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If It Was Up to Obama, This Woman Would be Dead ^ | September 20, 2008 | Doug Giles

Posted on 09/21/2008 5:46:53 AM PDT by Kaslin

No, I’m not talking about Sarah Palin, I’m talking about Gianna Jessen.

If it was up to the abominable Obama, the to-be-aborted little baby, Gianna Jessen, would have been turned into worm dirt 31 years ago. Thankfully, Mr. Change and Mr. Hope wasn’t around back then to lay his liberal legislative death-dealing pen to Ms. Jessen’s fate—and the world is a better place for it.

So, who is Gianna Jessen?

Gianna is an abortion survivor. Yep, she kicked death’s butt and survived against all odds. Her medical records state that she was “born during a saline abortion,” and if Barack Obama would have had his way, she wouldn’t be here.

Barack Obama voted four times against affording these “born alives” their most basic human right. Chilling, eh? How progressive of you, liberals. Hitler would be proud, and I’m sure Satan is just giddy with your creative ways to slay that inconvenient little baby even if it survives your initial assault.

Jessen, with a Pit Bull spirit, survived being burned alive in saline solution for eighteen hours. Eighteen hours, ladies and gents! FYI: This is not the same saline solution you use to clean your contacts but a lethal cocktail of death intended to cook the unborn kid from the inside out.

Weighing in at 2 lbs at birth with cerebral palsy (thanks to the effects of the witch’s brew she stewed in), the gloomy doctors said little Gianna would never be able to hold up her head, sit up, crawl or walk.

God had different plans.

Not only did she hold her head up, sit, crawl and walk, but she has run in two twenty-six mile marathons and has spoken all over the world, on TV, in churches and on college campuses about the power of God and the sanctity of life. Put that in your stupid pipe and smoke it, all-wise and all-knowing doctors.

Liberals love being painted as the defender of the underdog. Yeah, if you feel like you are being abused, oppressed, preyed upon, neglected, entitled to something or endangered in any way . . . do not fear! The Dems are here! Their protection extends not only to the human victim, but also to the translucent hair lice, the gargling nut warbler, a warming globe, a rare venereal crab, and a whooping crane’s egg.

Yep, the liberals will ramp up to Mach2, set their hair on fire, and fight, yell, picket, protest and blog their fingers bloody for animal rights and for your rights—that is unless, of course, you’re an unborn child.

It is with the unborn baby that the “protectors of the weak” morph into the party that wreaks havoc upon the truly helpless. It’s interesting to see misty-eyed liberals go quasi-Talibanic for the little animal while they have absolutely no qualms whatsoever endorsing the snuffing out of the life of a tiny unborn human.

One of the reasons the barbaric left uses to convince themselves that they’re right on the issue of killing that inconvenient “little bugger” (as one of their own calls it) is that it is not yet a person.

Something that is really wrecking the “protectors of the weak” BS campaign of killing unborn kids, however, is ultrasound imagery (Oops. Didn’t see that coming, now did you?). These pics and videos are screwing up things for the pro-choicers. Back in the day when they were selling us on the “fetal blob” stuff, all we had at our disposal to contradict their nonsense was common sense and a very grainy 2D sonogram.

With the use of ultrasound imaging increasing daily, how a person can say that an unborn baby is not yet a person and can be killed at Mommy Dearest’s discretion is barbarically beyond me. I guess the left and the pink conservatives callous their hearts to the unborn by rejecting a proposition central to Judeo-Christian thought regarding life and death: namely, that human life (beginning at conception and lasting until the person naturally croaks) is intrinsically good and thus sacred—not just instrumentally good.

In contrast with the secular “elite,” the “stupid,” “non-elite” and “archaic” Judeo-Christian constituency believes that all people—from the embryo to the elderly, including severely developmentally disabled, people in comas and everyone in between—have dignity and value. As Robert George said, “Their significance is not based upon what they can do, or how they make us feel or whether or not we approve of their quality of life, but principally because they live.”

And yet, these secular barbaric “tools” see human beings as tools; and if they don’t somehow fit instrumentally within the secularists’ Darwinian, utilitarian utopia, they get tagged as “inconvenient” and are relegated to the “very expendable” list. That’s why abortion is no big deal, and neither is taking the life of a so-called defective child, or suicide, or “mercy killing” a helpless senior. But God help you if you should ever run a boat’s prop over a manatee’s back! They’ll get pissed!

Not only does Obama’s Party of Death (as Ramesh Ponnuru calls the libtards) advocate the death of the unborn and the inconvenient, but they also want your tax dollars to pay for their death wishes, for all parents to butt out of their teenage daughter’s abortion plans, and for the US to continue to stay left of Europe when it comes to abortion on demand. Consider all the above when you cast your vote in November, those of you on the left and the right who cherish the unborn more than a sea cow.

For all the 411 on Gianna Jessen and what she’s up to, go to Send her money, watch her videos, play her radio spots and help her wake our nation up to Barack’s barbaric beliefs.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: abortion; obamabiden
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Comment #21 Removed by Moderator

To: DeLaine
Lately I just listen. The rhetoric is really ramping up in the teacher's cafeteria. Sarah Palin nearly makes them wet their pants. And they are steeped in liberal thought; it's down to the bone with most of them.

So I'll just wait and see what happens. As I've been saying on other threads, if McCain wins, half my pleasure will be watching these people go into convulsions.

22 posted on 09/21/2008 6:41:35 AM PDT by A_perfect_lady
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To: Yorlik803

Yes, the left IS the culture of death. These are the vultures who criticize Palin for not aborting a Down’s syndrome baby. They hate families with more than two kids, or any kids. They think human life is a pox, religion is a pox, the Bill of Rights is a pox. They want to be dictators of harsh benevolence. They are Maoists.

The are sick and yes, in many cases, consciously evil.

23 posted on 09/21/2008 6:44:05 AM PDT by Puddleglum
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To: cubreporter

Obama.....the “Christian”....ya right!

He shows more traits of a muslim than anything else. Putting good Christian women down and supporting the culture of death.

24 posted on 09/21/2008 6:44:29 AM PDT by diverteach (
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To: A_perfect_lady

Well, I sincerely hope that that elitist jerk has no contact whatsoever with the mentally retarded children at your school. Someone who wishes any of the children dead is a bigot. Imagine if he had said that about any of the children of color. There would have been hell to pay for him.

25 posted on 09/21/2008 7:18:56 AM PDT by Nevadan
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To: A_perfect_lady

You’ll have to share the angst with us so we can enjoy it vicariously. snicker snicker

26 posted on 09/21/2008 7:20:40 AM PDT by DeLaine (Socialism is the grandiose rationalization of petty resentments.)
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To: DeLaine

I’m telling you what, I’m in West Hollywood and I intend to watch the election coverage in one of the bars. If McCain wins, I’ll be able to enjoy the meltdown all around me. If Obama wins... well, unlike liberals we don’t fall to pieces. We just stockpile and keep our fingers crossed.

27 posted on 09/21/2008 7:25:16 AM PDT by A_perfect_lady
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To: A_perfect_lady
In the teacher's lounge Friday, a fellow said that one of the things that disgusted him most about Palin was that she had the Down’s Syndrome baby: she “should have” aborted him.

Government teachers were the single largest group of employees represented at the 2000 Democratic convention. Do you remember the abortion buttons decorating the hats and lapels?

These government teachers support the shoving of scissors into the skulls of fully formed infants who are seconds from their first breath. These teachers support scrambling the brains of infants and sucking the gelatinous mass into surgical suction jars.

Do they serve cookies and milk with that?

These are the people teaching our nation's children.

28 posted on 09/21/2008 7:35:07 AM PDT by wintertime (Good ideas win! Why? Because people are NOT stupid)
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To: fwdude

“She stands as a stark reminder to the left of what abortion really is”


29 posted on 09/21/2008 8:12:32 AM PDT by vietvet67
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To: diverteach

Well 50% of Americans will hate the ad and 50% will love that ad. It doesn’t matter if she was just trying to reverse his vote. Obama and the Left are going to throw the sink at McCain over every jot et al that they can find. It may work too the way negative ads really do work. It seems as if there is only about 12% of Americans who will decide this election and it will be interesting to see how they fall out on these ads and others.

30 posted on 09/21/2008 8:23:05 AM PDT by phillyfanatic
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To: Kaslin

Obama Doesn’t Want His Daughters Punished with a Baby

CNN on Obama’s Infant Born Alive Act Rejection

Jill Stanek on Obama and Born Alive Infant Protection Act (MUST SEE)

Obama Cover-up Revealed On Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Bill

Explosive Audio Found Obama arguing against BAIPA

Babies left to die!

31 posted on 09/21/2008 9:57:27 AM PDT by narses (...the spirit of Trent is abroad once more.)
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To: Kaslin; informavoracious; larose; RJR_fan; Prospero; Conservative Vermont Vet; ...

Freep-mail me to get on or off my pro-life and Catholic List:

Add me / Remove me

Please ping me to note-worthy Pro-Life or Catholic threads, or other threads of interest.

Obama Says A Baby Is A Punishment

Obama: “If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”
Obama Says A Baby Is A Punishment
Obama: “If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

32 posted on 09/21/2008 9:57:51 AM PDT by narses (...the spirit of Trent is abroad once more.)
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To: Kaslin; Antoninus

33 posted on 09/21/2008 4:22:45 PM PDT by Salvation ( †With God all things are possible.†)
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To: Kaslin


34 posted on 09/21/2008 7:11:37 PM PDT by Christian4Bush (No way, No how, NObama! *************McCain/Palin 08************)
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To: Kaslin
Pinged from Terri Dailies


35 posted on 09/22/2008 3:37:44 AM PDT by 8mmMauser (Jezu ufam tobie...Jesus I trust in Thee)
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