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Update Marion County Lags Behind in Vote Tabulation- Indiana Switched to McCain???
Indiana Secretary of State Results ^

Posted on 11/06/2008 3:45:10 PM PST by TruthCanHurt

Edited on 11/06/2008 8:19:48 PM PST by Admin Moderator. [history]

Indiana Presidental Predictions In Doubt

Declaring Indiana for obama might be premature per the Indiana Sec of States website. This was just updated...

Indiana General Election November 4, 2008

Last Updated November 6, 2008 (06:27 PM)

District Candidate Votes
Statewide Obama, Barack Joe Biden (Democratic) 1037982  
Barr, Bob Wayne A. Root (Libertarian) 24100  
McCain, John Sarah Palin (Republican) 1115146  
Faith, Michael L. (W/I(Americas Independent)) 12  
Castle, Darrell L. (W/I(Constitution)) 4  
McKinney, Cynthia A. (W/I(Green)) 19  
Baldwin, Chuck (W/I(Independent)) 210  
Bone, Lawson Mitchell (W/I(Independent)) 10  
Mottus, Kevin (W/I(Independent)) 6  
Nader, Ralph Matt Gonzalez (W/I(Independent)) 189  
Plemons, John Leroy (W/I(Independent)) 0  
Kujawski, "Lou" (W/I(Republican)) 0  
Moore, Brian Stewart A. Alexander (W/I(Socialist)) 2  


TOPICS: News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: Indiana
KEYWORDS: election; electionpresident; in2008; indiana; resultsvotes
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To: LucyT

Interesting newspeak: Defending oneself and one’s friends is aggression. Positively Orwellian!

Good night, and try not to stew too long in your mood.

BTW, by “you” regarding the Japanese codes, I was referring to the US government in early-mid 1941, not you personally. Talk about obtuse!

341 posted on 11/07/2008 12:34:11 AM PST by Don W (To write with a broken pencil is pointless.)
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To: STARWISE; Polarik; Chief Engineer

IIRC it started here:

Polarik did the morph, Israeli insider picked it up from FR.

Chief Engineer is still looking at the timeline.

342 posted on 11/07/2008 1:55:25 AM PST by Fred Nerks
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To: fanfan
You are going to fight for truth, justice, and the American Way if I have to come down there, and beat it into you myself.

THAT'S what I love to hear! ;o)

343 posted on 11/07/2008 1:58:09 AM PST by jan in Colorado (For Barack Hussein Obama TRUTH FILE see my homepage!)
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Pretty freaky alright. Also a tale fit for a Tom Clancy novel. Not sure why the CIA would be involved in the ‘cover-up’ if true....not all of them anyway.

Here is what we DO know for certain.....Obama is hiding lots of his college records...his real birth certificate...his selective service registration and the list goes on and on. The question is why?

Never in the history of US presidential politics, has a candidate not been ‘vetted’ in the way that Obama has not. I find it hard to believe however that someone in the CIA or NSA has not been curious enough to look into it.Whatever his secrets may be....there are people who know what they are and what, if any, dangers they pose for our country besides...those of being a radical leftist. Which is bad enough, but unfortunately, not a disqualification for the office.

I don’t believe for one second that the Mossad would not inform our intelligence officials and even the President himself, if they had proof that Obama was some kind of ‘Mansourian Candidate’ and not eligible to be the President of the US.

I am glad however that folks are looking into the possibility. It should all give us some measure of comfort.

Going back to reading...can’t sleep tonight for some reason...:)

344 posted on 11/07/2008 2:00:35 AM PST by penelopesire ("The only CHANGE you will get with the Democrats is the CHANGE left in your pocket")
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To: luvadavi
You are right.

Many Americans and a few Freepers too, do not want to accept that this election was a COUP!!!

We here keep talking about how we will not have another honest election again after Barry was elected, but the reality was, THIS election was not honest!!! It was won by fraud and probably by an unqualified foreign born Muslim.

And yes, our defenders on talk radio, where are they. Either they don't care because their ratings will go up with the loss of McCain or they are afraid of something.

Again I state, something Stinks about all this.
I wish I knew what to do to get to the bottom of it.

(It's times like this I wish I was a lawyer or had lots of money, or maybe the right connections. But alas I do not.) We as a group sure have the power to do something. I guess the first step is to demand that these who have not counted the absentee ballots do so. Then we can start digging into the fraud somehow. As you can tell I am not a lawyer, but will work very hard with one or two to get the answers.

345 posted on 11/07/2008 3:02:18 AM PST by Aurorales
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To: Cinnamontea


346 posted on 11/07/2008 3:24:22 AM PST by Lovebloggers
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To: Gay State Conservative

Just how many times did Donald Duck vote? And, did he try to sneak in those nephews of his?

347 posted on 11/07/2008 3:24:49 AM PST by kempster
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To: Cinnamontea

Yes, my 18 year old Godson who was brainwashed at college.

348 posted on 11/07/2008 3:27:32 AM PST by baba123
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To: smokingfrog

The link in post 291 describes (possibly) invalid voter registrations, not illegal votes. There’s a huge difference.

The Republicans claimed “at least 200,000” new voter registrations with problems. Only a portion of those were actually invalid. Some were trivial problems that would be found valid on closer inspection.

Of the portion of those 200,000 registrations that were really invalid, how many votes were actually cast?

I’ve seen no documented claims of a significant number of invalid VOTES cast in Ohio. Hence my question.

349 posted on 11/07/2008 3:56:15 AM PST by Jordo
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To: All

I’m late to this thread, but I live in Indiana.

A win in Indiana does not change the outcome of the election, and it may not mean anything to the rest of YOU on this forum, but to Hoosiers, and to someone like me who got some votes for McCain and got at least 2 people to vote who were not going to vote, IT MEANS A LOT.

350 posted on 11/07/2008 4:03:02 AM PST by Madeleine Ward (.)
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To: luvadavi

They are afraid of riots and fratricidal war-fare. That is what they are afraid of!

351 posted on 11/07/2008 4:09:33 AM PST by mdmathis6 (I'm Mike the RN!( I often do plumbing of a different sort))
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To: GQuagmire

> Not to be a jerk, but it doesn’t matter
Yes it does. If we can convince the electoral college delegates to demand that the candidates produce their Original Birth Certificates, then Obama will have to or forfeit.

352 posted on 11/07/2008 4:15:14 AM PST by BuffaloJack
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To: All
Note: Indiana election results are not yet official. A number of counties have yet to provide their data to the state.

Lake County is late like usual.

353 posted on 11/07/2008 4:21:37 AM PST by sausageseller (
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To: GQuagmire
"Not to be a jerk, but it doesn’t matter"

I sure as hell does to those of us who live here and worked hard to support Republican principles here, it matters a lot.

354 posted on 11/07/2008 4:26:05 AM PST by Abathar (Proudly posting without reading the article carefully since 2004)
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To: rightreb; Admin Moderator

Another recent sign-up telling us all not to worry about the certified vote, and accept thousands of Acorn votes on face value.

Go back to DU, troll.

355 posted on 11/07/2008 4:45:44 AM PST by agere_contra (So ... where's the birth certificate?)
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To: Abathar

It matters. In fact, I envy you. I live in Virginia.

356 posted on 11/07/2008 4:56:07 AM PST by kinsman redeemer (The real enemy seeks to devour what is good.)
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To: reasonisfaith
If this election was stolen, like my gut has been telling me, we cannot let it stand.

I wasn't watching every state, but I know that the 200,000 "questionable" ACORN ballots roughly matches the total vote spread between the candidates. And that's just the known questionable ballots. I don't think that it's unreasonable to say that Ohio was stolen, or very close to having been stolen.

I'd bet that Virginia and North Carolina would be in McCain's column if not for fraud as well. Florida is more questionable, given that the spread is wider. Not much to say about Pennsylvania - the Philly vote fraud machine is undoubtedly huge, but I question whether it is huge enough to produce such a lopsided vote tally.

357 posted on 11/07/2008 5:03:52 AM PST by meyer (We are all John Galt)
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To: Madeleine Ward

I have a hard time believing the Vigo County result. It looks as if no stone was left unturned.

358 posted on 11/07/2008 5:09:50 AM PST by thesetruths
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To: shibumi

check #339

359 posted on 11/07/2008 5:11:48 AM PST by Salamander (Welcome to Obamageddon.)
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To: TruthCanHurt; All
According to the link, not all the counties have official results posted. Here's the direct link to Indiana's presidential statewide count by county. County Results

It appears the following counties are not "official": Crawford, Madison, Marion, Monroe, Montgomery, Park, Posey, Putnam, Spencer, and Whitley are not in (or fully in).

The latest statewide count hasn't changed since last night.
Obama - 1,037,982
McCain -1,115,146
Barr - 24,100

Both CNN and AOL results from election night have these numbers:
Obama = 1,367,503
McCain - 1,341,667
Barr - 29,189

Marion County will go heavily for Obama. According to CNN's election night results, it was O with 237,275 compared to Mc with 131,459. I believe Madison, Monroe and Spencer counties will as well, but with less additional total votes as Marion County.
360 posted on 11/07/2008 5:16:43 AM PST by Girlene
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