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Myths, Legends, & Misconceptions of the Wolf
ChicoER Gate ^ | 8/21/10 | T. R. Mader

Posted on 08/21/2010 12:08:13 PM PDT by Tom Hawks

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I and others have written extensively about the wolf reintroduction program and the destruction it has caused since the first 60 were released into Yellowstone Park and Idaho in 1995. What we are attempting to do with these articles is to wake up as many people as possible about the danger the left has put Americans in.

There is a Wolf Cult in America that has convinced many Americans that it would be a good thing to have wild wolves as neighbors in our local parks. Well I for one, and many like me, do not wish to be confronted by a wolf when we decide to go fishing or camping. Especially since the wolves that are being introduced into our parks, like to roam in packs. So if you see one you can bet the farm there are more lurking around near by.

Gate was given permission to post, in whole, an article written by T. R. Mader, the Research Director of AWS which is an independent research organization. Mader has researched wolf history for more than 15 years before he wrote this article. He has since traveled extensively as he continues conducting research and interviews on environmental issues.

Mader wrote this article at the height of furor over the wolf re-introduction program in 1995 & 96. It's my hope that by posting this, many of you will have a better understanding of the anger many ranchers, farmers, hunters, and even regular small town city folk have with a program that has proved to be everything those against the program warned about some 15 years ago.

Due to the length of the article, it has been divided into three parts, and instead of creating three separate posts on FR, I have created three links below for you to follow if you so desire to read the article, "Myths, Legends, & Misconceptions of the Wolf".

Part 1- Misconceptions 1 to 6
Part 2 - Misconceptions 7 to 12
Part 3 - Conclusion & Bibliography

(Excerpt) Read more at ChicoER/Gate ....

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KEYWORDS: depredation; hunting; wildlife; wolves
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To: CaraMiaR
Since the wolf has been reintroduced to Yellowstone the ecology has gone back to what it used to be.

There IS no status-quo with regard to ecology. It's alive. It's dynamic. It is ever-changing. Trying to control it, achieve it, pursue it, or create it, is wasted vanity. There is no "normal." Five hundred years ago is nothing in the grand scheme, you would agree? Well, 500 years ago there was snow all the way down to the coastline of California in areas that today only see mountop snow once a decade, if that. Much colder weather was NORMAL. If that suddenly became normal again in the next two years, many millions would starve because California agriculture currently feeds much of the nation. There IS no status quo. There is no "what it used to be."

I do live with lots of wildlife lurking. Mostly bears, bobcats, coyotes, snakes. They were here first. I respect them and try to stay out of their way.

*sigh* Live and let live is a vital part of natural conservation, but if your bears included Grizzlies, and if your local mix included wolves ... dear, you would not be living "with lots of wildlife lurking" for long.

You were there "second," remember?

There are certain animals that do present a you-or-me scenario. Grizzlies used to be very plentiful in my neck of the woods. If their numbers were even restored by half, dozens of people would be killed annually and livestock ranching would be impossible. Wolves belong in the far, far hinterlands or in the zoo.

"Who was here first" is a child's rationale.

41 posted on 08/21/2010 1:30:49 PM PDT by Finny ("Raise hell. Vote smart." -- Ted Nugent)
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To: 999replies


I am the wolf hater, not him. I say kill every damn one of them.

He is the one who comes off like a PETA member.

You need to reread the comments and figure out who is on wat side.

42 posted on 08/21/2010 1:30:50 PM PDT by Tom Hawks
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To: 999replies; CaraMiaR; Tom Hawks
Really, if you just keep your trash sealed and put away and don't leave pet food out at night, there's no reason wolves and Grizzly bears, who were here first, remember, can't share wildlands with relatively low-density human populations. /sarc

In case you're wondering, CaraMia, this is coming from a person who suspects that a possum has set up housekeeping in a nearby wall of her home and who probably won't do anything about it because it will leave next spring anyway; who (no doubt foolishly) is reluctant to remove a beehive from an outside wall after five years (I'm not alergic to bees and a sting is usually a minor -- as in forgotten in five minutes -- issue); and who lives in close proximity with mountain lions (I wish people could shoot at them), lots and lots of coyotes (I wish people could shoot at them), raccons, bobcats, and so damned many groundsquirrels and gophers that the dirt is like honeycomb. So live-and-let-live is something I practice, but I believe part of live-and-let-live is making sure things that would kill me or mine live where I'ain't. Shooting at them, including killing them when the aim is good, is the part of let-live-where-I-ain't comes in. The animals learn to go somewhere else.

43 posted on 08/21/2010 1:53:28 PM PDT by Finny ("Raise hell. Vote smart." -- Ted Nugent)
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To: Melinda in TN

I hear ‘em running the deer at night through my woods. Siberian Huskies (aka domesticated Russian Wolves) are often mistaken for our coyotes - (I have small breed dog - pure bred that goes straight back 4,000 years - bred to hunt small game in the brush. Except for his predominantly black color and smaller size, has this same profile. Beautiful animals.

44 posted on 08/21/2010 1:54:59 PM PDT by maine-iac7 (g)
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To: muawiyah

Anything that can kill deer can kill humans. Wolves in the suburbs would be worse than black bears and they are not good at all. When you wish for something like this, picture kids playing, riding bikes, etc.

There is a very good answer to overpopulation of deer in suburbs. Either bait them out to where they can be shot by hunters or hire the professional removers. They are very efficient and kill and remove the deer with little fanfare and the meat is utilized by charitable organizations.

45 posted on 08/21/2010 1:57:07 PM PDT by finnsheep
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To: muawiyah

There was a reason that those that came before us wiped out the top line predators from area’s where humans live....they didn’t want themselves or there kids to be eaten by wolves, cougar or bear....or the livestock they depended on for their food source...

46 posted on 08/21/2010 2:05:01 PM PDT by goat granny
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To: CaraMiaR
I love the pictures and myth of the wolf. But they don't belong anywhere near human habitat. Saying they were there first is just a tough toenails argument...we are here now and they can go someplace else or be eliminated...

One of the rules of nature is that when a bigger or stronger animal comes into another animals territory, they either fight until on is dead or the weaker one heads for a different territory...I am all for us winning...the wolves in some states have decimated deer and elk populations...

47 posted on 08/21/2010 2:10:10 PM PDT by goat granny
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To: muawiyah

Bow hunting. Or, my city hires “sharp shooters” at carefully controlled times of the year to pick off the deer. Of course, we are a little more rural than Fairfax Co.

48 posted on 08/21/2010 2:24:35 PM PDT by afraidfortherepublic (Southeast Wisconsin)
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To: goat granny
Alaska has filed suit against the feds for not allowing culling as they are taking over wildlife.Killing because they can.Not for food.but practice.
The main reason,other than the numbers,is the interbreeding with the coyotes which in turn,turns out a very vicious animal with the natural instincts of both.Not good.
In Texas,it is a shoot on sight for coyotes as the damage they do is ugly.Very cunning and viscous.
Some of the damage I have seen to livestock,especially horses,is sad.
When a Rancher puts hi or her livestock out to pasture,they expect return on their investment.Coyotes and such can put then in the hole.
I have 400 acres undeveloped behind my property and they are getting closer by the year.I do not even want to go into the diseases they bring.Rabies being at the top.
Oh yes,they breed as fast as they can.
I cull as many as I can.
49 posted on 08/21/2010 2:42:27 PM PDT by xarmydog
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To: xarmydog

:O) Keep up the good work........shoot one for granny...

50 posted on 08/21/2010 2:51:12 PM PDT by goat granny
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To: calex59

I live in a town in the CO Rockies with a serious elk over-population problem. It’s not possible to use shotguns or bows to hunt them. The elk problem has been an issue of public debate for about 30 years. FWIW wolves won’t work either.

51 posted on 08/21/2010 2:53:38 PM PDT by TigersEye (Greenhouse Theory is false. Totally debunked. "GH gases" is a non-sequitur.)
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To: muawiyah

A bullet is cheaper and saves tax payers money....some zap collars need an area to be wired or you just keep zapping them and torturing daughter had a dog on her property they were trying to catch with a zap collar. the owner just kept zapping the dog and making him jump and howl....dumb idea..finally got the collar off and found the near by neighbor that owned the dog...

52 posted on 08/21/2010 2:57:28 PM PDT by goat granny
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To: Tom Hawks

What a strange post. As you already know I didn’t advocate just turning wolves loose.

53 posted on 08/21/2010 3:13:09 PM PDT by muawiyah
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To: goat granny
I had at one time a dislike for shooting coyotes as they resembled a German Shepperd which is one of my favorite types of dog.Had many over the years.
Then,one day I heard a terrible scream come from the backyard.It was a coyote making off with my little daschund that was my constant companion for 12 years.As I was screaming and trying to divert the coyote,it stopped with my dog in it”s mouth turned and looked at me and disappeared into the brush.
That was all it took.I built a 25 ft. deer stand with a place to sit with shade,and when I am not busy,drag an ice chest up and with my 223,with Leopold scope,and some binocs,watch over the area,and shoot them.They are crafty,but a buddy of mine enjoys helping out once in a while.Sometimes we get lucky,sometimes don”t.
But the cold ones are a good way to pass the time.Oh,and we use our coyote distress callers to invite them in!
Next one I get will be named goat granny even if is a male!!Regards.
54 posted on 08/21/2010 3:14:45 PM PDT by xarmydog
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To: Eagles6
25 years ago we had something like 135,000 or so people. Now we have over a million and it's climbing. Archery would just PO folks. It's gotta be something that kills them every time, all the time, and hunts 'em down.

The Vietnamese try but they just aren't getting the job done.

55 posted on 08/21/2010 3:15:00 PM PDT by muawiyah
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To: calex59

We are not allowed to keep livestock in the county, so no goats, sheep or chickens.

56 posted on 08/21/2010 3:15:46 PM PDT by muawiyah
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To: Tom Hawks

Ping for later

57 posted on 08/21/2010 3:18:23 PM PDT by Vinnie (You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Jihads You)
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To: Tom Hawks

Wolves? Can we introduce them in southern TX, NM, AZ, and CA? There should be plenty of prey.

58 posted on 08/21/2010 3:39:14 PM PDT by Born to Conserve
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To: muawiyah

So the wolves you think are such a good idea will take dogs, cats and small children.

Wolves don’t always kill their prey immediately, sometimes they just disable it, ripping chunks out to snack on. They also don’t always eat what they kill. Wolves are well known for their habit of “overkill”. Some think it’s practice or training for the younger wolves or perhaps because the abundance of trapped prey (usually in a fenced enclosure) causes a frenzy.

They won’t be nearly as tidy and politically correct as you imagine.

59 posted on 08/21/2010 4:06:49 PM PDT by Valpal1 ("All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.")
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To: muawiyah

Well, they have been known to eat children on occasion so if no livestock is available you might want to keep children inside at night when you hear the coyotes howling(in a pack).

60 posted on 08/21/2010 4:22:29 PM PDT by calex59
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