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Importance of the newly located Dunham/Obama Sr divorce decree in proving ineligibility
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Posted on 01/03/2009 7:01:24 AM PST by dascallie

Last night Ed Hale presented the (heretofore, unseen) divorce decree on Plains Radio between Obama's mother and Obama Sr ( her FIRST marriage).

The key bonus in this was the revelation of the specific version of her name in the decree, Stanley Ann D. Obama.

Using this precise name variation ( the abbreviated, initial "D" --instead of 'Dunham', was the cipher that broke open the search), they are claiming to have now located a POE (Port of Entry ) document that Obama's mother provided when she returned to the US with her son--soon after Obama's birth, (allegedly in Kenya).

The POE allegedly includes Obama's birth information/certificate ( British Kenya) as required for entry. Stay tuned for events...see other comments below. -------------------------------------------------- DesertVet Newbie

Posts: 11 Re: Obama-Dunham 1964 DIVORCE DECREE Forthcoming « Reply #53 on: January 02, 2009, 09:39:16 PM » ***********Stanley Ann D. Obama*************

No secret I've been highly skeptical on this whole ordeal. I'm now beginning to think this could very well lead the way to the smoking gun. Until this document she has only been known as "Dunham", no where in public records has Obama's Mothers name read as it does on this divorce decree. I believe the "D" being abreviated has allowed them to locate her records. This has led them to a "port of entry" birth certificate for Barack Obama. She submitted this POE certificate when she came back to the US, and the fact that there is a POE Certificate...proves that he was indeed born out of the country.

This would mean that Obama has never been through Immigration & Naturalization Services in his life, he became a citizen of Indonesia, and never applied for a U.S. passport. If this is the case, then he's not even a citizen, let alone a natural born citizen.

I'm not 100% certain on my assertion of above take on this document issue, but I think it is HIGHLY plausible. I'm still not ready to dance in the streets by any means yet (Yeah, I'm a tough sell). But I am quite intriguied at the moment. Couldn't say that earlier today.

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To: silverleaf
she did not know how to diaper

Did someone else diaper him when she was traveling? Wife number 1 make the trip and stay with SR while SAD did her thing.

301 posted on 01/03/2009 11:11:29 AM PST by hoosiermama (Berg is a liberal democrat. Keyes is a conservative. Obama is bringing us together already!)
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To: RummyChick
To: MirandaRietz I don’t see what you are talking about.

Thank you for the Indiana information.If you read the article at the link it explains a time frame for the electoral votes to be registered and possibly NARA was late posting. There are other questions in the article that I find interesting also. The article arrived this morning so maybe NARA updated yesterday late.

I just counted 365 electoral votes for Obama. I can't even believe there are that many idiots in this country to vote for the marxist thug. But there are millions worse than the electors.

You are on your toes on this one. Thank you!

302 posted on 01/03/2009 11:11:53 AM PST by MirandaRietz
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To: The Sons of Liberty
my mistake..sorry. I did see your comment posed my response to the wrong person.

I hear this all the time. The Clintons, McCain, the GOP, did nothing about this. Then when Alan Keyes steps up to do something, they scream he is irrelevant.

In the book the Final days, it details a lot of the communist parties that are linked to Clinton and Obama buddies, Ayers etc. The Shadow party by Poe and Horowitz links Hillary to the fabian socialist takeover we see happening now.

303 posted on 01/03/2009 11:11:55 AM PST by MirandaRietz
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To: silverleaf

No, I was confirming with wtc911 that even now, flights from Kenya go through the mainland. Someone else said it would be a direct flight from Africa into Hawaii. I was saying, yes, I checked it out and that is the flight path of TODAY.

304 posted on 01/03/2009 11:14:13 AM PST by autumnraine
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To: MirandaRietz

FYI Axelrod’s first job was with a small local communist paper.

305 posted on 01/03/2009 11:14:56 AM PST by hoosiermama (Berg is a liberal democrat. Keyes is a conservative. Obama is bringing us together already!)
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To: Will88

That video was intended as a primer, as I said. There is MUCH more you need to familiarize yourself with before you can engage in meaningful discussion. I was just trying to get you pointed in the right direction. There are court cases, law review articles, so much indeed.

I am not claiming anything, buy the way. I have no credentials to make valid claims of any sort. Others do however, and I suggest again, that you familiarize yourself with the facts of law, the scholarship on the subject, past court cases, legislative history, etc.

Until you can speak with a modicum of familiarity with the subject matter, I suggest that it is you, not me, who is the smoke blower here.

But to a few of your specific comments. There have been a few court cases where the subject of “natural born” citizenship has been discussed, but none of these cases are directly on point for the very fundamental reason that this would be a case of first impression. All previous cases have discussed citizenship in general, rather than the very specific type called “natural born”.

The question is: what did this phrase mean to the framers, and on this question there is little doubt: it meant the children of citizens born within the United States. In fact, there was a rather specific notion that natural born citizenship was patrilineal. The citizenship of mothers didn’t count. Isn’t that quaint.

This is a Constitutional matter, and as you probably either know or perhaps could guess, many of the terms used in the Constitution are NOT defined therein. That is because they were terms well understood by the people of the time, and especially by the framers. It’s not our fault if language has drifted and terms fallen from use. We simply cannot throw up our hands and say “duh”, as you would seemingly have us do.

We will find the meanings of these terms in the writings of the time, and they have been found. We know very well what the term “natural born” means, and as you quite rightly point out, the meaning is not to be created by a resolution of Congress, or even by enactment of a statute law.

I want to reiterate that I did not offer up that you-tube presentation as “proof” of anything. I offered it up as a starting point for you as you begin the self-educational process. As an investor, as well as an innately curious person, I always suggest very strongly that individuals “DYOR”.

That’s “do your own research”. Until you have done that, all you have is smoke.

306 posted on 01/03/2009 11:15:21 AM PST by John Valentine
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To: wtc911

Can’t you give Ed just a teeny weeny bit of credit for digging up the divorce decree? I mean, there’s 300 million people in America, and it takes a backwoods hick like Ed Hale to discover a heretofore unknown Obama record, that has at least a modest chance of leading researchers to the first substantial proof of where Obama was born.

307 posted on 01/03/2009 11:17:33 AM PST by freepersup (!)
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To: John Valentine

I fear we are seeing the contrast between the public school or yesteryear and public school of more recent times...

Hate to see what the future brings with the newer teachers I’ve seen coming into the classroom....Cookie cutters who don’t know how to think let along how to teach young folks to think.... Too busy teaching to the test...WHAT to think.

308 posted on 01/03/2009 11:19:42 AM PST by hoosiermama (Berg is a liberal democrat. Keyes is a conservative. Obama is bringing us together already!)
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To: freepersup

Since Berg had it months ago, Ed ‘finding it’ is not as big a deal as you may think. If Ed’s digging comes up with an actual proof of birth location, then it will be significant, even if proven to be in Hawai’i. But Obama cannot yet discard the fact that he had British citizenship at birth and is thus ineligible under the framer’s intentions in the Constitutional eligibility requirements. Expect the perfect forgeryu of his BC to shopw his real fatehr was Frank Marshall Davis. Obama would throw anyone under his bus to gain the ultimate seat of power, including the entire Kenyan nation adn his personal reputation fashioned with his fakey ‘autobiographies’.

309 posted on 01/03/2009 11:22:28 AM PST by MHGinTN (Believing they cannot be deceived, they cannot be convinced when they are deceived.)
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To: autumnraine
Yes, I just checked expedia and the return flight would go from Kenya to Nairobi, Nairobi to London, from London to Los Angeles, LA to Honolulu.

Ding Dang Do.

I don't know how many times it needs to be said before folks get it. She didn't go to Honolulu.

Again. She didn't go to Honolulu. She went to Seattle. She was enrolled at the University of Washington that fall.

And just to be clear, can you get Expedia to give you flight routings for the aircraft and airlines from 1961? It haven't found that function on that webssite.

310 posted on 01/03/2009 11:22:54 AM PST by John Valentine
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To: Hang'emAll
It would be possible that Obama’s mother traveled to Kenya, to marry him as more than 1 wife would probably be legal there, not here.

Would you fly 10,000 miles to marry someone who was already married? To be spouse #2 with no rights?

I guess anything is theoretically "possible" but there are some assumptions in this that just don't make sense.

311 posted on 01/03/2009 11:25:59 AM PST by x
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To: silverleaf
...and then traveling to State of Washington, which was her real hometown..

AND, where she was registered and did in fact attend University starting in the fall of 1961.

312 posted on 01/03/2009 11:26:32 AM PST by John Valentine
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To: expatpat
I suspect that you are correct. The term "natural-born citizen" seems to have been redefined several times over the years.

Our constitution is a brilliant document, but it is also very brief and very general in many instances. That's probably what was intended.

But I'd bet the "natural born citizen" phrase is there because the founders didn't want some British born, still loyal to the crown resident to lay low and later work his way to the presidency, then begin steering US policies to the benefit of Great Britain.

I doubt they look ahead and wanted to prevent some kid born in a border town hospital of Mexican parents, who spent his entire life in the US, maybe served in the armed forces, and maybe became the first Hispanic-American Senator from Texax, I doubt the founders intended to prevent that citizen from being able to run for president in the 21st century.

But if such a citizen did announce a run, someone would probably challenge it, and it might end up being answered in the court system.

But I think anyone on this thread who believes that term in the constitution clearly bars the anchor baby citizens of the 21st century from running for president is way out in left field.

An unanswered question, IMHO.

But I also agree that if Obama has been deliberately devious and deceitful about the state of his citizenship, then he should be removed from office for that alone. I also know that would be extremely unlikely to happen if it's proven he did deceive us all.

313 posted on 01/03/2009 11:26:55 AM PST by Will88
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To: x

Who cares WHY she went there. The only thing that matters is if she DID go there, for whatever reason. Maybe to meet her husband’s family?

By the way, they were married in Wailuku, Maui, not in Kenya. That’s already established.

314 posted on 01/03/2009 11:29:03 AM PST by John Valentine
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To: x

You’re right, I read the decree after my post in more details; it did state that they were married in Hawaii.

315 posted on 01/03/2009 11:29:08 AM PST by Hang'emAll
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I would guess Michelle is in deep withdrawal from being able to bask and vent among other angry black people

They family hasn't even been to church since he was elected she must deeply mourn those uplifting rants form the Rev Wright that stoked her resentment for so many years...neither one of them has a true spiritual base, church was a place to get their racist indignation stoked

Poor Michelle, now to be turned into the wife of a saintly hero, a black Jackie-O fashion icon, Mommy, and housewife, patron of the arts-filled “White House”, to spend the next years surrounded by patronizing white liberals she feels so deeply inferior to

All that racism, anger and resentment- no place to vent

I seriously think the woman needs therapy if she isn't already getting it

316 posted on 01/03/2009 11:30:50 AM PST by silverleaf (Fasten your seat belts- it's going to be a BUMPY ride.)
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To: wtc911

The divorce decree also shows how much of an accomplished liar Ann was. It completely misses the fact that Ann was in WA state from August 1961 until early 1963 when she returned to live at apt 110 1427 Alexander which her parents had rented for her. She moved in with her parents at 2277 Kamehameha Ave once she registered for spring classes at UH of Manao in 1963. Nowhere do the records indicate this absence from HI. Also Obama Sr had a small, single story home at 625 11th Ave where he lived when Jr was born. There is absolutely no evidence that Ann and Sr ever lived together! There are photos available of Sr at parties in 1960/61 and Ann is not present in any of them. Letters from Obama Sr’s classmates at UH all mention Sr but not one of them mentions Ann! Up until 2008 even Rep Neil Abercrombie described himself as a friend of Obama Sr only, it wasn’t until 2008 that he began to mention he had been a friend of both Obama Sr and Ann.

317 posted on 01/03/2009 11:32:43 AM PST by Chief Engineer
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To: John Valentine

No, actually she didn’t “attend” college there. She took corespondence courses there.

318 posted on 01/03/2009 11:33:15 AM PST by autumnraine
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To: Will88
The term "natural-born citizen" seems to have been redefined several times over the years.

Sorry, but we just don't get to "redefine" Constitutional terms as we please, whether "over the years" or in just a single moment. Could we do that, the Constitution would become an Alice-in-Wonderland document capable of meaning everything or anything at all. Only the Democrats would prefer that. No conservative could contemplate such a thing.

319 posted on 01/03/2009 11:34:30 AM PST by John Valentine
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To: John Valentine

Their marriage was “established” by her affidavit that is occurred

If a marriage was performed, by someone legal to do it, and it was a bigamist union by Obama senior who had a honk in every port and at least one wife and child in Kenya ( a wife who would bear him several more children after Barry) -then that is another sad avenue to be pursued, if anyone is interested in this sad geneaology

It would seem the “married” Stanley got less than she bargained for if/when she traveled to Kenya and met the other wife and family— hence her quick departure after Barry’s birth

320 posted on 01/03/2009 11:36:03 AM PST by silverleaf (Fasten your seat belts- it's going to be a BUMPY ride.)
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