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The Obama Birth Certificate
Intellectual Conservative ^ | May 5th, 2009 | Sam Sewell

Posted on 05/05/2009 5:25:04 AM PDT by IrishMike

Under Hawaiian law, it is possible (both legally and illegally) for a person to have been born out of state, yet have a birth certificate on file in the Department of Health. Somehow, you know it’s coming. That OMG moment is just around the corner. You can feel the inescapable reality creeping up on you. Something will leak. Someone will spill the beans. "For nothing is hid that shall not be made manifest, nor anything secret that shall not be known and come to light." Luke 8:17

It isn't hard to imagine the gnawing anxiety that AKA OBAMA (Also Known As: an acronym used to describe suspicious persons who use more than one name) lives with, day in and day out. Much has been written about AKA OBAMA’s behavior that reminds mental health experts and others of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder.) A frequent manifestation of such a disorder is The Narcissist, as Liar and Con-man.

This disorder is frequently misunderstood as "self-love." A more accurate understanding is love of a reflection of one’s self. Abused, abandoned and neglected children will compensate for damaged egos by creating an ideal reflection of themselves that they then embellish and vigorously defend. A person with NPD is quite capable of a mind twisting position like, "I have nothing to hide, but I am hiding things anyway." AKA OBAMA certainly fits the model of having such a childhood. While I am not in the position to deliver an official In Absentia diagnosis of a full strength NPD case, many of the indicators are present.

If AKA OBAMA were not in a position of public trust, most of us would probably overlook such deception and secrecy. For those of us who care about our Constitution and the rule of law, the issue becomes clear in this article that appeared in online Pravda by international columnist Mark S. McGrew, "The Mysterious Shadow: Code Name Obama." Most Americans do not want their president to be secretive about his past. However, if one is living a lie to preserve the ego-compensating, idealized reflection of self, one will go to great lengths to hide things that most would routinely reveal.

For the person who has NPD tendencies, the lies used to create the reflection become so numerous that eventually the man in the mirror cracks, and so does the real human being hiding behind the reflection.

A useful tool in evaluating things that are not known with certainty is Occam’s razor. When multiple competing hypotheses are equal in other respects, the principle recommends selecting the hypothesis that introduces the fewest assumptions and postulates the fewest entities. It is in this sense that Occam's razor is usually understood. I condense this to the simple question: what is most likely? In our discussion of the documents which AKA has hidden, most of this article is an examination of which explanation is most likely.

For example, which is most likely:

(a) AKA OBAMA is hiding documents that are innocuous?

(b) AKA OBAMA is hiding documents that are damaging?

What we know with certainty is that AKA OBAMA is not practicing the virtue of full disclosure.

The biggest question, and the biggest reason for asking more questions, is the fact Obama has enlisted law firms across the nation to battle every attempt to access, among other documents, his birth, schooling, immigration or passport records. – New Jersey attorney Mario Apuzzo.

There are so many potential sources that can end AKA OBAMA’s Presidency that it is impossible to keep them all quiet. It’s just a matter of time. As columnist Davvy Kidd says, "IMPOSTOR PRESIDENT OBAMA: VICTORY WILL BE SHORT LIVED." First, let’s think of all the lawyers and support staff involved in keeping the birth certificate issue quiet. Isn't it likely that some of them know what they are hiding? Isn't it likely that several people at the Hawaiian Department of Public Health know what is, or is not, on the original birth certificate that AKA OBAMA refuses to release? Did you know that there is a one million dollar reward offered for AKA OBAMA’s Hawaiian birth certificate?

Please get this straight: Hawaiian officials have not validated AKA OBAMA's place of birth. What they have said is that they "have the original document" on file. They haven't offered a clue as to what information is in that document. They cannot legally validate what is on that document without a court order or permission from "our" Chicago con-man.

Laws of the Territory of Hawaii ACT 96 To Provide For The Issuance Of Certificates Of Hawaiian Birth was in effect from 1911 until 1972 and allowed someone who was born outside the Hawaiian Islands to be registered as though he were born in Hawaii. Under that law, someone simply would have presented herself to the Hawaiian authorities and declared that the child was born in Hawaii. The person could have sworn under oath and presented witnesses and other evidence. If the authorities accepted it, that was the end of it. The only way to know where AKA OBAMA was actually born is to view AKA OBAMA's original birth certificate from 1961 to see what kind of birth certificate it is, and to examine what corroborating evidence supports what it says about AKA OBAMA's alleged place of birth. If the birth was in a hospital, as AKA OBAMA has maintained, such evidence would be the name of the hospital and the name and signature of the doctor who delivered him.

The Certification of Live Birth that was published on AKA OBAMA's campaign web site is not a Birth Certificate. It is easy to tell the difference between the two types of documents. It is very likely that the COLB used by AKA OBAMA's campaign is a fraudulent document. Several forensic document examiners have carefully scrutinized the COLB and declared it suspicious or an obvious forgery. The best evidence presented so far is from Ron Polarik, PhD. Dr. Polarik writes:

There are laws on the books in Hawaii and the Federal Statutes that clearly spell out exactly what constitutes forgery, and in both Hawaii State Law and the Federal Statutes, the act of altering an official government document — even if it is just a facsimile of that document — constitutes forgery. The bogus COLB that Obama created is also considered to be a "false identification document, a felony forgery."

Dr. Polarik’s evidence is preserved online. There is also a YouTube video summary of the evidence.

Forensic document examiner Sandra Ramsey Lines, a Former Federal Examiner with a long history of expert testimony in state and federal courts, has testified in an affidavit that states, in part:

I can state with certainty that the COLB presented on the internet by the various groups, which include the "Daily Kos," the Obama Campaign, "" and others cannot be relied upon as genuine. Dr. Polarik raises issues concerning the COLB that I can affirm. Software such as Adobe Photoshop can produce complete images or alter images that appear to be genuine; therefore, any image offered on the internet cannot be relied upon as being a copy of the authentic document.

Sandra Ramsey Lines summary is posted at U. S. Law Blog.

As long as we are on the subject of falsified documents, it seems that AKA OBAMA never registered for the draft, as required by Selective Service laws. When his career began to be noticed by the public, suddenly draft registration records appeared. Unfortunately for AKA OBAMA these documents have also been exposed as forgeries.

Another piece of information that many fail to realize is that in the birth certificate cases, all that is needed is for the case to be heard. This case will be over in the "Discovery" phase. Before a trial starts, both sides are required by the court to put all their cards on the table to avoid "trial by ambush." The judge orders all evidence to be presented by both sides. Since this case is about discovering documents that are hidden, the case will be decided by court-ordered presentation of all relevant records. Lawyers in birth certificate cases don't need to win a trial; they only need to get a trial.

Enough on the hidden birth certificate and forged documents.

For those of you who think ridicule and name calling are effective debate tactics, I refer your kool-aid drenched, tin foil protected brains (a dose of your own medicine) to this article from American Thinker: "Why the Barack Obama Birth Certificate Issue Is Legitimate."

What about the legal team that is keeping AKA OBAMA’s college records hidden? Several people probably know what they are hiding. The best guess as to what is so secret isn't likely to be bad grades. More likely his admission papers will say he was a foreign student, or that he was receiving financial aid as a foreign student. How many people do you estimate already know what is on AKA OBAMA's college documents? Those records were handled routinely for more than 20 years. How many personnel in the registrar's offices of Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard University have seen AKA OBAMA's records and know what is in them? How many of those people would be willing to talk about it, or maybe even "leak" just one sheet of paper that would put even more cracks in AKA OBAMA's mirror? Is that number likely to be zero? Do you think that AKA OBAMA worries about how many people know something that could destroy his career? Fear of being "found out" is an obsession for NPD types.

So far we have only talked about the original birth certificate, supposedly locked up in Hawaii, and AKA OBAMA's draft and college records. Already the potential sources for leaks are numerous. And you can bet that AKA OBAMA and his lawyers are concerned about many more possible leaks than these.

There is a long list of vulnerability points for leaks, and there is a story behind every one of them:

– Soetoro adoption records – Punahou (Indonesia) School records – Passports records – Any INS (Immigration & Naturalization Services) or port of entry documentation which may have been generated in his infancy or childhood – Selective Service Registration (Released, but is possibly an altered document) – Harvard Law Review articles (None, maybe 1, not signed) – University of Chicago scholarly articles (None) – Law practice client list – Illinois State Senate records (locked up to prohibit public view) – Illinois State Senate schedule (Lost. All other Illinois State Senators' records are intact) – Baptism certificate – Medical records

International columnist Mark S. McGrew sums it up succinctly:

With all of Obama's different names, with his documented long-term relations to convicted criminals, with his active efforts to prohibit us from knowing where he was born, with his active efforts to keep us from seeing his credentials, with his documented registration to practice law, professing to have only one name, with his being an ex-attorney not authorized to practice law, but representing himself as such, with his non-existent "Office of The President Elect," with the dozen or so lawsuits against him to determine his citizenship status, with the various promises he made to voters and on which he has since reneged, with his documented lack of respect to America, with his refusal to salute the American flag with others on stage or even to stand at attention, and his other disrespectful actions, with his many millions of dollars in campaign funds suspected to be from foreign sources, with campaign donations accepted from possible terrorists groups . . . Obama has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can not in any way, shape or form be trusted.

I would ask the reader to accept the premise that there are many potential leaks from those things that are being kept hidden by a man who promised transparency in government. But there are other problems from sources that are not hidden.

AKA OBAMA himself has made it known that his father was from Kenya.

We know that records indicate that AKA OBAMA's biological father was Barack Obama Sr., a Kenyan native, and a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.'s offspring. We know that the geographical location of AKA OBAMA's birth is not considered by British law. Who the father was determines citizenship, not where you are born. Had AKA OBAMA been born in Tokyo or Texas he would still be a citizen of the United Kingdom under The British Nationality Act. A similar practice governs who is considered a citizen in several countries. Judaism is matrilineal, meaning that your mother's lineage determines whether you are a Jew. That is why Jews from all over the world can claim Israeli citizenship.

British Nationality Act of 1948 (Part II, Section 5): Subject to the provisions of this section, a person born after the commencement of this Act shall be a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by descent if his father is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies at the time of the birth.

In other words, at the time of his birth, AKA OBAMA might have been a U.S. citizen (by virtue of his allegedly being born in Hawaii) and a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies (the UKC) by virtue of being born to a father who was a citizen of the UKC.

Obama's British citizenship was short-lived. On Dec. 12, 1963, Kenya formally gained its independence from the United Kingdom. Chapter VI, Section 87 of the Kenyan Constitution specifies that:

1. Every person who, having been born in Kenya is, on 11th December, 1963 a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies or a British protected person shall become a citizen of Kenya on 12th December, 1963 . . .

2. Every person who, having been born outside Kenya is, on 11th December, 1963 a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies or a British protected person shall, if his father becomes, or would but for his death have become, a citizen of Kenya by virtue of subsection (1), becomes a citizen of Kenya on the 12th of December, 1963.

As a citizen of the UKC who was born in Kenya, Obama's father automatically received Kenyan citizenship via subsection (1). So given that Obama qualified for citizen of the UKC status at birth and given that Obama's father became a Kenyan citizen via subsection (1), it follows that Obama did in fact have Kenyan citizenship after 1963.

So we know for sure that, if OBAMA Sr. is in fact his legal father, then AKA OBAMA was a citizen of the United Kingdom and then Kenya. Given all the efforts to keep his birth certificate hidden, it is reasonable to assume that he is not a citizen of the United States, but even if he were born in downtown Denver he would still have triple citizenship, and is thus ineligible to hold the office of President.

There is a similar problem with AKA OBAMA's possible Indonesian citizenship. School records have surfaced that clearly indicate AKA OBAMA was listed as a "Muslim" with "Indonesian" citizenship.

So AKA OBAMA has been a citizen of the UK, Kenya, and there are inconclusive documents indicating that he was also a citizen of Indonesia. The missing birth certificate may be a false clue that leads away from the big crime. Even if Obama were born in Hawaii he would still be ineligible to serve as President because of his dual (perhaps triple) citizenship. (AKA OBAMA has spent Six Hundred and Eighty-Eight Thousand Dollars ($688,000.00) on legal fees defending against lawsuits claiming that he is not eligible. Why would AKA OBAMA spend that much money to hide a $10 Birth Certificate?)

Pay attention to this next quoted paragraph:

Don't be distracted by the birth certificate and Indonesian issues. They are irrelevant to Senator Obama's ineligibility to be President. Since Barack Obama's father was a Citizen of Kenya, and therefore subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at the time of Senator Obama's birth, then Senator Obama was a British Citizen "at birth," just like the Framers of the Constitution, and therefore, even if he were to produce an original birth certificate proving he were born on US soil, he still wouldn't be eligible to be President. – Leo C. Donofrio

The facts are clear, and the law is clear. All it will take is for a judge to issue a ruling. Do you think AKA OBAMA and his lawyers fret about this? They certainly are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight this issue. So far, no court or judge has issued a ruling on the merits of any legal case against AKA OBAMA. Cases have been dismissed on legal technicalities, but no actual case has yet been heard.

There are other potential leaks that come from AKA OBAMA's international history. If Obama was born in Kenya, there should be a record of that birth in UK records. There are probably people in England and Kenya who already have information that would put cracks in AKA OBAMA's distorted reflection of himself, and there is other information that can be mined from archives. The same is true for Indonesia.

In the unlikely outcome that none of the people talk, and none of the documents surface, would AKA OBAMA than be free of obsessive fear of being found out? No, even if none of his secrets are revealed and none of his lies are exposed, he will continue to remain vulnerable.

Because of the way AKA OBAMA ran his campaign; donations from Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, donations from illegal foreign sources, and ACORN's crimes, etc, he is subject to criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code, federal campaign finance laws, and laws against voter registration fraud, according to a memo by Cleta Mitchell, co-chairman of the Republican National Lawyers Association.

You may have noticed that the usual role of the media in ferreting out high jinks in high places has not been mentioned. There is no "All the President's Men" movie in the making. No one is being considered for a Pulitzer Prize for investigating AKA OBAMA. Is journalism dead in America? Well no, not quite.

Somebody, a major news outlet executive, has done the Pulitzer research. On his To The Point News website, Dr. Jack Wheeler said he will, "Let the source of the information reveal it, in his own time . . . the details of what he told me are for him to reveal when he chooses, not me. I can tell you it is OMG wild."

So get ready folks. One of these days I will be asking all of you AKA Obama fans to, "All together now, say OMG!"

My conclusion: Obama will be indicted and charged very soon. Keep in mind that the role of a grand jury is to determine if enough evidence exists to refer a case to the courts for trial. Can any objective person review information like that presented above and reject the premise that this case needs to be referred to the courts for prosecution?

It is very likely that the American Grand Jury effort will result in an indictment by a conventionally impaneled Grand Jury.

The American Grand Jury was designed in a unique and very creative manner. Bob Campbell, the Founder of American Grand Jury, wanted to find a way to impanel a grand jury that was convenient, available free of charge to all citizens, and had maximum impact. He came up with a brilliant plan!

From across the nation, citizens can collectively examine and discuss the evidence, make a decision whether to indict, and then act with the full power of the U.S. Constitution to present the indictment to local, state and federal authorities. American Grand Jury will also empower individual representatives to act on behalf of American Grand Jury Members and make presentments of evidence to jurisdictions anywhere in the United States. These representatives will be sworn in and subject to an oath similar to the American Grand Jury Members, and will then be authorized to make presentments to such authorities as Sheriffs, County, State and Federal Prosecutors.

Even if the American Grand Jury were ignored, and deemed legally impotent, we can still expect a powerfully awakening increase in awareness and outrage on the part of the citizens. There are many potencies beyond the legal system.

However, it is highly unlikely that not even one jurisdiction will take action on the indictment. All we need is one jurisdiction to order "Discovery." The case against AKA OBAMA is unique because it will be over in the Discovery phase, as the first step in a criminal complaint. The goal of the project is to discover what AKA OBAMA doesn't want us to know, and why he doesn't want us to know it. Our goal will be achieved without a trial.

Our goal is to present indictments in every jurisdiction of the union: 50 States 3,007 entities named "County" 16 Boroughs in Alaska 11 Census Areas in Alaska (for areas not organized into Boroughs by the State) 64 Parishes in Louisiana 42 Independent Cities (1 in Maryland, 1 in Missouri, 1 in Nevada, and the remainder in Virginia) 1 District - the Federal District or District of Columbia.

For a total of 3,191 opportunities to bring criminal charges against offending politicians.

Even if an independently convened grand jury is mistakenly seen as merely people assembling to exercise their Constitutional right to "redress their grievances," that is no small thing. Hundreds of people in such "assemblies" will be examining evidence and presenting the results of their investigations to appropriate county, state, and federal authorities, some of whom will almost certainly form more conventional Grand Juries to indict AKA OBAMA. Can one honestly surmise that there is not one prosecutor or judge in the entire nation who questions AKA OBAMA's eligibility to be President?

Once the American Grand Jury presentments are made, it is likely that many prosecutors and judges will want a copy of the evidence.

The American Grand Jury organization with which I am affiliated is using recognized expert witnesses with a long professional history of forensic testimony. The guiding principles for the project are the usual protocols of epistemology, scientific methodology, and rules of evidence. Any prosecutor or judge who ignores such evidence and testimony is at risk of being seen as acquiescent.

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Government; Philosophy; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: akaobama; bho2009; bho44; birthcertificate; certifigate; democrats; hawaii; indonesia; kenya; naturalborncitizen; obama; obamatruthfile; scotus; talkradio; usurper
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To: IrishMike
An example of what to do with a DA who refuse to do his duty.

§ 7A‑66. Removal of district attorneys.

The following are grounds for suspension of a district attorney or for his removal from office:

(1) Mental or physical incapacity interfering with the performance of his duties which is, or is likely to become, permanent;

(2) Willful misconduct in office;

(3) Willful and persistent failure to perform his duties;

(4) Habitual intemperance;

(5) Conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude;

(6) Conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice which brings the office into disrepute; or

(7) Knowingly authorizing or permitting an assistant district attorney to commit any act constituting grounds for removal, as defined in subdivisions (1) through (6) hereof.

A proceeding to suspend or remove a district attorney is commenced by filing with the clerk of superior court of the county where the district attorney resides a sworn affidavit charging the district attorney with one or more grounds for removal. The clerk shall immediately bring the matter to the attention of the senior regular resident superior court judge for the district or set of districts as defined in G.S. 7A‑41.1(a) in which the county is located who shall within 30 days either review and act on the charges or refer them for review and action within 30 days to another superior court judge residing in or regularly holding the courts of that district or set of districts.

If the superior court judge upon review finds that the charges if true constitute grounds for suspension, and finds probable cause for believing that the charges are true, he may enter an order suspending the district attorney from performing the duties of his office until a final determination of the charges on the merits.

During the suspension the salary of the district attorney continues. If the superior court judge finds that the charges if true do not constitute grounds for suspension or finds that no probable cause exists for believing that the charges are true, he shall dismiss the proceeding. etcetera

101 posted on 05/05/2009 5:53:37 PM PDT by plenipotentiary (Free the Oil, Topple the Saudis. Confiscate Putins money. Disconnect Siberia.)
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To: beejaa

> Why did FR do that?

Reason listed was HOAX.

102 posted on 05/05/2009 7:15:43 PM PDT by smokingfrog ( Don't mess with the mockingbird! /\/\
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To: IrishMike

the Hawaiian Department of Public Health

IMO..there isn’t any concrete evidience Gov.Lingel actually saw AKA’s BC. None.

103 posted on 05/05/2009 7:40:50 PM PDT by katiekins1 (Obama=DickTater N Chief)
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To: IrishMike

Found this article on AtlasShrugs tells about Wheeler having a talk with an intel person in Paris & his take on BO.
Very interesting.
Thank you for posting this article.

104 posted on 05/05/2009 7:57:05 PM PDT by classical artist
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To: IrishMike

Here?s hoping that?s pretty soon.

Holding my nose,I began observing Barry’s body language. His body language (especially) lately,indicates IMO..the entire charade is beginning to show. I noticed how sluggish his stride is becoming.Also his posture is poor. He appears to be bent over,and is loosing weight. Yesterday,I felt as though I was being stalked after his 3rd appearance in 1 day on the MSM. when I observed Barry during the Cinco De Mayo televised media event,Barry seemed as though he was distracted and un interested. Of course Michelle’s presents could of been a contributing factor that could explain it. I would be horrified as well if I had to stand next to that beast!

105 posted on 05/05/2009 8:07:43 PM PDT by katiekins1 (Obama=DickTater N Chief)
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To: El Gato
The only President known to have fit that description, other than BHO, was Chester Arthur, and his situation was not completely known until well after he left office. His father was not a citizen at the time of his birth, although, unlike BHO's father, he became one later.

This seems suspicious to me, so I looked briefly.

James Buchanan, Sr. was born in County Donegal, UK and was a subject of His Majesty George III (by British law) at the time of James Buchanan's birth in 1791. By this specious argument, President Buchanan could not have been "natural born", and he was not a citizen in 1788 (not yet being born). There may be others, but that one stands out.

106 posted on 05/05/2009 8:11:07 PM PDT by Jim Noble (They are willing to kill for socialism...but not to die for it.)
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To: Jim Noble

Buchanan senior had become a naturalized citizen by the time of James’ birth, hadn’t he? If not, Buchanan was covered under the exception clause the founders placed int he Constitution.

107 posted on 05/05/2009 8:17:42 PM PDT by MHGinTN (Believing they cannot be deceived, they cannot be convinced when they are deceived.)
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To: Old Sarge; LucyT; seekthetruth; IrishMike

You used too many words, and most of those words were too big. Therefore, The Majority Of The Amrican People® will never read it.

All though Wordy, I disagree The American People wouldn’t read it. When this scandal of biblical proportions goes public,I believe the unaware will read it.

108 posted on 05/05/2009 8:18:06 PM PDT by katiekins1 (Obama=DickTater N Chief)
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Buchanan was not covered by the exception clause, he was born in 1791.

This entirely foolish argument turns on what BRITISH law specified at the time of his birth - the British law which made Buchanan Sr. a crown subject was still in effect in 1812, as it was a major cause of the war.

So, therefore, IF having a father born overseas and a crown subject by British law is disqualifying, then James Buchanan Jr. was never President.

The whole thing is idiotic.

If he was born in Hawaii, he's OK. If he wasn't, he's out.

The rest of it is a waste of time.

109 posted on 05/05/2009 8:27:11 PM PDT by Jim Noble (They are willing to kill for socialism...but not to die for it.)
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Ping to post 104. Very interesting.

110 posted on 05/05/2009 8:48:20 PM PDT by penelopesire ("The only CHANGE you will get with the Democrats is the CHANGE left in your pocket")
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To: penelopesire; BulletBobCo; seekthetruth; television is just wrong; jcsjcm; BP2; Pablo Mac; ...

Extremely revealing .. the arrogant, radical rookie’s a global laughingstock. But they can’t be more terrified than we are. The foreign press sure is more professional and forthright than our media schmoozers, and I expect to see an increase in their probative reporting.


“There are a lot of people convinced he is a traitor who hates America and is actively determined to destroy it. Any opinion on that?”

He didn’t shrug at this. After a long slow sip of wine, he mused, “I would not go that far. Many of his actions, however, are very puzzling because they are so counter-productive regarding America’s best interests. There seems to be a consistent pattern in that direction.”

“What does Sarkozy think of him?”

“Nothing but contempt.”

After a pause he asked, “And Langley?”

“Well, if you thought the war they waged against Bush was intense, it was nothing compared to how they’re going to screw Obama. He has tried to gut them with the ‘torture memo’ release and slashing their budgets.

The morale is depressed, sullen, and enraged. You know what a left-wing outfit Langley is. They thought he was their boy and they feel betrayed. All kinds of damaging stuff on him will be appearing via their media friends.”

He nodded. “And in Tel Aviv City?”

He was referring to the huge underground city complex of Langley’s underneath the US Embassy in the Israeli capital. “That’s an interesting question. You know how vast and deep the relationship is there.

Langley is making every effort to overcome the total and massive distrust their Israeli colleagues have for Obama, whom they know is selling them down the Jordan River. So far though this effort is in words. The Israelis are waiting to see what Langley does.”

He said nothing. I smiled. “You guys wouldn’t be Langley’s cutout for thwarting BO regarding Israel, would you? I’d never suspect that...”

He continued to say nothing, gave me only a slight smile in return, and poured me another glass of wine. “The Bordeaux is good, yes?” I nodded.

“You know, the French media worships this man the same as yours in the US. All of this ‘100 days’ talk, it is impossibly stupid. Most anyone in the French elite, the business leaders, Sarko’s people, they all know this.

They all think this is some crazy joke of the Americans. But it is a very, very dangerous joke. For 100 days your president has been a laughingstock among the tout le monde No one may be laughing 100 days or 10 months from now.”

He leaned forward. “The world can go - how do you say - sideways with this man very quickly. No one he has working for him knows what they are doing - possibly excepting Mrs. Clinton - and he certainly does not.

All of us in our little community are worried - us, our friends in Berlin, London, Tel Aviv, and Langley too as you say. It is not like the barbarians at the gates. It is everythere are no gates. The Somalis, Chavez, Iran, Putin, Beijing, the ‘Norks” as you call them, the list is long and it is growing. We are not sure what to do.”

It took me a moment to respond. “The best thing that has happened now is Obama making Langley his enemy. They will be cooperating with you more, be more a part of your worried community. Working together, you can undermine his efforts more effectively, block and maybe even repair the damage.”

It was my turn to lean forward. “Then again, all together you could be more pro-active. The man is a mystery. Nobody can make public his actual birth certificate, or even the particular hospital he was born in, or his college grades, or how he got into Harvard, or how he made editor of the Harvard Law Review and never wrote a single article for it. It goes on and on. He really is a Zero. I think all of you guys should find all of this out and make it known.”

I added, “The quicker the better, before the laughing stops and the real dangers begin.”

“What is that phrase you use?” he asked. “Something to consider?”

111 posted on 05/05/2009 9:21:48 PM PDT by STARWISE (They (LIBS-STILL) think of this WOT as Bush's war, not America's war- Richard Miniter)
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Thanks for the ping :)

112 posted on 05/05/2009 9:27:00 PM PDT by getmeouttaPalmBeachCounty_FL (****************************Stop Continental Drift**)
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Posted on Sunday, May 03, 2009 10:54:28 AM by ventanax5

A truly fascinating article.

113 posted on 05/05/2009 9:42:30 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (fair dinkum!)
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To: Fred Nerks; Grampa Dave; Ernest_at_the_Beach; george76; JackieMason
A moment's reflection on our

114 posted on 05/05/2009 9:52:14 PM PDT by BIGLOOK (Keelhaul Congress! It's the sensible solution to restore Command to the People.)
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To: IrishMike


115 posted on 05/05/2009 9:58:52 PM PDT by KarenMarie (NEVER believe anything coming out of DC until it's been denied.)
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Interesting post but not surprising. Obama the disaster.

116 posted on 05/05/2009 10:24:23 PM PDT by Red Steel
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thanks for the ping, I’m still trying to understand this:

Obama takes over GM, fires CEO and BOD, wipes out current shareholders?
April 5, 2009 | Jim Robinson

117 posted on 05/06/2009 3:24:29 AM PDT by Fred Nerks (fair dinkum!)
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Thanks for this,sometimes you think you are the only one that sees what is going on. Glad to see there are many others.

118 posted on 05/06/2009 5:44:00 AM PDT by rodguy911 (HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE--GO SARAHCUDA !!)
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Fascinating reading about our Dear Loser, aka 0b0z0.

It would probably be a safe bet, that most good intel agencies around the world have a very scary “book” on 0b0z0.

119 posted on 05/06/2009 6:17:17 AM PDT by Grampa Dave (Does Zer0 have any friends, who are not criminals, foriegn/domestic terrorists, or tax cheats?)
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To: IrishMike

Kudos! We as American citizens should not, can not, must not let this important issue die as we watch mainstream media kill the facts and refuse to report.

120 posted on 05/06/2009 8:09:09 AM PDT by lilylangtree (Veni, Vidi, Vici)
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To: IrishMike

I’ve forwarded to non-freepers for their information. We need to make everyone aware.

121 posted on 05/06/2009 8:47:10 AM PDT by lilylangtree (Veni, Vidi, Vici)
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To: Jim Noble
Here is the straawman you have tried to float:

This entirely foolish argument turns on what BRITISH law specified at the time of his birth {No, it does not, but I can see why your strategy is to try and frame it that way ... but the man claimed as Barry's daddy was never an American citizen , never naturalized as an AMerican citizen) - the British law which made Buchanan Sr. a crown subject was still in effect in 1812, as it was a major cause of the war. [What the Constitutional framers said defining 'natural born citizen' is what this turns on, despite people like you trying to frame it otherwise. SCOTUS speakers have repeatedly stated that their job is to apply the meaning of terms as the framers of the Amendments held them to mean at the time of the Amendment passage into the Constitution, and that if the people want something different they can change the Constitutional wording.

So, therefore, IF having a father born overseas and a crown subject by British law is disqualifying, then James Buchanan Jr. was never President. You dodged the issue of whether Buchanan's father and mother were American citizens albeit naturalized at the time of his birth. Why? Because you have tried to float a completely erroneous standard of British Law defining the Constitution. Societal engineering agenda doesn't trump truth, JN.

122 posted on 05/06/2009 10:19:19 AM PDT by MHGinTN (Believing they cannot be deceived, they cannot be convinced when they are deceived.)
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To: El Gato

Meant to ping you ...

123 posted on 05/06/2009 10:21:02 AM PDT by MHGinTN (Believing they cannot be deceived, they cannot be convinced when they are deceived.)
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To: IrishMike

Dr. Jack Wheeler had a story about him having lunch with a French intelligence agent. Is Jack the real deal and really plugged in? Or is he like the cable guy testing guns and weapons on TV that is a Rambo wannabe?

124 posted on 05/06/2009 10:41:51 AM PDT by Frantzie
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I thjought Orly Taitz had an Obama relative in the military that could request a copy of his HI BC. Relatives can request them. I have not heard any more on if she really had a relative.

125 posted on 05/06/2009 12:29:17 PM PDT by Frantzie
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To: Jim Noble
James Buchanan, Sr. was born in County Donegal, UK and was a subject of His Majesty George III (by British law) at the time of James Buchanan's birth in 1791.

Only by British law. But by US law he was an American citizen at the time, unlike either obama's father or Arthur's father.

Arthur's father was at least a legal resident when he was born, unlike Obama's father who was a presumably legal temporary visiter.

126 posted on 05/06/2009 3:51:07 PM PDT by El Gato ("The Second Amendment is the RESET button of the United States Constitution." -- Doug McKay)
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To: katiekins1

I think its his Ghetto strut. He walks like he’s a punk from the hood.

You can take the Punk out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the punk.

No wonder the world is laughing at him.

127 posted on 05/06/2009 6:15:03 PM PDT by PA-RIVER
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No wonder the world is laughing at him

Correct! I would love to shove his HOOD deep into his BROWN EYE!

128 posted on 05/06/2009 6:29:36 PM PDT by katiekins1 (Obama=DickTater N Chief)
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To: IrishMike

The reasons that the MSM isn’t touching this issue is clear, but why is it ignored by Rush, Hannity, Levin, O’Reilly and others on the right? BOR did make mention of it on his show tonight, almost mockingly. He said he gets e-mails about it all the time.

129 posted on 05/06/2009 8:16:12 PM PDT by OldBlondBabe
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To: Non-Sequitur
I realize that the truth has little meaning on these kinds of threads, but I did it as a public service for Colgate alumni everywhere who wouldn't want their univeristy associated with Obama. Even in a connection as crazy as that.

That's nice Non-Sequitor, just like the rest of your ACORN colleagues ... serving the public good. God bless you. We appreciate your civic duty.

130 posted on 05/06/2009 8:37:59 PM PDT by Deepest End ("It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government." - Thomas Paine)
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To: IrishMike
What is he Hiding and Why? That's all. . .
131 posted on 05/06/2009 10:36:29 PM PDT by Art in Idaho
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To: sportutegrl
I have read on another post that Obama may have gotten a scholarship for foreign students. Are we giving better scholarships to fireigners than to citizens?

No. Someone just made up this foreign student canard, like most of the supposed "facts" birthers use to back up their arguments.

132 posted on 05/07/2009 8:30:15 AM PDT by curiosity
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To: Iron Munro
Great post that I whole heartily agree with.
133 posted on 05/13/2009 3:05:37 PM PDT by mcshot (The line in the sand has been drawn: It's good vs evil.)
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