perot took more Democrats like me away from the Party then got Republicans like vote for him.

111 posted on 01/20/2008 9:07:15 PM PST by Blue State Insurgent (Thompson Democrats)
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To: Nonstatist
I was for Thompson, I've given him money, but he's toast, now. And Im not intersted in him flacking for McCain anymore....

Do you think any of Rudy's supporters are saying what you're saying about the candidate you CLAIM to have supported? I don't think Rudy has ANY candidates yet, does he? Why are there no calls for him to drop out, after all, he hasn't won ANY states yet, just like Fred.

112 posted on 01/20/2008 9:13:31 PM PST by SuziQ
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To: jellybean
How many of those petitions did you circulate? Did you sign one yourself? What did YOU do in YOUR home state??

I have been working to elect a Republican governor here. And no, I was not circulating petitions while Fred was wasting time with his "shadow candidacy." How many petitions did I sign? Every single one of them that was available to me as a Republican committeeman. How many do you suppose that was?

You guessed it.

Fred is truly conservative, and he is truly a good man. He just did not run a truly credible campaign.

113 posted on 01/20/2008 9:14:08 PM PST by outofstyle (My Ride's Here)
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To: Sola Veritas
It was Thompson that said South Carolina was his “line in the sand.”

Fred's comments about the 'line in the sand' had to do with whether or not voters were going to draw the line at conservatism or move to a more moderate/liberal stance. Seems he was right to be concerned.

114 posted on 01/20/2008 9:15:35 PM PST by SuziQ
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To: RebelTex

I am beginning to really believe that the PTB are rigging elections......Fred IS the number one candidate of them all, and to think on the Rat side, we got a guy who won’t even say the pledge of allegiance.

115 posted on 01/20/2008 9:16:21 PM PST by cherry
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To: adm5; Owen
Only thing that worries me about that is that his ticker for fundraising has been taken down. Don’t go Fred!

Only the "Fill up the Red Truck" graphic is gone. The Contribution link is still there.

116 posted on 01/20/2008 9:27:41 PM PST by SuziQ
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To: Soliton

We’d rather our money went straight to Fred.

117 posted on 01/20/2008 9:31:04 PM PST by SuziQ
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To: RebelTex

Hahahaha thanks

118 posted on 01/20/2008 9:37:05 PM PST by Brandie (Vote for a Conservative Fred Thompson! And NO to Rino's! Please donate To Free Republic!)
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To: ImpBill

There is so much important, relevant, and insightful, information to quote and point out in your post, that it would be almost duplicating it. It’s that good.

So many, even here, are willing to forget why we are here, what brought us here, and what we have in common. It is not “the acquisition and maintenance of political power, at any cost”. It is our Constitutional and Conservative beliefs.

Yet they settle. They justify. They reduce us all.

I’m with FRed till FRed decides otherwise. Even then, I’ll be with the principles he stands for. I will encourage others to do likewise. I will not, ever again, allow my vote to say...”I’m holding my nose for the party”.

Get ‘er Done, FRed!

119 posted on 01/20/2008 9:46:59 PM PST by papasmurf (I'm voting for FRed, even if I have to write him in.)
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To: outofstyle
So you did absolutely nothing yet want to sit and bitch because Fred didn't persoanlly come to Delaware and circulate pettitions.

Just as I thought....

120 posted on 01/20/2008 9:47:38 PM PST by jellybean ( Proud Ann-droid and a Steyn-aholic)
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