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How open-minded, tolerant and DIEverse.
1 posted on 02/28/2010 10:43:09 PM PST by ConservativeStatement
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To: ConservativeStatement

Keep the ban and tell Harvard to stuff itself.

2 posted on 02/28/2010 10:44:15 PM PST by Ronin
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To: ConservativeStatement

What the hell is a “mentoring program” when you have an elitist, liberal, military-hating place such as Hahvahd’?

3 posted on 02/28/2010 10:45:40 PM PST by max americana
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To: ConservativeStatement
If the controversial policy’s days are numbered, then so is the ROTC ban at Harvard -...

Best reason I ever heard for keeping the ban.
Harvard? Who are they?

4 posted on 02/28/2010 10:48:46 PM PST by SmokingJoe
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To: ConservativeStatement

I have a better idea. Ban all federal money to universities that ban ROTC.

5 posted on 02/28/2010 10:52:31 PM PST by Paleo Conservative
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To: ConservativeStatement

One of their very own communists is generalissimo.

10 posted on 02/28/2010 11:14:17 PM PST by pallis
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To: ConservativeStatement

Harvard (like most other liberal institutions) is broke. If they let the ROTC in, they’ll probably get more money.

Just my knee jerk reaction.

11 posted on 02/28/2010 11:14:23 PM PST by Tzimisce (No thanks. We have enough government already. - The Tick)
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To: ConservativeStatement

40 years........roughly a generation or so...yeah that was long enough to “purge” any true warriors/conservatives from it’s midst. Just imagine the fine officers that will come from there.

12 posted on 02/28/2010 11:21:50 PM PST by Outlaw Woman (If you remove the first Amendment, we'll be forced to move on to the next one.)
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To: ConservativeStatement

In those 40 years the left got the women in and they got homosexuals in under DADT and they may be close to getting fully open homosexuality and lesbianism in through Obama, or Romney in 2012, so it is about time that the left take a second look at the whole military “thing”, it is a much more fertile playground for their agenda than it was in 1970.

13 posted on 02/28/2010 11:25:20 PM PST by ansel12 (Social liberal politicians in the GOP are easy for the left to turn, why is that?)
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To: ConservativeStatement

So if the ban was to protest the Vietnam war, why didn’t they re-instate the ROTC after the war was over.

What a pant lode of liberal elitest B.S.

17 posted on 02/28/2010 11:43:15 PM PST by Proud_USA_Republican ("The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.")
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To: ConservativeStatement

Inscribed in the Memorial Church Harvard University

The War Dead of Harvard

World War I

Faculty Members
Edward Forbes Greene
Robert Matteson Johnston
James Andrew Shannon
Class of 1880
Robert Bacon
Class of 1882
Evert Jansen Wendell
Class of 1884
Thomas Rodman Plummer
Class of 1886
Augustus Peabody Gardner
Crosby Church Whitman
Class of 1890
Guy Norman
Class of 1892
Richard Norton
Class of 1894
Charles Francis Maurice Malley
Class of 1895
Edgar Scott
Class of 1896
Howland Shaw Russell
Class of 1898
Clarence Fahnestock
Class of 1899
Marshall Sumner Holbrook
Class of 1900
Raynal Cawthorne Bolling
Addis Emmet Harris
George Plummer Howe
Class of 1901
Henry Corliss Shaw
Class of 1902
Andre Cheronnet-Champollion
Edward Ball Cole
Elbert Walker Shirk
Class of 1903
Charles Robert Cross
Phillips Brooks Robinson
Class of 1904
Robert Gorham Fuller
William Hague
Howard DeHart Hughes
Robert Edouard Pellissier
Ralph Sanger
Allen Melancthon Sumner
Class of 1905
Oric Bates
William Morton Bunting
Alvah Crocker, Jr.
Ezra Charles Fitch, Jr.
George Schunemann Jackson
Philip Overton Mills
Harrison Briggs Webster
George Williamson
Class of 1906
Robert Remington Borden
Edward Leslie Grant
Robert Horner Hogg
John Vincent Kelly
Edwin Field Sampson
Nicholas Lechmere Tilney
Alexander Watson Williams
Class of 1907
Arthur Briggs Church
Albert Lincoln Crocker
Archibald Hamilton Ramsay
James Alfred Roosevelt
Joseph Louis Swarts
Dudley Gilman Tucker
Class of 1908
Carlton Thayer Brodrick
Philip Washburn Davis
Edward Channing Larned
Norman Prince
Dillwyn Parrish Starr
Edward Mandell Stone
George Stetson Taylor
Stuart Thomson
Rae Wygant Whidden
Marshall Shoemaker Winpenny
Class of 1909
Braxton Bigelow
Hugh Charles Blanchard
Caspar Henry Burton, Jr.
Nathaniel Fellowes Davis
Thaddeus Coffin Defriez, 2nd
Arthur Mason Jones
Charles Castner Lilly
James Augustin McKenna, Jr.
Charles Prevost McMichael
Phillips Ward Page
Edward Hale Perry
Nathaniel Stone Simpkins, Jr.
Raymond Weir Smyth
James Throckmorton Vought
Goodwin Warner
Class of 1910
Samuel Walter Arnheim
Henry Stone Bryant
Henry Warren Cleary
Henry Augustus Coit
Frederick Allen Forster
Saxton Conant Foss
Henry Brewster Palmer
Albert Zane Pyles
George Buchanan Redwood
Charles De Rham, Jr.
Edward Blake Robins, Jr.
George William Ryley
Alan Seeger
Henry Montgomery Suckley
Class of 1911
Heiman Caro
Oliver Moulton Chadwick
Peter Edward Costello
Carl Abell Dudley
William Baillie Fraser-Campbell
Thomas Addis Emmet Harris
Ralph Sherman Hopkins
Harold Marion-Crawford
William Sarsfield Morriss
Richard Mortimer, Jr.
Archibald Lavender Smith
Edward Carter Sortwell
Hervey Edward Wetzel
John Whitall
Paul Wilder
Robert Williams
Class of 1912
Richard Montgomery Dwye
Henry Weston Farnsworth
Robert Freeman Goldschmidt
Carl Bibb Hudson
Gordon Kaemmerling
Harold Chandler Kimball
Harold Nixon Matthews
Class of 1913
Livingston Low Baker
William Vernon Booth, Jr
Carleton Burr
Harry Gustav Byng
Victor Emmanuel Chapman
Donald Earl Dunbar
Donald Earl Dunbar
Charles Fry
Edmund Pike Graves, Jr.
Quincy Shaw Greene
Eric Adrian Alfred Lingard
Joseph Gardner MacDonough
Hyde Buxton Merrick
William Fenimore Merrill
Shepley Nichols
Class of 1914
Jean Sanchez Abreu
Addison Leech Bliss
William Cheney Brown, Jr.
John Campbell Cleave
William Barry Corbett
Eugene Dodd
Everit Albert Herter
Stephen Tullock Hopkins
Franklin Temple Ingraham
Morton Crawford King
Hobart Adams Lawton
Clyde Fairbanks Maxwell
George Edwin Plaisted, Jr.
Charles Warner Plummer
Willard Smith
Philip Comfort Starr
Earle Thompson West
Class of 1915
William Noel Hewitt
Henry Morrell Atkinson, Jr.
David Morse Barry
Alexander Bern Bruce
Lionel De Jersey Harvard
Frederick Arthur Keep
Brayton Nichols
Walter Flint Noyes
Samuel Wiggins Skinner
Morris Iphriam Stern
Stanley Conklin Swift
Arthur Broadfield Warren
Arthur Harold Webber
Tolman Douglas Wheeler
Philip Winso
Class of 1916
Arthur Joseph Brickley
Howard Rogers Clapp
Henry Ware Clarke
Frederic Percival Clement, Jr.
John Andrew Doherty
William Key Bond Emerson, Jr.
John Dwight Filley, Jr
Kenneth Eliot Fuller
George Guest Haydock
Leon Beck Hook
Howard Brainard Hul
Homer Atherton Hunt
Roland Jackson
Richard Mather Jopling
Paul Borda Kurtz
William Dennison Lyon
George Alexander McKinlock, Jr.
Oakley Day Overton
Edward McClure Peters, Jr.
John Shaw Pfaffmann
John Shaw Pfaffmann
Alexander Rodgers, Jr.
Robert Hewins Stiles
William Wallace Thayer
Richmond Young
Class of 1917
Briggs Kilburn Adams
Oliver Ames, Jr.
Adair Pleasants Archer
Paul Cody Bentley
Randolph Randall Brown
Alan Campbell Clark
Kenneth Pickens Culbert
Harold Nicholas Donovan
Andrew Kershner Dunn
William Smith Ely
Claudius Ralph Farnsworth
Claudius Ralph Farnsworth
Benjamin Joseph Ginsburg
William Joseph Hever
William Burch Hinman
David Hoffman
Samuel Joseph Arthur Kelley
Roderick Kennedy
Alton Howe Kimball, Jr.
Gustav Hermann Kissel
George Francis McGillen
William Henry Meeker
Harry Hubbard Metcalf
James Kennedy Moorhead
Lloyd Geary Evans Reilly
Edward Allen Low Shortt
William St. Agnan Stearns
Gardiner Thompson
Class of 1918
Frederick Mitchell Atwood
Walker Blaine Beale
Malcolm Cotton Brown
Elliot Adams Chapin
Philip Cunningham
Stephen Whitney Dickey
Roger Sherman Dix, Jr.
Ralph Jefferson Feigl
Alfred Wild Gardner
Clifford West Henry
George Merrick Hollister
Ronald Wood Hoskier
John Lester Hubbard
Orville Parker Johnson
Robert Morss Lovett, Jr.
James Palache
Charles Parker Reynolds
Philip Newbold Rhinelander
Henry Richard Deighton Simpson
Hector William Treble
William Leo Walker
Aaron Davis Weld
Bertram Williams
Henry White Broughton, Jr.
Class of 1919
Morris Hall Bailey
Frederick Herrick Casey
Hamilton Coolidge
Edward Seguin Couch
Harmon Bushnell Craig
Charles Henry Fiske, 3rd
Edward Hooper Gardiner
Martin Luther Hope
Theodore Rickey Hostetter
Leonard Jackson
Howard Lilienthal, Jr.
John Dudley Love
Samuel Pierce Mandell, 2nd
Wainwright Merrill
Eugene Dorr Morse
Bradstreet Parker
Milton Avery Rogers
Quentin Roosevelt
Robert Gurdon Thomson
Osric Mills
Herbert Wheelwright Windeler
Class of 1920
Albert Edgar Angier
Augustus Aspinwall
Francis Reed Austin
William Halsall Cheney
Robert Fitzgerald Clark
James Renville Clements
Ralph Henry Lasser
Alexander Farnum Lippitt
William MacMillan Maslen
David Endicott Putnam
Thomas Jackson Oakley Rhinelander
Donald Gilman Trow
Holyoke Lewis Whitney
David Little Withington, Jr.
John Boyd Wolverton
Class of 1921
Richard Cutts Fairfield
Allen Hollis, Jr.
Herbert Alphonse Janzlik
Ernest Ralph Sumner
Class of 1922
Ernest Ralph Sumner
Class of 1897
Robert Bayard Cutting
Howard Bigelow Jackson
Edwin McMaster Stanton

World War I - Harvard Men who died fighting on the German Side

Fritz Daur
Konrad Delbruck
Kurt Peters
Max Schneider

World War I - Radcliffe College Dead


World War II

Faculty Members
Mannert Lincoln Abele
Hugh David Black
Philip Fox
Lawrence John McPeake
Sherwood Picking
Class of 1904
Harry LeGrand Hilton
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Class of 1905
Omar Dwight Conger
Daniel Joseph Hurley
Aymar Johnson
Class of 1909
Nicholas Edward Devereux Jr.
Frank Cadle Mahin
Theodore Roosevelt
John Pickering Thomas
Class of 1910
Harold Peters
Class of 1912
Kermit Roosevelt
Class of 1913
Aloysius John McGrai
John Ross Marshall
John Stanley Parker
Class of 1914
Gouverneur Morris Carnochan
Class of 1915
Frank James Little
Henry Potter Russell
Class of 1917
Philip Moen Childs
Leslie Price Jacobs
Class of 1918
Thacher Nelson
Class of 1919
Edmund Billings
George Hammond Tilghman
Class of 1920
William Mitchell Vail Hoffman Jr.
Slater Washburn
Class of 1921
Guido Pantaleoni, Jr.
Class of 1922
Thomas Hitchcock, Jr.
James Menton Maloney
Class of 1923
Roland Francis Murphy Daniels
August Alexander Rubel
Warwick Potter Scott
Class of 1924
Sidney Chase Graves
Alfred White Paine
Class of 1925
Murray Eugene Borish
Joe DeGanahl
Class of 1926
William Butler Duncan
John Rison Fordyce, Jr.
Class of 1927
Carl Rumsey Heussy
Louis Henry Kohn, Jr.
Henry Ware Putnam
Richard Sanders Scott
Harold Weinstein
Class of 1928
Morton Corcoran Eustis
Edward DeSelding Melcher
Class of 1929
Hyman Alexander August
Nathaniel Stone Clifford
Joseph Potter Cotton
Leonard Johannes DeGroo
Allen Moore Geissler
Tobias Levinson
George Shepley Tiffany, Jr.
Class of 1930
Robert Warren Canfield
John Girard Chandler, 2D
Frederick Randolph Grace
Earle Davis Greene
Ralph MacKenzie Kellogg
Willard Reed, Jr.
Lowell Whittemore
Class of 1931
Robert Stone Balch
Devens Hamlen
Waldron Post
Edward Francis Ritter, Jr.
John Batterson Stetson, 3D
Class of 1932
Francis Lloyd Winston
Harry Eli Barron
Franz Ferdinand Colloredo-Mannsfeld
Robert Hugh Domesek
Richard Fincke, Jr.
James Harvey Gau
William Ralph Herzog
Ellsworth Kenneth Pierce
Robert Perkins Post
David Louis Roach
Robert Lawrence Tracy
Frank Watt, 2D
Class of 1933
George Henry Nawn
Stephen Frank DeSantolo
Charles Woodford Fell
Eugene Nathan Hunting, Jr.
Howard Lapsley
Carl Berle Radlo
Arthur William Wilkinson
Class of 1934
Bruce Irvin Butterworth
Frederick Greeley Crocker
Benjamin Ginsberg
Robert Satterlee Hurlbut
Frederic Russell Nourse, Jr.
John Cotton Walcott
Robert Machray Ward
Class of 1935
Stuart Edward Barton
Robert Remington Borden, Jr.
Roger Dudley Brown
Elliott Weston Clark
Walter Cobb Coleman
Roland Cooper
Brenton Welles Creelman
Brooke Dolan, 2D
John Graham Patterson
Edward Hutchinson Robbins
James Dinsmore Tew, Jr.
Huntington Thom
Richard Edward Tobin
Harvey Milton Violi
Harry Winer
Lucius Townshend Wing
Class of 1936
William Ira Adelman
Harry Babcock Brown
Robert Searle Chafee
Robert Searle Chafee
Whitney Mowry Cook
Richard Watson Gilder
Richard Alan Green
Phineas McCray Henry, Jr.
Frederick Clarke Lawton
Sheldon Ellsworth Prentice
William Hurlin Robinson
Robert Maurice Saul
M. Duane Whitney
Class of 1937
Wilbur Love Cummings, Jr.
Cleaveland Floyd, Jr.
Forrest Theodore Foss
Grover Martin Hermann, Jr
Roy Carl Hicks, Jr.
Keith Harrison Higgs
Lester Nathan Hofheimer
Herbert Milton Irwin, Jr.
Alfred Townshend Johnson
Henry Charles Larner
Robert Thornton Lee, Jr
David Benjamin Livingstone
William Bacon Lovering
Adolf William Marburg
Frank Roberts Mead, Jr
Arthur Notman, Jr.
Charles William Reid
Walter Bigelow Rosen
Edward Cameron Tenney
Ashley Gordon Trope
William Waite Waters
Robert Henry Wilds, Jr.
Allan Townsend Winmill
Homer Lynn Wolf
Edward Lorraine Young, 3D
Class of 1938
George Leverett Barker
Edgar Raymond Breed, Jr.
Harold Coburn
Edward Boatner Cochran
Alton Wood Davis
Horace Raphael Falk
Charles Lesher Geer
David Stransky Glueck
Ralph Hamill
Leonard Hammer
Perry Higginson Johnson
Ripley Ogden Jones
Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Jr.
Charles Warren Kluber
Howard Alvin Kohrman
Richard George Labovitz
Edward Francis Lenihan, Jr.
Arnold Howard Litt
Frederic Holbrook Mahn, Jr.
Edward Dexter McIntyre
George Von Lengerke Meyer, Jr.
John Collier Needham
Edward Hammond Risley, Jr.
Theodore Parks Robie
Charles Desmond Ruch
George Crichton Smith
Talbot Jones Taylor, 3D
Eduard Helmuth Ulrich
Sheldon Ware
Robert Taft Whitman
John Joseph Whoriskey, Jr.
Class of 1939
Richard Conant Babb
Elmore Bostwick, Jr.
John Gaylord Brackett, Jr.
Bruce Dodge Cummings
Arthur Lawrence Derby, Jr.
Roscius Irving Downs, Jr.
David Lowell Driscoll
Noyes David Farmer, Jr.
William Craig Flinn
Robert Bennet Forbes
Bruce Foster
Walter Sherman Gifford, Jr.
William Edgar Huenekens
Wells Lewis
Alexander Angus McDonell, Jr.
Malcolm James MacLeod
Alan Shearer Manning
Jackson Palmer, Jr.
Theodore Theofanis Pappadopoulos
Robert Patteson Randall
Lansing Foxcroft Robinson
Leroy Adolph Schreiber
Anderson Storey
James Thomas Sullivan, Jr.
George Sylvester Viereck, Jr.
Walter Wright Webster, Jr.
Alexander Winsor, Jr
Class of 1940
John Gayle Aiken, 3D
Newton Darmon Anthony
John Parkhurst Armstrong
John McDougal Atherton, 2D
Frederick Wetherill Browne
John Lawrence Caulfield
Stratton Cristensen
Louis Crawford Clark
William Caldwell Coleman, Jr.
Frazier Curtis
Henry Gaylord Dillingham
James Reynolds Dowd
Henry Nichols Ervin
William Monroe Fetcher
Roderick Stephen Goodspeed Hall
Carrick White Heiskel
Alder Blumer Howe
John Horton Ijams, Jr.
Fletcher Harris Johnson
Richard William Kelley
Norman Pershing Klinker
Robert Arthur Krancer
George Thomas Land
Francis Bacon Latady
James Hennen Legendre, Jr.
Robert MacKenzie Leveridge
Samuel Felton Posey
Robin Scully
Donald Michael Sternglanz
DeVere Oliver Thompson
Peter Van Pelt
Benjamin Wilcox, Jr.
Warren Winslow
Class of 1941
Joseph William Ahern, Jr.
Thomas Clifford Archer
Rutherford Glenn Bingham
Arthur Sewall Bosworth, Jr.
Richard Danforth Brunel
Albert Cameron Burrage, 3D
Gale Cotton Burton
Gouverneur Morris Carnochan, Jr.
Curtis Livingston Clay, Jr.
Robert Hill Cox, 2D
John Noble Cumming
Gordon Curtis, Jr.
George Ellard Duane
Robert Ludlow Fowler, 3D
Peter Robert Froelicher
Philip Robert Gazecki
Alan Gottlieb
Stephen Herman Grant
Wingate Green, Jr.
James Knowlton Hammer
Holstein Harvey, 3D
Peter Hamilton Hazard
Theodore Hoague, Jr.
Ray Charles Holt
Sheldon Jackson
Ernest Martin Jandorf
Roland Kahn
David Augustine Kelleher, Jr.
David Woods Kemper
Arthur Miller Lippman
Richard Douglas Mansfield
Paul Francis Mayhew
Bradley Cumings Oliver
John Stanley Parker, Jr.
William Bruce Richardson
Westmore Wilkox, 3D
Joseph Prentice Willetts
John Lawrence Wilner
Class of 1942
Harrison Tweed Blaine
Stephen Brooks
Everett Henry Brown, 3D
Paul Ivan Carp
Stanley George Cornish, Jr.
Robert Grimes Vincent Dallahan
John Joseph Devine, Jr.
George Raymond Dreher
Walter DelMonte Ebbitt, Jr.
Edwin Cushing Eells
William Temple Emmet, 2D
David Maskell Ewing
Frank Howe French
John William Huling
Albert Clifford Joyce, Jr.
Frank John Joyce
Karl Wendell Kirchwey, Jr.
Robert Louis Kroll
George Joseph Kyte, Jr.
William Paine LaCroix
Newbold Rhinelander Landon
Demarest Lloyd
William Bowditch Long, Jr.
William Winn McGinniss
John Victor Mroz
Robert George Nassau
John Pearson
James Edward Price, 2D
Frederic Kyle Queen
Robert Morison Rand
William Theodore Reardon
Leonard Griffin Shepard
William Winslow Smith
Arthur Leslie Stout
Orson Head Thomas
Allan Griggs Waite, Jr.
Robert Moses Wechsler
Class of 1943
John Radford Abbot, Jr
Wilford Swett Alexander, Jr
Edward Richardson Bacon, 3D
Robert Sinnott Benshimol
Carroll Binder, Jr.
Charles Stone Borden
Kieran Patrick Culliton
Paul Dana
Robert Brigham Ellery
Philip St. George Field
Justin James Haley
Robert Lloyd Hickey
Herbert Warren Howard, Jr.
Caleb Kendall
James Patrick Lannon, 2D
Charles Robert Lathrop
Lawrence Joseph McCarty
Jay McConville
Samuel Howard Miller, Jr.
William Scoville Moore. Jr.
John Pinkney Murnane
John Pinkney Murnane
James Augustine Murphy, Jr.
Oliver Ames Parker
Dana Reed
Peter Brooks Saltonstall
Compton Sargent
Edward John Sullivan, Jr.
William McNutt Thomson
Ross Whittier, Jr.
Douglas MacNeil Wilber
Charles Dyer Wright
Peter Charles Zoephel
Class of 1944
Henry Forbes Bigelow, Jr.
Thomas Nilsen Bridge
Arthur Stanley Brown-Serman
Julian Bouton Clark, Jr.
Thomas Hitchcock Clark
Elliott Ruggles Corbett, 2D
Willson Day
John Richard Silas DiGiacomo
Robert Urquhart Duggan
Casper Marshall Durgin, Jr.
Frederick William Eaton, 2D
Robert Ambrose Gaffney
John Joseph Galvin
Nathaniel Donald Gamage
Howard Rogers Gleason
Franklin Hancock
James Bullock Hathaway
Marshall Hughes
David Lapsley
Robert Morris Lasker
John Joseph Malloy
Warren Mansfield
David Standish Moore
Rufus Lenoir Patterson, 3D
Merrill Silver Stocker
Michael Barrett Thompson
Samuel Lombard Tucker
Richard Mortimer Tuckerman
Andrew Williams Welch, Jr.
George Browning Wilbur, 3D
William John Wolfgram
Class of 1945
Thomas Perkins Brooks, Jr.
Charles Snow Burns
Paul Foster Clark, Jr.
Thomas Cochran, 2D
Richard Terence Crossman
Allan Lippett David
Thomas Aloysius Foley, Jr.
Franklin Culbertson French
Eugene Edward Golub
Robert Sydney Hall
Harold Hall Hartwell, Jr.
John Robert Lee Keig, Jr.
Robert Stephen Landau
Kenneth Ellis Look
David Loring
Jack McKenna
Sedgwick Minot, Jr.
Gilbert Crosby Paine
Donald Westgate Richards
Gershon Newman Ross
Jerome Michael Rush
Edward Herrick Rushmore
Robert Alan Shwitzer
Edwin Watson Smith
Patrick Beaufrere Staehle
James Trowbridge Tucker
Donald Gregory Vial
Class of 1946
Cornelius John Atkins
John Barton
John Abram Bedrossian
William Chaplin Bemis, Jr.
Bernard Bisgeier
Edwin Bray Booth
Edward Robert Brady
Frank Kellar Carothers
Stephen Mason Crabtree
William Reid Crosett, Jr.
Richard Cary Curtis, 2D
John Hutchison Darrow
Edward Francis Deery, Jr.
William Francis Eustace, Jr.
Edmond Louis Garesche
Glenn Soule Goodwin
James Roderick Gorman
George Richard Kilim
Kai Arthur Knagenhjelm
Lorenz Benedikt Koehler
Peter Arthur Lalooses
Thomas William Lamont, 2D
Benjamin Holman McCawley
Francis Ernest McLeod
Talbot Marion Malcolm, Jr.
Michael Elmer Miles
David Talcott Powell
William Brackett Snow, 3D
Joseph Edward Sullivan
Lawrence Smith Timpson, Jr.
Pedro Yvo Jose Urbina, Jr
Morris Vehon, Jr.
Alfred Jean Whitehorn
Dwight Carlton Williams
James Lincoln Williams
William Jones Witton
Class of 1947
John Adikes, Jr.
Robert Everett Gifford
Donald Meyer
Edmund Oakley Mills
Charles Spalding Nichols
Peter Campbell Powers
James Sanford Ramze
Robert Mulford Rowse
Lewis DeWolf Sibley
Alfred Wood Wightman
Class of 1948
Richard Webster Boyden
Thornton Hunt Lyttle
Joseph Silverstein
Frank Suvla Vickers

Korean War

Peter Emilio Arioli, Jr. - 1938
Franklin Jaynes Tyler - 1941
Edwin Gustaf Eklund, Jr. - 1942
Dirck DeRyee Westervelt - 1942
Robert Martin Moore, Jr. - 1943
Bigelow Watts, Jr. - 1945
Chester Harrison Crampton, Jr. - 1946
John Goodrow Sheehan - 1948
Douglas Hamilton Thomas Bradlee - 1950
Kenneth Joseph Murphy - 195
Franklin Perkins Dunbaugh - 1951
Thomas Amory Hubbard - 1951
George Cabot Lee, Jr. - 1951
Donald Adams Little - 1951
Sherrod Emerson Skinner, Jr. - 1951
Wilbur Lee Van Bremen - 1951
David Hodgman Flight - 1953

Vietnam War

George William Casey - 1945
Richard Rich - 1947
Pieter Ronald van Thiel - 1954
Joseph Bion Philipson, Jr. - 1959
William Newcomer Feaster - 1960
Robert Roy Little - 1960
Lewis Metcalfe Walling, Jr. - 1960
James Gable Dunton - 1962
William Emerson - 1964
Wilson Fitzgerald Halley - 1965
Joseph Thomas McKeon, Jr. - 1965
Edward William Argy - 1966
Langdon Gates Burwell - 1966
Peter Wyeth Johnson - 1966
John Bernard Martin, II - 1967
Charles Edward Ryberg - 196
Michael Nelson Loitz - 1968
Christopher Warren Morgens - 1968
Carl Spaulding Thorne-Thomsen - 1968
Nelson Ramon Morales - 1970
Business Administration
Robert Charles Murray - 1970
Melvin Lederman - 1956

Harvard University had a great tradition of sending its men to fight in America’s Wars.

It’s only recently that liberalism, pacificism and anti-Americanism has permenated it and the rest of our colleges and universities.

21 posted on 02/28/2010 11:52:28 PM PST by PanzerKardinal (Don't give up any of your rights. They were purchased for you by blood!)
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To: ConservativeStatement

I wonder how Rev. John Harvard would feel about that.

24 posted on 03/01/2010 12:37:17 AM PST by skr (May God confound the enemy)
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To: ConservativeStatement
The ban’s future appears to hinge on whether President Obama and Congress abolish the military’s “don’t ask/don’t tell” policy toward gays serving in the armed services.

Harvard is run by a bunch of phonies! The original ban had nothing to do with gays at all, but rather being against the military and the Vietnam war. Now they want to base the ROTC's return on the gay policy issue??

P H O N I E S !

Pssst! We're in two wars right now - Afghanistan and Iraq. What do they say about that? Phonies!

28 posted on 03/01/2010 9:41:51 AM PST by my_pointy_head_is_sharp (Be strip-searched by scanners!! Buy ObamaCare or go to jail!! The Totalitarians are in charge!!)
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