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The Abdication of the West
SPPI Blog ^ | December 9, 2010 | Lord Monckton

Posted on 12/09/2010 12:07:27 AM PST by Nipfan

I usually add some gentle humor to these reports. Not today. Read this and weep. Notwithstanding the carefully-orchestrated propaganda to the effect that nothing much will be decided at the UN climate conference here in Cancun, the decisions to be made here this week signal nothing less than the abdication of the West. The governing class in what was once proudly known as the Free World is silently, casually letting go of liberty, prosperity, and even democracy itself. No one in the mainstream media will tell you this, not so much because they do not see as because they do not bl**dy care.

The 33-page Note (FCCC/AWGLCA/2010/CRP.2) by the Chairman of the “Ad-Hoc Working Group on Long-Term Co-operative Action under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”, entitled Possible elements of the outcome, reveals all. Or, rather, it reveals nothing, unless one understands what the complex, obscure jargon means. All UNFCCC documents at the Cancun conference, specifically including Possible elements of the outcome, are drafted with what is called “transparent impenetrability”. The intention is that the documents should not be understood, but that later we shall be told they were in the public domain all the time, so what are we complaining about?

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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KEYWORDS: climatechange; democracy; globalwarming; lordmonckton
It looks like Cancun is not quite the harmless joke its made out to be. This time, they are deliberately playing it down and trying to get things through by stealth or, as Lord Monckton so brilliantly puts it, "transparent impenetrability".

As he says, read it and weep.

1 posted on 12/09/2010 12:07:31 AM PST by Nipfan
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To: Nipfan

Limbaugh brought this up in his 12/8/ broadcast the big 0 pledged 1+% of our GDP goes to this farce. Surprize nobody picked up on it.

2 posted on 12/09/2010 12:13:49 AM PST by mosesdapoet ("To punish a province Let it be ruled by a professor " Frederick The Great paraphrased)
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To: Nipfan
The agreement will not be called a “Treaty”, because the Senate, particularly after the mid-term elections, will not pass it. But it can still be imposed upon us by the heavily Left-leaning Supreme Court, which no longer makes any pretence at judicial impartiality and may well decide, even if Congress does not, that the Cancun agreement shall stand part of US law on the ground that it is “customary international law”.

Quite true.

3 posted on 12/09/2010 12:36:06 AM PST by iowamark
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To: Nipfan

I acknowledge that the news here on FR sometimes leans to the doom-n-gloom side, but I am more glad every day that I’m not living in the US right now. And every day, I wonder when I’ll feel good about moving back, and every day that date seems to recede further into the future.

4 posted on 12/09/2010 12:37:24 AM PST by Little Pig (Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici.)
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To: Little Pig

That distant date will be when large quantities of people start sneaking into the USA with plans to live there long term. Oh, wait....

5 posted on 12/09/2010 12:40:38 AM PST by HiTech RedNeck (I am in America but not of America (per bible: am in the world but not of it))
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To: Nipfan
Possible elements of the outcome

33 page .pdf

6 posted on 12/09/2010 12:41:24 AM PST by iowamark
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To: Little Pig

I live in Australia, and I can almost guarantee that our Climate Change Minister (have you ever hard of anything so ridiculous?) will sign us up to whatever is put in front of him. Not just the U.S. will suffer the consequences.

7 posted on 12/09/2010 12:47:36 AM PST by Nipfan (The desire to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it - H L Mencken)
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To: george76; Ernest_at_the_Beach; SierraWasp; calcowgirl; SunkenCiv; ForGod'sSake; Nipfan
RE: '...pledged 1% of GDP...'

8 posted on 12/09/2010 12:53:14 AM PST by Seadog Bytes ("Smart Growth"... isn't.)
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To: Nipfan
Heads up to those who are following World Governance...

.....the UN is now legislating crabwise, as the European Union does, with a series of successive annual agreements, the last of which was the Copenhagen Accord, each transferring more power and wealth from individual nations to its supranational bureaucracy. The latest of these agreements is being finalized here in Cancun. The European Union, which has stealthily stamped out democracy over the past half-century by a series of treaties each transferring a little more power and wealth from elected hands in the member states to unelected hands in Brussels, has been advising the Secretariat on how to do the same on a global scale.

With Wikileaks diverting attention from what's happening in Cancun we are not seeing coverage of the powers that be taking over more and more. They continue to move forward behind the scenes....

9 posted on 12/09/2010 1:03:14 AM PST by caww
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To: Nipfan

“Since the Chairman’s note is very long, I shall summarize the main points:

Finance: Western countries will jointly provide $100 billion a year by 2020 to an unnamed new UN Fund. To keep this sum up with GDP growth, the West may commit itself to pay 1.5% of GDP to the UN each year. That is more than twice the 0.7% of GDP that the UN has recommended the West to pay in foreign aid for the past half century. Several hundred of the provisions in the Chairman’s note will impose huge financial costs on the nations of the West.

The world-government Secretariat: In all but name, the UN Convention’s Secretariat will become a world government directly controlling hundreds of global, supranational, regional, national and sub-national bureaucracies. It will receive the vast sum of taxpayers’ money ostensibly paid by the West to the Third World for adaptation to the supposed adverse consequences of imagined (and imaginary) “global warming”.

Bureaucracy: Hundreds of new interlocking bureaucracies answerable to the world-government Secretariat will vastly extend its power and reach. In an explicit mirroring of the European Union’s method of enforcing the will of its unelected Kommissars on the groaning peoples of that benighted continent, the civil servants of nation states will come to see themselves as servants of the greater empire of the Secretariat, carrying out its ukases and diktats whatever the will of the nation states’ governments. Many of the new bureaucracies are disguised as “capacity-building in developing countries”. This has nothing to do with growing the economies or industries of poorer nations. It turns out to mean the installation of hundreds of bureaucratic offices answerable to the Secretariat in numerous countries around the world. Who pays? You do, gentle taxpayer. Babylon, Byzantium, the later Ottoman Empire, the formidable bureaucracy of Nazi Germany, the vast empire of 27,000 paper-shufflers at the European Union: add all of these together and multiply by 100 and you still do not reach the sheer size, cost, power and reach of these new subsidiaries of the Secretariat. In addition to multiple new bureaucracies in every one of the 193 states parties to the Convention ...
read more at his blog -— if you dare !!!

10 posted on 12/09/2010 1:37:00 AM PST by DontTreadOnMe2009 (So stop treading on me already!)
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To: Nipfan; Whenifhow; TenthAmendmentChampion; Clive; scripter; Darnright; WL-law; bamahead; ...

Beam me to Planet Gore !

11 posted on 12/09/2010 3:35:19 AM PST by steelyourfaith (ObamaCare Death Panels: a Final Solution to the looming Social Security crisis ?)
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To: DontTreadOnMe2009

I talked to a socialist who worked for one of the international agencies, one of the development banks. She was absolutely shocked that I actually paid taxes. None of her friends did.

12 posted on 12/09/2010 4:15:53 AM PST by November 2010
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To: Nipfan
The objective is greatly to empower and still more greatly to enrich the international classe politique at the expense of the peoples of the West, using the climate as a pretext, so as to copy the European Union by installing in perpetuity what some delegates here are calling “transnational perma-Socialism” beyond the reach or recall of any electorate.

We knew that.

13 posted on 12/09/2010 4:18:25 AM PST by Tax-chick (He will be Peace.)
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To: Nipfan

World’s not just your father’s paranoid delusion anymore.
Monckton gets it. Too late. Sheeple and keyboard jockeys are not going to turn this around.

14 posted on 12/09/2010 4:31:56 AM PST by 668 - Neighbor of the Beast (Grammar police off-duty. But I saw what you did.)
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To: Seadog Bytes; AdmSmith; Arthur Wildfire! March; Berosus; bigheadfred; ColdOne; ...

Bingo! Thanks Seadog Bytes. Who does (the former) Number Two work for?

15 posted on 12/09/2010 4:37:31 AM PST by SunkenCiv (The 2nd Amendment follows right behind the 1st because some people are hard of hearing.)
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To: 668 - Neighbor of the Beast

Don’t be downhearted. The Tea party can beat this, the DREAM act, anything.

Keyboard jockeys will see as much of the fight as anyone.

16 posted on 12/09/2010 5:17:15 AM PST by agere_contra (...what if we won't eat the dog food?)
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To: Quix; The Comedian

One World Government ping.

17 posted on 12/09/2010 5:23:56 AM PST by houeto ("You know, I actually believe my own bullsh_t," --- BHO)
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To: houeto; Alamo-Girl; Amityschild; AngieGal; AnimalLover; Ann de IL; aposiopetic; aragorn; auggy; ...


18 posted on 12/09/2010 5:29:47 AM PST by Quix (Times are a changin' INSURE you have believed in your heart & confessed Jesus as Lord Come NtheFlesh)
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To: Quix

Thanks for the ping!

19 posted on 12/09/2010 7:26:07 AM PST by Alamo-Girl
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To: Seadog Bytes

Unilateral Economic Disarmament... a perfect description.

20 posted on 12/09/2010 10:52:19 AM PST by calcowgirl (“Controlling carbon is a bureaucrat’s dream. If you control carbon, you control life” —Lindzen)
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To: Quix; Whenifhow; houeto; null and void; Squantos; xrmusn; bronxville; Screaming_Gerbil; ...
The-local-operatives-of-transnationalist-treason-live-within-range ping.

"Enemies Domestic" ping.

Increasing volume ping list monitoring the Leftist/government axis agitprop, psyops, and instigation of violence.

FReepmail me if you want on or off The Comedian's "Enemies Domestic" ping list...

Frowning takes 68 muscles.
Smiling takes 6.
Pulling this trigger takes 2.
I'm lazy.

21 posted on 12/09/2010 1:20:43 PM PST by The Comedian (Government: Saving people from freedom since time immemorial.)
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To: The Comedian

Savoring the thought that goes into the ping description is worth the price of the ticket.

22 posted on 12/09/2010 3:24:41 PM PST by esquirette ("Our hearts are restless until they find rest in Thee." ~ Augustine)
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To: The Comedian

$100 Billion?

Dat’s alotta China!

23 posted on 12/09/2010 3:25:19 PM PST by bayouranger (The 1st victim of islam is the person who practices the lie.)
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To: calcowgirl


24 posted on 12/12/2010 11:33:08 PM PST by Seadog Bytes ("Smart Growth"... isn't.)
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