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At Magnet School, An Asian Plurality
Washington Post ^ | July 8, 2008 | Michael Alison Chandler

Posted on 07/07/2008 6:33:25 AM PDT by liberallarry

Asian American students will outnumber white classmates for the first time in the freshman class at the region's most prestigious public magnet school this fall, a milestone reached as the number of African Americans and Hispanics has remained low and the Fairfax County School Board prepares to review the school's admission policy.

The rising concentration of Asian Americans at T.J. mirrors demographic trends in other elite math and science magnet schools. In New York, the selective and specialized Stuyvesant High School, Bronx High School of Science and Brooklyn Technical High School have Asian American majorities, although about 10 percent of the metropolitan population is of Asian descent. In San Francisco, Asian Americans make up more than 60 percent of the students at selective Lowell High School and about a third of the city's population.

The demographic imbalance in top public magnet schools has become a sensitive issue, however. Black and Hispanic students often are vastly under-represented. Many of the schools struggle to reflect the diversity of the wider population while maintaining a transparent admissions process with uniformly high standards.

Jenny Tsai, a recent Harvard University graduate, wrote her thesis about what she perceived as a growing sentiment that "too many Asians" were at top magnet schools. She attended the selective Hunter College High School in New York, where she sensed "a certain level of anxiety" as the portion of Asian American students in the entering class grew from less than a third to more than half between 1997 and 2003. Tsai said some students felt a need to justify their admission or their contributions.

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TOPICS: Culture/Society; US: Virginia
KEYWORDS: asianamericans; diversity; education; fairfaxcounty; genetics; giftededucation; iq; magnetschools; schoolboard
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To: ASA Vet

Your model is absolutely beautiful. Please forgive my exploring your web site. The rest of the pictures are fantastic. Congrats!

BTW My wife is a Filipina, and I couldn’t be happier. They really are good people, as long as you don’t get mixed up in their various business deals haha. I especially love their cuisine.

101 posted on 07/07/2008 10:40:58 AM PDT by catbertz
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To: dfwgator
thats right !
sorry. I misremembered !
...but it was great wasn't it !
102 posted on 07/07/2008 10:47:35 AM PDT by Reily
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To: Clemenza
It's a term which is meant to include a lot of people who are neither American nor European nor white and it is used all over the English speaking world (and probably elsewhere as well).

And there are many other besides Armenians and Georgians who live in the Caucasus who could be called Caucasians.

103 posted on 07/07/2008 10:57:17 AM PDT by liberallarry
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To: liberallarry

Not really used in the UK, Scotland, or Ireland anymore. It is a worthless term rooted in junk science that should be abolished from general usage in the same way “negro” has.

104 posted on 07/07/2008 10:59:19 AM PDT by Clemenza (You Shoot Me in a Dream, You Better Wake Up and Apologize)
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To: catbertz
Interesting that you used the word "model." She just signed a contract last week.

Nothing to forgive guy. If we had a problem with sharing those photos, there wouldn't be a link on my profile page.
I find their cuisine to be somewhat bland.

105 posted on 07/07/2008 11:05:38 AM PDT by ASA Vet
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To: allmendream
If you start as the average black kid with an IQ of 90 or less the difference between he and an average east Asian is 20 points of which - according to your calculations - 8 points are due to genetics. Then there's the 2 points that are due to factors which cannot be manipulated, leaving 50% or 10 points to environmental factors.

Environmental factors are more easily manipulated than genes but that's far from saying it's easily done. In fact, it's almost impossible. If your parents are overweight, illiterate, morons who've never worked in their lives, and all their friends are similar, which is likely, then YOU ARE TOAST.

All that is assuming your interpretation of heritability is correct. I don't think it is...but it'd take quite a bit of research to be sure. I'll give you a hint as to why I think you're wrong. The IQ distribution curve is bell shaped, not linear.

106 posted on 07/07/2008 11:10:43 AM PDT by liberallarry
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To: Clemenza

Well, its meant to describe people who have a common gene pool which originated in a specific geographic area at a time when isolation was pretty much the norm among human populations. As far as I know that concept is still a good one no matter what names you give to the groups.

107 posted on 07/07/2008 11:15:20 AM PDT by liberallarry
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To: allmendream

And those few points extra do not mean success , success come in application . Add 20 more points to the equation and there is still little difference (people in this IQ range still think in practical terms ) start adding lots more and thinking changes to theorem style thinking (think mathematicians )but they pretty lose out on practical thinking and have trouble tying their shoe laces ;)

Bottom line is if you want your children to be successful don’t blame their genes , teach them good work ethics.
(that starts 100% at home)

108 posted on 07/07/2008 11:56:14 AM PDT by Lera
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To: Lera

LOL Lera should never post while talking on the phone
(can’t do two things at once =P )

109 posted on 07/07/2008 12:01:40 PM PDT by Lera
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To: liberallarry

It is not my interpretation, it is based upon numerous studies, and you said you agreed with it until I explained what it actually meant to you.

So if you made it an average black kid instead of a white kid then of the 20 IQ point difference 12 points would be due to environment and 8 points would be genetic. If you raised that kid in an “Asian” environment his IQ would be 102 (higher than average), while if you somehow gave him Asian genetics his IQ would only be 98 (slightly below average).

Height distribution is also bell shaped not linear. The distribution of almost any quantifiable trait is bell shaped not linear. This has nothing to do with if it has a genetic or environmental cause or causes.

110 posted on 07/07/2008 12:31:07 PM PDT by allmendream
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To: ASA Vet

Yes, all asian females look like a plastic surgery altered blow up doll. We all have long hair and look like a bar hostess or a street walker-(movie: Full Metal Jacket - Hey, G.I. Me So Horny, Me Love You Long Time.) Oh, I thought these fantasies/stereotypes were long forgotten. It is like saying every white male would resemble a ken doll or Dan Quayle, nice and vanilla, like white bread and mayonaise./Just Asking - seoul62-(Father: American Of Irish Descent and Mother: Japanese).

111 posted on 07/07/2008 12:48:14 PM PDT by seoul62
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To: liberallarry

Most geneticists cast doubts on the validity that all European people (to say nothing of the semitic peoples that are classified as “caucasian”) came from the caucauses mountains. This is a 19th century idea with few serious supporters.

112 posted on 07/07/2008 2:25:23 PM PDT by Clemenza (You Shoot Me in a Dream, You Better Wake Up and Apologize)
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To: Transformers

Well, what exactly IS the inheritance that is being handed over?

113 posted on 07/07/2008 3:49:53 PM PDT by A_perfect_lady
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To: puroresu

Some Chinese inventions. Just some,,,,

Acupuncture (580 BC)
Anatomy (11th Century AD)
Axial rudder (1st Century AD)
Ball bearings (2nd Century BC)
Belt drive (5th Century BC)
Blast Furnace (3rd Century BC)
Calipers (AD 9)
Camera Obscura, explanation of (AD 1086)
Cast iron (5th Century BC)
Chain drive (AD 976)
Chess (4th Century BC)
Compass, magnetic Needle (AD 1088)
Crop rotation (6th Century BC)
Crossbow (5th Century BC)
Dating of trees by number of rings (12th Century AD)
Dominoes (AD 1120)
Draw loom (1st Century AD)
Fertilizers (2nd Century BC)
Firecrackers (AD 290)
Folding chairs (3rd Century AD)
Grafting (AD 806)
Gunpowder (12th Century AD)
Handgun (AD 1128)
Kite (4th Century BC)
Lacquer (13th Century BC)
Maps, relief (AD 1086)
Negative numbers, operations using (1st Century AD)
Paper, invention of (300 BC)
Toilet paper (hallelujah!) (AD 589)
Parachute principle (8th Century AD)
Playing cards (AD 969)
Reel on fishing rod (3rd Century AD)
Rockets, two-stage (AD 1360)
Rotary fan (1st Century BC)
Seawalls (AD 80)
Sterilization by steaming (AD 980)
Stirrup (AD 300)
Toothbrush (hallelujah again!) (9th Century AD)
Vinegar (2nd Century BC)
Weather vane (120 BC)

114 posted on 07/07/2008 4:08:50 PM PDT by Dr. Bogus Pachysandra ("Don't touch that thing")
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To: allmendream
Read carefully what I said I agreed with. That hasn't changed. What is at issue is what it means. But that's an academic dispute.

We agree, I think, that it is in every kid's interest to try his best, to learn as much as he can, to achieve whatever he can. Averages are not relevant to him. They're of interest only in determining social policy.

Social policy must recognize that significant differences in IQ among racial groups are a fact of life for the foreseeable future. Therefore diversity goals must be adjusted; aiming for racial parity is unrealistic and unachievable.

115 posted on 07/07/2008 6:38:00 PM PDT by liberallarry
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To: liberallarry
Diversity goals should be abandoned wholesale. University admission should be based upon merit. If that means that MIT is 90% Asian for the foreseeable future then so be it.

My point is that if you could pick smart genetics or smart parents you are better off (60% to 40%) with smart parents in an environment that fosters academic achievement, or both. Because people cannot change their genetics, it is far better to concentrate our efforts on fostering that environment than in saying either....

a) you are Asian or Jewish and just naturally smarter so no need to actually put in the sweat equity.


b) you are Black or Hispanic so no need to even try because of a few IQ points on average advantage that some have from having smarter than average parents.

116 posted on 07/07/2008 6:55:20 PM PDT by allmendream
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To: allmendream

I see this all the time in my school district.While the white,black and Latino kids seem to see school as a social club and state sponsored dating service,the Asian kids are putting the work in and excelling.
Ominous sign,however.Many Asian kids are seeing ghetto culture as a model and are often sucked into that state of mind due to the teenage need to”be cool”

117 posted on 07/07/2008 7:07:01 PM PDT by Riverman94610
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To: Riverman94610

Yep, and when they stop putting in the work they will stop being the best and brightest. Those who get the shaft the worst from affirmative action is a mediocre Asian. An Asian with scores that would get a white kid into Harvard or MIT is told to look elsewhere because they have “enough” Asians already.

America is better than that. If you can’t hack it then move on, if you can then welcome aboard. Counting colors is asinine.

118 posted on 07/07/2008 7:26:59 PM PDT by allmendream
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To: catbertz

I work around lots of Filipinos and the many of the women are family oriented and very nice looking.I like how they place great emphasis on the academic sucess of their children.
However,I think they are way too consumed by fashion,pop culture and gambling.They tend to be very materialistic and overly concerned with money and image.
Like women of all other ethnicities,they are a mixed bag.

119 posted on 07/07/2008 7:31:02 PM PDT by Riverman94610
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To: Riverman94610
Re: Filipina women. You date/marry a Filipina, you are marrying an extended family that seemingly includes hundreds of people. And every event must include all of the cousins, uncles, etc.

As far as the materialistic thing is concerned, I have a top five list of the most materialistic females by ethnicity, but I won't post it due to the fact that it would offend.

120 posted on 07/07/2008 7:34:44 PM PDT by Clemenza (You Shoot Me in a Dream, You Better Wake Up and Apologize)
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