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To: river rat
To answer your post, I'd have to answer a question which is implied in your post. That question is: Do I think an armed insurrection will happen over the next few years. No, I don't. Do I think it is possible AQ/terrorists will attempt to strike? Yes, I do. They know how fully inept this newer administration is, how weak, and how they will serve to destroy valuable policies and laws just to punish "America" and "Americans".

But putting that side for the sake of this argument, for now, were it to come down to it, would I take up arms? Absolutely, yes. Have I put myself in harms way to put forward the conservative message? Time and Time again, and in the public eye. Have I endured the consequences of battling the liberal oligarchy? Yes. Have I been assaulted personally? Yes. Did I fight back? Yes. Have I ever stood alone amid a maddened crowd? Yes.

Now, have I ever fought in a military war. No. Have I proven to myself that I would take up arms for my country? Without a doubt, yes.

I think it is good that folks are ensuring they are able to physically protect themselves against assault; or even an invasion. Do I think liberals in bureacracies and in office will openly declare war on Americans. No. That's not how liberals work. They know Americans would rise up like an angry viper, and all the "power" the liberals think they have would float away like so much flatulence.

What they are doing now, IME, is creating the "stage" for what they'd like to accomplish but without ever being honest or direct about it. They'd like to see mass hysteria. For while a population is in mass hysteria, they'll pass all kinds of idiocies, and because no one is paying attention. They are too preoccupied with.. screaming, running, being frightened, being angry, and acting out. And those who act out will be pinned as people like you and me.

Liberals like the cover of madness in order to perpetrate their agenda - laughing clowns, and predatory teachers in bowties and Hello-Kitty hair ware.

The Story of the "300" begins first in the mind and heart and in the training. All that came afterwards is the result of the former.

It's not "showtime" yet, by my estimates. I think training season has just begun.

Lastly, okay, you want my bone fides. Every generation of men and women on both my parents' sides, and in multiple countries, have fought militarily for liberty. My dad went to war when he was 16; not 17 as he told me. I found his records. He fought in WWII and in Korea, was commissioned for recon in Vietnam but was not permitted as my mother was given a terminal cancer life sentence. One brother served. My daughter served, Afghanistan Spring 2002. My son is active duty. My sil is active duty. Why didn't I serve? My dad. He encouraged me to fight in the frontlines of American's Downtown for Liberty. He thought it was exactly where America's enemy had taken a foothold. And he was right. And there I was.

98 posted on 03/01/2009 5:41:05 PM PST by Alia
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To: Alia
People say they don't want war. But when they support policies and politicians who make bad policy, inhibit capitalism, inhibit natural pursuits of happiness and wellbeing which contributes to the safety and wellness, the progress of any and all "communities", these people create the environment for WAR. The fight remains, foremost, locally. Win that. Win there. Then, perhaps, and only then might we see a time when our loved ones are not sent off to fight a military war which is always created when bad policies are set to motion, locally, grown to statewide levels, then grown to national levels. Then, there is war. Because the fractions spread outside our borders.

Show me a liberal who says he hates war, and I'll show you man (or woman) who helped create the grounds for War and the deaths of many American lives, and the lives of others in other countries.

Socialism murders.

99 posted on 03/01/2009 5:58:02 PM PST by Alia
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