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Is this really it? (re: possible Obama's Kenyan B.C. - Attny Taitz) Click on the link ^ | 8/2/2009 | rxsid

Posted on 08/02/2009 1:35:53 AM PDT by rxsid

Edited on 08/06/2009 12:10:02 AM PDT by John Robinson. [history]

Attorney Taitz filed a NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION to Expedite authentication, MOTION for Issuance of Letters Rogatory for authenticity of Kenyan birth certificate filed by Plaintiff Alan Keyes PhD.

Barry's Kenyan B.C.??

Special Motion for leave (site has been the target of hackers, proceed with caution — John)

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To: Scanian
All the other former British colonies became republics

Canada and Australia are not republics.

2,221 posted on 08/02/2009 11:44:19 AM PDT by buccaneer81 (Bob Taft has soiled the family name for the next century. I AM JIM THOMPSON!)
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To: Fred Nerks; null and void; stockpirate; george76; PhilDragoo; Candor7; BP2; MeekOneGOP; ...
Jeez, guys!! I try to take some time off today from this stuff -- and then THIS comes out ... oh well.

My first take is that the dates DO match up for 1964 events surrounding the Obama's 1964 divorce.

Here we go:

Ann filed for Divorce Jan. 20, 1964 (Inauguration Day – what are the odds?), and the date was set by the presiding judge for the trial to commence 30 days after Obama SR would have responded to his notification, sent to Cambridge, Mass (Cambridge – what are the odds? ).

Photobucket Photobucket

Judge Samuel P. King who granted the divorce – last I heard was retired and alive (for now) in his 90s in Hawaii -- MAY or MAY NOT have asked to see the Marriage Certificate. BUT, I bet Judge King asked to see Obama JR's Birth Certificate to confirm Ann's claims that Obama SR was in fact the father. That is “standard” policy to have a Birth Certificate in case the mother asks for child support from the father (or Welfare) later after the divorce. Judge King probably told Ann to produce a birth certificate before or at trial, which would have been sometime in mid- to late-February 1964 HAD Obama SR answered his notice that was sent to Cambridge.

When Judge King wrote the order on Jan. 23, he had his clerk notify Obama SR via what's referred to as a "knock and nail". That is, the postman leaves the notification on the door for (generally) 10 days and retrieves it after that time passes -- signed or unsigned. That order was sent on Jan. 23 via airmail from Hawaii and was probably posted on Obama SR's door Jan. 27-28.

Photobucket Photobucket

Obama SR's notification was unsigned by him and apparently IGNORED -- either he didn't want to accept it OR he was NOT at that location.

However, Judge King granted the divorce to Ann Obama (which changed back to Ann Dunham) exactly 60 days from when the original order was request by Ann by default.


NOW, my guess is that Judge King asked to see Obama JR’s Birth Certificate before he'd be willing to grant the divorce, either at trial or by default on March 20, 1964. Ann probably didn’t have the birth certificate when she filed on Jan 20. That's when this birth certificate would have been generated -- before trial for the 1964 divorce.

Important side note: the Certificate issue date of Feb 17, 1964, is JUST A FEW SHORT MONTHS AFTER KENYA BECAME INDEPENDENT on Dec. 12, 1963. TO THIS DATE, this may be the only certificate on Kenyan file today if British documents were sent to the UK for archiving leading up Kenya becoming an independent nation.

Obama's unconfirmed Kenyan birth certificate

If you note the date on the Certified Copy, it was created by the Registrar in Kenya on Feb. 17, 1964. The Kenyan Birth Certificate would have been issued in the midst of the divorce -- AFTER the divorce was filed by Ann in Hawaii on Jan. 20, but BEFORE the divorce was granted by Judge King on March 20.

Furthermore, it's quite plausible that once Ann actually had this Kenyan birth certificate in her hands, and the divorce was granted on March 20, her attorney, George Kerr, counseled her on Hawaiian birth certificate "loopholes" and told her how to file for a Hawaiian "Certificate of Delayed Birth" to get Welfare or OTHER support for young Obama as a child of a non-supporting foreign national.

As Hawaiian law allows, that CODB could have been "upgraded" later to a “Certificate of Live Birth” in the 60s or 70s, which would then be a "root document" of the shorter “Certification of Live Birth” we see today presented as proof of birth from Barack Hussein Obama II.

I can’t vouch for the veracity of the Kenyan birth certificate itself, not knowing how or from whom Orly obtained the birth certificate (the chain of evidence). It may have been obtained quite surreptitiously from the only filed Kenyan birth certificate record copy requested -- likely generated from the 1964 divorce.

It's QUITE possible that all other copies of this Kenyan birth certificate may have been scrubbed from Kenyan archives, but this one may have survived in a lone Vital Statistics office somewhere in Kenya not known about until now.

HOWEVER -- the dates DO "line up" for the Kenyan Birth Certificate to be REAL.

2,222 posted on 08/02/2009 11:44:30 AM PDT by BP2 (I think, therefore I'm a conservative)
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To: Peter Horry

True but who placed the ad? Granny could have done it—many papers accepted announcements from family members in those days.

2,223 posted on 08/02/2009 11:44:35 AM PDT by Scanian
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To: Mount Athos
Actually it's the fact that there was no Republic of Kenya in February 17th 1964

Kenya became an independent country (Republic of Kenya) on Dec. 12, 1963.

2,224 posted on 08/02/2009 11:44:41 AM PDT by Fresh Wind (Too bad presidents don't come with certificates of authenticity.)
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To: Danae
that was about the time of Ann’s divorce. I was asking what happened in that time frame

Turns out that's the right question to ask. It's been pointed out that the Republic of Kenya came into existence on 12 December 1964. However, it issued this certification on 17 February 1964. Oops.

Meanwhile, Orly Queen of Birfitania is reportedly headed for the UK to check the Kenyan colonial records for Book 44B, page 5733. Lot's of luck with that!

I forecast this one has a short half-life. Not as short as that one with the taunt in the EXIF. But short, nonetheless.

2,225 posted on 08/02/2009 11:45:08 AM PDT by cynwoody
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To: Danae

Oh, for the “innocent” days of Watergate. By today’s standards, certainly innocent, anyway. This BC issue is a world issue, since Obama has to now be the most blackmailable president in history. No wonder he uses each country he visits as a confessional for the evil U.S.

2,226 posted on 08/02/2009 11:45:29 AM PDT by 1951Boomer
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To: spycatcher

That copy is no longer up. Why? What happened to it? It was the same but with a tear in the paper. STRANGE!!!

2,227 posted on 08/02/2009 11:45:40 AM PDT by jarofants
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Hey, even Rush makes mistakes like that sometimes!

2,228 posted on 08/02/2009 11:45:45 AM PDT by Scanian
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To: Plutarch
It should be easy to determine if the typing was done with a "basket" key typewriter or an IBM Selectric "golf ball" typewriter.

I believe it was a basket type. Notice that the upper case A is harder struck than its neighbors in each case. I don't think you'd get that from a Selectric or similar ball type where one striking mechanism is doing all letters.

2,229 posted on 08/02/2009 11:45:51 AM PDT by Paine in the Neck (Nepolean fries the idea powder)
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To: Mrs Mayor


2,230 posted on 08/02/2009 11:46:15 AM PDT by The Mayor (A friend is the first person who comes in when the whole world has gone out)
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To: Shaniqua

You signed up today to mutter that DU folks are getting your panties in a go away!

2,231 posted on 08/02/2009 11:46:17 AM PDT by RVN Airplane Driver ("To be born into freedom is an accident; to die in freedom is an obligation..)
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To: ofwaihhbtn

Where in your link does it show the BC under discussion today?

2,232 posted on 08/02/2009 11:46:24 AM PDT by TheBigIf
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To: waxer1
He is creating a possible volatile situation that may get out of control.

Just a wild speculation - the start of CW II?
2,233 posted on 08/02/2009 11:46:33 AM PDT by Cheerio (Barack Hussein 0bama=The Complete Destruction of American Capitalism)
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To: null and void; Bikkuri; Danae
I think it is a story now...or very close to it...

Look at how hard the leftists have worked to try and keep this covered up...

I.E. they know it is TRUE!

2,234 posted on 08/02/2009 11:46:42 AM PDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach (Support Geert Wilders)
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To: phil.jberg
I thought cooler heads would prevail, but I have to step in here: first, the issue of the Kenyan BC: this was information the law offices of Phil Berg has before the 2008 election. Specifically, the image posted is NOT the same as the Kenyan BC described in phone calls in fall 2008.

What, Phil Berg heard information?? That was more of a rumor, not fact, him to have heard/seen and it did not get put online. Specifically, this document is a "Certified Copy of Registration of Birth" NOT a Birth Certificate per say.

You're brand new!

Since Jul 31, 2009"

2,235 posted on 08/02/2009 11:46:43 AM PDT by Red Steel
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To: Shaniqua

An insult to the intelligence of an idiot who didn’t even bother to read the document? Apparently, your intelligence isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

But if you want to talk about why the document says Republic of Kenya in Feb 1964 when it didn’t actually change until Dec 1964, that would be legitimate and people are looking into whether other official correspondence used the term ‘Republic of Kenya’ prior to the change. Rest assured that whomever finds any clues one way or the other will read them more carefully than you did.

2,236 posted on 08/02/2009 11:46:49 AM PDT by perfect_rovian_storm (The worst is behind us. Unfortunately it is really well endowed.)
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To: rxsid

It says “Republic of Kenya.” Kenya did not become an independent republic until 1963, and wasn’t called “Republic of Kenya” until 1964. 0bama was born in 1961, when it was called the Dominion of Kenya.

2,237 posted on 08/02/2009 11:46:49 AM PDT by G8 Diplomat (Iran Azadi!)
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To: jarofants

It was a copy doctored by Salamander trying to be helpful. Please keep up.

2,238 posted on 08/02/2009 11:47:19 AM PDT by Royal Wulff
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To: TheBigIf

There is no image of the birth certificate at that link. It just sounds like Berg had seen or knew of the BC under discussion today.

2,239 posted on 08/02/2009 11:47:35 AM PDT by ofwaihhbtn (Science is not defined as that which supports atheistic materialism)
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Weasel words! What “vital records?” And “NBC” is a legal determination which is not the province of a health director.

Dhimmi obfuscation.

2,240 posted on 08/02/2009 11:47:46 AM PDT by Scanian
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