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Obama Born In Kenya? His Grandmother Says Yes
Israel E-news ^ | 10/12/08 | Tamar Yonah

Posted on 10/12/2008 6:05:35 PM PDT by pissant

Someone is lying. According to Obama's Kenyan (paternal) grandmother, as well as his half-brother and half-sister, Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya, not in Hawaii as the Democratic candidate for president claims. His grandmother bragged that her grandson is about to be President of the United States and is so proud because she was present DURING HIS BIRTH IN KENYA, in the delivery room. -This, according to several news sites and Pennsylvania attorney Philip J. Berg (see video below) who is, surprisingly, a life long democrat himself. Berg is the former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, and he has an impressive background in his activities as a democrat, but his support for the party seemingly stops when it comes to his trust in Barack Hussein Obama.

Many U.S. voters are suspicious of the Democratic candidate's past, and Berg filed a lawsuit to force Barack Hussein Obama to produce a certified copy of his original birth certificate to prove that he can run for the office of President of the United States. However, he is being fought. The DNC On Sept. 24 filed a motion to dismiss the Berg action. Why? What is there to hide? Why not produce the original birth certificate and be done with all the suspicions against Barack Hussein Obama?

A few months back, a birth certificate WAS posted on the internet which shows that Obama was born in Hawaii. Yet some say this birth certificate is a forgery and again, his grandmother st

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To: CharlotteVRWC

I have been told that Obama’s Mama went to Kenya for visit very pregnant. When she tried to return the airline refused her boarding as they didn’t want birth on airplane. She gave birth shortly and then after three days in Kenya after the birth. got on a plane and flew to Hawaii and THEN registered the birth. Sneaky wasn’t she.

121 posted on 10/12/2008 6:45:53 PM PDT by supermop
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To: cripplecreek
I never thought I would say it but honestly I prefer Hillary over Obama.

I posted the other day that I would dance at her Inaugural Ball.
122 posted on 10/12/2008 6:46:59 PM PDT by Miss Didi ("Good heavens, woman, this is a war not a garden party!" Dr. Meade, Gone with the Wind)
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To: jtal

My children are all US citizens, but none can run for president. They are not “natural born citizens”. They were born in foreign lands and then adopted, first in their foreign lands, and re-adopted again here in the US. So although they came here as the “children of US citizens”, they had to undergo naturalization procedures. Thus, they will never be eligible for the presidency.

123 posted on 10/12/2008 6:47:17 PM PDT by keats5 ("I hope for his sake, Joe Biden got that VP thing in writing."- Rudy)
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To: Maelstorm
Hmmm...Is grandma still alive?


Sarah Onyango Obama

FR Cross Reference: Barack Obama's African grandmother Sarah Onyango Obama roots for him [a two-roomed, tin-roofed.....]

124 posted on 10/12/2008 6:47:28 PM PDT by arasina (So there.)
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To: PhiKapMom
Pretty substantial rumors said there are three copies of certified Kenyan birth certifications NOW in the states. One is going to the judge. One went to this guy and where did the 3rd one go.

I can't imagine!

125 posted on 10/12/2008 6:48:11 PM PDT by COBOL2Java (Obama wants to raise taxes and kill babies; Palin wants to raise babies and kill taxes.)
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To: Miss Didi

If Hillary steps in we can say “We can’t trust a political party that tried to put a terrorist in the whitehouse!”

126 posted on 10/12/2008 6:48:11 PM PDT by CommieCutter (I'm voting for Sarah.......and that other guy.)
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To: dascallie
Do you think he can still be POTUS after perpetuating that level of lie?

Given the audacity ("balls") of the Dems in claiming the Fannie/Freddie fiasco was Bush's fault when it was actually theirs ... yes.

Most of the sheeple won't care ... or understand the issues involved.
127 posted on 10/12/2008 6:49:11 PM PDT by TexasGreg ("Democrats Piss Me Off")
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To: PhiKapMom
That is what I am wondering — is this the documentation Corsi found?

Did you hear how fast Brian and Steve shut Corsi up on Friday? They had him on to chat about his ordeal in Kenya...the minute he brought up that he had some documents--they cut him off. Quite rudely, too. So not like the friendly Friends. What was up with that???
128 posted on 10/12/2008 6:49:15 PM PDT by Miss Didi ("Good heavens, woman, this is a war not a garden party!" Dr. Meade, Gone with the Wind)
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To: nobama08
Maybe he knew there is no law that says someone running for president has to prove they are eligible.

And he is correct. He may run for president and be elected president. But he is constitutionally ineligible to serve as president.

129 posted on 10/12/2008 6:49:16 PM PDT by 17th Miss Regt
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To: Maelstorm

“Hmmm...Is grandma still alive?”

as of today at 9:44 PM EST...

130 posted on 10/12/2008 6:49:28 PM PDT by zwerni (*** PALIN/mccain 2008 ***)
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To: Miss Didi

Obama is dangerous in a whole different way than Hillary. I think Hillary can be reigned in to some extent.

131 posted on 10/12/2008 6:49:41 PM PDT by cripplecreek (Paying taxes for bank bailouts is apparently the patriotic thing to do. [/sarc])
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To: manc

Even if he gets elected... if it can be proven that he is not eligible for the position, would he be able to remain in it? Ay God, this would make Clinton’s legal hijinks look like jaywalking.

Come’on Americans... do you want a president who’s going to spend his whole term fighting charges that he isn’t legally eligible to hold the office in the first place?

Why didn’t they get a real American for their puppet? BTW, I understand he never went through any naturalization process, so he is not only perhaps a non-natural born American, he may not be an American citizen at all!

The first illegal alien president. Yippee, what a country we’ve become.

132 posted on 10/12/2008 6:49:42 PM PDT by ichabod1 (You won't know communism is here until it puts a boot in your (fat) bottom.)
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To: pissant
“Okay flame me, but is this guy stupid enough to run for POTUS when proof exists that he is not a natural born citizen?”

I beginning to think the dimocRATS to not care. If its a “Constitutional crisis” so be it. I beginning to think that has been the left’s plan all along.

133 posted on 10/12/2008 6:50:15 PM PDT by Parley Baer
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To: LiveFreeOrDie2001

It’s not going to get on and will not go anywhere. If you’re getting excited about this don’t bother. When John McCain was defending Obama the other day he also said, “He’s a citizen”. He is not going to pursue this and without the support of the ticket it’s a dead issue

134 posted on 10/12/2008 6:50:35 PM PDT by wiseprince
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To: pissant
Does this kill the Obama birth certificate myth?

Scan from the August 1961 edition of the Honolulu Advertiser

Obama is an American. No, really. Update: Shocker - Berg a truther?

135 posted on 10/12/2008 6:50:35 PM PDT by AHerald ("Be faithful to God ... do not bother about the ridicule of the foolish." - St. Pio of Pietrelcina)
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To: WVNan

Everyone needs to be a little careful with the Ed Hale thing.

This was posted by texasdarlin earlier today referring to him having a copy of the Kenyan Birth Certificate:

10/12/08 10:40 AM ET: Since originally posting this story Saturday, Atty. Philip Berg’s office informed us that they cannot discuss this matter due to pending litigation, which is understandable. They also informed us that Berg is NOT collaborating with Ed Hale, moderator of a site, “Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain” and host of a radio show. We have had no direct contact with Ed Hale, and have no idea whether he’s truthful or not. Whether or not the “tip” we received is accurate, only time will tell. At this time, we have no further independent verification. However, the reason we published this story and the reason we will keep the story on this blog is that the language in Berg’s filing — which is a matter of public record — is specific about the Kenyan birth place, and we assume that the claim is based on something besides wishful thinking.

136 posted on 10/12/2008 6:50:43 PM PDT by tuwood
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To: PhiKapMom

They say Hannity has newly obtained documented information tonight. Hannity is recording at home, but I won’t see the show until I return home later.

137 posted on 10/12/2008 6:50:49 PM PDT by Paige ("All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing," Edmund Burke)
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To: Miss Didi

That’s weird — why would they cut him off? Did they not want him revealing what he had on their show because they did not want to know?

138 posted on 10/12/2008 6:51:38 PM PDT by PhiKapMom ( BOOMER SOONER -- VOTE FOR McCAIN/PALIN2008!
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To: AHerald

No. Not even close.

139 posted on 10/12/2008 6:52:07 PM PDT by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: ichabod1

Can we deport him for all this fraud?

140 posted on 10/12/2008 6:52:33 PM PDT by PhiKapMom ( BOOMER SOONER -- VOTE FOR McCAIN/PALIN2008!
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