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The Big 'What If' (If Obama loses, threat of 'stark rage' by black America)
WaPo ^ | 9/15/08 | Kennedy

Posted on 09/15/2008 4:59:45 AM PDT by pabianice

The hopes of black America ride on his shoulders. But the outcome's way up in the air.

I am a black man born in 1954, the year of Brown v. Board of Education. Fleeing the abuses of Jim Crow, my parents moved from South Carolina to Washington, D.C., later that decade. Tales of racial oppression and racial resistance were staples of conversation in our household. My father often spoke of watching Thurgood Marshall argue the case ( Rice v. Elmore) that invalidated the rule permitting only whites to vote in South Carolina's Democratic primary. Memories of that story played a large part in producing the tears I shed on the evening Barack Obama won this year's primary in the Palmetto State.

Related memories -- the most haunting being our visit to a D.C. funeral home to pay last respects to Medgar Evers, the courageous head of the Mississipppi branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People who was murdered by a segregationist -- helped reduce me to tears, again, on the night the senator from Illinois accepted his party's nomination as its candidate for president.

Never before have my emotions been so exercised by a political campaign. For one thing, never before has a candidate so fully challenged the many inhibitions that have prevented people of all races, including African Americans, from seriously envisioning presidential power in the hands of someone other than a white American. With intelligence, verve and elegance, Obama has opened the public mind to the idea of a black president and made that idea broadly attractive.

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To: kittymyrib

Yes, but then again we’ll pay for the reconstruction. Kinda like a kid who in a hissy fit destroys his toy and the parent immediately runs out and buys him a replacement.

21 posted on 09/15/2008 5:10:51 AM PDT by traderrob6
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To: pabianice

I wonder how much time the author has spent researching the racism buried deep down inside of many of his white liberal comrades.

He might not feel so comfortable with the wagon the black community’s been hitched to for the last 50 years.

22 posted on 09/15/2008 5:10:51 AM PDT by reagan_fanatic ("And how can this be? For I am the Kwisatz Haderach! " - Barack Obama)
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To: pabianice
My father often spoke of watching Thurgood Marshall argue the case...

Thurgood. Another American-hating 'African-American.'

Too many elitist, socialist, empty-headed limousine liberals saw great intellect in this vacuum of a brain.

Too many of his people saw a brilliant negro who spoke for them and made good in whitey's world. Those that did are the ones who see Justice Clarence Thomas as an Uncle Tom because he strictly interprets the Constitution and they heap insults and ridicule upon him while being urged on by the socialist elitist imbeciles.

23 posted on 09/15/2008 5:11:56 AM PDT by IbJensen (Ali Bama isn't going to make it!)
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To: pabianice

McCain needs to start running ads of Rev. Martin Luther King, regarding “...a time when men are judged by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin.”

24 posted on 09/15/2008 5:12:17 AM PDT by G Larry (Our VP has more executive experience than B.O.)
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To: pabianice
Obama and his followers have already set back civil rights. There is a growing contempt in America for any group that cares more about skin tone than substance.

The few black callers to talk shows that say that they don't support the socialist/marxist Obama, help me to not become completly disgusted. The wonderful talk hosts and politicians like Herman Cain and Michael Steele also give me hope.

Obama and his mindless followers step all over the achievments of the civil rights movement. I expect rioting from a close loss, or from a victory - see NBA and Football championship riots. That is very sad to expect low class, destructive behavior from whole groups. It really sounds racist to expect, but come Novemeber, we will see if the view is correct. I HOPE I am wrong.

25 posted on 09/15/2008 5:13:04 AM PDT by FreeAtlanta (NOBAMA - it is for our future)
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To: aruanan
...the Democrat party in general, the party of racists, unionists, and segregationists, homosexuals, perverts, and baby butcherers.

(There. I fixed it.)

26 posted on 09/15/2008 5:14:09 AM PDT by IbJensen (Ali Bama isn't going to make it!)
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To: Trailerpark Badass

If the RATs want to improve the odds that blue states like Il and Ca pass shall issue CCW laws, all they have to do is stir up their base like this. What happens in South Central LA and South Chicago are bad enough, but if an attempt is made to export the violence, then the rest of us are going to gun up. The dirty secret (and not a little one) is that most Americans don’t give a s**t about what happens in the ghetto, as long as the people who live there keep their violence to themselves. One gangbanger killing another gangbanger doesn’t get us worked up. OTOH race riots will change the balance, and we’ve tried limiting guns, and that didn’t work. This time Americans are going to got the other way.

27 posted on 09/15/2008 5:14:32 AM PDT by RKV (He who has the guns makes the rules)
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To: pabianice

The murder of Medgar Evers was a crime, an injustice. Losing an election isn’t.

28 posted on 09/15/2008 5:15:56 AM PDT by Doctor Raoul (Fire the CIA and hire the Free Clinic, someone who knows how to stop leaks.)
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To: A.Hun


29 posted on 09/15/2008 5:16:03 AM PDT by HANG THE EXPENSE (Defeat liberalism, its the right thing to do for America.)
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To: pabianice
There are blacks who'll be indifferent to an Obama defeat because they don't think that the outcome of the presidential race will have any real effect on their miserable fates.

Yet another person, supposedly educated, who offers up more of the "I'm-a-victim" BS doled out by Jesse and Al at every opportunity. In this day and age, there are far too many successful blacks to buy this victim mentality. For virtually all, if they aren't where they want to be on the economic and social ladder, it is because they made bad decisions. It's time they accept responsibility for their own actions.

As far as the election goes, if Obama loses, it's because American voters wanted someone else as their President, not becuase some small fraction of the voting public didn't get their way.

30 posted on 09/15/2008 5:16:40 AM PDT by econjack (Some people are as dumb as soup.)
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To: pabianice
Let them burn down Detroit, maybe they can start over..

They want to get rid of race.... but use the term when ever it suites their agenda..

I cried when he won the nomination too.... but for different reasons.

31 posted on 09/15/2008 5:17:05 AM PDT by just me (Looks like the MSM moonbats have been infected with rabies..)
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To: IbJensen

I believe the aphorism is “the party of slavery, sedition and sodomy.”

32 posted on 09/15/2008 5:17:28 AM PDT by RKV (He who has the guns makes the rules)
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To: FreeAtlanta

I just watched some Tim Wise videos on youtube today. I’m disgusted how some people are so blinded by race.

It’s really hopeless when people obsess on it so bad.

33 posted on 09/15/2008 5:17:43 AM PDT by MartinStyles
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To: pabianice
"... If Obama loses, I personally will feel disappointed, frustrated, hurt. I'll conclude that a fabulous opportunity has been lost. I'll believe that American voters have made a huge mistake. And I'll think that an important ingredient of their error is racial prejudice -- not the hateful, snarling, open bigotry that terrorized my parents in their youth, but rather a vague, sophisticated, low-key prejudice that is chameleonlike in its ability to adapt to new surroundings and to hide even from those firmly in its grip."

The author doesn't account for the awful and loathsome addition of Joe Biden to this ticket.

34 posted on 09/15/2008 5:18:03 AM PDT by The KG9 Kid
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To: pabianice

Every time an article such as this is written, it brings me back to that first speech Obama made.

The speech about uniting the country, bringing people together. well.....oookay

I cannot think of a more polarizing and dangerous candidate in my lifetime, than Obama.

This guy doesn’t even realize how he has aided in putting to rest any notion that Obama may claim about being a uniter.

35 posted on 09/15/2008 5:19:26 AM PDT by dforest
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To: pabianice

yeah, and here’s hoping that they try messing with the Korean Grocers in LA.

36 posted on 09/15/2008 5:20:17 AM PDT by mrmargaritaville
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To: pabianice

The writer of this article is ‘teaching a course about this election this fall’ and yet the theme of this article is that if Obama loses, it will be because of his race.

How biased and narrow-minded.

Could it be that because the majority of Americans do not live inside the cocoon of the Headquarters of Federal spending, knows as Washington, DC, voters might actually not want to have the policy positions of Obama in charge of their lives for the next four years.

I bet his students are never offered that distinction.

37 posted on 09/15/2008 5:20:18 AM PDT by maica (Peace is the Aftermath of Victory)
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To: imahawk

You were right, this thread needed it!!

38 posted on 09/15/2008 5:20:27 AM PDT by A.Hun (Common sense is no longer common.)
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To: sunmars
Unfortunately, black Americans have permitted themselves to be DUPED. This time, they have been presented with a ‘candidate’ who in no way approaches even the most minimal bar on experience, credentials, credibility or anything else. However, as the DNC and Liberals generally, think only of the immediate, personal and temporary where political gains are concerned, black-Americans will have to take their lumps on this one, too and get a little more savvy about what leading the greatest, strongest, most wealthy and powerful national entity in the universe is about. Until Minority voters in this country get past the ‘gimme’ stage and see things in their proper perspective I am afraid we will always have social strife of one kind or another. Unfortunately, the DNC banks on this ... so ‘hoodwinking’ the minority voter base is in their best interests. Welcome to Spengler's 'hyper democracy'!!
39 posted on 09/15/2008 5:21:36 AM PDT by SMARTY ('At some point you get tired of swatting flies, and you have to go for the manure heap' Gen. LeMay)
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To: G Larry
I have tried using that quote, but my black collegues tell me I am wrong and that MLK would be fine with today's affirmative punishment of white people and voting for Obama because he has a dark skin tone and kinky hair.

If I sound agitated it's because I feel - scratch that - I am betrayed by people I thought were friends and whom I have invested years in building friendships.

This BLT (black liberation theology) crap is Anti-America, Unhealthy, and destructive. It isn't good for my family, your family or our whole American and World family. May God please help us.

40 posted on 09/15/2008 5:24:25 AM PDT by FreeAtlanta (NOBAMA - it is for our future)
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