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America Held Hostage- the Obama Files...
various links ^ | 11-8-08 | The Heavy Equipment Guy

Posted on 11/08/2008 3:06:12 AM PST by backhoe

America Held Hostage- the Obama Files...

With a hattip to Rush ( His idea during the Clinton plague upon America ) I am starting a file on “The One,” mostly starting from the election date.

Older stuff- links, quotes, quips, and sometimes pointed graphics can be found by scrolling back from these two posts:

-Hillary Clinton- archives, comments, and opposition research--

-Sarah Palin- links, from the beginning--

There is some good material in those posts that raises a lot of uncomfortable questions that everyone ought to be asking, and probably will once the “new” wears off, and we are stuck with four ( more likely eight, since 95% of the news & entertainment media are in his pocket ) years of a typical corrupt Chicago Political Machine Politician trying to jerk the whole country in one direction and then the next.

You've all heard the saying,

”People get the kind of government they want...
...and deserve?”

Well, America, you are about to “get it, good & hard...”

Don't say you weren't warned- we tried to tell you...

We did everything we could, and our state went for the Old Guy & the Naughty Librarian, but too many other voters were made stupid by the TV and public schools for it to matter.

We're in a Hell of a mess, and the worst thing is, "we"- the collective we, not you & I-- got us here.

Is Obama really the Abyss...

staring back at us?

I like to make points with humorous graphics- this one sums it up as well as any:


Then, in a nutshell, "everything I see going bad with all this hopi- changi- stuff The One is peddling-- forced labor, censorship, spin, and pure mean-spirited rudness:

Email of the day

Atlas readers rock! I am blown away by the overwhelming response to this post  (and this one) to get involved to take back our country from the Soros, socialists, and the self proclaimed messiah - oy. More than one email brought a tear to my eye but I wanted to share this one with you.

If this best represents who we are, what we want and where we are going, there is no way we can lose. Greatness is in the house. I am proud to count you as my friends. Prouder still to stand with you and fight this great fight.

I want to lead a county.

I was born in Cuba, and know the language of Communism, Obama speaks it well.  My grandfather's family had to flee Lebanon because of the Muslims to Cuba. We fled Cuba because of Castro.

This is the best country in the whole wide world.  I was a child when I left Cuba with the clothe on my back, we left my parent's sister and I, left behind everything. 

America is Worth fighting for and Freedom is worth defending.  I do not want my children to grow up in oppression, nor do I wish exile upon them.

Please allow me to help, again, Id like to lead a county.

My name is Ingrid and Im in Miami, in Miami Dade County

May the Light always shine upon America,


UPDATE: In case there was any doubt as to what the victorious zombies have in mind. Check out this comment (left in the comment section) . Can you say rude awakening?

You people are pathetic!

Your racist fear mongering will not go unchallenged!  Soon we will shut down your hate spewing web sites.  We will confiscate your firearms.  In prison, you will get an education on the error of your ways.  We will take your children and raise them as our own and instill in them the values of social justice.  We will have a new American Republic of justice and order for all!

You time is almost up!  Prepare for the dung heap of history!

It sounds insane (which it is) but I believe the writer is quite serious.

| | Comments (21)

"We will confiscate your firearms. In prison, you will get an education on the error of your ways. We will take your children and raise them as our own and instill in them the values of social justice".....

Heh heh heh....I am sure you are serious, but that is funny!

Values of social Mao? Stalin? Lenin? Ho-chi Min? Pol Pot? Which of these butchers of social justice did you have in mind?"

That's the number of civilians that have been murdered by their own governments in the 20th century alone.

Innocents Betrayed is a must see video produced by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms (scroll down to see links to view the Introduction to Innocents Betrayed)

Now consider Obama's 'civilian defense force' which he intends to fund and equip as well as our standing military coupled with his promise to revisit the second amendment (repeal concealed carry privilege) and then compound this injury with Ayers' inspired youth corps.

Learn from the Slicksters


Obamessiah has a new site up as President-elect soliciting ideas form the proletariat.
Let's hope it doesn't become the hub for the hate whitey and Jew boy Obamavomit that his last site was.

Surf the site. Take note. Keep your eye on the The Obama National Service Plan- the page is empty (how apropos) but that piques my interest.

President Obama To Bring Back Slavery

Just in case anyone think Mr. Obama is not serious about this, bear in mind that his new Chief of Staff wrote a book demanding this very thing: The Plan: Big Ideas for America: Rahm Emanuel, Bruce Reed: Books;sr=1-1

Don’t forget they want a Gestapo/KKK civilian force the size of the pentagon to keep everybody inline and things running smoothly.

“Suddenly, all mention of “required” has been disappeared. ”

SOME THOUGHTS ON OBAMA'S mandatory volunteerism plan. Plus, reader Nancy Anne Potts writes:

Looks like the site is true to it's title - it changes!

During the time when I was looking at the blog you linked to concerned mandatory community service the page saying "require community service" changed to goal for community service. The new wording is:

"..... Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by setting a goal that all middle school and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year and by developing a plan so that all college students who conduct 100 hours of community service receive a universal and fully refundable tax credit ensuring that the first $4,000 of their college education is completely free."

I found the the cached page on Google it has the original "required" wording.

Looks like they caught their "mistake". Now will the real plan please step forward -- goal or required. (Although the way government sets goals, they often wind up looking like requirements so maybe the two aren't all that different.)

Ugh! I see card check made the economy page too. He may be the president elect but I don't have to like his plans!

Not until the second term. Then that will be made mandatory, too . . . .

Meanwhile, Robert Bidinotto comments: "Anyone recall what the Soviets used to do to history books?" The Obama folks have a history of airbrushing.

IF YOU VOTED FOR MCCAIN, you're a racist. Just in case nobody had bothered to tell you.

President-Elect D’oh-bama’s Gaffe #1: Sorry, Nancy

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 7, 2008 07:30 PM

And so it begins.

Or rather, continues.

President-elect D’oh-bama apologizes (vid here in case you missed it):

More of the incessant symbolism bullshit from teh Obama Campaign


I believe the idea is to give the impression he’s already on the job. It strikes me as bad advice and an ego that knows no limits

President-Elect Douchebag Mocks Nancy Reagan


Now here is the first thing to really *hammer* Obama on, something that he’s doing *right now* — as opposed to all the other things in the past. This is “right now” and it indicates that he’s totally lying about “transparency”...Now here is the first thing to really *hammer* Obama on, something that he’s doing *right now* — as opposed to all the other things in the past. This is “right now” and it indicates that he’s totally lying about “transparency”...
Gag alert:

President-elect Barack Obama's First Press Conference - Complete Video 11/7/08

Obama Mocks Nancy Reagan in 1st Press Conference

It's  classless to mock a frail, elderly woman. (Note he was not kind in his revelation about his own "typical white person" grandmother, either.)

It's even worse to mock the widow of a great former president. Whatever you think of her, she deserves respect.

Especially classless was mocking Nancy Reagan on stage, before hundreds of reporters and television cameras, knowing the "joke" would be heard by millions. This wasn't some private remark that got picked up by a live mike.

What the hell is the “Office of the President-Elect?”

In Fort Worth, Obama's election prompts run on guns and ammunition

Get 'em while you can-- from my files:

Sitting in committee, just waiting for The One:

H.R. 1022: Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2007

On Concerns Over Gun Control, Gun Sales Are Up

From "", the official transition website. Agenda tab and then select "urban policy" and go down to "Crime Control".

Address Gun Violence in Cities:
As president, Barack Obama would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals who shouldn't have them. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent, as such weapons belong on foreign battlefields and not on our streets.

There will be no one left to protect you
Barack Obama wants to institute a Civilian National Security Force, a vast militia not unlike Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, a personal army. He knows he would need such a force to protect him and to enforce his will on Americans. Americans will have not seen such arbitrary power used against them since the days of the Civil War when Lincoln put the Constitution in the bottom drawer of his desk and set about arresting anyone who opposed his policies...

VIDEO of Obama calling for a Secret Police Force: CIVILIAN NATIONAL SECURITY FORCE??

QUESTIONS ABOUT THAT civilian national security force.

“Just as powerful, just as strong, and just as well funded.” So the astute observer and deep thinker might reflect for a minute and be compelled to pose several questions (although the MSM won’t)...


Kindly note the quote, from our new First Lady, err, female black Bigot...

Obama's plan to disarm America (video, in his own words)


Michelle Malkin: New national anthem: "My president is black"


Is Obama "Your President"?

Friday, November 07, 2008 3:01:30 PM · 57 of 180
backhoe to brownsfan
Hmmmm... this one is very difficult. I was in the military, and we were taught we salute the uniform, not the man. So I respect the office, not the man. However, I am adopting a wait and see. If Obama governs as if he cares about America, even if we disagree, I can accept that. If Obama governs as I expect, like a Manchurian candidate who is bent on America’s deconstruction, that is when he will disqualify himself as being my president.

Liberal activists have long legislative wish list

National Organization for Women. "Since 1994, we've been losing over and over on legislation related to equality and fair treatment for women."
The gay-rights movement also campaigned vigorously for Obama.
NARAL Pro-Choice America and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America want Obama and Congress to move aggressively...
An array of other advocacy groups are stepping forward with their priorities for the new Congress.

Guess Who's Getting the Nuclear Football in January?

BO is doing away with our nukes, the officer assigned to carry the nuclear football will instead be carrying the teleprompter.

Angelou: Now I Won't Have To Apologize For My Country When Abroad

Democratic RevolutionWith all that being said, we are looking at potentially 9.2 million fraudulent votes...
This wasn't an election. It was peaceful Socialist revolution. Perhaps we should refer to President Obama as "His Fraudulency". But not too loudly...
- Hugh Farnham

Rahm Emanuel's Big Plan for America

Yes we can--draft your @ss

You know, I warn, and I warn, and I warn, and I warn, but nobody listens.

OMG you won't believe what is written on Obama's new website: "America Serves"

Democrats talk of a ‘permanent progressive majority’

Libs Suddenly Find Themselves Defending the Flag It wasn't that long ago that the American Left was burning and crapping on the flag.
Suddenly, all of that has changed.

Rahm Emanuel's Big Plan for America

 From my files- note the date:

Bend over, America:

Paid for with 'everybody else's' money...

1,152 posted on Saturday, February 09, 2008

Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal

And folks should be sure to check out this thread....

Obama’s Chief of Staff Pick Took Campaign Contributions from Wall Street

And check out the info at

I hope someone sends these Emanuel links off to Limbaugh.


The Coup: a position paper

Cut Obama some slack, wait and listen

President Bush could not even claim his victory for weeks in the 2000 elections because of democRAT attempts to steal the election.

He has been insulted and degraded like no other president in memory.

I, for one, will not cut this poser or his comrades ANY slack...

Obama-Supporting Teacher Bullies Student (video)

"White guilt gave us black Jesus"


Required re-education: Reagan's 1964 speech to the Republican Convention

I’ve already ordered my ‘Don’t Blame Me I Voted For Ron Paul’ bumper sticker. I’ll probably get a ‘Sarah-cuda’ one as well.

After the appropriate time has passed ( after Duh1 takes office and starts clowning around... ) I'm going to make this:

"Don't blame Me
I voted for Sarah"

Possibilities I'm entertaining in the interim?

"Where's mah Free Gas?"

"I want my mortgage paid!"

The new battle line?

choice versus control.


Mike Gallagher: Mourning In America

Change... Obama Announces Creation Of His Marxist Youth Corps (Heil Comrade Obama!)


Stores say gun-control fears spur firearms sales Well, duh!

I tried for months to wake people up- now, they will get "the kind of government they want, and deserve..."

Of course, we don't deserve it, but when just enough voters have been made stupid by the TV and public "education," what can you expect?

I dug in to the grocery money ( neither of us have a job... ) and renewed my membership in the NRA, GOA, and the Second Amendment Foundation. If we'd had more to spare, I'd have rejoined JPFO and the Second Amendment Sisters, too.

Keep these handy...

Gun Facts v4.2!

Click the pic to go to the Gun Facts v4.2 download page!


Barack Obama: The Kingfish Reborn

Do Unto Obama As Liberals Did Unto Bush

Coal stocks plummet. Average 15%, many over 30% since Tuesday Gee, wonder why?

Kate, this is important and you should listen to it. It's about Obama's cult of personality and it is short.

From the blogs- and, always, read the Anchoress:

Bush, Obama, & Ghosts of Hate - UPDATED

“The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.” Lincoln’s Second Annual Message to Congress, December 1, 1862.

I would love nothing better than to be able to stop writing about “left” and “right.” I wish we had a better vocabulary to describe our distinctions, because these words are limiting and off-putting. I am determined, with the merciful conclusion of this abusively long election season, to work diligently at spending less time entertaining these distinctions. But for today, I think it is only fair to note a very important and glaring difference between “left and right” - and in so doing - consider how we may, finally, stop needing to indulge in what is tedious.

Victor Davis Hanson
says Let’s not imitate the left in our opposition. I agree.

It has been wonderful - really beyond wonderful - to consider how differently most of the right has reacted to their defeat than the left did in 2000 and 2004. In the two previous elections, the left responded by calling the other half of the country “stupid,” “morons,” and “Nazis” - Jane Smiley called them “unteachably ignorant” - they indulged in high drama, sniffling “apologies” to the globe, and denunciations of their fellow countrymen as “lying between repugnant and reptile in the dictionary.”

And oh, yeah (eyeroll) George W. Bush was not “their” president.

While you’ll see a few disgruntled extremists on the right say foolish, even ignorant things - and many throwing daggers at the sickening double-standards of the press - they’re not indulging in that sort of dehumanizing (and very adolescent) hate of their fellow countrymen or the president-elect. The reports they’re filing read very differently than those following the Bush wins. They read as grown-up, tolerant, open-minded discourses, not tantrums. There is a willingness to be hopeful, even in defeat.

And there is a determined respectfulness being offered to the winners - people who could not manage maturity and respectfulness in their defeat and who, sadly, are not always managing it in their victory, either.

I’m hopeful that the left - if it takes the time to actually condescend to notice how well it is being treated by the vanquished - might consider that self-indulgent defamation is the lesser way; that such a consideration may inspire introspection, and perhaps the smallest bit of regret for some of their appalling excesses toward the right and toward the American President who did not return hate in-kind.

I’m hopeful. I’m an optimist. I KNOW that the folks on the right - for all of their faults, and both sides certainly have faults - want America to be successful and strong and exceptional and free. I’m hopeful that hugely empowered left will discover that - beyond the feel-goodism of “free social programs” which are never free -they actually, really do want all of those things, too. That they’ll look back on the last 8 years and realize, finally, that their enemy was never George W. Bush. Bush, the guy who never dehumanized them, was only trying serve those corny ideals.

And then, miraculously, we may actually have unity.

Some similar thinking from my girl crush, Donna Brazile:

“The one mistake that we continue to make is that we label people. We say you’re conservatives, liberal, progressive, right wing, left wing. I think people just want to spend one day being Americans. They want to come together around a common purpose, common values.”

I wondered the other day if the catharsis of this election might open up “a vein of generosity” (or at least decency) from the left as concerns President Bush. I have not seen it yet, but I’m going to be optimistic and keep looking.

But maybe it’s enough just to see a little appreciation from the right, to start. Like this, for instance:

I link, therefore, I Err has a little mini-round-up of appreciation for George W. Bush. You’ll want to read it all.

From Alppuccino at Protein Wisdom:

At 10:40, President Bush will keep his streak alive by telling everyone how much he loves America. Just as he always has. And he’ll show everyone how much he loves America by preparing Obama as best he can for the next 4 years.

Read it all; it’s doubtful that Obama’s team will come into the White House finding O’s missing from their keyboards, any rude messages greeting them. And that is how it should be in America, a respectful transition.

Michael Gerson:

Many liberals refuse to concede Bush’s humanity, much less his achievements.

But that humanity is precisely what I will remember. I have seen President Bush show more loyalty than he has been given, more generosity than he has received. I have seen his buoyancy under the weight of malice and his forgiveness of faithless friends. Again and again, I have seen the natural tug of his pride swiftly overcome by a deeper decency — a decency that is privately engaging and publicly consequential.

[In 2005]…the White House senior staff overwhelmingly opposed a new initiative to fight malaria in Africa for reasons of cost and ideology…In the crucial policy meeting, one person supported it: the president of the United States, shutting off debate with a moral certitude that others have criticized. I saw how this moral framework led him to an immediate identification with the dying African child, the Chinese dissident, the Sudanese former slave, the Burmese women’s advocate. It is one reason I will never be cynical about government — or about President Bush.

Jeffery Scott Shapiro:

[The treatment of President Bush] from this country is nothing less than a disgrace. The attacks launched against him have been cruel and slanderous, proving to the world what little character and resolve we have…Our failure to stand by the one person who continued to stand by us has not gone unnoticed by our enemies. It has shown to the world how disloyal we can be when our president needed loyalty — a shameful display of arrogance and weakness that will haunt this nation long after Mr. Bush has left the White House.

Until we fix, within ourselves, our enthrallment with hate for others, simply because they hold differing views, we’ll never pull it together. In 2006 we watched a right-wing blogger be called less than human by a left-wing reader. We’ve seen President Bush being referred to as “the chimp” and “the monkey” by the wits who insisted that ideology trumped having a decent respect for another’s humanity. I wrote about that a little here:

Thus, George W. Bush is “Chimpy McHitler.” Hillary Clinton is “a pig in a pantsuit.” Barack Obama is “O-Bambi.” Cindy McCain, who has exhibited some courage and laudable compassion in her life, is reduced to a “pill-popping beer-frau,” and so forth. From there it is smooth sailing down an ever-descending river of hatred, until we are incapable of seeing anything good in the “other,” both because we have willfully hardened our hearts, and because our hate — especially when it is supported by a group of like minds — feels safe and inviolable.

With that in mind, you’ll want to read this excellent piece over at Conversion Diary, wherein Jenifer ponders pictures from a Nazi-era photo album and wonders, how such common-variety people managed to support and enable such profound evil.

One thing that stands out in all these examples is that the victims of the widespread evil were categorized as something less than human…not only that innocent people were killed or enslaved, but that their humanity was taken away by the societies around them…So here is the advice I would offer to my children, and to my children’s children:

Every decade or so, take a look around the society in which you live, and ask yourself if there is any group of human beings who are seen as something less than human. A big tipoff is if dehumanizing words — terms other than “man,” “woman,” “child,” “baby,” or “person” — are used to describe any category of people.

And if you ever see that going on, you might be in the midst of something gravely evil.

Dehumanizing people begins with baby-steps like name-calling, or the sort of intellectual dishonesty that delights in deliberately twisting the meaning of others in negative and misrepresentative ways. Those are the little gateways to the great evils that come once you’ve managed to thoroughly de-humanize others.

We’ve had 8 years - I’d say 12, really - of people demonizing and dehumanizing others, from both sides, and it is not getting us anyplace good. I believe that the response of most of the right to Obama’s victory is a step toward changing that. But the left has to do their part, too.

Pope Benedict XVI said, “those who hope live differently.” The election of Barack Obama was borne on this word, “Hope.”

If the people who voted for “hope” were sincere, then let them begin, today, to embrace it - and to live differently - without the kneejerk move to hate “the other side.” The right, responding levelly to their defeat, has offered the opening. Will the left take it?

UPDATE: Seems some will. Here is mostly accurate, and apprecited praise from a surprising quarter:

Would America have elected Barack Obama if white Americans had not gotten accustomed to seeing (in succession) two African-American Secretaries of State? I don’t think so. Before Bush, African-Americans were appointed to some good posts but not to our #1 foreign policy job. Two African Americans (one with a pretty odd first name) served as America’s face to the world. That eased Obama’s way. It is not Tiger Woods in whose footsteps Obama is walking — it’s Rice and Powell….Fact is, “W” never gave any evidence of holding racist attitudes…even just the slur the occasionally slips out of the mouth of even our most liberal leaders.

Same with Arabs and Muslims…Bush, after 9/11, never resorted to anti-Arab or Muslim stereotypes. He drew distinctions between terrorists and Arabs…Had he not done these things, Arabs and Muslims might have experienced not just hate crimes but pogroms.

Meanwhile, from Grand Rants:

Here is a man who is regularly compared to Hitler in casual conversation in Leftist circles high and low. His honor has been regularly impugned, his intelligence (or, as the press loves to put it, his “intellectual curiousity”) constantly demeaned, his verbal stumblings consistently mocked, and his accomplishments in office discounted or ignored. He is a man who kept his head down and did his job, despite the slings and arrows hurled at him by fortune made all the more outrageous by nearly the entire Democratic party.

I for one, would like to say thank you to Pres. Bush. For keeping us safe. For watching out for us. For persevering in spite of all the spite. I believe history will ultimately judge you as one of America’s best presidents, and I believe you deserve that judgement.

H/T to Opinionated Catholic, who writes:

The throwing under the bus of the President by even his friends and indeed the base has been shocking to me. Many groups will find out soon enough how they took Bush’s support and advocacy for them for granted, Catholics, especially.

Meanwhile, Jules Crittenden is beginning to enjoy Omerica, Quin Hillyer is saying America is over, kaput, finished, Evan Thomas suddenly finds Obama “slightly creepy” and when you refuse to release medical records, and the press doesn’t care…conjecture begins about your mental health.

Remember How The Left Reacting After Bush Won? « Blog Entry « Dr. Melissa Clouthier pinged back with Remember How The Left Reacting After Bush Won? « Blog Entry « Dr. Melissa Clouthier
Post-election Analysis — UPDATED « Living IRL pinged back with Post-election Analysis — UPDATED « Living IRL
Heartfelt Gratitude « Grand Rants pinged back with Heartfelt Gratitude « Grand Rants


Forty-Fourth President, Twelfth Imam

by Baron Bodissey

O-Man’s Fibonacci spiral haloThe election results were long expected, but now that the day has arrived it’s quite a letdown, anyway. Reading about the joy expressed by Hamas and Syria and Italy and Indonesia… contemplating Obama’s Secretary of State, or (God help us) Defense… Thinking about the USA becoming just like Sweden, only with a real army, and aircraft carriers, and nukes… First Lady Michelle…

It’s all too depressing.

So, as is my habit in such circumstances, instead of writing a post this evening or doing something else useful, I created yet another iconic image of The One. After looking around at some of his existing halos, I decided to make one myself. A man can’t have too many halos, right?

And then I pondered the phenomenon of halos appearing behind the heads of great national leaders, men who are born into modest Muslim circumstances, but in time become presidents of large countries that have nuclear weapons. It made me think of…
- - - - - - - - -
Mad Jad’s HaloMahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ol’ Mad Jad got his halo when he went to visit the UN a couple of years ago. It appeared behind his head while he was speaking. Not only that, his audience was held in such rapt attention by his words that they were unable to blink for thirty minutes. We know all this is true because he told us so.

I wonder how many other resemblances there are between him and Barack Hussein Obama.

Ahmadinejad sees himself as preparing the way for the Twelfth Imam, as a sort of satanic John the Baptist for the man who is prophesied to return and usher in the apocalypse preceding the establishment of the permanent reign of Islam over the entire world.

And Obama’s got a bigger halo.

Does that mean…? Nah — it couldn’t be… But still… It makes me wonder…

What if the One were also the Twelfth?

Note to the literal-minded: this post is for fun, not to be taken seriously. Given the circumstances, it’s the only fun I’m likely to have for quite a while.

Read further...

Saul Alinsky Takes the White House My wife just got an e-mail from the head of HR saying that the post-election Obama jokes have to stop, especially if there is any hint that it might be related to racism. No notice before the election. And it was OK to get anti-Bush e-mails for 8 years. Oh yeah, she works for a bank that is hoping for a piece of the bailout action...

FReepers: we need you now more than ever. Don't go!

I’m not leaving as long as the Good Lord’s willing and the Creeks don’t rise.

Have no fear- The One will halt the rising creeks, heal the planet, and make the French love us again ( Oh, gag me! )...

Well, I’m not going anywhere as long as I have a voice.

We may have to go back to Xerox machines and small presses distributing handbills, but I’ll be damned if I let my country slip in to “That Good Night” without a fight.

I’m the one who dubbed Clinton “Little Big Fraud,” so I’ll have to work on something for The One.

We may have to set up a “Free Republic in Exile” like Degaulle did when the Nazis overran France, but we’ll manage.

It does distress me that so many people were suckered by a typical Chicago Machine empty suit, but he had 95% of both the press and entertainment arms of The Media Hive trying to get him elected, and covering up for him, so it’s not surprising.

Carry on.

Some realistic things to expect early in the Obama Administration

I work in Chicago. I deal with a great many attorneys in my job, many of whom are staunch Dims and breathless Obambi supporters; some were even active in his campaign. More than one told me that at or near the top of Obambi’s agenda is a new Hate Crimes bill, with a wide expansion of what will be considered a hate crime

Didn't you notice that Obama is a conservative?  "Obama is, in his own words, something of a Rorschach test. In his latest book, The Audacity of Hope, he writes, 'I am new enough on the national political scene that I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.' "

Being an American is much more than being "cool"

Obama Bought The Presidency

Another Painful Lesson For The GOP

That’s what happens when you run a true left wing liberal against a liberal lite. The real one wins.

Remember, that's my theory why we went down to defeat in 2006...

I said something along the lines of,

"I've read all the theories why we lost so badly, and I still say this: Once elected, the Republicans taxed & spent & regulated like a bunch of Democrats- no wonder the voters decided to try The Real Thing!"



Here it comes, you bitter clingers:

Obama Victory Means ‘Stronger Support for Sensible Gun Laws’ ...why there is a new army command for domestic unrest...

Obama Pushes Abortion on Day One With Emanuel Pick Pro-Abortion, ANTI-gun zealot. He helped write the first AWB, and is going to help push the 2nd PERMANENT AWB.

Five Years to destabilize a nation. Yuri Bezmenov Explains Soviet Strategy for Subversion

Beware of the "manufactured crisis"

 The parasites are now in full control. The host taxpayer will be expected to work even harder just to stay even. This is a way of breaking the country. The Muslims are dancing in the streets as middle east money just bought the US presidency for a clown without a clue.

Much Of Arab World Rejoices Over Obama Election

Barack Obama, Mr. Hope-n-Change

But just remember- any critique, opposition, or naysaying?

This, is where we are going:

No, I'm not kidding.

I wish I were- the lights are going out, all across America.

Is There Nothing That Obama Can't Do?

The healing begins!

Your sickening unAmerican traitorous, racist, money-grubbing, torturing, hateful ideology got struck a death blow and you and your fellow jackal-blowhards are left writhing on the floor, gasping for breath as the final death tremors subside and your bodies stiffen into rigour mortis.

We heart4848.gif you too!


Posted by Kate at 12:30 PM | Comments (56) "It will be painful, but this election is good news. The only true cure for socialism is to actually get it; the US is about to get a big fat dose of cure for what ails them."

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backhoe to Pagan Power
Well, after the 2006 debacle, I wrote this:

Call it a Twilight of the Gods moment
( "In the twilight of the gods, the twilight men will appear..."
Otto Basil, circa 1968 )
...but until further notice, I am suspending updates specific to this post.
I will continue to update this:
with "everything you need to be aware of."
But I'm just burned, and bummed out. The elections. The sellout of Israel. The Moonbats. The Stupid Party. The Evil Party.

Then again, after yesterday there's this:

”Zimbabwe On The Potomac...”

You know there were warning signs...

I kept telling people when Bill Clinton slithered in to office, and clung to it, despite all the scandals, and Impeachment itself-- “He's just a symptom. Like a fever is of a disease- there's something wrong with America.”

Like Popular Culture- look at the magazines-- I call it “thugs & jugs,” or “which Pop Tart is popping out whose baby this week?”

Or Katrina- ever seen so many people milling around with their hands out, when they should have been helping themselves?

We did it to ourselves, and The New, Improved Black Jesus is merely a symptom.

All civilizations have a shelf life- once enough citizens figure out that by electing the “right” representatives, they can use the power of the government to pick the pockets of others,'s all over, except for the details.

Well, we're in the “details,” now.

Meanwhile, I have to figure out what Miss Emily and I do with what's left of our lives, and bush hog her Mom's old place in the country, because City Life isn't going to be worth living from here on out.

I'll catch you all later...


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To: visualops
who wrote that?

Yours truly...

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To: All

Obama Bribes, Threatens, and Rewards Congress to Pass Health Care

Hidden Dangers

All voluntary, they say, but once you "volunteer" to have the oh-so-helpful folks from Social Services come in to help with your newborns, or with a number of other specified issues, will you ever be able to get rid of them?

Custodian of U.S. mosques promotes slaying Americans

The end of the road for Barack Obama?

Well, to cherry-pick a little?

The once mighty motor city of Detroit appears slowly to be being abandoned, becoming a Jurassic Park of the mid-20th century; unemployment among black people in Mr Obama's own city of Chicago is estimated at between 20 and 25 per cent. One senior black politician – a Democrat and a supporter of the President – told me of the wrath in his community that a black president appeared to be unable to solve the economic problem among his own people.

Much as I dislike and oppose Øbozo, just what in the "H" does the President have to do with their self-inflicted wounds?

Is he supposed to jump in a phone booth, peel off his suit, and fly over the city dispensing majik?

The Ocean is Farting! The Ocean is Farting!

by snork ( 216 Comments › )
Filed under Global Warming Hoax, Open thread at March 7th, 2010 - 8:00 am

Fuldkommen gak! It’s worse than we thought! According to a plethora of media articles, there’s a new study in Science magazine that claims that methane is coming from the Siberian side of the Arctic Ocean at a rate that’s equal to all the rest of the oceans combined! Here in the Daily Mail, we have:

Methane had become trapped in the permafrost over time and now 8million tonnes of it is seeping out due to rising temperatures, researchers said today.

Hmm. 8 million tonnes of it. Over what period? A second? A day? A year? And to prove the point, they have this rather dramatic picture:

The caption reads “Researcher Katey Walter lights a pocket of methane on a lake in Siberia showing just how explosive the greenhouse gas is”. On a lake, eh? Not the Arctic Ocean?

Moving right along...216 Comments »


If ever I decide to write seriously again ( Yes, I've been a "perfessional" writer, i.e., got paid to do it-- take that, Chuckles-- do you even know the calibre of all the people you have pissed off? Your blog stats tell the tale, for anyone who seeks them out... ) it will be a tossup between the creepiness of web stalkers and the Seven Circles of Hell of internet bannings...

Stay tuned...

backhoe sends

Sunday, March 07, 2010 2:02:00 AM

Gender Agenda: Boys in Girls' Bathrooms

Public Sector Unions Tarnish the Golden State

Aside from the disturbing specter of children being used as political props by their teachers, the spectacle is ludicrous.

Cognitive Dissonance Revisited: The Key to Defeating the Progressives

Multiply X2:

Jobless Rate Actually Stands at 11.5%: Roach

That Fabulous Cuban Healthcare (Part II)

Sure “hope” everybody who voted for “change” likes what they are going to be getting... good & hard...

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To: All

Video: Obama’s abortion politics: Newly uncovered 2003 video reveals his real views!

Obama conspiracy – It’s no longer just a theory

Obama’s New ‘Poverty’ Measurement

Daily presidential tracking poll (-19 !!!! )

Never forget something we learned during the Clinton Criminal Conspiracy— the Left in this country lives and dies via polling results. This ought to be giving them nightmares.

Should President Obama have a Black Agenda for America?

Sure, just like President Bush should have had a White Agenda...

Jesus H, this “post-racial” nonsense is the worst I’ve ever seen it, and I grew up during segregation.

Texas is thriving; California is dying: Liberalism kills conservatism builds.

Harry Reid's Job Loss Comments - Idiotic or Illuminating?

Massa Hints He Could Rescind Resignation

...after asserting that an ethics investigation into allegations that he sexually harassed one of his aides may have been orchestrated by Democratic leaders to get him out of office before the health care vote.

This was exactly the scenario I posted the moment they announced the "charges" against him.

Friday, March 05, 2010 3:46:19 PM · 7 of 118
dead to Former Military Chick
While it’s the latest in a string of bad PR the Democrats have taken this week, Massa’s exit will actually help House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her quest to pass health care.

What a coinky-dink!

News of his "sexual harassment" charges found their way into the press a day after he announced that he wouldn't vote for the Senate version of the healthcare bill.

The fact that he wouldn't vote for it because it wasn't leftwing enough is irrelevant. He wasn't obeying orders.

This guy must be reading my posts. He's too stupid to figure out what they were doing to him on his own.

10 posted on Monday, March 08, 2010 10:10:23 AM by dead

Women earn less than men, despite laws
Women’s Figures

To counter myths of the glass ceiling, the wage gap, and the pink ghetto, the authors show that in key areas of education and employment, women have substantially achieved equality.

Are women victims? Or can they hold their own in the workplace? Women’s inequality in society is a standard refrain...

Breaking....Van Hollen charges five with election fraud (ACORN!!)

IMF suggests how to raise climate change funds

Although I started it as documentation of the ClimateGate Swindle, I have plenty about The Coming Ice Age, err, Global Warming, err, Climate Change, err, what we used to call

"having weather," too--

--click the picture, goto the last "page," and scroll back:

"Hadley CRU has apparently been hacked –[epic fraud?]"

Click the picture:

And yes, it is a swindle- a fraud and a cheat and a scam-- a deliberately designed construct intended to con you out of things you hold dear-- money, and prosperity, and freedom... and a few other things, as well.

Nevada Tax eaters host a dinner: And you're on the menu


Obama’s Real Problem? Fox News!

I thought Mr Rush Limbaugh was President Obama’s real problem??

Or is Tea Party supporters???

Or maybe it’s Sarah Palin???

Oh, you poor, ignorant clinger, the biggest problem is that you are a racist.

Did Cong. Massa Get The Same Dirty Trick Treatment From Obama and Emanuel as NY Governor Paterson?

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To: All

UH OH: Dems Doubt Health-Bill: Why Obama’s Roadshow Will Fail.

But see this.

ED DRISCOLL: Tea Partiers Better Hope That David Brooks Is Right.

TAKING THE “TOWN HALL” PROTESTS TO DC: “If members of Congress won’t come to their constituents, their constituents will come to them.”

Plus, Ohio Tea Party folks going after their Congressional delegation.

 A Detention Bill You Ought to Read More Carefully

I keep telling you all what it really is...


 “Amazon Tax” Laws Signal Business Unfriendliness And Will Worsen Short-Term Budget Problems. “Contrary to the claims of supporters, Amazon taxes do not provide easy revenue. In fact, the nation’s first few Amazon taxes have not produced any revenue at all, and there is some evidence of lost revenue. For instance, Rhode Island has seen no additional sales tax revenue from its Amazon tax, and because Amazon reacted by discontinuing its affiliate program, Rhode Islanders are earning less income and paying less income tax. Amazon taxes also do not “level the playing field” between brick-and-mortar and online businesses; the laws actually mandate disparate burdens on online businesses. Litigation over the constitutionality of Amazon taxes is ongoing, with scholars on the left and right disputing their wisdom and legality.” Unsurprisingly, I agree. Earlier thoughts on this subject here.


My Sunday Washington Examiner column on The Consent of the Governed — And the Lack Thereof.

Jim Moran and earmark quid pro quos.

An increasingly grim deficit picture.

Rick Perry and the Tea Party movement.

Have Fedora, Will Travel.

Iceland’s rejected debt deal.

How to handle sudden unintended acceleration.

California’s Pension Mess. And more on California here.

Michael Barone: Low-Tax Texas Beats Big-Government California.

Going braless.

CyberWar or CyberHype?

Michael Yon: Moving Heaven And Earth.

CrockPot cookery.

What’s on your minds today? ( Excerpts- use the link, dammit! )

Here’s a great Weekly Standard piece on the collapse of the Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming.  It says the release of the emails showing the fraud, deception, destruction of data, and invention of numbers designed to fit predetermined curves at East Anglia’s “climatology center” is on par with “The Pentagon Papers” that changed the dialogue on Vietnam.

There is no putting the genie back in this bottle, and no matter how much the MSM tries to pretend this story isn’t happening, the public is indeed finding out about it.

Rahm Emanuel Attacked Congressman Massa Naked in the Showers.

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( Excerpts- use the link, dammit! )

The meme is building that Democrats are corrupt Chicago thugs who use blackmail, extortion, bribery, threats, and, apparently, naked shouting matches, to get what they want, regardless of what’s good for their constituents…with no regard for what the public wants.

This is much, much worse than the 1994 narrative of Democrats being merely “out of touch” with the public.  It’s worse than the scandals the Republicans had in 2006.

We’ll go more in depth on this later...

( Excerpts- use the link, dammit! )

"What I see happening in the short term is a fracture into an Obama-uber-Alles group and a Save-Our-Positions group. Neither of which will win. The Republicans are riding a “Down With Washington” tsunami similar to 1994. Except that this time, there will be no Tim McVeigh to sabotage reform, nor a Clinton saying, “the era of Big Government is over” to rescue the Democrats."

March 8, 2010 at 4:48 pm

a good read:

Update: Regarding David Paterson and Eric Massa, we are not excusing the conduct of either of them. However, as we wrote before about David Paterson, these are Obama thug drive-by shootings. Paterson and Eric Massa both fit into the pattern of Obama using sex related stories to destroy opponents (such as Blair Hull).

As we have seen repeatedly, for something to catch on with the public, there needs to be a visual people can see that makes the story stick.

Rahm Emanuel’s attack on Congressman Eric Massa, done naked in the Congressional showers, is the sort of thing that illustrates, well, nakedly the true nature of what the Liberal Socialist Democrat party has become.  Their naked disregard for the will of the people.  Their naked disrespect for anyone who does not share their socialist bent.  Their naked inherent destructiveness.

March 8, 2010 at 2:45 pm

Sometimes I don’t even have to read the threads but am merely pushed over the edge by the title.

This morning, we heard the weirdest, distant noise:  a rumbling and a grumbling.  We couldn’t figure it out...We kept wondering and wondering what it was, and then someone left us a comment that “Dan Rather said “Obama is so incompetent he couldn’t even sell watermelons”".  ...Would Rather REALLY be stupid enough to fall right into the Race Industry’s hands and actually use a watermelon analogy?

UPDATE:  It’s true.  Dan Rather really did say this on MSNBC.

March 8, 2010 at 3:47 pm

Here’s a good post on Healthcare by Dan Perrin. He urges everyone to Jay Cost’s daily vote count, and to pound it. Great analysis only seen in the New Media.

Jay Cost has the real house vote count. (Rep. Massa’s claims that he is the swing vote, notwithstanding.)

If you want to help, call the Members of Congress on Jay’s list, and follow it daily. Organize demonstrations in front of their offices. Put them on YouTube. Call them. Email them. Contribute money to their opponents. Seek out these Members of Congress in their districts. Button-hole them. Do not let up until the House votes. (Sorry Jay, your list is better than Minority Whip Cantor’s memo.)

Monday, March 8, 2010, 5:49 PM

I’ve cribbed the video, but after watching it, do go read Ed Morrissey’s whole piece. They lie and lie. And they may get away with it, too.


The reason they may get away with it, even with boldface lying like this, is because they are assisting in strenghtening the resistance of the world, that there may be no breach by which to “open up space for God’s life to pass through.”

Am I actually suggesting that at this point The Pelosi and The President are -knowingly or unknowingly, actively or passively, take your pick- serving a culture of death and darkness? Yeah. I guess I am. I’ve never seen more comfortable liars than these, and their faithful enablers in the press.

Light and Darkness; the choice and The Challenge and the Light (Both from Advent)

The Art of the Painless Coup

2,544 posted on 03/08/2010 3:27:12 PM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: backhoe

can we now say “Obama is a Communist”?

Obama acts like a loyal communist
Obama talks like a loyal communist
Obama walks the walk of a loyal communist


Obama is a communist.

2,545 posted on 03/08/2010 3:31:21 PM PST by longtermmemmory (VOTE! and
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To: longtermmemmory
can we now say “Obama is a Communist”? Obama acts like a loyal communist Obama talks like a loyal communist Obama walks the walk of a loyal communist therefore Obama is a communist.

I agree, but I also believe there's a strong fascist element- sort red & brown shirt, combined.

Both are subsets of collectivism, and both have totalitarian tendencies.

The Government Motors takeover was pure Mussolini...

2,546 posted on 03/08/2010 3:37:58 PM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: backhoe

Awesome. I love it.

2,547 posted on 03/08/2010 3:44:59 PM PST by visualops (Freepin' on my Pre!)
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To: visualops

Thanks kindly.

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To: All

Obamacare: The Bankrupting of America

Sudden spate of layoffs hits Middle Tennessee

Ga. Revenues Continue to Plunge

Daley's gun control legislation proposes 'micro-stamping' pistols, harsher penalties

I was taught a very long time ago by some very hard-eyed men, that when you frame the questions wrong, you are bound to get wrong answers...

The problem isn't hardware- guns.

The problem is software- criminals and gangs. And drugs.

This is just more talking-point, PC, touchy-feely blather for the faithful, who don't want to crack down on the crime problem.

You can flat outlaw guns, but as long as they are as easy to smuggle as drugs, you'll always have them.

NY Times Correspondent: Israeli 'Prejudice, Racism' Help Explain Obama Unpopularity

2,549 posted on 03/08/2010 4:06:47 PM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

The ObamaCare/Reconciliation ploy is a trial run for much more including total takeover of student loans

—Purple Avenger

We can't let this camel get its nose in the tent, because apparently there's a full size camel hiding in back of that nose.

Everyone knows Democrats are planning to use the budget reconciliation process to get ObamaCare through the Senate. Less well known is that Democrats are plotting add-ons to that bill to get other liberal priorities enacted—programs that could never attract 60 votes.

One of these controversial measures rewrites the Higher Education Act to ban private companies from offering federally guaranteed student loans as of this July. Congress has already passed laws in recent years discouraging private lenders from making loans without a federal guarantee. But most college financial-aid departments still want private companies to originate and service the guaranteed loans. That's because the alternative—a public option run by the Department of Education—has been distinguished by its Soviet-style customer service.

The Democratic plan is to make this public option the only option mere days before colleges send out their financial aid packages to incoming students...

Posted by Purple Avenger at 10:06 PM New Comments Thingy
94 90 Things would explode in this country if they went after 401ks.

Posted by: Fed Up at March 09, 2010 01:08 AM (5V+TV)

Especially if they went after 401ks soon after the passing of the health care bill.  I would worry about the level of civil disobedience and unrest that might follow.  I never thought I'd worry about another Civil War in this country in my lifetime, but it's as if Obama and the Dems. are seeing how far they can go with their plans before that becomes a possibility.

WTF happened to this country over the past 18 months anyway? 
CHANGE: From “Nudge” to “Shove.”

HOW’S THAT “SMART DIPLOMACY” WORKING OUT? POLL: U.S. LESS RESPECTED IN THE WORLD. “A majority of Americans say the United States is less respected in the world than it was two years ago and think President Obama and other Democrats fall short of Republicans on the issue of national security, a new poll finds. The Democracy Corps-Third Way survey released Monday finds that by a 10-point margin — 51 percent to 41 percent — Americans think the standing of the U.S. dropped during the first 13 months of Mr. Obama’s presidency.”

UPDATE: Related: Apology Tours and Terrorists’ Rights: A Losing Combination.

Monday, March 8, 2010, 8:39 PM
Jim Hoft

How’s that hopey-changey stuff working out for ya?

Thanks Barack. The US is less respected today than during the Bush McHitlerburton days.
HotAir and The Washington Times reported:

A majority of Americans say the United States is less respected in the world than it was two years ago and think President Obama and other Democrats fall short of Republicans on the issue of national security, a new poll finds.

The Democracy Corps-Third Way survey released Monday finds that by a 10-point margin — 51 percent to 41 percent — Americans think the standing of the U.S. dropped during the first 13 months of Mr. Obama’s presidency.

“This is surprising, given the global acclaim and Nobel peace prize that flowed to the new president after he took office,” said pollsters for the liberal-leaning organizations.

On the national security front, a massive gap has emerged, with 50 percent of likely voters saying Republicans would likely do a better job than Democrats, a 14-point swing since May. Thirty-three percent favored Democrats.

“The erosion since May is especially strong among women, and among independents, who now favor Republicans on this question by a 56 to 20 percent margin,” the pollsters said in their findings.

A BLOG REPORT FROM OBAMA’S HEALTHCARE SHINDIG IN PHILADELPHIA: “I must say that in person, Obama looks more like Fred Armisen than you would think. Here is Kelly’s picture of the SEIU people directly in front of the President. The group was in a roped off area and they weren’t all dressed in purple but they broke out in a chant together while we were waiting for the arrival of Obama. This was the only group that was able to shake hands with Obama at the conclusion as well.”

Lots of pics — including Tea Party protesters — at the link.

What’s behind the anti-Rahm leak campaign?
"Bye bye Rahm. Like too many in the administration, you think you won a mandate for Obama's vision. Actually you won on an anti Bush campaign, no mandate, no consesus for your hope and change. Your man Obama is just the next Jimmy Carter, a over winded do nothing. Rahm will be the first fall guy, let's move on and guess who will be next?"
"Prominent" Chicago Pol Offers Theory on Obama's Fecklessness: He Doesn't Get That "Chicago Way" Of Absolute One-Party Rule Doesn't Work in DC


That's one of the problems, I guess.

[Axelrod's] -- and to a degree Obama's -- problem is that they aren't used to governance that requires multi-party and intra-party skills, where the chief executive isn't in absolute control of all levers of government. The "Chicago Way" is profoundly misunderstood. It isn't, first and foremost, about bullying politics; it's about absolute control and the means to achieve it. The "Chicago Way" would never work in DC, and I believe their frame of reference doesn't allow them to see DC otherwise.

Well, it's that, and the fact that Obama is a diehard, true-believer left-liberal for whom the word "compromise" is anathema. How do you compromise with (as they see it) near-Hitlerian evil?

Posted by Ace at 06:13 PM New Comments Thingy
30 Gee, a guy who has benefited from Affirmative Action his entire life and never held a real position of authority doesn't know how to govern or compromise. What a shock. /sarc

Barry is headed for that uncharted territory beyond low approval ratings, into ultra-high disdain ratings, and bipartisan ones too.  It should be really fun to watch the Dems slowly realize that they have married a completely empty suit, and that to divorce him is going to be really painful and humiliating.

And entertaining.

March 8, 2010 at 1:10 pm

Fascinating piece of Rahm over Human Events.

An excerpt, via Red State:

“Rahm Emanuel, famous for declaiming that a crisis should never be allowed to go to waste, is now engaged in an epic battle not only with President Obama’s closest advisers but with the president himself.”

March 8, 2010 at 1:41 pm

“The meme is building that Democrats are corrupt Chicago thugs who use blackmail, extortion, bribery, threats, and, apparently, naked shouting matches, to get what they want, regardless of what’s good for their constituents…with no regard for what the public wants.”

Massa vs Rahm really blowing open New « 1 2 »

PHOTOSHOP CHALLENGE: Rahm Emanuel, PSYCHO Naked Shower Attacker, Edition

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H/t Bijou


UPDATE: Thanks to Bijou for our first entry.  Keep ‘em coming!


As we have seen repeatedly, for something to catch on with the public, there needs to be a visual people can see that makes the story stick.

March 9, 2010 at 12:07 am

A new word will need to be added to the dictionary. Thanks to Bill, we all know what a ‘lewinsky’ is.

Now we all now what being ‘rahmed’ means.


2,550 posted on 03/09/2010 2:27:08 AM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Obama Flashback: “We Need to Rise Above an Ends Justify the Means Mentality”

Shaming of the NHS: Patients STILL treated in kitchens, abandoned in mop cupboards

Vladimir Lenin: “Socialized Medicine is the Keystone to the Arch of the Socialist State.”

Sarah Palin Talks Canadian HealthCare, Baits MEDIA & THEY GET CAUGHT LYING!!

IRS to Track Online Sellers' Payment Transactions Beginning Next Year

Are Liberal Jews Suicidal or Are They Just Clueless?

Newly Released CIA Memos-Additional Proof That Congress Knew All About Waterboarding



2,551 posted on 03/09/2010 3:56:18 AM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All
Rubber hits the road, folks:
Crunch time-

What’s in your mind this Tuesday?


Help us do some legwork this morning.

We need to identify the Top 20 likeliest YES votes in the House for the Senate’s Rationing bill that can possibly be flipped to NO if the right pressure is put on them.

We’ve seen the White House is bribing Congress critters for votes, and Rahm Emanuel’s stripping naked and running through Washington sticking his…finger…in people’s faces, demanding they do what he says (or, presumably, he’ll remain nude).

It’s time to hit the Left where it hurts most…their donors.

Step One: Identify 20 House Democrats who could indeed vote NO if the right pressure is on them.

Step Two: Identify the 5 largest private donors (people or law firms, not corporations…we need actual people because we don’t have time for a corporation to respond…and law firms are so strict with billing that a sudden burst of activity aimed at them from the public will instantly be noticed, as all that energy won’t be billable).

Step Three:  Write letters, send emails and faxes, and melt the phones of the 100 largest contributors to the campaigns of the Top 20 Likeliest Democrats who could vote NO on this madness.

Step Four: Those big donors tell the House members the public has started calling, writing, and faxing them.  The big donors will not be happy.  We believe they could persuade those 20 House members to change their votes to NO to get the public to “shut up”.

We have about a week to make something happen.

Others will be hitting their own targets and doing their own part…this is an idea we had on how we could personally help tip the scales a little, based on what we know about super rich people who give a lot of money to politicians.

They do NOT want to hear from the public.  They do NOT want to get negative attention from the public.

So, let’s get that list of “The Twenty” in the House ASAP so that we can then get to work doing the FEC research to find the Big Bundlers who fund those twenty House Dems.  And then, we need to make persuasive magic happen.

It’s a big, big job, so we hope the Tea Party Movement picks up on this and helps us run with it.

The goal is to have a target list, the donor names, and the donor contact information assembled in a convenient and usable format by the end of today…tomorrow at the earliest.

We need your help to do the research and legwork.  Assemble all info you can find in this post, and let’s work together to make this happen.

March 9, 2010 at 12:50 am

Targeted House of Representative Members from Tea Party Patriots

Rep. Michael Arcuri, New York 24th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3665, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-1891
Local Office Number: (315) 252-2777/2778, Local Fax Number: (315) 252-2779

Rep. John Boccieri, Ohio, 16th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3876, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3059
Local Office Number: (330) 489-4414, Local Fax Number: (330) 489-4448

Rep. Allen Boyd, Florida, 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5235, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5615
Local Office Number: (850) 561-3979, Local Fax Number: (850) 681-2902

Rep. Christopher Carney, Pennsylvania, 16th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3731, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-9594
Local Office Number: (570) 585-9988, Local Fax Number: (570) 585-9977

Rep. Gerald “Gerry” Connolly, Virginia, 11th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-1492 DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3071
Local Office Number: (703) 256-3071, Local Fax Number: (703) 354-1284

Rep. Henry Cuellar, Texas 28th
DC Office Number: 202-225-1640, DC Fax Number: 202-225-1641
Local Office Number: (210) 271-2851, Local Fax Number: (210) 277-6671

Rep. Steve Driehaus, Ohio, 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2216, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3012
Local Office Number: (513) 684-2723, Local Fax Number: (513) 421-8722

Rep. Chet Edwards, Texas, 17th
DC Office Number: 202-225-6105, DC Fax Number: Fax: 202-225-0350
Local Office Number: (979) 691-8797, Local Fax Number: (979) 691-8939

Rep. Brad Ellsworth, Indiana, 8th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4636, DC Office Fax: (202) 225-3284
Local Office Number: (812) 465-6484, Local Fax Number: (812) 422-4761

Rep. Bob Etheridge, North Carolina, 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4531
Local Office Number: (919) 829-9122

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Arizona, 8th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2542, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-0378
Local Office Number: (520) 881-3588, Local Fax Number: (520) 322-9490

Rep. Deborah “Debbie” Halvorson, Illinois, 11th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3635, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3521
Local Office Number: (815) 726-4998, Local Fax Number: (815) 726-8024

Rep. Paul W. Hodes, New Hampshire, 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5206, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-2946
Local Office Phone: (603) 223-9814, Local Fax Number: (603) 223-9819

Rep. Jay Inslee, Washington, 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-6311, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-1606
Local Office Number: (360) 598-2342, Local Fax Number: (360) 598-3650

Rep. Paul Kanjorski, Pennsylvania, 11th
DC Office Number: 202-225-6511, DC Fax Number: 202-225-0764
Local Office Number: 570-825-2200, Local Fax Number: 570-825-8685

Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Ohio, 9th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4146, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-7711
Local Office Number: (419) 259-7500, Local Fax Number: (419) 255-9623

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, Arizona, 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2315, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-9739
Local Office Number: (928) 226-6914, Local Fax Number: (928) 226-2876

Rep. Ron Klein, Florida, 22nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225.3026, DC Fax Number: (202) 225.8398
Local Office Number: (561) 544-6910, Local Fax Number: (561) 544-2864

Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, Florida, 24th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2706, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-6299
Local Office Number: (407) 208-1106, Local Fax Number: (407) 208-1108

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, Ohio 10th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5871
Local Office Number: (216) 228-8850

Rep. Jim Langevin, Rhode Island, 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2735, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5976
Local Office Number: (401) 732-9400, Local Fax Number: (401) 737-2982

Rep. Stephen Lynch, Massachusetts, 9th
DC Office Number: 202-225-8273, DC Fax Number: 202-225-3984
Local Office Number: 617-428-2000, Local Office Fax: 617-428-2011

Rep. Daniel B. Maffei, New York, 25th
DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3701, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-4042
Local Office Number: (315) 423-5657, Local Fax Number: (315) 423-5669

Rep. Ed Markey, Massachusetts, 7th
DC Office Number: 202-225-2836
Local Office Number: 781-396-2900

Rep. Alan B. Mollohan, West Virginia, 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4172, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-7564
Local Office Number: (304) 292-3019, Local Fax Number: (304) 292-3027

Rep. John Murtha, Pennsylvania, 12th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2065, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5709
Local Office Number: (814) 535-2642, Local Fax Number: (814) 539-6229

Rep. Glenn C. Nye III, Virginia, 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4215, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-4218
Local Office Number: (757) 326-6201, Fax: (757) 326-6209

Rep. Tom Perriello, Virginia, 5th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4711, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5681
Local Office Number: (434) 293-9631, Local Fax Number: (434) 293-9632

Rep. Gary Peters, Michigan, 9th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5802, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-2356
Local Office Number: (248) 273-4227, Local Fax Number: (248) 273-4704

Rep. Nick Rahall, West Virginia, 3rd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3452
Local Office Number: (304) 325-6222

Rep. Laura Richardson, California, 37th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-7924, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-7926
District Office Number: (202) 225-7924, District Fax Number: (202) 225-7926

Rep. Ciro Rodriguez, Texas 23rd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4511, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-2237
Local Office Number: (830) 757-8398, Local Fax Number: (830) 752-1893

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, Maryland, 2nd
DC Office Number: 202-225-3061, DC Fax Number: 202-225-3094
Local Office Number: 410-628-2701, Local Fax Number: 410-628-2708

Rep. Linda Sanchez, California, 39th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-6676
Local Office Number: (562) 860-5050

Rep. Kurt Schrader, Oregon, 5th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5711, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5699
Local Office Number: (503) 588-9100, Local Fax Number: (503) 588-5517

Rep. David Scott, Georgia, 13th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2939, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-4628
Local Office Number: (770) 210-5073, Local Fax Number: (770) 210-5673

Rep. Adam Smith, Washington, 9th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-8901
Local Office Number: (253) 593-6600, Local Fax Number: (253) 593-6776

Rep. Peter Visclosky, Indiana, 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2461, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-2493
Local Office Number: (219) 795-1844, DC Fax Number: (219) 795-1850

Rep. David Wu, Oregon, 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-0855, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-9497
Local Office Number: (503) 326-2901, Local Fax Number: (503) 326-5066

Rep. John Adler, New Jersey 3rd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4765, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-0778
Local Office Number: (732) 608-7235, Local Fax Number: (732) 608-7268

Rep. Jason Altmire, Pennsylvania 4th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2565, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-2274
Local Office Number: (724) 378-0928, Local Fax Number: (724) 378-6171

Rep. Brian Baird, Washington 3rd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3536, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-2478
Local Office Number: (360) 695-6292, Local Fax Number: (360) 695-6197

Rep. John Barrow, Georgia 12th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2823, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3377
Local Office Number: (706) 722-4494, Local Fax Number: (706) 722-4496

Rep. Melissa Bean, Illinois 8th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3711, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-7830
Local Office Number: (847) 517-2927, Local Fax Number: (847) 517-2931

Rep. Marion Berry, Arkansas 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4076, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5602
Local Office Number: (870) 972-4600, Local Fax Number: (870) 972-4605

Rep. Rick Boucher, Virginia 9th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3861, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-0442
Local Office Number: (276) 628-1145

Rep. Dennis Cardoza, California 18th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-6131, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-0819
Local Office Number: (209) 383-4455, Local Fax Number: (209) 726-1065

Rep. Travis Childers, Mississippi 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4306, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3549
Local Office Number: (662) 841-8808, Local Fax Number: (662) 841-8845

Rep. Jim Costa, California 20th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3341, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-9308
Local Office Number: (559) 495-1620, Local Fax Number: (559) 495-1027

Rep. Artur Davis, Alabama 7th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2665, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-9567
Local Office Number: (205) 752-5380, Local Fax Number: (205) 752-5899

Rep. Joe Donnelly, Indiana 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3915, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-6798
Local Office Number: (574) 288-2780, Local Fax Number: (574) 288-2825

Rep. Parker Griffith, Alabama 5th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4801, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-4392
Local Office Number: (256) 551-0190, Local Fax Number: (256) 551-0194

Rep. Baron Hill, Indiana 9th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5315, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-6866
Local Office Number: (812) 288-3999, Local Fax Number: (812) 288-3873

Rep. Steve Kagen, Wisconsin 8th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5655, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5729
Local Office Number: (920) 437-1954, Local Fax Number: (920) 437-1978

Rep. Daniel Lipinski, Illinois 3rd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5701, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-1012
Local Office Number: (312) 886-0481, Local Fax Number: (773) 767-9395

Rep. Jim Marshall, Georgia 8th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-6531, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3013
Local Office Number: (478) 464-0255, Local Fax Number: (478) 464-0277

Rep. Jim Matheson, Utah 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3011, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-5638
Local Office Number: (801) 486-1236, Local Fax Number: (801) 486-1417

Rep. Michael E. McMahon, New York 13th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3371, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-1272
Local Office Number: (718) 351-1062, Local Fax Number: (718) 980-0768

Rep. Michael Michaud, Maine 2nd
DC Office Number: (202) 225-6306, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-2943
Local Office Number: (207) 942-6935, Local Fax Number: (207) 942-5907

Rep. Harry Mitchell, Arizona 5th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2190
Local Office Number: (480) 946-2411

Rep. Collin C. Peterson, Minnesota 7th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2165, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-1593
Local Office Number: (218) 847-5056

Rep. Mike Ross, Arkansas 4th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-3772, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-1314
Local Office Number: (870) 881-0681, Local Fax Number: (870) 881-0683

Rep. Ike Skelton, Missouri 4th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-2876
Local Office Number: (816) 228-4242

Rep. Bart Stupak, Michigan 1st
DC Office Number: (202) 225-4735, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-4744
Local Office Number: (906) 786-4504, Local Fax Number: (906) 786-4534

Rep. Gene Taylor, Mississippi 4th
DC Office Number: (202) 225-5772, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-7074
Local Office Number: (228) 864-7670, Local Fax Number: (228) 864-3099

Via RealClearPolitics, Jay Cost has figured out a pretty accurate listing process. He will also update lists as changes are made (go to bottom of post):

There are some good articles at RedState on this.

2,552 posted on 03/09/2010 6:48:13 AM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: backhoe
I know he's a dem but let's hope we don't see him cast a vote

Rep. John Murtha, Pennsylvania, 12th


2,553 posted on 03/09/2010 8:35:18 AM PST by Elle Bee
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To: Elle Bee
I know he's a dem but let's hope we don't see him cast a vote- Rep. John Murtha, Pennsylvania, 12th

Ahh, the dead shall rise...

2,554 posted on 03/09/2010 12:23:48 PM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Obama’s Latest Assault on Freedom– New Regulations Will Ban Sport Fishing

Culled Out

March 9, 2010 at 11:37 am

All you fishermen & women – they are coming after you too. These people are unbelievable – they have got to be stopped.

Obama to push climate change in White House meeting (More Government control over everything)

Pelosi: "pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it"

Putting Private Info on Government Database

5 Ways Liberals Misjudge the American People (On the other hand, liberals are easy to predict)

March 9, 2010 at 11:16 am

Here is the link to search for donations, sorry for not having more time this morning.

Employers' hiring plans in holding pattern

Obama’s New ‘Poverty’ Measurement Setting a new national goal: class warfare.

Five Myths about Same Sex Marriage

The Carrie Effect (Support for Gay Marriage has Tumbled because of What happened to Carrie Prejean)

Wolf supporters howling (Sane article re wolf reintroduction)

I Am An American -- ( Census #9- check "Some other race", write in "American." )

Rasmussen: 57% think ObamaCare will damage economy

Gasoline prices match '10 highs; analysts foresee $3 per gallon

Barcelona hit with heaviest snowfall in 25 years

Renewable Power – A Ticking Bomb

Go to Spain if you wish to see the folly of renewables.

Get ready for 19% unemployment

Nuclear today – how much better than a decade ago?

“A crashed economy leads to the implementation of Cloward-Piven.”

The left is miscalculating here, it will lead to CWII and their executions for treason.

TSA and the Fourth Amendment: Take another Look

2,555 posted on 03/09/2010 1:09:52 PM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All
 Looking at the White House emails. GREENJOBSGATE? Released Emails Show Wind Lobby, Soros Group Helped with White House PR.
ObamaCare Means A Two-Tier System. “As is true in all socialist countries, there will be one standard of health care for you and me — and then a higher standard for the ruling class.” Yep. The more they go on about equality, the more they produce a system that’s run for the benefit of the nomenklatura.
 Romania, Twenty Years After The Fall of the Tyrant.


What is a Conservative Government

... but a temporary caretaker of a vast left-wing bureaucracy:

So there was President Obama giving his bazillionth speech on health care, droning yet again that “now is the hour when we must seize the moment,” the same moment he’s been seizing every day of the week for the past year, only this time his genius photo-op guys thought it would look good to have him surrounded by men in white coats.

Why is he doing this? Why let “health” “care” “reform” stagger on like the rotting husk in a low-grade creature feature who refuses to stay dead no matter how many stakes you pound through his chest?

Because it’s worth it. Big time. I’ve been saying in this space for two years that the governmentalization of health care is the fastest way to a permanent left-of-center political culture. It redefines the relationship between the citizen and the state in fundamental ways that make limited government all but impossible. In most of the rest of the Western world, there are still nominally “conservative” parties, and they even win elections occasionally, but not to any great effect (let’s not forget that Jacques Chirac was, in French terms, a “conservative”). The result is a kind of two-party one-party state: Right-of-center parties will once in a while be in office, but never in power, merely presiding over vast left-wing bureaucracies that cruise on regardless.


The result is a kind of two-party one-party state: Right-of-center parties will once in a while be in office, but never in power, merely presiding over vast left-wing bureaucracies that cruise on regardless.


Makes perfect sense. Except that Canada already has a Conservative government under a Conservative prime minister, and the very head of the “human rights” commission investigating me was herself the Conservative appointee of a Conservative minister of justice. Makes no difference. Once the state swells to a certain size, the people available to fill the ever expanding number of government jobs will be statists — sometimes hard-core Marxist statists, sometimes social-engineering multiculti statists, sometimes fluffily “compassionate” statists, but always statists. The short history of the post-war welfare state is that you don’t need a president-for-life if you’ve got a bureaucracy-for-life: The people can elect “conservatives,” as the Germans have done and the British are about to do, and the Left is mostly relaxed about it because, in all but exceptional cases (Thatcher), they fulfill the same function in the system as the first-year boys at wintry English boarding schools who for tuppence-ha’penny or some such would agree to go and warm the seat in the unheated lavatories until the prefects strolled in and took their rightful place.

... if you look hard enough, you can always find a Thatcher.

Posted by Cjunk at 8:57 AM| Comments (24)

My race is “American”

March 9, 2010 10:47 AM by Michelle Malkin115 Comments | 7 Trackbacks


Question of the day: Does the GOP have enough balls?

March 4, 2010 02:38 PM by Michelle Malkin

And no, I’m not talking about basketballs or baseballs or golf balls. You know what I’m talking about — excuse the language, but we need to be blunt. And you know that it’s the question that will hang over the Republican Party from now until November as it tries to persuade the base — let alone the American electorate — that it can provide a real alternative to the current crop of big government corruptocrats in power in Washington.

So: Does the GOP have enough balls to fight the Left or doesn’t it?

You know about my doubts. You’ve heard my warning about McCain Regression Syndrome.

Now, I want you to read every word of what Andy McCarthy has to say about the GOP leadership’s abandonment of Jim Bunning — and what it says about the lack of Republican fortitude in the war against the permanent, ever-growing Nanny State.

Andy speaks the truth. Hard truths. And fiscal conservatives/Tea Party activists need to shout them from the rooftops. I’ve invoked Phyllis Schlafly many times over the past year in urging the GOP to provide true choices instead of echoes. Actions speak louder than words. So, alas, does feckless inaction:

Maine’s Susan Collins took to the Senate floor to assure Americans that Bunning’s radical views about Congress’s not spending yet more billions it doesn’t have “do not represent a majority of the Republican caucus.” And sure enough, they didn’t. Once Bunning backed down, the measure passed by a whopping 78-19.

Think about that. We are talking about $10 billion in a year when Leviathan is slated to spend a total of $3.6 trillion. The majority of Senate Republicans joined Democrats in concluding that the allocation of every one of these 3.6 thousand billion dollars is so vital that not one of them could be sacrificed in favor of unemployment insurance. So another $10 billion just gets heaped on the already unfathomable trillion-dollar deficits stacking year upon year.

The pols call these mounting months (now years) of unemployment benefits “temporary,” even though the real unemployment rate remains in the double digits and no relief is in sight. The “temporary” label is a budgetary trick. It enables lawmakers to sidestep “PAYGO” — Pay As You Go — restrictions that require the federal government to pay for current obligations out of current revenues. Democrats recently made a big show of reinstituting PAYGO — but not until after they’d blown deficit spending through the stratosphere.

It was a bit of theater Democrats had good reason to believe they could pull off. When Republicans controlled Congress, they made a mockery of PAYGO entitlement restrictions, particularly when it came to enforcing Medicare cuts that were required by law. As the Heritage Foundation’s Bruce Riedl observes, PAYGO was a gimmick to project the illusion of fiscal responsibility even as budget deficits soared. Thus it comes as little surprise that, even as President Obama’s sudden paeans to PAYGO ring in our ears, Democrats are slyly sidestepping it.

Besides unemployment compensation, what is in the bill Bunning was blocking? The proposed goodies include public funds to prevent what would otherwise be a 21 percent reduction in payments to doctors who treat Medicare patients.

Of course, these are exactly the sort of steep cuts that enacting Obamacare would accomplish. Given that enacting Obamacare is the Left’s ne plus ultra, why not just let the Medicare payments get slashed now? Because Democrats realize that if people get a load of how Obamacare would actually work before it is a fait accompli, they will scream bloody murder. So the game is to make certain that doctors don’t feel the pinch now, just as the game is to pass Obamacare now but delay its implementation until 2013 — allowing Obama and Democrats to get through the 2010 and 2012 election cycles without being held accountable for the epic disaster that will be government-controlled medicine.

In sum, Bunning’s battle gave Republicans a chance to make points about runaway deficit spending, the fraudulence of PAYGO posturing, the foolish redistribution of wealth to create expensive and unproductive government jobs, unemployment-benefit extensions that Democrats refuse to pay for and that actually increase unemployment, and the monstrous rationing that would be wrought by Obamacare. So, did Republicans rally behind Bunning? Not a chance.

Why? Why abandon this fight when the GOP has the facts on its side? Why no enthusiasm when a year of Obama’s forced march to crony socialism has the public more receptive than ever to the case for slashing government? Simple: Republicans are afraid of being demagogued — as Democrats and the media demagogued Bunning — as wanting to cut off funding (i.e., money we don’t have) for unemployment insurance and the usual laundry list of other Big Government baubles like COBRA coverage, satellite TV dishes, the “highway trust fund,” etc. Republicans also did not want their own sorry PAYGO history rehashed.

Here’s the sad truth: For all the shining they did at last week’s White House “summit” on health care, when it gets down to actually putting the brakes on the Big Gummint Express, most of today’s Republicans are AWOL. They’re great at the debate society. But making the fight on something concrete, really saying no when it means grinding redistribution to a halt, means taking the slings and arrows. No thanks, they say, let’s just make the whole thing go away on a voice vote, the sooner the better. Indeed, while Senator Bunning should be lauded for engaging this fight, it is telling that he took it on only after deciding not to seek reelection.

…Democrats know the electoral setbacks will only be temporary. They are banking on the assurance that Republicans merely want to win elections and have no intention of rolling back Obamacare, much less of dismantling Leviathan.

For my money (while I still have some), that’s an eminently sound bet. The Bunning battle, in which the GOP was nowhere to be found, is the proof. Bunning just wanted Congress to live within its gargantuan means. Yet, the Washington Post ridiculed him: “angry and alone, a one-man blockade against unemployment benefits, Medicare payments to doctors, satellite TV to rural Americans and paychecks to highway workers.” That’s outrageously unfair, but it is a day at the beach compared to the Armageddon that would be unleashed upon any attempt to undo Obama’s welfare state on steroids.

As it turns out, Republicans didn’t have the stomach for a fight over wealth transfers that plainly exacerbate the problem of unemployment. Why would anyone think they’d take on a far more demanding war, in which Democrats and the legacy media would relentlessly indict them for “denying health insurance to millions of Americans”?

Even if the GOP gets a majority for a couple of cycles, even if President Obama is defeated in his 2012 reelection bid, Obamacare will be forever. And once the public sees that the GOP won’t try to dismantle Obamacare, it will lose any enthusiasm for Republicans. Democrats will eventually return to power, and it will be power over a much bigger, much more intrusive government.

Health care is a loser for the Left only if the Right has the steel to undo it. The Left is banking on an absence of steel. Why is that a bad bet?

So dead-on. So painfully dead-on. Where’s my famous head-banging-against-the-wall graphic? Ah, there it is:

Like I said this morning, I don’t want to hear the preemptive Republican promises to “repeal Obamacare later.”

Stop. It. Now.

As long as Beltway GOP hacks see this as a cynical marketing campaign and not an ideological battle, we are screwed.116 Comments

"I’m tired of empty talk. I could give you quote after quote of Obama promising to balance the budget, to pay as you go, and to eliminate earmarks. But he has no intention of doing any of those things. He just wants to take credit for saying he will do them.

It seems to me that Republicans are no different. They talk the big talk at Tea Parties, in campaign speeches, and on FOX News. But what do they do when they actually have a chance to make a difference and hold the Democrats’ feet to the PAYGO fire? They run and hide. "

"We must clean DC of the establishment. The political class that we have allowed to grow so large has forgotten why they were sent there."

The end of the road for Barack Obama?

by Speranza ( 147 Comments › )

4 | March 9, 2010 12:44 pm

There’s something that I’ve noticed:

The Parasites and their partisans in the media are constantly going on and on about how stupid those who rationally oppose them are.

They’re really beginning to sound like the alien invaders in Plan Nine From Outer Space.

And I have a special message for the Democrats and the other believers in the Primacy of the Parasite:

Get over it.

Sure, you claimed to won the presidential election by a majority of the votes cast. (After all, your candidate IS an Illinois Democrat)

So what?

An election in a constitutional republic is a process of hiring someone to perform a constitutionally defined task. It is not a mystical collectivist ritual for the anointment of a stone age god-king.

We do not believe in The Leader Principle. We do not believe that the stone age god-king that you call The One is in any way the embodiment of a collective will. And we certainly do not believe that we are in any way subject to what are in fact his individual whims.

We are not and never will be a living prop in your ideological fantasies. We will not bind ourselves with the chains that you offer us. And we will never embark on the path that ultimately leads to the anonymous ditch outside of town.

This isn’t Russia in 1917. We know about the ultimate results of your ideological fantasy and will not go down that path without a fight.

So knock it off! Get out of our way and go home, grow up, and get a life.

2 | March 9, 2010 12:36 pm

Saying that it’s “the end of the road for Barack Obama” is silly. The man has 3 more years in the Oval Office—and, until November, a large majority in both houses of Congress. He can do damn near whatever he pleases, if he is vicious enough (or his handlers are) and sufficient Congresspeople are willing to fall in line.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010, 5:55 AM
Jim Hoft

The state-run media was sooooo desperate to find something to attack Sarah Palin on yesterday that they forgot to factcheck their latest smear.

On Monday, the leftist media was thrilled to report that Sarah Palin used the Canadian health care system when she was a child. The Huffington Post, the Washington Post and Matthew Yglesias were happy to report this line this line from her speech this past weekend in Calgary:

“We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn’t that ironic? ”

This, they suggested, proved she endorsed the Canadian and US democrat’s socialist health care system.

But, unfortunately they didn’t have all the facts.
Ben Smith later in the day posted the corrections:

CORRECTION: Whitehorse is in Yukon, not Saskatchewan, and Palin, as a young child, lived closer to itthan earlier reported.

UPDATE: Here’s some more context: “My first five years of life we spent in Skagway, Alaska, right there by Whitehorse. Believe it or not – this was in the ’60s – we used to hustle on over the border for health care that we would receive in Whitehorse. I remember my brother, he burned his ankle in some little kid accident thing and my parents had to put him on a train and rush him over to Whitehorse and I think, isn’t that kind of ironic now. Zooming over the border, getting health care from Canada.”

ALSO: Socialized medicine apparently only kicked in in Yukon in 1972, post-Palin.

Another attack on Palin falls flat.

2,556 posted on 03/09/2010 3:55:58 PM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

And the overeducated Fools in the Media Hive wonder why average Americans are protesting?


Ummm...regarding that "Consent Of The Governed" notion.

—Purple Avenger

Back in February I posted about a RassPoll showing only 21% believe the government currently is operating with the consent of the governed.

That number seemed surprisingly low, but I didn't realize HOW low it was at the time. As a comparison, here's an old CNN poll suggesting 32% of the population believes in ALIEN ABDUCTIONS.

More people believe in freaking ALIEN ABDUCTIONS than believe in the representative legitimacy of current government.

That's quite a revelation. One congress and the president will ignore at their own peril.

Posted by Purple Avenger at 01:38 PM New Comments Thingy
9 This administration and Congress are actively attempting to damage the U.S. 

79% of the population saying that they don't think their federal government is acting legitimately should tell DEAR LEADER and the rest of his regime that there's trouble in paradise.

The problem is that this regime doesn't care about its citizens.  DEAR LEADER knows best, don't you know?

2,557 posted on 03/10/2010 1:24:36 AM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All
It isn't just America that stands on the precipice, the whole world is staring into the abyss.

Collapse of the American Empire: swift, silent, certain


I can't do any better than my intro to -America Held Hostage--:

”Zimbabwe On The Potomac...”

You know there were warning signs...

I kept telling people when Bill Clinton slithered in to office, and clung to it, despite all the scandals, and Impeachment itself-- “He's just a symptom. Like a fever is of a disease- there's something wrong with America.”

Like Popular Culture- look at the magazines-- I call it “thugs & jugs,” or “which Pop Tart is popping out whose baby this week?”

Or Katrina- ever seen so many people milling around with their hands out, when they should have been helping themselves?

We did it to ourselves, and The New, Improved Black Jesus is merely a symptom.

All civilizations have a shelf life- once enough citizens figure out that by electing the “right” representatives, they can use the power of the government to pick the pockets of others,'s all over, except for the details.

Well, we're in the “details,” now.

Meanwhile, I have to figure out what Miss Emily and I do with what's left of our lives, and bush hog her Mom's old place in the country, because City Life isn't going to be worth living from here on out.

I'll catch you all later...


What Good Can a Handgun Do Against An Army?

Updated: March 10, 2010, 12:56 AM ET "Culled Out" (another 1 million jobs at risk)

The Obama administration will accept no more public input for a federal strategy that could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing some of the nation's oceans, coastal areas, Great Lakes, and even inland waters.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

No Fishing Allowed

The grassroots Tea Party movement flummoxes the left

Tea Party Plans March Obamacare Protest: Plan a three-week Washington sit-in to stop passage

The 9th Circus actually gets something right:

Cops Not Immune After Shooting, Circuit Rules (Warrantless Entry and Seizure)

All Aboard The Red-Ink Express

The Logarithmic Effect of Carbon Dioxide

This is the best explanation of the stupidity I have seen:

Even if all 6.8 billion humans on Earth gave up ALL forms of transportation, ALL forms of industrial activity, ALL forms of energy production and even reverted back to a Stone Age state before the discovery of fire, living in cold damp caves as hunter gatherers and eating raw food, bearing in mind that most of us would die of starvation and/or hypothermia, we could only reduce overall atmospheric CO2 content by about 4.1 parts per million per year against a supposed average background level of 385 ppm. That is assuming of course that all anthropogenic CO2 ends up in the atmosphere and remains there for a significant length of time.

What credit-card payoff? Consumers are dumping debt

Happy Birthday backhoe!

Big Abortion is Scared

State-Run Media Red-Faced Over Palin’s Canadian Doctor Visits

Jobs: Short-term hope, long-term despair

But... but... "we" elected Teh Lightbringer!

In a fit of cognitive dissonance I have never seen before, America stuck the most unvetted, unqualified con artist I have ever seen into its highest office.

Never before has such an anti-profit, anti-business, downright anti-American bigot been in charge- and it shows, my God! it reveals itself in so many ways across society.

Why would any business in its right mind hire, expand, or try to grow when it can all be snatched away via executive whim?

Think GM was a fluke? Want to bet the future of your business, yourself, your employees on that?

If Obama-Care Fails:How Much Tax Money Did He Waste On The Effort?{enough to create 50,000 jobs?)

My Race is "American"

Good article and overview of States' efforts against odinga and the dims...

The States politely telling the DC cabal where they can put obamacare!

Please ~ping~ me to articles relating to the 10th Amendment/States Rights so I can engage the pinger.

I've stopped monitoring threads and unilaterally adding names to the ping list, so if you want on or off the list just say so.

Additional Resources:

Tenth Amendment Chronicles Thread
Tenth Amendment Center
The Right Side of Life/State Initiatives
Sovereign States
Firearms Freedom Act


54 posted on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 12:03:43 AM by ForGod'sSake

2,558 posted on 03/10/2010 2:49:05 AM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

Critical Action Alert to stop the March Madness!

Obama promised $2,500 health care savings; CBO says plan is $2,300 price increase

CBO Sees Obama Budget Bringing Debt to $20 Trillion By 2020(Hope and Change is Not Free)

Obama White House to 60000000 Anglers: We Don't Need You

Obama to take Daughters to Visit Indonesia School where he went under the name Barry Soetoro

The Truth Behind Sarah Palin's Canadian Health Care

Meet McCain 'birthers': ABC, CBS, NBC, FactCheck, N.Y. Times, more

Deer Reader is tanking:

Rassmussen Daily Tracking: Obama Hits -21.


Utah plans to take US land through eminent domain

Unemployment rises in 30 states in January

Jihad Jane, American who lived on Main Street

Muslim population in Metro Vancouver will triple by 2031

Why Democrats Don’t Care about $9.7 Trillion Debt

New McCain Bill: American Citizens May Be Held Without Charge During Hostilities


Marco Rubio Ad: "America Needs Republicans Who Will Stand Up To Barack Obama Not Join Him" (Video)

New Republican heavyweight takes a few punches from the Democrats

Naked Rahm now seared in our brains

California Is Doomed

California is doomed for two simple but profound reasons: the cost structure is too high for most businesses to survive, and a boom-dependent economy. ...Read more at ...
"The real key in this article is that California has become an environment hostile to business and industry. The tech-boom for Silicon Valley is over. The agricultural industry is being ruined by water regulations (although I believe there is some truth to the allegations that this is a means of bankrupting the farmers so that politically connected speculators can buy up the farms for nothing, and then the water will be turned back on). What little is left is going to leave and that means there won’t be anymore money, free or otherwise...Unfortunately, more and more, these practices are not limited to California. Small business is dying in America and nobody wants to face the fact. "

U.S. Department of Education Purchase Order for 27 Remington Shotguns

I actually made a joke here on FR several years ago about how we’ll know America is doomed when the US Dept of Education finally has it’s own tactical S.W.A.T. team.

We're not buying it, O

"President" Obama can rant and rave about "health care" (read, deathcare/CONTROL), he can continue to hold all of the phony "town hall" meetings, and college campus speeches filled with sycophant Obamessiah groupie "Yes we can", communist, socialist, ACORN PLANTS that he wants. He can continue to set all of the end of the world if it does not pass deadlines he wants. Heck he can dance naked in the street screaming at the top of his lungs: "I will get 'health care' passed if it is the last thing I do even if it kills me!" and "Please, do it for Wellstone and Teddy", "do it for the children", all he wants.

He can continue to plant his angry face on TV every day of the week, and give teleprompter diatribes on "healthcare" (read DEATHCARE/C O N T R O L)that no one will watch, because frankly, the American people are sick and tired of seeing this angry, LITTLE, black man-child who has never run or accomplished ANYTHING in his entire life belittle, berate and blame EVERYONE from George Bush to the "evil" doctors and insurance companies, BUT HIMSELF, for his own failures for the remainder of his so-called "presidency".

Obama can do ALL of the above ad infinitem while being lauded by the state run media and IT WILL MAKE NO DIFFERENCE, because the overwhelming majority of Americans want nothing to do with Obama and the democRATS deathcare bill; WE ARE AMERICANS, WE DO NOT WANT OR BELIEVE IN COMMUNISM, we DO NOT WANT OR BELEIVE IN SOCIALISM, we DO NOT WANT OR BELIEVE IN MARXISM, and that is exactly what Obamas so-called "healthcare" (read DEATHCARE/C O N T R O L)" bill really is.

The more Obama, Pelosi and Reed rant and rave and threaten, the more we are opposed to this monstrosity. The more the democRAT socialist/ "progressive" communists try and shove this down our collective throats, the STONGER WE WILL RESIST THEM.

America and the world see you for what you are: Mr. Obama, YOU are a failure, YOUR "progressive" communist/socialist/Marxist "health care" bill is a colossal FAILURE; it is evil, it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and Americans will never support it no matter who you BRIBE, who you threaten, who you manipulate into supporting it.

10 posted on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 7:07:01 AM by Jmouse007

2,559 posted on 03/10/2010 1:08:59 PM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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To: All

More on the Blatantly Unconstitutionally, Recklessly Illegal Slaughter "Rule:" Citizens Would Have Standing to Challenge


Leon H. Wolf at RedState writes:

Having determined that they lack the votes in the House to pass the Senate bills as-is, House Democrats are attempting one of the most breathtakingly unconstitutional power grabs ever witnessed - a maneuver to deem the Senate bill ALREADY PASSED by the House by rule, despite the fact that it clearly has not. Now, as we have constantly reminded our ahistorical liberal friends who have already forgotten all of 2002-2006, the filibuster is constitutional because it is a Senate rule of debate, which is expressly authorized by Article I’s delegation of power to each house of Congress to set its own rules of debate. Apparently, some Democrats can’t seem to tell the difference between a rule of debate and just declaring by rule that the House has passed a bill that they have not, when the Constitution itself expressly states that “in all [] Cases the Votes of both Houses shall be determined by Yeas and Nays[.]” What Slaughter and Pelosi here are attempting here is a blatant violation of the principles of bicameralism and presentment.

And unlike other Unconstitutional things Congress does, there’s caselaw here suggesting pretty clearly that when Congress attempts to pass a law in the absence of proper bicameralism and presentment, a person negatively affected by Congress’s action (e.g., a person required to pay a fine for not having health insurance) has standing to challenge the law’s validity in the Courts. This farce is illegal and unconstitutional on its face, and someone has to be advising the Democrats in the House of this fact.

Posted by Ace at 04:30 PM New Comments Thingy

Three words.

Lock and Load

just sayin'

66 Well, as an earlier post indicated, Odumbass is at -21 on the Rasmussen Daily Presidential tracking poll.  Based on the bullshit that the democrats are trying to pull, I think we're looking at -23 or -24 by the weekend.

116 I keep seeing Cloward/Pivin all over the place. Do they really think if they break the system they will be on top? Do they really think people will just roll over for them?

320 every time I hear "national ID card" i think "Show me your papers" from all those old war movies.


Obama approval rating at 43%. “Barack Obama hits the campaign trail again this month in support of a tremendously unpopular ObamaCare bill — and his numbers have started nose-diving again. Rasmussen’s latest daily poll shows Obama now at 43% approval, with 56% disapproving, the lowest figures of his presidency. His “passion index” has once again hit its lowest level at -21, as less than a quarter of registered voters now strongly approve of his performance. . . . It took George Bush almost six years to get to this level of job approval. Obama’s managed it in 14 months.”

Related: Poll Suggests Obama’s Arrogance Is The Problem.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010, 8:01 AM
Jim Hoft

The Obama White House has decided to take on the 60,000,000 American anglers.

(Hawaii Leisure)

The Obama Administration is pushing full steam ahead with their plan to fundamentally change America.
When the radicals are not pushing to socialize health care, offer amnesty to illegal aliens, or radicalize primary school education, they’re pushing new UN-styled rules and regulations on the sport fishing industry.
The Christian Science Monitor reported:

The Obama administration has proposed using United Nations-guided principles to expand a type of zoning to coastal and even some inland waters. That’s raising concerns among fishermen that their favorite fishing holes may soon be off-limits for bait-casting. In the battle of incremental change that epitomizes the American conservation movement, many weekend anglers fear that the Obama administration’s promise to “fundamentally change” water management in the US will erode what they call the public’s “right to fish,” in turn creating economic losses for the $82 billion recreational fishing industry and a further deterioration of the American outdoorsman’s legacy. Proponents say the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force established by President Obama last June will ultimately benefit the fishing public by managing ecosystems in their entirety rather than by individual uses such as fishing, shipping, or oil exploration.“It’s not an environmentalist manifesto,” says Larry Crowder, a marine biologist at Duke University in North Carolina. “It’s multiple-use planning for the environment, and making sure various uses … are sustainable.” (Amateur outdoorsmen have been fighting for their rights for years, as the Monitor reports here.)

Faced with the prospect of further industrialization along America’s coasts and the Great Lakes (wind turbines and natural-gas exploration, for example), the task force is charged with putting in place a new ecosystem management process called marine spatial planning. Marine spatial planning (MSP), according to the United Nations, is “a public process of analyzing and allocating the spatial and temporal distribution of human activities in marine areas to achieve ecological, economic, and social objectives that usually have been specified through a political process.” That kind of government-speak scares Phil Morlock, director of environmental affairs at the reel-and-rod maker Shimano. Mr. Morlock points to references by the ocean task force to “one global sea” as evidence that what’s really being proposed are broad changes to America’s user-funded conservation strategy, potentially affecting even inland waters. “I suggest that the task force recommend our model to the United Nations rather than us adopting the United Nations model,” he says in a phone interview. “The American model is the best in the world, so our question is: Why seek the lowest common denominator?”

Mr. Obama has said he will not override protections put in place by Presidents Clinton and Bush that established recreational fishermen as a special class.

But critics still worry about the Obama administration’s ties to environmental groups that espouse “anti-use” policies that put some habitats out of reach even for rod and reel fishermen, who take only 3 percent of America’s landed catch every year. “Angling advocates point out that senior policy officials on the task force seem inclined to ally themselves with preservationists and environmental extremists who want to create ‘no fishing’ preserves, with no scientific justification,” writes’s Robert Montgomery.

Now Obama Wants to Ban Sport Fishing
Obama White House to 60,000,000 Anglers: We Don’t Need You
Obama’s Latest Assault on Freedom– New Regulations Will Ban Sport Fishing

CHANGE: Sales Taxes Now Top Property Taxes and Personal Income Taxes as State Revenue Source.

Back during the fight over the — defeated — Tennessee state income tax proposal, income tax proponents argued that sales tax revenues were more likely to drop in economic hard times. This seems not to be the case.

IS IT SMART FOR THE WHITE HOUSE to be in a pissing match with the Chief Justice? A reader emails: “I think it’s going to really hurt Obama in the public’s perception, because of the high regard for Justice Roberts on all sides.” Well, it makes the White House look petty, thin-skinned, undisciplined, and unable to handle criticism. Which it is.

UPDATE: Jan Crawford: It’s getting ridiculous.

Whether the White House has a short-term or long-term strategy or no strategy at all, it’s flat-out absurd and ill-advised for the administration to think it should always have the last word. It’s like my 6-year-old: “I don’t LIKE your idea. I like MY idea.”

That’s their style.

ANOTHER UPDATE: James Joyner comments.

TRAFFIC-TICKET vultures? As I’ve noted here before, cities and counties in financial trouble seem to go for increased traffic enforcement as a source of revenue. In Knoxville, they’re all over the Interstates, nailing people for money. It makes about as much sense as sending cops into shopping malls to seize the wallets of random customers, but hey, they can do it, so they do do it . . . .

Of course, maybe they’d have better than a thirteen-minute response time if they focused more on real crime and less on traffic-revenue maximization.

But KPD doesn’t respond to blog postings. Too busy. . .

Weak Tea Or Strong Tea? Too many of those currently ‘analyzing’ the Tea Party movement seem to have no genuine interest in grappling with its potential historical significance. Plus, David Brooks’ appeal to snobbery.

UPDATE: They expected 600, but over 2000 showed up at this anti-Obamacare meeting.

MATT WELCH: The president’s habit of telling untruths.

The president, who promised in both word and style to usher in a “new era” of Washington “responsibility,” routinely says things that aren’t true and supports initiatives that break campaign promises. When called on it, he mostly keeps digging. And when obliged to explain why American voters are turning so sharply away from his party and his policies, Obama pins the blame not on his own deviations from verity but on his failure to “explain” things “more clearly to the American people.”

It’s funny — all he had to do to be a success was to live up to the kind of Presidency he promised. But he didn’t, and it appears that he couldn’t. Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Reader Kevin Greene writes:

The best example of this is health insurance mandates. The President defeated Hillary Clinton for the nomination of his party by telling Americans that it was wrong to require people to purchase insurance. Now, as President, he is trying to force people to purchase health insurance. And threatening IRS audits and fines. And he claims to not understand the opposition to this proposal.

People didn’t get the “expiration date” business . . .

SHOCKER: Milwaukee Police Ignored ACORN Voting Fraud Cases. “Keep in mind, the allegations in this case involve not just voter registration fraud, but actual voting fraud. Actual fraudulent ballots cast in the 2008 elections.” Wait, I thought that was just a right-wing myth.

UPDATE: A reader notes that the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel story leaves out ACORN. But two ACORN workers were indicted.

ON THE CENSUS, list your race as “American?”

In Obama's World ...

... we're all "family":

Those who support the president can expect favors. No sooner had Rep Jim Matheson (D-Utah) suggested that he might be willing to switch his vote and support the latest version of ObamaCare than his brother was nominated for a federal judgeship.

Alan Mollohan (D-W.Va.) is also on the undecided list. And, purely by coincidence no doubt, the Justice Department just announced that it is dropping an FBI investigation that has been swirling about the congressman. Gosh, if only Charlie Rangel were one of the undecideds.

Those who oppose the president can expect the political equivalent of a horse head between their sheets.


Posted by Cjunk at 2:27 PM| Comments (11)

Lead Story

Obamacare Road Show, Pt. II: Bring out the human kiddie shields

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 10, 2010 09:25 AM


My column shines light on the Hail Mary strategy of the Demcare-peddlers: Quick, hide behind the children! Just a reminder that President Obama will be in St. Charles, Missouri today for a closed-door, invitation-only Kabuki health care speech to high school students and then he’ll be heading off for a fund-raiser with Claire McCaskill. Tea Party activists are organizing two counter-protests — get all the info on the who, what, where, when at Gateway Pundit.

The column notes two new developments — Hill buzz over some Senate Democrat leaders’ plan to attach the nationalization of student loans to the health care reconciliation bill and the use of a new, dubious poster boy for Demcare, Marcelas Owens. The story doesn’t add up, and as usual, anyone who questions the logic and holes in these anecdotes will be labeled a “stalker.” Been there, done that


Desperate Dems cling to human kiddie shield
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2010

Have you noticed something about the audiences that President Obama has cherry-picked to cheer his government health-care takeover road show? They’re getting younger and younger. Today, Obama brings the traveling campaign to St. Charles High School in St. Louis, Missouri for a closed-door, invitation-only speech. If he doesn’t end the endless “No More Time For Talk” talks soon, he’ll be peddling Democrat reconciliation tactics on Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob Squarepants.

But desperate times call for demagogic measures. True to form, the Obama White House is wielding the human kiddie shield as its last-stand defense for Demcare.

On Monday, Obama surrounded himself with a ticketed-only crowd of Arcadia University college students in Pennsylvania (sprinkled with purple-shirted officials from the Service Employees International Union, natch). The Washington-based commander-in-chief traveled outside his Beltway bubble to a campus bubble to trash the political climate which he leads.

“That’s just how Washington is. They can’t help it,” he pontificated as the idealist young students nodded like empty bobbleheads. “They?”

You won’t be surprised by Obama’s biggest applause line of the speech: Peddling a Big Nanny provision in the Senate-passed health care bill that requires insurance plans that cover dependents to provide benefits to children up to age 26. Vowed Santa Obama: “If you’re a young adult, which many of you are, you’ll be able to stay on your parents’ insurance policy until you’re 26 years old.” Whoops and huzzahs erupted from the eager wards of the permanent, ever-expanding Nanny State.

As I’ve reported before, there are now an estimated 20 states that have already passed legislation requiring insurers to cover adult children. The slacker mandates cover “kids” ranging in age from 24 to 31. And it’s these very government health care mandates that contribute to rising health care costs.

But there was no time for higher learning at Arcadia University. Out: education. In: adulation. “I love you!” screamed a cult follower in the stands. “Love you back,” Obama responded.

Now, comes word from The Hill that Senate Democrat leaders want to graft Obama’s single-player plan to nationalize the student loan market onto the Senate health care reconciliation bill. That way, Obama’s college-age foot soldiers can argue that a vote against Demcare is a vote against The Children.

How low can they go? One of President Obama’s youngest lobbyists – 11-year-old Marcelas Owens of Washington state – traveled to D.C. on Tuesday on the dime of astroturf group, HCAN (Health Care for America Now). His 27-year-old mother, Tiffany, died of pulmonary hypertension. According to the family, Ms. Owens – a single mother of three — lost her job as a fast-food manager and lost her insurance. She received emergency care and treatment throughout her illness, but died in 2007.

Young Marcelas – goaded by his left-wing activist grandmother and promoted by Democrat Sen. Patty Murray — is now a regular on the pro-Obamacare circuit and is leading a congressional sit-in until the Democrat plan passes. He admits he doesn’t understand the complexities of health insurance reform and doesn’t “think it’s anyone’s fault” that his mom passed away. “But they could have done more” for her, he says.

It’s a heart-wrenching story, but the tale raises more questions than it answers. Washington state offers a plethora of existing government assistance programs to laid-off and unemployed workers like Marcelas’s mom. Why didn’t she enroll? Second, she died nine months after she reportedly lost her health insurance. By the time she lost her coverage through her employer, she was apparently already in dire health straits. It’s not clear that additional doctors’ visits in the subsequent months would have prevented her death.

All that said, the Owens’ case demonstrates the flaws of the employer-based system of health insurance. It needs real reform. Unfortunately, the current crop of Democrat plans would leave the employer-based system fully intact. What we need are grown-ups to start over from scratch and leave the kids on the playground.


2,560 posted on 03/10/2010 4:10:14 PM PST by backhoe (All Across America, the Lights are being relit again...)
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