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Free Republic Threat Matrix | May 2, 2010 | TM Crew

Posted on 05/02/2010 4:49:06 PM PDT by MestaMachine

There is no war as far as our president is concerned. There are no Islamic Terrorists, only a few rogue extremists. There is no REAL Jihad. Jihad is simply a "spiritual journey" to Allah, the most merciful. So he says. Islam, to his mind, has contributed so much to the world, after all, since Mohammed's slaughter of the Jews at Medina.
Judging by Obama's actions in the recent weeks and months, he no doubt would have agreed the Jews deserved what they got from the "religion of peace." He continues the onslaught in the name of "social justice" and "human rights"...for them. But not for us, US.
It isn't America that Islam despises, it is the Jews. And all we need do to remedy that is to turn the Jews over for just punishment...and they will love America for it. Peace would reign in the world if only America would stop its support of those wicked Jews in Israel.
Unfortunately, his view is not shared by Al Qaeda. Nor would it be shared by the satanic character of Mohammed who ordered the butchering of innocents to further his mad quest for power.
This is excerpted from the latest Al Qaeda screed from Yahya al-Libi:

Abu Yahya Al-Libi

All Americans Must Be Killed Even If They Capitulate

Top Al Qaeda leader Abu Yahya Al-Libi is out with a new, and particularly grim, tract comparing America to the Bani Quraidah, a Jewish tribe that once came into conflict with Mohammed, resulting in all the adult males being killed, and the women and children being taken as slaves, according to a mix of hadith and Quranic sources.

The takeaway from this 20-page work is rather specific and quite possibly a signpost to trouble ahead.
Al-Libi is arguing:

1) The harshest punishment is justified for those who ally themselves with the enemies of Islam, even if those people do not commit overt acts against Muslims.

2) That punishment, in the case of the Quraidah, was that all of the adult males were killed and all women and children taken as slaves. Al-Libi goes out of his way to point out that this punishment was meted out after the Quraidah surrendered.

3) The United States meets the same criteria for judgment as the Quraidah.

The expansion of the conflict here is in keeping with Al Qaeda's practices, although I don't recall seeing it stated so bluntly and justified so elaborately before.

Basically, Al-Libi is saying that every adult male American ought to be killed, whether or not they submit to the judgment of Muslims (meaning Al Qaeda, of course,) whether or not they have specifically taken up arms against Muslims, and whether or not they continue to be at war with Muslims.

Or, to use his words, they are to be killed "not just as a punishment for the crime which they have committed in the past" but "to cut off the very substance of their evil." He specifically includes prisoners taken on the battlefield in this category, although he takes pains to say that his point is much broader.

Something not right? Go with your gut. Report it.


~Terrorist Network Map 1991-2007~

If it stuns you to see the terror groups all over our country. remember this map has not been updated since 2007.
You might surmise that the number has grown.

~Global Incident Map~
~~Thanks to Just Piper~~

~National Security Strategy~

~~Thank you, Jet Jaguar~~


<----no text----->

~2003~THREAT MATRIX~2010~

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59 58 57 56 55 54 53 52 51 FIFTY 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 FORTY

39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 THIRTY 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 TWENTY

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To: MestaMachine
NEW YORK: The United States has warned of "severe consequences" if a successful extremist attack in America were traced back to Pakistan, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Friday in an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes."

She's probably meaning "severe consequences for anyone tracing such an attack back to Pakistan". Or to her boss.


341 posted on 05/08/2010 2:47:08 PM PDT by Hardraade (I want gigaton warheads now!!)
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To: MestaMachine; All
Hillary is a lot like zero,she never stops running for office.

She sees the possible handwriting on the wall that zero may not even be the candidate in 2012 and can't help herself.

Talk is cheap for the socialists,but when they go after Israel or in this case Pakistan which is being pulled apart by both sides; those who want a legal govt. and those who want sharia law and the terrorists in power,only an insane person lusting for power would make such a foolish statement as her royal dykeness did.

342 posted on 05/08/2010 6:41:52 PM PDT by rodguy911 ( Sarah 2012!!! Home of the free because of the brave.)
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To: MestaMachine
Its insane at this point considering history that we allow unchecked borders, those who hate us to live amongst us in the country,after seeing the pattern of muzzie take overs all over Europe and much of the world. We either stop them or they will try and stop us. Time means nothing to these brainwashed pawns.
343 posted on 05/08/2010 6:46:24 PM PDT by rodguy911 ( Sarah 2012!!! Home of the free because of the brave.)
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To: MamaDearest; thouworm; Islaminaction; LucyT; Arthur Wildfire! March; caww; Candor7; blackie; ...

In keeping with the fact that we face threats from within, maybe even worse than the threats from without, THIS was on Glenn Beck yesterday. I also received an email about it. We need to be aware that this is happening and stop it at the source. It is no secret they hate freedom. It is no secret that thay are attempting to destroy this country as quietly as they can. We can’t stay silent and let them get away with it.:
Obama’s next regulate and destroy mission: The internet
May 6, 2010 - 11:27 ET

GLENN: I’ll give you the story on the FCC here in just a second, and this is important.

I can’t tell you the things that I’m working on now because we’re not always just among friends and I don’t ever want to give them an upper hand on where I’m headed as a business and as somebody who is working to expose the corruption in this country. But one of the things that I did last year was start Insider Extreme and it was a step in the direction to be able to make sure that no matter, they try to shut me down on television, shut me down on radio, shut me down on Internet, shut me down in books, shut me down on stage. They have a lot of work in front of them. I keep all of my options open.

They have already — the last time I spoke was two weeks ago. I was in, I was in Tyler, Texas and the venue that was there the night before at 10:00 at night, the inspectors came, health inspectors. It was about 10:00 at night. According to the venue, it was about 10:00 at night and he turns on the water and he notices that the water is down.

Within ten minutes there was a knock on his door at the venue during a concert. It was a health inspector. (He) said, we’re just here for a quick inspection, walk into the bathrooms, turn on the water and say, I notice that you don’t have any water, we’re going to have to shut you down; can we see where your water pumping station is. They took (him) back to the back of the building.

They made an error, at least in the way he tells it, they made an error because the health inspector said, “Show us your pumping station.” He brings them back and the guy with the health inspector says, “Yes, I noticed that a couple of days ago, that those knobs were turned.”

Sorry, you noticed what? Hmmm? I thought you didn’t know where the pumping station — you were here on the property and you were looking at the — what was that? Hmmm? 10:00 at night. I speak the next afternoon. They tried to close them down. Said, you are not licensed to do anything now this weekend, and I’m sorry, but you’re closed and you can get a renewal license on Monday morning.

He said, well, I’ve got a big event happening here. I’ve got 6,000 people coming tomorrow. I’m sorry, you are not going to be able to do it. “Well, I guess you are going to have to fine me then because I’m doing it anyway.” He said he’s under tremendous heat. He’s bringing in conservative speakers.

It’s happening. It’s nudge. It’s nudge. A little here, a little there. But they are doing it now with the Internet, and here’s what they are announcing today.

PAT: Mr. Genachowski, the FCC chairman, is expected today to outline his plan for regulating broadband lines. He wants to adopt Net neutrality rules that require Internet providers like Comcast and AT&T to treat all traffic equally and not to slow or block access to websites, but it also gives them all the power to regulate the Internet and that’s, that’s what this is all about. This is not about speeding up your broadband.

GLENN: This is about — the people who are behind Net neutrality are free press, and I’m trying to remember. Stu, do you remember what Free Press’ slogan is? It’s like —

STU: Not off the top of my head.

GLENN: Change the Internet or Net —

PAT: Transform society, something like —

GLENN: Transform democracy.

PAT: Transform democracy.

GLENN: It was change the Internet and transform democracy, or something like that. This again is about transformation, and they are all the usual suspects. Everybody who is supporting this are the usual suspects. This is the group of radicals. And the radicals are inside the FCC. I know these things to be true because we have sources inside the FCC who are afraid to speak out publicly, and I don’t want them to because they are better on the inside than they are on the outside. Yes, that’s right, FCC. There are people inside that don’t agree with you. But what’s the problem with that? Isn’t that what Cass Sunstein says? That the government agents should be able to infiltrate groups that disagree? You shouldn’t have a problem with that. I hope you don’t look over your shoulder.

344 posted on 05/08/2010 10:06:44 PM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: MamaDearest; All
Thank you to MamaDearest:

The FCC has done it.
The nuclear option.
To circumvent Congress and the courts they are reclassifying the Internet as a telephone system to regulate it as a public utility.
It's an astonishing power grab, and we need to stop it.
For more information, I am forwarding my column from today on FOX Forum. You can read it below.

I have two action items for you today:
1. Tell Congress to step in and stop FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's Internet takeover by clicking here:


2. Sign up for our RightOnline conference in Las Vegas, July 23 and 24th, where we will organize in person to fight back against the Netroots left on this and other crucial issues at"

From: Phil Kerpen

Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2010 11:33 AM
Subject: Kerpen on FOX Forum: The FCC Goes for the Nuclear Option

Updated May 06, 2010
The FCC Goes for the Nuclear Option

If FCC Chairman Genachowski announces his intention to reclassify the Internet as a telephone system, he will be reversing 30 years of precedent
By Phil Kerpen -

As I have repeatedly warned and noted on (MUST SEE), when Congress blocks the Obama administration, the White House always finds a way to get around the normal policy-making process and pursue its agenda by other means. Today's reclassification assault on the Internet is the latest-and perhaps the most egregious-example.

Obama Chart on Glenn Beck via YouTube

In its effort to imposing crippling net neutrality regulations on the Internet-an idea with very little support from the American public or Congress-the Obama administration first turned to the FCC simply to pretend Congress has given it authority to regulate.

That effort suffered a major setback when the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals emphatically smacked down the FCC's regulatory proposals in Comcast v. FCC. President Obama and his close friend and FCC chairman Julius Genachowski, however, refuse to back down. Instead they're escalating to the regulatory equivalent of a nuclear attack on the free-market Internet: Chairman Genachowski will announce today his intention to reclassify broadband Internet as an old-fashioned telephone system as a pretext for pervasive regulatory control.

Broadband Internet service has never been regulated like old-fashioned telephone lines -- classified as "Title II" under the Telecommunications Act. The FCC settled the matter definitively in 1998, when Clinton-appointed FCC Chairman William Kennard demolished the same reclassification arguments being made today in that year's Report to Congress :

Our findings in this regard are reinforced by the negative policy consequences of a conclusion that Internet access services should be classed as "telecommunications" … Classifying Internet access services as telecommunications services could have significant consequences for the global development of the Internet. We recognize the unique qualities of the Internet, and do not presume that legacy regulatory frameworks are appropriately applied to it.

If Chairman Genachowski announces, as expected, his intention to reclassify the Internet as a telephone system, he will be reversing 30 years of precedent starting with the Carter administration FCC's "Computer II" decision and definitively settled with respect to broadband Internet access by the Clinton FCC in 1998. Turning sharply left from Carter and Clinton indicates a pretty extreme shift beyond the mainstream of American politics.

Such a shift is unjustified, because free-market Internet policy has been a tremendous success. The Internet -- in the absence of regulation -- has flourished into a remarkable engine of economic growth, innovation, competition, and free expression. Such triumph argues in favor of continuing existing successful policies, but with today's announcement the FCC shows it is more interested in satisfying a left-wing political constituency than continuing sound policy.

Consider the words of one of the leading advocates of Internet regulation, Robert McChesney, founder of the left-wing group Free Press. McChesney said to "What we want to have in the U.S. and in every society is an Internet that is not private property, but a public utility."

He went on to explain: "At the moment, the battle over network neutrality is not to completely eliminate the telephone and cable companies. We are not at that point yet. But the ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control."

Not surprisingly, Free Press put out a statement yesterday just minutes after the story leaked that the FCC would pursue reclassification. Remarkably, they openly stated that even the nuclear option of total regulatory control under a utility-type model is not enough for them, saying: "This is extremely welcome news. We reserve judgment, however, on whether the FCC has gone far enough."

The communications industry is, like health care, roughly one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Unlike health care, however, the FCC seems to believe it can take over the communications system with just three votes at the Commission. If they insist on trying, Congress needs to step in and stop them.

Phil Kerpen is vice president for policy at Americans for Prosperity and director of its No Internet Takeover Project.
He can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, and through

345 posted on 05/08/2010 10:46:39 PM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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No Internet

Broken link in previous post. Sorry

346 posted on 05/08/2010 10:52:48 PM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: MestaMachine; onyx; penelopesire; seekthetruth; television is just wrong; jcsjcm; BP2; Pablo Mac; ..

#345 .. PING to take action !

347 posted on 05/08/2010 11:16:57 PM PDT by STARWISE (The overlords are in place .. we are a nation under siege .. pray, go Galt & hunker down)
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Thank you. I have been reading email for the past 15 minutes and I have one from Glenn addressing the subject! I’ll read the posts now.

348 posted on 05/08/2010 11:23:59 PM PDT by onyx (Sarah/Michele 2012)
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To: All
Julius Caesar of the Internet
Wall St. Journal ^ | May 08th 2010

Posted on Sunday, May 09, 2010 1:34:28 AM by Steelfish

Julius Caesar of the Internet The FCC puts another industry under political control.

A federal appeals court ruled last month that the Federal Communications Commission lacks the authority to regulate the Internet. No worries, mate. This week the Obama Administration chose to “reclassify” the Internet so it can regulate the Web anyway. This crowd is nothing if not legally creative.

Read more at link.

349 posted on 05/08/2010 11:52:03 PM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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It is exceedingly strange, the things you find when you aren’t looking. This is one of them...pre-election:

My read of Barack Obama...
In context of the MBTI, Obama is an ENFJ, an Extroverted iNtuitive Feeling Judger, with significant Introverted Thinking (manifesting in a tendency to decide for others, rather than let them choose for themselves) and Introverted Perception (manifesting in a tendency to control relationships).

Obama’s ennea-type is Two, with a strong Three wing.
The passions (”sins”) are pride and deceit, rather than accidia and anger (9w1).
Heart triad (2,3,4), not Gut (8,9,1).

Obama’s birth chart presents three powerful dynamics: a kite formation, a grand square, and a mystic rectangle. Two points of the grand square are integrated with the base and apex of the kite, and two points are integrated with the rectangle. The other two points of the rectangle engage a critical aspect: Mercury opposition Jupiter/Saturn in the 12th House. The key element is Chiron (the kite base) in the 1st House, opposing Pluto (the kite apex) - which is weakly conjunct the North Node - in the 7th.

As Chiron struggled with a mortal injury for which there was no apparent remedy, Obama is also a “Wounded Healer”. In this case, however, the injury presents as a narcissistic conflict that arises from abandonment. The absent father figure is unconsciously idealized and cathected as a self-object, temporarily filling the void and providing the required narcissistic supplies for ego stability. As developmental needs are no longer met by the paternal self-object, there arises a cognitive dissonance that demands new models to serve as self-object and satisfy the self.

The maternal object is viewed with ambivalence because she cannot resolve the wound and may have caused or abetted it. She contributes to the cathecting self by instilling the belief that the developing child is of superior capability and intelligence. She also reinforces the cognitive search for new models which supersede previous self-objects as the necessity arises.

Obama harbors a deep need to resolve personal feelings that he is an outsider and does not belong, yet he is convinced that his superior intelligence and empathic capacity confer upon him a special knowledge, a personal entitlement and moral authority. The need for acceptance precludes outright self-assertion of his superiority, because this is not a pragmatic strategy; rather, he understands that acceptance must come through a focus on the perspectives and concerns of others. He is adept at reading the attitudes of others and can quickly absorb ideas, then skillfully present them as his own. His empathic abilities and capacity for mimicry (e.g., he will incorporate the vocabulary, use similar postures, and alter his pronunciation) to make it appear that he is not different. One may come away with the impression that “he is just like me”, only later to realize that things may not have been as they seemed. Obama is not focused on the subject, but on egoic performance in maintaining cognitive stability in respect of the internal self-object. He will remain inaccessible and unknown because he is unknown to himself, a man of peripatetic ideas and assumed roles.

For Obama, truth is relative, an internally mediated variable he believes is subject to social manufacture. What is “real” is a matter of agreement. Positions will be adopted on the basis of their relevance to the casting of fact that serves his immediate objectives and facilitates his acceptance by others. While there certainly are causes close to his heart, these do not escape the influence of the narcissistic conflict: conflation of personal with collective needs makes it likely that he will fall prey to narcissistic snares — that he can know all and heal all, or to the defensive belief that he is never wrong. Attempting to take the tiger by the tail, he will confuse personal attributes with the collective capacity and will, making it possible to cast himself as a symbol or see himself as the cause, leading to an over-estimation of his ability to handle such responsibilities as may be acquired in the process. He will become impatient and dogmatic because people do not understand that he knows what is best for them, the nation, and the world. He will also evince suggestibility in response to the demands of important partners with whom he has allied himself in the quest to achieve his vision of the truth.

Obama has certainly inspired and made us think, but his best contribution may not be as president of the United States. — Richard Dagan

350 posted on 05/09/2010 12:15:39 AM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: MestaMachine; opentalk; onyx; STARWISE; Fred Nerks; penelopesire
Few people realize Genachowski was at both Columbia College and Harvard with Obama.

Julius Genachowski

***Genachowski not only overlapped with Obama's two years at Columbia College (class of '85), but also was his Harvard law school classmate, working under Obama at the Harvard Law Review (as notes editor).

***Genachowski is credited for spearheading Obama's online campaign strategy, which used social networking and other tools to spread Obama's campaign message and raise record campaign contributions. WaPo

***He was a top bundler for Obama (over $500,000)
Net Neutrality For Campaign Donors ( Top Donor awarded FCC chairman position )

***Proponent of Net Neutrality During the campaign Mr. Genachowski shaped many of Mr. Obama’s telecommunications and technology policies. He advocated an open Internet in the debate over so-called net neutrality, and media ownership rules that promoted a diversity of voices on the airwaves. NYT

Over the last decade, the chairman of the F.C.C. has played a more expansive role in regulating the economy, particularly with the rise of the Internet and wireless communications. Now, as the new administration plans to make the expansion of broadband and Internet services a significant part of its stimulus package, Mr. Genachowski, with his close ties to Mr. Obama, could have a larger role in shaping economic policy than many of his predecessors. NYT

***Genachowski appeared to have visited executive branch offices 47 times between January 20 and August 31 (2009), according the the White House visitors log. By comparison, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner made only five appearances.

BIO Highlights

Born August 19, 1962, Genachowski, the son of Eastern European Jews who fled during the Holocaust, grew up in Great Neck, NY. His father, having fled Nazi-occupied Belgium came to the US and studied engineering at MIT.

Genachowski attended yeshiva (Jewish religious school) through high school and studied in Israel before enrolling in Columbia College.

After receiving his BA in history, magna cum laude, in 1985, Genachowski decided to postpone law school and go to work for then-Congressman Charles Schumer (D-NY). His time on Capitol Hill also included work on the staff of the special Congressional committee investigating the Iran-Contra Affair.

Upon receiving his JD in 1991, magna cum laude, from Harvard, he married that same year Boston journalist Martha Raddatz (who was previously married to Ben Bradlee III, son of the longtime Washington Post editor, Ben Bradlee). They later divorced.

Genachowski's first position was as clerk for Judge Abner J. Mikva of the United States Court of Appeals. Mr. Obama had turned down a clerkship with Judge Mikva.

Mr. Genachowski later clerked for Supreme Court Justices William J. Brennan Jr. and David H. Souter.

He was chief counsel to Reed Hundt, an F.C.C. chairman during the Clinton administration.

He then worked for eight years as a senior executive at the IAC/Interactive Corporation, run by Barry Diller.

He also founded Rock Creek Ventures, an investment and advisory firm for digital media companies and co-founded the country’s first commercial “green” bank.

Genachowski is currently married to Rachel Goslins, a copyright-lawyer-turned documentary filmmaker. The couple has two children and Genachowski has a son from his first marriage.

SOURCES: NYT, AllGov, Muckety, USA Today

351 posted on 05/09/2010 1:46:54 AM PDT by thouworm
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To: thouworm
He also founded Rock Creek Ventures, an investment and advisory firm for digital media companies and co-founded the country’s first commercial “green” bank.

Is "Rock Creek Ventures" in any way linked to Joe Wilson's and Alamoudi's "Rock Creek Investments?"

352 posted on 05/09/2010 2:14:27 AM PDT by piasa (Attitude adjustments offered here free of charge)
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To: thouworm

I ruv youse. Thank you for that. Where do you find the patience for all that? Shaking my awe.

353 posted on 05/09/2010 3:07:39 AM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: thouworm; piasa

Julius Genachowski is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Rock Creek Ventures, which invests in, launches, and advises digital media and commerce companies. He is also Co-Founder of LaunchBox Digital, a seed-stage investment program for web and mobile entrepreneurs. Previously, he served in senior executive positions for eight years at IAC/InterActiveCorp (Nasdaq: IACI), including Chief of Business Operations, General Counsel, and a member of the Office of the Chairman. Mr. Genachowski joined IAC shortly after it was founded by Chairman and CEO Barry Diller, and was a key player in IAC’s growth to become a multi-billion dollar global e-commerce and media company, comprised of leading interactive businesses including Expedia,, Hotwire, TripAdvisor, Ticketmaster, HSN, LendingTree,, Citysearch, ServiceMagic, Evite, Interval International and

Mr. Genachowski has served on the Boards of Directors of Expedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXPE), (Nasdaq: ROOM), and Ticketmaster (Nasdaq: TMCS). His current boards include Website Pros (Nasdaq: WSPI), and The Motley Fool, and he is a special advisor at General Atlantic.

Mr. Genachowski is part of the founding group of New Resource Bank, a commercial San Francisco-based bank that opened in 2006, targeting the clean-tech, renewable energy, organic food and similar sectors, the country’s first ‘green’ bank. He is on the Board of Directors of Common Sense Media, and has served on the Board of Advisors of Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2).

Before joining IAC, Mr. Genachowski was Chief Counsel to Chairman Reed Hundt of the Federal Communications Commission. He has served as a law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter and, before that, to retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. Mr. Genachowski worked in Congress on the staff of the Select Committee investigating the Iran-Contra Affair and also for then-U.S. Representative, now Senator, Charles E. Schumer.

Mr. Genachowski holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School (1991), where he was Co-Notes Editor of the Harvard Law Review; and a B.A. from Columbia College (1985).

Biography last updated January 2008

354 posted on 05/09/2010 3:16:50 AM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: MestaMachine

Comcast: FCC opening Net neutrality door ‘scary’

PALO ALTO, Calif.—A Comcast executive on Friday took aim at federal regulators’ recent Net neutrality decision, saying the move could apply the “heavy burden of regulation” designed for the analog telephone network to the Internet.

Joseph Waz, Comcast’s senior vice president for external affairs, said the Federal Communications Commission appears to be “well-intentioned” in its decision announced earlier this week. (See CNET’s FAQ on the topic.)

But, at a Stanford University conference, Waz said federal regulation “cannot be guided by good intentions alone” and “what could be applied once you’ve opened the door is scary.” A future FCC, for instance, could choose to use the precedent to impose more telephone-era rules such as price regulation.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s proposal—which will probably take the better part of a year to turn into formal regulations—”ultimately opens the door to the entire heavy burden of regulation,” Waz said. He added that he has a 16-page legal memorandum drafted by Comcast’s attorneys to read later in the day.


355 posted on 05/09/2010 3:21:24 AM PDT by maggief
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To: maggief

Attack first. Attack early. And don’t stop until it’s D.E.D. ded!

356 posted on 05/09/2010 3:25:25 AM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: maggief; thouworm; caww

You know darned well that if the government gets a toehold, regulating content will not be far behind. If google loves it, it can’t be good for other living things.

357 posted on 05/09/2010 3:30:56 AM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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To: thouworm

“Upon receiving his JD in 1991, magna cum laude, from Harvard, he married that same year Boston journalist Martha Raddatz (who was previously married to Ben Bradlee III, son of the longtime Washington Post editor, Ben Bradlee). They later divorced.”

Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Is It a Friend Thing?
Posted by: Carol Platt Liebau at 10:09 PM
Both James Robbins at The Corner on NRO and James Taranto at Best of the Web Today have observed that Martha Raddatz of ABC News somehow managed to find American soldiers fighting in Iraq, all of whom just happened to support Democrats — with fully 80% for Obama. This is noteworthy, of course, because (as Brent Baker at Newsbusters recalls) President Bush and Republicans enjoyed solid support from the military in 2004 . . . not that the media reported it.

So how was Ms. Raddatz able to locate such an outspoken group of Obama supporters? Could be that the army is riddled with them, of course . . . or is there another explanation?

I do not know Ms. Raddatz. I do know that as of 1991, Julius Genachowski — a good friend of Barack’s from The Harvard Law Review and, it seems, currently a technology expert and advisor to Barack — was engaged to her. And from this item, it appears that the marriage went through and produced a child, although the relationship is apparently no longer intact.

Given Barack and Julius’ friendship, it seems reasonable that Martha Raddatz would have known Barack quite well, at least back in the early ‘90’s and for some period thereafter. Were they friends, and are they still?

Obviously, there’s nothing inherently unethical about Ms. Raddatz covering Barack even if so. But it might help to explain her remarkable ability to find this group outspoken Obama supporters in Iraq.

Correspondents Dinner Guest List Starts to Form (updated)

Published: March 31, 2010


ABC News guests for the dinner include “Hurt Locker” director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal, a network spokeswoman said Thursday. They will be the guests of Martha Raddatz, now the network’s senior foreign affairs correspondent.

358 posted on 05/09/2010 3:36:32 AM PDT by maggief
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To: maggief

Siddiqui? Isn’t that the last name of the NYC roomate in the picture?

359 posted on 05/09/2010 4:46:51 AM PDT by hoosiermama (ONLY DEAD FISH GO WITH THE FLOW.......I am swimming with Sarahcudah! Sarah has read the tealeaves.)
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To: hoosiermama

Yes. It is.

360 posted on 05/09/2010 5:20:08 AM PDT by MestaMachine (De inimico non loquaris sed cogites- Don't wish ill for your enemy; plan it)
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