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Terri Schiavo Documentary Wins More Awards, Schindler Family Helps Disabled
Life News ^ | 7/29/09 | Steven Ertelt

Posted on 07/29/2009 12:01:24 PM PDT by wagglebee

St. Petersburg, FL ( -- The Terri Schiavo Story, a highly-regarded documentary on the life and euthanasia death of the disabled Florida woman, continues to rack up new awards. Meanwhile, the Schindler family continues to help disabled patients whose lives are threatened by doctors or families.

Schiavo was killed in a painful starvation and dehydration euthanasia death over the course of nearly two weeks when her former husband won a court order to kill her and the documentary presents facts that the mainstream media distorted.

Earlier this year the Terri Schiavo Story won the 2009 Jubilee Award at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

Now, the film has won the 2009 Crown Award for Best Documentary at the ICVM conference (International Christian Visual Media).

In addition, the Dove Foundation, known for their high standards in family entertainment and their "Family Approved" Seal, has given "The Terri Schiavo Story" its highest rating of five stars.

Meanwhile, Bobby Schindler, Terri's brother, says the foundation he and his family created to help people like Terri is receiving a growing amount of calls for help.

"Over the past few months Terri's Foundation is experiencing a significant increase of calls from family members asking us for help in a variety of health care treatment situations," Schindler explained.

"Most of these are dealing with people who are facing withdrawal of medical care. These calls have been coming in from across the nation. This increase in calls is alarming," he said.

"These calls come in from everyday families who are faced with having their loved ones killed simply because they need extra care or have potentially life threatening disabilities," Schindler continued. "Sadly, too many in the medical community are now deciding that some people should die because their 'quality of life' does not meet some standard that is being subjectively established."

"Terri's Foundation fights every day for the families faced with these situations, trying to protect their loved ones from a strong euthanasia movement," he said.

Schindler says, in an email to, that the health care bills pending in Congress could add to the concerns.

"And despite the warning from health care experts that a government controlled health care system will only add to this growing problem, potentially exposing countless of our most vulnerable in harm's way, we will remain committed to fight," Schindler said.

Schindler talked about the kind of ethic society needs to embrace.

"We believe no one is unworthy of life, and the most vulnerable among us deserve nothing less than our unconditional love, compassion and care," he said.

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Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation -

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To: wagglebee

I miss t’wit a lot too.

61 posted on 08/05/2009 1:33:32 PM PDT by floriduh voter (Obama's Health Care Plan Puts the "you" in euthanasia.)
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To: All; wagglebee

I miss T’wit - he was the best!

62 posted on 08/05/2009 5:32:22 PM PDT by Sun (Pray that God sends us good leaders. Please say a prayer now.)
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To: wagglebee

I think of Tim often, and how he gave of himself until the end. He died with his boots on. Because of his final post, whenever I hear Billy Ray Cyrus, Some Gave All, I think of T’wit, and smile. He stood true for the red, white and blue. I miss him.

63 posted on 08/06/2009 5:22:22 AM PDT by BykrBayb (Damn the naysayers. Full speed ahead. ~ Þ)
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To: Salvation; Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; ...
A great source for the facts and Zero's deathcare plan.

Thread by Salvation.

Abortion and the Obama Health-Care Plan: the Essential Facts

The following information-- which is not my own work, but the work of astute friends in Washington, DC-- provides all you need to know about the Obama White House plans regarding abortion and health-care reform:

From the latest polls:

Elections have consequences:

1) One of President Obama's funding requests, the Financial Services Appropriations bill, allows publicly funded abortion in the District of Columbia. This overturns a 13-year ban on taxpayer-funded abortions in the nation's capital. Amendments to restore the ban were either blocked or defeated by the majority. Currently, over 41% of pregnancies in DC end in abortion, giving the capital city the highest abortion rate in the nation.

2) Senator Durbin's amendment to the Financial Services Appropriations bill cleared the way for taxpayer-funded abortions through the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program, which covers 8 million federal employees. The FEHBP has been repeatedly discussed as an example of what a government-run health care system could be.

3) The House of Representatives voted against the Pence Amendment to the Labor/HHS/Education Appropriations bill. The amendment would have prevented Planned Parenthood or any business doing abortions from receiving taxpayer funds. Last year Planned Parenthood performed over 300,000 abortions. The Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood, reports that abortions increase by 30% when taxpayers foot the bill.

4) Through an amendment offered by Senator Lautenberg, the Senate has permanently reversed the Mexico City Policy, which banned taxpayer funds going to international agencies that perform or promote abortions. This gives the existing policy of funding international abortion services-- set by President Obama's Executive Order on January 23-- the force of law. Future presidents will be unable to re-establish the funding ban.

5) Following President Obama's instructions, Congress has completely defunded abstinence education and has designated a minimum of $164 million for contraceptive-only comprehensive sex education. In addition, the Secretary of HHS has a $640 million fund which can be used for family-planning services, if pro-Planned Parenthood Secretary of HHS Kathleen Sebelius so desires. A Zogby poll found that 80% of parents want more abstinence education. Studies prove that abstinence education is more effective in delaying the onset of sexual activity in young people than is comprehensive sex education. CSE has demonstrated no effect on teen behavior. (And do you find that surprising?)

6) President Obama is supporting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which, through its affirmation of "sexual and reproductive health," recognizes an international right to abortion. He is urging the Senate to ratify the treaty, which sets up an international committee to decide whether the United States complies with the treaty's provisions. If ratified, the treaty would take precedence over all federal and state laws dealing with the disabled. The Vatican objects to the inclusion of the phrase "sexual and reproductive health" because it "may be used to deny the very basic right to life of disabled unborn persons." Like CEDAW (the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, which contains an international mandate for access to abortion services) and CRC (the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which interferes with parental rights over their children) which Obama also favors, this is a treaty that the United States should not ratify.

Heath-care reform:

1) The House version of the health care bill creates an "Advance Care Planning Consultation" for Medicare patients to be counseled on end-of-life decisions. Such consultations would take place every five years, or more frequently if there was a significant change in the individual's health. Two pro-life Congressmen state that "This provision could create a slippery slope for a more permissive environment for euthanasia, mercy-killing and physician-assisted suicide because it does not clearly exclude counseling about the supposed benefits of killing oneself."

2) Senator Mikulski (who identifies herself as a Catholic) offered an amendment to the Senate health-care bill that would provide for any service deemed "medically necessary or medically appropriate." When pressed by Senator Hatch, she admitted this would require the coverage of abortion services by health-insurance companies.

3) As currently written, both the Senate and House health care bills would allow federal officials to require the inclusion of abortion coverage in virtually all health plans, as well as taxpayer funding of abortions, and would expand the number of abortion providers in most parts of the country. Abortion services have been defined by legislatures and courts as being included in the term "essential health care." Because abortion would be "essential," it would be necessary to provide access to abortion, thereby mandating subsidizing the practice with taxpayer monies and increasing the number of abortionists and opening more abortion facilities in areas of the country that now do not have them. Catholic health-care professionals would be required to participate in abortions or run the risk of being charged with "patient abandonment," which could mean the loss of their license to practice.

4) The Capps Amendment to one of the health-care reform bills, presented as a compromise, is not: the government-run health plan offered in every region of the country will include whatever abortions are eligible for public funding and will include all abortions if so approved by the HHS Secretary.

5) A provision of the health-care bills establishes the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality which would do comparative effectiveness research-- that is, it would determine the most cost-effective treatment for a specific medical condition and would override the doctor's decision for his patient. A government bureaucracy dictating health care decisions has, in England, led to rationing of health care, selection of inappropriate or ineffective treatments for individual patients and premature deaths. When a pro-life Senator offered an amendment in committee to prevent rationing of health care services for the old, the infirm and the chronically ill, it was voted down by the majority. President Obama said recently that "the chronically ill and those toward the end of their lives are accounting for 80% of the total health care bill."

6) The health-care bills call for a new health-benefits advisory committee whose task it will be to define benefits for all health plans in the United States. As it will be an unelected committee named by the Secretary of HHS, there will be no accountability to the citizenry for what the committee determines will be the necessary components of health coverage.

7) Under the current health-care reform bills, there is no conscience clause allowing an individual or an organization with a religious affiliation to opt out of health plans that include an abortion component. The Senate bill contains a very weak conscience clause for those religions that, as a tenet of their faith, do not seek medical care (they would not be required to carry insurance coverage). Catholic institutions and organizations with Catholic affiliations would be forced to offer abortion coverage in their employee health insurance package.

8) The Senate health care bill contains a hidden provision that matches the provisions of the Freedom of Choice Act; it would preempt any state law hindering a woman's access to "essential health services"-- again, a phrase that includes abortion services. Federal health care legislation would overturn the following state laws:

9) The Hyde Amendment cannot take care of the abortion issue in the various health care bills. Abortion must be explicitly excluded from coverage. Access to abortion also must be explicitly excluded or taxpayer funds will be used to fund abortions and the expansion of abortion services and facilities. This means there must be language in the actual legislation that excludes abortion in "medically necessary or medically appropriate" and "essential" health care.

10) The health-care system in the United States accounts for 14% of our economy. (It equals the size of Great Britain's entire economy.) Any plan to revamp that large a piece of any economy requires thoughtful decision-making, not a rush-to-completion with a majority of the Congress not even reading the legislation. Congressman Conyers said: "What good is reading the bill if it's a thousand pages and you don't have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you've read the bill?" It should be noted that lawyers make up 54% of the Senate and 36% of the House of Representatives.

64 posted on 08/06/2009 4:19:02 PM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: Salvation; Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; ...
Things are about to get really bad.

Thread by Salvation.

Why Catholics Will Not Get Abortion Out of the Health Care Bill

The Congress and the White House have little to fear from the bishops' official statements opposing the abortion provisions in the health care bill. Unlike with President Barack Obama's appearance at Notre Dame, there is no chorus of bishops' voices rising in protest against the bill; most of the Catholics in Congress support it, and mainstream Catholic organizations like Catholic Charities USA and the Catholic Health Association -- which some assume speak for the bishops -- have also voiced their support.

The overall impression given by Church leadership thus far is that universal health care coverage is so badly needed that they are not willing to endanger the legislation by protesting too loudly against abortion coverage.

The only notable resistance against the abortion provisions has come from a Catholic, Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ); an Evangelical, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN); and 20 "blue dog" Democrats, led by Catholic Bart Stupak (D-MI), who signed a letter asking explicitly that abortion coverage be removed from the bill. . .

65 posted on 08/06/2009 4:23:41 PM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; angelwings49; ...
Comrade Cronkite would be so pleased.

Thread by me.

CBS News Covers Up Abortion Funding in Health Care in Misleading Factcheck

Washington, DC ( -- CBS News has become the latest mainstream media outlet to come under criticism from pro-life advocates for covering up the abortion funding tucked away in the government-run health care plan. The Associated Press had covered up the abortion funding but recently flip-flopped and admitted it exists.

In a Thursday news article posted on its web site titled "10 Health Care Reform Myths," CBS News lists number five as "Health Care Legislation Mandates Taxpayer Dollars Pay for Abortions."

"Nothing in the legislation, however, has 'mandated' that abortion services be included in the benefits package," CBS News claims. . .

66 posted on 08/06/2009 4:26:25 PM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: wagglebee

Thanks for the ping!

67 posted on 08/06/2009 9:11:39 PM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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To: EternalVigilance; Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; ...
I wonder when Zero will unveil the gulags he built with the porkulus money.

Thread by EternalVigilance.

District Attorney Seeks Life Time Ban For Walter Hoye

Union City, CA- At a hearing Monday before Alameda County Superior Court Judge Stuart Hing, deputy district attorney Masanao Morimoto revealed that the District Attorney is seeking to ban Walter Hoye from ever returning to the Family Planning Specialists clinic in Oakland, California. Hoye was arrested last year for violating Oakland's "Mother May I" law. Following his conviction, he was sentenced to 30 days in jail and an $1100 fine, plus three years' probation during which time he was ordered to stay 100 yards from the clinic. Hoye exercised his right to turn down probation, but the judge proceeded to fill out a probation order anyway. Hoye served his time in jail, and the fine was paid. Both the conviction and the probation order are on appeal.

In the meantime, the District Attorney's office continues its campaign to prohibit Rev. Hoye from peacefully offering alternatives to abortion-minded women. While the District Attorney's initial motion asked for a three-year stay-away, papers filed last week, confirmed by Morimoto on Monday, state that the District Attorney wants Hoye to be permanently enjoined from coming with 100 yards of the FPS clinic.

The District Attorney acknowledged that Rev. Hoye has been at the clinic several times since his conviction and even since his jail time, without breaking the law. The District Attorney told the court that this was irrelevant, however, because "the activities [Hoye] would like to believe are benign can cause significant psychological distress to an individual seeking assistance with often difficult family planning issues." . . .

68 posted on 08/08/2009 5:33:08 PM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; angelwings49; ...
Amnesty International has decided that the most important "human right" is infanticide.

Thread by me.

When Murder Becomes a "Human Right," the First Victim is the Truth

MANAGUA, August 6, 2009 ( - "Amnesty International," an organization that was once devoted to the protection of human rights, has issued a report filled with falsehoods and distortions in an attempt to smear the nation of Nicaragua for daring to protect unborn children from the brutality of abortion.

Although most Central American countries have similar legislation penalizing abortions, Nicaragua has provoked the wrath of the international abortion lobby by abolishing the exceptions formerly contained in its penal code for "therapeutic abortions" -- a loose term that can be used by physicians to justify practically any abortion.

Amnesty International (AI), foaming at the mouth against the uppity Central American country for opposing its abortionist agenda, claims that Nicaragua has prohibited all abortions, including those that are caused by medical procedures that save the life of the mother, which is an utter falsehood.

The leadership of Nicaragua has repeatedly made clear that the existing medical code will be respected, which allows lifesaving treatments that could indirectly cause an abortion. But facts and truth are the first casualties in the war against the right to life. Apparently AI will stop at nothing to pressure Nicaragua to change its law, including the manufacturing of evidence. . .

69 posted on 08/08/2009 5:36:48 PM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; angelwings49; ...
First abortion, then euthanasia and now they just want to kill us all.

Thread by me.

Late-term Abortionist: Man is "Malignant Eco-Tumor"

BOULDER, Colorado, August 7, 2009 ( - Dr. Warren Hern, one of the last abortionists willing to perform very late-term abortions in the United States, has written published works describing man as a "malignant eco-tumor" destroying the earth.

Esquire magazine reports in a story entitled "the Last Abortion Doctor," that Hern, the director of the Boulder Abortion Clinic since 1975, argued in a work called Urban Malignancy: Similarity in the Fractal Dimensions of Urban Morphology and Malignant Neoplasms that growing human populations act like a "malignant ecotumor." found a 2008 edition of Hern's article published in the International Journal of Anthropology . While the term "eco-tumor" does not appear in this version as quoted by Esquire, it may have come from an earlier version of Hern's paper that was presented at the 16th International Seminar on Urban Form in Brazil on August 29, 2007.

"From the point of view of a physician, the expanding, invasive, colonizing urban form with highly irregular borders resembles a malignant lesion," wrote Hern. "Malignant neoplasms have at least four major characteristics: rapid, uncontrolled growth; invasion and destruction of adjacent normal tissues (ecosystems); metastasis (distant colonization); and de-differentiation."

Hern continued that "death of the host organism in a cancer occurs between the 37th and 40th doubling of the cell population" and then drew a comparison to the expansion of human populations (32.5 times by 1999) and energy consumption (36 times since 1999), adding that energy consumption is projected to increase 57 percent between 2004 to 2030.

Hern argued that expanding urban communities would "alter the biosphere to the point that it can no longer support large, oxygen-consuming organisms" reaching a point at which in "the point of view of human survival, the host organism will have died."

"If this hypothesis is correct, that urban settlements of all kinds, and cities in particular, are malignant lesions or phenomena on the planet Earth, the conclusion of this process may not be far in the future," wrote Hern. . .

70 posted on 08/08/2009 5:41:04 PM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: wagglebee

Thanks for the ping!

71 posted on 08/08/2009 9:55:50 PM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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To: wagglebee

When is Dr Hern aborting himself?

72 posted on 08/09/2009 9:16:31 AM PDT by onedoug
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To: onedoug

It doesn’t work that way, the culture of death only believes in killing everyone else.

73 posted on 08/09/2009 9:17:40 AM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To:; Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; ...
The left can spin this any way they want, but there is no doubt that Obamacare will pay to kill babies.

Thread by

Truth Is Stranger than Friction - 6 Proofs ObamaCare Includes Abortion & what to do about it

If FRC is the “fear machine” MSNBC says we are, then the side we're scaring must be the Left. All week long, our new health care ad has been the bee in these liberals’ bonnets. Groups like NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Sojourners, and Catholics United are desperately trying to claw their way back into the health care debate after losing credibility on the abortion question. Our campaign to expose the abortion implications in health care “reform” has been so influential that one organization called us “the single greatest threat to the passage of health care reform.” Why? Because the Left can say abortion is not a part of the health care legislation—but FRC can prove it is. Here's how:

1. The House bill specifically includes it. The Capps amendment explicitly allows abortion coverage in the public health plan and subsidizes health plans that cover abortion. (Passed 30-28 in the House Energy and Commerce Committee, July 30)

2. Senate Democrats admit it. “[The health care bill] would include, uh, it would include, uh, Planned, uh, Parenthood clinics.” (Sen. Barbara Mikulski, July 9, Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions-HELP-Committee meeting-Planned Parenthood is the No. 1 U.S. abortion chain.)

3. Senate Democrats refused to ban it.
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah): “Madam Chairman, would you be willing to put some language in [about] not including abortion services? Then I think you would have more support.”
Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.): “...No, I would not, uh, be willing to do that at this time.” (July 9, Senate HELP Committee meeting)

4. The mainstream media confirms it. (”Government insurance would allow coverage for abortion,” Associated Press, August 5, 2009).

5. The Obama administration includes it in its definition of reproductive health care.
“Reproductive health care includes access to abortion.” (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, July 19)

6. Every amendment to exclude it from health care legislation was defeated by the liberal sponsors. The following is a list of pro-life amendments that would have prevented abortion funding or prohibited abortion mandates for covered services. (For vote tallies and details, see our complete list at . . .

74 posted on 08/10/2009 4:09:21 PM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: Jeff Head; Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; ...
FReeper Jeff Head has compiled everything about Zero's plans to kill the elderly in an easy-to-follow format.

Full Text of the House Dem "Advanced Care Planning" end-of-life consultation

I have had many questions and comments regarding the PDF file of the House Democrat Health Care plan I made available for download on my site, HERE.

Most are, as am I, appalled at the plan and the wording of it...particularly when taken in context with the cited quote and views of the chief architect of the plan, and chief advisor to Obama on Health Care and Policy advisor to the Democratic Congress on Health Care, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, HERE.

Some however attempt to rationalize, or even make statements regarding the plan that just are not there, are not supported (at least IMHO) by fact, and certainly are at odds with the views openly stated by the chief advisor who has helped craft the plan.

This is particularly true when it comes to the end-of-life counseling portion of the plan identified on page 425 of the plan where it amends the Medicare laws and thus applies to seniors over the age of 65.

So, I thought I would post the wording of that section, directly from the plan, but formatted so you can follow it. People need to make up their own minds.

The way I read it, the section makes the sessions required, it brings government bureaucracy into life planning where the individual, the Dr. and family should make the sole decisions, and it open up the possibility for government health orders regarding the end-of-lie treatment of the elderly.

Far, far too much government involvement and power, particularly given the clear eugenics and infanticide reasoning of the author.

Here it is. You decide. . .

75 posted on 08/10/2009 4:14:51 PM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; angelwings49; ...
Cal Thomas and Ken Connor both wrote excellent editorials on the left's plan to kill the sick and elderly.

Two threads by me.

Cal Thomas: A Right to Die?

BELFAST, Northern Ireland -- While America debates whether the federal government should dictate which insurance policies and medical treatments it will allow us to have, here in the UK, the conversation has "advanced" to the approval of assisted suicide.

Debbie Purdy, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, has won a landmark ruling in the House of Lords that many believe will move Britain one step closer to self-destruction. Purdy must be told under what circumstances her husband could be prosecuted should he accompany her to the Dignitas euthanasia clinic in Switzerland. The Director of Public Prosecutions will now be required to spell out exactly when the government will act if someone helps a friend take their own life abroad.

The media and "right to die" advocates are calling it "compassionate assisted suicide." There are always euphemisms to help us through the troubling practices we might not, under other circumstances, wish to pursue.

One doesn't have to be a futurist or prophet to see where this is headed. Having removed the right to life from the unborn in the UK and the United States, it is only a matter of conditioning before the at first "voluntary" and ultimately involuntary snuffing out of life at its other end will be tolerated and, indeed, promoted as the state seeks new ways to cut expenses.

What is to stop them if life has only the value assigned to it by the state? As suicide, like abortion, becomes a "choice," it will be done for reasons that go beyond the reason through which it is ushered in: the supposed "intolerable pain and suffering" and "lack of hope" of recovery. Abortion on demand was conceived through the bogus rape of an unmarried woman and now it can be had for any reason, or no reason. Crimes against humanity don't begin in the ovens or on killing fields, but by small steps among civilized people. . .


Ken Connor: Seniors Left Behind?

One of the most controversial issues of the current health care reform debate is the concept of health care rationing—allocating medical care according to predetermined criteria that dictate how much and what kind of care a given patient will receive under a government-run system. Setting aside the comparative merits of various reform proposals on the table in Congress, Americans—particularly the elderly—should be wary of any plan that would limit access to health care based on the arbitrary and discriminatory criteria of age.

As many have pointed out in the course of the ongoing national discussion on health care, America's population is aging rapidly, placing a growing strain on entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security. Health care costs continue to rise, and America's younger population cannot long foot the bill for elderly retirees and their significant health care requirements. This conundrum (caused not by taxpayers but by decades of gross government mismanagement of taxpayer dollars) seems to have bred an underlying antipathy towards seniors, the undisputed "resource hogs" of public health care. This feeling of resentment is exacerbated by an increasingly utilitarian view of human life that sees no value in prolonging one's twilight years, especially on the public dime.

This situation makes proposals for "comparative effectiveness" research seem like a pretty good idea. Who, after all, wants to waste their taxpayer dollars on treatment for old folks who are going to die soon anyway? Wouldn’t it be better to allocate the bulk of our health care resources towards more productive members of society while reducing the spectrum of costly options available to seniors and the terminally ill among us?

But do Americans really want government bureaucrats dictating access to care based on their perception of one’s worth to society? This question goes to the heart of the problem with rationing: a stranger far from the scene decides who gets care and who doesn't. The person making these decisions knows neither the patient nor the healthcare provider, yet he or she is charged with the responsibility of allocating scarce resources among a demanding population rather than providing the best possible care. . .

"We will not be silent.
We are your bad conscience.
The White Rose will give you no rest."

76 posted on 08/10/2009 4:21:30 PM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; angelwings49; ...
This just gets more evil by the day.

Thread by me.

House Health Care Bill Gives Doctors Financial Incentive to Push Euthanasia

Washington, DC ( -- To hear backers of the government-run health care bill tell the story, pro-life advocates are making up wild-eyed claims about how the measure will push euthanasia. However, one leading bioethicist and a Washington Post Editorial Writer say the bill does give doctors financial incentive to push it.

At issue is Section 1233 of HR 3200, the government-run health care plan that the House will consider when it returns from its August recess.

The measure would pay physicians to give Medicare patients end-of-life counseling every five years or sooner if the patient has a terminal diagnosis.

While pro-life advocates say the section opens the door to physicians pushing euthanasia or withdrawal of lifesaving medical treatment, or even basic food and water, backers of the bill call the claims rubbish.

Charles Lane, an member of the editorial board of the liberal Washington Post newspaper, admits in a Saturday column that at least some of the concerns are well-founded. . .

77 posted on 08/10/2009 4:25:39 PM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: Pyro7480; Ohioan from Florida; Goodgirlinred; Miss Behave; cyn; AlwaysFree; amdgmary; ...
Those who support the slaughter of innocent babies are, by definition, violent.

Thread by Pyro7480.

Pro-life display destroyed at huge European rock festival (Festival Organizer STEAL Display)

...The pro-lifers alerted authorities 8 days before Woodstock Stop of their plans to erect a display, and then did so on municipal land, in a "good place opposite to the entrance to the festival," according to an email from 1 of the organizers, Mariusz Dzierzawski.

On the 1st day of Woodstock Stop, planners threatened pro-lifers to either remove the display or they would. The pro-lifers pushed back, and planners backed away.

Pro-lifers took turns guarding the display during the night, but according to Mariusz:

At 3 45 a.m. more than 10 men came with knives and in 2 minutes destroyed our billboards and ran away.
...On Saturday afternoon, when we were giving interviews to media, and the girls were trying to mend the billboards (I thought that it was crazy idea) came 10 festival guards and their chief gave them an order to dismantle and take the exhibition. They did. My lawyer thinks that they broke the law. I reported the situation to the police. Media are still interested. I'm going to go to the court.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

78 posted on 08/10/2009 4:29:13 PM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: BykrBayb; floriduh voter; Lesforlife; Sun; PhilDragoo; Golden Gate; 8mmMauser
I am now 100% convinced that Terri's murder was nothing more than a "practice run" for the euthanasia provisions of socialized medicine.

The left could have ignored the protests as Terri was being killed, but they didn't. They WANTED everyone to know what was happening and they pushed the "death with dignity" angle in order to get public opinion close to 50%. Now they see this as a "mandate" to kill anyone they want.

79 posted on 08/10/2009 4:34:26 PM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: wagglebee

Thanks for the ping!

80 posted on 08/10/2009 8:33:57 PM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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