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US House puts oceans, coasts under UN: Senate vote will seal the deal ^ | 9-22-2010 | Carmen Reynolds, Paul McKain and Karen Schoen

Posted on 09/23/2010 8:24:21 AM PDT by Whenifhow

Piece by piece, America being given away

“It’s too late; it’ll just have to be stopped in the Senate,” Tom, the young male answering the phone in U.S. Rep. John Boehner’s (R-Ohio)Washington D.C. office, said about HR 3534 (CLEAR Act). This is the globalist bill designed to give away our land, oceans, adjacent land masses and Great Lakes to an international body, and makes us pay $900 million per year until 2040.

HR 3534 is a thinly disguised permanent roadblock to American energy which drives American companies out of the Gulf, delays future drilling, increases dependency on foreign oil, implements climate change legislation and youth education programs; but most important, it mandates membership in the Law of the Sea Treaty without the required two-thirds vote to ratify it in the U.S. Senate.

The House passed the CLEAR Act (HR 3534) 209-193, July 30, 2010. This bill was originally introduced July 8, 2009, but was resurrected by the recent Deep Water Horizon oil spill crisis. According to, a debate may be taking place on a companion bill in the Senate, rather than on this particular bill. This bill was read for the second time Aug. 4, 2010, and placed on the Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders, Calendar No. 510. No official Senate Bill number exists as of yet.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Trailerpark Badass
So you did a word search for "UN," is that what you're reluctantly owning up to?


101 posted on 09/23/2010 12:18:31 PM PDT by Non-Sequitur
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To: himno hero
Instead, why don’t they make turd world places like Africa self sufficient through their own means instead of making them village idiots funded by western civilization?

Part of the answer is that they devolve back to primitive tribal behavior when they lose intelligent leadership. Rhodesia was prosperous. The same land under the control of the native population is known as Zimbabwe. See the difference? It's not the land or resources. It's the competence of the parties in control.

For a closer to home example, did you like the economy from 2002 to 2006 under predominantly conservative control or 2007 to the present under socialists? The House/Senate control went to the Dems in the Nov 2006 elections. The added the White House in 2008.

102 posted on 09/23/2010 12:25:18 PM PDT by Myrddin
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To: LucyT

Yeah, I noticed that...sigh.

103 posted on 09/23/2010 12:56:50 PM PDT by azishot (I can see November from my house!)
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To: 668 - Neighbor of the Beast

Excellent post

104 posted on 09/23/2010 1:08:48 PM PDT by digital-olive
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To: huldah1776

Not now it’s not. I downloaded it and I am reading it now.

105 posted on 09/23/2010 1:38:19 PM PDT by mojitojoe ("Ridicule is man's most potent weapon" Saul Alinsky... I will take Odungo's mentors advice)
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To: Trailerpark Badass

What did you expect from one of FR’s liberal trolls?

106 posted on 09/23/2010 1:46:57 PM PDT by mojitojoe ("Ridicule is man's most potent weapon" Saul Alinsky... I will take Odungo's mentors advice)
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To: rodguy911

H.R. 3534 puts the 9.2 million jobs supported by American oil and natural gas at risk by raising taxes, blocking American energy development, continuing a moratorium on deepwater drilling and completely eliminating economic liability caps. Members may have the following additional concerns with this legislation:

De Facto Drilling Moratorium: The bill would impose a de facto moratorium on offshore oil and gas production by increasing taxes and regulation, allowing the approval process for exploration plans to be extended indefinitely, adding layers of bureaucracy, and imposing unlimited liability caps. The Obama moratorium has already cost tens of thousands of jobs and now Democrats in Congress want to exacerbate the problem, especially on the Gulf coast.

New Tax on American Energy: The CLEAR Act includes a new tax on oil and natural gas produced on all existing and new federal onshore and offshore leases. The tax would be $2 per barrel of oil and 20 cents per million British thermal units of natural gas. This cost would eventually be passed on to American consumers of energy—small business, families, and farmers. It is estimated that this tax will total $22 billion in ten years, and the taxes will eventually climb to $3 billion per year. Of course, this new tax only applies to American energy, giving a distinct advantage to foreign oil and gas and jeopardizing American energy jobs.
Unlimited Liability Kills Jobs and Local Revenue: The CLEAR Act includes unlimited liability caps for offshore energy producers. This would effectively eliminate smaller and independent producers from operating if they cannot obtain insurance policies to cover their operations. According to a recent study, these producers account for more than half of offshore jobs—meaning a loss of 300,000 jobs and $147 billion in federal, state and local revenues. Members may be concerned that a liability increase is premature because under current law if a responsible party is found to be grossly negligent, engaged in willful misconduct or to have violated a federal safety, construction or operating regulation, it is responsible for all costs.

Billions of Dollars for New, Mandatory Spending: The bill includes over $30 billion in new mandatory spending for two programs that have nothing to do with the Gulf oil spill—the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Historic Preservation Fund.

Protectionist “Build America” Provisions: The CLEAR Act includes a make-work provision for labor unions requiring all rigs to be U.S.-built, owned and operated. Currently, rigs are already built to U.S. standards, staffed by U.S. crews and inspected by U.S. governmental agencies. Drilling rigs are extremely complex platforms and the U.S. lacks the capacity to build one from scratch in our globalized economy. This provision would have the effect of driving rigs out of the U.S., thus raising energy costs for Americans. Estimates suggest that this provision would shut down 25 percent of today’s oil and gas production and make new U.S. offshore projects uneconomic by raising costs 30 to 100 percent.

Political Cover for the President: In the version of the CLEAR Act to be considered on the House floor, Democrat leadership has removed a provision authored by Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) to establish a bipartisan, independent National Commission on Outer Continental Shelf Oil Spill Prevention. This commission would be comprised of technical experts to study the events leading up to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Democrats are thus protecting the president’s own hand-picked, expert-deficient Commission. As Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Doc Hastings (R-WA) noted, “There is widespread agreement that no member of the President’s Commission possesses technical expertise in oil drilling, and several are on the record in opposition to offshore drilling and support a moratorium that will cost thousands of jobs.”

Seizes States’ Authority: The bill would enable the federal government to encroach on states’ offshore leasing programs by taking over permitting and dictating the type of technology to be used on state wells, seemingly even in the event that technology is improved in the future. This would reduce incentives for advances in energy technology and possibly even the development of safer designs and procedures moving forward.

Changing How Onshore Federal Land is Leased: The bill would change leasing onshore by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, which affects not just leasing for natural gas and oil, but also for renewable energy. This provision could lead to a decline in energy production on federal land and lost energy jobs.

Interior Secretary Slush Fund: The bill allows 10 percent of all offshore revenues to be spent on a new fund controlled by the Interior Secretary to issue ocean research grants. These funds can be earmarked.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that enacting this legislation would increase spending by $20.5 billion over ten years and would increase revenues by $22.2 billion over the same period. Interestingly, CBO predicts over $14 billion in litigation costs alone stemming from the new energy tax in this bill.

107 posted on 09/23/2010 1:52:15 PM PDT by mojitojoe ("Ridicule is man's most potent weapon" Saul Alinsky... I will take Odungo's mentors advice)
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To: Whenifhow

Section 106-e: References –relating to the Service in statutes Executive Orders, rules, regulations, directives, or delegations of authority that precede the effective date of this act are deemed to refer as appropriate to the Department, to its officers, employees, or agents, or to its corresponding organizational units or functions. Congress will no longer be needed to vote on those pesky little treaties; the UN will take care of everything.

108 posted on 09/23/2010 1:58:08 PM PDT by mojitojoe ("Ridicule is man's most potent weapon" Saul Alinsky... I will take Odungo's mentors advice)
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To: LucyT

It prohibits the following authorities from developing a fishery management plan, which is the way we have been doing business: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Secretary of Commerce and Regional Fishery Management Councils. In other words, current management of our oceans within the United States will be superseded by the National Ocean Council, comprised of some of the most radical environmentalists in our Administration, co-chaired by Nancy Sutley, White House Council on Environmental Quality and Dr. John P. Holdren, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. (

109 posted on 09/23/2010 2:00:06 PM PDT by mojitojoe ("Ridicule is man's most potent weapon" Saul Alinsky... I will take Odungo's mentors advice)
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The holding was that treaties are on a par with the Constitution and that latest enactment controls.

110 posted on 09/23/2010 2:01:20 PM PDT by BlackElk (Dean of Discipline Tomas de Torquemada Gentlemen's Society: Burn 'em Bright!)
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To: Grunthor

HR 3534 could have been stopped in the House and wasn’t. Why? Because 21 absent Republicans chose not to show up for this critical vote, while another just voted present. This legislation sucked so bad that more than a handful of Democrats voted “nay” which makes the Republicans absence in the House chamber for the vote even more questionable. 193 + 17 absent votes would have killed the bill.
I bet 90% of our Republican representatives didn’t read the bill and didn’t have a clue what it said when they voted.

111 posted on 09/23/2010 2:02:45 PM PDT by mojitojoe ("Ridicule is man's most potent weapon" Saul Alinsky... I will take Odungo's mentors advice)
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To: rodguy911

Law of the Sea Treaty

Thirty states will be encroached upon by Obama’s Executive Order establishing the National Ocean Council for control over America’s oceans, coastlines and the Great Lakes. Under this new council, states’ coastal jurisdictions will be subject to the United Nations’ Law Of Sea Treaty (LOST) in this UN Agenda 21 program. America’a oceans and coastlines will be broken into 9 regions that include the North East, Mid-Atlantic, South Atlantic, the Gulf Coast, West Coast, the Great Lakes, Alaska, the Pacific Islands (including Hawaii) and the Caribbean.

Because of the decades of difficulty that the collectivists have had trying to ratify the Law Of Sea Treaty (LOST), Obama is sneaking it in through the back door, by way of Executive Order establishing the Council. Because LOST is a treaty, Obama’s Executive Order is not Constitutional as treaty ratification requires 2/3 approval from the Senate. Michael Shaw said that the Agenda 21 Convention on Biodiversity treaty of 1992 failed to pass Congress so it was executed through soft law and administratively on local levels, and Obama’s Executive Order is a similar soft law tactic to enact the LOST treaty.

In fact, our Constitutional form of government is being completely destroyed because buried in the CLEAR Act (HR 3534) there is a provision for a new council to oversee the outer continental shelf- it appears that this Regional Outer Shelf Council will be part of the National Ocean Council. This means that if Congress makes the CLEAR Act into law, then the implementation of the UN Law Of Sea Treaty, as part of the National Ocean Council’s agenda, will be “ratified” in a convoluted and stealth manner, in full opposition to the Constitution and its intent.

The excuse for this extreme action is because of the emergency in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama and Congress have always had the legal and military power to force BP Oil to take all necessary action to stop the gusher and clean the oil spew. While there is evidence that the problems in the Gulf have been a result of collusion and planned incompetence, it begs the question, why in world should America’s oceans and resources be controlled by Obama appointees?

Meet the National Ocean Council

White House Council on Environmental Quality
Nancy Sutley, Chair

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Dr. John P. Holdren, Director

NOC Members
Department of Agriculture
Tom Vilsack

Department of Commerce
Gary Locke

Dr. Jane Lubchenco
Undersecretary for Oceans and Atmosphere
NOAA Administrator

Department of Defense
Robert M. Gates

Environmental Protection Agency
Lisa P. Jackson

Department of Energy
Dr. Steven Chu

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (invitation pending)
Jon Wellinghoff

Department of Health and Human Services
Kathleen Sebelius

Department of Homeland Security
Janet Napolitano

Department of the Interior
Ken Salazar

Joint Chiefs of Staff
Adm. Mike Mullen

Department of Justice
Eric Holder
Attorney General

Department of Labor
Hilda L. Solis

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Charles F. Bolden, Jr.

National Science Foundation
Dr. Cora Marrett
Acting Director

Department of State
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Department of Transportation
Ray LaHood

Office of the Vice President

Director of National Intelligence

White House Office of Management and Budget
Peter Orszag

Assistant to the President for National Security
General James Jones (Ret.)

Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
John Brennan

Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy
Melody Barnes

Assistant to the President for Economic Policy
Lawrence Summers

Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change Policy
Carol Browner

112 posted on 09/23/2010 2:09:14 PM PDT by mojitojoe ("Ridicule is man's most potent weapon" Saul Alinsky... I will take Odungo's mentors advice)
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To: BlackElk
The holding was that treaties are on a par with the Constitution and that latest enactment controls.

Liberal (progressive) or conservative court? How can something ever have more authority than the Constitution? It is the supreme law of the land.

113 posted on 09/23/2010 2:13:12 PM PDT by IYAS9YAS (Liberalism can be summed up thusly: someone craps their pants and we all have to wear diapers)
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To: dcwusmc; Red Badger

The Constitution says nothing about transporting students out of district to facilitate racial “desegregation” schemes,nor prohibiting prayer in public spaces nor justifying the taking of private real estate to increase tax revenues by “higher” uses, does not guarantee any “right” to dismember, slice and dice the unborn, or to have Mr. Happy traveling up the Hershey highway and masquerading as “marriage” or the “right” of lavender queens to openly serve in the military while being “in your face” or whatever to their fellow soldiers either but you can tell SCOTUS and its subordinate Constitution killing judicial institutions that pretend otherwise.

114 posted on 09/23/2010 2:15:05 PM PDT by BlackElk (Dean of Discipline Tomas de Torquemada Gentlemen's Society: Burn 'em Bright!)
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To: mojitojoe

Thank you for posting this information!

115 posted on 09/23/2010 2:16:43 PM PDT by Whenifhow
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Don’t imagine for a moment that I personally think that treaties take precedence over the Constitution. Unfortunately, as on many other matters, the courts do not agree with me and on this one with thee. It makes absolute sense to me that Congress would have no authority whatsoever without Constitutional grant of authority to act. The POTUS and SCOTUS likewise. However, we are talking about empire-building courts here and not logic or common sense.

116 posted on 09/23/2010 2:25:16 PM PDT by BlackElk (Dean of Discipline Tomas de Torquemada Gentlemen's Society: Burn 'em Bright!)
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To: Whenifhow

This is a general overview of the new National Ocean Council’s goals based on its 32-page report that uses indirect language and acronyms in order to confuse the public and local lawmakers.

Depopulation advocates, globalists and collectivists, like John Holdren, faced opposition a few decades ago when they clearly expressed their objectives, so now documents are written in complicated and clouded language to fool those they wish to control.

This report states that the Council’s jurisdiction will extend from the continental shelf to the coast AND additional inland areas will be involved. The National Ocean Council identifies “partners” as members of each regional planning body that will include federal, state, local and tribal authorities, with a top-down hierarchy of control.

The intentions of the Council are stated on page 8 of the report that include implementing LOST and other international treaties. The report also states that the Counci’s plans shall be implemented by Executive Orders, in addition to federal and state laws. This section mentions ‘global climate change’ which is a new term used as a substitute for ‘man made global warming’ after manipulated data and lies were exposed in numerous global warming scandals. ‘Climate change’ is blamed for sea level rise and acidification of oceans; evidence exists that these are more global warming deceptions.

The stated goals of the Council include regulating investments, collaborating with unidentified international agencies, controlling public access to oceans and “protecting” ecosystems. This means that commerce and trade will be controlled by the Council, the UN will gain power over American oceans and the Great Lakes through UN subagencies, public access will be limited and the Endangered Species Act will be unleashed, with heavy regulations. Incidentally, the Endangered Species Act is based on 5 international treaties. It has never had a successful result: of the 60 species that have been de-listed, not a single species was saved as a result of any restrictions stemming from the Endangered Species Act!

The targeted areas for Endangered Species Act regulations are the the Great Lakes, the Gulf Coast, Chesapeake Bay, Puget Sound, South Florida and the San Francisco Bay (the Bay Delta is where the irrigation water for farmers was was cut off using the Endangered Species Act, causing food shortages, an increase in food imports and massive economic devastation).

While this report does not clearly outline how the National Ocean Council’s schemes will be financed, regulatory permits for all activity on the water and mining (oil) leases will play a part, along with tax increases. The report does indicate that grants and assistance programs will be available so that state, local and tribal authorities will support the Council’s “efforts”. In other words, the Council will try to buy off the state and local governments to “collectively use” them for a base of support and influence. (pg. 28) Strings are always attached to federal money. The federal government and the Council are reliant on state and local governments for implementation through state and local legal authority, which means that state and local authorities hold the power to implement or refuse the Council’s directives, especially under the Tenth Amendment.

However, the report does state that disputes will be settled by consensus, if consensus fails, then the decisions will ultimately be made by the President. He is Commander in Chief of the Navy and has the power of the military behind him. Further, the report indicates that legislative changes and more Executive Orders may be necessary to achieve control.

An important point is made on page 5, which states, “Strong partnerships among Federal, State, tribal and local authorities, and regional governance structures would be essential to a truly forward-looking, comprehensive CMSP effort.” This means that the states, local governments and tribes have power. Our collectivist government needs the consent of the state, local and tribal authorities, to implement this scheme, otherwise, the feds wouldn’t bother to include these Constitutional authorities. If the state, local and tribal authorities are aware of, and willing to act on their Constitutional authority, then they can limit this federal power grab through the Tenth Amendment.

The report further states that signing onto the Council’s plan would be an “express commitment by the partners to act in accordance with the plan…” (pg. 20) Therefore, it is imperative that all of the states be aware of the Council’s intended usurpation and carefully protect their Constitutional jurisdictions and sovereignty. There are 30 states that will be affected by this new council. (pg. 12)

The Council’s strategy plan will go into effect immediately, fully developing Agenda 21 objectives and undue UN influence within 5 years. Interestingly, one article said that if state, local and tribal authorities choose not to participate in in writing the plans, the plans would be written without them. Therefore, it bears repeating that state and local governments must protect their Constitutional authority when dealing with the Council. The Constitutional authority that states and local governments have can only be taken if the power is given away.

117 posted on 09/23/2010 2:26:55 PM PDT by mojitojoe ("Ridicule is man's most potent weapon" Saul Alinsky... I will take Odungo's mentors advice)
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To: BlackElk
Don’t imagine for a moment that I personally think that treaties take precedence over the Constitution.

No. I don't think that. I was just wondering how the court could find that way.

I should know better. Even George Washington, shortly after having sought freedom from the tyranny of King George, went and squashed the rights of those who participated in the Whiskey Rebellion.

118 posted on 09/23/2010 2:29:59 PM PDT by IYAS9YAS (Liberalism can be summed up thusly: someone craps their pants and we all have to wear diapers)
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To: Whenifhow; manc; Bushbacker1; seekthetruth; Nick_123; Matchett-PI; 4integrity; Humal; ...


Paul McKain, Candidate for US Congress, District 2 (FL) (website) has researched information on this treaty which is hidden inside the CLEAR ACT.
Mr. McKain’s PDF presentation

119 posted on 09/23/2010 2:33:20 PM PDT by mojitojoe ("Ridicule is man's most potent weapon" Saul Alinsky... I will take Odungo's mentors advice)
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