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Obama bows down to Saudi King
American Thinker ^ | April 02, 2009 | Clarice Feldman

Posted on 04/02/2009 8:19:47 AM PDT by rdb3

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To: manc

Yup, it’s insane, truly off the cliff. My hope is a military c***.

941 posted on 04/03/2009 1:52:53 PM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: Enchante
Excellent comments, need repeating:

Guess what, I would prefer that no US President touch any Saudi POS, but there is a drastic, monumental difference between what President Bush did and what the Obamanation just did. In many cultures there are expressions of regard which are different from what we do in America, but which do not express subservience, submission, and fealty to another.

What Pres. Bush did was simply what is often done as a gesture of friendship between men in the Middle East, just as in Europe men often kiss on the cheek which would not be comfortable or common with American males. I would prefer that no US Pres. be so chummy with the Saudis, but Pres. Bush did not display submission, he did not grovel and declare himself subservient to King Abdullah, as Obambi did.

But the deep bow from the waist, down to the level of the Saudi King’s waist, is certainly recognized in almost any culture as a gesture of submission and subservience. Most definitely it is recognized as such in Arab and Muslim cultures, which is why the Saudi King told his own subjects in 2005 that no Muslim should bow before any other Muslim, not even royalty, but only before Allah.

Obamanation has degraded himself below the lowliest occupant of the Saudi Kingdom, in the eyes of the entire Muslim and Arab civilizations. If you think that won’t be noticed or won’t have any effect on how Obama is regarded in the world, I don’t want what you’re smoking.

Whether the liberal Mediascum takes up this issue or not (obviously they are trying to ignore it) is separate from whether this SHOULD be a big issue.

942 posted on 04/03/2009 1:56:38 PM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: ~Kim4VRWC's~

Yes, I suppose there could be some good to come from a lot of the more wishy-washy “allies” of ours in NATO etc. realizing that the US is now led by a dhimmi socialist weasel more submissive to Islamo-fascism than even most Europeans.

Maybe now more people in Europe could start to realize that they need to develop their own cultural, political, and military strengths now that they cannot rely upon the US leadership to resist dhimmitude.

But that’s a very dangerous hope, it’s in line with everyone who thought that Obambi’s election could “show” Americans and Republicans why a different course is needed in 2010 and 2012 and beyond. But it’s dangerous because there is so much damage that the Obamanators can do in the meantime..... and no assurance that we will change course soon enough.

943 posted on 04/03/2009 1:58:20 PM PDT by Enchante (Obama Grovels Before Saudi King --- Our Founders are Spinning in their Graves)
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To: Enchante

Can’t argue with any of the points you have made... We are chartering new territory. And yes, I don’t feel safe, have’nt felt safe from our enemies since he was elected into office. This is why the bowing was good for all of us to see. I thank God for allowing his mask to come off. Now, what do we do... Aside from spreading the word. I hope that all of our emails to congress about this, and his apologizing on foreign soil will bite him in the arse when he gets back.

944 posted on 04/03/2009 2:14:04 PM PDT by Freedom2specul8 (Please pray for our troops....
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To: Tennessee Nana
Ya didnt think he would ????

I'll say this: I didn't think he should.

945 posted on 04/03/2009 2:58:19 PM PDT by Albion Wilde ("Praise and worship" is my alternate lifestyle.)
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To: combat_boots

Excellent post!

946 posted on 04/03/2009 3:27:21 PM PDT by CajunConservative (F U 0bama)
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To: combat_boots

Bump to post 930

947 posted on 04/03/2009 3:31:19 PM PDT by Right_in_Virginia
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To: deannadurbin

948 posted on 04/03/2009 3:44:45 PM PDT by Colonial Warrior (Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction.)
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To: ~Kim4VRWC's~

Shadrack, Meshack, & Abednego, anyone? (Daniel 3)

Amazing << Hear this. Feel this, and tell me that this isn't music.

Oh, dear...

949 posted on 04/03/2009 3:45:28 PM PDT by rdb3 (The mouth is the exhaust pipe of the heart.)
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To: Right_in_Virginia; CajunConservative; little jeremiah; ~Kim4VRWC's~; Nachum; Tailgunner Joe; ...

Written in Ankara Turkey:

“Obama Reiterates His Support for Saudi Initiative”

“In the G-20 summit when Obama met King Abdullah first he shaked Abdullah’s hand and after he bowed to him. Write wing commentators in the US have accused him of groveling to Saudi Arabia.”

950 posted on 04/03/2009 5:05:52 PM PDT by combat_boots (The answer to 1984 is 1776)
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To: All

Note: The following text is a quote:

Mark Whittington: Obama Bows to the Saudi King
Associated Content ^ | 4/3/2009 | Mark Whittington
Posted on April 3, 2009 4:47:23 PM PDT by kellynla

President Barack Obama has stirred yet another controversy when he appeared to bow to the King of Saudi Arabia during the recent G20 Economic Summit. The appropriateness of an elected President bowing before an absolute monarch has been questioned.

The writer Mark Steyn suggested, rather caustically, “So let me see if I understand American protocol in the age of Obama: The First Lady hugs Queen Elizabeth as if she’s some granny at a seniors’ center photo-op, but the President of this republic prostrates himself before King Abdullah as if he’s a subject of the Saudi pseudo-Crown.”

While the behavior of Michelle Obama toward the Queen of England was considered by some to be overly familiar, Barack Obama bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia seems to be obsequious in the extreme. Under no circumstances is it expected or even permitted for an American citizen to bow before any foreign monarch. This is especially true of the elected President of the United States.

It seems strange that the allegedly naïve and boorish President George W. Bush knew this, whereas the sophisticated and worldly President Barack Obama does not. Americans fought a revolution, after all, so that they would not have to bow down before any monarch. One wonders what the men who fought at Lexington-Concord, Saratoga, and Yorktown would have thought of President Obama bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia. In the Middle East especially, the act of bowing indicates submission and acknowledgment of that the person being bowed to is the master. President Obama by bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia acknowledged him as his sovereign. Indeed, President Obama may well have acknowledged the Saudi King as our sovereign, by an interpretation of local custom.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

951 posted on 04/03/2009 5:14:15 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: Kakaze

“wait doesn’t islam mean submission?”

I think it’s their word for peace that really means submission...they connect the two.

952 posted on 04/03/2009 5:20:53 PM PDT by Domestic Church (AMDG...)
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To: Colonial Warrior

LOVE it! Thanks!

953 posted on 04/03/2009 5:35:36 PM PDT by deannadurbin
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To: manc

I don’t get it

The media still discusses Michelle’s foopah of touching the queen’s back but no mention of Barack’s bowing to the Saudi thug.

954 posted on 04/03/2009 5:58:36 PM PDT by Tweeker
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To: Tweeker

total black out isn’t it and very sad

955 posted on 04/03/2009 6:04:07 PM PDT by manc (Marriage is between a man and a woman no sick queer sham--- end racism end affirmative action)
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To: Tweeker; manc

It’s because the mediascum are in bed with leftists; they ARE lefists, and are just as guilty as the perps they lie about.

956 posted on 04/03/2009 7:01:30 PM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: rdb3

Bowed? Perhaps he thought he was in Japan or China where such a greeting is a cultural thing. Otherwise, I’m at a loss for words. How does he regain his presence and authority of position after that? (It surely set a tone for the remainder of the meeting.)

957 posted on 04/03/2009 8:44:50 PM PDT by fortunecookie (Please pray for Anna, age 7, who waits for a new kidney.)
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To: Tweeker

What’s really disappointing is, even Drudge has this one blacked out.

Drudge of the blue dress story.

Sitting silent on his hands. Alongside the entire US left.

958 posted on 04/03/2009 8:46:42 PM PDT by Cringing Negativism Network (Palin / Limbaugh 2012)
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To: Domestic Church; Kakaze

‘Islam’ is a command meaning ‘submit’ (by choice or the sword).

The root letters are slm, which can also transform into ‘salaam.’ This word can mean ‘peace’ (and is related to ‘shalom,’ since both Hebrew and Arabic are Semitic languages). However, go to and look up ‘salaam.’ ‘Making salaam’ is specific, and means ‘deference’ or ‘obeisance’ or ‘homage.’ There is a specific practice of bowing and taking the other hand and placing it on the forehead.

959 posted on 04/04/2009 4:42:39 AM PDT by combat_boots (The answer to 1984 is 1776)
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To: combat_boots
He's just preparing the position we'll be in soon.
Ban coal, no new drilling, embrace wind and solar (daytime use only) carbon tax, ban wood burning, outlaw SUV's, etc. etc. etc.

Wake me up when it's over.

960 posted on 04/04/2009 5:37:42 AM PDT by #1CTYankee (That's right, I have no proof. So what of it??)
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