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Is There Legitimate Doubt About Obama's Eligibility to be President?
The Corner on National Review Online ^ | 7/6/2008 | Andy McCarthy

Posted on 07/06/2008 10:47:57 AM PDT by Aria

I had not caught up until today with this apparent controversy over whether the Hawaii birth certificate proffered by Obama's campaign is a forgery and whether there are legitimate questions about whether he was born in the United States — if he wasn't, he almost certainly would not be qualified under the Constitution and relevant immigration statutes to be president. Our Jim Geraghty seemed to pooh-pooh the birth certificate controversy about a week ago, but according to the above cited report (at a site called DougRoss@Journal) and a new one from Israeli Insider, there are new developments, and the Obama campaign appears to be stonewalling. Shouldn't it be a fairly easy matter to prove he was born in Hawaii if he really was? Why wouldn't Obama just end this quickly?

Is there anything to this?

ADDENDUM: I should add to the above that I am not a conspiracy theorist. My predisposition on the many stories floating around about Obama and his circle is to ignore them on the following theory: If there was really anything to this or that, the Clintons would have found it and gotten their media friends all over it. This story about Obama's eligibility puzzles me because (a) it is so basic, (b) it should be so easy to prove the relevant facts of his birth, (c) the Obama campaign's response to the story is bizarre, and (d) it seems to be getting worse rather than resolved.

07/06 12:09 PM

TOPICS: Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: birthcertificate; certifigate; forgery; naturalborncitizen; obama; obamatruthfile
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To: Mamzelle
Call me Machiavellian, but I suspect a plot to embarrass Obama detractors. Let us make a big fuss about it, and then produce the authentic cert.

If the question was about Hillary's birth certificate - you'd be right. The Clinton's loved that game. But this? Nah -- Hillary hasn't released her delegates yet... who knows - maybe the Clinton's are behind this story.

181 posted on 07/06/2008 2:59:41 PM PDT by GOPJ (Hypocrisy doesnÂ’t apply to liberals according to the MSM - FreeperProud2BeRight)
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To: lgwdnbdgr
Is religion ever noted on Birth Certificates ?
182 posted on 07/06/2008 3:02:15 PM PDT by Irish Eyes
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To: Mamzelle

What was the fuss about Kerry’s military records when the Swift Boaters were screaming? Obama has special protection because the Mainstream Media is full of liberal Democrats who want him elected.

183 posted on 07/06/2008 3:02:34 PM PDT by FreedBird
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To: ncfool

Exactly, ncfool.
The 1995 version, which I recall sold a mere several hundred copies, should have a couple of goodies in it.
The “best seller” attribution to this book wasn’t acquired until after he made the DNC speech and became a superstar overnight.
That’s when I suspect the purchases of his re-released book were made in bulk, and made it a best-seller. (Also known as illegal campaign donations.) Michelle Obama attributes their finally being able to pay off their student loans (in their 40’s fer-God-sake)due to Barack’s “best-seller.”

When he wrote it, it sold a few hundred copies. I believe his motive for writing the book was to create and craft his history, not recount it. An extremely calculated move...considering he was 34 yrs old when it was originally published.

184 posted on 07/06/2008 3:04:58 PM PDT by Fizzie
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To: 9YearLurker

He wrote a bio before he wrote Audacity of Hope or Dreams of my father?

185 posted on 07/06/2008 3:05:17 PM PDT by tillacum
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To: mkjessup
But ANY American should be able to prove to the satisfaction of their fellow citizens that they Constitutionally meet the requirements to serve as President.
That is not racism, that is not unreasonable, that is absolutely proper.
A person gets pulled over by a cop, do you think the cop is going to let them go just because the driver says “I don’t have to show you my license, I have a license to drive, and it’s valid, and up todate, no problems!”
Uh uh. That officer is going to say “Let’s see the license.”

Exactly. And the officer will certainly go back to his patrol car and check out any odd-looking laser-produced copy of a driver's license.

We're talking about the position of Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America here. Not some county selectman from East Podunk.

Why do you think doctors or lawyers hang all those framed certificates on the walls of their offices?

All we want is the presentation of a REAL Certificate of Birth--and not some ambiguous green, blacked-out, laser-generated abomination of a document.

Why can't the Obama people come up with an actual legit certificate that can be handed around and slapped down on the table?

Like these plain ordinary people can:

186 posted on 07/06/2008 3:05:31 PM PDT by henbane
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To: donna

The technique is to fool the fools and call it Change! When someone questions Change, brand them a racist! At the same time, sling mud at your oppontent, through a Democrat controlled Mainstream Media.

187 posted on 07/06/2008 3:06:54 PM PDT by FreedBird
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To: henbane
Why can't the Obama people come up with an actual legit certificate that can be handed around and slapped down on the table?

Because there is something they don't want exposed to the light of day.

And the longer they insist on Kerryizing the process (SIGN THE FORM 180 LURCH! remember that?), the worse it is going to be for them.

There are sharks in the water and Obama better quit surfing around the issue, and either spear the freakin' sharks, or swim like Hell for shore.

If the latter, he ain't gonna make it.
188 posted on 07/06/2008 3:11:12 PM PDT by mkjessup
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To: FreedBird

Well if he was born in HI and if his mother was not married to his father, today that makes no difference. It proves he is a natural born American. But being the babe of an unmarried woman, and should he win the presidency, he will be our first legal bastard president. And that is a legal name for a babe born to an unmarried woman.

189 posted on 07/06/2008 3:13:07 PM PDT by tillacum
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To: tillacum

I’m talking about Dreams From My Father.

190 posted on 07/06/2008 3:17:16 PM PDT by 9YearLurker
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To: keats5
At this time is the key to my comment. This should have been attempted long ago. If it wasn't done because of negligence that's too bad. It's too late now.
191 posted on 07/06/2008 3:18:33 PM PDT by liberallarry
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To: FreedBird

They have more than one technique!

192 posted on 07/06/2008 3:19:46 PM PDT by donna (We live in this fog of political correctness, where everything is perpetual deception.-John Hagee)
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To: Riverman94610
"should Obama be disqualified on some technicality..
It would set back race relations decades"

If he is elected because he is black despite not being qualified then how many years would race relations be set back.. or advanced, in your opinion?

193 posted on 07/06/2008 3:27:01 PM PDT by I see my hands (_8(|)
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To: motoman

Your last point first,motoman-Obama’s abortion position is the real deal breaker with me.Its an obscentity way beyond the whole Wright controversy,which,unlike most folks on this board,doesn’t upset me THAT much.I guess because I have been around tons of angry black men like Wright all my life and find a real irony there in that many of these roaring lions are like pussycats once you get to know them.Believe me,I look like the prototypical”honkie”and if they were gonna hate”Whitey”they would hate me to the fullest!
I think Obama’s candidacy has completely mellowed out black anger FOR NOW.Man,you should see where I work-the black employees are on a cloud nine mode.Very upbeat and optimistic.I think even if he loses in the Fall,blacks for the most part will accept that reality.
Yet if he gets derailed on this birth certificate issue,I think all bets are off!

194 posted on 07/06/2008 3:53:50 PM PDT by Riverman94610
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To: SE Mom

The guys and girls who make a living warning us about the dangers of communists and other ism, the average voter doesn’t care about have a lot to lose if the Obamination got disqualified.

Communists are terrible, but most American Voters could care less.

Those who say a forged Certificate Of Live Birth is no big deal, remind me of an uncle, who went to his grave moaning that Al Capone only went to jail for tax evasion.

My grandfather, whose wisdom was great, would tell his blathering SIL, “Grow up! No one cares. Capone is in jail and that is all that matters!”

If we can take out or disable the Communist/Islamofascist Change Merchant with this forged certificate, so be it. He is a double danger, a communist/socialist and Muslim in disguise. I don’t care what causes him to lose or drop out of the election just so he loses or drops out.

I’m seeing a lot of the same bs arguments that were advanced against our Swift Vets. Thank God, the Swift Vets helped derail that communist traitor SOB, Kerry.

195 posted on 07/06/2008 3:55:14 PM PDT by Grampa Dave (America's Mugabe, the Obamination.will bring Mugabe Change to America!)
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To: I see my hands

He can’t possible BE elected because he is black unless loads of whites and others agree with the Black Block.
If that IS the reason,it will be a hollow victory.Same with Hillary had she been the first woman elected.Once the party is over,the real work begins

196 posted on 07/06/2008 3:56:03 PM PDT by Riverman94610
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To: motoman

I AM awake but if there were any truth to this story,don’t you think Wolf and Fredrika and Hannity would at least MENTION the controversy,if only to increase their ratings?
In the end,this will turn out to be much ado about nothing.

197 posted on 07/06/2008 3:58:18 PM PDT by Riverman94610
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To: Riverman94610
No answer. Thought so.

198 posted on 07/06/2008 4:01:04 PM PDT by I see my hands (_8(|)
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To: 21twelve

Letting OBama into the White House is like letting the fox into the hen house.

Because then you can forget about having any chickens “coming home to roost.”

199 posted on 07/06/2008 4:16:00 PM PDT by Polarik (The Greater Evil)
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To: penowa

Some don’t know that the founding fathers didn’t allow everyone to vote!

200 posted on 07/06/2008 4:25:05 PM PDT by RipSawyer (Does anyone still believe this is a free country?)
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