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Names of Academics =signed petition supporting terrorist Bill Ayers (+ 3K - check your school)
Support Bill Ayers ^ | 9-24-08

Posted on 10/22/2008 8:32:54 PM PDT by STARWISE


September 24, 2008 Support Bill Ayers - 3247 Current Endorsements -

Dear friends and colleagues in the field of education,

It seems that the character assassination and slander of Bill Ayers and other people who have known Obama is not about to let up.

While an important concern is the dishonesty of this campaign and the slanderous McCarthyism they are using to attack Obama, we also feel an obligation to support our friend and colleague Bill Ayers.

Many, many educators have reached out, asking what they could do, seeking a way to weigh in against fear and intimidation. Many of us have been talking and we agree that this one gesture, a joint statement signed by hundreds of hard-working educators, would be a great first step. Such a statement may be distributed through press releases or ads in the future.

Please click on ENDORSE THIS STATEMENT in order to sign the following statement in support of Bill Ayers and, just as importantly, FORWARD it to other friends and colleagues who would like to stand up against these attacks.

(*Title/Affiliation will be listed for identification purposes only. Please be assured that we have no intention of using your name for any other purpose than beneath the words on this page.)

Thank you!

Friends and supporters of Bill Ayers

EDUCATOR STATEMENT - 3247 Current Endorsements -

We write to support our colleague Professor William Ayers, Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago, who is currently under determined and sustained political attack.

Ayers is a nationally known scholar, member of the Faculty Senate at UIC, Vice President-elect of the American Educational Research Association, and sought after as a speaker and visiting scholar by other universities because of his exemplary scholarship, teaching, and service.

Throughout the 20 years that he has been a valued faculty member at UIC, he has taught, advised, mentored, and supported hundreds of undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. students. He has pushed them to take seriously their responsibilities as educators in a democracy – to promote critical inquiry, dialogue, and debate; to encourage questioning and independent thinking; to value the full humanity of every person and to work for access and equity.

Helping educators develop the capacity and ethical commitment to these responsibilities is at the core of what we do, and as a teacher he has always embraced debate and multiple perspectives.

All citizens, but particularly teachers and scholars, are called upon to challenge orthodoxy, dogma, and mindless complacency, to be skeptical of authoritative claims, to interrogate and trouble the given and the taken-for-granted. Without critical dialogue and dissent we would likely be burning witches and enslaving our fellow human beings to this day.

The growth of knowledge, insight, and understanding--- the possibility of change--- depends on that kind of effort, and the inevitable clash of ideas that follows should be celebrated and nourished rather than crushed. Teachers have a heavy responsibility, a moral obligation, to organize classrooms as sites of open discussion, free of coercion or intimidation.

By all accounts Professor Ayers meets this standard. His classes are fully enrolled, and students welcome the exchange of views that he encourages.

The current characterizations of Professor Ayers---“unrepentant terrorist,” “lunatic leftist”---are unrecognizable to those who know or work with him. It’s true that Professor Ayers participated passionately in the civil rights and antiwar movements of the 1960s, as did hundreds of thousands of Americans.

His participation in political activity 40 years ago is history; what is most relevant now is his continued engagement in progressive causes, and his exemplary contribution---including publishing 16 books--- to the field of education.

The current attacks appear as part of a pattern of “exposés” and assaults designed to intimidate free thinking and stifle critical dialogue.

Like crusades against high school and elementary teachers, and faculty at UCLA, Columbia, DePaul, and the University of Colorado, the attacks on and the character assassination of Ayers threaten the university as a space of open inquiry and debate, and threaten schools as places of compassion, imagination, curiosity, and free thought.

They serve as warnings that anyone who voices perspectives and advances questions that challenge orthodoxy and political power may become a target, and this, then, casts a chill over free speech and inquiry and the spirit of democracy.

We, the undersigned, stand on the side of education as an enterprise devoted to human inquiry, enlightenment, and liberation. We oppose the demonization of Professor William Ayers.

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Front Page News; Government; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: academia; ayers; bombs; highereducation; leftismoncampus; obama; pentagon
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What is it exactly about him they are supporting? Do they know?

21 posted on 10/22/2008 9:07:36 PM PDT by pieceofthepuzzle
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To: lonewacko_dot_com

here is his show on streaming radio online

22 posted on 10/22/2008 9:09:02 PM PDT by Selmore (I love you today more than yesterday,.....cause yesterday you really pis$ed me off.)
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To: HereInTheHeartland

Alois Schickelgruber community organizer just signed.

A few here may have to google this name.

23 posted on 10/22/2008 9:11:15 PM PDT by Drango (A liberal's compassion is limited only by the size of someone else's wallet.)
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To: ken21
Here is an Alphabetical list for easy look.
351 L. Savannah Hawkins (The) Lusory - Alternative Future
2074 Lloyd H Wafer Jr. 4th Grade Teacher
2885 Joyce Hubbard 5th grade Special Education Teacher
1550 Ursula Oberg Academic Preceptor, UC Santa Cruz
565 Mark Ginsburg Academy for Educational Development
1804 Diane Deckert Academy for Urban School Leadership, Chicago
508 Luke Patterson Academy of Recording Arts, Los Angeles
1255 Luke Patterson Academy of Recording Arts, Los Angeles
410 Emily Westlake ACP
2911 Irma C. Romero Adalberto United Methodist Church
1598 Jan Wolff Bensdorf Adelphi University
1840 Connie Goddard Adjunct Faculty, Chicago
3244 Elizabeth Marino Adjunct Lecturer
2742 Dr. Denise Rose Adjunct Professor
2619 Carlie Calvin Adjunct Professor and Political Organizer
1072 Paul Lisicky Adjunct Professor/New York University
1098 Paul Lisicky Adjunct Professor/New York University
1316 Andre Vellino Adjunct Research Professor, Cognitive Sciences, Carleton University
1677 Martha Jaegers Adult Educator
993 Sharon Lynn Griffiths Adult Educator/Poet
2588 Susan Klimczak Advanced Doctoral Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education
757 Gail Palmisano AERA
847 Carol Sills Strickland AERA member
3162 Michelle Weiner AERO
1785 Robert Hoover AFofL/CIO
2877 Elisa Larkin Nascimento Afro-Brazilian Studies and Research Institute
1699 Carlyle Poteat Alamance Community College
242 Eleanor Stein Albany Law School
2666 Ruth Montgomery Albuquerque Public Schools
1076 Thomas V. Peterson Alfred University
1102 Thomas V. Peterson Alfred University
1120 Emrys Westacott Alfred University
3201 Ben Neale Alliant International University
2833 Isaac Graves Alternative Education Resource Organization
395 Desiree Pointer Mace Alverno College
968 Scott E, Wales American
1196 Efrem Korngold, OMD American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
1966 John W. Braxton American Federation of Teachers Local 2026 Co-President
2699 Terry Salinger American Institutes for Research
2573 Amanda Berry American University
1126 Nady Abdal-Ghaffar American University in Cairo
224 Andrew Parker Amherst College
3048 Jacob Boyer Amherst College
921 Randa Roen Nachbar Amherst Family Center
229 Dr. Marcy Newman An Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine
3100 Jennifer Meagher Andover High School Educator
366 Judith M. DeWoskin Ann Arbor Public Schools
1055 Michele Britton Bass, Ed.D. Antioch University Santa Barbara
1188 Susan Lang Antioch University Santa Barbara
1082 Marianne D'Emidio Caston Antioch University, Santa Barbara
1108 Marianne D'Emidio Caston Antioch University, Santa Barbara
765 Peter Giampietro Appalachian State University
3240 Shanan Fitts, PhD Appalachian State University
3079 Erica Davila Arcadia University
3238 Peter Appelbaum Arcadia University
3022 Philip Schmidt Architect
3009 Judy Solomon Engelberg Archivist
2831 Linda M. Park-Fuller Ariz State University (Retired)
49 Gustavo E. Fischman Arizona State University
128 David C. Berliner Arizona State University
461 Elizabeth B. Kozleski Arizona State University
477 Angela E. Arzubiaga Arizona State University
572 Jennifer Sandlin Arizona State University
782 Karen Anijar Arizona State University
1065 Mari Koerner Arizona State University
1091 Mari Koerner Arizona State University
1671 Christopher Michael Clark Arizona State University
1756 Sarah Hudelson Arizona State University
1933 Vanna Gonzales, Ph.D. Arizona State University
1949 Christian Faltis Arizona State University
2027 Mary Romero Arizona State University
2344 LaDawn Haglund Arizona State University
2365 Josephine Peyton Marsh Arizona State University
2457 David E. Schwalm Arizona State University
2589 sanford l braver, Ph.D. Arizona state University
2621 Frank Serafini Arizona State University
2626 Ann Dutton Ewbank, Ph.D. Arizona State University
275 Beth Blue Swadener, Ph.D. Arizona State University - Tempe
1721 Carole Edelsky Arizona State University (Professsor Emerita)
996 Melissa Rivers Arizona State University-student
502 Karyn Sandlos Art Education Department, Chicago School of the Art Institute
1327 Judith Barry Artist
1742 Marc Fischer Artist
1814 Benjamin Wilson Artist
2935 Casey Shain Artist
978 Theresa Grywalski Arts coordinator chapel hill carrboro city school/ 30 year high school teacher recently retired.
1825 Jacqui Ulrich Arts Programmer
1399 Marvin Garcia ASN Praxis Project
2316 Rick L. Wade Assistant Professor National-Louis University
933 Jennifer L. Milam Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University
3181 Carolyn A. Dorsey Assoc Prof Emeritus, University of Missouri
2586 Janice Kroeger Associate Professor Kent State University
1493 Dr. Marcy Newman Associate Professor of English, An Najah National University
815 Stacy Otto, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Illinois State University
434 Peter B. Hilton, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Saint Xavier University
1633 Marianna Hopkins Associate Professor, Salt Lake Community College
1260 Steven Nelson Associate Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
878 Beth T. Bates Associate Professor, Wayne State University
2800 Suzanne Dohm Asst Professor, Pace University NYC
2486 Katherine Ortiz Asst. Dean, Wright College
1744 Amy Michele Markos ASU
2374 Sarah Townsend Atlanta, GA
15 Robert Boyle Attorney
937 Sarah Marmor Attorney
1659 Elizabeth Starkey Attorney
1680 Laurene Heybach attorney
2187 Pam Cooke Attorney
2850 Kathy Manley Attorney
2882 Dorchen A. Leidholdt Attorney
3085 Bruce Rubenstein Attorney
3232 Jeffrey Segal Attorney, SE Region VP, UAW Local 2320
657 Jeffrey S. Brooks Auburn University
2660 William Buskist Auburn University
1940 Jeffrey Ritchie Aurora Health Care
2247 Brian A.T. Husby Aurora University
2252 Michael De Haven Aurora University
796 Kit Bakke Author
1432 Susan Gordon Author
1588 Lynda Schor Author
2774 Jeffrey Haas Author
2627 Ron Jacobs Author, Library worker
1551 Albert Stabler B.E.S.T. Small High School
1984 Mara Wood Baker University School of Nursing
1515 Karen Kircher Baldwin Wallace adjunct faculty
354 Jay Gillen Baltimore Algebra Project/City Schools
406 Laura Weeldreyer Baltimore City Educator
1193 Elizabeth Grob Bank Street College
1803 Nancy Balaban Bank Street College
2009 Helen Freidus Bank Street College
2013 Adrianne Kamsler Bank Street College
2041 Margaret Terry Orr Bank Street College
2043 Harriet Lenk Bank Street College
2136 Virginia Miller Bank Street College
2140 Nancy McKeever Bank Street College
2141 Karina Otoya Knapp Bank Street College
2193 Barbara Stern Bank Street College
2304 Fern J. Khan Bank Street College
2407 Elva Berger Bank Street College
2421 Betsy Hall Carton Bank Street College
2463 Barbara Dubitsky Bank Street College
2474 Marian Howard Bank Street College
2499 Nina Jensen Bank Street College
2570 Patricia Pool Steckman Bank Street College
2684 Liege Motta Bank Street College
2793 Sue Carbary Bank Street College
418 Carol Foresta Bank Street College of Education
929 Jonathan Silin Bank Street College of Education
1992 Dr. Peggy McNamara Bank Street College of Education
2177 Michael Cook Bank Street College of Education
2221 Diane Tortu Bank Street College of Education
2239 Katherine O'Donnell Bank Street College of Education
2409 Nora Gaines Bank Street College of Education
2493 Gil Schmerler Bank Street College of Education
2508 Nancy Nager Bank Street College of Education
2640 Susan Stires Bank Street College of Education
2767 Davia Franklyn Bank Street College of Education
2768 Salvatore Vascellaro Bank Street College of Education
2802 Lynne Einbender Bank Street College of Education
2821 Susan Goetz-Haver Bank Street College of Education
2861 Nancy Nager Bank Street College of Education
2933 Dina Heisler Bank Street College of Education
301 Stan Chu Bank Street College of Education, New York
2464 Frank Pignatelli Bank Street College of Educattion
785 Wing Ding Weisenheimer Barber College
654 Kelly Gaddis Bard College
613 Rebecca Quaytman Bard College, Columbia University
480 Beatrice Stern Birch, Ph.D. Bard High School Early College
481 Steven Mazie Bard High School Early College
483 Raymond Petersosn Bard High School Early College
493 Wendy Kahn Bard High School Early College
504 Martha Rowen Bard High School Early College
289 Lee Anne Bell, Professor Barnard College
1250 Delia Mellis, Ph.D. Barnard College
1374 Keith Moxey Barnard College
2130 Elizabeth Castelli Barnard College at Columbia University
1351 Linn Cary Mehta Barnard College, Columbia University, NYC
1460 Jill Beloff Farrell Barry University
3038 Rosa L. Rivera-McCutchen Baruch College
1112 Michael Plekon Baruch College-CUNY
168 Peggy J. Sradnick Basic Trust
1249 Shad Reinstein Bastyr University
25 Helene Atwan Beacon Press
1307 Helene Atwan Beacon Press
2661 K.K. Hudson-Bates Beamer Park Elementary School, Woodland CA
803 Adam Renner Bellarmine University
1436 Carlos Chavarria Bellarmine University
182 Dr. Victoria Davis Belvidere CUSD #100
3012 David Poradzisz, Ph.D. Benedictine University
1162 Sven Birkerts Bennington Writing Seminars
342 Loretta Kane, Ph.D. Berkeley City College
355 Dharini Rasiah Berkeley High School
464 Leah Katz Berkeley High School
498 Dana Moran Berkeley High School
2954 Ilene Abrams Berkeley High School
61 Victor Wallis Berklee College of Music
476 Pamela Karen Holt Beverly Area Planning Assoc.
1179 Salome Chasnoff Beyondmedia Education
1213 Salome Chasnoff Beyondmedia Education
1745 Joanne Archibald Beyondmedia Education
1134 Jed Brandt Big Character Design
1227 Bj Richards Bj's Kids
991 Carol Fox Blacksburg Middle School, Blacksburg, Virginia
977 Beth Levinson Blacksburg Middle School/ Former student
1962 Nancy B Phillips BMCC, CUNY adjunct
1011 Yolanda Medina BMCC/CUNY
3138 Yolanda Medina BMCC/CUNY
2542 Howard Berger Board of Education, New York City
2526 John N. Cooper III Boardluv Photo Productions
3212 Susan D. Martin, Ph.D. Boise State University
578 Kevin Winkler Borough of Manhattan Community College
2732 Rachel Theilheimer Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY
982 Christopher Robinson Boston Center for Adult Education
1557 Suzy Kim Boston College
1874 Deborah Belle Boston University
701 Dr. Evelyn W. Pratt Bowdoin College
2212 Guenter Rose, Ph.D. Bowdoin College
780 William D. Armaline, Ph. D. Bowling Green State University
137 Gordon Fellman Brandeis University
206 Mary Baine Campbell Brandeis University
2372 Susan Mayer Brandeis University
2691 Polly F. Attwood, Ed.D. Brandeis, Adjunct Faculty
2677 Brian Chidester Bristol-Warren Education Association
2302 John M. Novak Brock University
411 Joanne Falinski Bronx Charter School for Better Learning
2915 Paula Hajar Bronx Charter School for Better Learning
2235 Nancy Gear Bronx Community College
925 Sally Jenkins-Stevens Bronx Lab School
1295 Gregory Wilpert Brooklyn College
2411 Lori Chajet Brooklyn College
2687 Lisa Jarnot Brooklyn College
2807 Peter Taubman Brooklyn College
3072 Kelly Lynn Ginger Brooklyn College
2787 Sonia E. Murrow Brooklyn College - CUNY
2862 Michael Meagher Brooklyn College - CUNY
1452 Moustafa Bayoumi Brooklyn College, City University of New York
149 Immanuel Ness Brooklyn College/City University of New York
2899 Jennifer D. Adams Brooklyn College-CUNY
3205 Pauline Bynoe Brooklyn College-CUNY
216 James O'Brien Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School
594 Mitchel Cohen Brooklyn Greens / Green Party, and SUNY Stony Brook SDS (back when ... )
312 William Keach Brown University
486 Tracy Steffes Brown University
1313 Tracie Shea Brown University
2255 Connie Crawford Brown University
2285 Kym Moore Brown University
2415 Michael da Cruz Brown University Student
3083 Diana Oughton Bryn Mawr
55 Sanford F. Schram Bryn Mawr College
145 Jody Cohen Bryn Mawr College
1926 Leslie Patrick Bucknell University
1951 John Enyeart Bucknell University
2222 Richard Waller Bucknell University
1641 Geoffrey R. Skoll Buffalo State College
1805 Marion Barnett Buffalo State College
1878 Leslie K. Day Buffalo State College
1957 Dennis G. Mike Buffalo State College
1993 Cynthia Eggleston Buffalo State College
2098 John Hoskyns-Abrahall Bullfrog Films
2297 Alexa Gregory Business Owner
3188 Beth Johnson Business Owner, Graphic Designer
2655 Christie Logan, Ph.D. CA State University, Northridge
802 Alan H. Jones Caddo Gap Press
1498 Theresa Montano Cal State Univ Northridge
2794 Ben Clinesmith Calhoun School, NYC
2795 Kathleen Clinesmith Calhoun School, NYC
1247 Diana Block California Coalition for Women Prisoners
3226 Robert Hutton California College of the Arts - Oakland
340 Joan Perlof California State U. East Bay
31 Wayne Au California State University
74 Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz California State University
332 Eric Toshalis California State University Channel Islands
2714 Kaia Tollefson California State University Channel Islands
3071 Elizabeth Quintero California State University Channel Islands
377 Gabriel Liboiron-Cohen California State University East Bay
1970 John Berteaux California State University Monterey Bay
2004 Dr. Cecilia O'Leary California State University Monterey Bay
2048 Marisa Mercado California State University Monterey Bay
2093 Prof Kathryn Poethig California State University Monterey Bay
2752 Michelle Weiner,MA California State University Northridge
2008 Tony Platt California State University Sacramento
2363 Mary Kay Rummel California State University, Channel Islands
2662 Chris Fosen California State University, Chico
2063 Jyotsna Pattnaik California State University, Long Beach
2096 Michael J. Dumas, Ph.D. California State University, Long Beach
2107 Felipe Golez California State University, Long Beach
2572 Jennifer J. Coots, PhD California State University, Long Beach
3052 MaryEllen Vogt California State University, Long Beach
1738 Sharon H. Ulanoff California State University, Los Angeles
249 Ian Barnard, Ph.D. California State University, Northridge
855 Jose Cintron California State University, Sacramento
2095 Daniel Clark Orey California State University, Sacramento
681 Kathy Roberts Cambridge Community Partnership For Children
1006 Lynne Hall Cambridge Public Schools
417 David Jay Patterson Cañada College
917 Arthur T Emery Candidate for J.D. 2009, Northwestern University
1080 Jonathan Roberts Cape Cod Regional Technical High School
1106 Jonathan Roberts Cape Cod Regional Technical High School
2379 Vanessa Paradis Capella University
152 Franny Nudelman Carleton University
571 Barbara Leckie Carleton University
2319 Bruce Strom Carroll University
3174 Sarah Clayton CCAEYC
1288 Michael Steven Smith Center for Constitutional Rights
1964 Noreen Winningham Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education at the University of Chicago
335 Donna Nevel Center for Immigrant Families, NYC
3047 Lisa D. Delpit Center for Urban Education and Innovation, FIU
83 Lance T. McCready, Ph.D. Center for Urban Schooling (CUS), Toronto, Ontario
2841 Sadu Nanjundiah Central Connecticut State University
3184 Aram Ayalon Central Connecticut State University
3189 Ellen Retelle Central Connecticut State University
3190 Fatemeh Abdollahzadeh, PH.D Central Connecticut State University
3196 Carol Shaw Austad Central Connecticut State University
3198 Timothy V. Craine Central Connecticut State University
3204 Olga Petkova Central Connecticut State University
3227 Karen C. Beyard Central Connecticut State University
775 Seamus O'Sullivan, Ph.D. Central New Mexico Community College
1885 Julie Zuckerman Central Park East 1
2073 Donnie Rotkin Central Park East 1 Elementary School
2104 Maggie Wright Central Park East School, NYC
931 Dr. Lisa Hochtritt Chair, Art Education, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, Denver, CO
969 Andy Griggs Chair, NEA Peace and Justice Caucus, former Board member of United Teachers Los Angeles
576 Ron Miller Champlain College
1602 Mark Rodriguez Changing Worlds
1424 Henry Elkins Chapel Hill Friends Meeting
1788 Linda J Nichols Chapman College
151 Nubar Hovsepian Chapman University
86 Karl Meiner Chemeketa Community College
1735 Theo Lesczynski Chicago Academy High School
1922 Nichelle Manuel Chicago Educators
905 Mia Henry Chicago Freedom School
2989 Crystal Johnson Chicago Metro History Education Center
1170 Alan W. Ziebarth Chicago Public Library
1965 Rebecca Gottschall Chicago Public School Teacher
1752 Matthew Schultz Chicago Public School Teacher, University of Illinois Doctoral Student
23 Patrick J. O'Reilly Chicago Public Schools
69 Craig Segal Chicago Public Schools
369 Hedy Helfand Chicago Public Schools
487 Lillian Kass Chicago Public Schools
608 Howard Emmer Chicago Public Schools
700 Peg Callaghan Chicago Public Schools
894 Lindsey Wilcox-Cooper Chicago Public Schools
999 David W Brown Chicago Public Schools
1311 Daveed Moskowitz Chicago Public Schools
1398 Adam Heenan Chicago Public Schools
1488 Andrew Johnson Chicago Public Schools
1521 Kiran Younus Chicago Public Schools
1772 Albert Delgado Chicago Public Schools
2069 Joseph Oberts Chicago Public Schools
2166 Jon Schmidt Chicago Public Schools
2311 Patricia Flanagan Chicago Public Schools
2490 Diane Fager Chicago Public Schools
2773 Art Morganstein Chicago Public Schools
427 John Snakenborg Chicago Public Schools & UIC
2423 Irene Krull Vitullo Chicago Public Schools (Retired)
1631 Kirsten Koivula Chicago Public Schools Counselor
80 Mary C. Canning chicago public schools retired
1724 Amy Hammerand Chicago Public Schools, former student of Bill Ayers
2050 Diane Durante Chicago Public Schools, Former student of Dr. Ayers
1422 Elizabeth Chase Vivas Chicago Public Schools, Small Schools
489 Quraysh Ali Lansana Chicago State University
1502 James F. Sheldou, MPA Chicago State University
2676 Byung-In Seo Chicago State University
423 Kathleen H. McInerney, Ph.D. Chicago State University and Centro de Estudios Interamericanos, Cuenca, Ecuador
1800 Norine Gutekanst Chicago Teachers Union
2292 Laurel C. Schneider Chicago Theological Seminary
1533 Dan Newman Chicago-area High School teacher
898 Ellen Ellsberg Edge Child Development Center, Keene State College
1963 Kathryn Ross Children's Garden Montessori School
1501 Harriet Beinfield Chinese Medicine Works
203 Arif Dirlik Chinese University of Hong Kong
1151 Arif Dirlik Chinese University of Hong Kong
3098 Chip Greenspan CHS
2284 Michael Padavic CHSD 218 School, Illinois
1669 Susan Werner Cicero School District 99
1829 Katie Deska Citizen of the Earth
2623 Lisa Simon City College - CUNY
2764 James L. Neujahr City College of New York
2908 Mitch Bleier City College of New York (CUNY)
210 Marilyn Hacker City College of New York, CUNY Graduate Center
1440 Vicki Legion City College of San Francisco, San Francisco State University
2322 Elizabeth Vazquez City Colleges of Chicago
2805 Miguel A. Vazquez City Colleges of Chicago
3011 Leticia Cortez City Colleges of Chicago Professor
11 Michelle Fine City University of New York
1027 Barbara Katz Rothman City University of New York
3032 Carolina Munoz Proto City University of New York
3081 Shirley Frank City University of New York
1008 Logan McBride City University of New York, Graduate Center
1218 Lika Jordan Civics Teacher Nanakuli High and Intermediate School
2408 Linda M. Perkins Claremont Graduate University
300 John D. Maguire Claremont University Consortium & Graduate University
1431 Michael Ann Holly Clark Art Institute
2582 Gregory W. Finley Clark College
1629 Maya Minter Clark University
2210 Suzanne Rosenblith Clemson University
2518 Victoria Ridgeway Gillis Clemson University
1280 Dinah Volk Cleveland State University
3211 Jerry Weiss, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist
1554 Wendy Ward Clinton Institute for American Studies
1795 Xavier Gonzalez CLU (Chicanos y Latinos Unidos) MEXA (Movimiento Estudantil Xicano/a de Aztlan)
1615 Randi Deguilhem CNRS, IREMAM, France
3131 Vilunya Diskin, SM Co-Author, Our Bodies, Ourselvves
1125 Noor-Aiman I. Khan Colgate University
1726 Jose Morales College Advisor, Afro-Latino Institute Chicago
1517 Sue Novinger College at Brockport, SUNY
232 Joseph Bernard College for Creative Studies
908 Sarah Johnson College Instructor and Director of a campus-based early childhood education center
458 Glen Brown College of DuPage
2780 Mary C. Newman College of DuPage
147 Kersha Smith, Ph.D. College of New Rochelle
2387 Geraldine Gorman, RN, PhD College of Nursing at UIC
2959 Chris Hale College of Staten Island
2039 Dr. Lee Papa College of Staten Island/CUNY
966 Lorraine Hernandez College of the Desert
2134 Barbara Sebek Colorado State University
2298 Louann Reid Colorado State University
2743 Cheryl Purnell Colorado State University-Pueblo
102 Prexy Nesbitt Columbia College
759 Daniel Godston Columbia College
1303 Prexy Nesbitt Columbia College
1648 Jennifer Mayes Columbia College
2876 Angeline Mascarenas Columbia College
136 Iris Dawn Parker Columbia College Chicago
372 Jen Bills Columbia College Chicago
444 Alycia Scott Columbia College Chicago
516 Kim Hilton Columbia College Chicago
1608 Lott Hill Columbia College Chicago
1717 Jeff Spitz Columbia College Chicago
1764 Teresa Prados-Torreira Columbia College Chicago
1833 Louis Silverstein Columbia College Chicago
1849 Dan S. Wang Columbia College Chicago
1910 Lisa Brock, Ph.D Columbia College Chicago
1952 Zack Furness, PhD Columbia College Chicago
2058 Randall Albers Columbia College Chicago
2425 Paul Carter Harrison Columbia College Chicago
2797 Katherine Villamin Columbia College Chicago
1827 Ann Elizabeth Boyd Columbia College, Chicago
2607 Shayna Plaut Columbia College/University of Chicago
1555 Wendy Z. Warren Columbia Falls Schools, Montana
1973 Ellen P. Chapnick Columbia Law School
421 Maxine Greene Columbia Universitty
5 Rashid Khalidi Columbia University
8 Mahmood Mamdani Columbia University
16 Bruce Robbins Columbia University
42 Janet L. Miller Columbia University
100 Nicholas De Genova Columbia University
110 Gil Anidjar Columbia University
159 Neni Panourgia Columbia University
165 Paul Strohm Columbia University
189 Gail M. Gerhart Columbia University
201 Sheldon Pollock Columbia University
202 Mona Khalidi Columbia University
205 John H. Coatsworth Columbia University
262 Brinkley Messick Columbia University
322 Kenneth Frampton Columbia University
478 Maxine Greene Columbia University
776 Thai Jones Columbia University
961 Jasmin Young Columbia University
973 Nancy Lesko, Ph.D Columbia University
1123 Victoria de Grazia Columbia University
1124 James Schamus Columbia University
1136 Wm McAllister Columbia University
1147 Saskia Sassen Columbia University
1300 Jennifer Smith Columbia University
1341 Phillip Lopate Columbia University
1346 Briana Ferrigno Columbia University
1612 Marjorie Siegel Columbia University
1758 Liza Richheimer Columbia University
1850 Amanda Alexander Columbia University
1914 Ensley Humphreys Columbia University
2055 Justin Jackson Columbia University
2632 Lily Parshall Columbia University
3053 Angela Aidala Columbia University
3116 Claudio Lomnitz Columbia University
3214 Stathis Gourgouris Columbia University
3215 Neni Panourgia Columbia University
1663 John Richard Starkey Columbia University (Emeritus)
1729 Paulette Yousefzadeh Columbia University and University of Chicago
1998 Katherine Franke Columbia University Law School
1274 Jennifer Dohrn Columbia University School of Nursing
3161 Ed Warnshuis Community Activist
2330 Miguel Angel Morales Community Activist, Humboldt Park, Chicago
597 Carolyn M. Birden Community College of Philadelphia
2495 Amy Anu-Birge Community College of Philadelphia
938 Daniel Cooper Community Consolidated School District 62
364 Marion Evashevski Community High School
1078 Mhari-Anne Lowrie Community Organiser, England
1104 Mhari-Anne Lowrie Community Organiser, England
1574 Mhari-Anne Lowrie Community Organiser, England
1647 Rebecca Walz Community Organizer
2280 Francisco Irigon Community Organizer
737 Maxwell Jonathan Epstein Concerned Citizen
915 Craig Knudsen Concerned Citizen
1142 William H. Gross Concerned Citizen
1491 Chris Brauner Concerned Citizen
1847 Leena Odeh Concerned Citizen
1960 Lis Baumann Concerned Citizen
2233 Patricia Baldwin Concerned Citizen
309 Pamela J. Konkol Concordia University
1474 Dara Soljaga Concordia University
1589 Peter Renn Concordia University
588 Isabel Nunez Concordia University Chicago
1499 Yurimi Grigsby Concordia University Chicago
1354 Sandra Malmquist Connecticut Children's Museum & Creating Kids Childcare Center
3233 Mia Barricini Consultant
1877 Anita Rose Converse College, Spartanburg, SC
768 Michael Siegel Cornell Law
1222 Rachel Greene Cornell University
1271 Jens Stephen Schellhammer Cornell University
2980 Jeffrey St Clair CounterPunch
2204 Curt Ellerbe Court Reporter
302 Rachelle Prevost Coweta County Schools
2127 Haydee Dohrn-Melendez CPE II
186 Lenny Alexander CPESS, NYC
2754 Demetrio P. Maguigad Jr. CPMS
359 Alyson Hernández CPS
1861 Jay Mulberry CPS - Retired
1722 Quan Le CPS Teacher
1777 Amy Torres CPS teacher
1809 Beverly Allebach CPS Teacher
2028 Jeanne S. Walker CPS teacher
2145 Meredith Senn CPS Teacher/Former Student
1490 Patricia Lyons CPS, Simpson Academy
2456 Lorry Sirkin Creative Consultant
2179 Gail M. Jensen Creighton University
2194 Alexandro Jose Gradilla, Ph.D. CSU Fullerton
2738 Alexandro Jose Gradilla, Ph.D. CSU Fullerton
1958 Ilene Feinman CSU Monterey Bay
2070 Dr. Susan Baker CSU Sacramento
2159 Jeanne Pfeifer CSU Sacramento
801 Jose Chavez CSU, Sacramento
1982 Adele Arellano CSU, Sacramento
341 Craig Collins, Ph.D. CSUEB
722 Jon Bruschke CSUF
712 Vera Simone CSU-Fullerton Emeritus
1945 William De La Torre CSUNorthridge
2045 Rachael Gonzales CSUS
663 Nicole Beth Wallenbrock CUNY
1023 Soniya Munshi CUNY
1057 Carolle Charles CUNY
2594 Harriet Walker CUNY
2995 Jessica Shiller CUNY
139 Kiersten Greene CUNY Graduate Center
624 Ammiel Alcalay CUNY Graduate Center
2086 Abe Walker CUNY Graduate Center
2907 Femi Otulaja CUNY Graduate Center
2969 Ashraf Shady CUNY Graduate Center
3101 Anna Karpathakis CUNY, Kingsborough C.C.
2873 Richard Van Heertum CUNY/College of Staten Island
587 Eileen Wynne Ball Curry College
1084 Patty Kean Curry College
1110 Patty Kean Curry College
939 Eileen Wynne Ball Curry College, Milton, MA
794 Laura Watts Sommer Daemen College
862 Christian Brandjes Daemen College
1479 Daniel S. Cohen Deerfield High School
3169 Sandra Golden, Ph.D. Defiance College
1909 Elise Zelechowski Delta Institute
2395 James Hicks Democratic National Party
1059 Donald DeFreeze Department Chmn, S.L.A.
1796 Reynolds J. Scott-Childress Department of History, State Univeristy of New York at New Paltz
2960 Steven Shane Jordan Department of Integrated Studies in Education, McGill University
1386 Howard Rubin DePaul College of Law
43 Dr. Kenneth J. Saltman DePaul University
68 Jeffrey J. Kuzmic DePaul University
99 Frida Furman DePaul University
141 Ann Russo DePaul University
158 James Bensdorf, MEd DePaul University
602 Michael McIntyre DePaul University
870 Christopher Worthman DePaul University
871 Dr. Ginger Goldman Malin DePaul University
872 Laura A Lag DePaul University
875 Diana Satruc DePaul University
880 James Bensdorf DePaul University
906 Horace R. Hall, Ph. D. DePaul University
1017 Richard J. Meister DePaul University
1049 Jim Duignan DePaul University
1378 Leonard L. Cavise DePaul University
1446 Inca Rumold DePaul University
1492 Bernadette Sanchez DePaul University
1688 Ann Russo DePaul University
2303 Christopher Worthman DePaul University
2306 Marisol Morales DePaul University
2560 Ann Folwell Stanford DePaul University
2917 Beth Rubin DePaul University
873 Jody O'Connell DePaul University - Retired
2019 Linda Hillman DePaul University (Retired)
2982 Tom Hoetger Detroit Public Schools
1698 Jeanette Lee Detroit Summer
415 Marilyn Watson Developmental Studies Ctr
696 Kay Blair Director of Education, MicroSkills
2584 Kyle S. Haver Director of Teaching and Professional Learning, NYC Dept. of Education
1921 Maryjane Puffer Director, Calfironia Family Health Council
2313 Lina Murillo Doctoral candidate University of Texas at El Paso
850 Keith Catone Doctoral Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education
1359 Danette Day Doctoral Student - Educator - Educational Administrator
669 Amy Charpentier Doctoral student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2025 Jane Holwerda Dodge City Community College
1427 Christopher J. Sturr Dollars & Sense Magazine
1946 Laurie Kocher Douglas College/University of Victoria
2494 Jeremy Varon Drew University
2532 Linda Swerdlow Drew University
2557 James M. Carter Drew University
1943 Adriane Lentz-Smith Duke University
1283 Michael E. Tigar Duke University School of Law
717 Sydney Gurewitz Clemens Early Childhood Consultant and Author
2912 Katie Foust Early Childhood Education Teacher
639 Ann Pelo Early Childhood Educator
643 Ann Pelo Early Childhood Educator
789 Betty Bardige Early Childhood Educator
1293 Janet Schmidt Early Childhood Educator
1338 Susan Salidor Early Childhood Educator
2007 Alison Thielke Early Childhood Educator
2745 Jenni Kuida Early Childhood Educator
1750 Nick Wechsler Early Childhood Educator, Chicago Illinois
812 Ellen Wolpert Early childhood educator/consultant
2094 Christi Swier Early Childhood Special Educator
652 Margaret Riehl, M.Ed. Early Childhood Specialist
2702 Alison Pepper Early Educator
2444 Kevin Davis East Central University
1716 Jared Blackstone East Leyden High School
2149 Jessica Helms East Village Community School NYC
180 Stephanie Harris East Village Community School, New York
573 Joe Bishop Eastern Michigan University
984 Ethan Lowenstein Eastern Michigan University
1004 Linda Lewis-White, Ph.D. Eastern Michigan University
1021 Sylvia Norris Jones Eastern Michigan University
1028 Paul J. Ramsey Eastern Michigan University
1029 Pamela K. Smith Eastern Michigan University
1051 Carolyn Burns Eastern Michigan University
1079 Caroline A Gould Eastern Michigan University
1105 Caroline A Gould Eastern Michigan University
1146 Rebecca A. Martusewicz Eastern Michigan University
1166 Wendy Burke Eastern Michigan University
1728 Stephen A. Wellinski Eastern Michigan University
1891 Jeanne Pietig Eastern Michigan University
638 Doug Morris Eastern New Mexico University
642 Doug Morris Eastern New Mexico University
1584 Dr. Harryette Brown Eastfield College
2973 Jan Mondale EBSS
1371 Mary E. Bliss EC Teacher
2940 Paul C. Gorski EdChange
2609 Mary Coakley EdD student, Teachers College Columbia University
1122 Melanie Herzog Edgewood College
1149 Rachel Tholen Edina Public Schools, University of Minnesota
3096 Maryann Steinhart Editor
1404 Harold J Adams Editor, Rel Conditions Magazine
1773 Alan Maass Editor, Socialist Worker
452 Patricia Halle Education Advocate, Baltimore, Md.
867 Carol Sartz Education Department Adjunct Faculty, Greenfield Community College
2726 Kysa Nygreen Education Department, University of California, Santa Cruz
343 Stephen W. Jubb Education Entrepreneur
491 Katherine Zezula Education student- University of Michigan-Flint
127 Dr. Richard Best Educational Consultant
843 Elliott Seif Educational Consultant
2600 Peter Dewitz Educational Consultant
190 Gayle Olson-Raymer Educational Consultant, Humboldt County
1053 Steven Goodman Educational Video Center
380 Jonathan Osler Educator
409 Debra Coggins Educator
412 Wendy Jenkins Educator
466 Jacinda Bullie Educator
590 Christopher Leahey Educator
788 Tonya Iversen Educator
858 Jerry M. Spatara Educator
927 Siv Spain Educator
1010 Stephina Fisher Educator
1013 Peggy Stein Educator
1015 Britt Bolnick Educator
1071 Rosemary Hooper Educator
1097 Rosemary Hooper Educator
1135 Nancy Brett Educator
1180 Elena Pereira Educator
1304 Karen E. Fogg Educator
1319 Elizabeth Shea Educator
1377 Kira Jones Educator
1466 Gail Wood Educator
1596 Asma Farhan Educator
1828 Tamara Witzl Educator
1880 T. Jones Educator
1899 Deb Zapalik Educator
1905 Barbara Robertson Educator
1988 Kathleen Pitvorec Educator
2024 Marjory Forbes Educator
2066 Jamie L. Brother Educator
2109 Peter Chung Educator
2220 Fabrice Raud Educator
2382 Charlotte Metoyer Educator
2413 David F. Weeks, Ed.D. Educator
2484 Eleni Karas Educator
2550 Erica Pecorale Educator
2642 Debra Hernandez Educator
2665 Thandi Center Educator
2712 Amy McLeod Educator
2722 Dana Bennis Educator
2723 Julia Hill Educator
2970 Betty G. Robinson Educator
2979 Sarah Larkin Educator
3024 Peggy Apple Educator
1854 Vanessa Rich Educator & Advocate
1600 Mark Rodriguez Educator / Changing Worlds
1561 Benjamin Calvert Educator / Farmer / Writer
1538 David Thibault-Muñoz M.Ed. Educator and Organizer
1710 Pearl Zeitz Educator who's outstanding student at Bank St. College was Bill Ayers
2083 Carol Walker Educator, Children's Advocate
2673 Diane Chen Educator, Librarian
965 Faith Garfield Educator, Santa Fe, NM
1830 Bill Brown Edward Carson Waller Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago
2842 Joan Cone El Cerrito High
1893 Joan Callahan MSW RN El. Ed. School Nurse
2924 Babette A. Jackson Elementary Principal
896 Ellen Sugg Elementary School Teacher
658 Donna Bernens-Kinkead Elementary Teacher
2154 Anne Carlson Elementary Teacher
3243 Pat Kaplan Elementary Teacher
1614 Rachael Hernandez Elemntary School Teacher, Northern California
34 Jane M. Saks Ellen Stone Belic Institute, Columbia College Chicago
1511 Elizabeth M. Hawthorne Ellis University
2369 Harriet K. Cuffaro Emerita, Bank Street College of Education
1026 Dr. Judy Williston Emeritus Professor, Eastern Michigan University
1867 Garrett Power Emeritus Professor, University of Maryland School of Law
2459 Nelson P Valdes Emeritus Professor, University of New Mexico
1487 Dorothy Watson Emeritus University of Missouri
1380 George E. Wolf Emeritus, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln
221 Amanda Lewis Emory University
740 Michelle Manno Emory University
2708 Nancy Berggren Empire State College
762 Brian Duignan Encyclopaedia Britannica
2424 Brenda Carr Vellino English Dept., Carleton University
171 Avi Lessing English Teacher
1539 Lori Wilson English teacher
1541 Lori Wilson English teacher, Portstmouth High School, Portsmouth NH
163 Eleanor Nicholson, PhD Erie Elementary Charter School in Chicago
992 D. Svilar ESL Teacher/NY
497 Steven Wille Espiritu Santo University
2638 A. McKinne Stires Ethical Culture Fieldston School
955 Michael Vavrus, Ph.D. Evergreen State College
617 Jesse Strauss Evergreen State College; U of Amsterdam
252 Denise Perkins-Brown Evoline C. West Elementary
1345 John Roberts Exec. Director, Emeritus, ACLU of MA
1723 Janet Morford Executive Teacher, University Laboratory High School, Urbana, IL
1567 Constance Spreen Experimental Station
1483 Louise Derman-Sparks Faculty Emeritus, Pacific Oaks College
1040 Aparna Mishra Tarc Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario
809 Jennifer Goldberg Fairfield University
860 Wendy Kohli Fairfield University
972 Lee Heffernan Fairview Elementary School
1997 Aisha Ayers Family
1204 Betsy Welch Family Friend
2679 Douglas Wheeler Family Friend
1779 Nancy Gustafson Family Service Agency of San Francisco
28 Mark Hansen Faubion Elementary, Portland Public Schools,
1209 Jeffrey Wolf Film Editor
2010 Zach Wolf Film Editor
1045 Kelly Dotson First 5 Alameda County
1886 Janet Granados First Grade Teacher
682 Dale Weiss First grade teacher, La Escuela Fratney (Milwaukee, WI)
962 Mike Budd Florida Atlantic University
331 Joan T. Wynne Florida International University
2272 Steven Blevins Florida International University
2646 Tonette S. Rocco Florida International University
3076 Robert E. Probst Florida International University
1042 Brenda J McMahon Florida State University
2847 Donna Marie Nudd Florida State University
2173 Manny Shargel Florida State University (retired) or Emeritus
770 David Mandel-Anthony Fordham Law School
810 Thomas J. Schoenherr Fordham University
2507 Patricia Garon Foreign Service Officer (Retired)
3030 Philippe duChateau Foreign Service, retired
3192 Jane Ellen Ashley Former Assoc. Dean of Student Life, Stephens College
2734 Troyvoi Hicks Former Charter School Principal in East Oakland, CA
519 Dontien Ingram-Moore Former Columbia College Chicago Instructor
804 Debi Duke Former Coordinator, National Coalition of Education Activists
2399 Ralph B. Richardson Former Educator
2359 John Sviokla Former Harvard Professor
2231 Carla Moore Former High School Journalism Teacher
1802 Bonney Rega Former Iowa State U and Bradley teacher
1360 Christian Denes Former NYC Public School Teacher
707 John Straw Former student
1782 Margit Zsolnay former student
1853 Jenna Leitner Former Student
2569 Gilad Shanan Former Student
1689 Cristal Mendlen Former student & Chicago Public Schools teacher
1485 Katie Longstreth Former student and an educator
2076 Anand Subramanian Former student of Bernadine Dohrn
1566 Vicky Cosgrove Former Teacher
2558 Anna L. Waring Foundation for a College Education
88 Margot Welch Founding Director, Collaborative for Integrated School Services, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Boston Full Service Schools Roundtable Steering Committee, Former Instructor Harvard Graduate School of Education
680 Shanti Elliott Francis Parker School
194 Jeanne Polk Barr Francis W. Parker School
70 Nikoleta Christodoulou, Ph.D. Frederick University Cyprus
306 Nikoleta Christodoulou Frederick University, Cyprus
1549 Bryn Magnus Free Street
1205 Amanda Klonsky Free Write Jail Arts and Literacy Program, Nancy B. Jefferson School
1075 Claude Marks Freedom Archives
1101 Claude Marks Freedom Archives
724 Albert Scharenberg Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany
1214 Dympna Ugwu-Oju Fresno City College
890 Cat Quinn Friend
3018 Marla Richardson Friend
1306 Sandra Campbell Friend and former student of Bill
1060 Ernesto R. Gómez GA College & State University
1086 Ernesto R. Gómez GA College & State University
715 Dr. Mallory Clarke Garfield High School
35 Kristien Zenkov George Mason University
787 Jenice L. View George Mason University
1279 Jorge P. Osterling George Mason University
1358 Ilham Nasser George Mason University
1392 Rachel Grant George Mason University
1526 Eva . Thorp George Mason University
2448 Leo C. Rigsby George Mason University
2473 Nicola Williams, PhD George Mason University
3110 Sylvia Y. Sanchez George Mason University
3114 Yevette Jordan George Mason University
285 Shira Robinson George Washington University
1453 Libby Anker George Washington University
1808 Libby Anker George Washington University
2565 Rebecca Powell Georgetown College
144 John L Esposito Georgetown University
193 Professor Andrew N. Rubin Georgetown University
959 Frederick K. Mauss Georgetown University
2047 Ruth Ginzberg Georgetown University Law Center
259 Paula Baker Georgia Public School educator / Georgia Southern
264 Theresa Hoogacker Georgia Southern Graduate Student
10 Ming Fang He Georgia Southern University
277 Saundra Murray Nettles, Ph.D. Georgia Southern University
280 Dr. Advis Dell Wilkerson Georgia Southern University
297 Dr. Natalie Lambright Georgia Southern University
729 Michelle Reidel Georgia Southern University
2467 Michael Moore Georgia Southern University
114 David W. Stinson, Ph.D. Georgia State University
2215 Deron Boyles Georgia State University
818 Natsu Taylor Saito Georgia State University College of Law
629 Joyce E King Georgia State University, Benjamin E Mays Endowed Chair
2401 Carol S. Goodwin Geriatric Healthcare Education Consultant
924 Odelle Kinder-Wells Giving Tree School
1121 Matthew Shenoda Goddard College
3130 Eileen de los Reyes Goddard College
2854 Lania Ho Rosengren Golden Apple Scholar
2208 Betty J Liebovich Goldsmiths University of London
1583 Najma M. Adam Governors State University
2903 Kenneth Tobin Graduate Center of CUNY
12 Jean Anyon Graduate Center, City University of New York
2715 Michelle Billies Graduate Center, CUNY
3063 Sarah Zeller-Berkman Graduate Center, CUNY
893 Susan Woolley Graduate School of Education, U.C. Berkeley
1733 Sarah Burgess Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania
2378 Steve Du Bois Graduate Student - UIC
1396 Michele Chandler Graduate Student at SF State BECA Dept.
1503 Saalim Abdul Carter Graduate student, University of Chicago
2052 John Antia Graduate Utudent (UIUC)
2897 Sean Chew Graduate-London School of Economics
1163 David Cope Grand Rapids Community College
1801 Jennifer Amdur Spitz Groundswell Educational Films
756 Suzanne Gallagher Gwynedd-Mercy College
2454 Richard H. Haswell Haas Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi
1749 Gina Gamboa HACE - Chicago Teachers' Center
911 Rasha Hamid Hamilton Heights School
747 Frank Hernandez Hamline University
2180 Christine Geovanis Hammerhard MediaWorks
1855 Dick Reilly Hammerhard MediaWorks, Chicago
2443 Elizabeth J. Deis Hampden-Sydney College
2514 William A. Shear Hampden-Sydney College
2819 Alexander Abelson Hampshire College
603 Mary M. Lane, M.A., Teacher Harper High School, Chicago IL
3001 Elizabeth Carivan Harriet Tubman Free School
2241 Tim Arroyo Harrington College of Design
2881 Dandara Richards Harrington College of Design Student
238 Metta McGarvey Harvard Graduate School of Education
774 Mark R. Warren Harvard Graduate School of Education
2953 Courtney B. Cazden Harvard Graeduate School of Education
290 Jacqueline Bhabha Harvard Law School
950 Elizabeth Steinfeld Harvard Law School
1177 Michelle Kuo Harvard Law School
1194 Thomas Becker Harvard Law School
1299 Richard Levins Harvard School of Pulic Health
2757 Lark Angle Harvard University
1649 Sophia Zamudio-Haas Harvard University School of Public Health
677 Margie Carter Harvest Resources
656 Rebekah J. Baker Head Start Technical Assistance Specialist
1302 Michael James Heartland Cafe
907 Elish Sari High School for Law and Public Service, NYC
404 amy otis wilborn Higher Education
472 Judith A. Winn Higher Education
556 Alan Singer Hofstra University
557 Michael Pezone Hofstra University
620 Silvia Federici Hofstra University
1508 Judith S. Kaufman, Ph.D. Hofstra University
2433 Maureen M. Miletta Hofstra University
1760 Debra Goodman Hofstra University, New York
2694 Mark LaCelle-Peterson Houghton College
2040 Sarah Phillips HS English Teacher
3043 David Oehl Hudson Valley Community College
1381 Ben Rawlence Human Rights Watch
263 Kate Burch Humanities Preparatory Academy
569 Jennifer Lindsay Humboldt State University
1968 Jacob E. Juarez Humboldt State University
524 Anthony De Jesus Hunrter College
1305 Alan Hausman Hunter College
2531 Howard Lune Hunter College
2672 Abigail Jewkes Hunter College
3061 Rachael Welder Hunter College, CUNY
2355 David Moon Husband of UIC doctoral candidate
632 Moyra Davey ICP-Bard MFA
2735 Andrew Chen IDEC 2003
1528 Kam Shapiro Ilinois State University
124 James P. Chapman Illinois Institute for Community Law
90 Margaret Power Illinois Institute of Technology
1618 Howard Rubin Illinois Institute of Technology
1661 Dr. Jerry J. Field Illinois Institute of Technology
1774 Paul Pettigrew Illinois Institute of Technology
316 Jennifer Lee Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Design
29 Greg Michie Illinois State University
805 Dr. Monica Cousins Noraian Illinois State University
1518 Elizabeth Skinner Illinois State University
1534 Pauline Clardy Illinois State University
1781 Shelley DeBlasis Illinois State University
1799 Meg Sparling Illinois State University
1810 Meg Sparling Illinois State University
1822 Julie Veile Illinois State University
1896 Irene Taylor Illinois State University
1900 Todd E. Eddy Illinois State University
1923 Jenna Goldsmith Illinois State University
2002 Thomas Haynes Illinois State University
2044 Jennifer O'Malley Illinois State University
2689 Lara J. Handsfield Illinois State University
1881 Eileen Borgia Illinois State University, Retired
1715 Howard Tanner Immigration Attorney
142 Joel Bleifuss In These Times
1942 Eric J. Schruers Independent Art Historian
1719 Alice Bloch Independent Artist
2667 Claire Runyan Independent Early Childhood Educator
57 Bruce Wilson Independent Educational Researcher
132 Thomas Good Independent Journalist
1547 Jennifer Brandel Independent Producer
1953 Frank Ekeberg Independent researcher
2380 Dr. Terence D. Fitzgerald Independent Researcher
808 John W Long Independent Scholar
1262 Nancy Mikelsons Independent Scholar
1634 Jules Rosskam Indiana Purdue University - Fort Wayne
432 Bradley Levinson Indiana University
518 David Flinders Indiana University
631 Claire King Indiana University
711 Gerardo R. Lopez Indiana University
1035 Michelle Verges, Ph.D. Indiana University
1591 Dionne Danns Indiana University
2230 Debbie East Indiana University
2441 Terrence C. Mason Indiana University
2451 Jesse Goodman Indiana University
2471 James Damico Indiana University
2479 Mary McMullen Indiana University
2487 Mary McMullen Indiana University
2505 Tim Dunnuck Indiana University
2540 Carol-Anne Hossler Indiana University
2693 Ginette Delandshere Indiana University
2776 Jeremy Voyles Indiana University
2644 Don Hossler Indiana University Bloomington
981 Robert J. Helfenbein, PhD Indiana University- Indianapolis
223 Gregory Steel Indiana University Kokomo
581 Dr. Rochelle Brock Indiana University Northwest
1625 Christopher Cotten Indiana University Northwest
2092 Bruce Spitzer, EdD Indiana University South Bend
2834 Ellen Brantlinger Indiana University-Bloomington
2835 Patrick Brantlinger Indiana University-Bloomington
1535 Mitzi Lewison Indiana Univesity
2105 Ruby Clayton Indianapolis Public Schools
1658 Ron Kaminkow Industrial Workers of the World
668 Brian Tokar Institute for Social Ecology
370 Susan Kilbane Inter-American Magnet School
1145 Rev. David M. Schilling Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
1117 Michel Moushabeck Interlink Publishing
974 Bob van Pelt International High School @ Prospect Hights, Brooklyn, NY
78 Sherry Wolf International Socialist Review
2270 James Stillwaggon Iona College
66 Leslie Rebecca Bloom Iowa State University
1353 Warren J. Blumenfeld Iowa State University
948 Roberta Rosheim ISEA
443 Gabriela Fitz IssueLab
1928 Lisa M Brooks IssueLab
942 RM Cooper ISU
2163 Michael Calderon-Zaks Ithaca College
2958 Roberta Wallitt Ithaca College
2974 John Claus Ithaca College
3228 John R. Henderson Ithaca College
2226 Gerry Gunderson IWW
46 Rich Feldman, James & Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership
3172 Barbara Slater Stern James Madison University
1925 Lisa Yun Lee Jane Addams Hull-House Museum
2100 Andrew Kulak Jefferson High School
181 Logan LaVail Jill Menoff Architect
647 John Wilmerding John Woolman College
665 Stephanie Safran Johns Hopkins University
2967 Patrick McGee Jordan School District; Southern Utah University
2728 Michael Simmons Journalist and Musician
877 Maggie A Perea Journalist/Teacher
106 Terrance Amsler June Jordan School for Equity
172 Yvonne Liu Justice Matters Institute
2952 Laura R. Barraclough Kalamazoo College
1489 Lois La Galle Kanoon Magnet Elementary School
118 Gordon Quinn Kartemquin Educational Films
1706 Lidor A. Tarhanov Kazan State University
468 William Lamme Kelly High School, Chicago Public Schools
391 Tricia Niesz Kent State University
392 Richard P. Ambrose Kent State University
1066 Teresa J. Rishel Kent State University
1092 Teresa J. Rishel Kent State University
1763 Walter S. Gershon Kent State University
1627 Nancy Mellin McCracken Kent State University (Prof. Emerita)
2368 Ilhan Avcioglu Kenwood Academy
1820 Obutu Komtosoo Kenya University
1734 Michelle S. Mood Kenyon College
1318 Noah Kimerling Kimerling & Wisdom,LLC.
975 Anthony Alessandrini Kingsborough Community College-CUNY
678 victoria daza Knox College
2142 David Amor Knox College
2147 Magali Roy-Fequiere Knox college
2152 Nancy Eberhardt Knox College
2158 Penny Gold Knox College
2178 Peter Schwartzman Knox College
2342 Diana Beck Knox College
2895 Roger Taylor Knox College President
1169 Julieta Kusnir KPFA Radio, UCSF
3094 Kenneth N Ehrensal Kutztown University of PA
1451 Victoria Trinder Lake Forest College
1439 Nancy Barnes Lang College
1707 Gregory Tewksbury Lang College, The New School
2480 Dan Holt Lansing Community College
1851 Eric W. Crosley Lansing School District
1870 Alice Mulberry Latin Teacher, Ray Elementary School
337 Santiago Casal Latinos Unidos de Berkeley
1464 Aaron David Frishberg Law Office of Aaron David Frishberg
2568 Candace J. Wayne Law Offices of Wayne and Jemilo
903 Diala S Law Student
1217 Gui Stampur Law Student
732 Elizabeth Joynes Law Student, Fordham University School of Law
3217 Edward Warnshuis Lawrence Public Schools, Lawrence, MA
2089 Kate W. Shank Lawyer
1852 John Marikos LBUSD
2099 Kathe Karlson LCSW
3145 Susan Spence Le Moyne College
3084 Diana Joseph Learning Researcher
1685 Michael Kruse Legacy Charter School
3050 Michael Koplinka-Loehr Legislator
2442 Gregory Skutches Lehigh University
3099 Karen Adams Lehman Alternative Community School Ithaca
2534 M. Victoria Rodriguez Lehman Colelge, CUNY
777 Jessica Shiller Lehman College
2597 M. Marsham Castro Lehman College
2781 Nancy Sebastian Maldonado Lehman College, City University of NY
2404 Cecilia M. Espinosa Lehman College/CUNY
3219 Susan Scharoun, Ph.D. LeMoyne College
586 Caroline Heller Lesley University
183 Brenda S. Engel Lesley University (retired)
307 Kimberly Hill Campbell Lewis & Clark
39 Gregory Smith Lewis & Clark College
305 Janet S. Bixby, Ph.D. Lewis & Clark College
1838 Kim Feicke Lewis & Clark College
56 Melanie Quinn Lewis & Clark College, Portland Oregon
21 Linda Christensen Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon
743 Heather Hickman Lewis University
951 Cynthia Bennett Lewis University
1974 Richard Prince Lewis University (Retired)
527 Constance Jubb Literacy Coach, Thousand Oaks Elementary School, Berkeley, California
3058 Julie Elson Literacy volunteer, Albany NY
2853 Mark Silberberg Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin HS
2364 Masha K. Rudman LLC, UMASS School of Education, Amherst, MA
1276 Rebecca Sack London School of Economics
1605 Elizabeth Meister Long Haul Productions
499 Bob Nathanson Long Island Univerfsity
495 Stephen R. Goldstein Long Island University
574 Kathleen Kesson Long Island University
2554 Erica Pecorale Long Island University
1976 David Schultz Long Island University at Riverhead
3129 Michael Bennett Long Island University, Brooklyn
109 John J. Fitzgerald Longmeadow School Committee - Longmeadow, MA
2840 Jack Gilbert Graham Longmont Free University
3242 Hannah MacLaren Los Angeles Coalition of Essential Schools
1248 Jeanette Horn Los Angeles Unified School District
2182 William E. Doll, Jr. Louisiana State University
2546 Jessica Ketcham Weber Louisiana State University
2591 Karin deGravelles Louisiana State University
67 Bruce A. Boyer Loyola Chicago School of Law
315 Stacey Platt Loyola ChildLaw Clinic
2962 Stephanie Flores-Koulish Loyola College in Maryland
2972 Victor Delclos Loyola College in Maryland
1530 Irene Villanueva Loyola Marymount University
284 Laurie Jo Reynolds Loyola University
1640 Lauren Langman Loyola University
944 David Schweickart Loyola University Chicago
1531 Mahruq F. Khan, Ph.D. Loyola University Chicago
1621 Suzy Fox Loyola University Chicago
2150 Francisco L. Pena Loyola University Chicago
3065 Judith Disterhoft Loyola University Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine
1903 Sabrina Craig LSC, Drummond School
637 Ken Rubin Lynnwood Elementary School
641 Ken Rubin Lynnwood Elementary School
3200 Eileen Foley M.A. University of Chicago
1941 Keith Ammann M.Ed., UIC, 2005
761 Alecia S. Person MA Education student
771 Peter Rachleff Macalester College
1864 Clark Iverson Macomb Community College
2966 Carol Lucinda Bird Macon State College
1601 Maria Garvy Maine East High School
1889 Barbara Englebert Maine East High School
1917 Hilda Cordero Maine East High School
2777 Kristin N. Rainville Manhattanville College
1701 Jack Winters Marquette University
814 Ward Churchill Martin Luther King Collegium of Scholars
1393 Ward Churchill Martin Luther King Collegium of Scholars
1321 Joyce Kozloff Maryland Institute College of Art
1579 Susan Huddleston Edgerton Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
3121 Sarah Parsons Massachusetts High School
628 Elisabeth Campbell Math Teacher, NYC
2725 Elizabeth VanCleef Mathematics Specialist
2910 Gale Seiler McGill University
2867 Hans Morsbach Medici Restaurants
123 David Lempert, Ph.D., J.D., M.B.A., E.D. (Hon.) Member, California Bar
536 Katy Swalwell MEPD Graduate Faculty, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
1189 Maud Reiter Merck & Co.
2654 Linda Cobb Mercy Housing Lakefront, Friend
2 Pedro A. Noguera Metropolitan Center for Urban Education
1691 Daniel Salcido Metropolitan State College of Denver
2547 Dr. Nick Morales Metropolitan State College of Denver
323 Sheri L. Leafgren, Ph.D. Miami University
529 Dennis Carlson Miami University
2191 Deborah Lyons Miami University
2216 Kathleen Knight Abowitz Miami University
1882 Felicia Anderson Michigan State Univeristy
394 Elizabeth Heilman Michigan State University
469 Karrin M. Hanshew Michigan State University
470 Michael Stamm Michigan State University
517 Sean Forner Michigan State University
1819 John A Dowell Michigan State University
1873 Alicia Barajas Michigan State University
1898 Dr. James G. Keller, Jr. Michigan State University
1916 Dr. Ramona Fernandez Michigan State University
1935 Mary Chapman Cook Michigan State University
2119 Lynn O. Scott Michigan State University
2228 Eng-Beng Lim Michigan State University
2475 Samantha Caughlan Michigan State University
2543 Carrie Anna Courtad Michigan State University
2579 Kate Corby Michigan State University
2617 Adriane Slaton Michigan State University
2649 Sheila K Marquardt Michigan State University
2698 Jennifer Fay Michigan State University
2707 Shari Levine Rose Michigan State University
2740 Joy Oslund Michigan State University
2746 Alicia Trotman Michigan State University
2785 Sandra Crespo Michigan State University
3070 Alisa Kesler Lund Michigan State University
1865 Etta C. Abrahams Michigan State University, Emeritus Professor
1587 Cynthia L. Weber Michigan Technological University
1755 Corey Meyers Middle School Educator
2670 Yeshi Neumann Midwife
367 David Donahue Mills College
382 Joseph Kahne Mills College
383 Anna Richert Mills College
385 Linda Kroll Mills College
386 Tomás Galguera Mills College
387 Ruth Cossey Mills College
430 Sabrina Zirkel Mills College
2826 Daphne Muse Mills College
845 Dan Siegel Mills College School of Education
1911 Patricia S. Merrill Milwaukee Area Technical College
2737 Denise DuVernay Milwaukee School of Engineering
1343 Nathaly Bonilla Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Educación Superior, Caracas- Venezuela
2509 John S. Benson Minnesota State University Moorhead
2489 Robert Roth Mission H.S.
1959 Sarah Cook Modoc Child Care Council
393 Laurel K Chehayl Monmouth University
396 Terri Rothman Monmouth University
2820 Carol Salomon Monmouth University
1894 Wendy Toan Montessori Educator
1192 John Mage Monthly Review
2482 Robert Delius Royar Morehead State University
3153 Cindy Lutenbacher Morehouse College
2690 Anne P. Landis Moses Brown School
813 Pauline Goldberg Mother of Two Teachers
2898 Kelli-Marie Westby Mother/Writer/Activist
1481 Andrew Oppenheimer Mount Holyoke College
1673 Jonathan N. Lipman Mount Holyoke College
2259 Hannah Waen Mount Holyoke College
2312 Lorri Neilsen Mount Saint Vincent University
720 Robert Accordino Mount Sinai School of Medicine
760 Erica Friedman Mount Sinai School of Medicine
2828 Sharon B Diamond Mount Sinai School of Medicine
1848 Tenisha Fennie Move On; Social Worker
998 Richard J. Marini Movement for a Democratic Society
1000 Devra Morice Movement for a Democratic Society
1002 Mike Morice Movement for a Democratic Society
2680 Val Farmer Movement for a Democratic Society
2946 Elizabeth C. Segal MSE, Bank Street College
1165 Aaron Passell Muhlenberg College
2931 Alexander Lotorto Muhlenberg College
1783 Janet Nolan Multilingual Chicago
3128 Jeremiah Jones Museum Educator, NYC
2544 Ry Cooder Musician
2669 Volkmar Zimmermann Musician
2695 Volkmar Zimmermann Musician
3039 Alison Pepper NAEYC
2830 A. Jones Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse
3209 Ellen Hofheimer Bettmann National Assn of Multicultural Education
104 Scott Sullivan National College of Education, National-Louis University
208 Professor Todd Alan Price National College of Education, National-Louis University
832 Anne Butterfield Weills, Esq. National Lawyers Guild
256 John Duffy National Louis University
559 Elke Kleisch National Louis University
560 Assaf Meshulam National Louis University
650 Seema Imam National Louis University
697 Anne Bennison National Louis University
2274 Mark Larson National Louis University
2343 Stefanie Grieve National Louis University
2381 Karen Grieger, LCSW National Louis University
2645 Jennifer Berne National Louis University
2874 Janice Jipson National Louis University
2956 Mara E. Meyer National Louis University
2964 Marylin Drew National Louis University
3137 Roberta J. Smith National Louis University
2809 Patricia Ruggiano Schmid National Reading Conference
1167 Ramesh Ponnuru National Review
45 Amy Rome National Teachers Academy, Chicago Public Schools
2189 Maja Miskovic National-Louis
240 Shirley Kessler National-Louis Uniersity
3133 Sarah Goenne National-Louis Univ.
26 Tina Nolan National-Louis University
250 Marie Wilson Nelson National-Louis University
251 Leah D. Miller National-Louis University
311 Ruth Peach National-Louis University
314 Anne Bennison National-Louis University
1930 W. Nikola-Lisa National-Louis University
2062 Bernadette Herman National-Louis University
2082 Patrick A. Roberts National-Louis University
2151 Craig A. Cunningham National-Louis University
2237 Marie Wilson Nelson National-Louis University
2269 Virginia M. Jagla National-Louis University
2275 Sue Doman National-Louis University
2276 Linnea L. Rademaker, PhD National-Louis University
2278 Darrell Bloom National-Louis University
2281 Jan Perney National-Louis University
2283 Ellen Mcmahon National-Louis University
2289 Renee Judd National-Louis University
2291 Susan L. Gabel National-Louis University
2293 Edith S. Heinemann National-Louis University
2295 Joel J. Heim National-Louis University
2299 Mark Burnette National-Louis University
2314 Elizabeth A. Peterson National-Louis University
2327 Nancy Brankis National-Louis University
2333 Susan L. Gabel National-Louis University
2352 James Sapieka National-Louis University
2354 Susan Jungck National-Louis University
2362 Elizabeth J. Grace National-Louis University
2373 Vicki Dunn National-Louis University
2385 Ruth L. Peach National-Louis University
2390 Anne M Sullivan National-Louis University
2392 Colette A. Currie National-Louis University
2393 Tom Heaney National-Louis University
2403 Ann Hentschel National-Louis University
2420 Stuart Ives Carrier National-Louis University
2458 Norman Weston National-Louis University
2469 Robert Keser National-Louis University
2516 Lynette Emmons, Ed.D. National-Louis University
2596 Dr. Ruth Ann Freedman National-Louis University
2603 Paula Jorde Bloom National-Louis University
2686 Todd Alan Price National-Louis University
2720 Stephen Thompson National-Louis University
2753 Eunice Goldberg National-Louis University
2772 Teri N. Talan National-Louis University
2978 Dr. Marilyn Bizar National-Louis University
3031 Susan Thorne-Devin National-Louis University
3126 Dan Byrne National-Louis University
2478 Barbara J. Leys, Ed. D. National-Louis University ECE Department
2851 Christine L. deNeveu National-Louis University, Student
24 Mark Larnson National-Louis University, Wheeling Campus
3109 Heather Paris Evans Native American Fellowship Dayspring Church
1883 Richard Flinn Naval Academy Preparatory School
2477 Thiahelen Mee NCE
2727 Andree Weger NCNW
1644 Evelyn Haas NE. Phila. for Peace & Justice
3060 April Jean-Baptiste Near North Montessori
2613 Jan Szostek Near North Montessori School
1578 Laura Weathered Near Northwest Arts Council, Chicago
2245 Barbara Willard Neighbor
1416 John Wallin NEIU
2813 Chad Kimmel Nettelhorst Elementary
1907 Mary Ann Pitcher Network for College Success
76 Jennifer Van Bergen New Anglo-American University, Prague,
744 Andy Nash New England Literacy Resource Center
2710 William Dyson New Haven Board of Education (Retired)
515 Leslie Blatteau New Haven Public Schools
133 Sid Massey New Jersey City University
2906 Gene Fellner New Jersey City University
3222 Muriel K. Rand New Jersey City University
1437 Marc Pruyn New Mexico State University
3112 Grace Ann Rosile New Mexico State University
1383 Simon Critchley New School for Social Research
2843 Shiloh Talley New School of Architecture and Design
1497 Sara Ruddick New School University -Emerita
2331 Janice Bloom New School/Eugene Lang College
1158 John O'Connor New Trier High School
447 Matthew J. Stuczynski New Trier High School, Winnetka, IL
1892 Bradley Goodman New York City
2957 Jeremiah Burns New York City Board of Education
2101 Rose Silva Dubitsky New York City Department of Education
2003 Kyle S. Haver New York City Department of Education: Empowerment Schools
618 Joan Seedorff New York City Public Schools
784 Mark Stulberg New York City Public Schools
1421 Lawrence Grosberg New York Law School
1450 Carlin Meyer New York Law School
626 Stuart Newman New York Medical College
1344 Elizabeth Karras New York State University at Buffalo
2527 Merle Holley New York Univeristy
4 Debbie Meier New York University
166 Rachel DeWoskin New York University
261 Rhoda Kanaaneh Ph.D. New York University
407 Pedro Noguera New York University
627 Sean Nortz New York University
904 Lizzie Hetzer New York University
1140 Julie Diamond New York University
1995 Robert Stacy New York University
2036 Carole Guss Mulligan New York University
2117 Ann Pellegrini New York University
3049 Patsy Cooper New York University
3054 Lisa M. Stulberg New York University
3090 Bella Mirabella New York University
3224 Gerardo Menendez New York University
1480 Holly Maguigan New York University School of Law
1623 Peggy Cooper Davis New York University School of Law
739 Photini Sinnis New York University School of Medicine
247 Christine Jones New York University, TISCH
437 Will Thomas NH Veterans for Peace
684 Carmen Montgomery Niagara University
1317 Carlos Quintana Norman Thomas High School
1326 Brett Clark North Carolina State University
2760 Monica McAghon Northampton Community College, Bethlehem, PA
1074 Heather Brown Northampton High School
1100 Heather Brown Northampton High School
185 Leslie Alexander Northeast Foundation for Children
352 Paula Baron Northeastern Ilinois University
108 Brian D. Schultz Northeastern Illinois University
135 Brian D. Schultz Northeastern Illinois University
781 Craig M. Kois Northeastern Illinois University
1157 Walter Clifford Northeastern Illinois University
1540 Anne Stapleton Northeastern Illinois University
1737 Hector A. Uriostegui Northeastern Illinois University
1780 Mary Massie Northeastern Illinois University
2195 Marta Quinones Northeastern Illinois University
2260 Dolores Nava Northeastern Illinois University
2914 Beatriz Jamaica, M.A. Northeastern Illinois University
3164 Alberto Lopez-Carrasquillo Northeastern Illinois University
3220 Maureen Gillette Northeastern Illinois University
3225 Terry Stirling Northeastern Illinois University
101 Erica R. Meiners Northeastern Illinois University, St. Leonard's Adult High School
1816 Dalia Hoffman Northeastern Illinois University, Truman College
2724 Adriana Rabinovich Northeastern University
2559 James Chee Norther Arizona University
2605 Dr. Guy B. Senese Northern Arizona University
125 Andrea E. Evans, Ph. D. Northern Illinois University
552 Jessica Vivirito Northern Illinois University
554 Kerry Burch Northern Illinois University
1564 Sarah Cohen Northern Illinois University
2120 Ana Colomb Northern Illinois University
2139 Laura Ruth Johnson Northern Illinois University
2416 Larry R. Johannessen Northern Illinois University
2472 Michael Day Northern Illinois University
2506 Stephanie Kummerer Northern Illinois University
2838 Chris Liska Northern Illinois University
690 Stanley Spadowski Northwest North Carolina State Junior College
2658 Jerry Erath Northwestern State University, LA
545 Martha Biondi Northwestern University
842 Mneesha Gellman Northwestern University
1364 Huey Copeland Northwestern University
1411 Ellen Wang Northwestern University
1475 Enid M. Rosario-Ramos Northwestern University
1563 Cristina Correa Northwestern University
1637 Daniel M Czyz Northwestern University
1720 Jesse Mumm Northwestern University
2014 Scott James Northwestern University
2021 Richard Glover Northwestern University
2625 Jeffrey Kosbie Northwestern University
3245 Eva Lam Northwestern University
140 Sandra L. Babcock Northwestern University Law School
1309 Julie Biehl Northwestern University Law School
58 Simmie Baer Northwestern University School of Law
146 Joseph Margulies Northwestern University School of Law
2015 Meghan Carter Northwestern University School of Law (student)
2175 James Foulk Nursing Student
1251 Abbey Ciccariello-Maher Nutritionist
1573 Pablo Denes NWU
1990 Sarah Weeks NYC Department of Education
2517 Louise Bauso NYC Department of Education
3148 Laury Wooden NYC Department of Education EC Coordinator
1032 Rita M. Dougherty NYC Dept of Education
2155 Sabrina Van NYC DOE teacher
616 Martin Haber NYC DOE/ UFT, Teacher, Teacher-Trainer
2909 Vicki Aspenberg NYC ECE
1419 Benjamin Kirschner NYC Wine Industry
932 Seth Rader NYCORE
1173 Zach Schwartz-Weinstein NYU
1174 Greg Grandin NYU
1395 Mary Hendricks NYU
1494 Colin Starger NYU
2123 Lisa Duggan NYU
1504 Melissa Frydman NYU School of Law
1994 Sandra Scott NYU School of Law
1463 Roberto Martinez NYU Steinhardt
98 Bree Picower, Ph.D NYUSteinhardt
154 Nell Crawford Oak Park and River Forest High School
164 Lauren Lee Oak Park and River Forest High School
167 Steven Gevinson Oak Park and River Forest High School
169 Bernie Heidkamp Oak Park and River Forest High School
211 Steve Goldberg, Ph.D. Oak Park River Forest High School
1287 Steven Goldberg Oak Park River Forest High School
2219 Ildiko Porter-Szucs Oakland Community College
670 Paul Bloom Oakland Public Library
50 Dr. Shea Howell Oakland University
111 Timothy G. Larrabee, Ph.D. Oakland University
2704 Linda M. Pavonetti Oakland University
2705 James F. Cipielewski Oakland University
456 Raphael Sznajder Oberlin Alumnus, Unite Here, Law Office of Claudia Slovinsky
209 Martha Collins Oberlin College
1178 Steven Volk Oberlin College
1441 Marc Blecher Oberlin College
1908 Stephen Crowley Oberlin College
2709 Marjorie Van Cleef Oberlin College Alumna
2766 Regina Landeros-Thomas Ohio Center for Native American Affairs
1005 Suzanne Damarin Ohio State University
1425 Rick Voithofer Ohio State University
2488 David Bloome Ohio State University
3155 Amy Shuman Ohio State University
645 Jaylynne N. Hutchinson Ohio University
2325 Amy Wolfe Ohio University
1929 Lance T. McCready OISE/University of Toronto
2426 Hongyu Wang Oklahoma State University
3210 Bob Nolan Oklahoma State University
227 Alice P. Wakefield Old Dominion University
1650 James Tomasello Old Town School of Folk Music
1592 Karen Rybod Chin On the Earth Productions
2950 Dorothy E. Smith Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
234 Candace Schlein Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto
2697 Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto
1242 Michalinos Zembylas Open University of Cyprus
1571 Rebecca Sidley Oregon State University - Cascades
3037 Carmen G. Aguilar Orozco Academy Second grade Bilingual Gifted Teacher
328 Margeaux Temeltas Orr Academy High School
2929 Karen Tressler Osborn Aquatic Center
2779 Judy Norsigian Our Bodies Ourselves
446 Jonathan Peck Outraged Citizen!
742 Sarah Stillman Oxford University
2561 Heidi Skurat Harris Ozarks Technical Community College
752 Rebecca Hiller P.S. 27
2053 Catherine Zimmer Pace University
1129 Larry E. Beutler Pacific Graduate School of Psychology/Stanford University
225 Olga Winbush, Ph.D Pacific Oaks College
688 Julie Bisson Pacific Oaks College
946 Laurie Todd Pacific Oaks College
1034 Theresa Rochambeau Pacific Oaks College
2614 J. Costanza PAIS International Studies High School
2530 Rachel Neumann Parallax Press
75 Henrietta Singleton Parent
2190 Kaja Malouf Parent
2761 Susan Dolamore Parent
2799 Leanne Cooper Parent
3108 Nancy Miriam Hawley Parent and Grandparent
326 Ken Rolling Parents for Public Schools
1495 Julie Woestehoff Parents United for Responsible Education (PURE)
866 Catherine Shields Park Day School
390 Tom Little Park Day School - Oakland, CA
983 Janet Swift Pastor/Educator
2985 Peter Lownds Paulo Freire Institute, UCLA
1743 Maria R. Gamboa Peace Action
1039 Matt Meyer Peace and Justice Studies Association
1656 Bruce L. Beyer Peace Has No Borders
3010 Flora Barone Peace Worker
2817 Monica T. Rodriguez Pearson Education
783 Robert Scott Appleton Pediatric Cardiologist
1895 Bernard Badiali Penn State
1972 Kimberly Blockett Penn State University
3157 Carol Wright Penn State University
2683 Elizabeth J. Tisdell Penn State University - Harrisburg
2685 Elizabeth J. Tisdell Penn State University - Harrisburg
570 Madhu Suri Prakash Pennsylvania State University
2133   Pennsylvania State University
2750 Flint Taylor Peoples Law Office
2811 Ben Elson People's Law Office
2938 John Stainthorp People's Law Office
1703 Mahad Maan BHoambor People's University of Nambia
1837 Tim Poretti Pepin Cove
1594 Reyna Garcia Ramos Pepperdine Univiersity
1771 Patricia Badger Performing Arts Head The Prairie School
479 Robert Vasquez Perspectives Charter Schools, Chicago
2930 Michael J. Iafrate Ph.D student, University of St. Michael's College, Toronto School of Theology
856 Pablo Serrano Ph.D. student Northern Illinois University
2635 Linda J. Grant PhD Candidate, University of Georgia
3087 Thomas H. Riess PhD Candidate, University of Illinois at Chicago
1449 Elizabeth Todd PhD Student
2309 Mike Egnoto PhD Student University at Buffalo
1686 Haverly M. Erskine PhD student, University at Buffalo
2253 Kinga Varga-Dobai PhD student, University of Georgia
3093 Jenny Knowles PhD, Faculty, Royal University of Phnom Penh
773 Stelle Sheller Phila. Federation of Teachers (retired)
957 Marlena Santoyo Philadelphia Federation of Teachers
2225 Hilton Smith Piedmont College
3147 Wilma Hutcheson-Williams Piedmont College
2405 Keli Garrett Playwright
1064 Paul Orgeron Poe Elementary, Houston, Texas
1090 Paul Orgeron Poe Elementary, Houston, Texas
1536 Amanda Leigh Lichtenstein Poet, Arts Educator
1938 Piet van Lier Policy Matters Ohio
286 Raymond Lotta Political economist
1183 Jonathan Kidd Pomona College
30 Doug Sherman Portland State University
2026 Swapna Mukhopadhyay Portland State University
3115 Micki M. Caskey Portland State University
2721 Jose Romero Postal Worker
1331 Lamya Khalidi Postdoctoral researcher, CNRS, University of Nice, Sophia Antipolis
2784 Prof. Leonard R Bacich Pratt Institute
2832 Joshua Longo Pratt Institute
3023 Karen Stone Pratt Institute
2262 Mijanou Horne Preschool Special Education Teacher
2072 Barbara Frances Sock Preschool Teacher, Michigan
3008 Lou Anna Simon President, Michigan State University
1500 Peter Coyote President, Wild Dog Productions, Inc.
841 Jan Logan Princeton University
1989 Rito Martinez Principal Social Justice HS
198 Brian Walker Johnson, Ph.D. Principia College
199 Libby Scheiern, M.A. Principia College
1789 Lisa Parker-Short Pritzker Elementary
200 Lara Phillips Private childcare and education
730 Marsha Shigeyo Hawley Private Educational Consultant
3005 David C. Daniels Private music teacher
1277 Juan Carlos Monedero Profesor Titular de Ciencia Política. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
1915 Gina Barclay-McLaughlin Professional Colleague
2663 Perry Marker Professor
849 David Joselit Professor and Chair, History of Art, Yale University
947 Richard A. Brosio Professor Emeritus Ball State University, currently Lecturer U. of Wisconsin Milwaukee
1226 William K. Tabb Professor Emeritus Queens College, CUNY
2184 Frank A. Walter Professor Emeritus, American River College
3056 Jerome Delamater Professor Emeritus, Hofstra University
2878 Abdias Nascimento Professor Emeritus, State University of New York/ Buffalo
611 Greg King Professor Emeritus, Tokai Gakuen
103 Alan Harwood Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Boston
2418 Jean A. Douthwright Ph.D. Professor of Biological Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology
1862 Ann Zulawski Professor of History, Smith College
2593 Robin Grubs, PhD, CGC Professor of Human Genetics
373 Adolph Reed Jr. Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania
1560 Heather Bruce Professor University of Montana
2213 Rebecca Schneider Professor, Brown University
1868 Tom Mayer Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Colorado at Boulder
3154 Bradley Epps Professor, Harvard University
630 Vicki Kubler LaBoskey Professor, Mills College
1314 Elana Levy Professor, Onondaga Community College (Retired)
2214 Richard Olmsted Professor, Rhode Island College
2696 Alan Feigenberg Professor, The City College of New York
1379 Lucia B. Rothman-Denes Professor, The University of Chicago
1643 Cecelia F. Klein Professor, UCLA
2339 Richard J. David, MD Professor, UIC College of Medicine
3095 Helen Gunter Professor, University of Manchester, UK
1256 John Bellamy Foster Professor, University of Oregon
2536 Noreen Garman Professor, University of Pittsburgh
885 Thaddeus P. Mathis, Ph.D. Professor,Temple University
710 Susan Toussaint Program Administrator/Adjunct Faculty
1257 Tynan Jarrett Project 10
156 Gabrielle Lyon Project Exploration
1020 Daniel Silber-Baker Project Reach Youth Brooklyn New York
1141 Karla Moras, Ph.D. Psychologist
2172 Eleanor Feinberg Psychologist
2893 Bear Korngold Psychologist
3000 Cara Pezzo Public School - Elementary Teacher
1897 Jennifer Nagy-O'Brien Public School Educator
667 Martha Matlaw Public School Teacher
1233 Lise Spangenthal Public School Teacher
1784 Kathy Riskin Orihuela Public School Teacher
1831 Judy Greenspan Public School Teacher
2891 James I Davis Public school teacher
2218 Inea Engler Public school teacher (Retired)
253 JoAnn Phillion Purdue University
192 Elsa K. Weber, Ph.D Purdue University Calumet
3199 Thuan Le Purple Circle Daycare Center
728 Karen Saunders Putney Central School, Keene State College
512 Gary Lichtenstien Quality Evaluation Designs
1696 Robie Wiesner Queensborough Community College
1901 Robie Wiesner Queensborough Community College
648 Kristan Morrison Radford University
2528 Dana Gregory Rose Radford University
2997 Elizabeth M. Altieri Radford University
1085 Robert J. Millar Reading Area Community College
1111 Robert J. Millar Reading Area Community College
1270 Rick Astley Recording Artist
609 Petros Evdokas Red Balloon Collective
1273 Lena de Casparis Red Pepper Culture Editor
1469 Yetta M. Goodman Regents Professor Emerita, University of Arizona
2782 David Abeles Registered Nurse
2981 Lewis Friedman Reitred Teacher/Labor Activist
1977 Nancy D. Campbell Rensselaer Polytechnic
1308 Cori Chertoff Restorative Justice, NY
27 Michaele A. Datsko Rethinking Schools
786 Stan Karp Rethinking Schools
1405 Bob Peterson Rethinking Schools
22 Bill Bigelow Rethinking Schools Magazine
854 Judy Gumbo Albert, Ph.D., CFRE Retired
2595 Bob Simpson Retired Chicago high school teacher
260 Paulette Love Retired Educator
664 Marion Brady Retired Educator
1523 Margaret Skinner Retired Educator
1524 Robert Skinner Retired Educator
1770 Nydia Leaf Retired Educator
2267 Willie Baldwin Retired Educator
2902 Willa Cofield, Ph.D. Retired Educator
2923 David Bruce Jackson Retired Educator
3106 Gene R. Remoff Retired Executive
2880 Esther M. Jones Retired HS Principal
3007 Stephen J. Stoll Retired Principal, The Beacon School, New York City
1667 Mary Daly Lewis Retired Professor
1670 Mary Daly Lewis Retired Professor
779 Thomas Wm. Hamilton Retired Professor of Astronomy, St John's Univ.; former Planetarium Director, Wagner College
2860 Richard Harding Retired Solano Community College faculty
3179 Kay Littlefield Retired Special Education Teacher - Racine Co, Wisconsin
698 Lynne Strieb Retired Teacher
797 Gayle Simons Retired Teacher
2336 Carolyn L. Nordstrom Retired Teacher
2491 Meridee Richards Retired Teacher
2939 Doris Kelly Retired Teacher
2001 William H. Green Retired, Western Kentucky University
995 William Herbert Reynolds School District & Mt. Hood Community College
1347 Elliot F Gerson Rhodes Trust
244 Michelle Yu Richmond School
1860 Tamar Jacobson Rider University
1301 Patricia Durr RIT
1172 Dave Madeloni Robert F Kennedy Children's Action Corps
2651 Gillian Young-Miller Rochester, NY
2647 Matt Cone Rock Bridge High School
2167 Anne Tait Roger Williams University
2747 Patricia E.H. Smith Roger Williams University
949 Susan J. Katz Roosevelt University
1585 Judith Gouwens Roosevelt University
2788 Elizabeth Meadows Roosevelt University
228 Erika K. Helms Roots & Shoots Beijing
3141 Johanna Eager Roseville Area Schools
930 Sharon M. Scullin, Esq. Rothstein & Scullin, PC
1372 Denise Gess Rowan University
3059 Steven K. Rothschild, MD Rush Medical College, Chicago
1787 Alison Bailey Rush University Medical Center, Chicago
71 Stephen Eric Bronner Rutgers University
235 Evie Shockley Rutgers University
2000 Nora E. Hyland Rutgers University
2816 Arthur B. Powell Rutgers University
41 Jane Califf Rutgers University - Newark Campus
2170 Harry Haladjian Rutgers University New Brunswick
13 H. Bruce Franklin Rutgers University--Newark
2855 Gail Matthews Ryerson University
3159 Michael Skrosky S.A.F.E.R.
1967 Janet Hecsh Sacramento State University
2229 David Cline Saginaw Valley State University
598 Agnes B. Curry Saint Joseph College, CT
792 Bradley J. Porfilio Saint Louis University
1792 Kathryn Pole Saint Louis University
451 Cynthia Ganote Saint Mary's College of California
2060 E. Suzanne Lee Saint Xavier University
345 Mary Ni, Ed.D. Salem State College
348 Mary-Lou Breitborde Salem State College
330 Josh Gold Salt Lake Community College
2446 Leonisa Ardizzone Salvadori Center
1352 Sam Green San Francisco Art Institute
1736 Leah Rosenkrantz San Francisco Day School
3178 Patrick Hoffman San Francisco Public Defender
1690 Dr. Kathleen McAfee San Francisco State University
1906 A.A. Akom San Francisco State University
2031 Edward J. McCaughan San Francisco State University
2366 Deborah Gerson Ph.D. San Francisco State University
2894 Mary Winegarden San Francisco State University
2323 Jan L. Gregory San Francisco State University (Emerita)
1244 Ethel S. Ruymaker San Francisco State University (Retired)
1159 Rachel Standish San Joaquin Delta College
1668 David Jas. Burr San Joaquin Delta College
835 Felipe Messina San Joaquin Delta College Student
829 William T. Armaline San Jose State University
115 Malik Dohrn San Leandro Public Schools
1581 Judith Rodenbeck Sarah Lawrence College
3182 James H. Williams, PhD, LCSW Savannah State University
3078 Ruth Bell Alexander School Board Member
1913 Cathy Gruber School Counselor
2814 Sally Haines School of Social Work, University of Michigan
122 Laurie Palmer School of the Art Institute of Chicago
416 John W. Ploof School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1826 Barbara Cooper School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2376 Kent Lambert School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2503 Jerome J. Hausman School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2866 Bryce Dwyer School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1406 Jody Dawn Weinmann School of the Art Institute of Chicago / Young Women's Leadership Charter School
3239 Irina Zadov School of the Art Institute of Chicago Alumni
17 Rosellen Brown School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
2859 Kathryn Sanida School Psychologist
1981 Dr. Jan Paron School Support Services Assoc.
94 Bridget Broderick Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital
695 Joshua Block Science Leadership Academy
2815 Charles Ream Scio Township Trustee, Michigan
1329 Kate Bittman Scribner
1337 Meredith Wahl Scribner
934 John W. Fahy Scripps Green Hospital, La Jolla
1765 Daniel Ginsberg-Jaeckle SDS-Milwaukee
1577 Ron Newton Seattle HS Assistant Principal
2332 Sherry Emery Senior Research Scientist, University of Illinois at Chicago
1044 Fred Strauss SF Dept of Public Health
886 Tamar Magdovitz Shawmont Preschool
1444 Erik Badger Shimer College
674 Elizabeth Haims Sierra Vista Public Schools
1356 Bob Sidenberg Silk Mountain
2808 Laurie Crumpacker Simmons College
577 Özlem Sensoy Simon Fraser University
2051 Michael Lebowitz Simon Fraser University, Canada
38 Michael Klonsky Small Talk Blog
1678 David Ball Smith College
1918 Marina Kaplan Smith College
1593 Matthew Warford Smith College School for Social Work
2125 Bob Spivey Social Ecology Education and Demonstration School (SEEDS)
1467 Ida Joyce Sia Social Justice High School
2161 Emily Alt Social Justice High School
823 Sarah Blust Social worker
1590 Mwaniki Mwangi Social Worker
2084 Nancy Stein Social Worker
2798 Matthew Cramer Social Worker
2934 Cindy Francis Social Worker
2744 Gail Nelson Social Worker and Advocate
2756 Vincent Peppard Social Worker, San Diego
2944 Stu Harrison Socialist Alliance (Australia)
365 Mira-Lisa Katz Sonoma State University
2610 Paul Crowley, Ph.D. Sonoma State University
2925 Katherine A. Morris Sonoma State University
2668 Perry M. Marker Sonoma State University, CA
689 George L. Johnson, Jr. Ph.D. South Carolina State University
2402 Louise Anderson Allen South Carolina State University
2353 Kay M. Cutler South Dakota State University
1718 Ana Reyes South Orange/Maplewood
3026 Eric Chase South Puget Sound Community College
3046 Lindsay Anderson Southeastern Community College/Workforce Investment Act
2384 Jonathan Samuel Gordon Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
716 Dorothy Vasquez-Levy Southern Connecticut State University
3122 Larry A. Hickman Southern Illinois University Carbondale
267 David Marques Southwest Youth Collaborative
445 Keith L Gordon Southwest Youth Collaborative
448 Grant Buhr Southwest Youth Collaborative
1679 Robin McCubbin Southwestern College
2455 Sue Gamm Special Education Consultant
1762 Anne Broderick Zill SR Mott Char Trust
1333 Amy Demarest St Michaels College
2829 Molly E. Minus St. Edward's University
1522 Barry Shelton St. Louis Public Schools
324 Myrna Santiago St. Mary's College
2604 John C. Hughes St. Michael's College
3123 Suzi Wizowaty St. Michael's College
503 Timothy Leonard St. Xavier University, Chicago
1821 Kathy Biehl Stamford Board of education
2999 Matt Pearce Stanford
496 Julie Kessler Stanford University
1630 Pamela M. Lee Stanford University
2249 Elliot W. Eisner Stanford University
2483 Warren Mark Liew Stanford University
3216 Joan Warnshuis Stanford University
3229 Hilton Obenzinger Stanford University
1753 Anne Gordon State of California
1428 Kenton Anderson State University New York at Buffalo
579 Ali Shehzad Zaidi State University of New York at Canton
48 Joel Lefkowitz State University of New York at New Paltz
59 Tom Meyer State University of New York at New Paltz
126 Dr. Rose Rudnitski State University of New York at New Paltz
150 Nancy Schniedewind State University of New York at New Paltz
217 Judith A. Dorney State University of New York at New Paltz
274 Lee Bernstein State University of New York at New Paltz
162 Karen Bell State University of NY at New Paltz
926 Jon Moscow Sterner-Moscow Partnership
1875 Sara Driscoll Stop the BioLab Coalition
408 Daniel Schneider Student
869 Hector Hernandez Student
941 Nina Metsovaara Student
1266 Dede Minter Student
1652 Amber Vaughn Student
1683 Valerie J. Graham Student
1739 Beatriz Lopez Student
1766 Kate Graham-McHugh Student
1769 Mekaila Arnold Student
1775 Nicole Iaquinto Student
1902 Semane Parsons Student
1937 David Libman Student
2537 Jose Pereira Jr. Student
2578 Roland Kennedy Hutchison Student
2961 Brienne Stevenson Student
3088 Tulika Bansal Student
3166 Keir Kennedy-Mitchell Student
1675 Alison Crawford Student - Yale Law
3237 Julie Galassini Student Services, Seminole Community College
2765 Barry Landeros-Thomas Student Therapy and Resources
1845 Laura Smith Student, Humboldt State University
1954 Todd VanSteenhuyse Student, Northeastern Illinois University
2012 Ray Sun Student, Northwestern University School of Law
846 Corinne Hoag Student, SIT Graduate Institute
520 Daniel M. Gray Student, UC Berkeley
1223 Deepa Patel Student, UC Berkeley
523 Kerry Downey Student, University of Illinois at Chicago
2310 Robert Dow Student, University of Oregon/Tutor, Lane Community College
2367 Carolyn Umfress Students for a Democratic Society
245 Christopher Lynn SUNY Albany
398 Carol R. Rodgers SUNY Albany
2711 Peter Johnston SUNY Albany
161 Virginia Brown Keyder SUNY Binghamton
1067 Ravi Arvind Palat SUNY Binghamton
1093 Ravi Arvind Palat SUNY Binghamton
1417 Tom McDonough SUNY Binghamton
1939 Mira Tetkowski Berkley SUNY Fredonia
1944 Amy Chavez SUNY Fredonia
1983 Clara Beier SUNY Fredonia
2538 Kathleen Magiera SUNY Fredonia
254 Leigh M. O'Brien, D. Ed. SUNY Geneseo
2246 David A. Granger SUNY Geneseo
121 Jeff Miller SUNY New Paltz
134 Harold Jacobs SUNY New Paltz
819 Kate McCoy SUNY New Paltz
117 Rosalyn Baxandall SUNY Old Westbury
825 Patricia Russo SUNY Oswego
442 Dr. Teresa A. Powrozek SUNY Upstate Medical University
1365 Kyounghee Kwon SUNY-Buffalo
1061 LeGrace Benson SUNY-ESC (Emerita)
1087 LeGrace Benson SUNY-ESC (Emerita)
2729 Lynn A. Hall, Ph.D. SUNY-Potsdam
2165 Carolyn Monroe Supporter
2639 Cheryl Jones-Walker Swarthmore College
2449 Jackie Orr Syracuse Univerity
84 Mara Sapon-Shevin Syracuse University
2759 Kathleen A. Hinchman Syracuse University
2790 Beth A. Ferri Syracuse University
3015 Sari Knopp Biklen Syracuse University
3135 Zaline Roy-Campbell Syracuse University
3218 Susan Hynds, Ph.D. Syracuse University
3223 Kelly Chandler-Olcott Syracuse University
1714 Nicholas Gardner TA at the University of Illinois at Chicago
1232 Mark Levin Talk radio host
985 Priscilla W.Tate TCU (retired)
1186 Tiffany Reed Teach For America; Camden City Public Schools, NJ
422 Jill Sontag Teacher
661 Ellen Kleyman Teacher
676 Jack C. Thompson Teacher
694 Daniel Weinstein Teacher
714 Erinn VanderMeer Teacher
883 J Dankoff Teacher
1152 Jeanne Nakano Teacher
1245 Katrina Nousaine Teacher
1340 Peter Cook Teacher
1368 Renee Codsi Teacher
1552 Cristie Bosch Teacher
1562 Filisa Koritsaris Teacher
1572 Megan Garton Teacher
1682 Elizabeth Brown Teacher
1740 John H. Nash Teacher
1790 Berenice Salas Teacher
1872 Catherine Schoenfeld Teacher
2054 Velda Crawford Teacher
2090 Nadine Zelle Teacher
2110 Katie Keier Teacher
2124 Lindsay Smith Teacher
2806 Gale Liebman Teacher
2887 Peggy Zechel Teacher
2955 Mark A. McCann Teacher
2971 Carolina Avila Teacher
2998 Chiana Loreti Teacher
3003 Golnar Duchateau Teacher
3042 Pamela Amsden Teacher
3067 Joanie Krug Teacher
3068 Kathleen J. Davis Teacher
455 Gia Super Teacher & UIC Student
1225 Robert M. Goldberg Teacher (Retired)
2681 Rachel Val Cohen Teacher and Artist
2068 Monique Redeaux Teacher and doctoral student in Policy Studies at UIC
1655 Diane H. Conmy Teacher and former student of Bill Ayers
2137 Sara Jerger Teacher and Parent
2357 Monica Imig Teacher and Parent
1529 Chris Esposito Teacher and Student
1430 Jackson Potter Teacher at Little Village Lawndale School of Social Justice
3080 Alison Merz Teacher Berkeley CA
839 Celia Reyes, Ph.D. Teacher Diversity Project
2029 Christopher Fons Teacher Milwaukee Public Schools
1484 Angela Folkes Teacher SLPS
2113 Liz Fuentes Teacher, 5th Grade
1842 Hasmig Minassian Teacher, Berkeley High
1687 Jamie Koch Teacher, CEA Islington
1665 John Ehresman Teacher, Chicago
1662 Crystal Sankey Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
1730 Robyn Becker Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
3207 Barbara Baldini Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
1887 Rachel Knight Teacher, NYC
3120 Elisabeth Ellor Teacher, NYC Dept. of Education
3191 Phyllis Eisner Teacher, NYC Dept. of Education
693 Donyal Svilar- Good Teacher, NYC Public School System
685 Emily Kragness Teacher, NYC Public Schools
979 Kristin Sampson Teacher, Renton School District
1221 Karen Lee Wald Teacher, San Jose, California
1813 Katherine Hogan Teacher, Social Justice High School, Chicago, IL
705 Paula McPheeters Teacher, Tucson Unified School District
1695 Stacey LaScala Teacher/ Former Student
363 Karen Zapata Teachers 4 Social Justice
2356 Stephanie Schmier Teachers College Columbia University
2937 Jonathan Katz Teachers College Columbia University
77 Carole Saltz Teachers College Press
72 Celia Oyler, Ph.D. Teachers College, Columbia University
954 Rachel Oppenheim Teachers College, Columbia University
1642 Frances Schoonmaker Teachers College, Columbia University
2349 Molly Quinn Teachers College, Columbia University
2791 Eliza Engelberg Teachers College, Columbia University
2837 Jaime Lynn Quackenbush Teachers College, Columbia University
2945 Jacqueline Ancess Teachers College, Columbia University
1786 Erika Robers Teachers for Social Justice
1904 Cecily Arroyo Teachers for Social Justice
1447 Ellen Meyers Teachers Network
424 Sue Sommers Teaching Artist
1575 Megan Pahmier Teaching Artist
3127 Melody James Teaching Artist
399 Deborah Menkart Teaching for Change
3231 Leah Penniman Tech Valley High School, NY
1866 Briana Nichols Telpochcalli Elementary
213 Robert Weinberg Temple University
1580 Gina Hoch-Stall Temple University
2870 Matthew Greenbaum Temple University
827 Dr. Gilbert G. Fernandez Tennessee Tech University
687 Colleen Hays Tennessee Technological University
1334 Kimberly N. Brown Texas A & M University
691 Kathryn Bell McKenzie Texas A&M University
928 Geroge Patrick Slattery Texas A&M University
945 Mei Wu Hoyt Texas A&M University
1470 Jennifer Mueller Texas A&M University
1793 Marian Eide Texas A&M University
940 Sharon Barbara Reynolds Texas Christian University
1022 Donald Frischmann, Ph.D. Texas Christian University
1473 Jennifer Jacobs Texas State University-San Marcos
2916 Teri Clifford Texas Teachers
188 Paul Chamness Miller, Ph.D. Texas Tech University
956 Paul Chamness Miller Texas Tech University
958 Margaret A. Price Texas Tech University
2520 Marlene M. Montgomery Texas Woman's University
293 Bonnie L. Wishne The Ancona School
703 Heather Cristol The Brooklyn School for Global Studies
3221 Josephine Salvador The Calhoun School
268 Dr. C. K. Lau The Chinese University of Hong Kong
1081 Shira Eve Epstein The City College of New York (CUNY)
1107 Shira Eve Epstein The City College of New York (CUNY)
2522 Dr. Vicki Garavuso The City College of New York, Center for Worker Education, CUNY
2375 Alexandra Miletta The City College of New York, CUNY
2792 Beverly Falk The City College of New York, CUNY
2562 Michael S. Foley The City University of New York's College of Staten Island and CUNY Graduate Center
1394 Marsha Ducey The College at Brockport
539 Emily Meixner The College of New Jersey
420 Steve Siegelbaum The Computer School
174 Barbara Lancaster The Ethical Culture Fieldston School
379 Stephen Karmol The Evergreen State College
2948 Lawrence J. Mosqueda The Evergreen State College
9 Maren Christensen The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University
2947 Cornelia H. Frisbee Houde The Free School Community
233 Jason Schneiderman The Graduate Center of CUNY
1807 Susan L. Woodward The Graduate Center, CUNY
2186 Jim Lunsford The Latin School of Chicago
2576 Pamela B. Childers The McCallie School
492 Bruce Kanze The Montclair Cooperative School
2410 Andre Schiffrin The New Press
436 Maria Torre The New School
1328 Carin Kuoni The New School
1402 Aleksandra Wagner The New School
2556 George E. Newell The Ohio State University
2801 Cynthia Dillard The Ohio State University
840 Joshua J. Kurz The Ohio State University, PhD Student
3013 Larry Olds The Popular Education News
1636 Austin Jackson The Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, Michigan State University
73 Therese Quinn The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2243 Kathryn Dittmar The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2577 Cyndie Bellen-Berthezene The Time In Children's Arts Initiative
2438 William H. Thelin The University of Akron
116 Natalie Adams, Ph.D. The University of Alabama
2427 Christopher W. Dean The University of California at Santa Barbara
258 Lisa Wedeen The University of Chicago
313 Theresa J. Mah, Ph.D. The University of Chicago
1212 Roberto Soto-Carrion The University of Chicago
2264 Lesley Graybeal The University of Georgia
2169 Walter Feinberg The University of Illinois
522 Paul B. Bick The University of Illinois at Chicago
2533 Douglas Paterson The University of Nebraska at Omaha
1586 Dr. Yvonne Siu-Runyan, Professor Emerita The University of Northern Colorado
2872 Yvonne Siu-Runyan, Professor Emerita The University of Northern Colorado
2346 Robert Donmoyer The University of San Diego
704 Bradley Carpenter The University of Texas - Austin
1611 Danielle Dirks The University of Texas at Austin
1948 Melissa Mosley The University of Texas at Austin
2525 Mary Lee Webeck The University of Texas at Austin
2825 Martha Hougen The University of Texas at Austin
1817 Misty Sailors The University of Texas at San Antonio
2504 Tracy J. Lopez The University of Texas at San Antonio
542 Ross Colin The University of Wisconsin-Madison
6 Safisha Madhubuti Third World Press
7 Haki Madhubuti Third World Press
176 Marjorie Cohn Thomas Jefferson School of Law
1616 Carolyn Brown Thomas Kelly High School
2236 Haydee Lopez Thomas Kelly High School
107 Chalida Anusasananan Thurgood Marshall Academic High School
47 Jane Hirschmann Time Out From Testing, NYC
817 Jeremy Pikser Tisch School of the Arts NYU
1412 Melanie West Tiz Media Foundation
2620 Cathy A. Toll, Ph.D. Toll and Associates
53 Jane E. Neapolitan, Ed.D. Towson University
763 Kate Power Towson University
766 Steve Mogge Towson University
820 Steve Mogge Towson University
2553 Sharon Pitcher Towson University
2574 B. P. Laster Towson University
2975 Lynda Mermell Towson University
3062 Paul Lauter Trinity College
821 Vijay Prashad Trinity College, Hartford, CT.
607 Michael Berkowitz Trinity High School, NY
2065 Angelee Johns Triton College
1285 Lisa Ginet Triton Community College & Concordia University
97 Marc Becker Truman State University
1014 Elizabeth J. Johnson Tufts University
3117 Saul Slapikoff Tufts University
3194 Nathan Burazer Tussle
1920 Alex Zamiar U of C Laboratory Schools
1841 Barbara H Fitzsimmons U of Calif. San Diego
2335 Judith Green U of California, Santa Barbara
987 Brad Sigal U of MN worker
2682 David Sweet U. of California, Santa Cruz
1208 Erika Weissinger U.C. Berkeley
2827 Dora Panayotova U.C. Santa Cruz
1054 Phillip Bonacich U.C.L.A.
1709 Walter Moores U.S. Citizen
344 Sera Hernandez UC Berkeley
346 Caitlin Jenkins UC Berkeley
350 Lynda Tredway UC Berkeley
460 Carole Robie UC Berkeley
475 Amanda Lashaw UC Berkeley
521 Kara Young UC Berkeley
566 Rick Ayers UC Berkeley
592 Usree Bhattacharya UC Berkeley
1258 Badr Albanna UC Berkeley
1267 Rebecca K UC Berkeley
1291 Wendy Brown UC Berkeley
1458 Leeena Im UC Berkeley
1543 Jack Jackson UC Berkeley
2551 Dominic Voge UC Berkeley
971 Bob Polkinghorn UC Berkeley (Ret.)
349 Betty Yu UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education
593 Nora Kenney UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education
1527 Camila Piñeiro UC Berkeley MA graduate
325 Elizabeth Boner UC Berkeley School of Education
1047 Emily Gleason UC Berkeley, Graduate School of Education and Institute for the Study of Social Change
1148 Dan Tsang UC Irvine
1261 Daphne Taylor-Garcia UC Santa Barbara
3171 N.S. Wilson UCF
52 Ernest Morrell, Ph.D. UCLA
207 Jan de Leeuw UCLA
526 Kendra Weber UCLA
591 Peter McLaren UCLA
1181 Gwen D'Arcangelis UCLA
1199 Laurence E Hadjas PhD UCLA
1681 Peter Mclaren UCLA
1702 Mike Rose UCLA
2206 Laura E. Enriquez UCLA
2248 Arianna Taboada UCLA
2396 Marjorie Faulstich Orellana UCLA
2990 Maureen Gaddis Purtill UCLA
3057 Noelle Gilbert UCLA
3152 Kamani Hill UCLA
741 Richard Appelbaum UCSB
1727 Michael Berman UCSC
1559 Rebecca Vick UCSF
2118 Donna Lazarus UFT
3213 Pedro Reyes UFT member
2796 Samantha Joye UGA
2308 Shelly Gowin UIC - College of Education Graduate Student
935 Matthew Svalina UIC Alumni
1797 Lisa Arriaga UIC Alumni
1768 Negina Kolesar UIC Alumnus
1512 Nathan Helsabeck UIC Center for Literacy
2377 Loreen Troy UIC College of Medicine
1617 Nikita Bryant UIC Doctoral Student
138 David Schaafsma UIC English
2199 Susan Gottschall UIC Instructor in Type 04 Certification Program
719 Jody Koizumi UIC School of Education Graduate
2307 Judith Sayad UIC School of Public Health
2428 Erica Gaddy UIC School of Public Health, UIC College of Nursing
339 Daniel Yang UIC student
473 Adam Kuranishi UIC Student
1956 Carolyn Flores UIC student
2121 Craig Ackerman UIC Student
2450 Vikki Rompala UIC/La Rabida Children's Hospital-Chicago Child Trauma Center
1947 Kermit Eby III UIC-Graduate Student, NNHS-Teacher
3104 Janel Heinrich UIC-School of Public Health
2996 Dr. Beverly Bickel UMBC
1153 Mariah Neuroth Umoja
1335 Ashley Lucas UNC Chapel Hill
3160 Ann Potts UNC Wilmington
2224 John Colman Wood UNC-Asheville
465 Betty Cooper Epanchin UNCG
686 Kathe Latham UNCG
767 Deborah Greene UNC-G
644 Tema Okun UNC-Greensboro
336 M. Delgado Union Pacific
1595 Rev. Larry E. Turpin United Church of Hyde Park
484 Lou Howort United Federation of Teachers
1520 Beata Kruss Unity Jr High School
362 Alisa Crovetti Univ. of California, Berkeley
360 irma olmedo Univ. of Illinois - Chicago
1263 Isham Christie Univ. of North Dakota
1143 Maeve O. Inouye Univ. of So. CA
1468 Kenneth S. Goodman Univeirsity of Arizona Emeritus
2192 Javier E. Hernandez Univerisity of California at Irvine
2716 Beth Robinson Univeristy of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
1409 Irma Olmedo Univerity of Illinois-Chicago
426 Benjamin Gleason Universidad MesoAmericana, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
1182 Sr. Ma. Carolina Pardo Universidad San Alfonso
2858 Boaventura Sousa Santos Universidade de Coimbra Portugal
1154 Albert Guay Universite de Quebec
3111 Rose-Marie Weber University at Albany, SUNY
62 Susan Vivian Mangold University at Buffalo
1322 Bruce Jackson University at Buffalo
1332 Katherine Hart LaVail University at Buffalo
1363 George A. Barnett University at Buffalo
2111 Jim Holstun University at Buffalo
2345 Nathan J. Claes University at Buffalo
2511 Fenice B. Boyd University at Buffalo, SUNY
2884 Damian Corbin Jenkins University California Santa Barbara
2061 Sandra Spickard Prettyman University of Akron
2075 Rebecca A. McElfresh University of Akron
143 Nirmala Erevelles, Ph.D. University of Alabama
2602 Brooke Champagne University of Alabama
1454 Rodrigo Gutierrez University of Arizona
1548 Maura Varley University of Arizona
2338 Patricia L. Anders University of Arizona
2611 Barbara McKean University of Arizona
2201 Yuriko C. Wellington University of Arizona; Cambodia International Pedagogical Institute
2453 David A. Jolliffe University of Arkansas
2461 David A. Jolliffe University of Arkansas
513 Jim Ross University of Arkansas at Little Rock
1459 Krista Lewis University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2513 Janet Behrend, EdD University of Arkansas at Little Rock
501 James D. Marshall University of Auckland
2758 Jill Castek University of CA, Berkeley
1513 Karen Ann Watson-Gegeo University of California
3247 Sue Castaneda University of California
381 Ingrid Seyer-Ochi University of California - Berkeley
384 Dalida María Benfield University of California - Berkeley
295 Magid Shihade University of California at Davis
197 Katherine C. King University of California at Los Angeles
329 Cecilia Lucas University of California Berkeley
1238 Cathleen Sullivan University of California Berkeley
2085 Logan Manning University of California Berkeley
2351 Professor Sarah W. Freedman University of California- Berkely
725 Andrea Fraser University of California Los Angeles
1030 K. Wayne Yang University of California San Diego
196 Jennifer LaVail University of California San Francisco
828 Constance Penley University of California Santa Barbara
3073 Tatiana F. Miller University of California Santa Cruz
317 Kathryn Zamora-Moeller University of California, Berkeley
318 Maryl Gearhart University of California, Berkeley
320 Adela Arriaga University of California, Berkeley
321 Elisa Salasin University of California, Berkeley
334 Professor John Hurst University of California, Berkeley
338 Jennifer Reid University of California, Berkeley
358 Kimberly Vinall University of California, Berkeley
378 Shlomy Kattan University of California, Berkeley
388 Roberto D. Hernandez University of California, Berkeley
450 Christyna M. Serrano University of California, Berkeley
584 Richard B. Norgaard University of California, Berkeley
764 Ariana Mangual University of California, Berkeley
800 George Ciccariello-Maher University of California, Berkeley
1198 Lynn Wu University of California, Berkeley
1243 Jennifer Sowerwine University of California, Berkeley
1269 Ellen Moore University of California, Berkeley
1610 Lincoln Bergman University of California, Berkeley
2079 Karl Zimmer University of California, Berkeley
2144 Alexis Martin University of California, Berkeley
63 Peter McLaren University of California, Los Angeles
241 Carole H. Browner University of California, Los Angeles
525 Daniel D. Liou University of California, Los Angeles
721 Peter McLaren University of California, Los Angeles
990 Edna Bonacich University of California, Riverside
2844 Ken Ehrlich University of California, Riverside - Lecturer
619 Fanny Howe University of California, San Diego
900 Kate Teffer University of California, San Diego
1131 Michelle Stuckey University of California, San Diego
1237 Joo Ok Kim University of California, San Diego
1265 Tania N. Jabour University of California, San Diego
1414 Devon Smith University of California, San Diego
1711 Natalie Schenker University of California, San Diego
3091 Yrjö Engeström University of California, San Diego
170 Matthew LaVail, Ph.D. University of California, San Francisco
2080 Rajiv Bhatia University of California, San Francisco
2901 Joanne Sonn University of California, San Francisco
848 Howard Winant University of california, Santa Barbara
226 Ana Maria Candela University of California, Santa Cruz
793 Donald V Kingsbury University of California, Santa Cruz
807 Tess Russo University of California, Santa Cruz
1912 Ana Maria Candela University of California, Santa Cruz
3055 Sara Tolbert University of California, Santa Cruz
2634 Erica Kohl-Arenas University of California-Berkeley
2188 Andrea Smith University of California-Riverside
1016 Jody Sokolower University of California-San Francisco
1556 Augusta McMahon University of Cambridge, UK
505 Suzanne M. Martin University of Central Florida
988 Jay D. Jurie, Ph.D. University of Central Florida
3193 Marcella L. Kysilka University of Central Florida
922 Cho Connarubber University of Central Kansas
3 W.J.T. Mitchell University of Chicago
18 Dr. Marv Hoffman University of Chicago
89 Susan Gzesh University of Chicago
119 Tracye A. Matthews University of Chicago
153 Norma Field University of Chicago
177 Amy Dru Stanley University of Chicago
179 Yali Amit University of Chicago
184 Elizabeth Helsinger University of Chicago
187 Mel Rothenberg University of Chicago
246 Bill Brown University of Chicago
279 Michael Dawson University of Chicago
304 William Sewell University of Chicago
413 Charles Payne University of Chicago
816 Margaret Ulesi-Ahnwa, Ph.D. University of Chicago
1116 Jean Comaroff University of Chicago
1137 McGuire Gibson University of Chicago
1139 Vicki Schneider University of Chicago
1176 Daniel Carroll Joynes University of Chicago
1185 James Chandler University of Chicago
1195 Ramsey Clark University of Chicago
1366 Erica Simmons University of Chicago
1382 Mark Dreessen University of Chicago
1391 Ben Kolak University of Chicago
1423 Anahid Nersessian University of Chicago
1456 Johanna Winant University of Chicago
1462 Toussaint Losier University of Chicago
1482 Leah Goldman University of Chicago
1505 Molly Hudgens University of Chicago
1519 Jessica Neptune University of Chicago
1542 Gregory Weinstein University of Chicago
1553 Rebecca Zorach University of Chicago
1626 Jake P. Smith University of Chicago
1666 Laurel spindel University of Chicago
1676 Jonathan Rosa University of Chicago
1693 Daniel Turner-Lloveras University of Chicago
1708 John E. Woods University of Chicago
1791 Catherine Chandler University of Chicago
1832 Sybil Madison-Boyd University of Chicago
1839 Kristian Kerr University of Chicago
1856 Francoise Meltzer University of Chicago
1927 Gina M. Olson University of Chicago
1991 Diana Barrie University of Chicago
2005 Darryl Heller University of Chicago
2064 Emily Art University of Chicago
2315 Cathy Cohen University of Chicago
2394 Nancy L. Stein University of Chicago
2397 Burke Hilsabeck University of Chicago
3246 Anthony J. Lee University of Chicago
157 Paul Horton University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
231 Paige James University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
494 Bob Kass University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
1128 Cynthia Oakes University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
1376 David Derbes University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
130 Craig B. Futterman University of Chicago Law School
1879 Sara K. Rezvi University of Chicago, Brooklyn Educator
14 Paul Sereno University of Chicago, National Geographic
837 Carri A. Schneider University of Cincinnati
2328 Jory Brass University of Cincinnati
2501 Marlene Miner University of Cincinnati
3020 Penny Freppon University of Cincinnati
863 Julia Kantor University of Colorado
2512 Elizabeth Dutro University of Colorado
33 Kevin Welner University of Colorado at Boulder
175 Edward W. Wiley University of Colorado at Boulder
806 Matthew N. Gaertner University of Colorado at Boulder
1119 Amy Subert University of Colorado at Boulder
1442 Ken Bonetti University of Colorado at Boulder
2294 Daniel Worden University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
2515 Barbara Frye University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
748 Suzanne Arnold University of Colorado Denver
37 Margaret D. LeCompte, PhD University of Colorado-Boulder
1844 Lynn Beinfield MD University of Coloradp
1979 Jeffrey K. Parrott University of Copenhagen
746 Dr. Joques MeHoff University of Dayton
580 Tony Whitson University of Delaware
600 Philip Goldstein University of Delaware
734 Tonya Gau Bartell University of Delaware
488 Bruce Uhrmacher University of Denver
1202 Jack Donnelly University of Denver
2470 Linda Tate University of Denver
1443 Julie Hurwitz University of Detroit Mercy School of Law - Adjunct
3092 Clio Kennedy Hutchison University of Durham, UK
3097 Nancy Dana University of Florida
3142 Linda L. Cronin Jones University of Florida
3186 T. Griffith Jones University of Florida
2445 Wm. R. Powell University of Florida (Retired)
791 Todd Dinkelman University of Georgia
2244 Judith Preissle University of Georgia
2254 JoBeth Allen University of Georgia
2256 Hilary Conklin University of Georgia
2257 Greg McClure University of Georgia
2258 Elizabeth Daigle University of Georgia
2261 Kathleen deMarrais University of Georgia
2263 Kathy Simpson University of Georgia
2265 Scott Ardoin University of Georgia
2266 Stephen E. Cramer University of Georgia
2268 Kyunghwa Lee University of Georgia
2271 George Stanic University of Georgia
2273 Joel Taxel University of Georgia
2277 Page Conner M. McCormick University of Georgia
2287 Cory A Buxton University of Georgia
2288 Susan Nordstrom University of Georgia
2290 Stephanie Jones University of Georgia
2321 Deborah L. Teitelbaum University of Georgia
2329 Dr. Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor University of Georgia
2358 Amy Heesacker University of Georgia
2360 Tracie Costantino University of Georgia
2437 Angela Green University of Georgia
2545 Mariana Souto-Manning University of Georgia
2549 Dwight Manning University of Georgia
2555 Mary Lynn Huie University of Georgia
2612 Dr. Robert Hill University of Georgia
2631 Elaine Cress University of Georgia
2652 Wayland Walker University of Georgia
2770 Melissa Harshman University of Georgia
2775 Deborah Bandalos University of Georgia
2941 Scott Ritchie University of Georgia
2983 Jane Robinson Middleton University of Georgia
3019 Jennifer Nabors University of Georgia
3025 Marsha C. Black, PhD University of Georgia
3051 Kristin Boudreau University of Georgia
3183 Linda Gilbert University of Georgia
2391 David Porcaro University of Georgia graduate student
2749 Christina Yim University of Georgia graduate student
976 Martial Bourdin University of Greenwich
1471 Robert Perkinson University of Hawaii
1857 Susan Horowitz University of Hawaii
2203 Gabrielle Welford University of Hawai'i
2706 Jeff Moniz University of Hawaii at Manoa
271 Susan Matoba Adler University of Hawaii West O'ahu. Mahalo
1651 Patricia E. Halagao University of Hawaii, Manoa
215 Hayan Charara University of Houston
713 Angela Miller University of Houston
953 George Reiter university of houston
1069 Mark Doty University of Houston
1095 Mark Doty University of Houston
2810 Patricia E. Holland University of Houston
3016 Cheryl J. Craig University of Houston
3027 Cameron White University of Houston
3028 Sabrina Marsh University of Houston
3144 Angela Miller University of Houston
3197 Douglas Stewart Edwards University of Houston
3208 Debby Shulsky University of Houston
2300 Sharon Feldman University of IL at Chicago
952 Cassandra McKay University of Illinois
2279 Emily Doman University of Illinois
3045 Beth Gutelius University of Illinois
3139 Brad W. Kose University of Illinois
36 Gayatri Reddy University of Illinois - Chicago
87 Eleni Katsarou University of Illinois - Chicago
91 Monique Redeaux University of Illinois - Chicago
204 Kevin Kumashiro University of Illinois - Chicago
219 Bill Schubert University of Illinois - Chicago
281 Cristen Jenkins University of Illinois - Chicago
283 Kent Wilson University of Illinois - Chicago
292 Susan J. Berger, Ph.D. University of Illinois - Chicago
368 Michelle Parker-Katz University of Illinois - Chicago
402 Christine Salisbury University of Illinois - Chicago
403 Georgette Lee University of Illinois - Chicago
405 Todd DeStigter University of Illinois - Chicago
435 David Schaafsma University of Illinois - Chicago
438 Catherine B Garner University of Illinois - Chicago
439 Brian Charest University of Illinois - Chicago
441 Rhea Vitalis University of Illinois - Chicago
453 Catherine Main University of Illinois - Chicago
467 Carole Mitchener University of Illinois - Chicago
994 Joe Iosbaker University of Illinois - Chicago
1420 Jennifer DeLago University of Illinois - Chicago
1599 Rana Khan University of Illinois - Chicago
2318 Krystal Madkins University of Illinois - Chicago
2730 Pat Healey University of Illinois - Chicago
2804 Susan Porter Bruce University of Illinois (Retired)
19 Lynette Jackson University of Illinois at Chicago
95 David Stovall University of Illinois at Chicago
113 Patrick Finnessy, Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago
120 Ryan Hollon University of Illinois at Chicago
265 Samantha Bowers Welte University of Illinois at Chicago
270 Yam Hoon LIM University of Illinois at Chicago
273 Karen Reyes, University of Illinois at Chicago
298 Eli Tucker-Raymond University of Illinois at Chicago
303 Dr. Laurie Schaffner University of Illinois at Chicago
374 Marvin Lynn University of Illinois at Chicago
397 Lise McKean University of Illinois at Chicago
428 Rebekah A. Levin University of Illinois at Chicago
429 Christine Olson University of Illinois at Chicago
431 Joseph Zanoni University of Illinois at Chicago
454 Gina Caneva University of Illinois at Chicago
490 Tiffany J. Ko University of Illinois at Chicago
548 William H. Schubert University of Illinois at Chicago
561 Jason Michael Lukasik University of Illinois at Chicago
751 Jessica Poser, EdD University of Illinois at Chicago
865 Dr. Joshua Radinsky University of Illinois at Chicago
1050 Sharon Rubin University of Illinois at Chicago
1156 Angela Clifford University of Illinois at Chicago
1190 Morgan Elizabeth Halstead University of Illinois at Chicago
1191 Wesley Sims University of Illinois at Chicago
1215 Lindsay Marshall University of Illinois at Chicago
1224 Kristen Brown University of Illinois at Chicago
1228 Snezana Zabic University of Illinois at Chicago
1230 Lennard J. Davis University of Illinois at Chicago
1235 Dr. Barbara Di Eugenio University of Illinois at Chicago
1236 Milos Zefran University of Illinois at Chicago
1252 Christina L. Madda University of Illinois at Chicago
1292 Brenna Scanlon University of Illinois at Chicago
1297 Jung Kim University of Illinois at Chicago
1310 Jennifer Ashton University of Illinois at Chicago
1324 Gerald Graff University of Illinois at Chicago
1373 Chris Messenger University of Illinois at Chicago
1389 Jianyong Yang, PhD University of Illinois at Chicago
1397 Deirdre McCloskey University of Illinois at Chicago
1403 Susan C. Lynch University of Illinois at Chicago
1408 Ebony McGee University of Illinois at Chicago
1426 Craig Willey University of Illinois at Chicago
1496 Marian Koritsaris University of Illinois at Chicago
1569 Beata Marc University of Illinois at Chicago
1597 Rhoda Rae Gutierrez University of Illinois at Chicago
1694 Della Leavitt University of Illinois at Chicago
1697 Sean Carino University of Illinois at Chicago
1748 Wade Tillett University of Illinois at Chicago
1869 Janise Hurtig University of Illinois at Chicago
1978 Nadine Peacock University of Illinois at Chicago
2033 Elena Gutierrez University of Illinois at Chicago
2049 Theresa Christenson-Caballero University of Illinois at Chicago
2056 David Stovall, Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago
2183 Heather Imrie University of Illinois at Chicago
2198 Lara Kelland University of Illinois at Chicago
2320 B. Calma University of Illinois at Chicago
2324 Thomas Triantafillou University of Illinois at Chicago
2340 Joann Lugardo University of Illinois at Chicago
2350 Marsha Manheim University of Illinois at Chicago
2361 Franklin Cosey Gay University of Illinois at Chicago
2386 Garth Rauscher University of Illinois at Chicago
2529 Geoffrey Banks University of Illinois at Chicago
2535 Janine Lewis University of Illinois at Chicago
2571 Gail Fisher University of Illinois at Chicago
2648 Erica Abu-Ghallous, RN University of Illinois at Chicago
2823 Adrian Capehart University of Illinois at Chicago
2864 Joan Fiscella University of Illinois at Chicago
2928 Amalia Pallares University of Illinois at Chicago
2963 Amanda A. Stewart University of Illinois at Chicago
3041 Nilda Flores-Gonzalez University of Illinois at Chicago
3140 Melissa Boshans University of Illinois at Chicago
3165 Flora V. Brown University of Illinois at Chicago
3173 Norma A. Lopez-Reyna University of Illinois at Chicago
3230 Norma Claire Moruzzi University of Illinois at Chicago
1751 Patricia Buenrostro University of Illinois at Chicago - Doctoral Student
1812 Rachelle Larson University of Illinois at Chicago (former student)
2114 Sana Jafri University of Illinois at Chicago Alum
65 Leslie Nickels University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health
1746 Joan F. Kennelly University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health
2286 Babette J Neuberger University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health
3176 Danisa Dambrauskas University of Illinois at Chicago, alum
2326 Marissa Rousselle University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health
2447 Hanika Calma University of Illinois at Chicago-College of Education
2097 Jose Antonio Cheibub University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2160 Marilyn Johnston-Parsons University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2171 Laura J. West University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2227 Bertram (Chip) Bruce University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
3125 Claudine Candy Taaffe University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1370 Yam Hoon LIM University of Illinois Chicago
1712 Anyine Rodriguez University of Illinois Chicago
230 Janise Hurtig University of Illinois- Chicago
1400 Jennifer Lorenz University of Illinois Chicago/Chicago State University
1506 Mary Geissman University of Illinois graduate
2337 Teri A. Strenski University of Illinois School of Public Health
296 Jung E. Kim, M.Ed. University of Illinois, Chicago
506 William McSurley University of Illinois, Chicago
2116 Irwin Z. Hoffman University of Illinois, Chicago
2624 Cathy Birkenstein-Graff University of Illinois, Chicago
3064 Angela Rose Black University of Illinois, Chicago
2656 Tamela Henderson University of Illinois, friend and Mentor
1455 Allison Gillick University of Illinois, Marshall HS
2653 Quinnett Daniels University of Illinois, Teacher, AUSL
1241 Andrew Kennis University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
2675 William Cope University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
356 Pauline Lipman University of Illinois-Chicago
449 Sarah Maria Rutter University of Illinois-Chicago
507 Pamela Anne Quiroz University of Illinois-Chicago
509 Pamela Anne Quiroz University of Illinois-Chicago
1361 Stephanie Turner Reich University of Illinois-Chicago
1415 Robert Williams University of Illinois-Chicago
2153 Kathryn Wegner University of Illinois-Chicago
2857 Shaffdeen A. Amuwo University of Illinois-Chicago
357 Rico Gutstein University of Illinois—Chicago
2598 Cordelia Ireland University of Illinois-Chicago student
3167 Susan E. Noffke University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign
1509 Geoff Hilsabeck University of Iowa
1664 Hannah Frank University of Iowa
1568 Timothy Miller University of Kansas
2601 Heidi L. Hallman University of Kansas
1281 Bob Marvin University of Kansas staff
3113 Philip Rubens University of Limerick
2032 R Sacay University of llinois at Chicago
1118 Julie Peteet University of Louisville
986 Suzanne Estler University of Maine
2592 Susan Bennett-Armistead University of Maine
1155 Jo B. Paoletti University of Maryland
1457 Kirsten Crase University of Maryland
2812 Andrew Brantlinger University of Maryland
2965 Joseph Auslander University of Maryland
3103 Dina Boogaard, Ph.D. University of Maryland
884 Fred L. Pincus University of Maryland Baltimore County
82 Connie North University of Maryland, College Park
1133 Elise M. White University of Maryland, College Park
1478 Lisa M Gill University of Maryland, College Park
1985 Grace Benigno University of Maryland, College Park
1320 Sara Schupack University of Massachusetts
2818 Gary Zabel University of Massachusetts
3107 Barbara Love University of Massachusetts
836 Keri DeJong University of Massachusetts Amherst
1062 Barbara Madeloni University of Massachusetts Amherst
1088 Barbara Madeloni University of Massachusetts Amherst
1130 Marge Magouirk Colbert University of Massachusetts Amherst
1164 Brian Boisvert University of Massachusetts Amherst
96 Pepi Leistyna University of Massachusetts Boston
646 Elsa Auerbach University of Massachusetts Boston
1056 Marc Prou University of Massachusetts Boston
1083 Barry Phillips University of Massachusetts Boston
1109 Barry Phillips University of Massachusetts Boston
93 Daniel Egan University of Massachusetts Lowell
738 Daniel Egan University of Massachusetts Lowell
970 Florence R. Sullivan University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1068 Theresa Austin University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1094 Theresa Austin University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1132 Flavio S Azevedo University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1161 Sonia Nieto University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1565 K-C Nat Turner University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1890 Heidi R. Bohler University of Massachusetts-Amherst Graduate Student
3151 Marilyn Frankenstein University of Massachusetts-Boston
1289 Joshua Diem University of Miami
60 Stephen Ward University of Michigan
222 Margaret Phillips University of Michigan
1077 Peggy E. Daub University of Michigan
1103 Peggy E. Daub University of Michigan
1203 Nick Yoder University of Michigan
1231 Cole John Ferguson University of Michigan
1858 Mouna Hashem University of Michigan
2006 Matthew Countryman University of Michigan
2018 Robin Means Coleman University of Michigan
2023 John Carson University of Michigan
2030 Joanne Hsu University of Michigan
2034 Emily Lawsin University of Michigan
2046 Laura Hymson University of Michigan
2059 David R. Smith University of Michigan
2081 James Henry McIntosh University of Michigan
2157 Howard Stein University of Michigan
2209 Sonya Rose University of Michigan
2232 Miranda Johnson University of Michigan
2468 Andrea Morrow University of Michigan
2524 Sharon Russell University of Michigan
2848 Lesley Rex University of Michigan
2852 Magdalene Lampert University of Michigan
3119 Mayer N. Zald University of Michigan
2370 Leslie de Pietro University of Michigan (Retired)
2398 Laura J. Roop University of Michigan School of Education
2871 Virginia Richardson University of Michigan, Retired
2717 K. Dara Hill, Ph.D. University of Michigan-Dearborn
236 Bic Ngo, Ph.D. University of Minnesota
237 J.B. Mayo, Jr. University of Minnesota
243 Jill Leet-Otley University of Minnesota
248 Cynthia Lewis University of Minnesota
255 Kelly Hrenko University of Minnesota
1387 Charles Baxter University of Minnesota
2067 Mark Hoffman University of Minnesota
2606 Dominic Taylor University of Minnesota
2637 Dr. Alfred Jodl University of Minnesota
79 Mary deLeon-Denton University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
239 Jill Ewing Flynn University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
1058 Joan Varney University of Minnesota Duluth
2146 Anthony Pahnke University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
772 Douglas Davis University of Mississippi
1410 Rebecca Rogers University of Missouri St. Louis
2347 Deborah Cohen University of Missouri -St. Louis
1433 Jacquelyn Lewis-Harris University of Missouri-St. Louis
2439 Martille Elias University of Missouri-St. Louis
3175 Lisa Dorner University of Missouri-St. Louis
3195 Wolfgang Althof University of Missouri-St. Louis
3235 Virginia Navarro University of Missouri-St. Louis
1932 Kathryn Shanley University of Montana
160 Elaine Chan, Ph. D. University of Nebraska - Lincoln
1532 Evangelina Brignoni University of Nebraska at Omaha
2502 Carol Lloyd Rozansky University of Nebraska at Omaha
375 Elizabeth Ingraham University of Nebraska Lincoln
2942 Guy Trainin University of Nebraska Lincoln
2992 Christine Clark University of Nevada, Las Vegas
3004 Christine Clark University of Nevada, Las Vegas
54 David S. Tanenhaus University of Nevada, Las Vegas -William S. Boyd School of Law
2991 Stephen Lafer University of Nevada, Reno
2748 Aleister Crowley University of New Hampshire - Durham
692 Ginger Looney University of New Mexico
1606 Sylvia Celedon-Pattichis University of New Mexico
1609 Rebecca Blum Martinez University of New Mexico
2414 Laura Haniford University of New Mexico
2736 Catherine Zuromskis University of New Mexico
3170 Sara McNamara University of New Orleans
2174 Dr. Duane H. Davis University of North Carlina at Asheville
889 Lawrence Grossberg University of North Carolina
1073 Laura Hope-Gill University of North Carolina
1099 Laura Hope-Gill University of North Carolina
287 Emily Burrill University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
2341 Rebecca S. Doyle University of North Carolina at Asheville
500 Lynda Stone University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
745 Kathleen M. Brown University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1348 Dr. Maria DeGuzman University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2115 Alan Tom University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2892 J. Anderson University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
826 Jennifer Jones University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Graduate Student
51 Roslyn Arlin Mickelson University of North Carolina at Charlotte
655 Ulrich C. Reitzug University of North Carolina at Greensboro
1514 Dr. Annika A. Culver University of North Carolina at Pembroke
671 Jessica S. Powell University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill (Doctoral Student)
2949 Colleen Fairbanks University of North Carolina Greensboro
2678 Glenn Lester University of North Carolina Greensboro, Graduate Student
2022 Patricia Sawin University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
727 Latish C. Reed University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
1794 Adam Versenyi University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
530 Richard Kahn University of North Dakota
531 Dr. Jodi Bergland Holen University of North Dakota
532 Marcus Weaver-Hightower University of North Dakota
1476 Marie Strinden University of North Dakota
2492 Matthew Borgerson University of North Dakota
2856 Glenn Rikowski University of Northampton, UK
1660 Greg Nixon University of Northern British Columbia
1705 Colin Arthur Chasteauneuf, PhD University of Northern British Columbia
1761 Peter D. MacMillan University of Northern British Columbia
485 Rheta DeVries University of Northern Iowa
2388 Stuart Greene University of Notre Dame
2608 Ava Preacher University of Notre Dame
2803 John Duffy University of Notre Dame
191 Penny A. Pasque, Ph.D. University of Oklahoma
2452 John F. Covaleskie University of Oklahoma
2896 Elizabeth A. Ethridge University of Oklahoma
824 Jeff Edmundson University of Oregon
401 Joel Westheimer University of Ottawa
735 Sharon Anne Cook University of Ottawa
1264 Barbara Graves University of Ottawa
1342 Andrew Lugg University of Ottawa
625 Kristina Llewellyn University of Ottawa (Democratic Dialogue)
615 Awad Ibrahim University of Ottawa, Canada
1323 Mandisa Mbali University of Oxford
2251 Jeffrey Giansiracusa University of Oxford
1272 Dan Berger University of Pennsylvania
2434 Steve Webster University of Pennsylvania
2889 Deborah Stern University of Pennsylvania
3089 Diane Waff University of Pennsylvania
214 Kathy Schultz University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
347 Sonia M. Rosen University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
1024 Emily Greytak University of Pennsylvania, Graduate Student
419 Deborah Gould University of Pittsburgh
567 John P. Myers University of Pittsburgh
1413 Jules Lobel University of Pittsburgh
2523 Margaret McKeown University of Pittsburgh
3102 Ron Gray University of Pittsburgh - Student
2659 James Seale-Collazo University of Puerto Rico
1070 Saul Binstock University of Redlands- Burbank, Burbank, Ca. U. S. A.
1096 Saul Binstock University of Redlands- Burbank, Burbank, Ca. U. S. A.
105 michael vocino University of Rhode Island
3118 George Willis University of Rhode Island
533 Mary Jane Curry University of Rochester
795 Victoria W. Wolcott University of Rochester
3082 Rogier Gregoire Ed.D. University of Saint Thomas (Retired)
32 Susan Roberta Katz University of San Francisco
2037 Emma Fuentes University of San Francisco
2440 Fredel M. Wiant University of San Francisco
2481 Leslie Dennen University of San Francisco
2587 Greg Pabst University of San Francisco
2650 Johnnie Johnson Hafernik University of San Francisco
85 Dr Vicki Crowley University of South Australia
257 Dr. Bruce E. Field University of South Carolina
400 Craig Kridel University of South Carolina
651 Elizabeth Powers-Costello University of South Carolina
666 Gloria Boutte University of South Carolina
1240 Sandra Schmidt University of South Carolina
1604 Tasha Tropp Laman University of South Carolina
2383 Louise Jennings University of South Carolina
2429 Alan Wieder University of South Carolina
2460 Pamela Jewett University of South Carolina
2657 Michelle L. Jay University of South Carolina
2636 Deborah MacPhee University of South Carolina Aiken
1558 Katherine Adams University of South Carolina, Columbia
621 C. George Caffentzis University of Southern Maine
649 Ken Jones University of Southern Maine
1294 Jason Read University of Southern Maine
709 Sharon Radd University of St. Thomas
967 Renée DePalma University of Sunderland
1207 Aysheet Madraars University of Tennessee
1639 J. Amos Hatch University of Tennessee
1700 Susan M. Benner University of Tennessee
2863 Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon University of Tennessee
173 Professor Fouad Moughrabi University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
1936 Gina Barclay-McLaughlin University of Tennessee, Knoxville
299 Barbara Harlow University of Texas at Austin
702 Anjale' Welton University of Texas at Austin
864 Noah De Lissovoy University of Texas at Austin
1031 Lisa M. Renzi, Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
1741 James Hoffman University of Texas at Austin
1931 Rodolfo Rosales University of Texas at San Antonio
2435 Sonja Lanehart University of Texas at San Antonio
708 Audrey M. Dentith University of Texas San Antonio
2993 Patricia D. Quijada University of Texas San Antonio
852 Sal Monella University of Texas, Austin
2077 Ernesto Chávez University of Texas, El Paso
1036 Paul Orlowski University of the Fraser Valley (Canada)
433 Thomas Nelson University of the Pacific
2778 Mark Horan University of Toledo
371 Dr. Leticia Alvarez University of Utah
528 Clayton Pierce University of Utah
547 Veronica Valdez University of Utah
1438 David Quijada University of Utah
2994 Dr. Leticia Alvarez University of Utah
633 Cynthia Reyes University of Vermont
1025 Moira Mulligan University of Vermont
1033 Dorigen Keeney University of Vermont
2217 Stephanie Seguino University of Vermont
3180 Paul Martin University of Vermont
2436 Dr. Alison Preece University of Victoria
585 Grace Elizabeth Hale University of Virginia
2406 Jane Hansen University of Virginia
2497 Mary Abouzeid University of Virginia
3006 Regina Smardon University of Virginia
936 Amy Hagopian, PhD University of Washington
1009 Marisa Nickle University of Washington
1239 Chris Mohar University of Washington
1576 Robin LaSota University of Washington
1620 Ruth E. Wylde University of Washington
2755 Elham Kazemi University of Washington
3185 Laura Lillard University of Washington
510 Annette Henry University of Washington- Tacoma
511 Annette Henry University of Washington- Tacoma
81 Annette Henry, Ph.D University of Washington, Tacoma
220 Robert W. Howard University of Washington, Tacoma
2763 Louis Howe University of West Georgia
1607 Paul Tarc University of Western Ontario
1806 Rhea Vedro University of WI - Madison
2412 Diana Hess University of WI-Madison
1 Gloria Ladson-Billings University of Wisconsin
537 Jen Scott Curwood University of Wisconsin
538 Mary Thompson-Shriver University of Wisconsin
541 Katherina A. Payne University of Wisconsin
1824 Tomas Galaty University of Wisconsin
2305 Margaret Finders University of Wisconsin La Crosse
2430 Beth Graue University of Wisconsin Madison
2521 Patricia Burch University of Wisconsin Madison
1834 Gary Greif University of Wisconsin--Green Bay
514 Ken Zeichner University of Wisconsin-Madison
534 Taina R. Collazo-Quiles University of Wisconsin-Madison
535 Brian W. Lagotte University of Wisconsin-Madison
544 Andrew Clement University of Wisconsin-Madison
546 Vonzell Agosto University of Wisconsin-Madison
551 Matthew Knoester University of Wisconsin-Madison
553 Donna L. Vukelich University of Wisconsin-Madison
555 Kerry Kretchmar University of Wisconsin-Madison
568 Corrin Pitluck University of Wisconsin-Madison
1037 Madeline Hafner University of Wisconsin-Madison
1767 Evelin Rodriguez University of Wisconsin-Madison
2240 Beth Handler University of Wisconsin-Madison
2334 Mary Louise Gomez University of Wisconsin-Madison
2422 Simone Schweber University of Wisconsin-Madison
2583 Dawnene D. Hassett, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
2845 Todd Lilly University of Wisconsin-Madison
2846 Catherine Compton-Lilly University of Wisconsin-Madison
3014 Julie Mead University of Wisconsin-Madison
44 Rene Antrop-Gonzalez, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
1628 Jenny Peshut University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
3086 Julio Guerrero University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2849 Stephen Katz University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
1632 Margaret Phinney University of Wisconsin-River Falls
3206 Francisco Rios University of Wyoming
2984 LeAnn G Putney UNLV
3177 William Cross UNLV
2904 Nell Hirschmann-Levy Urban Academy High School, NYC
1843 Elizabeth Goode USF
2616 George G. Hruby Utah State University
1429 Thandeka K. Chapman UW Milwaukee
2431 Mary Ellen Dallman Valdosta State University
2921 David K Dickinson Vandebilt University
675 Jessica Kristen Hardy Vanderbilt University
2296 Marie Hardenbrook Vanderbilt University
2348 Marcy Singer-Gabella Vanderbilt University
2419 Amy B. Palmeri Vanderbilt University
2987 Robert T. Jiménez Vanderbilt University
749 Joseph Nevins Vassar College
753 Christopher Roellke Vassar College
1175 Tara Graham Vermont Children's Aid Society
2103 Jessica Kell Vermont Children's Aid Society
2496 Pamela K. Chomsky-Higgins Vermont Reads Institute at UVM
1254 Sierra Thai-Binh Vice Principal
2106 April K Henderson Victoria University of Wellington
1477 Annika Thiem Villanova University
1619 Karyn L. Hollis Villanova University
3029 Stacie Vecchietti Virginia Commonwealth University
1537 Dr. Gresilda A. Tilley-Lubbs Virginia Tech
2751 Daniel Breslau Virginia Tech
3187 James W. Garrison Virginia Tech
3236 Michael Bettmann Wake Forest University Medical School
2739 Peter Hoffman-Kipp Walden University
92 Pat Guizzetti Walter Payton College Prep High School
212 Eleanor Wilner Warren Wilson MFA Program
833 Pamela Taylor Washington Educators for Social Justice
2519 Mary F. Roe Washington State University
2548 Gisela Ernst-Slavit Washington State University
2563 Susan Finley Washington State University
2564 David Slavit Washington State University
2926 Stephanie Lynn Schatz Washington State University
3146 Diane O. Kelly-Riley, Ph.D. Washington State University
2181 Bruce Romanish Washington State University, Vancouver
3156 Rowhea Elmesky Washington University in St. Louis
155 May Seikaly Wayne State University
3134 Whitney Richards-Calathes WE ACT NYC
1570 MaryBeth Ingberg; MDiv, MSOD Welcome Change: Leadership Educator
482 Diana I. Williams Wellesley College
811 Rob Rosenthal Wesleyan University
1325 Richard Ohmann Wesleyan University (Retired)
195 Lawrence Davidson West Chester University
1725 Marsha Lee Baker Western Carolina University
2466 Randy Smith Western Illinois University
3017 Janice R. Welsch Western Illinois University
3021 Jim La Prad Western Illinois University
40 Gary Miron Western Michigan University
882 Joseph Kretovics Western Michigan University
897 Jill Hermann-Wilmarth Western Michigan University
1653 Lauren Freedman Western MIchigan University
2088 Dr. Allen Webb Western Michigan University
2112 Karen Vocke, Ph.D Western Michigan University
2643 Sue Poppink Western Michigan University
148 Daniel Larner, Ph.D. Western Washington University
564 Mark A. Kasper Westwood College
3150 Vytas Misiulis Westwood College
558 Alfonso Casal Westwood College, Chicago Loop Campus
2581 Lucinda Heimer Wheelock College
1168 Elias Boyer Whitney Young High School
1975 Deborah A. Gordon Wichita State University
1312 Dr. Judd Bortner William Alanson White Institute
3066 Robert C. Rosen William Paterson University
3105 Raza Mir William Pateson University
1290 Andrea Viets Williston Children's Center
294 Judith Anne McBride Willow Wind Community Learning Center
679 Leah Grabelsky Winter Hill Community School, Somerville & Brown University Master of Arts in Teaching
606 Stephen Smith Winthrop University
2250 Ed Welchel Wofford College
2371 Dr. Ed Welchel Wofford College
830 Bruce Cohen Worcester State College
2674 Scott Trent World Can't Wait activist
960 Richard Cambridge Writer
1388 Jane Lazarre Writer
2185 Thomas Hoobler Writer, Independent Scholar
1747 Susan Schaller Writer/Educator
887 Luise Eichenbaum WTCI
1367 Rev. Dr. Frederick J. Streets Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University
3040 Delane Bender-Slack Xavier University
1546 Kirill Penteshin Yale Law School
2020 Cyrus Habib Yale Law School
3158 Jean Koh Peters Yale Law School
1339 Julia Lisztwan Yale Law Student
723 David Corson-Knowles Yale University
1150   Yale University
1286 Ronald Gregg Yale University
1754 Chesa Boudin Yale University
3143 Andrew Green Hannon Yale University
861 Amelia Frank-Vitale Yale University Alumna
64 Mariel Nanasi Yaxche School
1282 Dmitri Calvert Yaxche School
1362 Todd Nathan Thompson Yeshiva University
129 Joan Davis York Community High School
1229 Lee Lorch York University
1384 Chloe Brushwood Rose York University
2087 Alison Griffith York University
997 Warren E. Crichlow York University, Faculty of Education
963 Carl James York University, Toronto
1798 Cecily Langford Young Women's Leadership Charter School
1888 Csilla Kosa Young Women's Ledareship Charter School of Chicago
20 Tracye A. Matthews  
112 Robbie Q Telfer  
131 Cheryl Johnson-Odim  
178 Peter Kahn  
218 Ann Berlak  
266 Lillian Moats  
269 Leslie Wilson, M.Ed.  
272 Yinhua Jia  
276 Sister Jean Hughes, OP  
278 Noah Stein, MEd  
282 Jerome T. Biegel  
288 Jeanne Schulz, DCSW  
291 Bess Miller  
308 Amany Sayyed  
310 Wilma Heckler  
319 Chela Delgado  
327 Megan Wells  
333 Shraddha Soparawala  
353 Sonya Mariana Jubb  
361 Alisa  
376 Aye Aung  
389 Ken Yale  
414 Alice Kim  
425 Ellen Tichenor  
440 Rupal Soni  
457 Kristen G. Cox  
459 Mark Salinas  
462 Kevin Brown  
463 Katherine Hilton  
471 Alison Szopinski  
474 Tara Mack  
540 Csaey Meehan  
543 A-Ou Liang  
549 Quentin Wheeler-Bell  
550 University of Wisconsin-Madison  
562 Carole Hsiao  
563 Community Educator  
575 Alfie Kohn  
582 Michael Baker  
583 Tania rose  
589 Tania Rose  
595 Gwendolyn Debrow  
596 Robert F. Cohen  
599 Keven Larson  
601 Robert Roth  
604 Roger Leisner  
605 David Barouh  
610 Charlotte Marchant  
612 Chris Kaihatsu  
614 Patricia Logan  
622 Paul Papadeas  
623 Scott James Abiusi  
634 Lani Roberts  
635 Devra Morice  
636 Mike Morice  
640 Lani Roberts  
653 Steven Schroeder  
659 Carol Brown  
660 Suzanne Evans  
662 Rachel Kirtner  
672 Angela Hill  
673 Ernesto Aguilar  
683 Flip Breskin  
699 Imen Munaa  
706 Ruth Kirtner  
718 Matthew Evans  
726 Christopher Dea  
731 Mark Salzer  
733 Cari Henson  
736 Debra Lebo  
750 Barbara Cervone  
754 Tracy Grenier  
755 Savannah Hawkins  
758 Marcia Cantarella  
769 D. Monty Neill  
778 Lisa Olson  
790 Janos Marton  
798 Kira Neel  
799 Helen Gorokhovsky  
822 John Johnson  
831 Dr. Susan J. Berger  
834 Libby Haight  
838 Davis Victoria  
844 Obie Hunt  
851 Silvia Kolbowski  
853 Sandra Rosen  
857 Thomas Frampton  
859 H. Susan Freireich  
868 Laurel Ferson  
874 norman denzin  
876 Celeste Brody, Ph.D.  
879 Vivian Jannette Miller Torrence  
881 Mary Roper  
888 Abby Biberman  
891 Anthony Elms  
892 Amy Woolard  
895 Paul Swanson  
899 Sarah Waddell  
901 Brad Spangler  
902 Aamir Hydari  
909 J. Evans  
910 Richard Hurry  
912 Saskia Rombouts  
913 Robert L. Meola  
914 Saralinda Lobrose  
916 Phil Leggiere  
918 Monica Trinidad  
919 Sue Scandale  
920 Arthur Farkas  
923 William Vitale  
943 Jann Olsen  
964 Jenny Grabelsky  
980 Frances J. Simon  
989 Tom Burke  
1001 Phyllis Bretholtz  
1003 Phyllis Bretholtz  
1007 K. Logan McBride  
1012 Wadi Haddad  
1018 Michael Trokan  
1019 Mindy Small  
1038 Jay Willard  
1041 Nancy Ryan  
1043 John Johnson  
1046 Michelle Strongfields, MD  
1048 Elisha Belmont  
1052 Brad Spangler  
1063 François-M Michel  
1089 François-M Michel  
1113 Fouad Moughrabi  
1114 John Vick  
1115 Elise Engler  
1127 Kathleen McDermott  
1138 Mairead Case  
1144 Joan Snyder  
1160 Barry E. McCann  
1171 Gregory David Escobar Fernández  
1184 Amilcar Dohrn-Melendez  
1187 John G. H. Oakes  
1197 Gregory Rothman  
1200 Doug Michel  
1201 Rabab Abdulhadi  
1206 Joseph Mintz  
1210 Emily Kunstler  
1211 Michael Kennedy  
1216 Herb Kohl  
1219 Laura Whitehorn  
1220 Taj Price  
1234 Jeany Nisenholz-Wolf  
1246 Sandra Levinson  
1253 Caroline Cracraft  
1259 David Vandommelen  
1268 Brian Stal  
1275 Roberto Hernandez  
1278 Richard Feldman  
1284 Katherine A. Babka  
1296 Toni Curtis  
1298 Cindy Knope  
1315 Bob Spatz  
1330 Elizabeth Wareham  
1336 Tyler LeBleu  
1349 Lynne Cohen  
1350 Monica Chavez  
1355 Debra Evenson  
1357 Margaret Beck  
1369 Robert Shore  
1375 Benjamin Gregg  
1385 Christopher Grimshaw  
1390 Mike Ballard  
1401 Lisa Yanny-Tillar  
1407 Michael Keck  
1418 Yamini Bala  
1434 Andrew Rosenband  
1435 Susan Howard  
1445 Dana Peterman  
1448 Terry Pfeiffer  
1461 Lynn Halcomb  
1465 Karen S. Mitchell  
1472 Juliana Flinn  
1486 Katha Seidman  
1507 Sarah Vanderwicken  
1510 Richard Shpuntoff  
1516 Anthony Arnove  
1525 Susan Swords Steffen  
1544 Jayshree Flores  
1545 Katina Alexander  
1582 Lorraine Baldwin  
1603 Robert M. Jacobs  
1613 Allison Black  
1622 Paul E. Sjordal  
1624 Martha Alvarez-Martini  
1635 John Hallock  
1638 Ann Wong  
1645 Janet Harlow  
1646 Christine Fisher  
1654 Jared Sacks  
1657 Leah Mayers  
1672 Robert Asinjo  
1674 Robert Milstein  
1684 Gail Cruise-Roberson  
1692 Lisa B. Oppenheimer  
1704 Lisa Jones  
1713 Jonah Gindin  
1731 Deborah Briskin  
1732 Michael Hawelu  
1757 Chaitanya Diwadkar  
1759 Carla Schultz  
1776 James Woolard  
1778 Kaydee Gorzen  
1811 Elizabeth Bowen  
1815 Ted Christians  
1818 Seanna Tully  
1823 Joan Bradbury  
1835 Ann O'Shea  
1836 Samuel Jacob Spitz  
1846 Daniel Bilsker  
1859 Jacqueline Cook  
1863 Thomas Leigh Jacobson  
1871 Prem Mulberry  
1876 Amin Sharif  
1884 Carleen Healy  
1919 Stefyn Mikaela Klein  
1924 Makalani Adisa  
1934 Caitlin Mitchell  
1950 Allison Porter  
1955 Chris Morris  
1961 Hannah Wallerstein  
1969 Meghan Carey  
1971 Laura Christian  
1980 Laura Ramsey  
1986 Robert O'Connor  
1987 Samuel T Schultz  
1996 Allison Voglesong  
1999 Dawson Barrett  
2011 David Gasca  
2016 Kendrick Washington  
2017 Richard E Edwards  
2035 Kali Israel  
2038 Lucy West  
2042 Rebecca Coleman  
2057 Lou Taylor  
2071 Dana Reynolds  
2078 Gina Eichenbaum-Pikser  
2091 Peter Davis  
2102 Jerome Falek  
2108 Jim Frank  
2122 Nayad Abrahamian  
2126 Matt Osborn  
2128 Jonathan Reiss  
2129 Robert McRuer  
2131 Anthony Healy-London  
2132 Christine Marmé Thompson  
2135 Alice Weldon, Ph.D.  
2138 Andrea Putman  
2143 Paula Caradine  
2148 Wanda Billheimer MEd  
2156 Brian Marienau  
2162 Sheri Richard  
2164 Nancy Felixson  
2168 Deanna L. Michael, Ph.D.  
2176 Dennis Chudoba  
2196 Eric Reyes  
2197 Barbara Herman  
2200 John Reeves  
2202 Anthony Christiansen  
2205 Bob Knotek  
2207 Paul Stephens  
2211 Russ DiBello  
2223 Kenyon Farrow  
2234 Hadassa Gilbert  
2238 Eric Rutkow  
2242 Mary Ann lawrence  
2282 Kym Moore  
2301 Linda Butkovich  
2317 Jeremy Waen  
2389 Amber Maron  
2400 Karen Spector  
2417 Elizabeth Budzik  
2432 Jeremy Stoddard  
2462 Aubrey Ducker  
2465 H. Eric Branscomb, Ph.D.  
2476 G. Douglas Meyers  
2485 Karin Pritikin, MPH  
2498 Jesse Gainer  
2500 Patricia Tracy  
2510 Monica Ybarra  
2539 Patricia N Chrosniak  
2541 Susan Cooder  
2552 Columbia Fiero  
2566 Derek Holt  
2567 Carole Costanza  
2575 Nancy Walker  
2580 Diana Lauber  
2585 Miranda Pava  
2590 Georgia Lee Stuart  
2599 Erica Nicewonger  
2615 Katherine Armstrong-Colvin  
2618 Patricia Monaghan  
2622 Kathleen Marie Tucker  
2628 Mark Dilley  
2629 Betsy Oney  
2630 Allen Oney  
2633 Siri Michel  
2641 Kent Hackett  
2664 Martha Rapp Ruddell  
2671 Robert Ferraro  
2688 Liza Bearman  
2692 Liza Bearman, Ed.D.  
2700 Brian Bonkowski  
2701 Janis Romancik  
2703 Barbara L. Gordon  
2713 Janine Kairis  
2718 Patricia A. Curtis  
2719 Katia A. Jonas  
2731 Paul W. Saner  
2733 Maria Ortiz  
2741 David Washington  
2762 Marilyn Van Horn  
2769 Matthew T. Jerzyk  
2771 Christine Olson  
2783 Carol Friedman  
2786 Pat Handlin  
2789 Elizabeth C. Hill  
2822 Judith R Gordon, PhD  
2824 Margaret Braxton, MS, MRE  
2836 Graciela Correa  
2839 Mary Walsh  
2865 Stephanie Schneider  
2868 Martin Solis III  
2869 Catherine E. Kirkland, Ph.D.  
2875 Chris Gordon Owen  
2879 Joe Leiss  
2883 Michelle Granda  
2886 Maria Apicella  
2888 Daniel G. Armstrong  
2890 Stacey L. Spencer  
2900 Elizabeth Patterson  
2905 Marilyn Llewellyn  
2913 Janet Garcia  
2918 Tom Owen  
2919 Christina Crouch  
2920 Mary Elizabeth Lathrop  
2922 Jan Scholl  
2927 Lisa Oppenheim  
2932 Drew Mills  
2936 Joe Seeman  
2943 Kailey Hoyle  
2951 Charles Heitkamp  
2968 Katherine Ross  
2976 Rachelle Pailleret  
2977 Linda Viscovich  
2986 Andres Cruz  
2988 Laurie Weinberger  
3002 Ixtla Arceo-Witzl  
3033 Karen Whintey  
3034 Sabrina Hayden  
3035 David Keith Truscello, Ph.D.  
3036 Jeanne Friedman  
3044 Lianne Suarez-Werlein  
3069 Alicia A. Kent, Ph.D.  
3074 Jon Finer  
3075 Pat Lanser  
3077 Dean Garrett  
3124 Vivian Vascellaro  
3132 Wendy Harman  
3136 Christy Orr  
3149 Angela Bishop  
3163 Dr. Lana Horruitiner-Perez  
3168 Susan Catapano  
3202 Janet Rummel  
3203 Sheila Massey  
3234 Noor Shawaf  
3241 Abraham Epton  

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To: Drango

Dean Wormer from Faber College just added his name, too!

25 posted on 10/22/2008 9:15:47 PM PDT by Joe 6-pack (Que me amat, amet et canem meum)
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How much would “educators” be allowed to “make” under their system?

One milk goat and all the ganja they can smoke?

26 posted on 10/22/2008 9:16:50 PM PDT by jdfromny (At what point are we officially "North Americans"?)
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To: indianyogi

That’s a bunch of nobodies from my alma mater (Brown).

27 posted on 10/22/2008 9:17:19 PM PDT by Richard from IL
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To: indianyogi
Ruth (Buzzi) Ginzberg is on the list, from Georgetown University. Her husband was my tax professor, but she wasn't a professor back then, just an appellate court judge. Now, she's on the SC, and I don't think she'd have time to teach.

I think she spells it with an "s", so I think there may be some shenanigans going on.

28 posted on 10/22/2008 9:20:03 PM PDT by Defiant (Obama lies over the ocean,Obama lies over the sea,Obama lies over the ocean.Obama bin Lyin' to me.)
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To: indianyogi

nice job.

some signed 2x.

29 posted on 10/22/2008 9:21:54 PM PDT by ken21 (people die and you never hear from them again.)
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"earl Zeitz Educator who's outstanding student at Bank St. College was Bill Ayers"

A professor of English, no doubt...

30 posted on 10/22/2008 9:24:21 PM PDT by Redbob (W.W.J.B.D. - "What Would Jack Bauer Do?")
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No one from my Alma Mater (so far)!

31 posted on 10/22/2008 9:25:25 PM PDT by rivercat
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Where might one find this guy?

Anyone know his home address?

Where is his office?

I might like to look him up on my next trip to Chicago...

32 posted on 10/22/2008 9:25:57 PM PDT by Redbob (W.W.J.B.D. - "What Would Jack Bauer Do?")
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To: Redbob,0,842672.story

33 posted on 10/22/2008 9:27:50 PM PDT by STARWISE (They (Dims) think of this WOT as Bush's war, not America's war-RichardMiniter, respected OBL author)
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Interesting, it would appear the entire University of Wisconsin signed this one:
#550 University of Wisconsin-Madison

34 posted on 10/22/2008 9:30:31 PM PDT by knittnmom (FReeper formerly known as 80 Square Miles)
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If you find a mickey mouse on there, you’ll know it is now official bullsh!t. When there were the original 300 names, it meant a little more. But as with our “war dead” the Left will tally anything they can regardless of the circumstances.

When they first pushed to tally 3,000 “Bush’s fault/war dead”, they included a woman who was on leave and died crossing the highway in Kansas.

The “list” that everyone respected was compiled by leftists, not our government.

35 posted on 10/22/2008 9:34:36 PM PDT by weegee (If we're gonna share wealth, those earning > $1 a month are going to have to share with the world.)
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To: ken21

Some creep put my name on this list #1232 - and apparently there is no way to get it removed.

36 posted on 10/22/2008 9:40:44 PM PDT by holdonnow
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Ah, brings to mind four years ago: HERE IS THE ENEMY - THEY HAVE POSTED THEIR NAMES -

37 posted on 10/22/2008 9:50:26 PM PDT by doug from upland (8 million views of .HILLARY! UNCENSORED - put some ice on it, witch)
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To: holdonnow

I just ran a whois search on Here are the results:

Domain ID:D154099234-LROR
Created On:19-Sep-2008 00:10:24 UTC
Last Updated On:19-Sep-2008 00:10:26 UTC
Expiration Date:19-Sep-2009 00:10:24 UTC
Sponsoring, Inc. (R91-LROR)
Registrant ID:GODA-053410772
Registrant Name:Registration Private
Registrant Organization:Domains by Proxy, Inc.
Registrant Street2:15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Scottsdale
Registrant State/Province:Arizona
Registrant Postal Code:85260
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.4806242599
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:+1.4806242598
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Admin ID:GODA-253410772
Admin Name:Registration Private
Admin Organization:Domains by Proxy, Inc.
Admin Street2:15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Admin Street3:
Admin City:Scottsdale
Admin State/Province:Arizona
Admin Postal Code:85260
Admin Country:US
Admin Phone:+1.4806242599
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:+1.4806242598
Admin FAX Ext.:
Tech ID:GODA-153410772
Tech Name:Registration Private
Tech Organization:Domains by Proxy, Inc.
Tech Street2:15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Tech Street3:
Tech City:Scottsdale
Tech State/Province:Arizona
Tech Postal Code:85260
Tech Country:US
Tech Phone:+1.4806242599
Tech Phone Ext.:
Tech FAX:+1.4806242598
Tech FAX Ext.:

Hope this helps.

38 posted on 10/22/2008 10:13:36 PM PDT by Slings and Arrows ("I am Barack Obama, and I endorse this bomb." --Roger Simon)
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To: Slings and Arrows
Hope this helps.

???? uhhhhh not really.

39 posted on 10/22/2008 10:16:58 PM PDT by Drango (A liberal's compassion is limited only by the size of someone else's wallet.)
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I signed twice:

Osama bin Laden, University of the Caves, Afghanistan
Abimael Guzmán, San Cristóbal of Huamanga University, Peru

40 posted on 10/22/2008 10:18:50 PM PDT by Slings and Arrows ("I am Barack Obama, and I endorse this bomb." --Roger Simon)
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