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Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 13 December 2009
Various driveby media television networks ^ | 13 December 2009 | Various Self-Serving Politicians and Big Media Screaming Faces

Posted on 12/13/2009 5:07:27 AM PST by Alas Babylon!

The Talk Shows

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Guests to be interviewed today on major television talk shows:

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Sen. Judd Gregg, New Hampshire Republican; Sen. Claire McCaskill, Missouri Democrat; Sen. James Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican; Rep. Ed Markey, Massachusetts Democrat; Inez Tenenbaum, chairwoman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Christina Romer, chairwoman of the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers; Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve chairman; Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Michigan Democrat; Mitt Romney, Massachusetts Republican and former governor.

FACE THE NATION (CBS): Sen. Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican; Sen. Jay Rockefeller, West Virginia Democrat; Sen. Ben Nelson, Nebraska Democrat; Sen. Joe Lieberman, Connecticut independent.

THIS WEEK (ABC): Lawrence Summers, director of the White House’s National Economic Council; Sen. Mark Warner, Virginia Democrat; Sen. John Thune, South Dakota Republican.

STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Sens. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., and Jack Reed, D-R.I.; Rep. David Obey, D-Wis.; former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

TOPICS: Breaking News; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: guests; lineup; sunday; talkshows
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To: Fishtalk
The church stopped using Latin for everything due to complaints that the words were not understood.

So now we must do in Spanish?

I’m jes’ sayin’.

Ask your Pastor to include "Onward Christian Soldiers" in the hymnal...(in English).

221 posted on 12/13/2009 8:35:04 AM PST by spokeshave (Albore can uninvent the internet about as well as 0bama can unjump the shark)
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To: rodguy911
Re: immigration....the day after Napolitano said our Sheriff Joe Arpaio could NOT target illegals, he did just that, knowing he's within his rights to enforce the law and begging for dear Janet (his former boss/gov) to make an issue out of it.

I have high hopes that states will take this beyond immigration enforcement and apply it to everything federal.

222 posted on 12/13/2009 8:35:50 AM PST by chiller ( ALMOST SPEECHLESS)
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To: rodguy911

Found the link,there are two others but they have mysteriously disappeared.

223 posted on 12/13/2009 8:37:29 AM PST by rodguy911 (HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE--GO SARAHCUDA !!)
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To: MNJohnnie

I doubt the left leaning EPA gets the blame. More likely they will put the blame on “big business” or us, anywhere that does not point leftward.

224 posted on 12/13/2009 8:39:08 AM PST by rodguy911 (HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE--GO SARAHCUDA !!)
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To: chiller


A little Spanish baby, cute as can be, a pile of black curly head on its head....hey, he should be hearing English every chance he can. Nothing wrong with the tyke learning Spanish...knowing a second language never hurt anyone. But seems to me that ENGLISH should be the focus of this young one’s language until he gets that down pat.

I just don’t know what to think. The priest, hey he did okay with the Spanish but I speak Spanish way better. He sounded like...well like a very Anglo Catholic priest speaking Spanish.

I suppose the parents asked for it to be in Spanish but suppose Czech parents wanted a baptism in Czechoslovakian?

I’m jus’ sayin’.

225 posted on 12/13/2009 8:39:16 AM PST by Fishtalk
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To: chiller
I heard rumors Arpaio could be candidate for the office of Governor,anything to it? What a great man he is.
226 posted on 12/13/2009 8:40:34 AM PST by rodguy911 (HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE--GO SARAHCUDA !!)
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To: Fishtalk
At one time there was a Danish Lutheran Church here in Indianapolis. The services were entirely in Danish. I was baptized there (in Danish) at my Danish grandmother's request.

But it went to English in the 1950's because there were few Danes left who only spoke Danish.

Seems to me that the baptism should have been in English unless it was done in Spanish for visiting grandparents, in which case that should have been explained.

227 posted on 12/13/2009 8:43:07 AM PST by Miss Marple
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To: Miss Marple
Text of Obama's Nobel Peace Prize speech

Some vignettes:

"Where force is necessary, we have a moral and strategic interest in binding ourselves to certain rules of conduct. And even as we confront a vicious adversary that abides by no rules, I believe that the United States of America must remain a standard bearer in the conduct of war. That is what makes us different from those whom we fight. That is a source of our strength. That is why I prohibited torture. That is why I ordered the prison at Guantanamo Bay closed. And that is why I have reaffirmed America's commitment to abide by the Geneva Conventions. We lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals that we fight to defend. And we honor those ideals by upholding them not just when it is easy, but when it is hard."

"So even as we respect the unique culture and traditions of different countries, America will always be a voice for those aspirations that are universal. We will bear witness to the quiet dignity of reformers like Aung Sang Suu Kyi; to the bravery of Zimbabweans who cast their ballots in the face of beatings; to the hundreds of thousands who have marched silently through the streets of Iran. It is telling that the leaders of these governments fear the aspirations of their own people more than the power of any other nation. And it is the responsibility of all free people and free nations to make clear to these movements that hope and history are on their side."

"In light of the Cultural Revolution's horrors, Nixon's meeting with Mao appeared inexcusable — and yet it surely helped set China on a path where millions of its citizens have been lifted from poverty, and connected to open societies. Pope John Paul's engagement with Poland created space not just for the Catholic Church, but for labor leaders like Lech Walesa. Ronald Reagan's efforts on arms control and embrace of perestroika not only improved relations with the Soviet Union, but empowered dissidents throughout Eastern Europe. There is no simple formula here. But we must try as best we can to balance isolation and engagement, pressure and incentives, so that human rights and dignity are advanced over time."

"Most dangerously, we see it in the way that religion is used to justify the murder of innocents by those who have distorted and defiled the great religion of Islam, and who attacked my country from Afghanistan. These extremists are not the first to kill in the name of God; the cruelties of the Crusades are amply recorded. But they remind us that no Holy War can ever be a just war. "

228 posted on 12/13/2009 8:45:41 AM PST by kabar
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To: Morgan in Denver
It will take years to get out from under their legacy.

It will take generations, if ever.

229 posted on 12/13/2009 8:47:48 AM PST by kabar
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To: rodguy911

Comprehensive Immigration Reform to be Introduced December 15 December 11, 2009 Rebecca Dreilinger (202) 225-8203 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Washington D.C.) On Tuesday, December 15, Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) will introduce new legislation, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act of 2009 (CIR ASAP), to the U.S. House of Representatives. Gutierrez will be joined by members of many different faiths and backgrounds, including the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Black Caucus, Asian Pacific American Caucus and Progressive Caucus.

Who: Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (IL-4), Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Immigration Task Force Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (NY-12), Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Rep. Yvette D. Clarke (NY-11), Whip of the Congressional Black Caucus Rep. Mike Honda (CA-15), Chair of Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus Rep. Lynn Woolsey (CA-6), Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Rep. Judy Chu (CA-32) Rep. Joseph Crowley (NY-7) Rep. Pedro R. Pierluisi (PR-At large) Rep. Jared Polis (CO-2) Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL-9) Rep. Jose E. Serrano (NY-16) Other Members of Congress

What:Introduction of Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation

When:12:30 pm, Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where:Room 2220, Rayburn House Office Building “We have waited patiently for a workable solution to our immigration crisis to be taken up by this Congress and our President,” said Rep. Gutierrez. “The time for waiting is over. This bill will be presented before Congress recesses for the holidays so that there is no excuse for inaction in the New Year. It is the product of months of collaboration with civil rights advocates, labor organizations, and members of Congress. It is an answer to too many years of pain -mothers separated from their children, workers exploited and undermined security at the border- all caused at the hands of a broken immigration system. This bill says ‘enough,’ and presents a solution to our broken system that we as a nation of immigrants can be proud of.”

230 posted on 12/13/2009 8:50:47 AM PST by kabar
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To: kabar
Thank you. I really didn't like his using Pope John Paul and Reagan to do what I believe was a pre-emptive justification for his probable engagement with Venezuela and Iran.

I also think that the comparison between terrorists and the Crusades was not accurate, not to mention the fact that this isn't the 12th century.

The formula in which HE is the noble non-torturer while the previous administration didn't care about human rights is especially repellent.

231 posted on 12/13/2009 8:52:10 AM PST by Miss Marple
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To: Miss Marple

If I had to make a guess, I’d proffer that this whole thing was some sort of bow to political correctness....a nod that we here at St. Jude the Apostle are so open-minded that our brains are falling out.

Yeah I snort a bit but making that whole baptism in Spanish was just over the top and dumb. There were NO grandparents there, just the babe’s parents and the godparents.

They could have had maybe a small portion in Spanish, perhaps, as a bow to the child’s heritage.

It was theatrical as all get out as I see it.

Again, there is a very large Spanish speaking population here in the swamps of Delaware, all working in the many chicken factories. Mostly great folks, law-abiding, peaceful, I’m serious. But like everywhere else, they tend to want everything in Spanish and instead of adapting to this country, we are expected to adapt for them.

I think my church was trying to make a play for some of those Spanish folk who are all, honestly, Catholic after all.

It’s more of a laff because I know those parents spoke perfect English, the godparents look like they’re from New Jersey and it was theater is all.

232 posted on 12/13/2009 8:53:17 AM PST by Fishtalk
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To: Miss Marple

“The Republicans can’t call hearings. They are the minority. Only the democrat chairmen of committees can call for hearings.”

Sure they can, in the basement, there is a precedence.

233 posted on 12/13/2009 8:55:22 AM PST by Peter Horry (Those who aren't responsible always know best.)
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To: Fishtalk
So now we must do in Spanish?

Demand the priest deliver it in Piglatin. Eh?

234 posted on 12/13/2009 8:56:48 AM PST by ROCKLOBSTER (RATs, nothing more than bald haired hippies.)
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To: Peter Horry
Yes, they can call unofficial hearings in the basement. And explain to me why anyone they wanted to question would show up, please. ALso, please show what media coverage they would get.

Also, please explain how they could get a room, even in the basement, allocated for this endeavor. The democrats also control space allocation on both sides of the Capitol, you now.

235 posted on 12/13/2009 9:09:52 AM PST by Miss Marple
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To: rodguy911

Bombing in Pakistan? After all the complaints about US actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, when did congress approve bombing another foreign country? Did Zero go to the UN for approval? Was this debated and voted on on the US Congress?

Who gave zero the authority to bomb people in Pakistan? Will he invade Pakistan if the bombing isn’t enough? Maybe Zero should just declare war on the entire middle east. < /s >

236 posted on 12/13/2009 9:11:13 AM PST by Morgan in Denver (Democrats: the law of unintended consequences in action.)
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To: Miss Marple; Bahbah; rodguy911; Alas Babylon!; All

Fox is pointing out how many people in the Transportation office alone are making over $100,000


Glenn Beck had that on the show Friday. The head
of the transportation dept got a pay raise to $170,000. Thereafter, 1700 additional people in his dept. all got similar raises to that amount.

Average govt salary is $71,206, and the only sector
that’s adding notable job numbers.


Six-Figure Federal Salary Gravy Train


When the recession started, the Transportation Department had only one person earning a salary of $170,000 or more. Eighteen months later, 1,690 employees had salaries above $170,000.

The growth in six-figure salaries has pushed the average federal worker’s pay to $71,206, compared with $40,331 in the private sector.

How the $!!! can the department of transportation possibly justify 1,690 workers making in excess of $170,000?

The Federal Aviation Administration also has 1,700 workers making in excess of $170,000.


In my estimation, this is being purposely done to create
enlarged vested govt control ... more loyal bureaucrats
to monitor us and enforcers to keep the populace in line
and regimented. Might as well call him Hugo O.

237 posted on 12/13/2009 9:11:29 AM PST by STARWISE (They (LIBS-STILL) think of this WOT as Bush's war, not America's war- Richard Miniter)
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To: Miss Marple
Agree. He used two Rep Presidents, Nixon and Reagan, and Pope John Paul to justify his outreach to dictators whether it is Iran, Cuba, North Korea, or Venezuela. He also distorted history re their involvement.

He tossed in gratuitously the Crusades as though that is the moral equivalent of what is going today. "Islam or the sword" was going on back in the days of the Crusades and earlier. And in many ways, it is still manifesting itself in the lack of tolerance Islam has for other religions and in the treatment of women. Islam is still stuck in the Middle Ages.

And the insinuation that the US tortured and ignored the Geneva Conventions before he changed things is just ridiculous and just adds fuel to the fire in terms of our enemies who were cutting off heads of their prisoners.

I find Obama's acceptance of the award one of the most bizarre things ever to happen on the world stage. He has done absolutely nothing to deserve it and his statement to be equally bizarre yet self-serving,

"Compared to some of the giants of history who have received this prize — Schweitzer and King; Marshall and Mandela — my accomplishments are slight. And then there are the men and women around the world who have been jailed and beaten in the pursuit of justice; those who toil in humanitarian organizations to relieve suffering; the unrecognized millions whose quiet acts of courage and compassion inspire even the most hardened of cynics. I cannot argue with those who find these men and women — some known, some obscure to all but those they help — to be far more deserving of this honor than I.

He is not deserving at all and comparing his accomplishments (none) to "Schweitzer and King; Marshall and Mandela" is hubris run amok and points out unintentionally how laughable this award is. And then he launches into his just war rant, which puts the lie to his Nobel Peace Prize and the squalid process that awarded him it. What an emnbarrassment for all.

If Obama had any character and less of an ego, he would have turned the award down. In many ways, it is demeaning. This is the first affirmative action Nobel Peace Prize.

238 posted on 12/13/2009 9:13:12 AM PST by kabar
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To: Carley
"Just keep in mind that if Bernanke is forced out he will be replace by Summers."

I'm not sure about that. I expect Bernanke to be reconfirmed, since he will be Obama's sacrificial lamb to be thrown under the bus if things aren't significantly better by Nov 2012.

I think Summers has sufficiently embarrassed Obama in the last 10 months and will remain in a back room office.

Don't forget about Volcker and even Robert Rubin (who is carrying a lot of baggage from Citicorp)but is still loved on Wall Street.

This administration blows with the wind, so nothing would surprise me, JMHO.

239 posted on 12/13/2009 9:14:32 AM PST by Walleye_Walter
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To: Miss Marple; gov_bean_ counter

The difference between pre-med and pre-law is the semester of organic chemistry and/or biochemistry.

240 posted on 12/13/2009 9:15:38 AM PST by hocndoc ( (I've got a mustard seed and I'm not afraid to use it.))
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