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Summary of Obama's debate performance tonight: "I've got a bracelet, too."
PBS ^ | 9/26/2008 | PBS

Posted on 09/26/2008 7:20:38 PM PDT by Notwithstanding

Barack was the very junior senator on the defensive the entire evening.

After John McCain eloquently (and without notes) discussed the bracelet he wears given to him by the mom of a dead Iraq war vet.

Trying to prove his own support for the troops, Obama chimed in with a pathetic "I've got a bracelet, too," as he looked down at his notes to read the name of the soldier.

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To: B-Chan

On that note...

Excellent Power Glove Analysis by the Angry Video Game Nerd

101 posted on 09/26/2008 8:05:29 PM PDT by Future Snake Eater (My freq'n head hertz...)
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To: chris_bdba
Was anyone else p*ssed about him talking over McCain so often? I thought it showed him very rude and impatient.

Yes, and that is an indication he is an arrogant a@@. He got his a@@ wiped by a real statesman.

102 posted on 09/26/2008 8:06:34 PM PDT by Logical me (Oh, well!!!)
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To: Spatha

Agree - Obama junior. The big thing I am waiting to see if the media picks up is the candidates closing remarks. Obama clearly thinks the US stinks - but I have to ask, is that me or was Barry that condescending?

103 posted on 09/26/2008 8:06:56 PM PDT by dougNYC
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To: Notwithstanding

Looking at that bracelet is going to prove worse than GHW Bush looking at his watch.

104 posted on 09/26/2008 8:06:59 PM PDT by HawaiianGecko
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To: Notwithstanding
funny pictures
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105 posted on 09/26/2008 8:07:30 PM PDT by Corin Stormhands (Community Organizers for McCain-Palin now at
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To: Notwithstanding
Obama's condescending lecture style of speaking made it painful to even listen to. That clipped cadence will drive me insane if he is in the new for four years.

Once again...we know how to solve this problem.....we all know it to be true...that I've been right all along....there is only one solution...and we must start now....all it hope...hope and change...and we all know...this is true...and I will continue to tell you like it is....because that's the only solve our nation's problems...

106 posted on 09/26/2008 8:08:10 PM PDT by ElkGroveDan (Reagan is back, and this time he's a woman.)
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To: alisasny
If they are saying that, they are not being honest.

I respectfully disagree. We are not like other people. Of course anyone who hangs out on Free Republic or Drudge or Huffington Post has made up their mind. But I run into people all the time at the grocery store, football games, etc who truly have not made up their minds. They are in the minority, but they are there. I sat with one at the Freshman Football game today. This was a 63 year old retired civil servant;Reagan Democrat type. She hates Bush, but not like a Bush Hater. She said she thinks Bush is a nice man who means well but that he is just stupid. She wants a "change" and generally disapproves of Republicans and is leaning Obama but she just doesn't like him or trust him very much.

107 posted on 09/26/2008 8:08:20 PM PDT by Zevonismymuse
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To: Westbrook

I love your tagline Westbrook, my munchkins make me the man I am today, plus it made me tear up a little. I am really sweating this election. I shall trust in God to bail our dumbasses out of this mess.

108 posted on 09/26/2008 8:08:43 PM PDT by GunnyHartman (Proud Infidel)
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To: ataDude
I thought O's hair-do looked like a Julius Caesar cut.

Maybe he thought they were bringing back the Coliseum from the DNC acceptance speech.

109 posted on 09/26/2008 8:09:05 PM PDT by not2worry (WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND)
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To: Notwithstanding

I don’t believe that I missed this the first go-round

obami’s campaign is asking people to drive and waste gas! They have a large icon saying DRIVE FOR CHANGE.

this is my personal email from joe biden.

Drive for change to a battleground state Now that John McCain has decided to participate in tonight’s debate, don’t forget to tune in and watch at 9:00 p.m. EDT.

This is a great opportunity to come together with your friends and family and hear Barack’s plan to take our country in a fundamentally different direction.

But before you watch tonight’s historic debate, there’s something just as important that you can do right now.

I’m about to make a big request — and I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t so important.

In the final weeks of this campaign, supporters like you will be traveling to the nearest battleground state to do the kind of work that will decide this election — knocking on doors, talking to undecided voters, and getting out the vote on Election Day.

Will you sign up to travel to a battleground state and spend one, two or even three weeks helping to win this election?

Face-to-face contact with voters is the single most effective way to deliver the votes we need to win.

It may be a tight race, but we have something John McCain doesn’t: a whole lot of passion and enthusiasm for change. I’ve seen it in the towns and cities I’ve visited in every corner of the country.

But it’s up to each of us to make sure we turn this energy into votes on November 4th.

Don’t let this election be decided by political stunts or distractions. Join your fellow supporters, roll up your sleeves, and help carry this campaign to victory.

Make a difference by traveling to a state where the race is extremely close and help put us over the top:

Supporters like you are the only reason we’ve come as far as we have.

Now, we’re counting on you to get us the rest of the way.

Thanks for everything you’re doing,



110 posted on 09/26/2008 8:11:12 PM PDT by machogirl (i)
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To: Lumper20

I’m not trying to be funny lumper. I’m really scared for my country. Aren’t you?

111 posted on 09/26/2008 8:11:31 PM PDT by GunnyHartman (Proud Infidel)
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To: fastrock
McCain had the opportunity to hit a homerun on bailout questions...

I don't think either candidate was prepared to go in depth about the bailout, and therefore the part of the debate on the economy was a draw.

Remember the stakes involved in the bailout -- no responsible politician is going to come out spouting blame, attacks and threats at this time and risk not only the plan that is being negotiated right now, but a crash in the market caused by their ill considered words.

The next debate is going to be about economic issues. Hopefully by then the candidates won't have to walk on eggshells when discussing it, and there will be much more separation between them.

112 posted on 09/26/2008 8:12:27 PM PDT by EarlyBird
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To: sauropod


Folks, you should have seen my husband dancing around the living room, pointing to his wrist, and exclaiming “I’ve got a bracelet TOOOOOOO!! I’ve got a bracelet TOOOOOOO!! I’ve got a bracelet TOOOOOOO!!”

This would have been a killer if McCain hadn’t wiffed on a total softball in the first five minutes of the debate. Ehh....

113 posted on 09/26/2008 8:12:34 PM PDT by hellinahandcart
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To: Notwithstanding

“I’ve got a bracelet, too,” as he looked down at his notes to read the name of the soldier.”

Gee, and he spent THREE whole days prepping and rehearsing for this - guess it was teleprompter withdrawal/anxiety.

Anyway, WHEW - so glad McCain recovered the ball and, imho, kept the lead.

What say you?

114 posted on 09/26/2008 8:12:34 PM PDT by llandres (I'd rather be alive and bankrupt than dead and solvent)
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To: Lloyd227

“Yeah, that was a rather weak moment, but I gotta say.... McCain should not have brought it up if he didn’t have that bracelet on his wrist.”

McCain did have the blacelet on his wrist. I hope some Freeper caught the name of the soldier Obama named and find out if his mom is a member of code pink. Forgive me for being nasty. God bless the soldier and his family.

115 posted on 09/26/2008 8:12:46 PM PDT by seekthetruth
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To: GunnyHartman

Apparently you have the same opinion of the American voter as Senator Obama. Time for a change.

116 posted on 09/26/2008 8:13:09 PM PDT by Peter Horry
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To: Notwithstanding

Obama said he (paraphrasing) “stood up 6 years ago and opposed the war when it wasn’t popular to do that.” Wasn’t he in the Il senate 6 years ago? What made his opposition so risky?!!

Brit’s team said there were no gaffes. Was that not a gaffe on BO’s part?

117 posted on 09/26/2008 8:13:19 PM PDT by Heart of Georgia (McCain/Palin '08)
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To: Notwithstanding

“I’ve got a bracelet too...his name is um, um, ah, um, here somewhere....uh

Sheesh, what a pom-POUS mo-RON.

118 posted on 09/26/2008 8:13:26 PM PDT by CanaGuy (Go Harper!)
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To: Notwithstanding

Even Fox seems to be spinning this in favor of Obama...

119 posted on 09/26/2008 8:13:52 PM PDT by Lusis ("Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.")
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To: cripplecreek
He’s clearly a moron and that’s one of his good points.

There were two men debating.

Which "he " are you referring to?

120 posted on 09/26/2008 8:14:13 PM PDT by Cobra64 (; all)
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