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Is this really it? (re: possible Obama's Kenyan B.C. - Attny Taitz) Click on the link ^ | 8/2/2009 | rxsid

Posted on 08/02/2009 1:35:53 AM PDT by rxsid

Edited on 08/06/2009 12:10:02 AM PDT by John Robinson. [history]

Attorney Taitz filed a NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION to Expedite authentication, MOTION for Issuance of Letters Rogatory for authenticity of Kenyan birth certificate filed by Plaintiff Alan Keyes PhD.

Barry's Kenyan B.C.??

Special Motion for leave (site has been the target of hackers, proceed with caution — John)

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To: Scanian

“The gang seems to be slowly filtering into our room.”

We have a breach in the sewer pipe.

2,261 posted on 08/02/2009 11:50:33 AM PDT by 1035rep
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To: okie01
The copy is dated February, 1964. Stanley Ann filed for divorce from Barack Sr. in Hawaii in...January, 1964...

Speculatively speaking then, it makes sense. The divorce being filed in Jan, the bureaucracy would have required the appropriate paperwork such as marriage documents and documents regarding children. Hence this BC being pulled in February.

Again just an educated hypothesis at this point, but it seems that his mother pulling and submitting the birth certificate shortly after filing for divorce would make a lot of sense. The timing is nearly perfect.

Also, I would tend to think that even in Kenya, very few besides authorized immediate family members would be able to pull a birth certificate. So, if this document is authentic and the date of issue is correct, then reason dictates that Obamas mother would be the most likely candidate and the divorce filing the likely motivation.

2,262 posted on 08/02/2009 11:50:41 AM PDT by AAABEST (And the light shineth in darkness: and the darkness did not comprehend it)
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To: Fresh Wind

But not delcared a Republic until December 12 1964.

2,263 posted on 08/02/2009 11:50:48 AM PDT by jveritas (God Bless our brave troops)
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To: dalight

Great post. I agree.

2,264 posted on 08/02/2009 11:51:15 AM PDT by TheBigIf
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach
Kenya became an independent country (Republic of Kenya) on Dec. 12, 1963.

Independence from the United Kingdom - Date December 12, 1963 - Republic declared December 12, 1964

2,265 posted on 08/02/2009 11:51:35 AM PDT by buccaneer81 (Bob Taft has soiled the family name for the next century. I AM JIM THOMPSON!)
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To: Plutarch

Note the heavy periods and commas. Marks of a manual.

2,266 posted on 08/02/2009 11:51:35 AM PDT by Roccus (The Capitol, the White House, the Court House...........America's Axis of Evil)
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To: buccaneer81

I have had Kenyan graduate students in prior years and they are damn proud to be English speakers. They know it is the language of world commerce and they want their country to grow and prosper.

2,267 posted on 08/02/2009 11:51:44 AM PDT by Andy from Chapel Hill
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To: dalight

My point is that one does not run with false info. One makes certain they have authentic, verifiable proof that cannot be dismissed. We do not yet know about this current document.

2,268 posted on 08/02/2009 11:52:28 AM PDT by DJ MacWoW (Make yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you. Ben Franklin)
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FActcheck initially posted the exact same forgery that Obama’s campaign posted at fightthesmears. That forgery was pulled by Factcheck when the candidate supposedly allowed then to hanldea nd photograph a phyiscal document.

That matches my understanding of it. The latter document was either a much better forgery or the real thing issued by Hawaii. Both theories have some support, especially considering the July 27th statement by that Hawaiian official.

2,269 posted on 08/02/2009 11:52:29 AM PDT by palmer (Cooperating with Obama = helping him extend the depression and implement socialism.)
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To: jersey117

Just ask yourself which candidate got the most second place votes. That would be the ‘qualified President if Barry was ineligible and thus failed to qualify.

2,270 posted on 08/02/2009 11:52:35 AM PDT by MHGinTN (Believing they cannot be deceived, they cannot be convinced when they are deceived.)
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To: Fresh Wind
Kenya became an independent country (Republic of Kenya) on Dec. 12, 1963.

You're wrong, it wasn't known as a Republic until December of 1964, a full year after it became independent.
2,271 posted on 08/02/2009 11:52:36 AM PDT by Mount Athos (A Giant luxury mega-mansion for Gore, a Government Green EcoShack made of poo for you)
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To: Danae
Tell what is fake?

I could color photo copy a 100 dollar bill back it, take a picture of it, and you could not tell from the picture that it was fake. Though clearly it IS a fake.

You can’t prove much about any document from a PICTURE of it. You certainly can’t tell if it is real or fake.

You can certainly tell if it is fake, or at least misrepresented, either deliberately or accidentally.

For example, if someone posted a document date stamped 2007 and asserted the was ordered in 2001, we would surely know that the underlying facts are not as asserted.

That should sound vaguely familiar to you.

If 0bama released his original Selective Service Registration, and it just happened to be on a form the SSA didn't use until two years after he signed and dated it, well, we'd know that's a fake wouldn't we?

He did do that, you know...

2,272 posted on 08/02/2009 11:52:58 AM PDT by null and void (We are now in day 194 of our national holiday from reality. - 0bama really isn't one of US.)
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To: luvEastTenn

what did Rush say...he usually only jokes about it but doesn’t go in me he wants more definitive proof

2,273 posted on 08/02/2009 11:52:58 AM PDT by chevydude26
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To: 1035rep

We have a breach in the sewer pipe.

Get out the RAT traps and RAID.

2,274 posted on 08/02/2009 11:53:00 AM PDT by rolling_stone (no more bailouts, the taxpayers are out of money!)
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To: jveritas

jveritas is a troll. Kenya became independent on December 12, 1963. Incredibly the 1964 date is beginning to show up on internet sources already this morning! Is this some type of leftist reaction to this document? Double check your source if you are convinced by the misinformation. Are they going to rewrite independence date of an entire nation of people? Maybe no one there will remember? Why don’t you change the date on the Declaration of Independence to July 4, 1777 while your at it?

2,275 posted on 08/02/2009 11:53:03 AM PDT by fireman15 (Check your facts before making ignorant statements.)
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To: Dr. Eckleburg

How much do we want to bet Obama takes a sudden vacation?

2,276 posted on 08/02/2009 11:53:11 AM PDT by 1000 silverlings (Everything that deceives also enchants: Plato)
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To: Neville72

What is that and where did you find it?

2,277 posted on 08/02/2009 11:53:27 AM PDT by mojitojoe (All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for the people to remain silent.)
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To: nathanbedford

On the other hand, I think the law is clear that ineligibility to hold the office vitiates the certification of election. So we will see.

2,278 posted on 08/02/2009 11:53:38 AM PDT by David (...)
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To: Ahithophel


lol..’halp’....all my google searches throw me into german language land. Who or what was Utrechtse Vroedschap?

2,279 posted on 08/02/2009 11:53:44 AM PDT by penelopesire ("The only CHANGE you will get with the Democrats is the CHANGE left in your pocket")
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To: nightlight7
It seems odd that the document number on the top is 47,044 considering that Obama is the 44th president and in 2008 he was 47 years old.

My mother always would catch things like this and she would go on and on about her discoveries, and they always were very interesting indeed. Now this Saturday, we will be having a memorial Mass for her as it has been one year since she died. When did she die? 08-08-08. She's still (in heaven, hopefully) smiling about this is my guess.
2,280 posted on 08/02/2009 11:53:44 AM PDT by mlizzy
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