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Vanity: Fox News Panelist Liz Trotta Agrees With Karl Rove: Palin's Alaska Is Unpresidential

Posted on 11/13/2010 12:38:19 PM PST by Retired Intelligence Officer

I was appalled at Liz Trotta and 3 other conservative guest panelist (that I couldn't name) on this afternoons Fox newswatch hosted by Jon Scott all agreed that Palins new reality show, Sarah Palin's Alaska on the Discovery Channel was very unpresidential and it would sink her any chances for the White House.

The topic was that liberal advocacy groups were asking for the Discovery Channel to pull the plug on it. The consevative commentator Liz Trotta then said that she agreed with Karl Rove that this was a bad move for Palin. Trotta then goes on to take a pop shot at Palin saying "everytime this woman opens her mouth that her numbers go down". She then said "the more she speaks that she makes people simply not like her". Jon Scott did not ask Trotta why this was just like yesterday when Megyn Kelly didn't ask Meghan McCain why she thought Palin would be best as a reality star.

My question is why is Fox news who hired Sarah Palin allowing conservative guest freely without explanation to back up their facts to trash her and her message in a public forum? Why are they allowing people to tarnish her reputation as well as her new TV program which they advertize during commercial time? Something smells

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To: se_ohio_young_conservative

Let me guess, the media has ruined her image among independents. HERES A NEWS FLASH..the media will do that to ANY candidate we select.


DING DING DING!!!! We have a winner!!!!

They loved McCain until the race heated up and it was open season on him. The looks on his face were a classic as his “DC beltway media buddies” turned on him and ripped him a new one. At then end, he looked like a bumbling old codger.

Huckster....they’ll call him a bible thumpin hillbilly

Mitten.....a cold, flimsy, money-grubbing technocrat who is a (gasp) Mormon.

T-Paw....WHO??? Milktoast

etc., etc.,

281 posted on 11/13/2010 2:54:08 PM PST by ak267
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To: bgill
It hasn't aired, so how can Liz & Co. give any sort of criticism of it.

Actually, they can give a more unbiased opinion if they don't watch it.

282 posted on 11/13/2010 2:55:32 PM PST by gitmo ( The democRats drew first blood. It's our turn now.)
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To: SoConPubbie

The drama talk is ridiculous and over the top. I don’t understand this compassion for her suffering when she wasn’t convicted of anything. Sure she got smeared and sued, so what. Don’t run when the heat is on.

283 posted on 11/13/2010 2:56:27 PM PST by Tolsti2
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To: ak267

The media will push Romney and Huckabee for all it’s worth, kiss their behind, and Romney and Huckabee will think they are adored by the press, the second either one of them wins, just watch..with Romney, he will be called a hypocrite for being the one that created RomneyCare, “Hey Romney, isn’t that the same as Obamacare, what’s the difference?” with Huckabee, it will be “You let out a man who went on to murder 4 cops in cold blood.” The media are full of leftists, does anyone here really think they give a flying F about the Republican party

284 posted on 11/13/2010 2:56:39 PM PST by Sarah Barracuda
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To: Tolsti2

You certainly spend a lot of time putting her down here on FR. Since you signed up in 2009 I assume you are one of Soros’ paid anti-Palin shills.

285 posted on 11/13/2010 2:57:36 PM PST by Arizona Carolyn
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To: Tolsti2
Bankrupted? Was she down to unemployment level money? In danger of losing her house?

Basically yes....that's what she was looking at if she stayed in office. All family resources would have been drained. I know you don't want to hear that....

286 posted on 11/13/2010 2:57:49 PM PST by chiller ( EVERY Democrat on EVERY level must go)
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To: Tolsti2
So we gotta go all in on Palin or we’re done for?

No, just conservatives that care about our Constitutional Republic.

You can continue to support leftists, liberals, RINO's and dems.

Oh, and your President.

We'll overcome all of that, kid.

287 posted on 11/13/2010 2:57:55 PM PST by Syncro (PES ant: Infected with Palin Emasculation Syndrome)
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To: r9etb; se_ohio_young_conservative

Because she’s not ready for the big time, son.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.False. A lie.Border line ignorant.

She ran Alaska, a military force, and directly negotiated foreign porting in Alaska with nations like Japan, Canada, Russia, South Korea and China.She even laid out a treaty with Canada, successfully.BTW, Sarah Palin is highly liked in Japan and China.

Take a look at the size of Alaska. Is almost 1/3 the size of the United States.Palin was Governor of a small nation, not a little state like Rhode Island or the state of Illinois that sponsored the current leftist edition occupying the White House.Alaska is huge, has a huge coastline, a tremedous variety of kinds of people, ,and huge natural resources, is the first line of defence against Western enemies. She did a great job.

Read the facts about Palin’s record as Governor.

You bet this lady is ready, son. And the people are ready to elect her.

And she will be one of the best presidents this nation has ever had.

I have to laugh at you “she’s not ready” people. She is much more ready than George W. Bush was.Dubyah had daddy holding his hand for half his life. Palin is self made, and that counts big time.Obama is not self made, he had the affirmative action hand up, that sure prepared him for office. BUahahahahahahahahahaa!

People who diss Palin had better start garnering the facts about her. One thing she is not is “unprepared”. You will have to hang your hat on another peg, maybe like they will have to take away the nuke codes from her if she has PMS, or some other similar foolish notion as the one YOU have at present.

288 posted on 11/13/2010 2:58:29 PM PST by Candor7 (Obama . fascist info..
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To: Arizona Carolyn


289 posted on 11/13/2010 2:58:37 PM PST by Tolsti2
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To: anita

In some ways, Palin is like the old progressive Democrat William jennings Bryan. The Democratic party of his time was a coalition of urban machines and southern and midwestern farmers, with the urban machine bankrolled by bankers. He had the support of the farmers and the people in the small towns. But in 1912, the Progressives put ip Woodrow Wilson as their candidate.Bryan helped throw the election to Wilson and was named secretary of state. He lasted until 1915, although he was largely circumvented by Wilson, who used his trained dog, House, as his messenger, and resigned when it seemed that the US would go to war after the Lusitania was sunk by a German U-Boot. Thereafter he was marginalized.

290 posted on 11/13/2010 2:58:59 PM PST by RobbyS (Pray with the suffering souls.)
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To: Arizona Carolyn

Yes, I was beginning to wonder about him too. Lots of bashing going on.

291 posted on 11/13/2010 2:59:16 PM PST by Cedar
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To: Tolsti2

You can’t disagree that she has been through hell..Forget about the governorship for a moment, from the second she was announced as McCain’s running mate the most nasty, disgusting, outrageous things have been said about her. Even now, check out those liberal nasty blogs, the ones that hope Trig dies, the ones that want Sarah assassinated. She needs 24/7 protection from these loons. I’d call that suffering. Physical suffering, of course not. She has not been physically harmed(Don’t think they haven’t tried, death threats, etc) but she has been emotionally harmed, everyday. If it was just as simple as “Dealing with it” then bullies would have no power now would they

292 posted on 11/13/2010 3:00:17 PM PST by Sarah Barracuda
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To: jdub
I love sarah and her politics. But she really needs to tone down the perkiness for more people to take her seriously. She seems to have ratcheted it up here lately.

Love her too, but you are spot only criticism of her since '08.

293 posted on 11/13/2010 3:00:32 PM PST by chiller ( EVERY Democrat on EVERY level must go)
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To: All

psst, hey folks...listen up. Can you hear it??? It’s called free publicity and media buzz. And she’s getting paid for it too!!!! The more people squawk, the more people’s interest is piqued.

What you hear from from the LSM and beltway boys is jelousy.

She’s not playing this for the elites, she’s playing this for the masses.

And if she does run (either in 12 or in the future), SHE will be in charge of the message. NOT McCAIN, NOT Schmitt, NOT Rove, and certainly NOT Pissy Matthews!!!

294 posted on 11/13/2010 3:00:59 PM PST by ak267
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To: Tolsti2; Sarah Barracuda
It was a financial move, and possibly a smart one. Politically, bad move.

You were right on only one of those

1. The lawsuits were taking 80% of her time and her staff's time. She was not able to do her job and her staff were not able to do their job. They could not perform their jobs responsibly. This was the plan of the Democrats and the creeps filing the lawsuits, to keep her bottled-up.
2. Yes, it was a smart move, both financially and politically.
3. It was a brilliant move politically, as the results show, because it allowed her the ability to write a book, resolve her debt, and most importantly, campaign for conservative, Tea-Party backed candidates, most of whom, with her endorsement WON! (18 out of 20 House Members) (7 out of 8 Governors) (an overall almost 70% success rate of her endorsed candidates.)

295 posted on 11/13/2010 3:01:36 PM PST by SoConPubbie
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To: Retired Intelligence Officer

If she is so unpresidential they should quit talking and worrying about her. It’s pretty funny how infatuated the media seems to be with her every move. They seem to sense something...

296 posted on 11/13/2010 3:01:56 PM PST by pepperdog (Why are Democrats Afraid of a Voter ID Law?)
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To: pepperdog

She can’t sneeze without the media talking about it. They are obsessed with her, because they know what most of us know, that if she went against Obama she would win

297 posted on 11/13/2010 3:02:49 PM PST by Sarah Barracuda
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To: Tolsti2
She did quit

Yes, but that's a positive, not a negative. Rather than being stuck in Alaska getting harassed by liberals, she moved to the national stage and has driven both the political debate and the Republican Party.

and she is politically radioactive now.

To who, liberals? Look, she doesn't need nor does she care about what these people think. She has the conservative base locked up all she has to do is convince the squishes. Her daughter being on DWTS, Sarah being on Oprah and now her show, along with her 2 book tours, have helped her tremendously with independents.

But she’s certainly rich and in the limelight.

Of course she cashed in. Both to prepare for a possible run at the Presidency and to secure her family's future. Don't be a hater! But Sarah has never been a wealthy person nor does she come from a wealthy background. In fact she resigned from a job that paid six figures (Alaska Oil & Gas Commission) because of the corruption. What does that tell you?

These things are not debatable. Her negatives from independents aren’t going to change and she’s very unlikely to win. I think it’s very unlikely to turn around either.

I agree she has some work to do with independents and so-called moderates. But independents are followers, bandwagon types. Once they see conservatives rally for Sarah, most of them will join the movement.

Do I dislike her? Not at ALL. Do I think she’s made bad and potientially fatal politcal moves, yep!

What bad moves has she made? Anything from when she was McCain's running mate doesn't count.

298 posted on 11/13/2010 3:02:54 PM PST by Extremely Extreme Extremist (The Republic of the United States of America)
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To: Sarah Barracuda

The attacks on the underaged kids are nasty indeed.

The rest of the stuff, get me a violin.

299 posted on 11/13/2010 3:03:07 PM PST by Tolsti2
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To: norge
Liz Tratta is an old lion reporter, long with NBC News. As a long time Sarah supporter (since before McCain picked her for VP), I have to say that she is getting a bad bump from posters here today.
In spite of the fact that I disagree with her on Sarah, Liz is right on most of the issues, most of the time.

You are absolutely right. Posters here have short memories. Liz Trotta was all over Clinton like white on rice, and has been on "this side of the fence," VERY vocally, many times.

It's going to be a looong two years.

300 posted on 11/13/2010 3:04:24 PM PST by truthkeeper ( Remember in November: VOTE THE BUMS OUT!)
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