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Fake Obama Kenya birth certificate? ^ | 08/02/2009

Posted on 08/02/2009 4:56:30 PM PDT by Jim Robinson

And then one of our moderators spotted this:

It has several clues, but also there's this question:

Who is E. F. Lavender?

Earth Friendly Lavender detergent?

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To: Cicero
It’s too soon to say that this BC is genuine, without further investigation. But I don’t see any reason to declare it a fake, either. None of the objections raised so far are enough to prove that there is anything fake about it.

My God, a reasoned post. I want this to be real, but time will prove if it is. We'll have to wait and see as Taitz lines up the experts to scrutinize the document. The defeatists, pessimists, and Dem trolls are so hard to discount this is not genuine over the most flimsy of evidence. Numerology, cleaning supplies, and Kenya couldn't have letterhead that early stating "Republic of Kenya."

361 posted on 08/02/2009 7:43:23 PM PDT by Red Steel
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To: politicalmerc; Jim Robinson; All
My advice is to remain cautiously optimistic and verify the document. Neither accept it, nor reject it based upon partial information.

Exactly. Let's verify it thoroughly.

362 posted on 08/02/2009 7:43:32 PM PDT by thecodont
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To: Dr.Deth

Nicely played. Good song, too.

363 posted on 08/02/2009 7:43:39 PM PDT by WhistlingPastTheGraveyard
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To: mkjessup

Lavender soap....Ajax the foaming cleanser.....

I am calling my law firm, Dewey, Cheatum and Howe about all these birth certificates. My head hurts, too.

364 posted on 08/02/2009 7:44:23 PM PDT by mono
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To: jamese777
How do you impeach an unqualified/fraudulent potus?
Answer: you put him in jail instead.
365 posted on 08/02/2009 7:44:27 PM PDT by rodguy911 (HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE--GO SARAHCUDA !!)
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To: Perdogg
The problem is that “kenyan BC” has republic of kenya yet Kenya wasnt declared a republic until 12/12/1964

Total red herring, of absolutely no significance. The only matter of significance is what words appear on OTHER documents produced in this office in February 1964. That's all.

366 posted on 08/02/2009 7:44:57 PM PDT by John Valentine
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To: DJ MacWoW

You have every right to chase your tail and wast time that could be better spent taking down Obama.
Wishing it so don’t make it so and that’s all I see here.
FR had a higher standard of examination. I have more than a few private emails on here from solid Freepers feeling the same way as I do .Again , know yourself out .

367 posted on 08/02/2009 7:45:20 PM PDT by sonic109
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To: Perdogg

Republic of Kenya was not declared until 12/12/1964 - fake

This point has been debunked several times.

They declared independence a year earlier, drafted a constitution that stated themselves a sovereign Republic.

368 posted on 08/02/2009 7:45:31 PM PDT by CommieCutter (
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To: Red Steel

He is doing a poor job, someone needs to call him out on the newspaper announcement and let him know about the wrong address, and how it really means nothing.

369 posted on 08/02/2009 7:45:54 PM PDT by RatsDawg
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To: sonic109

I most probably would cover you with less than a months of mine, no offense, well less:-) You worry about your calls, mine have been made for the day:-P Constructive Thoughts might be a novel approach to explore when you get a chance.

370 posted on 08/02/2009 7:46:14 PM PDT by True Republican Patriot (May GOD Continue to BLESS Our Great President George W. Bush!!)
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To: Red Steel
Bill Cunningham, out of cincy I believe, is a real fire eater. Great guy,excellent broadcaster the few of his appearances I have seen on Hannity.
371 posted on 08/02/2009 7:46:14 PM PDT by rodguy911 (HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE--GO SARAHCUDA !!)
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To: usconservative
Think about it, how would one best marginalize their political opponents at the least amount of cost? It'd be well worth $1m - $2m dollars to label a significant portion of the republican party as a bunch of whacko's right before the 2010 or 2012 elections simply by producing a valid birth certificate. It'd be brilliant political strategy when it comes right down to it.

You give the democraps way, WAY too much credit for such a plan. You think this distraction is doing Obama any good right now when he's trying to jam his socialism down our throats? Hardly.
372 posted on 08/02/2009 7:46:18 PM PDT by GLDNGUN (PALIN/GINGRICH 2012 since 7/26/08)
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To: WhistlingPastTheGraveyard

If we’re propping up a hoax, we all get burned.
Burned? How? I don’t give 2 sh*t what those pinko morons at places like Kos think. They put a fake photoshopped COLB on the internet, so they better STFU, pot meet kettle.
I’m not propping this up, and if you read the big thread on this, I said last night when it began, that I was going to go out on a limb and call this BS. However after reading everything today, I don’t know. The dates of the divorce and the date requested is bothersome to me. It fits so perfectly. I have no clue how old that paper is, and I am certainly no expert and neither is anyone here since they haven’t seen the document or done any testing on it. The court has it, it shouldn’t take an expert long to deem it a fake if it is an obvious one.
If I had to guess fake or not, I would guess fake but not because of the document itself that I have seen on the internet. It would be for these reasons: I don’t know where they got it or how they got it therefore I have to suspect it’s from that Ebay seller who I always thought was an Obot. Also, if WND has others to compare with from the same week or month, why not post them on their website?

373 posted on 08/02/2009 7:46:42 PM PDT by mojitojoe (All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for the people to remain silent.)
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To: sonic109

know yourself out = KNOCK yourself out.
Can’t find my reading glasses.

374 posted on 08/02/2009 7:46:46 PM PDT by sonic109
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To: Red Steel

What did he have to say?

375 posted on 08/02/2009 7:47:47 PM PDT by Krodg
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To: Perdogg; Jim Robinson; LucyT; STARWISE; Fred Nerks; Red Steel; All
The problem is that “kenyan BC” has republic of kenya yet Kenya wasnt declared a republic until 12/12/1964

The Verdict is still out on that one. History books and encyclopedias don't always tell ALL of the details...

ONE part of the country that would eventually become Kenya may have called itself the "Republic of Kenya" before Dec. 12, 1964 and the rest of the country.

It seems that a small area of what is now part of "Coast Province" in emerging Kenya where Obama may have been born -- known as the "10-mile coastal strip" -- may have been calling itself a REPUBLIC before leading up to and shortly after Kenyan independence in Dec 1963. If not all of the ten-mile strip, perhaps just the "Coast Registry", to help cement legal claims to land, property and independence while also attempting to separate itself from Zanzibar.

As the remains of the British Protectorate were being carved up, this area wanted to ensure they would NOT be parceled to Zanzibar. Land disputes still exist there today over this.

THIS from Kenya: Revisiting Ten-Mile Strip Controversy:

This was not to be. Then acting Prime Minister, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, the British government and the Sultan of Zanzibar declined to grant the strip autonomy.

In a letter dated October 5, 1963, Kenyatta bound his government to some undertaking in recognition of the coastal strip.

“I have the honour to refer to the discussions held between our respective governments on the subject of the coastal strip and to place on record the following undertakings by the Government of Kenya,” reads the letter to the prime minister of Zanzibar.

His note further reads: “The free hold titles to land in Coast region that are already registered will at all times be recognised. Steps will be taken to ensure the continuation procedure for the registration of new free hold titles and the rights of free holders will at all times be preserved”.

The letter was used as a legal instrument binding the Government to respect the status quo of land prior to independence.

As revealed by a report prepared by Robertson dated November 23, 1961, some people were advocating for an independent Coastal State before independence: “I recommend that if any system of regional or county administration is set up in Kenya, the Coast Province of Kenya should be one of the counties.”

In 1964, Kenyatta used his office to send signals to the international community that Kenya might renege on some commitments made before independence.

In his note reference “EXT 237/003A of March 25, 1964”, addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Kenyatta informed the United Nations of his Government’s intention to review all pre-independence treaties and agreements and determine which of the pacts would be honoured, abrogated or modified after appropriate notice to interested parties.

Tracing the historical perspective of the land issue, the former CKRC commissioner, writes: “In 1895, the Sultan gave the British power to administer the ten-mile coastal strip subject to their respecting the existing Kadhi’s Courts, among other conditions. The British did so and declared a protectorate over the Coast while the rest of Kenya was a colony proper. The Sultan, however, retained sovereignty over the ten-mile Coastal Strip. During the last years of the independence struggle and at the start of the Lancaster House Constitutional talks in 1961, the status and fate of the coastal strip came up for determination.”

Still verifying this with other sources. But to all of those saying:

... the birth certificate was issued on Feb. 17, 1964 ...
... the "Republic of Kenya" didn't exist until Dec 12, 1964 ...

Just hold yer horses!

This story has a few more nuances than appears on the surface. Keep scratching ...

376 posted on 08/02/2009 7:48:38 PM PDT by BP2 (I think, therefore I'm a conservative)
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To: sonic109
You are probably right,the only one who could possibly have any paper work by now would be from the inside, like Hillary.
377 posted on 08/02/2009 7:48:42 PM PDT by rodguy911 (HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE--GO SARAHCUDA !!)
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To: cynwoody; All

Have you given thought that whoever was hired to clean out obama’s grandmother’s house after she died might have possibly stolen this and stashed it? obama himself says his grandmother was in possession of his birth certificate.
It wouldn’t even surprise me if someone in his own family who sees the damage the man is doing night have had an attack of conscience.
o wasn’t there when grandma died. Any number of people on the food chain might have gotten access to this thing. An attorney handling the grandmother’s estate, for example. This would have passed through some clerks’ hands. Enough money buys almost anything.

378 posted on 08/02/2009 7:48:42 PM PDT by MestaMachine (OREO, Milk's favorite cookie. At least that's what my TV said.)
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To: Krodg

He is on now, says he believes Obama was born in Honolulu because there is a birth announcement in the newspaper. He really is out of touch on the issue, not worth listening to.

379 posted on 08/02/2009 7:49:09 PM PDT by RatsDawg
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To: rodguy911

Cunningham just said that this whole BC is nonsense ; that it was looked into by McCain and Hillary in the past and they couldn’t find any proof , so we ought to move on . Real fire eater . NOT !

380 posted on 08/02/2009 7:49:33 PM PDT by sushiman
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