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America, Be Careful What You Wish For
Colfax Record ^ | 10/26/2008 | Winston Niles

Posted on 10/28/2008 9:41:56 AM PDT by markomalley


---John Adams

October 26, 2008

America is eight days away from the most critical election in our lifetime.

Democrat Majority House Speaker Nancy Pelosi looks dangerously close to achieving her stated goal: Barack Obama as President, a Democratic super-majority in the House and a fillibuster-proof majority of 60 Democratic Senate seats. If her plan is successful, Republicans will have no chance of blocking legislation on the Senate floor, and the Presidential veto pen will pose no threat.

It's only happened twice in the history of our nation, and the last time was 1932. It's called a partisan realignment. This year, Nancy Pelosi calls it Christmas in November. If her wish comes true, the November 4th election will structurally imbalance our government to historic proportions, voiding the system of checks and balances constructed by our Founding Fathers.

Carefully ignoring the abysmal 16% approval rating for the Democratic-controlled Congress, Democrats nationwide are placing champagne bottles on ice. Already drunk with (party in) power and the money that goes with it ($43 million in cold hard cash), the DCCC is pouring millions into races all over the country.


Picture Barack Obama as our next President, and contemplate the following. By sheer luck of timing, Obama will be handed extraordinary power to either preserve or manipulate the judicial system carefully designed by our Founding Fathers. With six of the nine Supreme Court Justices turning 70, it is likely that Obama will influence the ideological shape of our nation's federal courts for decades to come.

Additionally, the decisions of federal and appellate judges literally shape Constitutional interpretations, and hundreds of these judges will be appointed under President Obama. The appointments of these judges require Congressional approval, but that will be a mere formality if Pelosi gets her Democratic super-majority. One out of three federal judges now owes a lifetime-tenured job to the current president.

The overwhelming majority of Americans believe that judges should interpret the law as it is written. Obama believes that judges should be required to possess "empathy" and should "reach decisions on the basis of his deepest values, core concerns, and broader perspectives on how the world works." During the Roberts nomination debate, Sen. Obama stated, "Legal process

alone will not lead you to a rule of decision. In those difficult cases, the critical ingredient is supplied by what is in the judge's heart."


Nancy Pelosi has targeted California's 4th Congressional District as a seat she wants to own, and why wouldn't she? The Democratic candidate Charlie Brown is Pelosi's dream come true - a liberal, left-wing Democrat who has proven he's more than willing to deceive conservative 4th District voters in order to get elected. Last week, the DCCC kicked in an additional $155,000 for a negative and misleading television ad attacking Republican Tom McClintock. Charlie Brown's political campaign has relied heavily on deception, and this weekend, they found a new gear and new funding.

Pelosi has another reason to want Charlie Brown. If she gets Charlie, she doesn't have to go up against Tom. The House Speaker may be formidable, but so is Tom McClintock. His intellect, vision, experience, integrity, and unwavering dedication to our Constitution add up to a man impossible to manipulate. No fun in that for the Machiavellian House Speaker.


The economic crisis, combined with the stunning defiance of logic of the $700 billion bailout has left many Americans with trust issues. That's a good thing. Suspicion tends to enhance critical thinking skills.

Other voters have already placed their trust in Barack Obama, responding passionately to his charisma, and embracing his promise of change. Fine, but let’s try to avoid throwing the baby out with the bath water. America should also keep in mind that our economic disaster happened on Pelosi’s watch.

Following is a partial list of measures that will transform our nation, under an Obama/Pelosi Democratic super-majority.

Libertarians, Independents, Republicans and moderate Democrats should all find something on this list disturbing enough to make a case for a conservative vote next Tuesday.

**The 2nd Amendment is sure to come under fire. Barack Obama will be the most anti-gun President in American history, and Nancy Pelosi is the most anti-gun Speaker of the House we’ve ever had. In his only two votes on confirming Supreme Court nominees, Obama voted against two of the five justices (Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito) who later affirmed an individual right to keep and bear arms in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller.

**Obama is certain to nominate Supreme Court Justices that he feels will protect Roe vs. Wade.

**The First Amendment will come under assault, since Pelosi and Democrats in Congress plan to reintroduce the Fairness Doctrine, which requires radio stations to provide equal time to all political viewpoints. Clearly, it is conservative debate that will suffer the adverse impact, since liberal talk radio has never found much of an audience. Given that, how exactly is the “Fairness Doctrine “ to be enforced, without severely curtailing the existing level of conservative talk radio?

**Obama and Pelosi support amnesty for illegal aliens, and it will become law. They’ve made this vow to illegal alien advocacy groups, who are sure to hold them to it.

**A liberal super-majority would move quickly to impose procedural advantages that could ensure Democratic rule for years to come, including national Election Day registration, something ACORN has been pushing for years. It would make it easier to stack the voter rolls.

**Felons may get the right to vote nationwide. Democrats have been pushing this for years, presumably assuming felons will vote Democrat.

**Privacy rights will be sacrificed. Union card check would pass and be signed into law. This Employee Free Choice Act would convert workplaces into union shops, simply by gathering signatures from a majority of employees. The final secret ballot vote would be eliminated. This move will expose employees who resist union takeover to a hostile and threatening work environment, making them vulnerable to strongarm techniques.

**Obama has promised that he will fight to ban companies from hiring permanent replacement workers during a union strike, assuring all union workers will get their jobs back if they just walk out and picket.

**Terrorists at Guantanamo Bay would probably be afforded the right to have trials in civilian courts with all of the protections and rights afforded to American citizens.

**President Obama has vowed a quick troop exit from Iraq. Pelosi and the anti-war crowd will hold him to it.

**President Obama will have to make good on his promise to hold personal President-level talks with the Castros, Chavez, and other dictators, with or without precondition.

**Obama, Pelosi and most Democrats support windfall profits taxes on oil companies. Other industries the left has traditionally disliked are likely to face regulation and profit grabs. Almost sure to be targeted: telecom, biotech, and drug companies.

**Obama has vowed to raise the top income, dividend, and capital gains rates for “the rich”, thereby increasing the cost of new investment in the U.S.

**Obama’s 95 % tax cut for all Americans would effectively turn the IRS into a welfare agency. The 40 %of American families that don’t pay taxes would get yearly rebates nonetheless.

**Obama is committed to government-run healthcare, even if he stops sort of proposing universal healthcare. He is promising a public insurance program modeled after Medicare and open to anyone of any income.

**Obama and Pelosi have both vowed to renegotiate NAFTA and stand against other free trade agreements, limiting trade with Canada and Mexico.

**Obama and Pelosi would almost certainly implement cap and trade taxes, imposing them on businesses to combat global warming. The Democrats are likely to be undeterred by the double jeapordy inherent in these measures: driving up the cost of energy, and hurting our economy. Trillions of dollars will come into play for Congress to manipulate in the sale of “carbon credits”. Which companies and industries will be rewarded and which will be punished, and by how much? This looks like a breeding ground for sweetheart deals and corruption. There are about a million ways for this to be abused.

**Obama and Pelosi want to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 80 % by 2050, Another expensive, unrealistic law which is likely to be an invitation for manipulation by Congress.

**”Network Neutrality.” This one's a real piece of work. Obama and Congressional Democrats also want to regulate the Internet. The blatant liberal bias, and abdication of journalistic standards displayed by most political newspaper reporters and television news shows, has driven many Americans to turn to the Internet increasingly for news coverage. It should come as no surprise that Democrats want to exert control over this medium. Many Americans regard Internet blogs as the last bastion of free speech and thorough analysis of candidates, our elected representatives, and the issues.

The path to Internet regulation is called “network neutrality” and the measure would give government overseers at the FCC the power to ensure that Internet providers treated equally all the information bits coming through the Web channels: cables, phone lines, wireless connections, etc... This would completely undermine the free market economy which has driven infrastructure growth, making internet connections increasingly available, at progressively faster speeds. Network neutrality would essentially make capitalism illegal for Web providers, thereby eliminating financial incentives for development. Lacking aggressive infrastructure growth, experts say the Web will soon slow to a crawl.

Telecom lawyers are likely to love this law as much as liberals, considering the income sure to be found in “digital discrimination” lawsuits.

**”Internet Fairness Doctrine.” FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell has warned that a network neutrality law will also create a Fairness Doctrine for the Internet. Internet bloggers, under this law, could be subject to regulation and censorship, and denied First Amendment protection. The result? As the Bill of Rights is trampled, the liberal mainstream press gains even greater control and power to influence the public and voters.


A profound responsibility has been thrust upon American voters, and a chance to make history, "to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us..." For California's 4th District, the time has come to send Tom McClintock to Congress.

Here's a real rescue plan for our nation. Next Tuesday, vote conservative.

TOPICS: Editorial; Philosophy; Politics/Elections; US: California
KEYWORDS: antichrist; obama; pelosi; reid; socialism
A good summary that not only applies to CA but to the rest of the country!
1 posted on 10/28/2008 9:41:56 AM PDT by markomalley
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To: markomalley

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” - Thomas Jefferson

2 posted on 10/28/2008 9:44:11 AM PDT by 3AngelaD (They screwed up their own countries so bad they had to leave, and now they're here screwing up ours.)
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To: markomalley

We all know how to sing Kumbayah!

What else is there to wish for?

3 posted on 10/28/2008 9:44:11 AM PDT by Sundog (Palin --- She who can shoot a moose can shoot a Russian bear.)
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To: markomalley

President Ronald Reagan: "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.
We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream.
It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same,
or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children
and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Obama on video campaigning for Marxist "cousin" Raila Odinga, Kenya's "Agent of Change"

4 posted on 10/28/2008 9:44:42 AM PDT by Diogenesis (Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum)
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To: markomalley

5 posted on 10/28/2008 9:46:28 AM PDT by Brian S. Fitzgerald
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To: markomalley

Vote for McCain/Palin.

6 posted on 10/28/2008 9:47:58 AM PDT by Biggirl (Throw The Bums OUT!=^..^==^..^==^..^==^..^=)
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To: markomalley

How has it come to this? It matters more than who’s counting the votes: who’s teaching the children.

7 posted on 10/28/2008 9:48:19 AM PDT by 668 - Neighbor of the Beast (Whither America? Who is teaching the children?)
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To: markomalley

-—John Adams

I was talking to a Christian lady that came to the USA from a country where Islam moved in and took over. Her and her husband are deeply stressed over what they see happening in this country. She said exactly what John Adams said . . . once freedom is lost it will not return.

I think this is the most important message for people to hear today. A coworker told me this AM they think either candidate will probably be OK so it does not worry him which one gets in . . . I mentioned the possibility of socialism with Obama and he never really thought about it or is all that worried about it since it is only 4 years and we can make another change. Not so sure about that.

8 posted on 10/28/2008 9:49:42 AM PDT by RepubRep (God Bless America and may He guard our borders until we WAKE UP and do it ourselves!!)
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To: markomalley

Obama will make Jimmy Carter seem reasonable by comparison if the dems and the media are allowed to steal the election.

9 posted on 10/28/2008 9:51:37 AM PDT by subterfuge (BUILD MORE NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS NOW!!!)
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To: Brian S. Fitzgerald

This should be posted in every public establishment, hung on every door and branded into every brain.

10 posted on 10/28/2008 9:51:59 AM PDT by RepubRep (God Bless America and may He guard our borders until we WAKE UP and do it ourselves!!)
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To: markomalley
Hitler torched the Reichstag and then blamed his political opponents for the act to further empower the Nazis. Liberal democrats torched our capital markets and are now blaming free market capitalists in an effort to expand their Marxist ideology.

Radical liberals are like a cancer in our republic. To think 0bama is going to have up to 3 Supreme Court nominations and who knows how many other federal judges is indeed frightening.

11 posted on 10/28/2008 10:01:34 AM PDT by armyofprinciples
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To: markomalley

Brilliant synopsis of what’s going to happen under Obamanation! If people are stupid enough to vote for heroes like Ron Paul ‘to make a statement’ it limits our chances against Hussein and proves nothing! Please folks THINK!!!!

12 posted on 10/28/2008 10:06:09 AM PDT by righteousindignation
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To: armyofprinciples
To think 0bama is going to have up to 3 Supreme Court nominations and who knows how many other federal judges is indeed frightening.

What makes you think he is restricted to three? If he has Congress on his side, he could increase the size of the court to whatever size he wants (the number 9 is a statutory number, not a constitutional number).

Google the Judiciary Reorganization Bill of 1937 to read up on that one.

13 posted on 10/28/2008 10:09:10 AM PDT by markomalley (Extra ecclesiam nulla salus)
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To: markomalley

Biden compared BO to President Lincoln the other day. I wonder if he remembers the reaction after Lincoln was elected?

14 posted on 10/28/2008 10:23:17 AM PDT by TexasRepublic (Brother, can you spare a dime?)
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To: 668 - Neighbor of the Beast
How has it come to this? It matters more than who’s counting the votes: who’s teaching the children.

Conservatives and Republicans have allowed this decline to happen with hardly even a fight. Indeed, Republicans often assisted liberals and Democrats in their destructive course. Republican support of greed and corruption left them in no position to claim moral authority as an opposition.

Liberals plotted a brilliant, long term road to power and control, conservatives talked alot.

Liberals gained control of our lower and higher education system, conservatives talked alot.

Liberals gained control of our mass media, conservatives talked alot.

Liberals raised huge sums of money directed to orginizations promoting their agenda, conservatives talked alot.

Rich liberals spent huge amounts of money promoting their position, rich conservatives talked alot.

Liberals, while never compromising, demanded conservatives compromise, conservatives compromised.

If conservatism is ever to become dominant, conservatives must see the struggle as a war and not just cocktail party talk and instead of wasting their breath deriding the tactics of liberals they must devise their own tactics that promote the conservative agenda.

So many of the conservatives I know are so focused on doing "their own thing" and making as much money as they can, I really don't see things changing much. Already I here talk, not of how to fight the liberals if they take over completely, but how to make money off the situation.

I fear for my children.

15 posted on 10/28/2008 10:23:51 AM PDT by Prokopton
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To: markomalley

John Adams was right. And unfortunately no country has ever become MORE free than it was in the previous generation.

The only way to get MORE free is to start a new country. And there is less and less land on the planet to do that on.

16 posted on 10/28/2008 10:29:04 AM PDT by bpjam (I don't see my country on TV. Which America are they showing?)
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To: markomalley

The first two Supreme Court Justices to go will be Ginsburg, and Stevens...Both are one foot in the grave...

They will both retire before February, and their replacements are already being considered...

Top of the list, it has been speculated to be John Edwards and Hillary Clinton to replace them...

Just thought I would glaze the cake for ya...

17 posted on 10/28/2008 12:17:15 PM PDT by stevie_d_64
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To: markomalley

18 posted on 10/28/2008 12:35:54 PM PDT by newzjunkey (CA: YES on PROP 4. *** MCCAIN-PALIN ***)
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To: newzjunkey
The 'messiah' is starting to look like the pharoah...
Praying for America, but fearing it will not work.
19 posted on 10/28/2008 3:04:50 PM PDT by Chili Girl
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To: Chili Girl

One man intends to rewrite the Constitution which guided the greatest nation in history, because he’s smarter than all the Founders put together. Just ask him or Michelle.

20 posted on 10/28/2008 8:33:36 PM PDT by TheClintons-STILLAnti-American
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