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FReeper Jeff Head - in need of prayer - Cancer surgery (GOOD NEWS update @ #1638 1688 1931! 2059)
Journal: My bone cancer (Sacral Chordoma) ^ | 4 January 2010 | Dolly Howard

Posted on 01/04/2010 2:45:21 AM PST by DollyCali

Our Freeper Friend Jeff Head was diagnosed
with a serious (they all are to me) form of cancer
just before Christmas

Please help me approach the prayer throne for our friend Jeff Head who is in Houston currently from his home in Idaho to have surgery & treatment at MD Anderson for his cancer. He will be able to respond on occasion.

You can follow his story & the particulars of the cancer at his blog/HERE

You might know him for many reasons.. His great mind & posts on this forum .. at which he was Freeper of the year in 2001. He is an Activist, Author, Man of God, Devoted Family Man(father of 6; grandfather of 5) and friend to many.

You can find him on line at places other than here.. at Facebook he is Jeff Head

Jeff's Web Page - (check out the neat stickers he sells)

Jeff's FR Profile

Jeff's blog on his Cancer

Father we pray for our friend Jeff. May he find your perfect peace as he continues to trust you with his life. Give the surgeons and medical personnel wisdom and perfect skill in treating him. Please keep him close to your heart as his body responds to treatments and to surgery. Help us to love him as our brother and give support and strength to wife Gail and their large and loving family. In the name of our Savior and Creator. Amen.

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KEYWORDS: chordoma; freeperjeffhead; jeffhead; powerinprayer; prayer; prayerlist; prayerrequest; prayerthread; sacralchordoma
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To: Jeff Head
No new cancer at this point! And the cancer that is there in my sacrum and the small spots in the illieum has not grown appreciably, certainly no more than they would expect.

Buddy, this is BY FAR the BEST NEWS we've heard in a while!! Wow! Talk about MIRACLES! It's irrefutable proof we ain't fighting this battle alone. And undeniable evidence that momentum is all on your side, Jeff. And we have Jesus Christ to THANK for that!

I will keep you in my daily prayers, my friend, with hope and confidence and renewed vigor.


1,501 posted on 04/23/2010 1:37:07 AM PDT by JohnHuang2
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To: Jeff Head
Your description of the upcoming surgeries is utterly mind-blowing. Sounds like your surgeons must be immensely talented. Stay brave and faithful, Jeff. We're all pulling for you.

Best wishes,

1,502 posted on 04/23/2010 2:06:14 AM PDT by Sandy
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To: Jeff Head; Gail_Head; Danae

Prayers for all of you, and all those who hold you dear; my husband lost his battle with cancer but my dear son in law is holding his own, and getting better. He has to build himself up before he can get chemo, but he’s working on it.

1,503 posted on 04/23/2010 2:33:12 AM PDT by Judith Anne
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To: Jeff Head; Gail_Head

Jeff/Gail -

You are not walking this alone. He there with you every step of the way. He will be guiding the hands of all those involved. He will be there to comfort you and your families through the whole procedures, for our God is an Awesome God,

I am off to Chick-fil-A for breakfast with a group of men from various churches. You will be prayed for.

Remember the additional Annual Leave, all it takes is a note from either of you.

1,504 posted on 04/23/2010 2:53:26 AM PDT by SLB (23rd Artillery Group, Republic of South Vietnam, Aug 1970 - Aug 1971.)
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To: DollyCali
A humble prayer offered.

Jeff, I have enjoyed your brilliant mind for many years here. I have noted, too, your support for others, many times, in this situation. I truly wish you all the best.


1,505 posted on 04/23/2010 3:18:40 AM PDT by SupplySider
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To: Jeff Head

You are a tough old bird, JH.

You will beat this.

1,506 posted on 04/23/2010 11:16:58 AM PDT by swarthyguy (KIDS! - Deficit, Debt,- Pfft! Lookit the bright side of our legacy - Ummrika is almost SmokFrei!)
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To: dancusa

Prayers up!

1,507 posted on 04/23/2010 11:20:03 AM PDT by missanne (That's all I can stands and I can't stands no more?? This is one of those days!)
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To: Jeff Head

I am so in awe at he level of your faith and courage.

Prayers up again.

1,508 posted on 04/23/2010 11:58:28 AM PDT by Wilum (Never loaded a nuke I didn't like)
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To: Jeff Head

Oh Jeff and Gail, I’m so glad to hear your good news of no new cancer! We keep you in our prayers daily. Your testimony is incredible and uplifting. God bless you all.

Your friend,

1,509 posted on 04/23/2010 12:02:03 PM PDT by bootless (Never Forget. Never Again. (
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To: Jeff Head

Thank you for the update and the clear view of what lies ahead. Prayers continue for Gail and yourself and the medical teams and staff during these proceedures.

1,510 posted on 04/23/2010 9:48:04 PM PDT by amom
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To: Jeff Head
"Monday morning we are preadmitted and then screened for the proper anisthesia for the surgery. This will be another critical process to determine what anisthesia to give me so my body will react well to it. Given what all they intend, it is important that we do not have an adverse reaction."

God bless and be with you and those screening you tomorrow as you are screened for the proper anesthesia for your surgery on Tuesday the 27th. Prayers for all to be exactly as needed for your complete well-being.

Keeping you, your family, and all your medical team close in prayer.

1,511 posted on 04/25/2010 7:52:40 PM PDT by LucyJo
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To: Jeff Head


1,512 posted on 04/26/2010 2:14:46 AM PDT by JohnHuang2
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To: JohnHuang2; SLB; DollyCali; Lazamataz; joanie-f; Squantos; Noumenon; Lurker; Travis McGee; Eaker; ..
It will probably some time before I can write again...but I wanted to get this out to everyone before I go under the knife tomowrrow morning:

26th Entry Monday, April 26, 2010, 2:00 PM

Gail, Katie, Natahn, Rachel, Chad, Becki, Toni, Jeff, Jolene, Jared, and Braedon, Rley, Kasen, Kyra, Kenna, and Gracei (and Mike and Kelly), Lee and Brenda and Family, PAul and Adlois and Family...and all who have prayed for, ecnouraged us, and lent us your faith,

Several years ago when I had what I though was major surgery, I wrote individual lettetrs to each of my children.

As it turned out, that colonoscopy surgery was not nearly as dangeorus or serious as it could have been, and certainly not as serious as what I face now.

Most of you (older folks anyhow) know the details of this condition I face now from my journal. It is out there on Facebook, on my own site, and on FreeRepublic for others to lead later (JUst google "My Sacral Chordoma"). But, suffice it to say that over the next few weeks, starting tomorrow, I am facing very serious life threatening surgery to remove a malignant cnacer tumor in my sacrum. Even if completely successful, for which we hope and pray, it will be life-altering.

Many prayers, a lot of faith, and wonderful encouragement and generous help has helped us reach this point. I am so grateful, beyond my ability to express it for that help, ecourgaement, and partiocularly the prayers and faith. They have sustained us and gotten us here now to where I can enter the areana of this trial and have the real fight for my life begin.

My 1st surgery will be tomorrow around 7 or 8 AM and will last 8-10 hours. Then on Friday, April 30th, they will conduct the 2nd part, where they actually remove the chordoma. If necessary, if that takes too long, they now tell me they may split that into two parts...but they hope to be done sometime late Fraday afternoon or early evening. Then comes the long revobry, rehabilitation, and then followed by special proton radiation treatments.

I want each of you to kow in so doing, how much I love you.

Gail and I have been married 32 years yesterday. I count my relationship with her, next to my relationship with my Savior and Father in Heaven as the most beautiful blessing and gift, the greatest honor and privilege of my life. I cannot put into works how much I love her, how much she has taught me, and how grateful I am for her love. Simple stated, she is the love of my life and the one, as our Father cammanded, to whom I cleavve, and none else.

Those same type of feeling extend in love to all of you thoughout my family. First through my parents and siblings who all helped form my life and thinking, but then very importantly to my children ALL of whom have taught me far more about life than I believe I have taught them. My love for each of you, despite whatever differences we may have ever had, is eternal, and I look forward to the day we are all gathered, in God's time, in the eternities together where we can share one another's company and joy. My darling princess, my prcious agel, my bay pony, my 1st born son, and my go getter, Jared...and now all six grandkids

Please please, I plead with each of you, to do whatever it takes to make that same love possible in this life for each of you. That blessing, made possible by the love and atonement of our Savior Jesus Chrst, is the great gift to mankind and the pearle of great price we should all strive for.

There is no ill, there is no mistake, there is no wall, there is no boundary, there is no weakness we cannot overcome with His help in order to make that eternity of joy possible. He has broken them all..all bands of hate, musunderstanding, even of death on our behalf and I pray each of you, from oldest to youngst, will simply study His life, His teachings for how to live life, and then try it. Make His life your own. Come to Him, seek His forgiveness and the efficacy of His gift, and then do all you can to live like He would live...helping others wherever you can

He said,

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." Matthew 11:28-30
I testify to each of you, I promise you each, that this is true. No matter how dire the crcumstance, no matter what we face, we can overcome it through Christ. Individually as we work ourselves, together as couples and families if we all work together.

I have seen it...I have experienced it myself. At this hour I have no reason but to speak the truth to you out of my love for you each and the omportance of these truths...and I so speak, I so testify, and I so witness now.

Now, we hope that the surgery goes fine. I have asked all of the Dr.s if they believe in God. I am asking them to look for miracles in their work and let God in Heaven guide their hands. If they do, His will shall be done. And whatever that will is will be what is right. That is another critical part of life...understanding whose will we should seek, and then making His will our own...and doing it of our own free will so it is in fact our will as well. I know that this principle in life leads to happiness and joy. It allows us to weather any strom, and come through into the sunshine and clam on the far side.

It is with these thoughts in mind that I close. Looking forward to that calm weather on the far side. Whether the far side of this immediate travail and years of living with each of you on this earth with Gail, visiting grank-kids, serving missions, etc...or, awaiting for you over yonder, on the far side of life, where my Dear Father and other loved ones wait even now.

I pray it will be the former...but know that if it is the latter that the time will pass quickly in the Lord's service.

All you grandkids...I long to sing to you once again in the evening as I put you to sleep. Remember the words.

"Jesus said love every one, treat them kindly too. If your heart if filled with love, others will love you."

"Cause Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world."

"Jesus loves me this I know, for the scriptures tell me so. Little ones to Him belong, they are weark, but He is strong. "Yes Jesus loves me, Yes Jesus loves me, Yes, Jesus loves me.... "My papa tells me so...and Nanna tells me so, they both they love me so."
Continue to pray for us, particularl for Gail (for Nanna). She has been my great strength and friend in this, after our Savior. In fact, she has exemplified the Savior to me though all of this and I am so humbled bu it.

For all those praying for us, once again I say, I rpay, in turm, that the good Lord returns the blessing on your head 100 fold. He shall. I know that He is alwasy true to us...always. All of His plans and activities in our life build us up, build up His kingdom of love and joy, and bring men and women to Him for ever if they will but respond to His call.

These same truths are what gives us everything that is good in life...including our liberty. Principles that move a person away from these truths, of sanctity for life, of love of family, of the essential nature of fundamental moral principle and Christian faith in our society...eskew. They will destroy liberty and hurt the family, life, and many of the greatest gifts and joys our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ desire for us.

I love you all, and long to be in your company again. The good Lord willing, we shall, and soon...and if not, then as surely as the sun risies in the east, we will be together again in thr hearafter.,

Your husband, father, brother, friend, granfather, and fellow-laboror and servant in Christ and in liberty,

Jeff Head
26 Arpil 2010

1,513 posted on 04/26/2010 11:42:26 AM PDT by Jeff Head (Freedom is not free...never has been, never will be. (
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To: Jeff Head

may God continue to bless you Jeff!

1,514 posted on 04/26/2010 11:53:47 AM PDT by Travis McGee (
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To: Jeff Head
More prayers up Jeff.

Notre père, qui êtes aux cieux!
Que votre nom soit sanctificié. Que votre règne vienne.
Que votre volonté soit faite, sur la terre comme au ciel.
Donnez-nous aujourd'hui notre poindre ce jour.
Pardonnez-nous nos offenses, comme nous pardonnons aussi a ceux, qui nous ont offensés,
et ne nous soumetez pas à la tentation, mais délivrez-nous du mal.
Car c'est à toi qu'appartiènne, le régne, la puissance et la gloire, pour les siècles des siècles.

Je vous salue, Marie, pleine de grâces,
le Seigneur est avec vous, vous êtes bénie entre toutes les femmes,
et Jésus le fruit de vos entrailles est béni.
Sainte Marie, Mère de Dieu, priez pour nous pauvres pécheurs,
maintenant, et à l'heure de notre mort. Ainsi-soit-il.

Garde la Foi, mes amis! Nous nous sommes les sauveurs de la République! Maintenant et Toujours!
(Keep the Faith, my friends! We are the saviors of the Republic! Now and Forever!)

LonePalm, le Républicain du verre cassé (The Broken Glass Republican)

1,515 posted on 04/26/2010 11:55:16 AM PDT by LonePalm (Commander and Chef)
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To: Jeff Head

Wow. THANKS. I love you and prayers are being said right now.....!

1,516 posted on 04/26/2010 12:00:05 PM PDT by Lazamataz ("We beat the Soviet Union. Then we became them." -- Lazamataz, 2005)
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To: DollyCali

God be with him and his.

1,517 posted on 04/26/2010 12:02:40 PM PDT by TalBlack
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To: Jeff Head

May God bless you and your family, Jeff and Gail.

My prayer is that He puts the medical staff on auto pilot and does the Good work himself.

1,518 posted on 04/26/2010 12:04:09 PM PDT by They'reGone2000 (Not racist; not violent. Just not silent any more)
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To: Jeff Head

Bless you my friend and you are in my prayers.

1,519 posted on 04/26/2010 12:07:52 PM PDT by Eaker (Pablo is very wily)
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To: Jeff Head

Prayers for you, your family and your medical staff Jeff.

May God Bless you and yours in this very difficult time in your lives.


1,520 posted on 04/26/2010 12:12:38 PM PDT by SZonian (We began as a REPUBLIC, a nation of laws. We became a DEMOCRACY, majority rules. Next step is?)
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