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D.C. radio talker WTNT to air 3 hour exposť on the Obama eligibility issue - TODAY (12-3pm Est) ^

Posted on 02/05/2010 8:35:06 AM PST by whatisthetruth

Please join Phil Berg, Jeff Kuhner and others at 12pm Eastern to hear updates and events surrounding the Constitutional issues regarding Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack H. Obama serving as the President of the United States.

Kuhner pre-show trailer

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: 353FMG
Could it be that they are in bed together on this issue? Both media may think that this issue is too big for the American people to handle.

At this point the only institutions being hurt are the reputations of the Marxist media and conservative media for ignoring the issue. At this point, why should Americans trust the media to handle anything ( big or small)?

Gee! Even with the near total blackout not only do nearly 60% of Republicans know about the issue they have decided Obama was not born in the U.S. or have serious questions about his eligibility. One poll that I read stated that 30% of the general population do not believe Obama was born in the U.S. This was in July. It is likely that these numbers would be higher today, and much higher if those who had questions were added.


( Yes, I am gleefully shouting!)

Politicians can't go anywhere without being peppered by questions about Obama’s eligibility.

301 posted on 02/05/2010 4:10:14 PM PST by wintertime (Good ideas win! Why? Because people are not stupid!)
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To: bgill
The name calling turned me off Coulter so wrote her off my list a long time ago. Apparently so have many others as you don’t see her much now days. Good riddance.

I don't see her mentioned much on Free Republic anymore.

Personally, I will NEVER buy one of her books again. Not that it makes much difference to her, but, for me, NO MORE COULTER ( or Beck)!

302 posted on 02/05/2010 4:12:39 PM PST by wintertime (Good ideas win! Why? Because people are not stupid!)
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To: wintertime

I think media personalities have the same vulnerabilities as career politicians: Their livelihood depends on them having the right “appearance” or reputation. We can laugh it off if somebody calls us a - gasp! - birther. But it’s not so easy for somebody like Andrew Breitbart. I’ve got Breitbart’s refusal to cover this issue posted on my blog. It made me mad that they wouldn’t touch it. I understand why. He’s building a reputation and can’t afford to go out on a limb.

The same thing happens in Washington DC. The politicians go in there wanting to do good stuff I think, for the most part. But once they’re there they have to “fit in”. That means dancing exactly how the media in that fish-tank wants you to dance. I think that’s what Scott Brown was doing with Barbara Walters. The fish tank is dying in its own muck-infested water.

They need a constant flow of fresh water. They need constant accountability to people outside the fish tank - people whose livelihoods don’t depend on Barbara Walters doing a softball interview because she *likes* you.

I don’t think our lawmakers were ever intended to be career politicians. I think it makes the watering hole stink and fester.

That’s why I think that the whole story of Obama’s eligibility needs to get out there. I think it is a microcosm of the dysfunctional ecosystem we have in Washington DC - an ecosystem that puts the rest of us decent folks at risk and footing the bill while powerless to change the ecosystem. We can send in different fish but that fish will soon be pooping up the tank just like everybody else. The system itself is dysfunctional, and I think it’s because the media is in bed with the politicians to take the rest of us for a ride. That has to be exposed.

303 posted on 02/05/2010 4:27:41 PM PST by butterdezillion
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To: RaceBannon
I knew if I kept looking, one day I would find it.


Obama Had Multiethnic Existence in Hawaii Tuesday, February 06, 2007

By BRIAN CHARLTON, Associated Press Writer

...As a teenager, Obama went to parties and sometimes sought out gatherings on military bases or at the University of Hawaii that were mostly attended by blacks. He wrote in his book that he tried drugs and let his grades slip in his final years of high school...

Barack Obama Sighting, Hawaii 1980 Gathering of Eagles ^ | Nov 17, 2009 | GOE NY


304 posted on 02/05/2010 4:28:57 PM PST by Fred Nerks (FAIR DINKUM!)
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To: butterdezillion
I love your analogies and metaphores.

The putrefying fish tank is a good one, and I have not been able to get that image of the face sewn to the soccer ball out of my mind. It's scary but that's where we are headed if we don't defend the Constitution and rule of law.

305 posted on 02/05/2010 4:39:45 PM PST by wintertime (Good ideas win! Why? Because people are not stupid!)
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To: hoagy62; butterdezillion

WTNT (branded as Freedom 570) is a radio station broadcasting on 570 kHz in the mediumwave AM band from Bethesda, Maryland, serving the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. It has a daytime power of 5,000 watts. Its current programming is talk radio, and its ownership is Red Zebra Broadcasting, who recently purchased 3 Washington D.C.-area stations including WTNT from Clear Channel Communications on July 1, 2008.

306 posted on 02/05/2010 5:03:47 PM PST by whatisthetruth
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To: LucyT

Dang! Missed it, Anywhere I can catch it. link?

307 posted on 02/05/2010 5:32:53 PM PST by JustPiper (Where IS the "Progress in PROGRESSIVE" ?!? Don't Trust anything with a "Caucus")
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To: Scanian

I appreciate the bump...

There are a lot of people here on FR that assume we all believe there was a conspiracy from conception on to make a boy king. I find the very notion itself to be not only ludicrous, but extremely disingenuous and contemptible from the word go. No reasonable person on the “birthers” side or questioning the anointed one’s eligibility thinks this or entertains the thought. The key word there being reasonable. I’ve heard several call ins to talk shows and some emails read on those same shows where people have proffered that type of opinion, but no reasonable person believes this intellectually deficient line of reasoning.

That so many assume this is the overarching line of reasoning for anyone questioning obama’s eligibility just shows how much disregard and contempt these supposed champions of the right have for anyone on this side of the argument.

I have lost a lot of respect for a lot of people over this supposed “dead horse” issue. I suspect that is true for a lot of other people around here and anywhere else people are interested in this - much less have a vested interest in it.

Please excuse the run on sentences.

308 posted on 02/05/2010 5:43:08 PM PST by jurroppi1 (America, do not commit Barry Care-y!)
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To: justiceseeker93
“.....Another caller claimed he saw only about a month ago the now famous clip of the 2004 Obama-Keyes Illinois Senate debate where Obama responded to a question about his citizenship by saying something to the effect that natural born citizenship was not required for a senator, only for the POTUS - hinting that he was not a natural born citizen and didn't have to be. The caller stated that the debate clip has since vanished from the Internet......”

I don't think it ever existed in original audio form. If such a transcripts exists textually then its more likely someone made it up! I am pretty sure Keyes was asked about this and either said it didn't happen or as know memory of the exchange.
Think about it if such a public record existed, don't you think Keyes would have used it in his court case ? I think its behooves no one who is interested in seeing this issue resolved to wonder off and present speculation as fact. I personally don't know for sure (only the long form would prove it!0 where Zero was born. Likely it was Hawaii but I don't know! My speculation is hi was born in Hawai but his documentation is poor to nonexistent. However he is such a blank slate about other aspects of his life, so little is know and he works so hard to keep it that way. Why? Well I want to know why !

309 posted on 02/05/2010 5:55:46 PM PST by Reily
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To: SnakeDoctor

If you think it’s dead then why waste your valuable human form of life posting on this thread?

Just amuse yourself by posting on threads that have issues that are viable in your POV.

310 posted on 02/05/2010 6:04:16 PM PST by little jeremiah (Asato Ma Sad Gamaya Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya)
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To: jurroppi1

You don’t have to excuse yourself to me - I’m no English teacher!

I believe that the issue is alive until such time as it is adjudicated on its merit. And it has plenty of merit as anyone who has looked into it seriously can tell you.

My contention is to continue pushing it in the courts while we keep bucking Hussein’s plan to destroy America in the streets and at the polls.

Fighting a war on two fronts should be no problem for dedicated patriots of the FR type.

311 posted on 02/05/2010 6:31:45 PM PST by Scanian
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To: Fred Nerks

Wow. Great find.

312 posted on 02/05/2010 6:32:05 PM PST by butterdezillion
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To: missnry

I honestly didn’t see too many black guys as what I was used to.

It might have been because stateside America has more?

Maybe it was by comparison?

There were plenty of Black Marines, I knew that, but in general, tourists? Living there that weren’t servicemen?

Not that I knew of!

313 posted on 02/05/2010 6:32:07 PM PST by RaceBannon (OBAMA'S HEALTH CARE IS SHOVEL READY...FOR SENIORS!!:: NObama. Not my president.)
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To: RaceBannon

How long were you there?

314 posted on 02/05/2010 6:46:49 PM PST by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion

Got there Nov 79, left Nov 81

315 posted on 02/05/2010 6:59:19 PM PST by RaceBannon (OBAMA'S HEALTH CARE IS SHOVEL READY...FOR SENIORS!!:: NObama. Not my president.)
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On this debate tape Obama says he does not have to be a natural born citizen to hold the office of U.S. Senator, only those seeking the office of POTUS must be natural born citizens.

Um, at about what time in this video does Obama make this claim? I must've missed it.

316 posted on 02/05/2010 7:11:16 PM PST by Drew68
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To: hennie pennie

I didn’t ask to be pinged to this, either.

317 posted on 02/05/2010 7:16:20 PM PST by sig226 (Bring back Jimmy Carter!)
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To: bgill

Do you mean Natural Born Citizen? No, NBC goes only back to the parents (plural with an S). Both parents must be citizens. Grandparents aren’t in the picture.

Yes, sorry. I meant Natural Born Citizens. But I thought his parents need to be Natural Born Citizens for him to be one. And if that’s the rule, then the grandparents need to be Natural Born Citizens for the parents to be Natural Born Citizens.

318 posted on 02/05/2010 7:25:31 PM PST by RogerQ
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To: Tex-Con-Man; butterdezillion

People who are concerned about the unconstitutional president appreciate those doing research and spreading their findings.

People who dump on such people are very suspect.

I don’t consider butterdezillion a blog pimp.

319 posted on 02/05/2010 7:31:35 PM PST by little jeremiah (Asato Ma Sad Gamaya Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya)
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To: butterdezillion
We’re such loons that the issue is growing stronger all the time, rather than fading away even though we have all the mainstream media against us. The dam is about to burst.

Can't you guys start a non-partisan facebook page and use that as a forum instead? I know that lawyer guy Berg was a Dem or something, so maybe if you guys just GOT THE HELL AWAY from us sane people Obama wouldn't be able to paint us all as lunatics with zero cred.

We can beat Obama and his party at the polls if the general public doesn't see us as a bunch of fringe lunatics.

320 posted on 02/05/2010 7:38:06 PM PST by MovementConservative (Love my Mariners. Certain 2010 AL West Champs!)
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