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Barack Obama Birth Certificate is not real.
Various, and snarkybites | 11/6/8 | Demosthenes

Posted on 11/06/2008 1:35:14 PM PST by Demosthenes

Forgive me for rehashing this if anybody is tired of reading it, but I finally did all of the research for myself, and have some info you may not have seen.

Barack Obama has never shown his birth certificate. Allow me to explain. A "certification" of live birth is a copy document, accessible by the public, or government agencies, and usually a relatively legally acceptable document in most scenarios. You can use it at the DMV, or to get a passport.

A "Certificate" of live birth is the actual document itself, created on the day/moment of the event, and it is a hospital-maintained record in most cases, accessible only by immediate family and the person for whom it was issued.

Here is what Barack Obama's website put out initially:

This image is a fraud, plain and simple. There is no state seal, no Registrar's signature, and only a vague June 2007 stamp on the reverse side. Both the signature and seal are easily visible in any photocopy, and are deliberately so. The artifacts surrounding the text are clear photoshop work. Giving Obama the benefit of the doubt, probably some overzealous aide generated it from a viewing of the regular document.

This is an image from of what the website put out, excpet here we have an actual photograph, in high resolution, proving the website document a forgery. Notice, this document has the necessary seals and signatures:

This is, at least, a real document from the State Records office. It is still not an actual copy of the Certificate of Live Birth. The State seal and signature on this document certify to all viewers that this document was created by an actual State Agency, is not a forgery, and that the State of Hawaii accept it as a legal and valid document.

Remember, this is simply a legal substitute for the real birth certificate.

Both of these were offered up as "Birth Cretificates" when they are in fact legally-acceptable substitutes for the real thing. In most cases, this is not a big deal. However, in the case of a US President, I believe they are a VERY big deal.

An actual Certificate of Live Birth in Hawaii, through the 1960s, looks like this:

And the critical bit of information it discloses is the location of Birth.

They are very specific about that, and there are boxes for the location, be it hospital, home, foreign country or otherwise.

This is the document that has been sealed by the Governor of Hawaii in 2008, in a special action that affected only Obama's Birth Certificate.

How very convenient.

Why has special action bee taken to prevent this document from being seen?

Because, I suspect, there is information on it which would directly contradict public statements about his birth and begin unraveling a number of lies told to the public about his true origin, and raise serious questions about his eligibility.

His sister, and Grandmother in Kenya have both spoken publicly, and made statements about his locale of birth that contradict his own statements.

Why hide it, Mr. Obama?

What reason on earth would you have for asking the Governor of Hawaii to hide this document on your behalf?

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To: offduty

Berg wanted to stay the election until this is resolved - it was denied by Souter.

However, Obama NOW has until 12/01/08 to respond as to why the suit should NOT go forward.

The case is still in place at SCOTUS.

If you go to the SCOTUS web site and search for Berg - you will find it. You have to specify Supreme Court Docket Files, not the default Supreme Court Files.

281 posted on 11/06/2008 10:30:09 PM PST by Lmo56
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To: Lmo56


282 posted on 11/06/2008 10:49:17 PM PST by little jeremiah (Leave illusion, come to the truth. Leave the darkness, come to the light.)
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To: little jeremiah

I’m a long time lurker - newbie poster ... whats a bookmark, unless you bookmarked the web page?

283 posted on 11/06/2008 11:05:57 PM PST by Lmo56
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To: offduty
Go to

and click on previous at the top. There are copies of the court materials there.

The date is Dec. to either produce the document or show why not. Berg has the opportunity to refute their reply.(This is the place where the lower court found Berg did not have standing. A step apparently expected in order for the lower judge not to have to rule and bringing the case to the SCOTUS) IMO the VP candidate that has filed should attach himself to the Berg case ASAP.

284 posted on 11/07/2008 4:16:05 AM PST by hoosiermama
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To: Lmo56

Bookmark, Bump, Bttt , even . are used to hold you spot so that you can find the post later if you click on your comments. It is a method of pinging yourself. I sometime place my own name in the “TO:” spot just so others don’t get pinged.

Welcome aboard, appreciate your input.

285 posted on 11/07/2008 4:26:57 AM PST by hoosiermama
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To: Lmo56

Do you have any insight to my post 231?

286 posted on 11/07/2008 4:41:55 AM PST by hoosiermama
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To: DJ MacWoW; Lmo56; offduty; scratcher; sandyeggo

New happenings.

287 posted on 11/07/2008 4:46:27 AM PST by hoosiermama
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To: Lmo56
I you bothered to read my previous posts with care, I said that I thought that Biden could make a case for his eligibility and his subsequent election.The 20th Amendment provides that the Vice President Elect shall act as the caretaker President until a new President qualifies.

The 20th Amendment doesn't kick in until after December 15th, if not January 6th. There ISN'T a President-Elect OR Vice President-Elect UNTIL THEN.

Referring right now to either Obama/Biden as the "elect" is a misnomer. They are NOT the 'elect' until the ELECTORS CHOOSE THEM in December.

Should Obama be disqualified PRIOR to December 15th or Congress approves their decision on January 6th, it doesn't go to the 20th Amendment as there is NO President or VP-Elect until then.

288 posted on 11/07/2008 4:59:30 AM PST by conservativegramma
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To: Cyclone59
I was under the thought that the originals were scanned for distribution. At least that what mine from 1965 look like - a scanned original.
Yes, yours is clearly a copy of the original document. Apparently with the computerization of records, what they routinely send out now is this abbreviated "certification".
289 posted on 11/07/2008 5:00:43 AM PST by MN Doc
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To: Demosthenes

Face it, we have a Kenyan president. His family lives in huts and slaughtered livestock at his win. We’re officially 3rd world status now. He and his cronies will seize power with his “civilian security force” and behave just like every other African tribesman that gets elected and that is loot the treasury, tax anything productive and leave the country worse off.

290 posted on 11/07/2008 5:06:16 AM PST by Malsua
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To: hoosiermama

I am not a lawyer.... but I have a good idea of what’s going to happen if he is found ineligible.

1. The Supreme Court will probably NOT overturn the election. Even if obama is NOT a naturalized citizen, they will probably find a legal loophole to use or just make a decision that is non-controlling. Example, in the Bush and Gore mess, the SC made a decision that only pertained to that case. In other words they said “hey, for the good of the country we will bend some laws and make the rationale etc. non-controlling”. This is likely what will happen, if by chance he is NOT a naturalized citizen.

But, does this mean we have to stop and give up? Hell no. We need to use everything we have to discredit the fraud. Even if this election is NOT overturned, the evidence will go far 2012..... And hey, maybe the SC does have enough balls to overturn a fraudulent election; if true.

291 posted on 11/07/2008 5:14:39 AM PST by babubabu
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To: calex59
How the he** anyone could think it wouldn't make a difference is beyond me.

The only ones it would matter to would be us on the right. The 65 million on the left will not care. If his COLB is revealed to be imprinted with the word "Kenya" as the place of birth, and he is ejected from the office, they will say it was "stolen" from him that whitey concocted this, that Republicans were responsible. There would be mass riots in all major cities. People would die. No, nobody is going to remove the first black man from office of president this side of heaven. The Republicans are spineless wimps and will not challenge it. Did you see them challenge it before the election? They certainly won't now. Did you see McCain bring it up as an issue? Absolutely not. Did you see the MSM send their myrmidons to Hawaii to investigate it? No they were to busy in Alaska checking out Todd Palin's driving record when he was 22. No, my FRiend, there is absolutely no way B.H. Obama is going to be denied the presidency at this point. Your only chance is 2012 and then you can vote him out if possible. And even then there may be an impossibility......

292 posted on 11/07/2008 5:15:15 AM PST by Red Badger (Hey! Look on the bright side! At least Joe Biden is out of the Senate!..........)
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To: Dick Bachert
Amerika will get what she so justly deserves. Watch.
293 posted on 11/07/2008 5:47:59 AM PST by gunnedah
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To: DesertRhino
Amerika will get what she so richly deserves. A generation of brainwashed Zombies.
294 posted on 11/07/2008 5:49:04 AM PST by gunnedah
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To: babubabu

I have to take issue with your assessment. The case of Gore v Bush dealt with the interpretation of “hanging chads” and voter intent. It was a very “grey” area and a very narrow interpretation.

This on the other hand is a very clear issue. Either Barack Obama is qualified to hold the office of President or he isn’t.. There is no grey area. The Constitution is very clear on who may hold the office, it is NOT open to interpretation.

As for the timeliness of the case, this has been in the courts (Federal) for months. The Obama campaign dragged their feet by filing motions to dismiss, and then filing a motion to deny standing to Berg as he was not an “injured party.” There were also multiple defendants: The FEC; the Democratic Party; and Barrack Obama. Each entity filed answers to the brief, filed for motions to dismiss and basically stalled the case.

The Judge (wisely) passed this on ruling that although Berg had “no Standing” he didn’t rule on the merits of the case letting Berg take it directly to the SCOTUS.

I surmise this was the strategy of the Dems all along, stall the case until after the election, then there would be such a public uproar that the Supremes wouldn’t rule to save the Republic. In Souters stay on the injuncion, he again didn’t rule on the merits of the case, simply ruled the election could go forth and the case could be decided at a later date.

There is a “remedy” in the language of the Constitution that provides for the replacement of the President should it be determined he’s not eligible to serve. I think Souter thought that the remedy would safe-guard the electoral process to the point there would be no immediate crisis that would require a stay on the election.

The long and the short of it is quite simple. If Barack is not a “natural-born” citizen of the United States, he is not qualified to hold the office.

The biggest issue is who has standing? I submit that individually and collectively, the citizens of the United States have standing. It is conferred in the first three words of the Preamble of the Constitution, “We the people...” The entire concept of our Republic is predicated on the people’s “consent to be governed” We did not sign over our rights to a governmental body. We ELECT our leaders on a regular basis to self-govern. There is a process for election and there is also a process for removal of ANY elected official. The only one’s not directly elected are the Judiciary and this was designed to allow the Judiciary to make decisions independant of outside influence.

I think it is a very simple matter. A lawsuit has been filed questioning the ability of a person to hold the office of President because he doesn’t meet the Constitutional requirements for the job. In order to satisfy those requiremehnts, he only has to produce a birth certificate that states he is a “natural-born” citizen of the US. There are no legal hoops he has to go through, no long arguments, no parsing of the intent and meaning of the Constitution. It is simple and black and white. He either IS eligible or he Isn’t.

If the SCOTUS allows something as simple as this to pass, there would be total anarchy in the Country. How can anyone be expected to obey the law when something this simple is cast aside.

295 posted on 11/07/2008 6:06:27 AM PST by offduty (Joe Biden is still looking for the video tape of FDR's address to the nation.)
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To: babubabu

The SCOTUS must uphold the constitution! Popularity, party politics, personal preference may NOT enter in. If the evidence is there that he is not qualified, he must be removed. IMO. How they determine his replacement will determine whether we have civil war. The GOP has put their faith in “rule of law”.

296 posted on 11/07/2008 6:10:21 AM PST by hoosiermama
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To: usmcobra


297 posted on 11/07/2008 6:16:11 AM PST by usmcobra (Go ask Obama for your change, and don't bug me!)
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To: offduty
Section 3 also talks about the President elect being unqualified. This section is the rules for electors and the Senate. Unfortunately in 24 states there are "faithless elector" laws. In those states, they have to vote for the candidate the state picked by ballot.

It is a Constitutional mess that may have to be solved by the Scotus. I pray that they take this seriously. If he is Kenyan born, and he denounced citizenship to get an Indonesian passport, and he is sworn in, it would set a terrible precedent.

298 posted on 11/07/2008 6:30:18 AM PST by DJ MacWoW (Make yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you. Ben Franklin)
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To: offduty

I agree with you... but. I am thinking in pragmatic terms. We HAVE to fight for this... but still, never underestimate the BS artistry of the liberal justices.

299 posted on 11/07/2008 6:37:10 AM PST by babubabu
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To: DJ MacWoW

You are correct about the “faithless electors” issue, however, If the electors were chosen based on a fraud, where does that leave us? Frankly, I hope he is qualified to serve just to resolve this issue, but the longer this is being played out in the courts it is starting to sound like what the definition of “is” is.

Assuming Obama is ineligible to hold the office, and picking up from where we were last night on Biden’s situation, could the electors cast their vote for Biden directly? In reality it would be the way out of this mess.

I can assume Biden would then pick Hillary as his VP and the Dem base would be placated. The Conservatives would go crazy, but it IS a Constitutional remedy. The minority community would be disenfranchised, but it was done by one of their own and the only property in jeopardy would be a mansion on the south side of Chicago.

What say you?

300 posted on 11/07/2008 6:42:12 AM PST by offduty (Joe Biden is still looking for the video tape of FDR's address to the nation.)
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