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To: Quiller

Fair enough.

But the dems were saying the same thing not too long ago.

I’m just pointing it out.

And I would also like to point out, obama is not being able to do all this because he forced his way into office or somehow managed to seize control. Americans chose this. Your neighbor elected him. Your friends. Your relatives. People you know and work with. Obama is not the enemy. He is just its latest face.

To not call them nazis is not to understate the danger. It is merely saying ‘they are not nazis’. And this is true.

In 8 years, no matter what happens, obama won’t be in office. You can look back on it then and say ‘oh yeah, I was deathly afraid and thought he was a nazi dictator but that Prodigal Son guy said he would leave office...’

I’m not even worried about it. He doesn’t have to stay in office. Do you not see? Most Americans pretty much want some form of nanny state. They’ll elect the next socialist and the next one and the next one. Republicans will become ever more socialist in nature and our platform will be simply ‘we’re not as far left as the other guys’. Actually, it already is.

And freepers will keep harping about the ‘socialist Europeans’ as if nobody has farted in our elevator. We do the same thing in that respect ‘Sure, we know America is really far left nowadays- but at least we’re not as far left as the Euros so we’re goochie!’. For too long we have relied on the idea that there was something intrinsic about us that was better than the Europeans. ‘Oh, the Euroweenies are just morally corrupt and weak, that’s why they choose a socialist nanny state. Would never happen in America. Americans value freedom too much.’ But when Americans choose it, it’s some dem conspiracy. Relying on that argument is to hide from the truth.

Do you not see?

It’s not obama. It’s the average American.

47 posted on 08/06/2009 3:41:17 AM PDT by Prodigal Son
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To: Prodigal Son
...obama is not being able to do all this because he forced his way into office or somehow managed to seize control

His original senate seat was won because of tactics which forced his opponents out of the race, on both sides. Alan Keyes ran against him at the last minute, just so he would not run unopposed.

As for the firing of Auto maker CEOs, takeover of car companies, banks, etc., I;m not so sure the American People, even the Dems voted for that. In fact, I am not sure what they think they voted for, aside from some vacuous "Hope and Change". I think the suspension of disbelief is ending, and people who have the courage to admit they made a mistake are realizing if they voted for Obama that they had no idea...

Of course, there is a large contingent who will never see the extra-Constitutional behaviour of the current administration as a bad thing, who embrace the 'change'. There are those who think they are going to get something, whether that be wealth, status, 'paybacks', pie, whatever, and they will not realize the damage being done until after the fact.

They’ll elect the next socialist and the next one and the next one. Republicans will become ever more socialist in nature and our platform will be simply ‘we’re not as far left as the other guys’. Actually, it already is.

Well, any time the Conservatives have decried leftist Republican candidates and even threatened to vote third party, they are met with a hail of " a vote for so-and-so is a vote for the Liberals (Democrats)". Or the "wasted vote" canard.

SOme even claim that Obama was elected by people who did not vote for McCain (nor Obama) or stayed home.

What a choice: Ice cream that is full of dog poop, or the 'lite' version with 50% less poop. Only Sarah Palin made the Republican ticket one I could vote for.

That is how we got here, even the Republicans have been running on the promise, not of freedom, but of a lesser nany state.

A slow moving Hell bound train is going to the same destination as the Hell bound Express, just moving more slowly.

So the voters have been conditioned to/bullied into/given little to no choice but voting for a Socialist, whether that be hardcore or Socialist 'lite'.

The change has come upon us slowly, with every increment small, so that the inexorable march toward the current mess has been more of a slow-motion shuffle. Now, apparently, the Dems think the time is right to consolidate their plans and push the agenda. Even given power today to reverse the 'progress', it would take years to do, and the effects of the policies implemented in the last six months would be blamed on whomever is in office, not the people who enacted the legislation, made the decrees, and usurped the power to make the mess in the first place--and the media would be complicit in blaming any Conservative for the ills of their predecessor, just as the media gave Clinton credit for the effects of economic policies under Republican administrations and blamed 'W' for the effects of Clinton policies on the economy.

When all the rhetoric was flying, I managed to confront a few people with "just what do you think needs changing?". It was interesting to note that none had a solid answer.

With that revelation, it was easy to see they'd been suckered.

Some people never learn. I just pray the Average American can realize they've been grifted, and learn from that mistake.

98 posted on 08/06/2009 8:51:38 AM PDT by Smokin' Joe (How often God must weep at humans' folly. Stand fast. God knows what He is doing.)
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To: Prodigal Son
Muy sympatico, my friend.

I'm not saying don't call a nazi-like tyrant a nazi -- I'm saying make the point in a way that cannot be spun back by self-serving whiners to try to deflect the issue. But by all means, do NOT make the point when it needs to be made.

Will 0 leave office? My point was not quaking fear that he would not leave office, so I don't really consider you prescient -- at this juncture, no one believes there is any way he would NOT leave office. But again (and back to my point) -- there are many things happening now, which would have been unthinkable one term ago. How many justices is 0 away from having effective lib control of all three branches?Not more than two, possibly one.

As far as Americans go -- yeah, as long as there is gas for the car, fast food at the window, and an adolescent-level TV show complete with potty humor, laugh tracks, and some nubile cleavage shots, many people won't pry their selves off the sofa to learn what's going on, let alone vote. And it has gotten to the point that one self-serving corrupt politician is pretty much like the other, just distinguished by a different animal logo.

The biggest reason organizers like ACORN can be effective is because it's easier to catch their target clientele at home, and more cost-effective to buy their votes with government handouts. Once a handout is started, it becomes an 'entitlement', and political death to anyone who wants to dismantle it.

The way out? Short of a total rebellion, it would take a congress filled with principled people willing to accept being voted out at the end of their term because they would, in fact, be ending their political career by shutting off the teat. People willing to look lobbyists and corporate donors in the eye and say, "America first." In other words, ain't gonna happen.

107 posted on 08/06/2009 12:30:02 PM PDT by Quiller (When you're fighting to survive, there is no "try" -- there is only do, or do not.)
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