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Let Lauren Live!
ChristtheKingMaine ^ | May 7, 2008 | Judie Brown

Posted on 05/08/2008 3:14:03 AM PDT by 8mmMauser

By Judie Brown

It has been a source of ongoing sadness to read of the difficulties Lauren Richardson’s father has had over the course of the past several months. For those of you who are not familiar with her case, Lauren overdosed on heroin on August 28, 2006. She suffered oxygen deprivation and, as a result of the overdose, is now in a coma and unable to speak out for herself. At the time of the overdose, Lauren was expecting a baby. Her parents honored what they knew would have been her wish and did all they could to keep her healthy and comfortable until the child was born. Today, though Lauren may not be aware of it, she is the mother of Ember Grace, who was born in February 2007.

Since the birth of her daughter, Lauren remains unable to speak of her concerns, but she has a loving father who is doing all he can to protect her from suffering the same fate as Terri Schiavo. However, Lauren’s mother, who has been named her legal guardian, is sadly not of the same opinion and is working with attorneys to pressure the courts to permit Lauren’s starvation.

Lauren’s father has kept hope alive, even at times when there appeared to be no hope in human terms. Lauren’s father is a man of hope in Christ and is dedicated to spending every breath he has on defending Lauren, regardless of what it might cost him in physical exhaustion and worldly goods. The most recent update for those concerned about Lauren tells us the following:

We struggle at times as we seek to share with the public the details of what is happening with Lauren because of the disagreement we have with Lauren’s mother. We cannot understand her reasoning in refusing a path of hope, healing and restoration for Lauren and insisting on causing her death by withholding food and water from her. The issue in Lauren’s case is the eternal truth that all people, no matter what their medical condition, bear the image of God and deserve basic care and an opportunity to be restored to health.

Bobby Schindler, Terri Schiavo’s brother, has written about Lauren in an editorial earlier this year, "False Compassion," and is working closely with Lauren’s father in order to provide expertise that he is uniquely qualified to share during a trying time like this.

There are many links on the Life for Lauren web site that will assist you in tracking this case and learning who is supporting Lauren’s ongoing care and who is opposing it. More importantly, there is something you can do to express your concerns.


The governor of Delaware, Ruth Ann Minner, is being asked by pro-life Americans across this nation to intervene in this case in order to save Lauren from what many fear is an imminent court order dictating that Lauren be starved and dehydrated to death. I am asking you to be one of those who communicates your passionate belief that Lauren’s life is sacred and deserves to be protected from those who would order her death. The governor’s e-mail address is

Further, it would mean a great deal to Lauren’s father, Randy, if you sent him a copy of your e-mail to Governor Ruth Ann Minner. Randy’s e-mail address is

During a recent visit to Anchorage, Alaska where Bobby Schindler was invited to speak, he told a reporter from The Catholic Anchor, "Once we accept that killing is an acceptable answer to human suffering, we lose any type of parameters. Euthanasia is a form of abandonment. It is not compassion."

Truer words were never spoken. As I frequently tell people who argue that we pro-lifers are being heartless and cruel for fighting to defend the rights of a "hopeless case," "God is the author of every human being’s life, and He has never given permission to a single one of us to arbitrarily rob another human being of life for any reason including disability or illness."

As Flannery O’Connor once wrote on the subject of false compassion, "In the absence of faith, we govern by tenderness. And tenderness leads to the gas chamber."

Lauren Richardson is not terminal – she is severely disabled. Lauren Richardson should not be murdered.

Judie Brown is president of American Life League and a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

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To: All; Coleus
The infantry of the death industry marches grimly ahead, swarming over any obstacles when it can, in relentless pursuit of darkness. It is illustrated in this thread by Coleus.

In the ten years since Dr. James Thomson at the University of Madison first procured human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), support for the prospect of using human embryos and fetuses for research purposes has gradually seeped into the American mindset to the point at which it is now broadly tolerated, if not openly endorsed, especially in the political arena, in academia, and certainly within the scientific community. [1] As we continue to advance as a nation into the age of developmental biology there is reason to fear that Americans are slowly coming to embrace the idea of submitting one class of our citizenry to a lethal form of biotech serfdom. The class I am talking about, of course, are ex utero human embryos and early stage human fetuses.

How have we gotten to the point now where arguably half of the American population claims to approve of embryo-destructive biomedical research?.......

How America came to accept using human embryos for research


751 posted on 06/29/2008 4:03:25 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: floriduh voter

Apparently it was just a temp replacement, and there is her radio show. Ir maybe they are watching the ratings, and if she does well they will keep her longer.

752 posted on 06/29/2008 3:29:21 PM PDT by Dante3
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To: Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; angelwings49; ...
Slippery slope? Imagine if it were greased, too.

The UK tiptoes boldly on roller skates down the paved path on the steep downhill side, trying vainly to roll slowly. Thread by Coleus on softening spines across the sea as socialism secures itself to make it all finally possible for Hitler's original efforts to finally bear dead fruit.

A woman with multiple sclerosis who wants her husband to help her end her life today won a landmark legal review of the law on assisted suicide. Two judges gave Debbie Purdy permission to bring a high court challenge forcing the director of public prosecutions, Sir Ken Macdonald, to clarify under which circumstances people could be prosecuted for helping their loved ones die.............

Euthanasia: Woman wins right to review of law on assisted suicide


753 posted on 06/30/2008 3:13:23 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee
So we see that amorphous spill of PP struggling to redefine itself with a new mask. Now it teams up with the Gang Green. How cute!

Ken Connor is the one who battled unsuccessfully in Florida to save Terri although his boss, Jeb Bush went limp in our arms at the end. Ping to this thread by wagglebee with the cavaet that the thread attracted a bot fly or so. It is a lively discussion.

Planned Parenthood is in search of a makeover. For years, the organization has been the biggest abortionist in the business, but as abortion is losing its cachet, Planned Parenthood is trying to reinvent itself. It seems that killing children for cash is just not as fashionable as it used to be. According to Stephanie Simon of the Wall Street Journal, Planned Parenthood wants to "[open] new avenues for boosting revenue and, they hope, political clout." The first step in the organization's redo involves marketing itself to customers in a higher income bracket. Planned Parenthood is building new centers with larger waiting areas, wooden floors, nice lighting and other amenities which create a more inviting environment and, presumably, make clients feel less shameful about the act they are contemplating. A new "green" clinic is going up in Massachusetts, made of recycled and earth-friendly materials. "Express centers" are being located in malls so that young women can have quick and easy access to birth control, tests for sexually transmitted diseases and counseling. Gift shops make the centers more appealing to their young clientele.....

Trying to Put Lipstick on a Pig (Planned Parenthood)


754 posted on 06/30/2008 3:29:30 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee
Oh Canada! (bis)

We have another slippery slope just north of humanity's last refuge, America. Thread by wagglebee.

OTTAWA, June 29, 2008 ( - It has come to the attention of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) that the Governor General intends to bestow the Order of Canada on abortionist Henry Morgentaler on July 1st.

"It is dreadful that this honour should even be considered for a man who's only claim to fame is that he is a professional killer of defenseless babies in their mothers' wombs," said Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition. "Those who have received this prestigious medal should return it because it will have been devalued and disgraced," he continued........

Pro-Life Group Appalled that Abortionist Morgentaler Would Even be Considered for Order of Canada


755 posted on 06/30/2008 3:49:21 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; narses
Fair and balanced look at McCain, through the orbs of PP. Thread by narses. Let me guess. PP will descend on the Obamunist Party instead for endorsement.

McCain has voted consistently against women's health, and he supports overturning the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Roe v. Wade. These positions will make it difficult for him to win over moderate pro-choice voters in the general election.....

Anti-Choice McCain in His Own Words (From Planned Parenthood)


756 posted on 06/30/2008 3:59:30 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; Coleus
Upthread, I posted the thread by Coleus on an effort in the UK to facilitate the job of the death enthusiasts. Interesting here, is that Adult Stem Cell research (Not "embryonic!) augurs against their main excuse. Topic continued in this thread by Coleus.

NICE, France: In patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), immunosuppressive therapy followed by autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation elicited high response rates and improved quality of life for up to 6 years. The results of the study were presented here at the 18th Meeting of the European Neurological Society (ENS) by Tatiana Ionova, MD, PhD, Department of Haematology, Pirogov National Medical Surgical Center, Moscow, Russia.

During the last decade, high-dose immunosuppressive therapy followed by autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation has been used with increasing frequency as a therapeutic option for patients with MS. "The aim of the study was to assess the clinical and patient-reported outcomes in patients who underwent early, conventional, and late transplantation," explained Dr. Ionova in a poster session on June 10. Fifty-six patients with all types of MS (primary progressive, secondary progressive, progressive relapsing, relapsing remitting) were included. Their mean age was 32.0 years (range 17-51). Median Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) score at baseline was 6.0, the mean follow-up duration 18 months (range 6-84 months)......

Human Patients Treated for MS With Adult Stem Cells


757 posted on 06/30/2008 4:16:58 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: 8mmMauser
No problemos! "It's the thought that counts".
758 posted on 06/30/2008 8:00:14 AM PDT by mondoreb
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To: Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; angelwings49; ...
Shades of Haleigh Poutre...

It is about the baby whose dad accidentally rolled over her in bed. the DSS who pronounced Haleigh worthy of death are at it again. They sought to have the life support removed and the Judge agrees. It isn't explained what life support is to be removed however as the poor kid is expected to linger on a bit.


A Worcester Juvenile Court judge yesterday authorized removal of life support from a 2-month-old girl whose father apparently accidentally rolled over her while they were asleep in a bed, a state official said yesterday.

The judge also authorized a “do not resuscitate” order for the child, according to Alison R. Goodwin, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Social Services. Police said the baby was in “very grave condition” in UMass Memorial Medical Center — University Campus.

DSS described Avianna, daughter of David Letourneau and Sarah Elliott of 208 Pilgrim Ave., as being “in an irreversible coma from which officials involved said she will not recover.”
Ms. Goodwin described a series of steps that were taken before the Juvenile Court ruled on Avianna’s case yesterday afternoon. She said that DSS urged removal of life support “based on recommendations made by expert medical professionals and with the support of her parents.”

The department followed a protocol requiring a recommendation from the treating physician, from the ethics committee of that doctor’s hospital, and a second opinion from a physician from a different facility in Worcester and who was not involved in Avianna’s treatment, Ms. Goodwin said.

“The court heard testimony from six expert medical professionals who all concurred with the recommendation to withdraw” sustaining medical support and issue a “do not resuscitate” order, she said. One of the experts is the infant’s guardian ad litem who is both a lawyer and a nurse, Ms. Goodwin said.

It was unclear how long the baby can survive without life support, but Ms. Goodwin said her death is not expected to be immediate.

The case recalls that of Haleigh Poutre, an 11-year-old girl who nearly died from alleged child abuse in 2005 in Westfield. DSS advocated for removing Haleigh from life support after she was diagnosed as being in an “irreversible vegetative state.”...........

Judge OKs removal of life support


759 posted on 07/01/2008 2:40:48 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
More on how it all happened, one account so far...


When police responded to a frantic 911 call from the mother of an infant who had stopped breathing, they were shocked by what they found at 208 Pilgrim Ave.

Trash was strewn knee-deep in places throughout the second-floor apartment. Food rotted in the warm refrigerator. There was no electricity in the home, but an extension cord snaked down from the third floor — to a fan and a laptop computer.

The tragic tale of baby Avianna has been disseminated exhaustively by the grieving but online-obsessed mother, Sarah Elliott, who has posted detailed updates on her MySpace page and other Web sites since the baby’s father accidentally rolled over on the 2-month-old infant and rendered her brain-dead.


The accident occurred during last month’s heat wave, when the baby’s parents were in bed with the infant and their 2-year-old child was sleeping on a pile of clothes next to the bed, while a window fan in the room provided some relief.

Police say that the baby’s father, David Letourneau, exhausted from his factory job, unknowingly rolled over on the baby about 5:40 p.m. But a more detailed account was provided by Ms. Elliott, who was apparently posting on a “motherhood” Web site when her infant was crushed:


Ms. Elliott also described the reaction of police:


The day before the accident, another 911 call was made to police. This time, a caller reported that a man later identified as Mr. Letourneau was asleep in a Toyota in a parking lot at CVS on Grafton Street, while two young children screamed and cried in the back seat.

“There was no indication that drugs or alcohol was involved,” said Capt. Edward J. McGinn Jr. Of the parents, he said, “We didn’t find them to be overtly abusive. At minimum, there are misguided priorities here. Why have the computer running instead of the refrigerator? That’s appalling. I don’t want to vilify this woman, but something isn’t quite right. Why let your children live like this?”

The state Department of Social Services has taken custody of the children, and the Worcester Juvenile Court issued a ruling yesterday to discontinue life support for the infant. The child has been in an irreversible coma, according to a DSS spokeswoman.

When contacted by phone last week, Ms. Elliott said her lawyer told her not to speak with the media. But she apparently feels no such restrictions online, where she’s posted extensive updates and responded to those who offer support.

On her MySpace page, she posted a picture of her baby with a halo around her head and floating in clouds. She posted a picture of Mr. Letourneau feeding a bottle to Avianna, who is lying flat on her back in bed. Her posts are replete with graphics such as yellow “smiley faces” crying or wearing frowns. She provides links to newspaper stories and a plaintive song on YouTube called “How Could This Happen to Me?” Her mood, she notes, is “melancholy.”

By most accounts, the parents of this doomed little girl love their children and were perhaps unaware of the potential danger of sleeping with an infant. But the condition of the apartment and the mother’s fixation on the Internet raise troubling questions about their limitations — and whether more could have been done to avert the tragedy.

“There has to be a better safety net out there,” Capt. McGinn said. “How is it that these folks slipped through? They needed help. It seems like the mother may have been seeking help, but you don’t go looking on the Internet.”

‘Melancholy’ mom, hubby asleep on job


760 posted on 07/01/2008 2:48:14 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
Samuel Golubchuk, R.I.P.

Follow on...


Neil Kravetsky, the lawyer for the family, said that while Golubchuk’s fate   wasn’t sealed by a final court ruling against the hospital, in essence, the World War II veteran won his case.

“Mr. Golubchuk won. No one took him off life support. He died when his time had come, not when a doctor succeeded in pulling him off. He went on to live another seven months after he was supposed to be at death’s door… Sam went to his maker when his maker was ready,” Kravetsky said.

Golubchuk’s daughter, Miriam Geller, said, “The final decision was God’s decision, not what the doctors wanted.”

Kravetsky, who spoke at the funeral and was also a pallbearer, added “Sam Golubchuk in his life was a fighter who fought for his country and for democracy… He believed that one of the most important things was the right to freedom and the freedom to choose. I believe that Sam Golubchuk fought for democracy in his life and he fought for democracy in his death.”

Kravetsky said that there “are hundreds of thousands of people who will remember the name Sam Golubchuk.”...........

Winnipeg man in life support controversy dies


761 posted on 07/01/2008 2:53:21 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
Harriet McBryde Johnson, R.I.P.


Obits - Harriet McBryde Johnson
Harriet McBryde Johnson

On June 4, 2008, we lost a great American civil rights leader, Harriet McBryde Johnson. Harriet died at the age of 50 and was a well-known disability and civil rights attorney who fought for the right for life over death for Americans with disabilities.

I could easily write an obituary of Harriet's life as her accomplishments are many. But instead I will do what she would have done—what she always did—and take this opportunity to educate and to further her cause.

Harriet McBryde Johnson, a brilliant attorney, was a woman with spinal muscular atrophy. Her power came from her words, spoken and written, for those who she felt were being denied the choice of living.

In February 2003, Harriet graced the cover of the New York Times Magazine. The article, Unspeakable Conversations, discussed her meeting with Peter Singer, a professor of bioethics at Princeton University, who made the inflammatory statement, “It does not seem quite wise to increase any further draining of limited resources by increasing the number of children with disabilities.”

What Singer was advocating was what Harriet railed against. She said, “Singer believes that it should be lawful under some circumstances to kill, at any age, individuals with cognitive impairments [as he considers their condition] so severe that he doesn’t consider them persons.”

“He simply thinks it would have been better, all things considered, to have given my parents the option of killing the baby I once was, and to let other parents kill similar babies as they come along and thereby avoid the suffering that comes with lives like mine, and satisfy the reasonable preferences of parents for a different kind of child.”

Not one to miss an opportunity, Harriet went to meet with Singer in person to debate the issue of the choice of aborting children with significant disabilities.

When I first read about Harriet, I was impressed with her courage and her determination to succeed. And then I felt great shame. Why are we people with disabilities accepting this fate? Why isn’t the world outraged?

Yet, there are those in the world who share her passion.
Diane Coleman, the Founder and President of Not Dead Yet, has and does speak out daily on this issue. She is another great champion of preserving the choice of life for people with disabilities. She shares the same disability as Harriet, and she is also an attorney and formidable opponent to the euthanasia cause. Not Dead Yet’s website is

Andy Imparato, from the American Association of People with Disabilities (, and his associate, Anne Sommers, have also spoken out on this issue. They had a great editorial in the Washington Post on May 20, 2007 entitled Haunting Echoes of Eugenics. In it, Andy and Anne talk about the fact that today over 80 percent of pregnancies diagnosed with Down syndrome end in death, and that this outcome is accepted and often encouraged.

Several years ago, I read a great book recommended by the American Association of People with Disabilities entitled, War Against the Weak, by Edwin Black. I remember stating to several of my friends, “Why didn’t I read this in history class.” War against the Weak, is about eugenics and connects the horrifying atrocities of World War II with the early 20th century eugenics movement in the United States. Edwin Black also talks about the correlation between eugenics and genetics, and about what he refers to as NewGenics. He states, “…newgenics will create an uninsurable, unemployable, and unfinanceable, genetic underclass.” This is what Harriet McBryde Johnson fought against her entire life.

Harriet was an advocate of those who could not speak for themselves. She spoke out for the life of Terry Schiavo and stated, “This is not about end-of-life decision-making. The question is whether she should be killed by starvation and dehydration.”

If we have those endorsing death over disability, what message does that send? It certainly does not imply that employment of a person with a significant disability is desirable. Pondering that thought makes you understand why there is a 65 percent unemployment rate for Americans with significant disabilities.

Harriet believed that if we did not stop the madness of considering death over disability, it could become a way of dealing with those not desirable. She pointed out that the best and brightest in philosophy or bioethics at Princeton and other places of learning could be taught to think of people with disabilities in a horrible way.

Singer’s book, Rethinking Life and Death, had a passage reprinted in 2000 in Writings on an Ethical Life. These two books are used in high schools and colleges when teaching bioethics. Here is the horrifying passage that so much reminds us of what Harriet was speaking out against:

“To have a child with Down syndrome is to have a very different experience from having a normal child. It can still be a warm and loving experience, but we must have lowered expectations of our child’s ability. We cannot expect a child with Down syndrome to play the guitar, to develop an appreciation of science fiction, to learn a foreign language, to chat with us about the latest Woody Allen movie, or to be a respectable athlete, basketballer, or tennis player.”

Harriet spoke at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in March 2006, on “Deadly Medicine” a disability rights perspective on the Nazi Euthanasia program to exterminate people with disabilities. People with disabilities were one of the first groups Hitler chose to destroy. Between 1939 and 1941, Hitler murdered over 200,000 people with physical and intellectual disabilities—a group felt to be not desirable.

This haunting thought is occurring today in America. Under its precept, Harriet would have been executed without a doubt; since I have epilepsy, I too would have been in that group.

Harriet is a leader we must honor and remember in our history as a courageous warrior who spoke out for us all. She has passed away. But, because she lived, her words, her legend, and her courage will go on.

Sorry, Singer. See? You were wrong.

Remembering Harriet McBryde Johnson—A Woman With All The Spine And Muscle Anyone Could Hope For


762 posted on 07/01/2008 3:13:07 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
Karen Weber and Terri here are used as examples to push for living wills. I may only excerpt from this source.


A Florida woman, having suffered a stroke, has been comatose for some time.

Her husband, saying she's in a vegetative state, wants her feeding tube removed.

Her mother wants her kept alive, insisting she's often alert.

The issue is being litigated, under scrutiny by the national media.

Terri Schiavo, 2005?

No. It's Karen Weber of Okeechobee, 2008, according to The Associated Press..............

Living Wills: Terri Schiavo, Part II


763 posted on 07/01/2008 3:15:53 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
An extraction...consider the source. Any time the leftists spill out their prattle, they just gotta mention Terri.


George W. Bush: Iraq (no WMDs, "mission accomplished," no body armor, troop redeployments, creation of "Al Qaeda in Iraq," Halliburton, Kellogg Brown & Root, "sacrificed" playing golf then lied about it, Blackwater, the "surge," the missing $12 billion in cash, no exit strategy), ignored briefings of impending terrorist attacks before 9/11, "The Pet Goat," preemptive war policy, useless color-coded terror (fear) alerts, where's Osama bin Laden?, Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan, Patriot Act I & II, illegal presidential signing statements, illegal wiretapping, illegal Valerie Plame CIA outing, telecom immunity, repeated refusals to testify under oath, Abu Ghraib/torture policy, Habeas Corpus repealed, Walter Reed/Veterans benefits slashed, No Child Left Behind debacle, Medicare drug plan debacle, Terri Schiavo intervention, Diebold voting machines, 2000 recount, "swift boating," Kyoto Treaty pull-out, global warming report cover-up, undermined Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, fired U.S. attorneys for political reasons, Alberto Gonzales resignation, Enron (shareholder losses, energy crisis/rolling blackouts, appointed former Enron official to administration), rising teen STD and pregnancy rates ("abstinence only"), Katrina (four days to respond, FEMA trailers, "Brownie"), slashed welfare to work programs, first president to cut taxes during war (cut taxes only for the top 1% of incomes), recession (foreclosure crisis, all-time record gas prices), all-time record U.S. budget deficits, all-time record U.S. national debt, all-time record vacation time of any president.

What was the question again?

411 Politics Fact or Fiction: Week 94


764 posted on 07/01/2008 3:25:02 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee
Odor of Canada...

It is not a joke. These critters are dead serious.

Thread by wagglebee.

OTTAWA, June 29, 2008 ( - LifeSiteNews has received confirmation through various sources that the Order of Canada Advisory Council has indeed voted to award the Order of Canada to notorious abortionist and militant atheist Henry Morgentaler. There is reported to be a movement among Members of Parliament and others to attempt to stop the award or at least protest it as being inappropriate and against the opinion of a majority of Canadians.

In an article in the National Post today, columnist Douglas Farrow reports that "The decision, which is to be announced in time for Canada Day, is clearly not driven by popular demand. For example, an online poll by the Globe and Mail, with over 300,000 respondents, went 92% to 8% against giving the award to Morgentaler."........

Confirmed: Advisory Council Has Voted to Award Order of Canada to Abortionist Henry Morgentaler


765 posted on 07/01/2008 3:31:12 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; Mr. Silverback
A special ping to this thread from Mr. Silverback: It may shock some, and others may think it an anomaly, that such things are rare. We know they are not. These shocking events are frequent and common as evil is unmasked.

Once again, a videographer sitting vigil at the Northern Illinois Women's Center has shown us what abortion does to the people who participate. Video of the incident is at YouTube, and here are some excerpts (including a full transcript) from an Pro-Life Corner's report, "A Breeding Ground Of Hate In The Heart Of Rockford, IL."............

More troubling activity at the Rockford abortuary


766 posted on 07/01/2008 3:43:58 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; angelwings49; ...
Lauren Richardson update...


UPDATE June 27, 2008: 

Thanks to all of you for prayers.  Lauren’s case is still ongoing and no decision has been made yet by the trial judge.  Lauren herself has had some minor ups and downs but is doing pretty well.  We are visiting her, interacting with her, and enjoying her life every day.  Some of the items on schedule in the court case in May and June occurred while others did not.  We do not know what the upcoming schedule will be exactly, but at least some court-related activities will occur in July. 
All of this means that Lauren’s case is still hanging in the balance for a decision about whether she will be allowed to receive care and assistance from her loving family or whether she will starve and dehydrate simply because she has a disability.  Please continue to pray for Lauren and everyone involved in this case.

Life for Lauren


767 posted on 07/01/2008 4:59:35 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; Lesforlife; wagglebee; floriduh voter; BykrBayb

Many now have written to Governor Minner to urge her to step in if necessary. A sampling of these letters is on the Life for Lauren website linked below. This is the first. Many follow.


Dear Governor Minner, 

I am following very closely the matter of Lauren Richardson.

I have previously called and spoken to one of your staffers who
told me there was nothing you could do, since it is in the courts. 
I disagreed then and I still disagree today. 
The executive branch has equal authority and power to
the legislative and judicial branches.

It is your solemn duty to protect innocent life.

Hearsay evidence should never be accepted as a standard
for ending a person's life.

Having a disability, as Lauren does, should not be a death sentence. 
People all over the nation are following this situation. Please use your
authority to stand for the disabled and protect them from those
who may have spurious reasons for stating what may or may not
be true.

Even if Lauren made an off handed remark about not wanting to
be disabled, that should never be the basis for ending her life.

Our nation has strayed far afield from God's enduring command,
"Thou shall not murder."

Please intervene on behalf of your disabled constituent who,
with proper care and therapy, will certainly improve in her
ability to thrive.
Her father, Randy, has the noble goal of caring for his
daughter, until she receives the therapy which can
change her current situation, dramatically.

I pray that you see the infinite value of Lauren and other disabled
citizens in Delaware who, need a champion to protect them from
individuals who may consider those with disabilities less worthy than
the able bodied.

For life, 
V.P. Colorado RTL

Letters to the Governor


768 posted on 07/01/2008 5:08:01 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; 8mmMauser

More prayers for Lauren, and prayers for all of the people in Lauren’s position, that we do NOT know about.

769 posted on 07/01/2008 10:11:47 AM PDT by Sun (Pray that God sends us good leaders. Please say a prayer now.)
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To: All; 8mmMauser

“A Worcester Juvenile Court judge yesterday authorized removal of life support from a 2-month-old girl whose father apparently accidentally rolled over her while they were asleep in a bed, a state official said yesterday.”

Still more prayers.

770 posted on 07/01/2008 10:15:36 AM PDT by Sun (Pray that God sends us good leaders. Please say a prayer now.)
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To: 8mmMauser

Thanks for the update.

771 posted on 07/01/2008 12:11:21 PM PDT by Twink
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To: Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; angelwings49; ...
Prayers for our friend!

We remember our own, we help our own, our close friends, our Terri Listers and families. We ask you all to join us in prayers for this dear friend, and for her wonderful husband in this great time of need.


(Let us pray..., a Latin term we use at home and one our own T'wit came to love...)

Ping to the thread started by wagglebee.

Prayer Request for a FReeper and Her Husband


772 posted on 07/02/2008 2:30:00 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; Lesforlife; BykrBayb; wagglebee
Perhaps it was inevitable, and something the great enemies of Our Lord thought would slip through. They will not prevail.




By SB200, A Colorado Judge Can Censor the Bible
Christian Opposition Press Conference Today July 1, DTC Marriott


The following was released today by American Right to Life:


DENVER, July 1 – Colorado Governor Bill Ritter has signed an anti-Christian censorship law SB 200, that leaders representing many organizations will announce plans to oppose at a press conference today, July 1 at 10:15 a.m. in the Primrose Room at the Denver Tech Center Marriott, 4900 S. Syracuse.


Colorado State Rep. Kevin Lundberg confirms the fear of many Christians that, "Section 8 of Senate Bill 200 is a wide open door for any judge to censor anything that condemns homosexuality, including Scripture." The title of Section 8 reads: "Publishing of discriminative matter forbidden."
"I do believe that the Bible is banned, under the plain language of this new statute," said Steve Crampton, general counsel of Liberty Counsel, a national pro-family litigation organization.


A panel available to the media at today's 10:15 a.m. press conference consists of:
- Mathew Staver, founder & chairman, Liberty Counsel
- Steve Curtis, president, American RTL Action and former chairman of the Colorado GOP
- Janet Folger, nationally syndicated talk show host
- Kevin Swanson, Christian Home Educators of Colorado & Generations Radio
- Mark Hotaling, Christian Family Alliance & Colorado for Family Values
- Colorado State Representative Kevin Lundberg


Section 8 of the new law reads: "Publishing of discriminative matter forbidden. No person, being the owner… agent, or employee of any place of public accommodation… shall publish… distribute, give away… except as provided in this section, any communication… book, pamphlet, writing… or advertisement of any kind… intended or calculated to discriminate… against… SEXUAL ORIENTATION, marital status… [which] is unwelcome…"


"American RTL Action is a political 527 group headquartered a half-block from the Colorado capitol, and we're not going to hire someone cohabitating outside of marriage…" said Steve Curtis, the group's president. "We will also violate SB200's prohibition on publishing certain biblical teachings on homosexuality cohabitation."


The media is invited to this press conference to be held in the Primrose Room DTC Marriott at 4900 S. Syracuse St. at 10:15 a.m. today, July 1, 2008. (This press conference is not an official function of, but is being held concurrently with, the Colorado Renewal Project pastor's policy briefing whose speakers include former Governor Mike Huckabee.)


Media contact: Donna Ballentine
1-888-888-ARTL (2785) Emergency: 303 881-0376


We will persevere.

"We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will give you no rest."

773 posted on 07/02/2008 2:50:04 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
Haleigh Poutre update

Our departed friend and stalwart Terri Lister, T'wit, showed great concern in the plight of little Haleigh. I wish he were here in person to share, to see the progress of this brave soul.

To think Haleigh was assigned as a futile item unworthy of life, and the government actually started the process to kill her! The same agency, defeated in its bid, still keeps her like property and isolates her.


SPRINGFIELD - Fourteen-year-old Haleigh Poutre has gone in three years from unresponsive, brain-damaged victim to potential key witness in a child abuse trial against her stepfather.

Because of that change, Alan J. Black, defense lawyer for the stepfather, Jason D. Strickland, told a judge yesterday in Hampden Superior Court that he will question the competency of the former Westfield girl, who is now residing in a Boston rehabilitative hospital. He said he needs to have experts determine whether she can remember anything that happened to her despite the severe brain trauma she experienced.

Black said that Haleigh had gone from "someone thought to be mentally deceased" to someone allegedly making statements implicating Strickland. 

Along with being the impetus for a major overhaul of the state's child protection system, the case received much attention because Haleigh was initially the subject of an attempt by the state to remove a feeding tube that was keeping her alive. The state Department of Social Services, acting on medical advice that the girl had no chance of recovery, requested to have life support measures withheld, and the state Supreme Judicial Court agreed. But, before the decision to end life support was implemented, the child began to improve.

Strickland, 34, is charged with assault and battery on a child with substantial bodily injury, assault and battery on a child with bodily injury, three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and one count of assault and battery. He has pleaded innocent to all charges.

At yesterday's pre-trial hearing, Judge Judd J. Carhart asked Assistant District Attorney Laurel H. Brandt if Haleigh is expected to testify in trial. Brandt said, "I am hopeful she will testify."

No direct information about the girl's condition is available because of the secrecy surrounding the events that have transpired since she was first brought to Noble Hospital on Sept. 11, 2005, with a brain injury. The last public information given out about Haleigh was that she was receiving therapy at the Franciscan Hospital for Children in Boston and was in the custody of the state social services agency.

Strickland and his wife, Holli A. Strickland, who was Haleigh's adoptive mother, were arrested soon after she was brought to Noble Hospital and charged with assault. Holli Strickland died within days in what West Springfield police said was a murder-suicide with her grandmother.

Black told Carhart that he needs access to a wide range of medical and psychological records relating to Haleigh in order to prepare for Strickland's trial, which is set for Oct. 11.

The defense lawyer said he needs records from each place she was treated to discern her medical status at each point and determine her ability to recall what happened. "This is not a fishing expedition," Black said. "This is a clear case of a girl saying things she didn't say before, couldn't say before."

A new date of Aug. 19 was set to discuss further access to medical information.

Black also is looking for records of some treatment at facilities, such as a Westfield counseling organization, prior to the girl's hospitalization.

After hearing from various parties, Carhart said he will appoint a guardian to represent Haleigh's interests in the trial because issues of release of medical and psychological records are being discussed.

Injured girl could testify


774 posted on 07/02/2008 3:05:59 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
More on Haleigh...


BOSTON - State legislators yesterday approved a bill that creates a powerful advocate for children in the governor's office and establishes other changes to provide early detection and prevention of child abuse.


Rep. Cheryl A. Coakley-Rivera, D-Springfield, said the abuse case of Haleigh Poutre of Westfield, now 14, horrified people and motivated legislators to approve the legislation to protect children in the custody of the state. She was leading sponsor of the legislation.


The bill includes measures aimed at improving the state's response to reports of child abuse and neglect.

Under the bill, if there are three or more reports of suspected neglect or abuse against a child, the state would need to notify local police and the district attorney.

The bill creates an Office of Child Advocate under the governor. The office would be independent of state agencies and could launch its own investigations of serious injuries to children in state custody.

Haleigh's case sparked criticism that the state Department of Social Services failed to adequately protect her. Starting in 2001, the department received about 20 complaints of abuse and neglect of the girl, but the agency never attempted to remove her from her adoptive home. The agency's then-commissioner said that medical professionals determined her injuries were self-inflicted.........

Lawmakers pass child-abuse bill


775 posted on 07/02/2008 3:12:50 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
And more on Haleigh...

We won't be able to rail at DSS anymore. They are changing their name, too. Doesn't DCF just sound better, less mean, more friendly?


BOSTON— The Legislature yesterday adopted broad changes in child abuse laws and prevention measures, beefing up police and social worker intervention programs, requiring closer monitoring of child abuse cases and more certain investigation requirements in cases of injured children.

Perhaps the largest change calls for the establishment of a powerful new Office of the Child Advocate in the governor’s office, independent of the state Department of Social Services, whose name is being changed by the bill to the Department of Children and Families..............

Child abuse protections approved... Legislature redefines laws, intervention


776 posted on 07/02/2008 3:17:38 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
Karen Weber update...



OKEECHOBEE(FBW)—Just a few years ago 57-year-old Karen Weber sat around the kitchen table talking about the Terri Schiavo case with her husband, Ray, and her mother, Martha Tatro, 80.

None of the three could have anticipated the chain of events that began in November when Karen Weber had a seizure and then a paralyzing stroke.

Now in a nursing home in Okeechobee, the woman is at the center of a dispute between family members over whether she is competent enough to make her own decisions about basic medical care.

Karen Weber breathes on her own, but the stroke paralyzed her left side, leaving her unable to speak or swallow.

Terri Schiavo is the disabled Florida woman who died in 2005 in a Pinellas Park hospice after a Florida judge ordered her nutrition and hydration cease. It took her 13 days to die. Her husband prevailed in a polarizing court case that reached Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ray Weber, Karen’s husband of 34 years, sought to have her feeding tube removed in March and transferred to hospice. Weber’s mother, who says she is alert and responsive has indicated that she does not wish to go to hospice.

Okeechobee Circuit Court Judge F. Shields McManus in March issued an initial injunction to block the removal of the feeding tube and in May appointed for her an attorney and a committee of three to issue opinions on her competency. The three are: Laura Riley, a Jacksonville neurologist; and two psychologists, Anna Angeline, from Hobe Sound, and Stephen Alexander from West Palm Beach. A competency hearing has yet to be scheduled............

Schiavo-like case in Okeechobee garners interest... Stroke victim indicates she doesn’t want to di


777 posted on 07/02/2008 3:23:50 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; floriduh voter; amdgmary
Tales from the dark side...


U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler appears today in Fort Lauderdale to offer an insider look in some of the major political controversies of the last decade, including the 2000 presidential election, the Terri Schiavo right-to-die case, and the way the Federal Emergency Management Agency dealt with hurricane damage.

Wexler, who represents central and northern Broward, is the author of a new book, Fire Breathing Liberal: How I Learned to Survive (and Thrive) in the Contact Sport of Congress. He'll speak at today's event, and will sign copies of the book.............

Fort Lauderdale: Congressman to offer insight into past issues


778 posted on 07/02/2008 3:27:04 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
And this from Newsweak...

Realize, they brought this back from April, 2005, for a fresh look today. I can but excerpt from this source. Whatever the slant, it punctuates the strength of Terri's Legacy, continuing as a force without peer today.


In the end, Terri Schiavo's bitterly divided family couldn't even agree on what she looked like as she slowly died. Late last week her loved ones visited her bedside at the Woodside Hospice House in Pinellas Park, Fla., where the feeding tube that kept her alive was removed one week before. They caressed her luminous skin and squeezed her gnarled hands. According to her parents and siblings, who had fought unsuccessfully to keep the tube connected, Schiavo resembled an Auschwitz survivor, her cheeks sunken and her lips desiccated by dehydration. She seemed full of torment, said a family spokesman.

"It was as if she was pleading with her mother for help." But in the scene described by her husband's family, which had battled to cut off Schiavo's nourishment, she appeared to be quietly and serenely slipping away. "She's very peaceful," said her brother-in-law Brian Schiavo last week. "Her wishes are being carried out.".........



779 posted on 07/02/2008 3:35:44 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
Today, Newsweak is bringing up a cluster of past stories all relating to Terri. Rather than summarize this large source, I suggest Google News on Schiavo today.


780 posted on 07/02/2008 3:42:05 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: 8mmMauser; Lesforlife; BykrBayb
Perhaps it was inevitable, and something the great enemies of Our Lord thought would slip through.

More and more I find myself dreaming of just buying a small island in the middle of the Pacific and just forgetting about the increasingly depraved world we are living in.

781 posted on 07/02/2008 5:00:06 AM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: 8mmMauser; BykrBayb; floriduh voter; Lesforlife
Today, Newsweak is bringing up a cluster of past stories all relating to Terri. Rather than summarize this large source, I suggest Google News on Schiavo today.

Newsweak is not just doing this for no reason.

This is some sort of "trial balloon" to see what public opinion is today.

This IS NOT good news, if they get the reaction they hope for, they will make another push for legalized murder nationwide.

782 posted on 07/02/2008 5:03:30 AM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: 8mmMauser; BykrBayb; floriduh voter; Lesforlife

And I have NO DOUBT that T’wit and Terri are also lovingly looking down on our dear FRiend.

783 posted on 07/02/2008 5:06:02 AM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: All; wagglebee; Lesforlife; Man50D
Man50D has a thread by Robt. Unruh of WND on the topic we posted upthread.

Legislator: Law allows banishment of Bible


784 posted on 07/02/2008 6:04:07 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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Comment #785 Removed by Moderator

To: 8mmMauser


786 posted on 07/02/2008 5:00:22 PM PDT by Dante3
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To: Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; angelwings49; ...
Mrs. Ellen Westwood was rescued from the grim reaper team!

The same relentless monotonous march of the grim death enthusiasts continues like crab grass. Relent for a moment and it overwhelms. Thread by wagglebee.


BIRMINGHAM, UK, July 2, 2008 ( - "Ellen Westwood was due to die in February but her family's Catholic and for them, life is sacred." So begins the television coverage by the BBC of a battle by a Birmingham family to prevent the NHS from dehydrating their mother to death.

According to the BBC's report, doctors decided on a Friday in February that Mrs. Westwood was "due to die" by the following Monday, but the family, with the intervention of their priest, fought the order to remove the woman's hydration.

Mrs. Ellen Westwood, 88, was in Birmingham's Selly Oak Hospital for two months after she had been admitted into Birmingham's Royal Orthopaedic Hospital for routine shoulder surgery. The woman ended up being treated for dementia and C.difficile, which Westwood's daughter alleges she contracted at the Orthopaedic Hospital after the surgery. The bacterial infection soon spread to her cheeks, face and throat, making it difficult for her to swallow.

Doctors at Selly Oak Hospital then told the family that all food, fluids and hydration were to be stopped and that Mrs. Westwood would be given morphine "because she is dying".

Ellen's daughter, Kathleen Westwood, told the BBC that the decision had been taken because it was "a capacity ruling" and that under current UK law, the family's wishes do not enter into the equation.

"If you deem somebody to have lost capacity, then the doctors can act in the best interests," she said.


While active euthanasia officially remains illegal in Britain, some are saying that the NHS standard procedure of issuing elderly and vulnerable patients with an "end of life plan" that includes dehydration, is simply euthanasia under a different name. And it is becoming common. A packed meeting this week in Stafford organised by a group called Cure the NHS, heard the stories of families who had been forced to bring in priests and lawyers to stop similar orders from killing their loved ones, even though the patients sometimes are not terminally ill.........................

Elderly Woman Rescued by Family from NHS Dehydration Order


787 posted on 07/03/2008 2:44:27 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; tcg; narses
Archbishop stands up to Canada's dishonorable honor. Thread by tcg. Thanks, narses, for the ping.

"No person may presume to judge the soul of Henry Morgentaler," wrote Archbishop Collins, "but it cannot be denied that the effect of his life's work has been a deadly assault upon the most helpless among us."

He said that with this appointment, Canada honors "a medical man who has brought not healing, but the destruction of the defenseless and immeasurable grief. This award must not stand."

Archbishop Collins asked all people of good will to protest of "this act of dishonor," and "ask that this action be revoked." ....

Archbishop: Honoring Canadian Abortionist is Debased


788 posted on 07/03/2008 2:51:05 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
This is pulled from an article on Obama by The American Spectator. Note, this conservative website is marked as dangerous by Google. Anyway, it is the Obamunist versus Terri et al.


USING HIS PASSIVE, forked-tongue style, in which run-of-the-mill political cowardice masquerades as pained honesty, Obama writes in The Audacity of Hope that restricting his support to gay civil unions might appear unenlightened in time: "in years hence I may be seen as someone who was on the wrong side of history."

Perhaps an even better example of wimpy signaling is this passage: "I was reminded that it is my obligation not only as an elected official in a pluralistic society, but also as a Christian, to remain open to the possibility that my unwillingness to support gay marriage is misguided."

He seems very eager to be wrong. Perhaps he will acknowledge his hanging back on gay marriage as a serious failing in a future debate, next to his insufficient enthusiasm for Terri Schiavo's dehydration and his untidy desk, failings disclosed in previous debates with Hillary Clinton.......

Wedding Belle


789 posted on 07/03/2008 3:00:29 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; Lesforlife
Commentary by Professor Pope on a useful book on care for the critically ill. Thanks, Leslie, for the tip.


Robert Martensen, an NIH historian, has a new book coming out titled A Life Worth Living A Doctor's Reflections on Illness in a High-Tech Era. It is written not so much as an academic treatise as much as a practical handbook.

Martensen observes that "critical illness is a fact of life. Even those of us who enjoy decades of good health are touched by it eventually, either in our own lives or in those of our loved ones. And when this happens, we grapple with serious and often confusing choices about how best to live with our afflictions."

Martensen connects personal stories with reflections upon mortality, human agency, and the value of “cutting-edge” technology in caring for the critically ill. "Timely questions emerge: To what extent should efforts to extend human life be made? What is the value of nontraditional medical treatment? How has the American health-care system affected treatment of the critically ill? And finally, what are our doctors’ responsibilities to us as patients, and where do those responsibilities end? Using poignant case studies, Martensen demonstrates how we and our loved ones can maintain dignity and resilience in the face of life’s most daunting circumstances."
Posted by Thaddeus Mason Pope at 12:50 AM

A Life Worth Living


790 posted on 07/03/2008 3:07:47 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
Read this link if you dare, with due caution, not before eating, and learn of why a baby RINO became a libertarian candidate because of Terri. It shows a mind set of those who lean his way. It is so confusing which is which, libertarians and librarians...

With regard to his former Republican ties, Root tells our editor that two main decisions squeezed him out. One was the debate over Terry Schiavo, the brain dead woman whose final moments played out in Congress and the Supreme Court. The second factor, which hit much closer to home, was the Republican-led Congress’ decision to ban online poker. Like a true Libertarian, Root believes the government should have as little involvement in people’s personal lives as possible. What’s more, the ban on online gambling struck through the heart of his American ideal:....

Libertarian VP Hopeful Wayne Root Seeks End To Two-Party Topping, “Legal Bribery”


791 posted on 07/03/2008 3:16:10 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
I am sure the writer is serious and writing this and perhaps fancies himself as original in rattling of a salvo of lefitist playbook phrases. Regardless, it illustrates symptoms manifest in this terminal illness called liberalism.


This past week’s Supreme Court ruling, invalidating Washington, DC’s handgun ban, demonstrates just how far afield “movement conservatism” has taken our country. For that, we have an irresponsible Republican Party to blame; tragically, real people will have to pay dearly.

For years now, the GOP has embraced crackpot conservative theories for political advantage. “Trickle-down economics” helped convince middle-class voters to support reckless tax cuts for the wealthy. Global-warming denial was dreamed up and propagated by corporations who wished to avoid regulation. Myths of a “war on Christmas” and doomsday consequences of same-sex marriage have pulled evangelical Christians to the voting booth to elect Republicans.

Firmly held, irrational, absolutist beliefs may be good short-term politics, but they make for terrible policy — somewhere along the way, the political right lost control of the distinction. Ever since Congress subpoenaed Terri Schiavo’s vegetative body, it’s been clear that the Republican Party is being ruled — and destroyed — by right-wing nut cases..............

Crackpot court Taking a shot at the Supreme Court’s recent gunplay


792 posted on 07/03/2008 3:24:34 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee; Lesforlife
I always find the writing of Jill Stanek to be compelling. Here, she writes in WND about Obama and killing kids. Thread by wagglebee.


On June 25, CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked conservative commentator Bill Bennett what question he would ask Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama if he could.

Bennett said he would ask Obama:

Why are you to the left of NARAL, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein when it comes to abortion? Are you really there? ... I got to question the guy's moral judgment who doesn't see a problem with killing a baby after it's been born. … What is the answer to that question?

Bennett was speaking about Obama's opposition to Illinois' Born Alive Infants Protection Act as state senator. This legislation declared all live babies legal persons, which would guarantee them the right to appropriate medical care, even if abortion survivors.......

Jill Stanek: Obama's biggest lie about supporting infanticide


793 posted on 07/03/2008 3:30:09 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All
We continue our watch.

794 posted on 07/03/2008 3:38:59 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: 8mmMauser$file/legis.html?open

Spread this far and wide and contact the Delaware Governor as well as Delaware Senators and have them support this legislation today.

795 posted on 07/03/2008 6:39:43 AM PDT by jy22077
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To: jy22077; Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; ...
Lauren Richardson update...

Thanks to jy22077 for the tip. Please all note the post above and the second link as well!


The Delaware House of Representatives has passed a resolution in support of protecting the life of Loren Richardson, who like Terri Schiavo before her, is the subject of a bitter court fight over removing her feeding tube. The resolution states:

This Resolution establishes protections for mentally disabled individuals in the State of Delaware. The impetus for this Resolution comes from the case of Lauren Richardson, a 24-year-old Delaware woman who, after suffering brain injuries and impaired consciousness, now faces the possible removal of her nutrition and hydration, despite the absence of her clearly specified and legal consent to any such a course of action. The State of Delaware has, through recent legislation prompted by the abuses at the Delaware Psychiatric Center, endeavored to protect the rights of mentally disabled patients in the First State. Lauren, as a mentally disabled person, is enumerated those same protection and rights.
Too many of us dismiss people like Lauren--and I am not referring here to her mother who wants treatment stopped--as "vegetables" (a word that should not be used as it is as demeaning and dehumanizing as the odious N-word), "brain dead" (as the Orlando Sentinel unrepentantly did for so long regarding Terri), or other such denigration. Meanwhile, some bioethicists look longingly at these people as "living cadavers" who can be harvested for their organs or used in medical experimentation.

Good for the Delaware Assembly for not shrinking from such demagoguery.


Good: Delaware Didn't "Learn the Lesson" of Schiavo


796 posted on 07/03/2008 7:31:32 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; Lesforlife
Governor Minner, We ask your support!

797 posted on 07/03/2008 7:35:13 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: All; wagglebee
Ping to the prayer thread for our FRiend. Wagglebee has posted an update on #102.

Prayer Request for a FReeper and Her Husband [Update in #102]


798 posted on 07/03/2008 7:40:24 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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To: 8mmMauser; Lesforlife; floriduh voter
Hussein is allowed to claim he is a Christian despite his vicious insistence that babies who survive botched abortions must die writhing in a pan.

There is no clearer antithesis to Christ's message than that of Obama.

Send in the anti-Christ--wait, don't bother--he's here.

799 posted on 07/03/2008 8:28:44 AM PDT by PhilDragoo (Hitlery: das Butch von Buchenvald)
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To: PhilDragoo

www.drudgereport. NOW the manchurian candidate is flip flopping on abortion. He’s going to lose his hard left constituents if he doesn’t stop lying and misrepresenting.

800 posted on 07/03/2008 6:56:10 PM PDT by floriduh voter ( LAUREN (Delaware) & Karen (Fl) &
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