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America Held Hostage- the Obama Files...
various links ^ | 11-8-08 | The Heavy Equipment Guy

Posted on 11/08/2008 3:06:12 AM PST by backhoe

America Held Hostage- the Obama Files...

With a hattip to Rush ( His idea during the Clinton plague upon America ) I am starting a file on “The One,” mostly starting from the election date.

Older stuff- links, quotes, quips, and sometimes pointed graphics can be found by scrolling back from these two posts:

-Hillary Clinton- archives, comments, and opposition research--

-Sarah Palin- links, from the beginning--

There is some good material in those posts that raises a lot of uncomfortable questions that everyone ought to be asking, and probably will once the “new” wears off, and we are stuck with four ( more likely eight, since 95% of the news & entertainment media are in his pocket ) years of a typical corrupt Chicago Political Machine Politician trying to jerk the whole country in one direction and then the next.

You've all heard the saying,

”People get the kind of government they want...
...and deserve?”

Well, America, you are about to “get it, good & hard...”

Don't say you weren't warned- we tried to tell you...

We did everything we could, and our state went for the Old Guy & the Naughty Librarian, but too many other voters were made stupid by the TV and public schools for it to matter.

We're in a Hell of a mess, and the worst thing is, "we"- the collective we, not you & I-- got us here.

Is Obama really the Abyss...

staring back at us?

I like to make points with humorous graphics- this one sums it up as well as any:


Then, in a nutshell, "everything I see going bad with all this hopi- changi- stuff The One is peddling-- forced labor, censorship, spin, and pure mean-spirited rudness:

Email of the day

Atlas readers rock! I am blown away by the overwhelming response to this post  (and this one) to get involved to take back our country from the Soros, socialists, and the self proclaimed messiah - oy. More than one email brought a tear to my eye but I wanted to share this one with you.

If this best represents who we are, what we want and where we are going, there is no way we can lose. Greatness is in the house. I am proud to count you as my friends. Prouder still to stand with you and fight this great fight.

I want to lead a county.

I was born in Cuba, and know the language of Communism, Obama speaks it well.  My grandfather's family had to flee Lebanon because of the Muslims to Cuba. We fled Cuba because of Castro.

This is the best country in the whole wide world.  I was a child when I left Cuba with the clothe on my back, we left my parent's sister and I, left behind everything. 

America is Worth fighting for and Freedom is worth defending.  I do not want my children to grow up in oppression, nor do I wish exile upon them.

Please allow me to help, again, Id like to lead a county.

My name is Ingrid and Im in Miami, in Miami Dade County

May the Light always shine upon America,


UPDATE: In case there was any doubt as to what the victorious zombies have in mind. Check out this comment (left in the comment section) . Can you say rude awakening?

You people are pathetic!

Your racist fear mongering will not go unchallenged!  Soon we will shut down your hate spewing web sites.  We will confiscate your firearms.  In prison, you will get an education on the error of your ways.  We will take your children and raise them as our own and instill in them the values of social justice.  We will have a new American Republic of justice and order for all!

You time is almost up!  Prepare for the dung heap of history!

It sounds insane (which it is) but I believe the writer is quite serious.

| | Comments (21)

"We will confiscate your firearms. In prison, you will get an education on the error of your ways. We will take your children and raise them as our own and instill in them the values of social justice".....

Heh heh heh....I am sure you are serious, but that is funny!

Values of social Mao? Stalin? Lenin? Ho-chi Min? Pol Pot? Which of these butchers of social justice did you have in mind?"

That's the number of civilians that have been murdered by their own governments in the 20th century alone.

Innocents Betrayed is a must see video produced by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms (scroll down to see links to view the Introduction to Innocents Betrayed)

Now consider Obama's 'civilian defense force' which he intends to fund and equip as well as our standing military coupled with his promise to revisit the second amendment (repeal concealed carry privilege) and then compound this injury with Ayers' inspired youth corps.

Learn from the Slicksters


Obamessiah has a new site up as President-elect soliciting ideas form the proletariat.
Let's hope it doesn't become the hub for the hate whitey and Jew boy Obamavomit that his last site was.

Surf the site. Take note. Keep your eye on the The Obama National Service Plan- the page is empty (how apropos) but that piques my interest.

President Obama To Bring Back Slavery

Just in case anyone think Mr. Obama is not serious about this, bear in mind that his new Chief of Staff wrote a book demanding this very thing: The Plan: Big Ideas for America: Rahm Emanuel, Bruce Reed: Books;sr=1-1

Don’t forget they want a Gestapo/KKK civilian force the size of the pentagon to keep everybody inline and things running smoothly.

“Suddenly, all mention of “required” has been disappeared. ”

SOME THOUGHTS ON OBAMA'S mandatory volunteerism plan. Plus, reader Nancy Anne Potts writes:

Looks like the site is true to it's title - it changes!

During the time when I was looking at the blog you linked to concerned mandatory community service the page saying "require community service" changed to goal for community service. The new wording is:

"..... Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by setting a goal that all middle school and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year and by developing a plan so that all college students who conduct 100 hours of community service receive a universal and fully refundable tax credit ensuring that the first $4,000 of their college education is completely free."

I found the the cached page on Google it has the original "required" wording.

Looks like they caught their "mistake". Now will the real plan please step forward -- goal or required. (Although the way government sets goals, they often wind up looking like requirements so maybe the two aren't all that different.)

Ugh! I see card check made the economy page too. He may be the president elect but I don't have to like his plans!

Not until the second term. Then that will be made mandatory, too . . . .

Meanwhile, Robert Bidinotto comments: "Anyone recall what the Soviets used to do to history books?" The Obama folks have a history of airbrushing.

IF YOU VOTED FOR MCCAIN, you're a racist. Just in case nobody had bothered to tell you.

President-Elect D’oh-bama’s Gaffe #1: Sorry, Nancy

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 7, 2008 07:30 PM

And so it begins.

Or rather, continues.

President-elect D’oh-bama apologizes (vid here in case you missed it):

More of the incessant symbolism bullshit from teh Obama Campaign


I believe the idea is to give the impression he’s already on the job. It strikes me as bad advice and an ego that knows no limits

President-Elect Douchebag Mocks Nancy Reagan


Now here is the first thing to really *hammer* Obama on, something that he’s doing *right now* — as opposed to all the other things in the past. This is “right now” and it indicates that he’s totally lying about “transparency”...Now here is the first thing to really *hammer* Obama on, something that he’s doing *right now* — as opposed to all the other things in the past. This is “right now” and it indicates that he’s totally lying about “transparency”...
Gag alert:

President-elect Barack Obama's First Press Conference - Complete Video 11/7/08

Obama Mocks Nancy Reagan in 1st Press Conference

It's  classless to mock a frail, elderly woman. (Note he was not kind in his revelation about his own "typical white person" grandmother, either.)

It's even worse to mock the widow of a great former president. Whatever you think of her, she deserves respect.

Especially classless was mocking Nancy Reagan on stage, before hundreds of reporters and television cameras, knowing the "joke" would be heard by millions. This wasn't some private remark that got picked up by a live mike.

What the hell is the “Office of the President-Elect?”

In Fort Worth, Obama's election prompts run on guns and ammunition

Get 'em while you can-- from my files:

Sitting in committee, just waiting for The One:

H.R. 1022: Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2007

On Concerns Over Gun Control, Gun Sales Are Up

From "", the official transition website. Agenda tab and then select "urban policy" and go down to "Crime Control".

Address Gun Violence in Cities:
As president, Barack Obama would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals who shouldn't have them. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent, as such weapons belong on foreign battlefields and not on our streets.

There will be no one left to protect you
Barack Obama wants to institute a Civilian National Security Force, a vast militia not unlike Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, a personal army. He knows he would need such a force to protect him and to enforce his will on Americans. Americans will have not seen such arbitrary power used against them since the days of the Civil War when Lincoln put the Constitution in the bottom drawer of his desk and set about arresting anyone who opposed his policies...

VIDEO of Obama calling for a Secret Police Force: CIVILIAN NATIONAL SECURITY FORCE??

QUESTIONS ABOUT THAT civilian national security force.

“Just as powerful, just as strong, and just as well funded.” So the astute observer and deep thinker might reflect for a minute and be compelled to pose several questions (although the MSM won’t)...


Kindly note the quote, from our new First Lady, err, female black Bigot...

Obama's plan to disarm America (video, in his own words)


Michelle Malkin: New national anthem: "My president is black"


Is Obama "Your President"?

Friday, November 07, 2008 3:01:30 PM · 57 of 180
backhoe to brownsfan
Hmmmm... this one is very difficult. I was in the military, and we were taught we salute the uniform, not the man. So I respect the office, not the man. However, I am adopting a wait and see. If Obama governs as if he cares about America, even if we disagree, I can accept that. If Obama governs as I expect, like a Manchurian candidate who is bent on America’s deconstruction, that is when he will disqualify himself as being my president.

Liberal activists have long legislative wish list

National Organization for Women. "Since 1994, we've been losing over and over on legislation related to equality and fair treatment for women."
The gay-rights movement also campaigned vigorously for Obama.
NARAL Pro-Choice America and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America want Obama and Congress to move aggressively...
An array of other advocacy groups are stepping forward with their priorities for the new Congress.

Guess Who's Getting the Nuclear Football in January?

BO is doing away with our nukes, the officer assigned to carry the nuclear football will instead be carrying the teleprompter.

Angelou: Now I Won't Have To Apologize For My Country When Abroad

Democratic RevolutionWith all that being said, we are looking at potentially 9.2 million fraudulent votes...
This wasn't an election. It was peaceful Socialist revolution. Perhaps we should refer to President Obama as "His Fraudulency". But not too loudly...
- Hugh Farnham

Rahm Emanuel's Big Plan for America

Yes we can--draft your @ss

You know, I warn, and I warn, and I warn, and I warn, but nobody listens.

OMG you won't believe what is written on Obama's new website: "America Serves"

Democrats talk of a ‘permanent progressive majority’

Libs Suddenly Find Themselves Defending the Flag It wasn't that long ago that the American Left was burning and crapping on the flag.
Suddenly, all of that has changed.

Rahm Emanuel's Big Plan for America

 From my files- note the date:

Bend over, America:

Paid for with 'everybody else's' money...

1,152 posted on Saturday, February 09, 2008

Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal

And folks should be sure to check out this thread....

Obama’s Chief of Staff Pick Took Campaign Contributions from Wall Street

And check out the info at

I hope someone sends these Emanuel links off to Limbaugh.


The Coup: a position paper

Cut Obama some slack, wait and listen

President Bush could not even claim his victory for weeks in the 2000 elections because of democRAT attempts to steal the election.

He has been insulted and degraded like no other president in memory.

I, for one, will not cut this poser or his comrades ANY slack...

Obama-Supporting Teacher Bullies Student (video)

"White guilt gave us black Jesus"


Required re-education: Reagan's 1964 speech to the Republican Convention

I’ve already ordered my ‘Don’t Blame Me I Voted For Ron Paul’ bumper sticker. I’ll probably get a ‘Sarah-cuda’ one as well.

After the appropriate time has passed ( after Duh1 takes office and starts clowning around... ) I'm going to make this:

"Don't blame Me
I voted for Sarah"

Possibilities I'm entertaining in the interim?

"Where's mah Free Gas?"

"I want my mortgage paid!"

The new battle line?

choice versus control.


Mike Gallagher: Mourning In America

Change... Obama Announces Creation Of His Marxist Youth Corps (Heil Comrade Obama!)


Stores say gun-control fears spur firearms sales Well, duh!

I tried for months to wake people up- now, they will get "the kind of government they want, and deserve..."

Of course, we don't deserve it, but when just enough voters have been made stupid by the TV and public "education," what can you expect?

I dug in to the grocery money ( neither of us have a job... ) and renewed my membership in the NRA, GOA, and the Second Amendment Foundation. If we'd had more to spare, I'd have rejoined JPFO and the Second Amendment Sisters, too.

Keep these handy...

Gun Facts v4.2!

Click the pic to go to the Gun Facts v4.2 download page!


Barack Obama: The Kingfish Reborn

Do Unto Obama As Liberals Did Unto Bush

Coal stocks plummet. Average 15%, many over 30% since Tuesday Gee, wonder why?

Kate, this is important and you should listen to it. It's about Obama's cult of personality and it is short.

From the blogs- and, always, read the Anchoress:

Bush, Obama, & Ghosts of Hate - UPDATED

“The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.” Lincoln’s Second Annual Message to Congress, December 1, 1862.

I would love nothing better than to be able to stop writing about “left” and “right.” I wish we had a better vocabulary to describe our distinctions, because these words are limiting and off-putting. I am determined, with the merciful conclusion of this abusively long election season, to work diligently at spending less time entertaining these distinctions. But for today, I think it is only fair to note a very important and glaring difference between “left and right” - and in so doing - consider how we may, finally, stop needing to indulge in what is tedious.

Victor Davis Hanson
says Let’s not imitate the left in our opposition. I agree.

It has been wonderful - really beyond wonderful - to consider how differently most of the right has reacted to their defeat than the left did in 2000 and 2004. In the two previous elections, the left responded by calling the other half of the country “stupid,” “morons,” and “Nazis” - Jane Smiley called them “unteachably ignorant” - they indulged in high drama, sniffling “apologies” to the globe, and denunciations of their fellow countrymen as “lying between repugnant and reptile in the dictionary.”

And oh, yeah (eyeroll) George W. Bush was not “their” president.

While you’ll see a few disgruntled extremists on the right say foolish, even ignorant things - and many throwing daggers at the sickening double-standards of the press - they’re not indulging in that sort of dehumanizing (and very adolescent) hate of their fellow countrymen or the president-elect. The reports they’re filing read very differently than those following the Bush wins. They read as grown-up, tolerant, open-minded discourses, not tantrums. There is a willingness to be hopeful, even in defeat.

And there is a determined respectfulness being offered to the winners - people who could not manage maturity and respectfulness in their defeat and who, sadly, are not always managing it in their victory, either.

I’m hopeful that the left - if it takes the time to actually condescend to notice how well it is being treated by the vanquished - might consider that self-indulgent defamation is the lesser way; that such a consideration may inspire introspection, and perhaps the smallest bit of regret for some of their appalling excesses toward the right and toward the American President who did not return hate in-kind.

I’m hopeful. I’m an optimist. I KNOW that the folks on the right - for all of their faults, and both sides certainly have faults - want America to be successful and strong and exceptional and free. I’m hopeful that hugely empowered left will discover that - beyond the feel-goodism of “free social programs” which are never free -they actually, really do want all of those things, too. That they’ll look back on the last 8 years and realize, finally, that their enemy was never George W. Bush. Bush, the guy who never dehumanized them, was only trying serve those corny ideals.

And then, miraculously, we may actually have unity.

Some similar thinking from my girl crush, Donna Brazile:

“The one mistake that we continue to make is that we label people. We say you’re conservatives, liberal, progressive, right wing, left wing. I think people just want to spend one day being Americans. They want to come together around a common purpose, common values.”

I wondered the other day if the catharsis of this election might open up “a vein of generosity” (or at least decency) from the left as concerns President Bush. I have not seen it yet, but I’m going to be optimistic and keep looking.

But maybe it’s enough just to see a little appreciation from the right, to start. Like this, for instance:

I link, therefore, I Err has a little mini-round-up of appreciation for George W. Bush. You’ll want to read it all.

From Alppuccino at Protein Wisdom:

At 10:40, President Bush will keep his streak alive by telling everyone how much he loves America. Just as he always has. And he’ll show everyone how much he loves America by preparing Obama as best he can for the next 4 years.

Read it all; it’s doubtful that Obama’s team will come into the White House finding O’s missing from their keyboards, any rude messages greeting them. And that is how it should be in America, a respectful transition.

Michael Gerson:

Many liberals refuse to concede Bush’s humanity, much less his achievements.

But that humanity is precisely what I will remember. I have seen President Bush show more loyalty than he has been given, more generosity than he has received. I have seen his buoyancy under the weight of malice and his forgiveness of faithless friends. Again and again, I have seen the natural tug of his pride swiftly overcome by a deeper decency — a decency that is privately engaging and publicly consequential.

[In 2005]…the White House senior staff overwhelmingly opposed a new initiative to fight malaria in Africa for reasons of cost and ideology…In the crucial policy meeting, one person supported it: the president of the United States, shutting off debate with a moral certitude that others have criticized. I saw how this moral framework led him to an immediate identification with the dying African child, the Chinese dissident, the Sudanese former slave, the Burmese women’s advocate. It is one reason I will never be cynical about government — or about President Bush.

Jeffery Scott Shapiro:

[The treatment of President Bush] from this country is nothing less than a disgrace. The attacks launched against him have been cruel and slanderous, proving to the world what little character and resolve we have…Our failure to stand by the one person who continued to stand by us has not gone unnoticed by our enemies. It has shown to the world how disloyal we can be when our president needed loyalty — a shameful display of arrogance and weakness that will haunt this nation long after Mr. Bush has left the White House.

Until we fix, within ourselves, our enthrallment with hate for others, simply because they hold differing views, we’ll never pull it together. In 2006 we watched a right-wing blogger be called less than human by a left-wing reader. We’ve seen President Bush being referred to as “the chimp” and “the monkey” by the wits who insisted that ideology trumped having a decent respect for another’s humanity. I wrote about that a little here:

Thus, George W. Bush is “Chimpy McHitler.” Hillary Clinton is “a pig in a pantsuit.” Barack Obama is “O-Bambi.” Cindy McCain, who has exhibited some courage and laudable compassion in her life, is reduced to a “pill-popping beer-frau,” and so forth. From there it is smooth sailing down an ever-descending river of hatred, until we are incapable of seeing anything good in the “other,” both because we have willfully hardened our hearts, and because our hate — especially when it is supported by a group of like minds — feels safe and inviolable.

With that in mind, you’ll want to read this excellent piece over at Conversion Diary, wherein Jenifer ponders pictures from a Nazi-era photo album and wonders, how such common-variety people managed to support and enable such profound evil.

One thing that stands out in all these examples is that the victims of the widespread evil were categorized as something less than human…not only that innocent people were killed or enslaved, but that their humanity was taken away by the societies around them…So here is the advice I would offer to my children, and to my children’s children:

Every decade or so, take a look around the society in which you live, and ask yourself if there is any group of human beings who are seen as something less than human. A big tipoff is if dehumanizing words — terms other than “man,” “woman,” “child,” “baby,” or “person” — are used to describe any category of people.

And if you ever see that going on, you might be in the midst of something gravely evil.

Dehumanizing people begins with baby-steps like name-calling, or the sort of intellectual dishonesty that delights in deliberately twisting the meaning of others in negative and misrepresentative ways. Those are the little gateways to the great evils that come once you’ve managed to thoroughly de-humanize others.

We’ve had 8 years - I’d say 12, really - of people demonizing and dehumanizing others, from both sides, and it is not getting us anyplace good. I believe that the response of most of the right to Obama’s victory is a step toward changing that. But the left has to do their part, too.

Pope Benedict XVI said, “those who hope live differently.” The election of Barack Obama was borne on this word, “Hope.”

If the people who voted for “hope” were sincere, then let them begin, today, to embrace it - and to live differently - without the kneejerk move to hate “the other side.” The right, responding levelly to their defeat, has offered the opening. Will the left take it?

UPDATE: Seems some will. Here is mostly accurate, and apprecited praise from a surprising quarter:

Would America have elected Barack Obama if white Americans had not gotten accustomed to seeing (in succession) two African-American Secretaries of State? I don’t think so. Before Bush, African-Americans were appointed to some good posts but not to our #1 foreign policy job. Two African Americans (one with a pretty odd first name) served as America’s face to the world. That eased Obama’s way. It is not Tiger Woods in whose footsteps Obama is walking — it’s Rice and Powell….Fact is, “W” never gave any evidence of holding racist attitudes…even just the slur the occasionally slips out of the mouth of even our most liberal leaders.

Same with Arabs and Muslims…Bush, after 9/11, never resorted to anti-Arab or Muslim stereotypes. He drew distinctions between terrorists and Arabs…Had he not done these things, Arabs and Muslims might have experienced not just hate crimes but pogroms.

Meanwhile, from Grand Rants:

Here is a man who is regularly compared to Hitler in casual conversation in Leftist circles high and low. His honor has been regularly impugned, his intelligence (or, as the press loves to put it, his “intellectual curiousity”) constantly demeaned, his verbal stumblings consistently mocked, and his accomplishments in office discounted or ignored. He is a man who kept his head down and did his job, despite the slings and arrows hurled at him by fortune made all the more outrageous by nearly the entire Democratic party.

I for one, would like to say thank you to Pres. Bush. For keeping us safe. For watching out for us. For persevering in spite of all the spite. I believe history will ultimately judge you as one of America’s best presidents, and I believe you deserve that judgement.

H/T to Opinionated Catholic, who writes:

The throwing under the bus of the President by even his friends and indeed the base has been shocking to me. Many groups will find out soon enough how they took Bush’s support and advocacy for them for granted, Catholics, especially.

Meanwhile, Jules Crittenden is beginning to enjoy Omerica, Quin Hillyer is saying America is over, kaput, finished, Evan Thomas suddenly finds Obama “slightly creepy” and when you refuse to release medical records, and the press doesn’t care…conjecture begins about your mental health.

Remember How The Left Reacting After Bush Won? « Blog Entry « Dr. Melissa Clouthier pinged back with Remember How The Left Reacting After Bush Won? « Blog Entry « Dr. Melissa Clouthier
Post-election Analysis — UPDATED « Living IRL pinged back with Post-election Analysis — UPDATED « Living IRL
Heartfelt Gratitude « Grand Rants pinged back with Heartfelt Gratitude « Grand Rants


Forty-Fourth President, Twelfth Imam

by Baron Bodissey

O-Man’s Fibonacci spiral haloThe election results were long expected, but now that the day has arrived it’s quite a letdown, anyway. Reading about the joy expressed by Hamas and Syria and Italy and Indonesia… contemplating Obama’s Secretary of State, or (God help us) Defense… Thinking about the USA becoming just like Sweden, only with a real army, and aircraft carriers, and nukes… First Lady Michelle…

It’s all too depressing.

So, as is my habit in such circumstances, instead of writing a post this evening or doing something else useful, I created yet another iconic image of The One. After looking around at some of his existing halos, I decided to make one myself. A man can’t have too many halos, right?

And then I pondered the phenomenon of halos appearing behind the heads of great national leaders, men who are born into modest Muslim circumstances, but in time become presidents of large countries that have nuclear weapons. It made me think of…
- - - - - - - - -
Mad Jad’s HaloMahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ol’ Mad Jad got his halo when he went to visit the UN a couple of years ago. It appeared behind his head while he was speaking. Not only that, his audience was held in such rapt attention by his words that they were unable to blink for thirty minutes. We know all this is true because he told us so.

I wonder how many other resemblances there are between him and Barack Hussein Obama.

Ahmadinejad sees himself as preparing the way for the Twelfth Imam, as a sort of satanic John the Baptist for the man who is prophesied to return and usher in the apocalypse preceding the establishment of the permanent reign of Islam over the entire world.

And Obama’s got a bigger halo.

Does that mean…? Nah — it couldn’t be… But still… It makes me wonder…

What if the One were also the Twelfth?

Note to the literal-minded: this post is for fun, not to be taken seriously. Given the circumstances, it’s the only fun I’m likely to have for quite a while.

Read further...

Saul Alinsky Takes the White House My wife just got an e-mail from the head of HR saying that the post-election Obama jokes have to stop, especially if there is any hint that it might be related to racism. No notice before the election. And it was OK to get anti-Bush e-mails for 8 years. Oh yeah, she works for a bank that is hoping for a piece of the bailout action...

FReepers: we need you now more than ever. Don't go!

I’m not leaving as long as the Good Lord’s willing and the Creeks don’t rise.

Have no fear- The One will halt the rising creeks, heal the planet, and make the French love us again ( Oh, gag me! )...

Well, I’m not going anywhere as long as I have a voice.

We may have to go back to Xerox machines and small presses distributing handbills, but I’ll be damned if I let my country slip in to “That Good Night” without a fight.

I’m the one who dubbed Clinton “Little Big Fraud,” so I’ll have to work on something for The One.

We may have to set up a “Free Republic in Exile” like Degaulle did when the Nazis overran France, but we’ll manage.

It does distress me that so many people were suckered by a typical Chicago Machine empty suit, but he had 95% of both the press and entertainment arms of The Media Hive trying to get him elected, and covering up for him, so it’s not surprising.

Carry on.

Some realistic things to expect early in the Obama Administration

I work in Chicago. I deal with a great many attorneys in my job, many of whom are staunch Dims and breathless Obambi supporters; some were even active in his campaign. More than one told me that at or near the top of Obambi’s agenda is a new Hate Crimes bill, with a wide expansion of what will be considered a hate crime

Didn't you notice that Obama is a conservative?  "Obama is, in his own words, something of a Rorschach test. In his latest book, The Audacity of Hope, he writes, 'I am new enough on the national political scene that I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.' "

Being an American is much more than being "cool"

Obama Bought The Presidency

Another Painful Lesson For The GOP

That’s what happens when you run a true left wing liberal against a liberal lite. The real one wins.

Remember, that's my theory why we went down to defeat in 2006...

I said something along the lines of,

"I've read all the theories why we lost so badly, and I still say this: Once elected, the Republicans taxed & spent & regulated like a bunch of Democrats- no wonder the voters decided to try The Real Thing!"



Here it comes, you bitter clingers:

Obama Victory Means ‘Stronger Support for Sensible Gun Laws’ ...why there is a new army command for domestic unrest...

Obama Pushes Abortion on Day One With Emanuel Pick Pro-Abortion, ANTI-gun zealot. He helped write the first AWB, and is going to help push the 2nd PERMANENT AWB.

Five Years to destabilize a nation. Yuri Bezmenov Explains Soviet Strategy for Subversion

Beware of the "manufactured crisis"

 The parasites are now in full control. The host taxpayer will be expected to work even harder just to stay even. This is a way of breaking the country. The Muslims are dancing in the streets as middle east money just bought the US presidency for a clown without a clue.

Much Of Arab World Rejoices Over Obama Election

Barack Obama, Mr. Hope-n-Change

But just remember- any critique, opposition, or naysaying?

This, is where we are going:

No, I'm not kidding.

I wish I were- the lights are going out, all across America.

Is There Nothing That Obama Can't Do?

The healing begins!

Your sickening unAmerican traitorous, racist, money-grubbing, torturing, hateful ideology got struck a death blow and you and your fellow jackal-blowhards are left writhing on the floor, gasping for breath as the final death tremors subside and your bodies stiffen into rigour mortis.

We heart4848.gif you too!


Posted by Kate at 12:30 PM | Comments (56) "It will be painful, but this election is good news. The only true cure for socialism is to actually get it; the US is about to get a big fat dose of cure for what ails them."

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backhoe to Pagan Power
Well, after the 2006 debacle, I wrote this:

Call it a Twilight of the Gods moment
( "In the twilight of the gods, the twilight men will appear..."
Otto Basil, circa 1968 )
...but until further notice, I am suspending updates specific to this post.
I will continue to update this:
with "everything you need to be aware of."
But I'm just burned, and bummed out. The elections. The sellout of Israel. The Moonbats. The Stupid Party. The Evil Party.

Then again, after yesterday there's this:

”Zimbabwe On The Potomac...”

You know there were warning signs...

I kept telling people when Bill Clinton slithered in to office, and clung to it, despite all the scandals, and Impeachment itself-- “He's just a symptom. Like a fever is of a disease- there's something wrong with America.”

Like Popular Culture- look at the magazines-- I call it “thugs & jugs,” or “which Pop Tart is popping out whose baby this week?”

Or Katrina- ever seen so many people milling around with their hands out, when they should have been helping themselves?

We did it to ourselves, and The New, Improved Black Jesus is merely a symptom.

All civilizations have a shelf life- once enough citizens figure out that by electing the “right” representatives, they can use the power of the government to pick the pockets of others,'s all over, except for the details.

Well, we're in the “details,” now.

Meanwhile, I have to figure out what Miss Emily and I do with what's left of our lives, and bush hog her Mom's old place in the country, because City Life isn't going to be worth living from here on out.

I'll catch you all later...


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Russia to Inspect US Nuclear Sites, yes, you read that right.

Russian security advisor: We reserve the right to nuke you preemptively

 Russia to Adopt Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike Policy: Official




Rage at Government for Doing Too Much and Not Enough [RINOs try to hijack, rebuffed by Tea Parties]

Could This “Smart” President Be Really, Really Stupid? (A View from the Left)

US-Mexico groups urges new US assault weapons ban

Fully automatic weapons like machine guns are not "easily purchased in the United States." You can't buy one made after 1986. You have to get a special permit from the BATFE that costs two or three hundred dollars to buy them legally. Many states ban them outright.

Semiautomatic "assault rifles," one shot per trigger pull, are just old news. The ban that expired banned semiautomatic "assault rifles" just for cosmetic features, e.g. folding stocks, pistol grips, bayonet lugs, flash suppressors, etc.

Semi-Automatic Firearms and the “Assault Weapon” Issue

Boomers Have Their Backs Against The Wall

Another Great Depression Low, Beware Getting Your Salary Slashed

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The Anchoress-
you ought to read her:
Wednesday, October 14, 2009, 2:56 PM

My readers have better memories than I do. Today, I got this in the mail from an reader who asks to be identified as “A Product of Pittsburgh Steelworkers”:

I had written to you before the election about how then Candidate Obama would no longer talk to a television station in Florida because he didn’t like some of the questions they asked Joe Biden. See your article Obama: Yes to Iran, No to WFTV from October 2008.

But even I would never have imagined that he would carry this over to an entire cable news network!

Again, he had said earlier that he [criticized Bush for the notion] that by not talking to people we are somehow punishing them. Now he is talking to the whole world, apologizing for the United States, but he won’t talk to Fox News!

I had asked in my October email, “Will he be this vindictive towards all Americans who don’t agree with him or his administration?” Well, he is and even more than I expected.

But I guess this gives you some degree of bragging rights. By writing your article, you can honestly tell your readers that “You read it here first on The Anchoress” about how Obama would later act towards those who don’t agree with him.”

Well, bragging rights are slim when I can’t even remember posting on it -the hazard of posting so much- but I must say, a chill ran through me when I read the italicized line above, and again when I heard this pronouncement from a White House podium.

Obama’s behavior is not presidential. Criticize Bush all you like, and yeah, he made it clear he didn’t much like the way the press covered him, but he talked to all of those news outlets who clearly hated him – hell, he talked to CBS even after the fake TANG episode with Dan Rather and Mary Mapes (whose fakery was recently exposed as even more egregious than we already knew). Bush spoke to Newsweek even after Evan Thomas promised to deliver “an additional ten to 15 percentage points to John Kerry” (which they managed, btw).

Obama, thin-skinned, more than a little cowardly and a bit petty, prefers to “punish” those members of the press who do not lay prostrate before him. And the mainstream press, because it is over-populated with spiteful perpetual adolescents who have become enthralled to the weird duality of hate/love that informs their politics, do not close ranks and say, “no, Mr. President, if you don’t talk to one of us, you don’t get your daily exposure from any of us.”

With one glaring exception, Obama’s media sycophants are so far up inside Obama, they cannot see their own futures. But then, they have voluntarily dissolved themselves, and tossed aside the public trust, in order to serve one man over the nation.

My issues, as always, are less about President Obama, than about the formerly free American press.

Longtime readers know that while I think Limbaugh is a genius at what he does I am not a regular listener -I am not a regular listener of anyone, anymore, on either the right or the left- but when I saw this yesterday, it actually turned my stomach:

Until about 2006, when he appears to have lost his mind, his humanity and his decency, I was a pretty regular viewer of “Hardball with Chris Matthews.” This crosses a terrible line. And I’m rather appalled by the silence of his two talking head guests. You’d think one of them would say, “that’s the line, dude; where is your decency?”

I mean, left or right, there should be some things -like wishing people will die, or calling them “meat”- that are simply not said, without someone there saying, “wait…walk that back, you’ve gone too far.” I’m a nobody, and my thoughts don’t matter, but I did tweet, when the Olympics went to Rio, that Limbaugh was “overdoing” his glee. When Ann Coulter (admittedly, I’m not a fan) has overdone it, I’ve said so, and taken some abuse for it, too. If anyone on the left has suggested Matthews needs to walk that back, yet, I have not seen it. If anyone – in particularly any good feminist- has suggested that Keith Olbermann, a good “liberal” should reconsider calling a woman “a mashed bag of meat with lipstick”, because he doesn’t like her, well, I haven’t heard about that, either.

Then, this morning I saw this hit piece on Limbaugh from Rick Sanchez, who appears content to call himself a journalist while spouting so-called (and repellent) Limbaugh “quotes” for which he offers neither audio nor textual proof.

It doesn’t matter, says Sanchez, and -apparently- CNN News, (recently declared a “real” news network by the Obama White House) that he has no proof, no record of Limbaugh uttering these foul words. The accusation is enough. An assertion is as good as the truth for Sanchez, and those working with him on their crusade to prevent a private citizen who has earned his wealth to be able to use it as he wishes.

The assertion is enough, and now it is “up to Limbaugh to prove he didn’t say it.”

Because, as we saw in Rathergate, professional journalists now want to be able to smear someone with any untruth they like, and demand that the victims of their slander “prove” a negative.

“Prove that you did not do what I said you did,” is not journalism. It is, frankly, the tactic of the schoolyard bully and the fascist. They are often one and the same. And they’ve learned that once a headline is “out there” retractions and corrections don’t much matter, to the narrative.

With a few professional exceptions, Jake Tapper springs immediately to mind, our mainstream media is as corrupt and dishonest as our congress. So, we’re in terrible trouble, if you haven’t yet figured that out.

As Mark Steyn notes, CNN can fact-check a comedy show, but not its own reporters.

I watch this attempt to keep Limbaugh from buying into a football team on the basis of words he did not say, and I think, if only he were Roman Polanski -they’d celebrate his interest in grown-up American athletes!

I am not going to post anymore, today. I have a cold and this took forever to write. As this month is both my birthday (yay!) and our wedding anniversary (Yayay!) my husband and I have decided that we’re taking some “time off” -he from meetings, incessant beepers and deadlines- me from reading and writing about the potential catastrophe and erosion of rights we’re looking at in our national future. I will schedule some random “Anchoress Reposts” to go up throughout the next few days, while I disappear.

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve got up on my tab bar, both political and faith-filled, to keep you reading:
Cuba: Fighting recession by going more capitalist. Only the US is currently trying to “fight” the recession by going more socialist.
Webster: Eleven O’ Clock always comes
Whole Foods Exec: On Free Markets
First Things: Obama and the Lama
The Corner: What is and is not acceptable to the NFL
America: Sell the Vatican?
Tapscott: Obama Seeks to Silence US Chamber of Commerce
Faith and Family: Do you Have a Difficult Child
ACORN: Louisiana doing what AG Holder won’t do
Divine Mercy: An Abortionist Turns to It
Terry Teachout: When Beauty Isn’t True
Pope Benedict: “God Walks with Man”
Goldberg: Reading Between the Lines of Obama’s Poetry
National Post: the Last Acceptable Prejudice
Surber: Buy Your Obama Flag!
Offensive: American Flag Ordered Down
McArdle: Is Obamacare Falling Apart
Deacon Greg: Candidate for Sainthood & Medal of Honor
Mark Steyn: Bureaucrats in your business
RedState: Holder Will Decide if you Belong to a Hate Group
Blankley: Washington is Nuts
Cantor: Spelling it out
NiceDeb: Defending Rush
Big Government: 2010 Census Boondoggle for the Left
Babe Herman: Best Baseball Story Ever
Krauthammer: America’s Decline is Intentional
Reich: You old folks are gonna die!
Belmont Club: More on That
St. Therese: Goes to Prison
Spruiell: Dissecting Obamacare
Cato: What does State Dept not want us to know about Honduras?
Costanza: The Opposite of America
Insurance Companies: Evil
MacNamara: Der Bingle and the Jesuits


The American Progressive Movement is racialist and racist at it’s core. They believe that Blacks and Hispanics are helpless victims who can’t succeed with without the help of Enlightened White Progressives. They have smeared Those on the Right that preach Individualism and self reliance as racists. In reality it is the American Left that is racist, just like their German Progressive Cousins were 70 years ago. As a Hispanic, I can testify that the most racist people I have met are White Progressives.

In a blatant example of Progressive Racism, a judge ordered the water turned off for Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. This has crippled the farmers, many of whom are Hispanic and has caused loss of jobs and loss of Food productions. Former Democrat, turned Republican and comedian Paul Rodriguez is leading the protest against this. His family owns a farm in the San Joaquin Vally and they will be affected. He lobbied Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to no effect. Clearly this is done for Racial reasons. The Obama Administration would rather please White Progressive Environmentalists than help out Hispanic farmers.

Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez wants water – and he’s angry enough to get some

One wouldn’t immediately associate comedian and actor Paul Rodriguez with a serious issue such as water.  But, as Mark Twain said: “Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over.”

Rodriguez is so concerned about water that he helped create the California Latino Water Coalition, led marches with several thousand people in recent weeks, and spoke Saturday night to a convention of the conservative California Republican Assembly in Bakersfield.  I addressed the convention goers about my U.S. Senate run against Barbara Boxer just before Rodriguez’ turn at the podium.

What has Rodriguez’ concerned to spark political action is the shutdown of water pumps in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  These pumps move water from California’s wet north to the agricultural Central Valley and urban Southern California.   A judge’s ruling switched the pumps off over a controversial U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service report that declared a fish, the delta smelt, threatened.  No one really knows if turning the pumps off will help the fish, but most can agree that California’s agricultural industry will take a big hit this year due to lack of water.

Rodriguez and his family own farmland in the Central Valley where, as the comedian said Saturday night, “We grow the sweetest oranges and sourest lemons.” But now, because of a judge’s ruling, the most fertile land on “this blue marble” will lie fallow.  People will be out of work.  Less food will be grown.  And farmer and farm worker alike will be hurt.

Rodriguez had notes at the podium but didn’t refer to them as he spoke for 40 minutes, presenting a potent alternating mix of passion, humor, and fact.  He recalled using his talent to help many prominent Democrats raise money only to have every one of them turn him a deaf ear when he asked them for assistance over the water issue.  “What are they afraid of,” he asked, “fish can’t vote.”

Read the rest.

Paul Rodriguez asks a very good question, “What are they afraid of?” He has discovered that the Progressive controlled Democratic party views Hispanics as their inferior vassals. When it comes to the interest of Hispanic farmers vs. White Environmentalist, the vassals must back down to their masters. This attitude caused Rodriguez to flip to the Republicans after seeing they don’t care about Hispanic farmers.

Rodriguez also has advise to the GOP in regards of Media and RINO calls of moving away from Social Conservatism.

And in contrast to much of the mainstream media’s habit of encouraging Republicans to moderate on social issues, he suggested that the Republican party’s conservative positions on issues like abortion and family values would be an advantage in attracting Hispanic voters. Rodriguez: “You need to attract more of me, or else you’d be an endangered species. … You know, we have so much in common. A lot of the values that this party espouses, we espouse. We believe strongly in family. We believe life is sacred.”

He is spot on, the GOP should not sell out to please the Media or Progressives. What the GOP should do is take advantage of this situation and have Paul Rodriguez as a spokesman to the Hispanic Community. He has seen Progressive Racism first hand and would be a great voice to show Latins, who the real racists are!

Conservatives/Libertarians must use the Race card Card against the Progressives. The achilles heel of the Left is their elitist Racist attitude and it should be exploited.

Below is a clip of Rodriguez on Hannity.

Update: song_and_dance_man makes a valid point.

Not only are the progressives racist, they are biased for taking into consideration the concerns of fish over their fellow human beings.
Now how exactly does one find what the fish really want? Their whole premise is flawed and the progressives use issues like these to promote their various whack job special interest groups as in this case the Environmental lobby.
These are the same people who save baby seals but have no problem with terminating the life of an unborn human.
They are totally reprobate and no better than animals that kill or eat their young.

Progressives hate Humans!

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To: All

The Huge Middle Class Tax Increase Coming Our Way With ObamaCare

Wash Post: Flack Toward Barack Grounds For NFL Ownership Denial

Sharpton Gloats Over Limbaugh NFL Rejection: "A Moral Victory For All Americans"

Leftist Thug Manuel Zelaya Restored to Power in Honduras

Why not? Thugocracy rulez...

Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate (Archived 2004)

Barack Obama and State of Hawaii on the ropes.

Long-lost article by Obama's dad surfaces


The US lets go of the internet – will anyone notice?

Is Obama A Fool?

Ohio Industrial Jobs Shrink by 106,000

Ohio, you voted for Zero, how’s that hope and change working out for ya?

Mich. jobless rate up to 15.3 percent in Sept.

Remember- with numbers the gooberment gives you, always multiply by at least 2X to get the real figure...
How is that one party state government democrat party thing working out for you, Michigan? Oh, and we all want to thank you, Michigan, for you massive support for Obama.


As Opposed to Love Crime?

Comin' soon to Mo's Merica:


Lottery hoax causes riot at Ohio coat store

Mature audience: Woman describes performing abortion while pregnant herself (Graphic Alert!)

"I grasped an extremity and began to pull it down. I could see a small foot hanging from the teeth of my forceps. With a quick tug, I separated the leg. Precisely at that moment, I felt a kick..."
There are several more examples in the same post of similar, incomprehensible thoughts and experiences related by the abortionist-writer.

I hate to repost this, but people need to see- and think.

Regardless of the stage of pregnancy, whether it's surgical or suction?

It's still an ugly, ugly thing:

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To: All

EXCLUSIVE: Obama loosens missile technology controls to China


(Another Obama?) 'Lottery winner' causes riot at Ohio coat store

"I still want my Free Stuff!"

Rush Limbaugh Show: People In Line To Get Obama Cash In Detroit (Audio)

I saw video on it yesterday as well. It’s pretty damn funny, yet sad all at the same time.

“Where’s Obama getting the money?”

“Oh...I don’t know...his stash!”

Last time I checked, some writer had totaled up how far Zer0’s spending will put us into debt, and he came up with

14.7 trillion dollars...

When you go that far in the hole, you might as well call it “gazillion,” because the figures are so astronomical as to be meaningless.

All it means is your dollar becomes devalued to the point of being worthless.

PS: Look at the U.S. unemployment rate in the chart below. As you can see, it is soaring. The true rate is now over 20% on its way to 25%. You see why these gold and stock market trades have turned me on like no others? They would have you believe this is a recovery... this is some sick sh@t!

Trillion-dollar black holes [The costs of climate control dwarf the financial crisis]


Duckworth working to win (2006 Honolulu paper declares Obama born in Indonesia, not Kenya or HI)

1,904 posted on 10/15/2009 12:28:45 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade

Get your Glocks now.

Glenn Beck Video Of Anita Dunn: Mao Tse Tung "Favorite Philosopher"

Gag: Obama credited with making interracial marriage acceptable

October 15, 2009 01:53 PM by Michelle Malkin

Oh, spare me. Please:

There’s nothing more traditional in American politics than the wholesome family portrait: a beaming candidate, beaming spouse, reluctantly beaming teenagers.

But when Bill de Blasio, a candidate for public office in New York City this fall, put his family in his campaign mailings and TV ads, there was nothing routine about it. De Blasio’s wife of 15 years, Chirlane McCray, is black, his children are of mixed race and, even in one of America’s most liberal cities, no one could remember anything like it…

…With Barack Obama having rewritten the history of race relations in this country, de Blasio may be demolishing one of its last taboos, “For so long in American history, interracial couples went out of their way to keep their relationships out of the public eye that it’s remarkable to see them used in a campaign like this,” said Peggy Pascoe, a historian of interracial marriage at the University of Oregon, who referred to the campaign as “a post-Obama phenomenon.”

That’s a perception McCray said she shared. Obama, she said, “opened a door” and “made it easier for us to go there.”

Nowhere in the article is there even a mention of who over the last decades has made it difficult to “go there.”

No mention of how minority conservative women who marry outside their race are routinely attacked by liberals as traitors, sellouts, whores, ethnic trophy wives, and mail-order brides.

No mention of how Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was excoriated by black liberals for being married to wife Virginia, who happens to be white.

No mention of how anti-government racial preference activist Ward Connerly was also attacked for marrying a white woman.

Need a refresher? Here:

The fact that she is white has drawn criticism from some blacks who see the marriage as evidence that Clarence Thomas has rejected his roots…

…“If he is influenced by his wife, a white conservative who lobbied against comparable pay for women, he will be anti-women’s issues,” wrote USA Today columnist Barbara Reynolds in a July 5 piece. Reynolds, who is black, also is concerned by Thomas’s choice of a white wife.

“It may sound bigoted; well, this is a bigoted world and why can’t black people be allowed a little Archie Bunker mentality?” Reynolds said later. “Here’s a man who’s going to decide crucial issues for the country and he has already said no to blacks; he has already said if he can’t paint himself white he’ll think white and marry a white woman.”

Clarence Thomas advocates a colorblind society, and his marriage may well be an example of that philosophy. But others see a different symbolism.

“His marrying a white woman is a sign of his rejection of the black community,” said Russell Adams, chairman of Howard University’s department of Afro-American studies. “Great justices have had community roots that served as a basis for understanding the Constitution. Clarence’s lack of a sense of community makes his nomination troubling.”

And now, liberals want to give Barack Obama credit for breaking interracial marriage taboos?

What has Obama ever done — what has he ever said — to disavow the bigoted attacks by liberals against minority conservatives in public life who have endured vicious bile because they chose their partners based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin?


Posted in: Barack Obama

1,905 posted on 10/15/2009 3:43:12 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty, Claims British Lord

We Are at Triage, Folks

Fearless Leeder Speaks:

GOOD GRIEF: “Oh, did I mention I won the Nobel Prize?”

 Obama to negotiate with raging fire.


And steer people interested in “service” to left-wing advocacy groups?

"We've got to kick these morons out of power and never let them win again. It's something new everyday. I'm sick of it. "

JOBS LOST: It looks like some sort of nuclear-war animation toward the end.

Yep, can't get work, but don't you dare get out of line, comrade...YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: Confronting Big Cereal, unregulated garage sales, and other evils.


Ann Coulter * on Sean Hannity just now;

"One of the guys in the consortium trying to own the Rams is George Soros, who by the way, admitted on network tv to collaborating with the Nazis, but he's fine because he owns the Democratic party."

*from memory, so subject to minor correction.

Related: "Thanks to an intrepid blogger with the tag Trapdoc posting a letter to Mark Steyn, the search for the Wikipedia Libelist responsible for damaging posts to the Rush Limbaugh account has been narrowed to the IP address of a New York City law firm:"

Posted by Kate at 9:10 PM| Comments (21)

Yep-- Rush found out after the fact.

He mentioned it on Hour One today:

And of course it is just an amazing coincidence that Soros funds these guys:

One woman called and said, "Rush, I know you are set for life [His net worth is est. one billlion $] but if you had nothing tomorrow, you'd have 20 million places to live, because your listeners love you"

And some of those callers were black. One was an ex-NFL player who was boiling over.

Do. Not. Mess. With. Rush's. Fans.

"I have watched my last NFL game, and I usually like to watch after CFL season. This communism is galloping while we business minded people sleep and work, this is getting scary. Americans, this "community organizer" is stealing your country right before your eyes, you have to stop it and the cheaters he employs, or your world is aboout to change for the worse!"

Lead Story

Anita Dunn: A corruptocrat flack and a Mao cheerleader

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 15, 2009 07:53 PM

President Obama with Anita Dunn, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, and Robert Gibbs (via White House Flickr stream)

Earlier this week, I spotlighted White House interim communications director and chief Fox-basher Anita Dunn’s career-long commitment to flacking for one of the Beltway’s most entrenched and crooked creatures, Tom Daschle.

I also noted that Dunn is married to Obama thug lawyer Robert Bauer, who tried valiantly to get the DOJ to prosecute conservative critics and punish TV stations for running an ad critical of Obama’s relationship with Weather Underground Bill Ayers.

Add to the mix this fun fact from Glenn Beck…Dunn is a Mao enthusiast. The White House says she is joking.

Doesn’t seem that way. And, um, who would joke about such a thing?


Hat tip: Ace and HA.


More: Squier, Knapp, and Dunn — Dunn’s p.r. firm — has clients including:

*SEIU-Local 1199
*Ceres-Far Left environmentalists “for sustainable prosperity”
*American Rights at Work-Big Labor outfit chaired by David Bonior

And more from reader Dan:

1. Her firm did the ads for Rod Blagojevich in Illinois in 2002 and 2006. In other words, they used lies to help elect the most corrupt governor in Illinois.

2. She or her partner Squier have widely been speculated to be one of the figures mentioned in Blagojevich indictment as a Washington consultant on a conference call mentioned by Patrick Fitzgerald.

3. Dunn’s husband was also the personal lawyer of Barack Obama related to the Blagojevich matter. Remember, he was questioned by the feds.


1,906 posted on 10/16/2009 12:58:57 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Beck's Anita Dunn Loves Mao BOMBSHELL goes viral: 1.5 Million Google Pages

Gee, what a surprise...

Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

Read more at ...
June 27, 2004


Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.

The allegations that horrified fellow Republicans and caused his once-promising candidacy to implode in four short days have given Obama a clear lead as Republicans struggled to fetch an alternative.

Ryan’s campaign began to crumble on Monday following the release of embarrassing records from his divorce. In the records, his ex-wife, Boston Public actress Jeri Ryan, said her former husband took her to kinky sex clubs in Paris, New York and New Orleans.

nh-obama.jpg (12114 bytes)
Barrack Obama

"It’s clear to me that a vigorous debate on the issues most likely could not take place if I remain in the race," Ryan, 44, said in a statement. "What would take place, rather, is a brutal, scorched-earth campaign – the kind of campaign that has turned off so many voters, the kind of politics I refuse to play."

Obama from Kenya, archived report says

from the other thread;page=451#456

O-propaganda: Big Bro-Obama is Everywhere

If you thought FOX had high ratings now, you ain't seen nothing yet. No one wants Pravda. No one wants a civilian army. No one wants Chairman Obamao. Do you see where this is going?

Obama Controls Your Television Set by John Nolte

On September 10th of this year the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) posted a press release informing the world that “from October 19-25, more than 60 network TV shows [will] spotlight the power and personal benefits of service,” and that this “unprecedented block of TV programming is the first wave of a multi-year ‘I Participate’ campaign.”

Obama Is Everywhere (hat tip Jonathan Galt)

eif-doc -

But this year there are a couple new strangers in town: “Volunteerism” and “Service.” You’ve heard of them. Their names have been bandied everywhere since President Obama took office, and this internal memo from the EIF to network showrunners obtained by Big Hollywood shows that the entertainment industry is well acquainted and eager to introduce both to as vast an audience as possible:

Read it all.


Air Force Generals Controlling Nuclear Missiles Removed

They're Tragically Delicious

White House: 3.6 Million Jobs Lost is “Quite Positive”

Sinking home prices, lost jobs fuel rising bankruptcy rate in Florida

The Geography of Jobs

This animated map provides a striking visual of employment trends over the last business cycle using net change in jobs from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on a rolling 12-month basis. We used this approach to provide the smoothest possible visual depiction of ongoing employment dynamics at the MSA level. By animating the data, the map highlights a number of concurrent trends leading up to the nation’s present economic crisis. The graphic highlights the 100 largest metropolitan areas so that regional trends can be more easily identified.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Medical Murder (FULL TEXT)

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To: All

Obama Holds Fundraiser in San Francisco-- Massive Tea Party Breaks Out

Barack Obama flew into San Francisco last night for a fundraiser after spending 4 hours in New Orleans.

He didn't expect this--
Hundreds of tea party protesters greeted the president at the St. Francis Hotel.
The City Square has a report from San Francisco with several photos.

Even in San Francisco, Pres. Obama cannot escape protesters. He held a fundraiser at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco tonight (Thursday) and a crowd turned out across the street on Union Square to let him know what they thought.

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To: All

Patterson Belknap Sports Group's Peter C Harvey and Obama at Columbia University in 1981-82

Barack Hussein Obama Jr was at Columbia for the 1981-82 and 1982-83 school years.

Peter C. Harvey is on the Litigation team of the Patterson Belknap Sports Group.

Peter C. Harvey was graduated from Columbia Law School in 1982, and served on Columbia Law School's Human Rights Law Review:


Recall that Obama was deeply involved with the nuclear freeze movement at Columbia, and that William Ayers was just a few blocks away, at the Bank Street College of Education:


Also note that Harvey maxed out his contributions to Obama in April of 2007:

Other persons of interest at the Patterson Belknap Sports Group include Karen R. Berry, who appears to specialize in Axelrod-ian astroturfing campaigns on the internet [and note that Ms Berry has a curious 17-year gap in her résumé, from 1978 to 1995]:


Next, note that Saul Shapiro of the Patterson Belknap Sports Group made a maximum contribution to Obama in September of 2008:


Finally, note that Robert Lehrburger of the Patterson Belknap Sports Group made a contribution of $500 to Obama in July of 2008:


Americans Decide Today - go Obama (this site hasn't been scrubbed yet)


A Congressional Quarterly (CQ) politics monitored on BBC put the Kenyan born American ahead of his rival, Senator McCain.

Even though Senator Obama leads in all polls, unlike in other countries, aside of winning the popular votes, a presidential candidate would have to win a minimum of 270 out of the 538 Electoral College votes to ascend to the throne.

Each state has a certain number of electors who elect the president depending on the size of the state.

And so far, Barrack Obama has a lead of 146 as against 101 for McCain in the Electoral College.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

The graphic webpage instead of the print webpage.

What Happens If the Dollar Crashes

You are all missing the obvious. They will introduce the "Amero". They will offer a one time conversion of worthless dollars to Amero's to get us all used to the American continent version of the "Euro".

Tying it Together: Massive, Pernicious Fraud

Foreclosures Hit All-Time High

Sinking fastMarc Morano observes that the great iceberg of anthropogenic global warming theory is now fast disintegrating into the Sea of Reality. AGW zealots are indeed now facing a nightmarish conundrum. What to do to save their reputations and glittering careers...The BBC’s brief and historic outbreak of sanity here

Obama administration introduced an anti-free speech measure to the United Nation

1,909 posted on 10/16/2009 3:17:00 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All
Here is a pdf transcript of Kenyan National Assembly on Nov 5, 2008, the day after Obama was elected. Over and over again there are references to Obama being a "son of the soil" of Kenya and a Kenyan. On page page 3275 there is this passage:


Ms. Odhiambo: On a point of order, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir. It is not on this issue. I stand on a point of order under Standing Order No.20 to seek leave for adjournment of the House to discuss the American presidential election results.


Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, the President-elect, Mr. Obama, is a son of the soil of this country.

Barack Obama and State of Hawaii on the ropes (Leo's research)

Remarks by Deputy Attorney General David W. Ogden at the 78th Interpol General Assembly

Beginning before the election, I warned that Obama would resort to international treaties to deprive American citizens of their constitutional rights.

Dick Morris: How much ObamaCare costs the average family

Go Aggies!... HUNDREDS Protest Barack Obama at Texas A&M (Video)

Go Aggies!
Hundreds of people protested Barack Obama at Texas A&M University today.

My FOX FW reported:
Several hundred protesters have gathered at Texas A&M University to protest President Barack Obama's visit to the campus.

The protesters gathered Friday hours before Obama was to speak on the College Station campus at the invitation of former President George H.W. Bush. The protesters were allowed to gather at a park near the auditorium where Obama would speak but he would not be able to see them as a parking garage blocked the view from the park.

The president is set to speak at a Friday forum on community service.

Bush had said the event was not political. Nevertheless, the protesters gave speeches criticizing Obama's efforts to reform health care. Many of the protesters were from anti-tax Tea Party groups that bused in members from around the state.
I'm old enough to remember Truman, so I have to ask,

"How long did it take for protesters to start dogging LBJ or Nixon?"

Seems to me it didn't happen as fast as it's happening to Fearless Leader...

1,910 posted on 10/17/2009 1:18:47 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Copenhagen Climate change treaty - gives up US Sovereignty?

Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty, Claims British Lord

America the Right Way-Staying Vigilant! 39 months left[Weekend Ed.] Oct. 17,18 ,2009[Remember 9-11]

O's 'blank screen'Why he's losing credibility

Something I have noticed among my Conservative and Independent Political friends.

We simply don’t have the numbers, and numbers are what you need in a democracy.

Exactly - the USA no longer has the  demographics necessary to support a classical republic based on notions of limited government and the rule of law.

( I don't agree with the above- conservatism is a value, not a color... )

Ruh-Roh! The Lizard King's done been comic-ized...

Race Detective said...

I hope you all enjoy Volume I in the ongoing adventures of Chuck Johnson, Race Detective, as he and his Blog Queen Sharmuta battle evil creationists, fascists, racists, and other vile blogosphere menaces*.

Will The Pony-tailed Avenger keep unwanted lifeforms from reading his blog? Will he finally defeat the forces arrayed against him? Will he ever get that blowjob from Ice Weasel? Will Sharmuta finally get her power turned back on? Will Irish Rose finally come out of her self-imposed exile and stop peeing herself? Will Chuck's ongoing two front war with Hot Air and Ace of Spades lead to his demise?


Take a look at this immediately understandable graphic showing what has happpened to jobs since Obama came into office jobs/

Governor Pawlenty & Ralph Reed Kick Off Western CPAC

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, Ralph Reed Jr. and David Keene the chairman of the National CPAC and American Conservative Union as well as second vice president for the National Rifle Association will speak at this year’s conference.

Western CPAC kicked off tonight with a pool party and private meeting with Governor Pawlenty and California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman.

Meg Whitman joined me and John Schulenburg the founder of "Infidels are Cool" blog for a photo.

Governor Pawlenty was the keynote speaker tonight. Pawlenty was elected in blue state Minnesota despite his conservative record. Liberals try to convince people that their gifts are free. They're not free. It's very expensive. They have started to unravel the underpinnings that made this country great.

In Minnesota the average state increase was 19% each year for decades. The past two years Pawlenty was able to reduce the budget in Minnesota for the first time in history.

As for Obama, Pawlenty urged the president, "As far as 'Cash for Clunkers' ...If we don't have the money then quit spending it... Allowing democrats to control your money is like having Michael Vick watch your dog for the weekend."

The government can't run the programs that they control right now so why would we want to give them another one?

Minnesota has the highest penetration of health savings accounts in the nation, around 9%. In Minnesota bus drivers could get lifetime medical benefits if they worked 15 years. Tim put the spotlight on this issue and turned it around. Today the new bus drivers in the state won't get this same perk after only fifteen years on the job. The bus driver's union folded because they couldn't stand the public scrutiny that was going on.

Ralph Reed, the gentleman from Georgia, spoke next.
As we go into next year and one of the biggest wins that we will see as a movement we have to understand how we got here. Don't be fooled about the blue dogs. The democratic leadership will be breaking arms to get their bills passed. We lost a presidential election in 2008 that was an embarrassment. We were out hustled on the ground. Barack Obama had 6 million volunteers. He had three times as many field offices as McCain. In Virginia he carried the state with 93 full time employees from the day he was nominated. The Republicans had only 23.

Barack Obama has woken conservatives up from their coma. We are already ahead of where we were one month before the 1994 election. This administration in a short period of time is taking us toward slavery faster than any other liberal administration in history. Hugo Chavez even said, "Comrade Obama. If Fidel and I are not careful we're going to end up on your right."

Today the federal government is guaranteeing 90% of all housing loans in the US. The president gave 20% Of GM to his union supporters. Now they want to take over the energy and health care segments of our country.

Health care defeat is not an option. If we let this thing pass we may never be able to repeal it. Nancy Pelosi needs the public plan. The Baucus Plan won't pass. Even though they called us Nazis for showing up and protesting we will not be silent. We are not going away until this plan is stopped. We have to get involved now.

Three Keys to Winning Back the Majority.
1- Return to the principles of Faith and Freedom. We need people who can articulate this.
2- We need candidates who can stand on those principles and run on those principles. We need women and Hispanics to know that they are welcome and valued in this movement and we need to run hundreds of these candidates.
3- We need to build a massive grassroots movement second to none. Reed has started the Faith and Freedom Network. We're on offense and not just defense. The days we came to California and wrote it off are over. Run on who you are and what you believe.

As Ronald Reagan once said, "Our people look for a cause to believe in. It is time the GOP was painted not in "pale pastels" but in "bold colors."

1,911 posted on 10/17/2009 3:59:08 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

President Obama To Cede America To A New World Government?

This is such a stunning claim I have been hesitating to post on it, until the actual language in a treaty President Obama is planning to sign in December did indicate the creation of a new world government meant to use the fig leaf of mythical global warming to take control of the world’s energy markets. The source of this claim is disturbingly credible.(snip)... the concern Monckton speaks to may well prove the single most important issue facing the American nation, bigger than health care, bigger than cap and trade, and worth every citizen’s focused attention.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

WARNING! Goodbye U.S Sovereignty... Hello One World Government!(Obama to Cede US Sovereignty)

Kiss Your Money and Freedom Goodbye

Barack Obama’s Anti-Semitic Website

Radical Islam Tightens Ties to Black Community


Can't Teach the Ten Commandments in School - But OK to Teach 5 Pillars of Islam?

Amnesty Now!

You weren't told: Obama's Harvard moneyman radical muslim/Black Panther ties, tied to Saudi king

Study: Obama foes aren't race-driven

...not a factor driving conservative opposition to President Barack Obama, according to the results of focus groups conducted by Democracy Corps, a Democratic organization, released on Friday.

Newsweek: The O'Garbage Factor; Fox News Isn't Just Bad. It's Un-American (But Lib Ethnic Slurs OK)

...And weepy Glenn Beck has begun to exhibit a Strangelovean concern about government invading our bloodstream by vaccinating people for swine flu. With this misinformation campaign, Fox stands to become the first network to actively try to kill its viewers....

Another blatant, effing lie. His show presented both sides of the argument. He also clearly said that he was not dispensing medical advise, but why report the truth when you can distort it to make your enemies look like conspiratorial kooks. It's not like millions of regular Americans have concerns about the H1N1 vaccine...

Behar, M.D.: Rush, Beck and Bush Conservatism a Product of Being Ex-Addicts; Says Palin is 'Dumb'

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To: All

Mao-Praising White House Official Dunn to Glenn Beck: "I Praised Mother Teresa, Too"

Earlier this week Glenn Beck reported on the Mao Tse-Tung-praising White House Communications Director Anita Dunn.
Dunn praised the mass murdering Mao as her favorite philosopher:

Today Dunn responded to Beck in an email to The New York Times:

In an e-mail message, Ms. Dunn said, “My source for the Mao quote was actually the late Lee Atwater, either in an article or bio I read after the 1988 election. Now that I’ve revealed this I hope I don’t get Keith Olbermann angry with me. Let it be noted that I also quoted Mother Teresa, but no one is accusing me of being a saint!”

The speech she gave was a high school commencement address. Ms. Dunn says that the line about Mao and Mother Teresa was intended to be ironic – neither was a political philosopher – and that she used it simply to illustrate a larger point about the importance of challenging the conventional wisdom.

It’s no surprise that Mr. Beck singled out Ms. Dunn. She has been on the forefront of White House pushback against Fox News.
Of course, Dunn's delayed response is ridiculous.
Her speech to high school students and their response showed she was serious about her praise for the Former mass-murdering Chinese communist dictator. Dunn went into some detail about why she so admired Mao but said next to nothing about Mother Teresa.

Source of Limbaugh Smears is Far Left Firm

American Thinker has an article today discussing the source of the Limbaugh smears.
This was originally posted Mark Steyn from a reader:

"The quotes were added by a user with the IP address of This address has been used mostly to make changes to the article about Rush, but also Karl Rove, Sean Hannity,.. James Dobson and Sara Palin from 2005 until earlier this year.

"While others have noted this in various forums, no one seems to have made the connection that this IP address is used as a gateway by the law firm Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP (see here, for example) that all users from that IP address come from the domain.)"
The law firm has a history of supporting several far left causes and donated big to the Obama campaign.

Plus-- Rush responded to the state-run media's smear machine today in the Wall Street Journal, via Instapundit:

Numerous sportswriters, CNN, MSNBC, among others, falsely attributed to me statements I had never made. Their sources, as best I can tell, were Wikipedia and each other. But the Wikipedia post was based on a fabrication printed in a book that also lacked any citation to an actual source.

I never said I supported slavery and I never praised James Earl Ray. How sick would that be? Just as sick as those who would use such outrageous slanders against me or anyone else who never even thought such things. Mr. Wilbon refuses to take responsibility for his poison pen, writing instead that he will take my word that I did not make these statements; others, like Rick Sanchez of CNN, essentially used the same sleight-of-hand.

1,913 posted on 10/17/2009 12:52:46 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All


President Obama mounted a frontal assault on the insurance industry on Saturday, accusing it of using “deceptive and dishonest ads” to derail his health care legislation and threatening to strip the industry of its longstanding exemption from federal antitrust laws. In unusually harsh terms, Mr. Obama cast insurance companies as obstacles to change interested only in preserving their own “profits and bonuses” and willing to “bend the truth or break it” to stop his drive to remake the nation’s health care system. The president used his weekly radio and Internet address to challenge industry assertions that legislation will drive up premiums.

Shrill. Desperate. Bullying. But mostly desperate. Meanwhile, speaking of “deceptive and dishonest,” what about this?

EUGENE ROBINSON blasts Obama’s “Drive-By Compassion” in New Orleans. “President Obama’s brief display of drive-by compassion Thursday in New Orleans was, for me, by far the worst outing of his presidency thus far — and the biggest disappointment.”

CHANGE: Illinois jobless rate hits 10.5 percent in September.

GREAT TEA PARTIES, KID: Don’t get cocky. “Do the failures of the current administration represent a fantastic opportunity for the Republican party come 2010? Absolutely. Is it a done deal? Not until the votes are counted just over a year from now. And a year in the political arena is an eternity.” UPDATE: Bill Quick: “Here’s the nut of it: The GOP establishment sees their problem as being that they are out of power. People like me see the problem as being that they are out of power because they have turned their backs on the principles those who once voted for them believe in.”

The Maoist explains herself: egg, face at the White House. “As Fausta Wertz points out, Anita Dunn offered a variant of this exculpatory strategy when she claimed, in reaction to the tsunami of criticism her remarks occasioned, that she was only quoting Lee Atwater. That’s neither here nor there. What the left-wing excuse factory wants is for the American people to overlook the radicalism of the people populating Obama’s inner circle, of which Anita Dunn is a prominent member."

I mean the one big promise that he has every intention of fulfilling: the promise to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” That is what Obama and his lieutenants are about. They are egalitarians — not, perhaps, quite so radical as Chairman Mao, but (as the case of Anita Dunn shows) they have plenty of admiration for Mao’s goals. Obama himself has criticized the U.S. Constitution for being merely a “charter of negative liberties” that fails to promote “redistributive change.”

This is the point: last November, the American people thought they were electing a “post-partisan,” “post-racial” President who would work to restore unity and self-confidence to the country. They woke up on November 5, however, to find that they had elected someone who was deeply ambivalent about America, who distrusted its founding principles of limited government, individual liberty, and local responsibility. Like his radical friends — Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, Anita Dunn — Barack Obama wishes to transform the United States according to a model whose basic shape was supplied by the utopian schemes of the 1960s. That’s why Anita Dunn said that Mao was one of the thinkers she most often turned to for wisdom about big-think political problems.



Posted by Kate at 4:38 PM| Comments (37)
...interchangeable cults of personality... Now we know the answer to the question: "What happens when teh Hippies get power?"

Academia Goes Silent On Free Speech. It was a useful slogan when countering anti-communists, but now that’s not an issue anymore. . .

"hope" you like that "change" you voted for, 0-merica:

Thank you so much 52 [Darleen Click]

click on image for animated gif

(h/t richard mcenroe who sez “It’s like freaking “War Games” without the happy ending…”)

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To: All

Protesters flood country: 'Can you hear us now?'

Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate [AP, 2004]

Without A Shot Being Fired, A Dictator Has Taken Over the United States

Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty in Copenhagen, Claims British Lord Monckton

Half Of This Nation Is Nuts

Consider the videos we all saw a week or so ago from Detroit Michigan, where thousands of “homeless” people were lined up to get their “Obama Money”.

Unemployment in Detroit is at least 28%, industry has been all but destroyed in the State by big Labor and Democrats, but those people in Detroit were still celebrating the election of Obama. What will happen when unemployment hits 48% in a few months? When the food riots start these people will all still be blaming George Bush for it and praying to Obama for salvation while their close friends and neighbors slaughter one another.

And that’s just Detroit. Imagine what LA will be like under similar conditions.

The Greatest Depression Is Coming

ALERT: Major Distortion of Financial Crisis About to be Launched

Speaking of Citibank, just got notification that they were raising my rate from 9.99% to 29.99%!!!! Been with them for over 5 years, never had a late or missed payment, always pay 3 or 4 times the minimum. But if I'm good and continue to never miss a payment and pay at least the minimum due, they'll give me a break and credit me 10% interest back every month.
Here is what you do.

You call and tell them you do NOT accept the changes and they are by law required to keep your interest rate at what is was (9.99%). This process will automatically cancel your card (so you won't be able to put additional charges on it) BUT you will not have to pay the 29.99% interest rate, and can pay out your current balance the same as before until it is paid off.

Conditons point to another lost decade

Zombie subdivisions left naked

Atlanta, Ga. and Macon, Ga. are in a constant race to see which city can hit rock bottom the fastest. Both are shells of what they once were, both are infested with liberals, welfare types and corruption to the highest levels of government.

You want to enjoy Georgia head to the mountains or the farm country in the deep south.

Some things you may not know about Sarah Palin

ACORN had plan that critics say would have helped Democrats in key Ohio congressional races in 2008

1,915 posted on 10/18/2009 7:32:45 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All


History Unfolding -I have never been so afraid for my country and for my children as I am now.

The Gap Between Main Street and the Elites

Tea Party in Atlanta [After Action Report]

Close Encounter With Craziness (Chris Matthews vs Head of Texas Tea Party)

Impeach Obama?

Number one sign America is in trouble.

US Decision After Afghan Result [Obama Votes "Present" On Troop Request To Win War!]

The FHA Is A Looming Disaster

Forcing Americans Into Indentured Servitude

It seems I will be taxed as much as possible while I am productive and when I become old and unproductive I will be terminally sedated under Obamacare.

U.S. State Tax Revenue Drops Most Since 1963

1,916 posted on 10/18/2009 3:04:02 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All
Natural Gas Changes the Energy Map
OUCH: Rove Compares Obama’s Demonization of Fox News to Nixon’s Enemies List.


These young men are, de jure, British subjects and, de facto, the demographic energy of every city down the spine of the country. “Islam will dominate!” they yell, impatient that it doesn’t already, not entirely. The delusions of multiculturalism have brought about the death of England – in nothing flat. An amazing feat.

It’s what happens when you have a ruling class that decides that it doesn’t believe in the country it rules. And a citizenry that lets that rule continue, anyway. More here: Posted by Kate at 2:41 PM| Comments (41)

" ... Islam will conquer the UK, Islam will conquer Holland ... it will conquer Rome ... it will destroy Israel ..."

... and right under the noses of a phalanx of British Bobbies. Multiculturalism run amok. Why are these hate-filled fanatics not arrested?


Why Defend Rush?

—Dave In Texas

Dr. Zero over at HA, great piece on the hit job inflicted on Limbaugh by race-baiters, charlatans and hacks. He makes several excellent points, one that resonates with me: unfair is unfair, whether it's unfair to a wealthy man, or a poor man.

I'm swiping a long paragraph, but go read it.

Limbaugh’s accusers want him burned at the stake for the crime of effective conservatism, not the racism they were so eager to lie about last week. The American public should think long and hard about which side of this ideological struggle should be on trial. Rush Limbaugh’s ideas did not produce a titanic deficit, double-digit unemployment, and global adversaries who can barely stop laughing at our President long enough to pretend they respect him. His ideas did not put disciples of Saul Alinsky, Chairman Mao, and Alex Jones in positions of power. His words are not deployed to conceal hundreds of billions in stolen “stimulus” money, thousand-page Mad Lib bills riddled with blank paragraphs, and massive offenses against individual liberty. His EIB Network endorses $1500 Sleep Number beds, not “saved or created” jobs costing half a million bucks apiece. Unlike the “Hope and Change” Administration, he doesn’t spend his three hours on the radio each weekday listing all the things you will no longer be allowed to do. He is the champion of ideas so powerful that his enemies fear the merest taste of them.

Something that cuts to the core of most Americans is our strong sense of fairness. We conservatives suffer a lot at times because of it, our unwillingness to dive down into the truly nasty and vicious tactics used by our opponents. We have a strong sense of the rightness of fair play. It's the kind of thing that makes us shrug when a player on our team commits an obvious foul on the field, we shrug and say "yeah, he was holding", or "no, his knee was down". We just do that because we know in our hearts it's right.

We play by the rules.

I don't think that's a bad thing at all, I rather think it's a value that's worth holding and expressing, even when it makes us willing to "suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune". Our willingness to do that makes us better people.

It wasn't just an attack on Rush. It was an attack on me, and most of you. I agree with Dr. Zero, it's worth defending.

Posted by Dave In Texas at 06:18 PM New Comments Thingy

Lord Monckton’s warning to America

October 19, 2009 12:05 AM by Michelle Malkin

“What is the truth?”

Lord Christopher Monckton, former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, spoke at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN last week on the UN Climate Change treaty scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen in December 2009. He was hosted by the Minnesota Free Market Institute.

Minnesota Majority posted the video of his speech, entitled “Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?” He wouldn’t be the first (see here and here).


Excerpt from the speech:

Here is why the truth matters. It was all very well for jesting Pilate to ask that question and then not to tarry for an answer. But that question that he asked, “what is the truth?” is the question which underlies every question and in the end it is the only question that really matters. When you ask that question what you are really asking is “what is the truth about the matter?” And we are now going to see why it matters morally, socially, and politically, as well as economically and scientifically. That the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth should inform public policy on this question.

Follow along with Lord Monckton’s slides here (PDF).


Going to Cuba to learn about hurricane evacuation? Hey Nagin what about the couple of hundren school buses that were sitting under water after katrina? What about the train service that was offered for FREE but not used? The people stuck in NO would have been better off if they had just walked out when George Bush first issued a warning.

Rusty Shackleford

On the face of it, that which is not being said is that Nagin never had any business being a political leader. He’s BHO-lite. All about the show, not about the “go”. Except in this case the “go” is go to Cuba, go to China...

By the way, do note Mr. Nagin’s penchant for vacationing in communist countries.

Sunday, October 18, 2009, 7:51 PM
Jim Hoft

The White House must be so proud.
Following their lead, the state-run media is now boldly bashing FOX News, too.

The former news magazine known as Newsweek is now calling FOX News “un-American.”
Oh brother.
newsweek fox
For the record… This comes from the same media outfit that reported a bogus story about American soldiers flushing a Koran that started riots where at least 15 people were killed.

Sunday, October 18, 2009, 5:30 PM
Jim Hoft

From the Obama government website—-

The Obama Stimulus “created or saved” 20 jobs in Connecticut.
obama stimulus
Via Radio Vice Online and

The Obama Stimulus created 28 jobs in Vermont.

The Obama Stimulus created 22 jobs in New Hampshire.
0bama stimulus 2
Obama would have done better if he would have opened a McDonalds in each state.
Is it too late to ask for our $787 billion back?

UPDATE: But don’t worry. The state-run media says that Obama is looking at all options to creating jobs.

1,917 posted on 10/19/2009 2:10:44 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

White House boasts: We 'control' news media

The WH admits they control the media-VIDEO

As I live and breathe I can’t believe the audacity.

White House admits (on camera): We 'control' news media

Obama to surrender US sovereignty at UN global warming conference




Gotta love that "post-racial" nonsense:

Anger as white woman wins black college beauty pageant

The lucrative business of racism

Mike Wilbon: Rush Limbaugh Universally Reviled by Black People (w/Video)

“”He is universally reviled by black people in this country,” Wilbon said
Tell it to Lloyd Marcus. “

Tell it to Bo Snerdly, Rush’s right hand man for many years.

Prison Statistics (2008 Chart)

Destruction Of Healthcare Delivery System Underway

A snapshot of the Obama Czars! (Get to Know them!)

A summary of those currently running the US Government - and not one was vetted, elected, or passed thru the Senate or House. 3 are felons, 2 have multiple convictions of DUI, 2 have deep financial problems.

1. Afghanistan Czar: Richard Holbrooke- Ultra liberal, anti-gun former Governor .of New Mexico. Pro Abortion and legal drug use.

2. AIDS Czar: Jeffrey Crowley Homosexual. A Gay Rights activist. Believes in Gay Marriage and Special Status, including free health care for gays.

3. Auto recovery Czar: Ed Montgomery; Black radical anti-business activist. Affirmative Action and Job Preference for blacks. University of Maryland Business School Dean teaches US business has caused world poverty. ACORN board member. Communist: W.E.B. duBois club member.

4. Border Czar: Alan Bersin; former failed superintendent of San Diego Schools. Ultra-Liberal friend of Hilary Clinton. Served as Border Czar under Janet Reno to keep borders open to illegals

5. California Water Czar: David J. Hayesr Sr.; Fellow of radical environmentalist group, Progress Policy. No training or experience in water management.

6. Car Czar: Ron Bloom-Former head, United Auto Workers. Anti business & anti nuclear. Has worked hard to force US auto makers out of business. Sits on the Board of Chrysler which is now Auto Union owned. How did this happen?

Read all of it, dammit!

Watch what happens to the Conservatives once the NOPD starts their tactics of intimidation.

There are many videos sourced on youtube related to this.


Gregg: U.S. Could Be On Path To A 'Banana Republic' Situation

A leading fiscal mind on Capitol Hill and a one-time Obama Cabinet pick sounded the alarm Sunday...

Ready to Revolt: Oath Keepers pledges to prevent dictatorship in United States

1,918 posted on 10/19/2009 3:25:25 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

[VIDEO] Anita Dunn Talking About How You Control The Media & Press.

NOBODY REMEMBERS OBAMA AT COLUMBIA ( But heck, we're all just racist birthers...yea right! )

-Kommander ZerØ--

Exposing the Obamacare Shell Game

How bad is it that even the Wash Post is calling them on it? Wonder what they're NOT telling us.

 State GOP tries to steal Dems' fire over water

Christinia Ramirez holds a sign that says "No water, food... Rich Pedroncelli / AP

Christinia Ramirez holds a sign that says "No water, food, work, future" at a recent rally of Latino laborers outside the state Capitol.

Small Businesses to NYC: Get Off Our Backs! (NYC’s crushing burden on job-creating entrepreneurs)

Congress and Obama Show Contempt for Americans

Video: Mika Claims All CBS Reporters (Except One) Are Liberals

Obama made mistake scrapping missile defense (Really? I think he knew exactly what he was doing!)

Presidential Tracking Poll (at minus 10 or worse fourth day in a row)

Time for the GOP and the Tea-Partiers to Grow Up

I remember reading posts very similar to this during the recall election for California Gov.

How is Arnold working out for you guys?

Please understand this and take it to heart. We will never back down on our aggressiveness towards socialists in the democrat or republican parties. We oppose an ideology of slavery, not just a party or a man. We want our freedom and liberty and will not cooperate with anyone who is less than 100% committed to that cause. No amount of discussion, theatrics, or name calling is going to change our direction or determination.

Our goal is not coexistence with socialists (liberal, marxists, progressives, etc). Our goal is to completely remove them from having any influence in our lives at all. That means the marxists that are voted into office and the idiots who vote for them. We WILL radicalize the right and we WILL gain our freedom from the marxists and the usurpations of the fedgov.

You know... I honestly think that most in the GOP are really not even aware that the revolution has started.

“What do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments, of their duties and obligations…This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution.” — John Adams

Everything has changed... Its too late to go back, nor would we want to if it were possible.

78 posted on Monday, October 19, 2009 10:34:21 AM by myself6

1,919 posted on 10/19/2009 8:14:00 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Obama and Clinton cede to UN small arms treaty

Targeting Gun Shows

Gun shows are thought to be a key supplier of guns used in crimes

Hardware stores are thought to be a key supplier of tools used in crimes. No background check to buy a crowbar. Should we close them?

The key word here is CRIME. It's not the tool, it's the fool. People who want to kill and rob will find a way to do so.

Obama's Website: Obama is the new [and improved] Jesus

The Radical Truth About Anita Dunn

White House Aide Says Barack Obama Team 'Controlled' the Media


ALERT! DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce

Brrr! I might freeze if Al Gore doesn't do something about global warming.

NY Muslims: Islam is Here to Dominate all!~Video

Well, I tried to wake people up for years & years...

For Islam, a Religion of Peace®? The Most Damning links-- click the picture:

The law required that the ultrasound be carried out vaginally if the pregnancy was in its early stages in order to get a clear picture. Rape victims were not exempted.

Chris Wallace Nails McAuliffe with His Own Words Calling Fox News "Fair and Balanced" - Video

CNN Analyst: Obama Can Talk With Ahmadinejad But Not FOX News? Obama Afraid of FOX (Video)


Commentary from the Rush Limbaugh Show's Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley

CNN Report: ‘Bully’ Limbaugh Attracts Voiceless Fans Who Get ‘Power by Proxy’ (video)

CNN Psychoanalyzes Talk Radio Listeners, Cites Liberal Study on Format (MORON ALERT)

Neighbor, I read some of this swill elsewhere, and I will just point out that without listeners and sponsors ( like Air America couldn't attract ) talk radio would wither.

Furthermore, there is no more egalitarian a a venue than talk radio. ( The Australians, with a neat turn of phrase, call it "talkback radio," and that describes it to a "tee.")

Love it?

Hate it?



All you have to do is pick up the phone and call 'em up.

How much fairer can you get? You sure can't do that with the opinionators in print or the chatterers on TV...

1,920 posted on 10/19/2009 1:45:15 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All
Monday, October 19, 2009, 12:19 PM
Jim Hoft

Obamacare will put Planned Parenthood clinics inside your child’s school.

Last year abortion survivor Gianna Jessen joined Born Alive Truth in a campaign to shine light on Barack Obama’s horrific record on infanticide. Gianna, who had survived as a baby after being aborted, pointed out that–
Obama voted 4 times to support infanticide:

Already this year, Barack Obama has signed several pieces of abortion legislation including funding foreign abortions. He also signed legislation to use taxpayer money to kill embryos in research. And, democrats are pushing legislation that will force healthcare providers to perform abortions even if it violates their moral or religious convictions.

Barack Obama is the most radical pro-abortion and infanticide president in the last 35 years. Barack Obama even voted 4 times to support infanticide during his political career.

The Vatican already attacked “arrogant” Barack Obama for using taxpayer money to fund foreign abortions. Now there is this…
Obamacare will set up Planned Parenthood clinics in schools.
The Blog Prof reported on this latest atrocity from Last Day Watchers.

Under an innocuous-sounding section titled “School-Based Health Clinics,” H.R. 3200 will authorize Planned Parenthood, as a “sponsoring facility,” to run a clinic during school hours on the grounds of public schools, with absolutely no accountability either to parents or school administrators.

World Net Daily has more.

Monday, October 19, 2009, 6:23 AM
Jim Hoft

The state-run media continues to smear conservative Rush Limbaugh…
The Chicago Sun-Times ran this La Cucaracha Rush the Klansman cartoon strip today:
sun times klan
Not funny.
And not true.

But, Rush is a powerful conservative so they have to destroy him any way they can.

Filed Under (Barack Obama) by tqcincinnatus
October 19, 2009 at 10:00 am

Wayne Allen Root investigates, and can’t find anybody who remembers Obama from his days at Columbia U.,

Looking for evidence of Obama’s past, Fox News contacted 400 Columbia University students from the period when Obama claims to have been there, but none remembered him.

Wayne Allyn Root was, like Obama, a political science major at Columbia who also graduated in 1983. In 2008, Root says of Obama, “I don’t know a single person at Columbia that knew him, and they all know me.

I don’t have a classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at Columbia. Ever! Nobody recalls him. I’m not exaggerating, I’m not kidding.”
Root adds that he was also, like Obama, “Class of ‘83 political science, pre-law” and says, “You don’t get more exact or closer than that. Never met him in my life, don’t know anyone who ever met him.

At the class reunion, our 20th reunion five years ago, who was asked to be the speaker of the class? Me.

No one ever heard of Barack! And five years ago, nobody even knew who he was. The guy who writes the class notes, who’s kind of the, as we say in New York, the macha who knows everybody, has yet to find a person, a human who ever met him. Is that not strange?

It’s very strange.” Obama’s photograph does not appear in the school’s yearbook and Obama consistently declines requests to talk about his years at Columbia, provide school records, or provide the name of any former classmates or friends while at Columbia.

You know, as I’ve said before, I’m not really into the birther thing, but the more I actually see about Barack Obama’s past, the stranger it nevertheless seems.  While questions do not equal evidence, I still have to admit that there are a lot of unanswered questions that common sense would suggest shouldn’t really need to remain unanswered.

Why has Obama’s administration failed to produce an actual, genuine birth certificate, one that can be easily obtained from the county in which the birth was recorded for around $10 or so?  Why are the names of three different hospitals floated as places where he was born?  Why do many people over in Kenya claim to have seen his birth?   I don’t know the answer to any of these, but I’m sure there are perfectly good explanations for them all.

What about Obama’s disappearing act at Columbia?  His picture not appearing in yearbook isn’t all that instructive.  Once you get past my freshman year, I doubt that my picture would be in my undergrad university’s yearbook, since I don’t think I was all that interested in wasting the time to have it taken.   BUT.  There are tons of people – professors and students mostly – who would remember me from my undergraduate days.  When you go to college, you’re part of a community, and at a smaller college like Columbia University (which in 2009 admitted slightly less than 1900 students into its freshman class), people know each other, or at least know of each other.  Columbia’s admissions numbers were probably even smaller back in 1979, when Obama would have been entering as a freshman.  In fact, Columbia’s class sizes seem pretty comparable to my own undergrad university’s.  In neither school would a student who did anything besides sit in their dorm room 24/7/365 be an unknown.  Especially not someone as obviously outgoing and participatory as Barack Obama seems to be. 

A sampling of 400 students who were in school at the time Obama says he was, at a school that small, would be a large, inclusive sample.  400 out of, say, 7600 students (taking the 2009 number as a guide) is 5.26% of the putative student body, or slightly more than 1 out of 20 students from that period.  Somebody should remember him, on statistical odds alone. 

Yet they don’t. 

Granted, this doesn’t prove the contentions of the birthers.  But it is odd enough to make you pause and scratch your head.

As does the question of why Americans were dumb enough to elect an enigma wrapped up in mystery like Barack Obama.

1,921 posted on 10/19/2009 3:59:50 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All
Beck hammered Anita Dunn (WH War on Fox) today Oct15
"I'm watching the repeat now and duct tape won't do it. Getting a little defib., watch the youtube clip, wherein Beck features what I'm guessing is her giving a commencement speech (eta HIGH SCHOOL), this past Jun5.  Whereing Bunn says her two idols are Mao and Mother Teresa. Just watch, listen to Beck. And if you make it to the end o fthe Dunn speech clip without stroking out, replay her speech and turn off you volume and just watch her obscene mouth. Look at her eyes. See the preening arrogance and twitchy mannerisms of the bland face of evil."
'A thug is willing to use a gun to take what is yours. A liberal is a coward, and will vote for the government to do it.'
Why Obama chose Anita Dunn for war on Fox News.
Tardive dyskinesia

17. coldwarrior on 19 October, 2009 at 6:39 pm  reply 

re: #10 by tunnelrat

the funny thing is, that at age 12 in 1980, i noticed the media bias against reagan. i used to drive my parents nuts because i made them get me national review and always watched firing line. mom and dad were both dems back then.

the media, the clinton presidency, the constant bashing of W, and now the fawning over 0 has pushed my otherwise old school dem parents to almost the right of me! they and their friends NOW see past the big media and dont pay attention to it anymore. they do fox and rush and the internet.

i use them as a bell weather for all things politics…and if they are the bell (they havent been wrong since 1980) then the dems are in for an ass whiping of astounding proportions.

53. bellamags on 19 October, 2009 at 7:05 pm  reply 

I have become super sensitive to liberal bias. Its everywhere, even on Americas Funniest Home Videos. The host Tom Bergeron is a complete lib and will take a jab at Bush, southerners, conservatives or any other part of American culture he sees as “beneath” him.

I told my dad about this and he was skeptical. One night we were watching together and there was a video with a pig as the subject. The host Mr. Bergeron made a derogatory comment saying “this must be a capitalist pig” or something similar. I just looked at my dad and he looked at me and started laughing and said “Son of a bitch, kid. How about that?”

Obama Manufacturing Czar Says "Free Market is Nonsense"; Agrees with Mao
... is bloom going to race dunn to the exit?

Radical leftist Dede Scozzafava can’t stand the heat

October 19, 2009 11:54 PM by Michelle Malkin

Dump Dede indeed.

David Jeffers takes a look at DeDe and Nancy Pelosi: Two peas in a pod.

Blogging about the NY-23 special election has now resulted in a new title: “Rage kewpie.”10 Comments | 0 Trackbacks

UPDATE: A reader emails:

Now we know why Obama turned his back on Iranian protesters. Note that the secret negotiations began in June. What else went on in June in Iran? Oh yeah… those pesky election results protests.

Basically, he turned his back on the Iranian people because that whole free election fight of theirs wasn’t nearly as important as the nuclear deal he was working out with Iran’s regime. Too bad the regime couldn’t be trusted to actually live up to its end of the bargain. Big surprise there, that you can’t trust political leaders who believe in silencing their own people…

Maybe that should serve as an object lesson to us about Obama…


Monday, October 19, 2009, 7:23 PM
Jim Hoft

What a shame.
The state-run media was trying so hard to lift this buffoon up…
Then he drops the d-word:

“The US is in a depression. The US is in a depression.”

You go, Joe:
Via Hannity
Joe must have missed the memo- “Obama rescued the economy.”

The Evils of Colonialism

by Baron Bodissey

Slave shackle

The photo above was taken in about 1907, and shows a British sailor sawing the shackle off the leg of an African slave.

Where was that slave bound before he was freed by the British?

In 1907 there was no longer any market for slaves among white people anywhere in the world. In fact, there was probably no market at all for slaves except in black Africa or among the Arabs. In all likelihood that slave was going to be sold on the Arabian Peninsula or perhaps to African Muslims.

Who captured the slave?

He was probably captured by another black African from a neighboring tribe, either in warfare or as a part of a deliberate slave-taking raid. The Arabs rarely captured black slaves themselves, and this slave might have been brokered several times by African traders before arriving at his final owner.

In any case, both the slave-taker and the customer were almost certainly Muslims.

Yet white Europeans are to blame for all this. As our multicultural indoctrination has drummed into us over and over, white people are the cause of all the world’s evils, including the enslavement of Africans.

Somehow, perhaps through diabolical mind-rays, we induced the Africans and the Arabs to enslave millions of blacks and then trade them among themselves.

It just goes to show how viciously omnipotent we white people are.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Here’s the full story about the photo:
- - - - - - - - -
Rare ‘slave freeing’ photos on show

A set of rare photographs showing African slaves being freed by the Royal Navy have gone on show for the first time.

They are part of an exhibition marking the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade.

Samuel Chidwick, 74, has donated the photographs taken by his father Able Seaman Joseph Chidwick, born in 1881, on board HMS Sphinx off the East African coast in about 1907.

The photographs, on display at the Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth, Hants, show a sailor removing the manacle from a newly-freed slave as well as the ship’s marines escorting captured slavers.

Mr Chidwick, of Dover, Kent, said: “The pictures were taken by my father who was serving aboard HMS Sphinx while on armed patrol off the Zanzibar and Mozambique coast.

“They caught quite a few slavers and those particular slaves that are in the pictures happened while he was on watch.

“That night a dhow sailed by and the slaves were all chained together. He raised the alarm and they got them on to the ship and got the chains knocked off them.

“They then questioned them and sent a party of marines ashore to try to track the slave traders down.

“They caught two of them and I believe they were of Arabic origin.

“My father thought the slave trade was a despicable thing that was going on, the slaves were treated very badly so when they got the slavers they didn’t give them a very nice time.”

Jacquie Shaw, spokeswoman for the Royal Naval Museum, said: “The museum and the Royal Navy are delighted to announce the donation of a nationally important collection of unique photographs taken by Able Seaman Joseph John Chidwick during his service on the Persian Gulf Station where the crew of HMS Sphinx were engaged in subduing the slave trade.

“The collection comprises a fascinating and important snapshot of life on anti-slavery duties off the coast of Africa.”

The exhibition, ‘Chasing Freedom -The Royal Navy and the suppression of the Transatlantic Slave Trade’, is being held until January next year to mark the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade.

The House of Commons passed a bill in 1805 making it unlawful for any British subject to capture and transport slaves but the measure was blocked by the House of Lords and did not come into force until March 25, 1807.

Mrs Shaw said that since the exhibition opened, members of the public had brought forward several historically-important items.

She said: “As well as these amazing images, members of the public have brought many other unheard stories of the Royal Navy and the trade in enslaved Africans to the museum’s attention including the original ship’s log of the famed HMS Black Joke of the West Coast of Africa Station.”

Hat tip: VH.

Read further...
Baron Bodissey | 10/17/2009 08:08:00 PM | 15 comments

Report: Rich Arabs Buying 12-Year-Old British Virgins

(Manchester, England) Here's a disgusting report from across the pond.

BRITISH virgin girls as young as 12 are being sold to mega-rich Arabs for sex at up to £50,000 a time.

Parents force the schoolgirls into prostitution and then sell them to millionaire paedophiles.

Vice Squad cops nicked three women and a man from Manchester after secretly filming them offering to pimp six girls aged between 14 and 23 at a five-star West London hotel.

They also taped the gang bragging how they were prepared to peddle even younger, prepubescent girls.

There currently appears to be only one source on this story (UK Sun) but investigation continues and more arrests are anticipated. In any event, while not doubting the subject report I find it hard to believe that selling 12-year-old virgins into prostitution is a widespread practice in Britain.

By Mike Pechar at 03:39 PM |

Y2Kyoto: Hey Al, Looked Outside Lately?

Al Gore's Song.

(Earmuffs recommended.)


Posted by Kate at 8:00 PM| Comments (17)

A more reasonable alternative given by

Lord Christopher Monckton Speaking in St. Paul

Protesting the media culture of corruption

October 19, 2009 01:13 PM by Michelle Malkin34 Comments | 3 Trackbacks

Plus: Reuters punked.

Monday, October 19, 2009, 6:00 PM
Jim Hoft

The Houston Obama mural on the side of a Midtown building was defaced over the weekend.
The mural now reads, “Yes we can… Lose our freedom.”
obama mural
Houston Channel 2 has video.
Vandals defaced the big Obama mural on the side of a Houston building.
39 Online reported:

The mural of President Barack Obama has been on the side of a Midtown building since the Democratic primary, when the president was a U.S. Senator, and the building served as his Houston Campaign headquarters.

Over the weekend someone painted “puppet” on his mural, and the statement “yes we can” now has the statement “loose our freedom” painted next to it.

“This was done in broad daylight, and it just and kind of defaced a pretty good memorial,” said Gerry McGee who works in the building where the mural is located.

The building is now the campaign headquarters for a mayoral candidate, and campaign worker Mcgee is pretty disappointed that someone vandalized a picture of the President. “We’ll move on. This is not going to stop the movement. This is not going to stop the excitement that Obama has brought to the country,” McGee said.

It’s a mural that’s seen tens of thousands of commuters every day.

1,922 posted on 10/20/2009 2:08:10 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Outfoxing The Spin

Investors Business Daily ^  Now we know why the Democrats who run Washington declared war on Fox News. The feisty network is spoiling their policy of controlling Americans'

What would Mao do?

Glenn Beck is Right: Obama has a Mao Tse-Tongue

Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Says Teach Respect for Homosexuality in Kindergarten

Honest to God, I have never before seen so many extremists, radicals, unindicted criminals and outright MoonBat-flappin’ kooks gathered together in one place as in this laughable mis-Administration...

If Monty Python had tried to satirize it, nobody would have believed it.

“Hope” you like that “change” you voted for, Ø-Merica...

Yep. like "talkin' to terrorists"...

Hezbollah Gets SCUDS

The Jobless "recovery..."

Sorry, no jobs. This is California

After what legislation was there the largest spike up in the Real GDP?
a. February 17, 2009: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act = 111th United States Congress
b. October 3, 2008 — Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 = 110th United States Congress
c. February 13, 2008 — Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 = 110th United States Congress
d. May 28, 2003 — Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 = 108th United States Congress
text describing the image
( Ignore the green forecast, it was wishful thinking)

1,923 posted on 10/20/2009 4:36:30 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Senate Healthcare Bill - Tax on Employer paid insurance begins this January!

1st step in taxing health benefits as income; America's Healthy Future Act of 2009; Sec. 6002.

Secret Obamacare Negotiations Enter Day 7 – The Fix is in

Pandemic guideline proposal causing a stir ( Florida's obamacare like death panels )

Rush Limbaugh Says "Obama is Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Ron Bloom, ACORN" - Video 10/20/09

National Socialism - (yes we cana nd are heading this way)

You know what I think:



Obama and his 'Enemy' Fetish

and Biden is looking more like Agnew every day

We're All Felons, Now - Perpetual public fear of crime has turned us all into criminals.

Home Construction Bad On Paper And In Reality [The Coming Depression?]

Harry Dent Sees A Big Crash Coming, Urges Investors To Prepare

NYS: drill, baby, drill!


1,924 posted on 10/20/2009 2:01:41 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

1997 Phone Book Search for Obamas and Soetoros

HIDDEN TAXES AND BIG GOVERNMENT: Dan Mitchell on the Value Added Tax.

MEGAN MCARDLE: “I thought that this must be some kind of grotesque conservative exaggeration, but no, White House Communications Director Anita Dunn really did tell a graduating high school class to emulate Mao Tse-Tung’s bold and imaginative attitude during his takeover of China. Most of us look at the tens of millions who died and maybe think twice about trying to imitate the late Chairman, but hey, think different!”

The White House has long since outrun conservatives’ powers of exaggeration. Plus, from the comments, “It’s sort of amazing (and frightening) how accurately the Harry Potter series summed up the political relevance of the media.”

“There’s only one thing dumber than picking a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel — picking a fight with people who don’t even have to buy ink.”

Plus this: “It makes the White House look childish and petty at best, and it has a distinct Nixonian — Agnewesque? — aroma at worst.

 James Pethokoukis: America’s Banana Republic Economy. “What confidence should...  investors have that America will really cut entitlement spending? Very little. Instead, we are more likely to see huge tax increases that could cripple productivity, or further dollar neglect, or a central bank that turns dovish on inflation. Or perhaps all three.” Let’s hope he’s wrong.


TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: A Nuclear Power Renaissance? “Given pressures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from fossil-fuel power plants, however, construction of nuclear plants could be poised to begin anew. The technology has grown more reliable and more efficient. Reactors now run 90 percent of the hours in a year, compared with less than 60 percent in 1979, effectively cutting the capital cost of a kilowatt-hour by about a third. Meanwhile, other sources of power have started looking a lot worse.”

The 20 Best Signs At The San Francisco Tea Party. I like “Don’t Tell Obama What’s After a Trillion.”

SWINE FLU UPDATE: Why CDC says this year’s flu season is “very sobering”.

Here is what the graphic looks like as of last Friday:


CDC Source, full size here; legible on the .pdf version (page 8) (hat tip OmegaMom)

1969 AIDS death in suspected gay teenager.

"so is this patient zero?"

No.  Patient Zero was determined to be a Montreal Air steward, Gaetan Dugas.

Dede Scozzafava: Liar

October 20, 2009 11:41 PM by Michelle Malkin

As if there weren’t enough reasons to oppose radical leftist Dede Scozzafava’s GOP candidacy in the NY-23 special election, add one more to the list:

She’s a liar.

The Albany Times-Union reports:23 Comments |

"If you have to run a fat, non responsive lesbian, who believes we aren’t killing enough babies for the benefit of the planet, in order to carry a district that the Republicans have held since before the Civil War, I think that says you are trying too damn hard"

Barack Hugo Obama [Darleen Click]


Addressing the nation on his weekly television show on Sunday, the Venezuelan president laid out plans for his next crusade, ordering his governors and mayors to draw up a “map of the media war” to determine which media are “in the hands of the oligarchy.”

Chavez said that “if it weren’t for the attack, the lies, manipulation and the exaggeration” of the private media networks, the Venezuelan government would have the support of at least 80 percent of the population. Recent polls have put Chavez’s popularity at a little over 50 percent. [...]

Chavez frequently criticizes opposition-aligned television stations and newspapers, at times holding up copies of the papers during public addresses to ridicule articles that criticize him.


There is an organized campaign now afoot, a carefully planned, well-funded systematic assault on talk radio and Fox News that involves at least seven major liberal American religious denominations. All of whom are apparently planning to spread the gospel that talk radio and Fox News personalities are spreading hate speech. This message will be spread to their parishioners’ children, in adult education materials, in sermons and through lay leaders — people like me.

And to back it up, they are trying to invoke the legal authority of the FCC. After having a cozy, private lunch with a sympathetic FCC Commissioner on September 30.

Which brings us last, but certainly not least to: The White House.

The Obama White House is now quite specifically using the presidential bully pulpit to de-legitimize Fox News.

Note how this works:

• White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel says: “…the way we, the President looks at it, we look at it is it’s not a news organization” and that Fox is not “a legitimate news organization.”

• White House senior adviser David Axelrod says Fox News is “not really a news station.”

• White House Communications Director Anita Dunn says: “What I think is fair to say about Fox — and certainly it’s the way we view it — is that it really is more a wing of the Republican Party,” said Anita Dunn, White House communications director, on CNN. “They take their talking points, put them on the air; take their opposition research, put them on the air. And that’s fine. But let’s not pretend they’re a news network the way CNN is.”

(h/t Michelle Malkin)

And this attack is not limited to mere chilling words from the White House, but goes to calling on all other (center-left) media to disassociate with Fox News because Obama doesn’t like their opinion programs

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Tuesday pointed to two top-rated opinion shows on Fox News as the reason why the Obama administration has castigated the network as an illegitimate news organization. [...]

The White House also appeared to stand by its effort to urge other networks to isolate and alienate the channel. Gibbs said Tuesday that it’s up to the White House Correspondents Association to decide whether Fox News should continue to be part of the White House pool which covers President Obama.

Quite the busy bee, Obama is not done with his enemies list

The uneasy relationship between the Obama White House and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has steadily eroded over the past several months, with the business group’s opposition to health care and climate change legislation triggering an all-fronts backlash from the administration.

The administration is now trying to neutralize the Chamber by doing an end-run around the group and dealing directly with its members.

During remarks in early October, President Obama named and shamed the Chamber for opposing a consumer protection agency.

I wish I could say at this rate we are soon to be a banana republic, but I think I’d then have to denounce myself as racist.

Lead Story

ACORN Watch: Fight the thugs

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 20, 2009 05:34 PM

Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti

ACORN is a criminal enterprise. It took decades to build up its massive coffers and intricate web of affiliates across the country.

It will take months and years to untangle the entire operation.

And it will take time, money, and and relentless sunshine to dismantle the government-subsidized, partisan racket. It can’t be “reformed.” It is constitutionally corrupt.

The sworn testimony, research, and blogging by former ACORN/Project Vote development associate Anita MonCrief has provided an invaluable amount of fodder for reporters (before their editors “cut bait,” that is) and congressional investigators trying to get to the bottom of ACORN’s tax law-undermining, campaign finance disclosure-evading ways. Most recently, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported this week on how ACORN’s voter drives in Ohio were planned specifically to help Democrat congressional candidates.

The reward for MonCrief’s truth-telling? An intimidation lawsuit to shut her up.

Yesterday, MonCrief’s lawyers filed an answer to the ACORN/Project Vote lawsuit and counterclaims against the racket for its frivolous and bullying attempt to silence her. There is also a new website to help with her legal defense fund here.

These are the legal documents in PDF form:

*Answer to the lawsuit


*Motion to Dismiss

*Motion to Dismiss brief

MonCrief’s team has exposed the ACORN/Project Vote alliance’s joint and inseparable speech-stifling tactics and laid bare the legal chicanery. Pay attention. This is what ACORN’s worst enemies have to look forward to — and they will all need support to beat the silencers back. From the counterclaim:


10. MonCrief was a Project Vote employee and served as a Development Associate from October 2005 until January 11, 2008.

11. Project Vote is one of many affiliate entities controlled by ACORN. Together, many of these entities are referred to as the COUNCIL of organizations.

12. There is overlap and exchange of employees and officers between ACORN and Project Vote. Many employees of Project Vote simultaneously serve as staff members of ACORN and/or other affiliated organizations of ACORN.

13. Before she began working at Project Vote, MonCrief believed she was applying for a staff position with ACORN. She sent her resume to an ACORN employee, at an ACORN email address, and interviewed with an ACORN official. She was subsequently offered a job in the political operations department of ACORN. However, upon arriving at the ACORN office for her first day of work, MonCrief was informed that a decision had been made to have her employed instead by an organization called Project Vote.

14. On information and belief, the decision to hire MonCrief at Project Vote was made by ACORN.

15. Moreover, while serving as a Development Associate at Project Vote, MonCrief was simultaneously considered to be a member of the “political operations” staff of ACORN. At the outset of her employment with Project Vote MonCrief was issued an ACORN email address ( It was not until July of 2007 that MonCrief was given a Project Vote email address ( as well.

16. ACORN and Project Vote share office space in both Louisiana and Washington, D.C.

17. Citizens Consulting, Inc. (“CCI”) which like Project Vote is an affiliated entity of ACORN and member of the COUNCIL, handles all accounting, payroll, and other administrative matters for both ACORN and Project Vote.

18. On information and belief, ACORN has controlled Project Vote’s financial transactions.

19. On information and belief, ACORN has controlled the accounting for and receipt of contributions at Project Vote.

20. On information and belief, ACORN has controlled the authorization of and allocation of Project Vote expenditures.

21. On information and belief, ACORN and Project Vote have regularly engaged in transactions, financial and other, which are not conducted at arms-length.

22. On information and belief, both Project Vote and ACORN have failed to maintain proper corporate formalities, including failing to take and\or record minutes, and board meetings have been infrequently held.

23. Project Vote is, or has been at times relevant to this lawsuit, operated as a mere division of ACORN.

24. Beginning in the summer of 2008 and continuing through the present, MonCrief has engaged in an effort to shed light on unethical, inappropriate, and potentially illegal activities conducted by both Project Vote and ACORN while MonCrief was an employee of Project Vote.

25. MonCrief initially attempted to contact members of the press, including Stephanie Strom of the New York Times, to share her information. MonCrief participated in ongoing discussions with Strom, contributing information that Strom used in various ACORN exposes during 2008. However, just weeks before the 2008 presidential elections, Strom told MonCrief that her editors had asked her not to follow up on or print damaging information
regarding ACORN due to its potentially deleterious effects (Strom used the term “game- changer”) on the electoral success of then-candidate Barack Obama.

26. MonCrief, also a supporter of Barack Obama, nonetheless persisted in her efforts to bring her information to the public. She created a personal blog for herself in November of 2008 ( and began regularly posting entries to that blog.

27. MonCrief’s blog posts primarily contain political speech about current events, issues, candidates, public figures, and organizations. They also include personal, biographical reflections. Many of MonCrief’s blog posts have been critical of what she viewed as unethical, inappropriate, and potentially illegal activities on the part of Project Vote and ACORN, as well as other ACORN affiliated entities such as Citizen Services, Inc.
(“CSI”), and CCI.

28. MonCrief also published many of her blog posts on other websites such as Blog Town Hall (, The Next Right (, Big Government (, Publius’ Forum (, and Hot Air (

29. MonCrief has published articles for the DC Examiner ( that are critical of ACORN and Project Vote and accuse them of unethical, inappropriate, and potentially illegal activities.

30. In addition to her blogging and other writing, MonCrief frequently engages in dialogue and debate relating to Project Vote and ACORN via other forms of media, including Twitter and Facebook.

31. MonCrief has appeared on the Fox News Channel for interviews and has been critical of ACORN and Project Vote in such appearances.

32. MonCrief has appeared on various nationally syndicated radio programs and has been critical of ACORN and Project Vote in such appearances.

33. On October 29, 2008, MonCrief testified in a lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania against both ACORN and Project Vote alleging various forms of wrongdoing on their part. MonCrief’s testimony covered a variety of topics, including ACORN’s control over its affiliated entities, inappropriate political activities undertaken by Project Vote and ACORN, and various issues related to voter registration fraud.

34. On March 19, 2009, portions of MonCrief’s testimony from the Pennsylvania lawsuit were read into the record as testimony before the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the Judiciary Committee of the United States House of Representatives. That Committee was considering an investigation into potentially illegal activities on the part of ACORN. MonCrief’s testimony again indicated unethical and potentially illegal activities on the part
of ACORN and Project Vote, including potential violations of the United States Internal Revenue Code and the Federal Election Campaign Act.

35. In July of 2009, the Committee of Oversight and Governmental Reform of the United States House of Representatives issued a report on ACORN titled “Is ACORN Intentionally Structured As a Criminal Enterprise?,” which accused ACORN of multiple violations of federal law. The report relied in part on information provided by MonCrief, who had previously met with members of the Committee to discuss wrongdoing on the part
of ACORN and Project Vote.

36. On June 17, 2009, Project Vote filed its current complaint against MonCrief in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Project Vote purports to seek recovery for approximately $2,700 relating to MonCrief’s alleged misuse of a company credit card in 2007 and failure to pay back all of a cash advance MonCrief allegedly received from Project Vote during her employment.

37. Project Vote’s sole basis for bringing these claims in federal court (not counting their minimal contribution to Project Vote’s claim for $5 million in economic damages, which implicates diversity jurisdiction) is supplemental jurisdiction—their supposed “common nucleus of operative fact” with Project Vote’s claims regarding MonCrief’s email and blog postings, which are discussed below.

38. Project Vote also brings claims against MonCrief, based purportedly on her spring 2009 blog posts and emails critical of ACORN and CSI, among others.

39. Project Vote asserts causes of action based upon trademark violations, trespass to chattels, misappropriation of trade secrets, interference with business expectancies, conversion, misrepresentation, breach of contract, and civil conspiracy.

40. Project Vote prays for damages over $5 million as to its trade secrets, tortious interference, trespass to chattels, and civil conspiracy claims. Moreover, Project Vote seeks treble damages related to its trademark claims.

41. Project Vote’s theory of damages on its tortious interference claims is that MonCrief attempted to “embarrass Project Vote” and “drive a wedge” between itself and ACORN, CSI, Kevin Whelan, Zach Polett, and donors to Project Vote.

42. Project Vote has not identified any contribution it has lost, any financial loss that it has sustained with respect to its contributors, or any reputational or financial damage it has sustained with its own admittedly affiliated organizations (ACORN and CSI) as a proximate cause of MonCrief’s email or posting.

43. Contemporaneously with its Complaint, Project Vote filed a motion seeking leave from this Court to undertake emergency discovery of MonCrief in order to determine what third parties might be providing MonCrief with damaging information about Project Vote.

Count I — Alter Ego Liability

44. Defendant incorporates by reference paragraphs 1 trough 43 as though fully set forth herein.

45. ACORN and Project Vote share a unity of interest, ownership, and control to the extent that they do not have separate personalities or identities.

46. Project Vote is a mere instrumentality of ACORN as ACORN has exercised complete domination and control over Project Vote.

47. Failing to pierce the corporate veil of Project Vote to reach ACORN would permit ACORN to hide behind the corporate fiction of Project Vote to shield itself from liability for its wrongful actions.

48. ACORN has attempted to use its allegedly separate existence from Project Vote to manufacture a claim that by posting critical emails or blog entries, MonCrief has (or somehow could) damage the allegedly arms-length relationships between ACORN, CSI, and Project Vote. Under this damage theory, such reputational or financial harms would proximately cause loss to Project Vote. But in reality, this is impossible because Project Vote is an organization that, like its sibling CSI, is a mere instrumentality of ACORN.

Thus, ACORN has attempted to use the fiction of separate corporate existences to create causes of action that could otherwise not be pled.

49. ACORN and Project Vote are alter egos of one another and any liability on the part of Project Vote for abuse of process in this litigation must also be attributed to ACORN.

Count II – Abuse of Process

50. Defendant incorporates by reference paragraphs 1 through 49 as though fully set forth herein.

51. ACORN, Project Vote, and CSI are alter entities of one another and have attempted to use the fiction of independent corporate identities to create the possibility of damages and to manufacture a good faith basis for this lawsuit.

52. The primary purposes and intentions of this lawsuit against MonCrief are not to seek recovery and redress for the causes pled, but (a) to silence MonCrief’s criticism and pressure her to cease her whistle-blowing activities that shed light on wrongdoing on the part of Project Vote, ACORN, and other affiliated organizations of ACORN, and (b) to obtain information from MonCrief as to the current and former sources of her information in order to discover their identity and engage in similar retaliation.

53. ACORN and Project Vote have no legal right to silence MonCrief’s criticism or to prohibit her from exercising her First Amendment right to convey her message and ideas.

54. ACORN and Project Vote have no legal right to prohibit MonCrief from participating in various investigations of Project Vote and ACORN, and have no legal right to prohibit her from engaging in public discourse related to wrongdoing on the part of ACORN and Project Vote.

55. ACORN and Project Vote have no legal right to compel MonCrief to disclose the sources of her information.

56. On information and belief, prior to filing this lawsuit, ACORN and\or Project Vote terminated staff members whom they suspected of providing information to MonCrief, but believe that other sources of information remain in the

57. ACORN and Project Vote are using this lawsuit in an effort to identify these sources of information.

58. ACORN and Project Vote’s lawsuit is manifestly improper because it attempts to pervert the judicial process to achieve ends (namely, silencing of MonCrief’s criticism and forcing her to disclose her sources) which they cannot otherwise legally or regularly compel, but which are also collateral to the relief (payment of over $5 million, presumably accounting for unidentified, unalleged lost contributions and MonCrief’s alleged outstanding
loan and credit card balance) which they purport to seek.

59. MonCrief has suffered damages as a result of Project Vote’s and ACORN’s abuse of process, including but not limited to the costs associated with defending herself against Project Vote’s lawsuit and the chilling of her First Amendment rights.

ACORN’s next big chill attempt is aimed at Hannah Giles, James O’Keefe, and Andrew Breitbart (defense fund links here), who were all sued last month by ACORN as a result of their investigative journalism stings into the community organizing racket. Breitbart and MonCrief hosted a blogger call this afternoon to discuss MonCrief’s legal defense; Breitbart, Giles, and O’Keefe will host a National Press Club event tomorrow to discuss the next chapter in the ACORN sting saga:

Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government will hold a press conference featuring James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, the two daring young journalists who, posing as a “pimp” and “prostitute,” exposed massive corruption within ACORN’s offices throughout the country. The Press Conference will be held at the National Press Club of Washington, DC on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at 9:30 a.m.

After suing, Mr. O’Keefe and Ms. Giles in Maryland over the release of the Baltimore tapes, ACORN has issued public statements denying any wrongdoing in its Philadelphia office and lying about what happened there.
Mr. O’Keefe and Ms. Giles are now prepared to respond.

According to Mr. Breitbart, “ACORN representatives claim James and Hannah were kicked out of Philadelphia. They also said publicly that unlike Baltimore, Washington D.C., Brooklyn, San Bernardino and San Diego, James and Hannah
never even mentioned prostitution before they were told to leave. James and Hannah will be joining me to set the record straight. After Wednesday, everyone will know what really happened in Philly.”

Reps Steve King (R-IA) and Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), leaders in the congressional fight to defund ACORN will be also be in attendance to offer
brief remarks.

They all stood up to ACORN. Time to stand up for them.

Posted in: ACORN Watch

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To: All

Does Anyone Know Barack Obama?

This struck me during the campaign:

Where are Obama’s family, friends, college buddies, high school, hometown buds, professional colleagues, etc. etc.?

None in evidence. Never seen a presidential campaign without evidence or presence of anyone with any long time relationship to the candidate.

Obama As Nixon: Enemies List First Appeared in Campaign

Smears, Inc.

Hark back to July 2008. That was when the above image made its debut on Barack Obama's ironically-named campaign website DBKP wrote about it in Smear, Inc: Obama Enemy List Published on

As we wrote last July:

By tagging conservative activists as part of a “smear”, Obama has re-defined the word to mean “those who do not agree with you”. Obama’s site doesn’t say that the activities the activists are engaged in are illegal , immoral (to anyone other than rabid liberals) or untrue–it just implies it.

The original can be seen at Behind the Smears.

In case it disappears--as these things have a disturbing habit of doing--a screenshot is provided below.

What is truly ironic is the Obama quote at the top of this page on

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Foreign Press On "Wimp House vs. Fox News"

The Racism Ignored

Ah yes....the nation votes a black man into the highest office in the land and many expected to hear a little bit less of "white America hates the black man" kind of complaint. That wasn't the case with many saying "yeah but."

Maybe they were right....racism still is a big problem:

Look who's married to Obama's media controller (Anita Dunn). . .


Obama is picking a dangerous, petty fight with Fox News

Sarah Palin To Go On Oprah, Winfrey's Fans Aren't Pleased

New book tells inside story of pivotal Bush-Reagan debate in Nashua

Parents seek £1m for hammer attack on white son at 'race bullies' school

Democrats' hidden gas tax

We found that cap-and-trade legislation will levy a $3.6 trillion gas-tax increase that will impact every American and important segments of our economy.
255. backhoe on 20 October, 2009 at 4:37 pm  reply 

Since I’m more of a lurker & linker than commentator, I hesitated about dropping in on this thread, but danged if I don’t see an opportunity to mix pets, Judaism, Israel, and pathos & bathos, so- Geronimo!

Wife Miss Emily & I have been married 25 years, and since we can’t have children ( a whole ‘nother long story or two ) we have animals- we each had a dog when we wed.

Losing our old Taffy-girl of 14 years back in 2007 was a grim milestone, but we dusted off, and got a fella from the shelter- a lot of details here, scroll back & forth:

When Miss Emily’s Mom was dying last year, she insisted we take her very old, very fat, very neurotic old girl, and despite not wanting another dog nearing the end of her life ( we thought she was 12– turned out to be 15… ) we took her in, got the weight off, got her moving around again- some pictures here:

We are both Episcopalians, but before we married, the President of the local Temple showed up at Emily’s office ( she was organist/choir director at the Episcopal church one block away ) and asked her if she’d like to be their new organist & director of music, because “the hours won’t conflict with your work here…”

We cut our honeymoon short for her first performance, and the next year ( and every year after, until health forced her resignation, ( 1984-2001 ) her choir from the church ( with me, of course ) sang for the High Holy Days.

Needless to say, we are friends of Israel.

Karl Rove On Greta: "This Is A Bully, Robert Gibbs Is A Bully" (Video)

Surviving Disaster (Spike TV)

Louis Farrakhan: H1N1 Vaccine Developed to Kill People

Farrakhan hails Obama as 'hope of entire world'


Louis Farrakhan, at the annual Saviours' Day celebration in Chicago, Feb. 25, 2008: "This young man is the hope of the entire world that America will change and be made better"..."If you look at Barack Obama's audiences and look at the effect of his words, those people are being transformed."

Video of Farrakhan's Obama endorsement at the above 'annual Saviours' Day celebration in Chicago, Feb. 25, 2008'. Hear him (Farrakhan) call Obama "The Messiah" And speak of "universal change":

Must read: Saul Alinsky's 25,000 word interview with Playboy Magazine in 1972

GAME ON: PHILADELPHIA ACORN video release tomorrow 9:30AM

1,926 posted on 10/21/2009 3:54:36 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Historical News Articles and FactCheck Agree: Obama is Kenyan-born

Hoyer Says Constitution’s ‘General Welfare’ Clause Empowers Congress to Order Americans to....

Buy Health Insurance
“like paying taxes.”

FWIW, methinks - in a nation built on liberty & freedom - that one should be able to get by (however humbly) with paying _no_ taxes. Basic (and I do mean basic) food, water, real estate, transportation, business, speech, arms, etc. should all be tax-free at the most fundamental levels; otherwise, one must pay tribute & beg permission from other people (gov't) just to exist.

To require purchase of a product (smoke & mirrors notwithstanding), as enforced by police powers, is anathema to this concept.

Oh, and BTW guys: gov't-controlled health care is a violation of the 4th Amendment - they have no right to your private medical records, and they can't control your health care without them. Tell 'em to get a warrant.

“promote the general welfare” is a GOAL of the constitution, not a power granted to congress. The founders knew that a limited government was the best way to promote the general welfare, so they explicitly restricted the powers of the federal government.


Obama Chance Plane


50 Nuclear Missiles Deactivated At Malmstrom

Taser Issues A Warning To Its Stun Gun Users- They Can Kill

Why Hate Crime Laws Don't Work

H1N1 Running Rampant Amid Shortage of Vaccine

This is the bust in the boomtown that banks built (Charlotte, NC experiences 'a new humility')

ACORN – Philadelphia

good time to review obama’s ties to ACORN

May 29, 2008 4:00 AM

Inside Obama’s Acorn
By their fruits ye shall know them.

By Stanley Kurtz

Shocking ACORN Video: the Philadelphia Edition

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To: All

White House Using “Nixon-Like” Tactics.

UPDATE: Rules For A Radical White House.

Fiorina: Government has to regulate “wild west” Internet

JONATHAN TURLEY: Obama Administration Accepts “Blasphemy” Exception to Free Speech. “Around the world, free speech is being sacrificed on the altar of religion. Whether defined as hate speech, discrimination or simple blasphemy, governments are declaring unlimited free speech as the enemy of freedom of religion. This growing movement has reached the United Nations, where religiously conservative countries received a boost in their campaign to pass an international blasphemy law. It came from the most unlikely of places: the United States.”

UPDATE: A reader suggests that this is because they regard criticism of Obama as a species of blasphemy. Heh.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Secret Video: New U.N. Blasphemy Policy In Action. Thanks to reader Neil Sorens for the suggestion. It seems there’s one of these for every Administration policy...

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Showtime’s Lock N’ Load: Hollywood Finally Lets Gun Owners Speak.

Link between child porn and Muslim terrorists discovered in police raids

When the cat's away the mice kill each other (0's Foreign Policy Agenda = Chaos)

Videos show Toronto 18 members handling bomb materials

CDC shocker: Swine Flu killing young people at surprising rate.

DONALD SENSING: FoxNews Channel is not the real target, and the rest of the media need to wake up to the crosshairs on them, too. I don’t think the Alinsky playbook will work this time. But it’s telling that the White House feels otherwise.

Related: Obama’s War On Fox News Becomes A Quagmire.

Another racial hoax crime with the New Black Panther Party seal of approval

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 21, 2009 12:02 PM

And the hoax crimes just keep on piling up.

The latest recanting took place in West Virginia:

Seven people pleaded guilty for their part in abusing Megan Williams — but now Williams says that abuse never happened.

She will hold a press conference Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio, to recant her claims of abuse, attorney Byron L. Potts, who represents Williams, told The Charleston Gazette on Tuesday night.

“She has decided she has been living this lie for approximately two years and she has decided to tell the truth,” Potts said. “She fabricated the story and she did this in retaliation because she was having a relationship with one of them.”

You won’t be surprised who was in the middle of the racially-charged fakery. That’s right: New Black Panther Party clown Malik Shabazz. You know, the same one for whom Eric Holder’s corrupted Justice Department provided relief and cover in the Philadelphia voter intimidation case:

At the time of the plea deals, Megan Williams, her adopted mother Carmen Williams, and her adviser Malik Shabazz criticized the plea agreements, claiming they were too light a punishment. Shabazz, co-founder of Black Lawyers for Justice and a member of the New Black Panther Party, gave Williams and her family legal counsel.

The Williams family, Shabazz and others criticized Abraham for only pursuing a hate crime charge for Burton.

Now Williams claims she wasn’t abused at all, Potts said.

“They did plead guilty, I don’t know why,” he said of the defendants. “This is what she’s telling me.”

Two years ago, you may recall that Shabazz and his race hustlers helped enable the Duke lacrosse hoax crime accuser.

Keep all this in mind as you reflect on how Holder’s DOJ has refused to enjoin the lying, inciting Shabazz from showing up at polling booths with his billy club-wielding, racial epithet-hurling thugs.

So much for the era of post-racialism.



Plus, New ACORN video from Philadelphia.

ELECTION FRAUD in Troy, New York. Shockingly, ACORN is mentioned.

UPDATE: More from Gateway Pundit.

Stupid Quote of the Day: Michael Wolff [Darleen Click]

Good lord

Are you a Fox person or not a Fox person? And I think they want to identify Fox as the standard bearer of American conservatism. If you’re a conservative, you’re for Fox (ie, is that who you want to be?).

In Michael Wolff’s America there is no Constitution, there is no First Amendment, there are no principles of free speech or free press. One cannot be “for Fox” and be anything but a [loathsome, racist, sexist, teabagging, homophobic, hate-crime-prone, godbothering] CONSERVATIVE!!! [cue the screaming horses]

Even when the evil scandal of CNN’s collaboration with Saddam Hussein was revealed, I don’t recall any White House official nor any non-left commentator calling for CNN to be expelled from the press corps. Certainly, that was a lot worse then the audicity of Chris Wallace doing his job in fact-checking assertions made by Tammy Duckworth on his show. The Obama Whitehouse doesn’t want a free press, they want a nationwide PR machine.

Wolff also asserts, baldly, that “conservatives” are now a minority …

Republicanism = conservatism = Fox = rabid opposition to an incredibly popular piece of legislation = hopeless marginalization = new liberal consensus.

…basing that on the incredibly bogus WaPo poll. Wolff also fails to grasp that there are vastly more conservatives than Republicans.

Wolff is really just parroting the White House talking point to non-leftists: SHUT UP, or else.

1,928 posted on 10/21/2009 3:52:04 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

White House Using “Nixon-Like” Tactics.

UPDATE: Rules For A Radical White House.

Fiorina: Government has to regulate “wild west” Internet

JONATHAN TURLEY: Obama Administration Accepts “Blasphemy” Exception to Free Speech. “Around the world, free speech is being sacrificed on the altar of religion. Whether defined as hate speech, discrimination or simple blasphemy, governments are declaring unlimited free speech as the enemy of freedom of religion. This growing movement has reached the United Nations, where religiously conservative countries received a boost in their campaign to pass an international blasphemy law. It came from the most unlikely of places: the United States.”

UPDATE: A reader suggests that this is because they regard criticism of Obama as a species of blasphemy. Heh.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Secret Video: New U.N. Blasphemy Policy In Action. Thanks to reader Neil Sorens for the suggestion. It seems there’s one of these for every Administration policy...

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Showtime’s Lock N’ Load: Hollywood Finally Lets Gun Owners Speak.

Link between child porn and Muslim terrorists discovered in police raids

When the cat's away the mice kill each other (0's Foreign Policy Agenda = Chaos)

Videos show Toronto 18 members handling bomb materials

CDC shocker: Swine Flu killing young people at surprising rate.

DONALD SENSING: FoxNews Channel is not the real target, and the rest of the media need to wake up to the crosshairs on them, too. I don’t think the Alinsky playbook will work this time. But it’s telling that the White House feels otherwise.

Related: Obama’s War On Fox News Becomes A Quagmire.

Another racial hoax crime with the New Black Panther Party seal of approval

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 21, 2009 12:02 PM

And the hoax crimes just keep on piling up.

The latest recanting took place in West Virginia:

Seven people pleaded guilty for their part in abusing Megan Williams — but now Williams says that abuse never happened.

She will hold a press conference Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio, to recant her claims of abuse, attorney Byron L. Potts, who represents Williams, told The Charleston Gazette on Tuesday night.

“She has decided she has been living this lie for approximately two years and she has decided to tell the truth,” Potts said. “She fabricated the story and she did this in retaliation because she was having a relationship with one of them.”

You won’t be surprised who was in the middle of the racially-charged fakery. That’s right: New Black Panther Party clown Malik Shabazz. You know, the same one for whom Eric Holder’s corrupted Justice Department provided relief and cover in the Philadelphia voter intimidation case:

At the time of the plea deals, Megan Williams, her adopted mother Carmen Williams, and her adviser Malik Shabazz criticized the plea agreements, claiming they were too light a punishment. Shabazz, co-founder of Black Lawyers for Justice and a member of the New Black Panther Party, gave Williams and her family legal counsel.

The Williams family, Shabazz and others criticized Abraham for only pursuing a hate crime charge for Burton.

Now Williams claims she wasn’t abused at all, Potts said.

“They did plead guilty, I don’t know why,” he said of the defendants. “This is what she’s telling me.”

Two years ago, you may recall that Shabazz and his race hustlers helped enable the Duke lacrosse hoax crime accuser.

Keep all this in mind as you reflect on how Holder’s DOJ has refused to enjoin the lying, inciting Shabazz from showing up at polling booths with his billy club-wielding, racial epithet-hurling thugs.

So much for the era of post-racialism.



Plus, New ACORN video from Philadelphia.

ELECTION FRAUD in Troy, New York. Shockingly, ACORN is mentioned.

UPDATE: More from Gateway Pundit.

Stupid Quote of the Day: Michael Wolff [Darleen Click]

Good lord

Are you a Fox person or not a Fox person? And I think they want to identify Fox as the standard bearer of American conservatism. If you’re a conservative, you’re for Fox (ie, is that who you want to be?).

In Michael Wolff’s America there is no Constitution, there is no First Amendment, there are no principles of free speech or free press. One cannot be “for Fox” and be anything but a [loathsome, racist, sexist, teabagging, homophobic, hate-crime-prone, godbothering] CONSERVATIVE!!! [cue the screaming horses]

Even when the evil scandal of CNN’s collaboration with Saddam Hussein was revealed, I don’t recall any White House official nor any non-left commentator calling for CNN to be expelled from the press corps. Certainly, that was a lot worse then the audicity of Chris Wallace doing his job in fact-checking assertions made by Tammy Duckworth on his show. The Obama Whitehouse doesn’t want a free press, they want a nationwide PR machine.

Wolff also asserts, baldly, that “conservatives” are now a minority …

Republicanism = conservatism = Fox = rabid opposition to an incredibly popular piece of legislation = hopeless marginalization = new liberal consensus.

…basing that on the incredibly bogus WaPo poll. Wolff also fails to grasp that there are vastly more conservatives than Republicans.

Wolff is really just parroting the White House talking point to non-leftists: SHUT UP, or else.

1,929 posted on 10/21/2009 3:53:57 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All
CHANGE: Gallup: First-year quarterly drop in Obama’s approval rating one of the biggest in decades. “In fact, the 9-point drop in the most recent quarter is the largest Gallup has ever measured for an elected president between the second and third quarters of his term, dating back to 1953.”
Constitution Empowers Congress to Order Americans to buy H Insurance
GOVERNMENT-FUNDED propaganda.   Maybe this is the Hope and Change we were promised.  One official government website now includes a form to express support of Dear Leader President Obama’s effort to overhaul the American medical system, a clear violation of laws against executive-branch propaganda through public channels. 


Of course it delights us to see the president and his most unsavory supporters promote Fox as the only TV news network that isn’t in the tank for the administration. Although this isn’t entirely fair to the other networks–in particular, ABC News’s Jake Tapper has shown a strong independent streak–it is well-deserved recognition for the work Fox has done in bringing to the fore such stories as the Van Jones and Acorn scandals, which many other news organizations ignored for as long as they could.

On the other hand, we are an American, and Barack Obama is our president too. It cracks us up when cheers on the president for “fighting back” by “not appearing” and “staying off.” “Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about, and gallantly he chickened out.”

You know, I think I was right when I said that there’s a Monty Python clip for everything this Administration does. . .

IN A TIZZY about Liz Cheney.
Coulter - 'The Grating Communicator'
Obama towers retirement home
Theme Copied from the Clinton Library.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 8:10 PM
Jim Hoft

Michelle Malkin was on Hannity to discuss the latest ACORN video scandal from Philadelphia.

Michelle jumped on the state-run media and the radical Obama Administration.
Michelle Malkin reminded the audience:
“Corrupted birds of a feather flock together… The leftwing fish rots from the head down.”
Don’t hold back, Michelle.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 9:59 PM
Jim Hoft

Know Your Scumbags.
jennings exhibit
Catholic Bishop = Used Condom.

Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings funded a pornographic anti-Christian art show now on display at Harvard University.
Mass Resistance reported:

If you want to know what Americans can expect in public schools, look no further.

Kevin Jennings is Barack Obama’s “safe schools” czar in the US Department of Education. He’s also the founder of the national homosexual group GLSEN, which sets up “gay straight alliance” clubs in high schools and middle schools across America. GLSEN is officially supported by the Massachusetts Legislature.

Jennings is also a former member of the radical homosexual group “Act Up”, and he contributed to this depraved and offensive museum exhibit on “Act Up” now at Harvard University (see press release) .

But please don’t judge the president by the many Mao-supporters and radicals who he surrounds himself with.

For more on the show go to Mass Resistance
(Warning on Content)


** Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings Hid Pedophilia
** Audio: Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Admits Hiding Pedophilia From Officials
** Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Expresses Regret for Not Reporting Statutory Rape
** Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Praised NAMBLA Founder, Too
** White House Blames FOX News For Their Safe Schools Czar’s Slimy Past
**Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Slams Schools For Promoting Heterosexuality
** Report: Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Wrote the Foreword to a Pedophilia Book
** Bill Ayers Endorsed Same Book as Obama’s Safe Schools Czar
** Jennings Wrote That Killing Someone Who Called You Names Was “Not Aberrant Behavior”
** Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Knew Harry Hay Was a Child Perp


Below the HR-- the strike line- is what I usually include in TDU, and leave out of AHH... I include it now, to show what we are losing with the Chicago Thug & Con Artist, AKA -Kommander ZerØ--

PENNY-SAVING household hints.
Norman Rockwell’s American Dream
Americana. The quaint notion of small town, values, making your way and freedom from interference and meddling. 

We will not give up that quietly.

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To: All

Officials say malls remain vulnerable

Bipartisan Panel Warns That Bio-Terrorism Attack May Be Imminent

While I have no particular opinion about this specific article, I have said for years,

"Not a matter of if,
...but when...

Nor can I say which part of the ABC triad will be used- but it is coming to our shores.


Straw man alert:

Report: Secret Service strained to protect Obama (Threats up 400% over Bush)

I'll call it what it is- hogwash.

I live in the heart of the Deep South, and I have not heard one word spoken against -Kommander ZerØ--

By contrast, every other President I can recall had some nasty cracks made about him.

More made-up stories for the Faithful to chatter about at their cocktail parties...

Welcome to the World of Newspeak

Obama's war on Fox & half the country

New cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe

Obama takes a shot at guns

Obama's 'safe schools czar' acts up: Even more troubling news about Kevin Jennings

Honest to God, I have never before seen so many extremists, radicals, unindicted criminals and outright MoonBat-flappin’ kooks gathered together in one place as in this laughable mis-Administration...

If Monty Python had tried to satirize it, nobody would have believed it.

“Hope” you like that “change” you voted for, Ø-Merica...

Obama's safe-schools boss sponsors radical porn

Obama's 'National Resource Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Elders'


That sound you hear is Dick Cheney slapping down Obama bigtime


( Yes, he actually can fly the damned thing... )

Versus this:

God help America...



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To: All

Devastating drop in job approval numbers for Obama in new Gallup survey

The Obama Economy is So Bad...

Obamas Stimulus Promises Result in Loss of 2.7 Million Jobs

Has Obama Released the African American Vote from Democrats Hold? (VA gov race)

There is a truly intriguing poll out today in the VA Governor’s race, with some stunning internals when it comes to the African American vote split between the two parties:

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Black America and the Obama Disaster

Melanie Phillips speaks very slowly for the idiots (left and right)

Melanie Phillips brilliantly explains the BNP's appeal. Print this out and stick it on your computer if it helps. My fellow "conservatives," I'm looking at you, too:

..the strategy being adopted to contain and destroy Griffin is to attack him for being a racist. Which he is.

But that is not the reason for his appeal. Those who support him do not in the main do so because they are racially prejudiced. It is because he also opposes mass immigration, Islamisation and the loss of sovereignty to the EU.

These are all legitimate concerns which are widely held by people who fear the loss of Britain’s historic identity — but which are stigmatised as beyond the pale by an intelligentsia which considers any such expression of nationalistic sentiment to be a form of racism.

1,932 posted on 10/22/2009 10:29:52 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All
ObamaNation: Mass Media vs Private Liberty (22Oct09)
ObamaNation: All the President's MAO (22Oct09)
Trial lawyers will run rampant
Save the planet! Eat your dog
Thursday, October 22, 2009, 5:54 AM
Jim Hoft

Here kitty, kitty, kitty…
The left now wants us to eat our pets to save the planet.
Watts Up With That posted this disgusting pet-hating study:

The eco-pawprint of a pet dog is twice that of a 4.6-litre Land Cruiser driven 10,000 kilometres a year, researchers have found.

Victoria University professors Brenda and Robert Vale, architects who specialise in sustainable living, say pet owners should swap cats and dogs for creatures they can eat, such as chickens or rabbits, in their provocative new book Time to Eat the Dog: The real guide to sustainable living.

The couple have assessed the carbon emissions created by popular pets, taking into account the ingredients of pet food and the land needed to create them.

“If you have a German shepherd or similar-sized dog, for example, its impact every year is exactly the same as driving a large car around,” Brenda Vale said.

“A lot of people worry about having SUVs but they don’t worry about having Alsatians and what we are saying is, well, maybe you should be because the environmental impact … is comparable.”

In a study published in New Scientist, they calculated a medium dog eats 164 kilograms of meat and 95kg of cereals every year. It takes 43.3 square metres of land to produce 1kg of chicken a year. This means it takes 0.84 hectares to feed Fido.

They compared this with the footprint of a Toyota Land Cruiser, driven 10,000km a year, which uses 55.1 gigajoules (the energy used to build and fuel it). One hectare of land can produce 135 gigajoules a year, which means the vehicle’s eco-footprint is 0.41ha – less than half of the dog’s.

They found cats have an eco-footprint of 0.15ha – slightly less than a Volkswagen Golf. Hamsters have a footprint of 0.014ha – keeping two of them is equivalent to owning a plasma TV.

Tastes like chicken.


Message to GOP: Can you hear conservatives now?

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 22, 2009 12:00 PM

From reader Barnaby, who sent back his crossed-out Republican solicitation forms with a “NO RINOS” sticky note for Newt Gingrich:

From reader K., a message to GOP Rep. Jeb Hensarling’s office:

As you’ve hopefully figured out by now, your boss really stepped in it with the endorsement of this left-winger in New York.

Jeb likes to tell everyone how he’s a ‘conservative first and a Republican second,’ but the endorsement of Dede Scozzafava made it clear where his current priorities lie.

I’ve contributed thousands of dollars to your boss over the years. In the past, I’ve always been quick to tell a crowd how much I love Jeb Hensarling. I love his speeches, and I (usually) like the way he votes, but unless Jeb changes his priorities as a Republican leader, he’ll never see another dime or hear another word of support from me.

Reader Shirley sends the note she sent to the NRCC and the automated reply she received in response:

I just returned a questionnaire from Michael Steele and the RNC a few weeks ago, but could not include a contribution. I also received a questionnaire and a request for money from John Boehner and promptly dispatched that to the shredder. Unfortunately, I do not trust the RNC, NRCC nor any of you so called “Republicans” to invest my money wisely in promoting truly conservative candidates. Thank goodness I did NOT send any of my hard earned money.

All of you have pulled the wool over my eyes for quite some time now. No more. After your latest debacle in NY and your support of another RINO, you will not succeed in leading me down that well worn path of Republican self-destruction.

I knew that Newt was leading the Republicans astray with his patronization/appeasement of Pelosi (on the big, comfy, global warming couch), and his traipsing around the countryside with the hustler Sharpton, but to come out in support of Scozzafava? You must be kidding?

The RNC has fallen in step with a huge contribution to support this so called Republican, Scozzafava?

The Republican National Committee also confirmed Friday that it was making a six-figure transfer to the National Republican Campaign Committee to help in that race.

The NRCC has already spent nearly half a million dollars on advertising and other independent expenditures. And with the Scozzafava campaign on television only sparingly — reportedly because of slow fundraising — it has become the main source of advertising for the Republicans at this point.

The RNC is also giving $85,000 to the state party, the maximum allowed for a coordinated campaign, and has two staffers on the ground in the district.

In a letter to supporters, Gingrich called the Nov. 3 special election “an important test” for the party in advance of the 2010 mid-term election. Scozzafava is “Our best chance to put responsible and principled leaders in Washington,” he said.

Since all of you seem to know so much more than I do, why don’t you explain to ALL of us conservatives why you would not support Hoffman. On second thought, don’t bother.

And, tell me WHY I would send money to any of you! On second thought, don’t bother. I don’t even live in NY, but you have hoodwinked me for the last time.

Self-destruct if you wish; you won’t take me with you – not this time.


Subject: Thank you for your thoughts and comments
Date: 10/17/2009 11:16:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Reply To:
Sent on:

Thank you for contacting the Republican National Committee. We certainly appreciated your email, and will include your thoughts in our report to the Chairman. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the future with any of your thoughts, opinions or observations.

Office of Constituent Services
Republican National Committee

And from reader Paul to the RNC and NRCC:

I have been a Republican voter for pretty nearly my entire adult life,ut am getting fed up with our Republican “leaders” and their increasing support for, though you call them moderates, radical, left wing ideologues such as Dede Scozzafava, proud winner of the Margaret Sanger Award.

In the past two weeks, according to one poll, Doug Hoffman has closed the gap quite a bit (from 16% against Scozzafava’s 35%, to 23% to Scozzafava’s 29%) and done that WITHOUT YOUR MUCH NEEDED SUPPORT. Why you have chosen to completely ignore your base, the ones at the town halls this summer, the ones at the Tea Parties (including yours truly on the Capitol lawn on 9/12), those of us who are DEMANDING that the spending madness stop, and that government get out of our lives is beyond me.

It’s political suicide.

Stop attacking Doug Hoffman now! Stop this madness. Or, simply resign from you’re membership in the GOP and do what you know you really want to do: join Arlen Specter. Leave the Republican party to those who believe principles mean something.

My voter registration is “Unaffiliated” and will never be Republican again until you oust the likes Scozzafava (though there are certainly more) from the list of those you support. You will not get one red cent from me until I see evidence that you are doing what is right, which you certainly are not at this time.

I am not even a NY resident, but will consider donating to Doug Hoffman’s campaign

The Wall Street Journal had a story on the race with the headline, “Tea-Party Activists Complicate Republican Comeback Strategy.” The truth is the opposite: The GOP establishment complicates the Republican and conservative comeback strategy.

Attention, GOP establishment: Can you hear conservatives now?

Posted in: GOP

DAN RIEHL: Don’t Blame The National GOP for the Scozzafava Candidacy.

Bill Whittle, Dana Loesch, and I talked about this last night.

CHANGE: 7 Months After Stimulus 49 of 50 States Have Lost Jobs. What’s shocking is that even Washington, D.C. has lost jobs. How can that be?

Report: White House Neglecting Bioterrorism. Well, they’re busy with the real threat — Fox News!


Thursday, October 22, 2009, 12:02 PM
Jim Hoft

Bret Stevens asked the question in The Wall Street Journal yesterday,
“Does Obama believed in human rights?”
…After nine months on the job we have our answer.

In 2007 thousands of democracy activists in Burma (or Myanmar) rose up and protested against the brutal junta in control their country.

Thousands of Buddhist monks marched in the Hledan area of Rangoon back in September 2007. The monks led massive democracy protests against the violent junta. But the protests didn’t last long. The military regime cracked down on the activists killing and imprisoning several thousand men and women for demanding freedom. (BBC)

The regime slaughtered the democracy protesters. They gunned them down in the streets.

This is raw footage of the execution of Japanese journalist Kenji Nagai by the Burmese junta on September 27, 2007.
This coming week the Obama Administration will send a delegation to meet with the killer regime in Burma.
The Age reported:

The United States is preparing to send a rare mission to Burma but warns that its bid to engage the military junta after decades of hostility will be “slow and painful.”
Kurt Campbell, the assistant secretary of state for East Asia, said a team would head to Burma to follow up on talks last month in New York, which marked the highest-level US contact with the regime in nearly a decade.

But in testimony Wednesday before a House of Representatives committee, Campbell cautioned: “We expect engagement with Burma to be a long, slow, painful and step-by-step process.”

A Burma official on Thursday confirmed the “fact-finding” trip would take place next week. But the official gave no further details, saying the visit was still in the planning stages.

Campbell did not specify who would take part in the trip. Another senior US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Campbell hoped to go himself but it would depend on whether the junta gives him access to the opposition.

In Rare Protest- Myanmar Democracy Activists Get Beatdown
1,000 Burmese Monks Protest Junta Abuse– Get Beatdown!
Burma’s Monks March On– Meet With Aung San Suu Kyi -Update: With Photo
20,000 Protest Military Junta in Burma!
ANOTHER MASSIVE PROTEST in Rangoon Against the Junta!
JUNTA FIRES ON MONKS!… Deaths Reported in Burma
CRACKDOWN IN BURMA- China & Russia Block UN Action!
The Second Amendment: Why We Have It
US Senators Support Democracy Protesters in Burma
Buddhist Leader Dalai Lama Extends Support to Burmese Protesters… From Spain
Burma Protests Fizzle As World Turns Back on Slaughter
Myanmar Officials Hide Bodies- UN Delegate Arrives for Show
MASS SLAUGHTER IN BURMA!… Hundreds, Maybe Thousands, Dead! (Video)
Halleluiah! UN Envoy Gets to Meet Junta Leader For 15 Minutes!
Burmese Students Get 5 Years Hard Labor for Protesting Junta
The Buddhist Monks of Burma Have “Vanished”

1,933 posted on 10/22/2009 1:20:51 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

'Net neutrality' would slow the flow

Net 'Neutrality' is Government Theft

Hate crimes bill goes to Obama for signature

Limbaugh Mocks Andrea Mitchell; Says Obama "Gone Far Beyond" what "Nixon Even Contemplated" - Video


50 examples of government waste (Estimated at hundreds of billions)

The Cold War Never Ended: Twenty years later, historians still can't figure out why the West...


Obama Administration proposes a critical habitat in Alaska for Polar Bears

Rasmussen : 73 percent say GOP leaders have lost touch with Republican base

The White City (White liberals celebrating diversity by living with primarily other whites)

Meet the Animal Rights Movement’s Rich Aunt (PETA & PCRM 'sugar momma')


VIDEO: Obama- 7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes

Glenn Beck Warns Of OnStar Technology


Freedom Group: Right-wing gun nuts get ready

What will November's Weather Be Like?


It’s late fall and the Indians on a remote reservation in South Dakota asked their new chief if the coming winter was going to be cold or mild. Since he was a chief in a modern society, he had never been taught the old secrets. When he looked at the sky, he couldn’t tell what the winter was going to be like.

Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, he told his tribe that the winter was indeed going to be cold and that the members of the village should collect firewood to be prepared.

But, being a practical leader, after several days, he got an idea. He went to the phone booth, called the National Weather Service and asked, ‘Is the coming winter going to be cold?’

‘It looks like this winter is going to be quite cold,’ the meteorologist at the weather service responded.

So the chief went back to his people and told them to collect even more firewood in order to be prepared.

A week later, he called the National Weather Service again. ‘Does it still look like it is going to be a very cold winter?’

‘Yes,’ the man at National Weather Service again replied, ‘it’s going to be a very cold winter.’

The chief again went back to his people and ordered them to collect every scrap of firewood they could find.

Two weeks later, the chief called the National Weather Service again. ‘Are you absolutely sure that the winter is going to be very cold?’

‘Absolutely,’ the man replied. ‘It’s looking more and more like it is going to be one of the coldest winters we’ve ever seen.’

‘How can you be so sure?’ the chief asked.

The weatherman replied, ‘The Indians are collecting firewood like crazy.’

Remember this whenever you get advice from a government official!

Is political correctness to blame for lack of coverage over horrific black-on-white killings?

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To: All

Do We Keep Our Republic Or Just Let It Slip Away?

Sarah Palin has endorsed Doug Hoffman in NY-23. Against the Republican nominee. (Via

Message to GOP: Can you hear conservatives now?; Update: Palin is listening

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 22, 2009 12:00 PM

Scroll down for updates…Palin endorses conservative Doug Hoffman…

Update: Sarah Palin is listening.  comments (119) 

Thursday, October 22, 2009, 7:23 PM
Jim Hoft

“No More Politics As Usual”
Sarah Palin spoke out in support of conservative Doug Hoffman tonight in New York’s 23rd District race.
Via Sarah Palin’s Facebook page:

The people of the 23rd Congressional District of New York are ready to shake things up, and Doug Hoffman is coming on strong as Election Day approaches! He needs our help now.

The votes of every member of Congress affect every American, so it’s important for all of us to pay attention to this important Congressional campaign in upstate New York. I am very pleased to announce my support for Doug Hoffman in his fight to be the next Representative from New York’s 23rd Congressional district. It’s my honor to endorse Doug and to do what I can to help him win, including having my political action committee, SarahPAC, donate to his campaign the maximum contribution allowed by law.

Our nation is at a crossroads, and this is once again a “time for choosing.”

The federal government borrows, spends, and prints too much money, while our national debt hits a record high. Government is growing while the private sector is shrinking, and unemployment is on the rise. Doug Hoffman is committed to ending the reckless spending in Washington, D.C. and the massive increase in the size and scope of the federal government. He is also fully committed to supporting our men and women in uniform as they seek to honorably complete their missions overseas.

And best of all, Doug Hoffman has not been anointed by any political machine.

Doug Hoffman stands for the principles that all Republicans should share: smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense, and a commitment to individual liberty.

Political parties must stand for something. When Republicans were in the wilderness in the late 1970s, Ronald Reagan knew that the doctrine of “blurring the lines” between parties was not an appropriate way to win elections. Unfortunately, the Republican Party today has decided to choose a candidate who more than blurs the lines, and there is no real difference between the Democrat and the Republican in this race. This is why Doug Hoffman is running on the Conservative Party’s ticket.

Republicans and conservatives around the country are sending an important message to the Republican establishment in their outstanding grassroots support for Doug Hoffman: no more politics as usual.

Sarah gets it…
Unlike her Republican colleagues who are backing the far left Dede Scozzafava.

More… NY-23 race first test of tea party power.

HAS THE WORM TURNED? Anderson Cooper Compares Obama to Nixon, Spotlights Declining Approval Ratings.

"White House Drops Fox Thing, Goes After Cheney"

A bold new strategy from the people who surrendered to Sarah Palin's Facebook page.


Posted by Kate at 12:21 AM| Comments (14)

Another One: School Kids Sing Song in Praise of Barack Obama


All European Life Died In Auschwitz

Obama, Clinton Connected to Blago Scheme

ORIGINAL Rush Limbaugh Wikipedia article from October 2001 | 8th Anniversary Edition | Just for fun

This is Nekama’s Troll Hammer. It’s a long post so just skip it if you don’t have time. It’s a keeper though.

8/17/2003 4:10:09 pm PDT


#7 Leesider

Congratulations. You are the first to receive the memo:


This is an automated reply from the Bullshit Detector at Little Green Footballs.

Your recent post contained troll-like characteristics which resemble the type

of message sent by spoiled ISM members on summer holiday, college students who

have recently inhaled Noam Chomsky’s foul rantings, Adam Shapiro wannabes,

Nazi sympathizers, or genuine [bigoted word]s.

In order to prevent another thread being hijacked, and to send your message to

the appropriate department for response (FOAD, GAZE, Go Away Gordon, or The Bus

To Rachel Corrie’s Tomb Is Leaving – Be Sure You’re Under It), kindly reply to

the following questions:

1. Are you aware that the Disputed Territories never belonged to the

“Palestinians” and only came into Israeli possession as a result of the

1967 six day war in which Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon all massed forces at

Israel’s border in order to “push the Jews into the sea”. The Arabs lost and

Israel took control of the land. Do you agree that if the [bigoted word]s don’t

want to lose territory to Israel, then they shouldn’t start wars? Do you agree

that there is justice that Israel, who as far back as 1948 has always sought

peace with her far larger neighbors, should live in prosperity – making the

desert bloom – while the residents of 19 adjacent Arab countries who are blessed

with far more land as well as oil wealth live in their own feces?

2. Did you know that the “Palestinians” could have had their own country as far

back as 1948 had they accepted the UN sponsored partition plan which gave

Israel AND the Palestinians a countries of their own on land which Jews had

lived on for thousands of years before Mohammed ever had a wet dream about

virgins? The Arabs rejected the UN offer and went to war with the infant Israeli

nation. The Arabs lost and have been whining about it ever since. Do you
agree this is like a murderer who kills his parents and asks for special

treatment since he is now an orphan?

3. Can you tell us ANY Arab country which offers Jews the right to be

citizens, vote, own property, businesses, be a part of the government

or have ANY of the rights which Israeli Arabs enjoy? Any Arab country which

gives those rights to Christians? How about to other Arabs? Wouldn’t you just

LOVE to be a citizen of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran, or Syria?

4. Since as many Jews (approximately 850,000) were kicked out of Arab

countries as were Arabs who left present day Israel (despite being literally

begged to stay), why should Arabs be permitted to return to Israel if Jews

aren’t allowed to set foot in Arab countries? Can you explain why Arabs can

worship freely in Israel but Jews would certainly be hung from street lamps

after having their intestines devoured by an Arab mob if they so much as

entered an Arab country?

5. Israel resettled and absorbed all of the Jews from Arab countries who wished

to become Israelis. Why haven’t any Arab countries offered to resettle Arabs who

were displaced from Israel, leaving them to rot for 60 years in squalid refugee

camps? And why are those refugee camps still there? Could it be that the

billions of dollars that the UNWRA has sent there goes to terrorist groups like

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, El Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, or Hezbollah? How did Yassir

Arafat achieve his $300 million in wealth? Why aren’t these funds

distributed for humanitarian use?

6. Did you know that the Arabs in the disputed territories (conquered by

Israel in the 1967 war which was started by Arabs) and who are not Israelis

already have two countries right now? And that they are called Egypt and Jordan?

7. If your complaint is about the security fence which Israel is finally

building in the Disputed Territories, are you aware that it is built solely to

keep the “brave” Arab terrorists out so that they can no longer self detonate on

busses, in dining halls or pizzerias and kill Jewish20grandmothers and

schoolchildren? Why are the Arabs so brave when they target unarmed civilians

but even when they outnumber their opponents they get their sandy asses

kicked all the way to Mecca when they are faced with Jewish soldiers? Why do

Arab soldiers make the French look like super heroes?

8. Please explain why you are so concerned about Arabs, who possess 99%

of the land in this region and are in control of the world’s greatest natural

resource, which literally flows out of the ground? Can’t their brother muslims

offer some of the surplus land and nature’s riches to the “Palestinians”?

Or is it true that Arabs are willing to die right down to the last “Palestinian”?

9. Why do you not exhibit the same level of concern for say, people in Saudi

Arabia who are beheaded, subject to amputation, stoning, honor killing etc.?

What about women who are denied any semblance of basic civil rights,

including the right not to be treated as property for the entertainment and abuse

of her fa ther, brothers, or husbands? What about the Muslims in Sudan and

Egypt who are still enslaved, or the women there whose genitalia are

barbarically cut off? How about the oppression of Shiites by Sunnis, the

gassing of the Kurds by Iraq, or the massacre of “Palestinians” by Jordan

(Black September)? Why doesn’t this concern you?

10. Did you ever stop to wonder how much better off everyone in the region would

be if Arabs stopped trying to kill Jews and destroy Israel? What would happen if

the Israelis gave up their weapons and disarmed? Would they live to see the

next day? But what would happen if the Arabs completely disarmed? You know the

answer: They would all be AT PEACE! And if there is no war to rile them up, the

Arabs would be forced to look at their own repressive, pre-medieval societies.

Why would they want to do that when there are Jews to kill?

11. Have you heard “People who define themselves primarily by what they hate,

rather than who they love, are doomed to failure and misery”? Can you see the

parallels to the Arabs, who are blessed with land and oil, but still gladly

train their children to kill themselves in order to kill Jews? Have you heard

Golda Meir’s words to the effect of “There will be peace when the Arabs love

their children more than they hate ours”? Why do the Arabs hate so much?

Please state your answers to the questions listed above. If you need

assistance or require additional study, then please refer to the following links:

History of the Middle East Conflict:

Thousands of women killed for honor:


Muslims lament Israel’s existence:

Disputed Territories – Forgotten Facts

The size of Israel compared to

neighboring countries in the region

Jews expelled from Arab Countries

One Million Jews flee Arab countries –

why no right of return for them?
=0 A

Middle East Facts

Middle East Truth

Larry Miller on Hypocrisy

Please respond to the items listed above. Based on your answers a

thoughtful reply or instruction to FOAD will be provided.

Thank you for writing to Little Green Footballs.


Troll Early Warning Detection Team

NEW NATURAL GAS DISCOVERIES change the energy map. “Vast amounts of the clean-burning fossil fuel have been discovered in shale deposits, setting off a gas rush. But how it will affect our energy use is still uncertain. . . . Natural gas offers advantages over other fossil fuels. It burns cleaner than coal, producing much less carbon dioxide. Since coal-fired power generation is responsible for a third of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, replacing at least some of that coal with gas could significantly reduce such pollution. And using natural gas to replace gasoline and diesel fuel in vehicles could reduce the country’s reliance on foreign oil.” I expect unnecessary regulatory hurdles. . .

The Congressional Scam that Failed

Your 50% Chance of Staying Doomed!

The Difference Between a Liberal and a Conservative. Ain't this the truth?

No, I didn't write this. I wish I did. Because it's the painful truth. And you know how much I love to stir the puddin'. This list was actually forwarded to me from a friend of mine …

Ain't this the truth?

If a conservative doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one. If a liberal doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

If a conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn't` eat meat. If a liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

If a conservative sees a foreign threat, he thinks about how to defeat his enemy. If a liberal wonders how to surrender gracefully and still look good.

If a conservative is homosexual, he quietly leads his life. If a liberal is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.

If a person of color is conservative, they see themselves as independently successful. Their liberal counterparts see themselves as victims in need of government protection.

If a conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation. A liberal wonders who is going to take care of him.

If a conservative doesn't like a talk show host, he switches channels. Liberals demand that those they don't like be shut down.

If a conservative is a non-believer, he doesn't go to church. A liberal non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced. (Unless it's a foreign religion, of course!)

If a conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it. A liberal demands that the rest of us pay for his.

If a conservative slips and falls in a store, he gets up, laughs and is embarrassed. If a liberal slips and falls, he grabs his neck, moans like he's in labor and then sues.

If a conservative reads this, he'll forward it so his friends can have a good laugh.

A liberal will delete it because he's "offended".

Obama's War on Limbaugh and Fox Will Backfire With Voters


(Steny Hoyer and Dems) Shred The Constitution

Calls for nuclear weapons in South Korea

Seriously, folks- do you want these creeps in your White House or near your children?

Harry Hay's blurb for the NAMBLA book A Witchhunt Foiled

As mentioned in previous zomblog posts, Harry Hay (the activist who had “always inspired” Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings) once wrote a promotional blurb for a book put out by NAMBLA, the group which seeks to legalize sexual relations between adult men and young boys.

Gun Control By Way Of Health Reform

Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years

Gee, I wonder why?
When you look at the voting record and the unemployment figures, looks like 0bama has a lock on the non-productive segments of our society.

32 posted on Thursday, October 22, 2009 7:21:02 PM by Islander7

1,935 posted on 10/23/2009 2:24:20 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Palin Endorses Hoffman UPDATED and Bumped


Just Dayum!

She goes rogue on her Facebook page.

The people of the 23rd Congressional District of New York are ready to shake things up, and Doug Hoffman is coming on strong as Election Day approaches! He needs our help now.

The votes of every member of Congress affect every American, so it's important for all of us to pay attention to this important Congressional campaign in upstate New York. I am very pleased to announce my support for Doug Hoffman in his fight to be the next Representative from New York's 23rd Congressional district. It's my honor to endorse Doug and to do what I can to help him win, including having my political action committee, SarahPAC, donate to his campaign the maximum contribution allowed by law.

Our nation is at a crossroads, and this is once again a "time for choosing."

The federal government borrows, spends, and prints too much money, while our national debt hits a record high. Government is growing while the private sector is shrinking, and unemployment is on the rise. Doug Hoffman is committed to ending the reckless spending in Washington, D.C. and the massive increase in the size and scope of the federal government. He is also fully committed to supporting our men and women in uniform as they seek to honorably complete their missions overseas.

And best of all, Doug Hoffman has not been anointed by any political machine.

Doug Hoffman stands for the principles that all Republicans should share: smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense, and a commitment to individual liberty.

Political parties must stand for something. When Republicans were in the wilderness in the late 1970s, Ronald Reagan knew that the doctrine of "blurring the lines" between parties was not an appropriate way to win elections. Unfortunately, the Republican Party today has decided to choose a candidate who more than blurs the lines, and there is no real difference between the Democrat and the Republican in this race. This is why Doug Hoffman is running on the Conservative Party's ticket.

Republicans and conservatives around the country are sending an important message to the Republican establishment in their outstanding grassroots support for Doug Hoffman: no more politics as usual.

You can help Doug by visiting his official website below and joining me in supporting his campaign:

- Sarah Palin

Breaks with the party? Check.

Invokes Reagan? Check.

Fires up the base? Check and mate.

Thanks to enoxo and Al in the comments.

Added: Having thought about this for a bit, it's a free roll for her.

She won't get blamed if Hoffman gets beat, everyone expects him to anyway. Yet she still banks a lot of good will from grassroots types for her willingness to stand up to the go along, get along types.

But if Hoffman wins.....

UPDATE [DiT]: Hoffman raises $210,000 in the past seven days. That's before Palin's endorsement tonight.

Hoffman's startling success in raising cash on the web suggests -- as has been made clear in tea party protests and town halls over the spring and summer -- that the conservative base of the Republican party is energized and voting with their feet and their wallets (and often against the picks of the party establishment).

Allow me to mangle General Omar Bradley's famous quote: "It's the right war, at the right place, at the right time, with the right enemy."

Also you can donate here.

Posted by DrewM. at 11:47 PM New Comments Thingy
"The lines are drawn. Old guard versus the grassroots."
'Newt needs to find a rock to crawl under.  All his recent shilling and collaboration with Hillary, Nancy, etc.  Gag!"
"Remember that she won in Alaska running against the Republican machine there.  The GOP made a big mistake crossing her."


I know you will find this like, crazy and stuff, but, Ronald Wilson Reagan was viewed precisely as Palin is now, in years leading up to 1979.  Then he stomped the Democrats, created 20,000,000 jobs, brought an end to the Cold War, after bringing down the Berlin Wall, and changed American History forever.  But, other than that, I see your point.



I trust Palin more than anyone else on the political scene to do the right and honest thing once in office. If she's on a ballot I can vote on, she'll get my vote. If she runs for office, she'll get a contribution from me. If I'm back home, I'd probably work for her campaign. I like Romney and admire Petraeus, but Palin just seems to have something that reminds me of Harry Truman and Gerald Ford: basic human decency without the slightest hint of political calculation. No true politician would EVER have had Trig. That she did, knowing full well the potential political cost, gave her credibility with me that approaches infinity. Those of you who don't like her and question why her supporters are so adamant may be forgetting that issue as a motivating factor for us.

Defeat the Debt released this powerful ad against the runaway government spending by the Pelosi-Obama regime


1,936 posted on 10/23/2009 4:52:13 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: backhoe
Still hard at it, eh?

All your work should have it's own search feature, so many excellent links and so little time, it has to be ingested at leisure.

1,937 posted on 10/23/2009 6:21:51 AM PDT by metesky (My retirement fund is holding steady @ $.05 a can.)
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To: metesky

I sure appreciate your stopping by, and the encouraging words— I’ll do it as long as I can.

1,938 posted on 10/23/2009 6:38:43 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Asked Where Constitution Authorizes Americans Buy Health Insurance, Pelosi : 'Are You Serious?'

What Is The Threshhold of Revolution?

As Claire Wolfe sez ... This is the awkward phase — it is too late to work within the system and too early to shoot the bastards ...


Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory...Again

Activism Alert: List Of Reps (With Phone Numbers) Waffling On ObamaCare

Obama taxes pacemakers, heart valves

The more the fiscal details of the healthcare bills emerge, the more appalling they seem.

America’s Obama Obsession - Anatomy of a passing hysteria.

Climate Treaty Will Create World Government Dictatorship

Robert Bauer and Anita Dunn - A Match Made for Obama's White House

bookmark this AWESOME site .... the latest buzz on anyone/anything. This is the page for Robert Bauer:

This Recession Just Became A Depression [U.K.]

More Black Swans In Store For The US Economy

Black Swan Theory

The United States Has No More Money to Spend

Big day for Hoffman after Palin endorsement: $116K

Palin Endorses Hoffman = Huge Donation Increase

Tea Party to GOP: “Dump Dede” and the RINOs

The Obama presidency: Where liberalism meets totalitarianism

1,939 posted on 10/23/2009 11:07:54 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

USAToday/Gallup Poll Finds Obama's Support Dropping to 50%, 46% Disapproving; Headline Reads: Poll: Hopes buoyed on race relations


6 in ten say that race relations will improve in Obama's America, presumably as the races unite in misery and in scorn of President Richard Hussein Nixon.

That, to them, is the big headline. As opposed to, say, this: the same poll -- happy race relations! -- shows a seven point net loss for Obama in combined job approval and job disapproval. September's poll had him 54/43. He's lost four in approval and 3 more have moved to the disapprove column.

But that's not the only key finding according to USAToday! You'll also learn that Michelle "Pat" Obama has experienced a "surge" in personal approval (popularity), and is even more popular now than her very popular husband!

A USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken in the past week shows a surge in positive views of the first lady over the past year even as her husband's ratings have eroded. As the anniversary of the presidential election approaches, Michelle Obama is viewed more favorably than her husband, and her standing is 19 percentage points higher than Vice President Biden's.

"She has conducted herself as an educated, sensitive, down-to-earth woman — not a black woman, a woman — like when she does the gardening (to encourage healthful eating) and taking care of the family," including daughters Malia and Sasha, says Rosemarie Tate, 55, of West Hartford, Conn. "Those are values that everybody shares," says the registered dietician, who was among those called in the survey.

Let's compare the liberal media's reaction to this poll with their reaction to the WaPo/ABCNews poll claiming that only 20% of adults identify themselves as Republican.

Despite the cheesiness of that number, ABCNews' polling director put up a piece defending the result, and saying it was congruent with other liberal-media polls and past ABC poll findings. (He kept ignoring the question of whether it was congruent with Zogby, Gallup, or Rasmussen -- despite the fact he kept quoting Newt Gingrinch pointing out the divergence from those particular polls.)

So, ABCNews obviously buys that number.

Now... this number? It's pretty plain that USAToday does not stand behind it, or doesn't wish to push it out there. They do acknowledge Obama's approval has slipped to 50% in the race relations article, but it's mentioned as an afterthought. They are all but ignoring that finding as unreliable, and instead looking to some really minor findings about hopes that Obama will improve race relations.

Which is, by the way, old news: Every poll claims this. The six in ten figure is hardly remarkable; indeed, near the beginning of Obama's tenure, the figure was higher.

There has been some recalibration of the euphoric expectations expressed in a USA TODAY survey taken the day after the election, on Nov. 5, 2008. Then, 28% predicted race relations would get "a lot" better, compared with 15% now. Forty-two percent said they would be "a little" better, compared with 46% now.

A year ago, a record 67% said race relations one day would no longer be an issue in the United States. Now that has dropped to 56%, a tick higher than in Gallup polls taken before Obama seemed poised to win the Democratic nomination.

So, um... to the extent you find the race relation question big news, isn't that your headline?

So instead of pushing real poll news they push old poll news, and don't even headline the fact that even on the race relations question, Obama's lost ground, not gained it.

Curious, isn't it, which polls news agencies are willing to throw under the bus, and which they'll defend to the death. Funny that it always seems to be the polls that make liberals' hearts go all aflutter that are championed, and the ones they consider real downers that get barely a mention.

Thanks to AHFF Geoff.

Posted by Ace at 04:41 PM New Comments Thingy

The MSM did a great job of boosterism for Clinton, but he actually had some good numbers to back him up. Sure, Clinton's administration cooked lots of books, but I remember back in 1996 when gas was around $1.20/gal and ciggies were about $1.20/pack. Those kind of numbers buy you lots of good will no matter what else you're doing.

Today, however, we have another Jimmy Carter. The MSM couldn't prop up Jimmy forever (not like they didn't try) and he eventually crashed and burned because he could never turn out good numbers. I think the same thing kind of thing is in Barry's future. Starting extra early this time.
Friday, October 23, 2009, 12:11 PM
Jim Hoft

For the first time in recent years Republicans lead Democrats in all 10 key electoral issues.
After democrats tripled the budget deficit and nearly doubled unemployment in less than one year, Republicans hold a 14 point lead over democrats on economic issues.
Rasmussen reported:

For the first time in recent years, voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on all 10 key electoral issues regularly tracked by Rasmussen Reports. The GOP holds double-digit advantages on five of them.

Republicans have nearly doubled their lead over Democrats on economic issues to 49% to 35%, after leading by eight points in September.

The GOP also holds a 54% to 31% advantage on national security issues and a 50% to 31% lead on the handling of the war in Iraq.

But voters are less sure which party they trust more to handle government ethics and corruption, an issue that passed the economy in voter importance last month. Thirty-three percent (33%) trust Republicans more while 29% have more confidence in Democrats. Another 38% are undecided. Last month, the parties were virtually tied on the issue.

Friday, October 23, 2009, 3:17 PM
Jim Hoft

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted this photo essay showing the HUGE lines of people being forced to wait outside in the rain for flu shots.

Photo six is posted below- Mike O’Keefe brought a plywood sign, “Welcome to Government health care.”
welcome to obamacare
Mike O’Keefe thinks a health care overhaul would lead to more long lines like the flu shot lines at Cedarburg High School.
Hat Tip Tim N.

1,940 posted on 10/23/2009 4:04:50 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All
 Home-Grown Terrorism In America: Connecting The Dots.
Eeetz a releegion of Piece! An' I keel you to proove eet!
SHUT UP, THEY EXPLAINED: Jonah Goldberg on the new calls for civility in politics. “What strikes me as truly uncivil is the effort to demonize critics of the president with racial bullying. In fact, I think Obama really does have a problem with dissent. . . . On health care he’s been saying the time for debating his plan is over, even though the president didn’t even have a plan to debate.”
 Barack’s Socialist Mop. they really want to use this metaphor? Have they no fear whatsoever that it could backfire on them? In order to have no such fear, of course, you have to buy in to the underlying worldview — that this entire mess really is the exclusive responsibility of those evil Rethuglikkkans who ran the country for the past eight years. You have to willfully deny the reality that the Congress was run by Democrats for the last two of those years.
Video here,
Are you Listening to us GOP?

RASMUSSEN: 73% of GOP Voters Say GOP Leaders Have Lost Touch With Base.

Bill Whittle, Dana Loesch, and I talked about this problem the other day.

UPDATE: GOP Favorable Rating Lowest in a Decade. And yet John McCain, their last candidate for President, was a media-loved moderate.

Dallas Tea Party activists push back against Gingrich’s straw men

Check this out. Newt Gingrich is on his latest book promotion tour — and his embrace of radical leftist Dede Scozzafava (whom he champions as a “moderate Republican”) is getting heated pushback from movement conservatives in the heartland.

Earth to Newt: There is nothing “mooooderate” about radical leftist Dede Scozzafava.


Call them out. "I can no longer tell the difference between a “moderate” republican, or a liberal republican, or a RINO, or a DIABLO. "


(HUGE thank you to GMRoper for this classic)




PHOTOS: Great Depression Images.

Plus, Migrant workers during the Great Depression in Florida.

THE YEAR OF Going Galt?

Plus, When Work Doesn’t Pay For The Middle Class.

UPDATE: Tax Collapse.

 David Harsanyi: Rise of the Mob Economy.  Who knew? Chicken-little governance comes with a steep price tag. Could anyone have imagined, even two years ago, that an unaccountable pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg, would have the authority to dictate the salaries of private-sector employees?

 Obama’s Enemies List. “We have seen from this White House Nixonian tendencies and, it would appear, a burning anger and resentment toward its critics. . . "Thin-skinned Girly-man, the Chicago Con Artist is..."

We Are Change Saskatchewan vs. Bemused Saskatonians


h/t John Gormley Live, who writes about the Bush visit in today's Star Phoenix;

Most telling was the early 20s woman who looked shocked, visibly open-mouthed, as she confessed how confused she was by what she had expected and how impressed she was by the experience.

For those who either admired president Bush throughout his term or thought there was something more substantive underneath the hatchet jobs of Hollywood and the Beltway, vindication is a good word. Things aren't always as they seem. You were right all along about George W. Bush.

Posted by Kate at 12:03 AM| Comments (36)
"Why is it that these lefties always wear strange earrings? ...never believe anyone with bigger earrings than your mum."
Governor Schwarzenegger Joins Brady Chapter Leaders To Celebrate Signing Of Ammo  This is repugnant on so many levels, it's hard to get a start on it, but I'll try...

First off, it was guns- in the context of action movies-- that launched AHnold! in to stardom-- thanks for the gratitude, big guy. Goes to show why only natural born citizens should rise to highest office- furriners just don't get the America thing...

And I really thought he'd be better for CA than that ghastly Davis jackass, so from my lonely redoubt on the InterToobs, I did what I could to support him, 'way back when:
Total Recall- the Gray Davis Soap Opera
various FR links | 07-01-03 | The Heavy Equipment Guy

Won't be making that mistake, again...
Friday, October 23, 2009, 9:33 PM
Jim Hoft

The Florida solar panel plant cost $150 million to build.
Solar Power Plant
A field of orange trees makes more sense.

The state of Florida is completing the final touches on a solar panel plant that cost $150 million to build and will only power 3,000 homes.
Barack Obama will visit this solar-paneled cash dump next week.
The AP reported:

The Desoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center will power a small fraction of Florida Power & Light’s 4-million plus customer base; nevertheless, at 25 megawatts, it will generate nearly twice as much energy as the second-largest photovoltaic facility in the U.S.

The White House said President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit the facility Tuesday, when it officially goes online and begins producing power for the electric grid…

…The Desoto facility and two other solar projects Florida Power & Light is spearheading will generate 110 megawatts of power, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by more than 3.5 million tons. Combined, that’s the equivalent of taking 25,000 cars off the road each year, according to figures cited by the company.

The investment isn’t cheap: The Desoto project cost $150 million to build and the power it supplies to some 3,000 homes and businesses will represent just a sliver of the 4 million-plus accounts served by the state’s largest electric utility.

But there are some economic benefits: It created 400 jobs for draftsmen, carpenters and others whose work dried up as the southwest Florida housing boom came to a closure and the recession set in. Once running, it will require few full-time employees.

The plant cost $150 million to build and will power 3,000 homes or businesses.
In other words it costs about $50,000 per household.
No wonder these government-funded projects can’t make it on their own.
Sounds like an investment only a democrat (and Lindsey Graham) would love.

SolaratovNo Gravatar
October 23rd, 2009 | 10:35 pm | #12

October 23rd, 2009 | 10:07 pm 8

The cost of a nuclar plant of the normal type is in the billions of dollars.

However, work is being done on “miniature” nuclear generators which only need about one acre of ground, last about 20 years (and can then be refueled or replaced easily and inexpensively) and only cost about $12-$15million each. They’re powerful enough to provide electricity for a few thousand homes and businesses; and come very close to the old promise of nuclear power being “too cheap to meter”.

Some of the plants are already in use in Japan and France (France gets about 65%-75% of its electricity from nuclear plants. They’re way ahead of us in that way.)

Of course, the little greenies will fight having anything like that in this country.

Friday, October 23, 2009, 9:52 PM
Jim Hoft

Chris Matthews swears at Former VP Dick Cheney tonight on MSNBC, “What kind of g*d d*mn award are they giving these guys?”
Of course, MSNBC did not bleep it out.

Click Image For Video–
matthew corn
FYI Chris- Cheney was right about the war and the Bush Surge.
You weren’t.
And because of Cheney and Bush we have a functioning democracy today in Iraq instead of a failed state.

Once again, Matthews does not address the content of Cheney’s response to the latest attacks by the Obama Administration.
He just smears and curses at Cheney.

1,941 posted on 10/24/2009 2:38:40 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

The Middle-Class Health Tax Heist Of 2009

Reality hits -- hate crimes headed to Obama's desk

Barack Obama: America's "Spoiled Brat" President

Hate Crime Bill Is A Trojan Horse Against Free Speech

Conservative Rebellion Explodes in New York over Extreme Liberal GOP Candidate

Rogue Stars Rising

Two stories are unfolding out in the 23rd Congressional District of New York. In the foreground, we have the three-way contest between hapless Republican Dede Scozzafava, upstart Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman, and some generic Democrat whose name no one can remember. This race is a microcosm of our strange politics, which have become like a speeding car with jammed door locks, cut brake lines, a dead steering wheel, and air vents that pump nitrous oxide. Everyone is dimly aware the country is heading for the edge of a cliff, but no one can muster the energy to search for alternatives.


Pity about Newt- I guess he stayed too long in DC.

The Scawzafaza ( Yes, it's deliberate- I can't remember the Kook's name, but she is a kook. ) gal has rightly been named by Mark Steyn:



Honest to God- if you want someone with beliefs and positions like that in office, why not vote for a Dem? What's the difference?

Scozzafaza Suffers While Hoffman Racks Up The Endorsements

Scozzafava Declares Herself Part of Abramoff Wing of GOP: Funnels Campaign Cash to Family

Camille Paglia, last of the open minded liberals

Pat Buchanan: Americans alienated and radicalized

Nouriel Roubini: Big Crash Coming

1,942 posted on 10/24/2009 3:39:34 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All


Barack and Michelle Obama are so out of touch with normal Americans that it’s scary and weird, too

2.2B on vaccine that will arrive 2 late. 1000 Dead so far. Katrina like outrage from MSM?


Obama declares swine flu a national emergency [Never Let a Good Crises Go to Waste]

US declares swine flu 'emergency' [Emergency powers info]

Obama offers millions in Muslim technology fund

Great - good to know people who hate us are getting rich while Americans can’t find jobs.

Video -A Warning From A Brit: Wake Up America, Sharia Law Is Coming.

United Nations Launches Investigation of Human Rights Abuses in the United States

In the "contrast & compare" ( with the  First Clydesdale ) Dep[., I had forgotten about this incident:
Laura Bush Derangement Syndrome

Leave her alone!

I, for one, was glad to hear that the surgery to remove the skin cancer tumor from First Lady Laura Bush's right shin in early November was successful.

My relief seems not to have been shared by female members of the White House press corps, who tried to instigate a David Gregory-style swarm and imitate their male WH press corps counterparts' VP Cheney accidental shooting feeding frenzy. They are justifying their attacks on the grounds that somehow Mrs. Bush is obligated to become a public crusader for whatever ailments she suffers. Never mind that this is the same press corps that mocks the First Lady any time she expresses an opinion on health matters or any other policy matter.

You can watch the mob on the White House website, but reprinting the transcript really reveals how thoroughly pathetic and idiotic the self-parodying WH press corps has become.

From the transcript: But the women wolf pack was not done:The insanity is being stoked at the New York Times, which is suffering full-blown Laura Bush Derangement Syndrome, and in the hyperventilating British press.These people need serious help.

LAPD Freaks Out America With New Orewellian Ad (But It's OK If The Obama White House Does It)BARF

Constant Surveillance Rankles Britons

Next Up for Nationalization: the Internet [Phil Kerpen of AFP]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

1,943 posted on 10/24/2009 3:00:31 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All
Obama declares swine flu a national emergency « 1 2
Canada Free Press:  Things to watch for during a "Declaration of National Emergency"
Gates of Vienna has a good article up:
We're All Paranoids Now
I also found this link in the comments.
Sarah Palin Strikes Back. “With her decision to endorse Doug Hoffman, the conservative (not Republican) candidate, Sarah Palin sends the Republican Party a very clear message.”

Obama declares swine flu a national emergency.

But Mickey Kaus wonders if it’s all trumped-up. I think, though, that the reason they’re not bothering to distinguish between H1N1 and seasonal flu is that at the moment, there isn’t really any seasonal flu yet. If it’s flu, it’s swine flu.

UPDATE: Swine flu cases overestimated?

And more skepticism from Michael Fumento. Plus, several readers think this is a case of Rahm “never let a crisis go to waste” Emanuel at work — declare a health crisis and it makes national health care look somehow more urgent. But while I discount the “Swine Flu Vaccine Is Obama’s Katrina” talk, their handling so far isn’t something I’d put forward as an actual argument for more government involvement in health-care delivery.

More here, including the full text of Obama’s order.

MORE: America In The Midst of Two Major “National Emergencies.” “President Obama’s swine flu declaration is the 33rd national emergency declaration since 1976.”

Probably Just Coincidence


Via Two Wrongs

Posted by Kate at 8:46 AM| Comments (28)
Saturday, October 24, 2009, 3:01 PM
Jim Hoft

Obama’s socialist SEIU pals lash out at the Chamber of Commerce–
In this video– Andy Stern tells SEIU socialists at a rally across from the Chamber of Commerce that the free enterprise group believes in:

“Old market-worshipping, privatizing, deregulating trickle down economy that took the greatest economy on the earth and sent it staggering forward… I say shame on them… We don’t approve and we have a friend in the White House who doesn’t improve as well.”

From a SEIU rally at the Chamber earlier this year:

Naked Emporer News, via FOX Nation
Andy Stern — SEIU President: “People at the Chamber of Commerce have ruined the country.”

Related… After the recent attacks by the Obama White House on the Chamber of Commerce, the organization that speaks out in support of American business, the president of the Chamber of Commerce stood by his defense of free enterprise today in The Wall Street Journal. It is a worthwhile read. The White House’s war on the Chamber has come just as the group is launching a new $100 million campaign promoting free enterprise. This, of course, threatens the plans of the Obama White House.

1,944 posted on 10/25/2009 1:07:33 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Media Discovering that Obama Balloon a Hoax


Military Riot Control Training at Vaccination Center (video - Nat'l Guard drill in ME)

Drowning in debt: Obama's spending and borrowing leaves U.S. gasping for air

'Dishonest' Blair and Straw accused over secret plan for multicultural UK

Copenhagen Climate Scam: Read the Treaty Obama Wants to Sign

Obama in Copenhagen

Democratic Party encounters 'Obama hangover' in state, local elections

The Miracle of Mo'BaNomis just keeps givin'....

Survival in Place, Stocking an Emergency Pantry

Worth repeating:

Obama Declares Swine Flu a National Emergency… But Won’t Inoculate Daughters

You Ain’t Seen Nothing yet! [Waxman-Markey]

Dede's Losing, Call the Cops: A wild three-way race in upstate New York.

"The plurality wins. The last poll available had Owens (D) ahead. However, the avalanche of support from Thompson, Bachman, et al has had an influence, I’m sure. Scozzafava has pretty much run out of money. I’ve received 6 phone calls from her campaign in the last week. Today I received TWO brochures from her. I sense panic. Hoffman is doing everything right. If Owens wins, it will be by a small margin. Dede is toast."

1,945 posted on 10/25/2009 2:24:09 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Take back the Party!

NY Post ^ | October 25, 2009 | DOUG HOFFMAN

GOP officials: We won't abandon Dede (Scozzafava) “We’re dealing with data, not hopes and dreams.”

Time will tell.

In a generation the GOP will be a vestigal party with a few regional officeholders in the rustbelt and the east coast.


Video: Scozzafava accepting the Margaret Sanger Award

Polling Polls: Americans Independent and Irate

GOP's New Lightning Rod

And this is not the first time in our nation's history that Liberty has been personified as a woman:

Things to watch for during a “Declared National Emergency

Worst Case: Choosing Who Survives in a Flu Epidemic (Obamacare primer)

Miss then yet?

The Originators of Obama-speak: Public Allies and the ABCD Institute

Same-sex marriage battle moves to Maine

Invisible Shackles

Abortion Kills More Black Americans Than the Seven Leading Causes of Death Combined, Says CDC Data

Is it morning in America, or has hope given way to malaise?

Dave's Site
All Hail the Boy-Pharoh...

NY Muslims: To Hell With America and Democracy!~Video

Ah, Mo'BaNomics! Is there anything it can't do?

65 and Up and Looking for Work

Gerald Celente, Their [sic] is NO Economic Recovery, It's A COVERUP

As I mentioned last month here:

...Don’t have time for details, but I see shops ( that’s jobs, folks... ) closing right & left, the billion-dollar condo conversion down the street has moved dirt for about three years, built nothing, and is being sued for nonperformance. A condo tower in the other direction has been chained shut, just the partial shell built, for nearly 2 months.

We have the most business, profit, merit, and success-hostile administration I have ever seen, spending trillions in imaginary money- why the devil would anyone want to open or expand a business?

And contrary to what the useless dupes on the left & in academia believe, only businesses create real jobs. The government only has what it gets from picking other people’s pockets...

1,946 posted on 10/25/2009 12:42:52 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Are You Not Stimulated?

—Gabriel Malor

NPR had this early this week (click over for interactive map):

James Pethokoukis comments:
"Notice the high rates in swing states like Florida, Ohio and Michigan."

I kinda doubt any level of unemployment is going to change Michigan's electoral choices. Those bright enough to recognize the connection between "progressive" governance and Democratic anti-prosperity policies have already fled the state or been driven out by the lack of opportunity.

Posted by Gabriel Malor at 01:03 PM New Comments Thingy
25 Do you think the Stupid Party™ will manage to remind voters over-n-over that it was Pelosi/Reid with Then-Senator Obama who expedited Spendulous while Bush was in office, that President Obama et al. facilitated the need of his now proverbial "mopping-up campaign" and have now only made things, literally, several times worse?

Yeah, me neither.
Sunday, October 25, 2009, 10:14 AM
Jim Hoft

Classy as always…
Michigan’s Governor Jennifer Granholm is the latest democrat to mainstream obscenity. Granholm defended her tax increase proposals by smearing the conservative “teabaggers” who oppose her.
The Blog Prof reported this from Detroit News:

Granholm says Bishop and his Republican colleagues, who oppose any government revenue increase because they view it as a tax hike, are “bowing at the altar of the teabaggers.”

Michigan unemployment remains the highest in the country at 15.3 percent.

Crap & Tax abortion "compromise" sweetened with support for nukes

—Purple Avenger

Naturally, all the usual suspects on the Republican side (i.e. McPain, Lindsey "doormat" Graham, and the rest of the compromise cabal) are involved in this betrayal.

Its foolishness to be trading away good ideas for terrible ones. More fission nuclear reactors are a good medium term idea to bridge to the future. Continuing work to get self-sustaining fusion reactors, or Thorium reactor working is a sustainable long term endgame that solves virtually all the negative aspects of current uranium/plutonium cycle fission systems.

A sh#t sandwich, even with bacon, is still fundamentally a sh#t sandwich.

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144 This is utter crap if Republican's think they'll get nuclear power out of this.  I'm sure they'll build the new reactors right after they get done building the fence on the border (that was promised too).


When Mark Fournier told us almost a decade ago that one day the government would try to shut down Free Dominion and stifle our voices, we thought he was a bit paranoid.

When Mark insisted on hosting Free Dominion on an American server we felt we should humour him.

The day has come - the day that Mark Fournier predicted seven years ago when he and Connie put Free Dominion on an American server to make life more difficult for the government agency he was sure would eventually move to shut down his conservative web site.

Around the turn of the century, and millennium, Mark Fournier from Edmonton, Alberta had a dream. He felt that there was insufficient political dialogue in Canada, and that the MSM stifled open discourse and criticism of our governments and their policies. Mark felt that in particular, conservative views and commentary lacked any real outlet.

Mark spent two years posting at Free Republic, an American conservative political web site, and paid particular attention to how the website was run and why it was so successful. He felt that he could apply what he had learned by creating a Canadian version of Free Republic, and with some luck and effort, create a place for Canadian conservatives to gather to share views, debate issues, teach and learn from one another. The site might eventually become influential in political circles if he could attract enough people to participate in freewheeling political discussion.

While at Free Republic, Mark happened across Connie Wilkins, a lady who shared his political principles, and who had the computer and web site skills Mark lacked. They colluded to bring Free Dominion into being. When EdS came up with the name ‘Free Dominion’ Mark recognized it as a winner and he and Connie set about branding it as the place to go for principled conservatism.

From the outset, Mark understood that he was shaking up a cosy relationship between politicians and the mainstream media. He was also giving voice to a political group that had been effectively stifled for decades. He expected that eventually political strategists would move to stifle his web site and shut down unfettered political debate.

While Mark and Connie struggled to bring Free Dominion into existence, they kept their site on American servers in part to avoid loss of their dream if our government should move against them as they anticipated. From the outset, the freedom of expression and the need to bolster democracy with open dialogue and unfettered debate were driving forces behind the formation of Free Dominion.

For the same reason that they used American servers, Mark and Connie have refused to align themselves with any political party or movement. While it seems strange that a conservative web site would not endorse conservative political parties, there is more to conservatism than adopting a name. It was important that Free Dominion members be allowed to freely criticize their representatives. Free Dominion remains a conservative grass roots site today and it is the largest and most widely read political forum in Canada.

Political parties, including conservative parties claim to be grass-roots and to listen to their members, but the reality is that member voices are quickly lost in practice. Free Dominion gives principled conservatives a voice that is heard.

Free Dominion has remained a bastion of free speech for years, and it is with great reluctance that Mark and Connie have banished belligerents, trolls and those who refuse to adhere to site rules and objectives. Without the occasional purging of those intent on disruption, the forums would sink into oblivion.

Members who criticize Free Dominion, its web site, operations and format forget that for the initial few years Mark and Connie carried the entire cost of operating Free Dominion. They used up cash on hand, their savings, all of their credit and came close to personal bankruptcy without ever once complaining or letting anyone know how dire their situation was. They still contribute thousands of hours and every penny they can lay their hand on to fighting to keep their dream alive, to promote conservatism and to fight for our freedom of speech, unedited and uncensored by politically correct bureaucrats.

We have done fund raising for Free Dominion with limited success. We have managed to keep the servers running and improvements made to the site format. However, when our government came knocking costs soared as we had to undertake a legal defence and costs thereof. Mark and Connie chose to sell Free Dominion to a Panamanian organization to keep Free Dominion and our members safe from our government.

HRCs that target an Internet web site routinely demand access to all of the data on the web site servers. That data includes all of our sign up information and other relevant information that would allow an HRC to track individual posters. The Fourniers have carefully protected our identities for all of the time that Free Dominion has been in operation and continued protection of our members was the major factor in the decision to sell Free Dominion. The sale has protected our butts from potential HRC harassment.

When you see odd additions to the Free Dominion forums, it is because we are trying various schemes to add a revenue stream through advertising to offset some of the site operational costs. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but rude posts are just that – unjustified rudeness. Site features may come and go, but bear in mind the objective is to help pay the bills.

Mark and Connie have done their best to protect this site and most importantly to protect the anonymity of Free Dominion members – even those ungrateful users of the free speech they have fought so hard to protect.

When THE CHRC announced it was investigating a complaint against Free Dominion and Mark and Connie made it very clear the CHRC was in for a fight to the finish, Richard Warman was unable to entice the CHRC to attack Free Dominion again. Undaunted, Warman filed libel actions instead, trying to financially hurt the Fourniers and close down Free Dominion through economic pressure.

Mark and Connie have been able to protect the Free Dominion web site and protect Free Dominion member anonymity. They have not been able to protect themselves, however, and are defendants in at least two actions by self-proclaimed Nazi hunter and human rights activist Richard Warman. His is, in my opinion, an egotistical snot trying vainly to establish a reputation as a defender of political correctness and champion of offensive, thin-skinned snivellers who are themselves easily offended.

If we value our freedom of expression, if we believe that Mark and Connie should not be subjected to frivolous and vexatious legal actions for providing us with a venue in which to speak our minds, we have to get off our haunches and contribute to their defence fund. Until they can get Warman into court and expose his actions, all of us live with the threat of having the CHRC knock on our door, accusing us of hate speech and ready, willing and able to railroad us through a kangaroo court and destroy us financially without the benefit of due process or an opportunity to defend ourselves.

If you value your freedoms, join in this battle. Click on the donate button and send along whatever you can afford. We cannot watch Mark and Connie fight this travesty alone. Mark and Connie are true leaders with principles worthy of support. We cannot allow our freedoms to be taken from us without a fight.

Thank you.
ONSTAR IS WATCHING YOU: “On its way to doing the 1/4-mile in 11.07 seconds at 128 mph, a Hennessy-tuned 700-horsepower Cadillac CTS-V hit .99 longitudinal G as it left the start line. By the end of the run the phone inside the car was ringing, and it was your friendly neighborhood OnStar representative wondering ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ Ok, not quite… but they did have some questions.” So is this comforting or disturbing?

NOT SEEING A STORY HERE: Various people are emailing me saying “Obama declared a national emergency over swine flu, but his own daughters aren’t being vaccinated!” But if you read the story, you get this:

The Centers for Disease Control recommend that children ages 6 months through 18 years of age receive a vaccination against the H1N1 flu virus. At this time only children with chronic medical conditions are receiving the vaccination because their immune system is not strong enough to fight off the strain.

So they’re not getting the vaccine because there’s a shortage, and they don’t fit the triage guidelines. Seems to me that’s just how it ought to be. It would be a bigger scandal if they’d been jumped ahead of the line.

UPDATE: On the other hand, this photo, from the huge shot-line in Milwaukee, is pretty funny. (Via Gateway Pundit). More on long lines here. And some related thoughts from Mark Tapscott. “President Obama’s late-night declaration of a nationwide public health emergency last night shouldn’t be allowed to obscure the most important lesson of the developing swine flu crisis – The same government that only weeks ago promised abundant supplies of swine flu vaccine by mid-October will be running your health care system under Obamacare.” But note the discussion here.

My Dad, the world’s staunchest Republican, sent me this video:
The Real Newt Gingrich

There’s so much information in that video I can’t even pick a favorite...

Sunday, October 25, 2009, 11:05 AM
Jim Hoft

Democrats are quick to accuse the evil health insurance industry of massive profits. …But insurance companies ranked only 35th on the list of most profitable American industries in 2009.
In fact, the members of Congress enjoyed a better raise than the insurance companies this year.
pelosi raise
The AP reported, via Free Republic:

Quick quiz: What do these enterprises have in common? Farm and construction machinery, Tupperware, the railroads, Hershey sweets, Yum food brands and Yahoo? Answer: They’re all more profitable than the health insurance industry.

In the health care debate, Democrats and their allies have gone after insurance companies as rapacious profiteers making “immoral” and “obscene” returns while “the bodies pile up.”

Ledgers tell a different reality. Health insurance profit margins typically run about 6 percent, give or take a point or two. That’s anemic compared with other forms of insurance and a broad array of industries, even some beleaguered ones.

Profits barely exceeded 2 percent of revenues in the latest annual measure. This partly explains why the credit ratings of some of the largest insurers were downgraded to negative from stable heading into this year, as investors were warned of a stagnant if not shrinking market for private plans.

Insurers are an expedient target for leaders who want a government-run plan in the marketplace. Such a public option would force private insurers to trim profits and restrain premiums to compete, the argument goes. This would “keep insurance companies honest,” says President Barack Obama.

The debate is loaded with intimations that insurers are less than straight, when they are not flatly accused of malfeasance.

They may not have helped their case by commissioning a report that looked primarily at the elements of health care legislation that might drive consumer costs up while ignoring elements aimed at bringing costs down. Few in the debate seem interested in a true balance sheet…

Health insurers posted a 2.2 percent profit margin last year, placing them 35th on the Fortune 500 list of top industries. As is typical, other health sectors did much better – drugs and medical products and services were both in the top 10.

More… This year, during the worst recession since the Great Depression, the average member of Congress will realize a 2.8 percent raise.
That means their profit margin is larger than the insurance companies they are demonizing.

1,947 posted on 10/25/2009 3:34:18 PM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

“I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people telling me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.”–Glenn Reynolds

Fox News, Fair and Balanced:

President Obama signed a proclamation declaring the H1N1 influenza a national emergency, giving doctors and medical facilities greater leeway in responding to the flu pandemic.

“National Emergency”? Baloney. They sure don’t act like it.

“Socialized Medicine”? We’ve already got it with vaccines. And that’s why there’s a shortage.

Nurse Bloomberg:

Swine flu vaccine supplies in the U.S. are being hindered by production delays at two drugmakers, and GlaxoSmithKline Plc’s failure to gain regulatory approval for its product, a government official said. …

Besides Glaxo and AstraZeneca Plc, both based in London, Sanofi-Aventis SA of Paris, Novartis AG in Basel, Switzerland, and CSL Ltd. of Melbourne provide the bulk of the U.S. supply. …

Novartis Chief Executive Officer Daniel Vasella, in an interview on CNBC yesterday, said that most of his company’s vaccine may not reach the U.S. until the first quarter of 2010. The Swiss company is the largest supplier to the U.S. …

“The utility of the vaccine will be much less at that point,” said William Schaffner, chairman of the department of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. “The virus will have gotten to most places before the vaccine” based on how rapidly it is now spreading in most of the country. …

One “positive surprise” for public health officials was getting a larger than expected delivery of the nasal spray version of the vaccine, made by AstraZeneca’s MedImmune Inc. unit in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Lurie said.

Yes, there have been technical issues. But we’ve driven most of the American companies out of the vaccine business.

Hoover’s Dr. Henry I. Miller from 2005:

Why can’t a country that developed the atomic bomb (60 years ago) and the polio vaccine (50 years ago) and put a man on the moon (almost 40 years ago) now produce an appropriate vaccine?

The reason is that flawed public policy from the Congress and the government’s Executive Branch has ensured low return on investment and high exposure to legal liability for vaccines. The predictable result: U.S. vaccine R&D and production have been decimated.

What kinds of policies? The Vaccines for Children Program, for example, was a do-gooder innovation of the Clinton administration (Hillary’s toe in the water for national health care, apparently) that disrupted market forces and dealt a blow to vaccine producers. Established in 1994, it created a single-buyer system for children’s vaccines, making the government by far the largest purchaser of childhood vaccines — at a mandated discount of 50 percent. Try extorting that kind of discount from manufacturers of trucks for the U.S. Postal Service or of Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MREs) for the Department of Defense, and see how long the companies bid on government contracts.

Memo to Senator Clinton: It doesn’t take a village, just good old American ingenuity combined with the expectation of a decent return on investment.

Arbitrary and excessive regulation is another obstacle. The highly risk-averse FDA has been especially tough on vaccines. The agency has rejected evidence of safety and efficacy from European and Canadian vaccine approvals; prematurely withdrawn life-saving products from the market because of mere perceptions of risk; and set the bar for the testing of new vaccines almost impossibly high.

As a result of our disastrous public policy, innovation has suffered and vaccine producers have abandoned the field in droves, leaving only four major American manufacturers and a few dozen products. As of the last flu season, there were only two producers of injectable flu vaccine for the U.S. market, for example, both using antiquated technology.

And we wonder why there are shortages.

This is just a taste what’s in store if we let government take over all health care.



“Registered by the State, for the State and to the State, so that Democrat Rule shall not Perish from the Earth.”


While ex-ACORN employee B. Hussein Obama is whining about stolen elections in Afghanistan as an excuse for his dithering, Democrats are planning to steal even more elections in America.

The plan is to slam a “universal voter registration” bill through Congress before the next election, warned John Fund on C-SPAN this weekend, and in his new book.

Universal registration would register people who don’t want to be registered so their votes could be harvested by Democrat political machines.

Every existing list of people would be registered. Rahm’s Census. Library cards. Tax rolls. Welfare rolls. Drivers licenses. Patients. Customers. Mailing lists. ACORN lists. Santa Claus’s list of naughty and nice kids. If you own property in more than one place, you’re registered in both. If you moved several times, you are registered at all your addresses. If you are a foreign national here legally or illegally, on any list, you’re registered. Same with felons. Are you a foreigner who illegally contributed to Obama’s campaign last year? On the list! Dead? How can you be dead…you’re on the list!

This would doubtless be accompanied by the abolition of ID requirements.

Even Jimmy Carter supports voter ID laws. Know why? His first election was stolen by Democrats!

Fund at Politico last year:

…ACORN had hired 59 inmates from a work-release program at a nearby prison and…some inmates who had been convicted of identity theft had been made supervisors. That led some local wags to joke that at least ACORN was hiring specialists to do their work.

ACORN’s second line of defense has been that fraudulent registrations can’t turn into fraudulent votes, as if the felony of polluting voter lists was somehow not all that serious. But that defense goes only a short distance. “How would you know if people using fake names had cast votes in states without strict ID laws?” says GOP Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita, who this year won a major Supreme Court case upholding his state’s photo identification law. “It’s almost impossible to detect and once the fraudulent voter leaves the precinct or casts an absentee ballot, that vote is thrown in with other secret ballots there’s no way to trace it.”

Anita MonCrief, an ACORN whistle-blower who worked for both it and its Project Vote registration affiliate from 2005 until early this year, agrees. “It’s ludicrous to say that fake registrations can’t become fraudulent votes,” she told me. “I assure you that if you can get them on the rolls you can get them to vote, especially using absentee ballots.” [...]

[T]here are two civil rights in play here. One is the right to cast a ballot without fear or intimidation or artificial barriers. We fought a great struggle in the 1960s to eliminate poll taxes, literacy tests and pass a Voting Rights Act to protect the right to vote.

But all Americans have another civil right — the right not to have their ballot canceled out by someone who shouldn’t be voting, is voting twice or may not even exist. You can be just as surely disenfranchised by someone canceling out your vote as if someone blocked your entry into a courthouse door where a polling place was located.

Via QandO:

One such group might have been the St. Tammany Parish Fire District No. 3, which applied for a $120,000 grant to purchase smoke alarms for low-income families after a January fire killed four children in a home that had no working detectors.

“We wanted to buy smoke detectors to spread to homes all over the community to prevent that from happening again,” Chief Charles Flynn said in an interview Tuesday.

“I have no problem with not getting a grant, I’ve lost grants before,” said Chief Flynn, one of the fire officials who complained to Mr. Vitter in a letter.

“My issue is ACORN in New Orleans. Their mission statement says nothing about fire safety or fire prevention. It bothered me that ACORN got $1 million and there are so many smaller and bigger departments that have a need for that money.”

The Monroe Fire Department was the only squad in Louisiana to receive a grant and will be awarded $192,000. The Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office will receive $62,000.

ACORN received $997,402, slightly less than the maximum allowable grant of $1 million.

Inquiries about the Constitutionality of Mandated Purchase of Heath Insurance were dismissed as “not serious”. But Congressmen were quick to call cutting off funds to ACORN “unconstitutional”. “Once your on the tit, you’re on it forever!”–James Madison

And have you noticed how every Obama Payoff Bill comes in at two dollars and 83 cents less than a billion or a trillion?

That “ban” on ACORN funding? It expires in a week.

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To: All

Obama and Clinton cede to UN small arms treaty

THOUSANDS TURN OUT for Tea Party rally in San Diego.
To those in the media or on the political Left who keep insisting the tea party movement is dead, or its astroturf, etc... well the people of San Diego have turned out and spoken a message loud and clear: WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!
IRATE AND INDEPENDENT: “A poll of opinion polls shows Americans’ attitudes are changing rapidly.”

Americans are simply fed up:

• A CNN poll last week suggests most no longer agree with Obama "on the issues that matter most to them."

• A Rasmussen poll shows 31 percent "think Congress has a poor understanding of the health care proposal," down four points from August (not a high point for Congress, if you recall town hall meetings). Worse, only 18 percent "think the (health care) plan will be a bipartisan effort."

• Another Rasmussen poll shows only 49 percent "think that the economy will be stronger in five years than it is today." • A new Gallup poll shows most are "very concerned" about the economy and 60 percent "think the economic conditions are getting worse."

Adding to these fears is Iran, which "9 in 10 Americans" think is developing nuclear arms, according to CNN.

And few seem to understand the president's unwillingness to make a decision about Afghanistan. It is as if they ask: "Does he ever actually sit at the Oval Office desk to work -- like the rest of us?"

Can Anyone Vouch for Obama’s History ? What About His Columbia Records ?

From the people who brought us the swine flu vaccine shortage - Government-run health care! UPDATED

Obama's 1-world government

GOP officials: We won't abandon Dede

This is just abject corruption and tone deafness. Nothing else can explain it.

Screw 'em.

"In short, we cannot run out of money."

Via KevinB, whose comments you should read upon conclusion of the video.

But first, pour yourself a stiff drink.

Posted by Kate at 1:41 AM| Comments (34)
The substance of that message is that they have a magic money tree to go to so do not worry.

A body language expert would have a field day with this Obamabot.

What is most disturbing, is just 25 seconds in, she says, "....all deposits are safe...." as she is shaking her head, side to side, universally meaning NO. Maybe it's just habit, but, anything she says beyond that is just the TOTUS with a female face...

Foul Beasts, Enemies Of The People's Republic, BEWARE

Ah, by the time the US Chamber of Commerce is on your enemies list, you need to back away from the Koolaid. Some Democrats have felt driven to take a stand:
“It’s a mistake,” said Rep. Jason Altmire, a moderate Democrat from western Pennsylvania. “I think it’s beneath the White House to get into a tit for tat with news organizations.”

Altmire was talking about the Obama administration’s efforts to undercut Fox News. But he said his remarks applied just the same to White House efforts to marginalize the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a powerful business lobby targeted for its opposition to climate change legislation.
Hey, who hired the Episcopalian unification strategist for White House communications? Is anybody really thinking up there? At a time when Americans want jobs, and then some more jobs, and then maybe some better-paid jobs, wouldn't it be wise not to be throwing political garlic at the US Chamber of Commerce?

Is this Chavez-like? When do the grocery stores get confiscated?

The Shrink seems a bit concerned:
On the other hand, if their behavior reflects the character of the President and those around him (and the evidence unfortunately points in that direction at the moment) here is considerable cause for worry. In such a case, Obama's poorly contained anger can lead him to make errors of judgement which are consequential. Further, those who cannot tolerate criticism cannot learn from their mistakes. They believe that all criticism is based on a personal repudiation and animus and as a result, never hear the content of the criticism. As a result those who criticize them become enemies who must be crushed in order to remove the stain on their escutcheon.
This is just kid stuff, but it is worrisome. IMO, this is related to the ridiculous claims of racism that were earlier leveled at critics. It's a sign of weakness and childishness, but at least almost all of that was coming from outside the White House.

And to think I worried about Hillary Clinton's Nixonian characteristics. If there are any adults in the White House, they need to throw the Che-T-Shirt crowd out and get some people with maturity in. Quickly.

But maybe this is a case of Obama not wanting to hear the "no" word. I laughed at Paglia for her mental dissonance in condemning the President's advisors while professing unmitigated support of the President, so I don't feel justified in just attributing this nonsense to the advisors. He chose them. He can dismiss them, if he doesn't agree with them. He probably does.

The real problem is that nobody is happy at the prospect of a health reform bill that doesn't really do anything to help for four years but does raise costs, and probably will make things even worse after four years. The more clued-in Dems are very worried about this proposal and about costs involved in cap and trade. For good reason. When push comes to shove, the White House won't be able to declare the Dems Public Enemy Number One, so they need to stop this ASAP and sit down and talk with those with whom they disagree.

Oh, and I think this policy comes from the very highest levels of this administration, because Obama seems to be pushing it:
Speaking privately at the White House on Monday with a group of mostly liberal columnists and commentators, including Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann of MSNBC and Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich and Bob Herbert of The New York Times, Mr. Obama himself gave vent to sentiments about the network, according to people briefed on the conversation.

Then, in an interview with NBC News on Wednesday, the president went public. “What our advisers have simply said is that we are going to take media as it comes,” he said. “And if media is operating, basically, as a talk radio format, then that’s one thing. And if it’s operating as a news outlet, then that’s another.”
Quite naturally, other news organizations are becoming concerned. None of them probably believe they can get through the next three years without publishing something critical of this administration's policies, and no individual reporter wants to have his or her beat threatened for writing what the White House considers unfair criticism.

Krauthammer. Politico.

And the ironical aspects are stunning; this is a president bound and determined to talk to dictators around the world, but bent on not talking to critics?

1,949 posted on 10/26/2009 1:35:21 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

From Central Planning: "We're Going to Let You Die"

Swine Flu: a national emergency? or a distraction?

Hate-crimes law: Another attack on free speech

'60 Minutes': Medicare Fraud Raises Questions About Gov't. Ability to Manage a Med. Bureaucracy


Gingrich: 'You can't have a purely right-wing majority'

Folks, we’re addressing this as if it were just Newt’s position. The truth is, this is the position of the Republican leaders both national and at the state level.

We now know why the Republican party did nothing when it was the majority party in Congress. It believed in most of the stuff the Democrats wanted to push.

By the time we were well entrenched in the Bush administration, even Great Society level programs were just the ticket.

If Newt and the party actually believe what Newt espoused here, why even go to the effort of having a Republican party? Just dissolve the party and all of you install the U.S.S.R. here and be done with it.

What a disgusting position we live in today. Nobody in D.C. is representing us. They’ve all bought off on the political tenets that cost nearly 100 million people their lives in the 20th Century.

One actually wonders who would be too far right for Newt to vote for. I’m thinking Michelle Bachmann (sp?) and Sarah Palin would scare him to death.

Reading of his statement makes me think he might vote for the ‘moderate’ Obama instead of these ‘radicals’.

60 posted on Monday, October 26, 2009 11:52:34 AM by DoughtyOne

Time to Ctrl-Alt-Del the Federal Government?

Lord Monckton's Debut On B-Cast Puts Another Nail In Copenhagen's Coffin

Another Hate-Filled, Left Wing Journalist's Brand of Non-Partisanship

Last night, I overheard the next table, all libs, at a restaurant lament how government comes to everybody’s rescue (Hurricane Katrina and motorcycle accidents) while ingrate “teabaggers” (their words) demand more personal freedom to act irresponsibly.

These libs don’t seem to realize that if folks had more personal freedom, they might also act more responsibly if they knew government wasn’t going to bail them out.

U.N. to Investigate Housing in the U.S. (Unbelievable)

OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE (And guess where he was born.)

Let's take into account of who we are dealing with.
First, HALF of Americans are dependent on the gov’t for their livelihood and HALF of Americans don't pay a dime in fed. income tax. So they could care less as long as they can continue to receive their checks and/or do not have to pay taxes.
Second, Hussein is phony as a 3-dollar-bill. He's been running a scam on the system since college...we ALL know that...from the multiple SS#’s to the multiple aliases...
So, he's gonna be in the Oval Office until somebody goes in there and drags him out...and God help us when that happens because there is gonna be one hell of a national riot when that happens...every Socialist/Marxist/Commie from Manhattan to Malibu will be hollering “Racists" and lets not forget the billion Muzzies around the world who would just love to see America implode!.

So all we can do is pray to God that we survive as a country.

Semper Fi,

167 posted on Monday, October 26, 2009 8:03:10 AM by kellynla

1,950 posted on 10/26/2009 10:08:37 AM PDT by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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