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Texas demographer: 'It's basically over for Anglos'
Houston Chronicle ^ | 02/24/2011 | Gary Scharrer

Posted on 02/25/2011 4:42:41 PM PST by iowamark

Looking at population projections for Texas, demographer Steve Murdock concludes: "It's basically over for Anglos."

Two of every three Texas children are now non-Anglo and the trend line will become even more pronounced in the future, said Murdock, former U.S. Census Bureau director and now director of the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at Rice University.

Today's Texas population can be divided into two groups, he said. One is an old and aging Anglo and the other is young and minority. Between 2000 and 2040, the state's public school enrollment will see a 15 percent decline in Anglo children while Hispanic children will make up a 213 percent increase, he said.

The state's largest county - Harris - will shed Anglos throughout the coming decades. By 2040, Harris County will have about 516, 000 fewer Anglos than lived in the Houston area in 2000, while the number of Hispanics will increase by 2.5 million during the same period, Murdock said. The projection assumes a net migration rate equal to one-half of 1990-2000.

Most of the state's population growth is natural, Murdock told the House Mexican American Legislative Caucus today. About 22 percent of the growth comes from people moving to Texas from other states.

About 6 percent of the state's population is not documented, he said.

By 2040, only 20 percent of the state's public school enrollment will be Anglo, he said. Last year, non-Hispanic white children made up 33.3 percent of the state's 4.8 million public school enrollment...

The state's future looks bleak assuming the current trend line does not change because education and income levels for Hispanics lag considerably behind Anglos, he said....

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Antoninus

“Within a couple of generations, those “non-Anglos” will become more American than many of “Anglos” they’re replacing. I say, “God bless ‘em.” And conservative values will win out in the end because leftist “values” (atheism, feminism, abortion, sodomy, nihilism, license, etc.) are dead ends in every sense.”

Just like they have in California, eh, gringo?

141 posted on 02/26/2011 8:59:52 PM PST by Grumplestiltskin (I may look new, but it's only deja vu!)
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To: Grumplestiltskin
Where does that leave us?

The problem here is that very important interests in both of our major political parties want illegal immigrants to be here. There is a difference between the parties - the Democrats want them to be able to vote, but not to work here and the Republicans want them to be able to work here, but not to vote. If either party wanted to be rid of illegal aliens, there would be no proposals for border fences, etc., but there would be much stronger and certain sanctions against employers for hiring them. The reason that no government, including the government of Arizona, is taking action in the workplace is because no government, including the government of Arizona, really wants to curb illegal immigration. Too many major industries benefit from the cheap labor.

You're right about these kids growing up and voting. And, you're right about them probably voting differently than we vote. We can't control the future and we may not even have much of a right to try.

We could do a better job now, though.

142 posted on 02/26/2011 9:04:22 PM PST by Walts Ice Pick
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To: Walts Ice Pick

“We can’t control the future and we may not even have much of a right to try.”

A thoughtful statement.


If we don’t have “a right to try” to control our future, what DO we have?

I, for one, totally disagree.

We -DO- have “the right” to at least TRY to “control our future”.

Until YOU become willing to accept that which I already accept, the future will not — and can NEVER BE - yours.

143 posted on 02/26/2011 9:10:53 PM PST by Grumplestiltskin (I may look new, but it's only deja vu!)
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To: Grumplestiltskin

Yeah, I agree that we have a right to control our future, but I probably won’t be around in thirty years and what decisions folks make then will be their business and not mine. They’ll fight just like we do.

144 posted on 02/26/2011 9:15:32 PM PST by Walts Ice Pick
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To: waterhill

Illegal aliens replacing Americans means no assimilation and therefore the values of illegal aliens’ home countries slowly replacing those traditionally held in America. Yes, the children are legally US citizens, but you can’t trust the allegiance of someone coming from that background. You can just image what they hear at home every day. It even has a negative effect on the children of US Hispanics as the MEChA and La Raza crowds begin to have more political clout through numbers. Racist Hispanics in these organizations begin to push ethic solidarity with illegals on the young, and with numbers and school board representation this crap gets into the curriculum as it did in Tucson (if you remember the “La Raza” curriculum that was being taught in the public schools there). It’s a recipe for Balkanization.

Basically I mean that America seems to have terrible difficulty taking people from the third world and assimilating them. The culture and values that created this nation are deemed “too white” and devalued and replaced with left-wing drivel dressed up in “ethnicity X” pride or “culture Y” appreciation language. We slowly slouch toward becoming more like the home countries—basically Mexico for the bulk of the problem, and Mexico is a hellhole because of what Mexican culture has caused Mexicans to create. I think it’s a disaster, and America already has enough troubles to overcome.

145 posted on 02/26/2011 9:56:41 PM PST by Trod Upon (Obama: Making the Carter malaise look good. Misery Index in 3...2...1)
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To: Antoninus

The Jews in Israel will also all be Muslims by that time.

146 posted on 02/26/2011 10:32:04 PM PST by WilliamHouston
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To: Grumplestiltskin

I’ll go even further than that. We not only have the right but the obligation to our posterity.

147 posted on 02/27/2011 2:20:47 PM PST by Maximum Scrunch
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To: WilliamHouston
I doubt the Muslims have any intention of converting the Jews of Israel into anything but fertilizer.
148 posted on 02/27/2011 2:23:53 PM PST by Maximum Scrunch
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To: x
imo, there are only two places left on earth where advanced European-styled civilization can be maintained and nurtured through the next world war: Australia/NewZealand and USA/Canada. The weather is better in the States, we have more natural resources, a larger habitable land mass, only two neighboring countries of note, no caste-systems preventing employment, a stronger social and moral network, a more stable government and a higher percentage of population survivabiliity of any wmd attacks. We also have the world's best overwhelming military response capability, and can be relatively self-sufficient amongst our neighbors if need-be.

America is the most logical choice for a European exodus, and, I believe, is destined for that exact purpose.

149 posted on 02/27/2011 5:23:54 PM PST by blueplum
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To: iowamark; K-oneTexas; fuzzthatwuz; publana; deadmenvote; tuffydoodle; secondamendmentkid; ...


If you want on, or off this S. Texas/Mexico ping list, please FReepMail me.

150 posted on 02/27/2011 8:09:39 PM PST by SwinneySwitch (Nemo me impune lacessit)
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To: iowamark

After the Mexicans complete their infection of Texas they will own it politically in 15 years.

Now what happens when a long suffering minority becomes the MAJORITY in political power?

Your going to get this in the mail:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gringo,
This letter is to inform you that your appeal of the decision on your housing relocation has been denied. As previously decided, the new Texas State Commission on Housing Equality has determined that your occupant to space ratio is too large. Your four bedroom home is needed by our new citizens with large families. In accordance with the recently adopted guidelines on FAIR HOUSING REIMBURSEMENT, the value of your clear title home will be used to secure your current retired lifestyle in a spacious five hundred square foot, one bedroom condo.

This wonderful, recently renovated, property is located just south of Downtown Dallas. All maintenance and landscaping is provided by our on-site staff so you don’t have to worry about the cost of paying a crew to cut a large lawn anymore. Please have your possessions packed and ready for the transfer team to complete your move in two weeks. It might be a good idea to down-size the amount of furniture you currently own since the amount needed to fill a four thousand square foot home will definitely NOT fit into a five hundred square foot condo. You might think about
donating it to the new citizen family that’s going to move into your former home. That would be a nice gesture and save US allot of work.

*** Please note *** GUNS are NOT allowed at your new residence. To complete your property transfer agreement you MUST surrender all firearms currently owned or you WILL be in violation of STATE LAW and property CONFISCATION will proceed without relocation to a new housing unit.

Please leave door keys and garage door openers on the kitchen counter. Please have the instructions on cleaning the pool translated into SPANISH and leave it with the keys!

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Regards,
Director of Fair Housing

Texas State Department of Housing

151 posted on 02/27/2011 9:40:56 PM PST by NeverForgetBataan (To the German Commander: ..........................NUTS !)
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To: iowamark

Texas's most famous anchor baby.

152 posted on 02/28/2011 12:08:16 AM PST by ruination
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To: iowamark
Quick, somebody tell again what the meaning of 'diversity' is?


Another telling statistic: Texas added nearly 1 million children under 18 — 95% of them Hispanic, says William Frey, a demographer for the Brookings Institution. "That's the future of the state," he says. "It's a diverse one."

95%?, "It's a diverse one?". Sounds like homogeneity to me and decidedly non white.

153 posted on 02/28/2011 6:49:09 AM PST by Altura Ct.
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To: iowamark

So Houston will lose a 1/2 million anglos and gain 2 1/2 million mexicans? On the upside, after viewing illegals I will predict that there will be fewer cars on the road though since they cram 12 people in a small vehicle

154 posted on 02/28/2011 6:52:31 AM PST by WhyisaTexasgirlinPA (Green Bay Packers - SuperBowl 45 champs)
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To: King Moonracer

Offal - I see what ya did there, vaton.

Colonel, USAFR

155 posted on 02/28/2011 8:11:27 AM PST by jagusafr ("We hold these truths to be self-evident...")
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To: OldNewYork

Oh Noooooooos were doomed.

156 posted on 03/01/2011 9:53:40 AM PST by CPT Clay (Pick up your weapon and follow me.)
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To: Jack Black

Thanks for your input.

I know what you mean by Hunting the Coast Range in Oregon.

I’ve hunted Elk in the Trask, Chest high Salal and very wet.

157 posted on 03/02/2011 3:59:23 PM PST by SwedeBoy2
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To: Regulator

“Swedeboy2; they’ve been all over this thread babbling about how wonderful the new Mestizo nation will be, once the vile and evil Americans are pushed out.

Every nation has its traitors.”

When someone starts using Absolutes you know they are off their Meds or are deliberately lying.

I posted once to counter the Paranoia of a certain individual and to illustrate that at least where I live there is some assimilation. I know I’ve seen it personally.

Now you can go back to your Klan Rally with all your talk of Race Traitors.

“You were 32 years old and in the second grade, you were older than the teacher, Don’t ya see, you felt like such a fool when they kicked you out of school, you’re glad the Klan has found a place for you.”

You are truly delusional, I have never posted anything to support Illegal Immigration.

You seem to Hate Latino’s without differentiating between Legals and Illegals.

If someone wants to come to my country, Obey the Law, Work beside me, I have no problem with them.

However, If they enter Illegally they must then Commit Fraud to obtain a Social Security number If they wish to Work or receive benefits. That I do not support.


Lie about people.

Call them Names.

Humm, sounds like a Leftist to me.

158 posted on 03/02/2011 4:27:59 PM PST by SwedeBoy2
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To: SwedeBoy2

We're all Klansmen, right...and you of course are a noble, caring and loving person who finds himself at home with AllMen™ and of course they will Luv U.

Yea Right...Good Luck Sven

159 posted on 03/02/2011 4:42:47 PM PST by Regulator (Watch Out! Americans are on the March! America Forever, Mexico Never!)
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To: Blue Jays

Me too. I couldn’t stand to live in the country I foresee as opposed to the great one I’ve known.

160 posted on 03/28/2011 5:16:42 PM PDT by mrsmel
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