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Number of White Children Falling Fast (Whites already minority of child populations in 10 states)
New York Times ^

Posted on 04/06/2011 11:51:43 AM PDT by quesney

America’s population of white children, a majority now, will be in the minority during this decade, sooner than previously expected, according to a new report.

The Census Bureau had originally forecast that 2023 would be the tipping point for the minority population under the age of 18. But rapid growth among Latinos, Asians and people of more than one race has pushed it earlier, to 2019, according to William Frey, the senior demographer at the Brookings Institution who wrote the report about the shift, which has far-reaching political and policy implications.

The single largest increase was among Hispanics, whose birthrates are far above those of non-Hispanic whites, largely because the white population is aging and proportionally has fewer women in their child-bearing years. The median age of whites is 41, compared with 27 for Hispanics, the report said.

As a result, America’s future will include a far more diverse young population, and a largely white older generation. The contrast raises important policy questions. Will the older generation pay for educating a younger generation that looks less like itself? And while the young population is a potential engine of growth for the economy, will it be a burden if it does not have access to adequate education?

The population of white children fell by 4.3 million, or about 10 percent, in the last decade, while the population of Hispanic and Asian children grew by 5.5 million, or about 38 percent, according to the report, which was based on 2010 Census numbers.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Abin Sur
Granted, but I can't think of a single race that doesn't include lots of women whom I find attractive.

Not that attractive as you're not willing to combine genetics with them. We'll put you down as "auxillary".

141 posted on 04/06/2011 6:16:07 PM PDT by triumphant values (Never criticize that to your right.)
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To: Bubba Ho-Tep

Good book. Italians generally did not attain “whiteness” until after WWII. There are also books by Roediger and Matthew Frye Jacobson that discuss “whiteness” with respect to Southern and Southeasterm European immigrants.

142 posted on 04/06/2011 6:22:01 PM PDT by Army Air Corps (Four fried chickens and a coke)
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To: Niuhuru

Thank you! I couldn’t have put it better myself - 100% accurate.

143 posted on 04/06/2011 6:38:59 PM PDT by GOPsterinMA (Some men DO just want to watch the world burn.)
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To: Tijeras_Slim

FREERIDERS....Guilty as Charged.

144 posted on 04/06/2011 6:47:31 PM PDT by Jersey Republican Biker Chick (Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.)
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To: dfwgator

My mother’s side is Polska-From the Kracow area. I’ve often wanted to travel there to see it and consider settling if they keep following more sane policies.

145 posted on 04/06/2011 7:01:55 PM PDT by Amberdawn
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To: dfwgator

Zakopane has become a Vail, horribly commercialized, from what I’ve read. Western and Eastern Karpatian Mountains look much better now. I’m thinking too.

146 posted on 04/06/2011 7:06:37 PM PDT by Revolting cat! (Let us prey!)
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To: triumphant values
Not that attractive as you're not willing to combine genetics with them.

There are some types of combinations that I'm perfectly willing to engage with them :-)

Reproduction just isn't on the list...

147 posted on 04/06/2011 7:16:17 PM PDT by Abin Sur
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To: triumphant values
Then you went and listed a bunch of material reasons.

It's always helpful to define terms...let me see if I can understand where you're coming from. I listed as reasons for not reproducing:

I'll give you #2. #1 isn't quite as strong, but the mess children make and all the associated hassles are material in nature. #3 & #4, though...not so much.

What would you consider non-materialistic reasons for not having children?

148 posted on 04/06/2011 7:25:57 PM PDT by Abin Sur
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To: Abin Sur

I disagree with your premise and hope to have kids but

It took a week to house train my puppy, yet it takes 3+ years to potty train a kid.

God or evolution (which ever you believe) really screwed that one up.

149 posted on 04/06/2011 9:27:01 PM PDT by qam1 (There's been a huge party. All plates and the bottles are empty, all that's left is the bill to pay)
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To: triumphant values

“How is bringing children into this viper pit productive?
The world has always been a viper pit. In fact the one who it belongs to has long been referred to as a serpent.
Any number of people throughout the ages could have taken your stance with a lot more basis for it.
“Why would I bring any children in to this World? So they can be taken into slavery by the Mongol hoards”.
“Why would I bring any children into this world? So they can die from the Black Plague?”
“Why would I bring any children into this world? So they can be slaughtered by marauding Norsemen?”
Thankfully your and my ancestors were made of sterner stuff. This world today is a cakewalk compared to days long ago.”

Your post is nonsense.

Fully effective birth control didn’t arrive until the 1960’s with oral contraceptives.

Those “people throughout the ages” had babies whether they wanted them or not. There did not yet exist totally reliable methods to keep nature from taking its course.

Once women “gained control over their bodies”, EVERYthing changed, particularly in the West (but not necessarily limited to The West, as consider the plummeting birthrate in Japan).

It is women who have by default chosen the future of The West, by rejecting their traditional roles of mother and homekeeper. I’m not going to say that’s “wrong”, I’m simply stating that it _is_.

Look at the plunging birthrates in Europe. Those women are childless by choice.

Whether it be in the face of Mogols or the black plague, women of that time had no choice. The men had them, and they got pregnant.

Ain’t that way no mo’....

150 posted on 04/06/2011 9:58:24 PM PDT by Grumplestiltskin (I may look new, but it's only deja vu!)
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To: LibLieSlayer

I look forward to it. Time for the Gotterdammerung to come and come with a vengeance. More than anything, it’s long overdue and we must ready ourselves.

151 posted on 04/06/2011 10:09:32 PM PDT by Niuhuru (The Internet is the digital AIDS; adapting and successfully destroying the MSM host.)
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To: quesney; All

How many of those children have parents that came here illegally? I really thought that after 9-11 our southern border would be secured and that a crackdown on illegals would occur. The Dems of course want the illegals here for their votes and the GOP is too scared to be labeled as anti-Hispanic.

152 posted on 04/07/2011 12:00:15 AM PDT by eekitsagreek (The solid 10-pin, the cause of all the world's problems.)
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To: Niuhuru
I do believe we are headed for it because there is no one in power doing anything but playing politics... including Ryan and his group. Maybe the republicrats should walk away from Washington DC and pledge not to return until the rats get serious about saving America or disbanding her... one way or the other... they refuse to do those things that would save and preserve the Union.

Our local abc news had some fat, drunk welfare prince, camping in a local National Park, demanding that both sides "compromise" to keep our Parks and our perks open and coming... he said compromise was the American way... compromise is what has brought us to the brink of destruction and the end of the American Dream. These kinds of people are why I see America disappearing... at least some part of it. Maybe that is what should happen. I refuse to live under a communist sharia nation... not going to happen. The Republic of Texas sounds pretty good... or maybe a confederation of free states... my first choice is to save America that I love by returning her to the form which made us great in the first place... and return her to GOD's grace once again also.


153 posted on 04/07/2011 4:38:13 AM PDT by LibLieSlayer (WOLVERINES!!!)
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To: Abin Sur

I’ve read his book, mmm hmmm...

154 posted on 04/07/2011 5:43:17 AM PDT by MrB (The difference between a Humanist and a Satanist - the latter knows whom he's working for)
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To: MrB
It's funny, his novel "Patriots" is possibly the worst piece of fiction I've ever read...but it still has useful information in it. As a review on Amazon points out, there is no real story here. There are probably 20 pages of blather in between every plot progression in the book. The plot will progress a little bit, then Rawles will spend the next 4 or 5 pages describing in painful detail weapon specifications, inventories, etc. I recall one passage in which a new character shows up at the retreat, and spends 2 pages listing everything in his backpack. Then there's the matter of the communist cannibals.

No. Really.

That having been said, it still has useful information regarding retreats, long term survival off the grid, etc.

155 posted on 04/07/2011 7:03:28 AM PDT by Abin Sur
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To: Abin Sur

I haven’t made it through all of Patriots, but I have read the “green book”.

I also know the characters to which you refer.
There is a lot of useful information, but there’s also a lot of stuff that I’m just not going to do.

I think the most useful thing was the idea of having a trailer loaded up with your stuff, sitting in a storage unit, ready to hook up ‘n go.

156 posted on 04/07/2011 7:14:45 AM PDT by MrB (The difference between a Humanist and a Satanist - the latter knows whom he's working for)
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To: PetroniusMaximus
Exactly. And when it dies, so dies freedom.

You make it sound like our "European-based culture" was killed. It wasn't. It committed suicide.

Freedom is not a product of European-based culture. European-based cultures gave us Communism, Secularism, Atheism, Fascism, and Nazism. Rather, freedom is a product of Christianity. If you want freedom back, 19th century European nihilism must be crushed and true Christianity embraced by the people.

And for the record, Christianity is not a European-based culture. It is a open to anyone and everyone.
157 posted on 04/07/2011 7:41:11 AM PDT by Antoninus (Fight the homosexual agenda. Support marriage --
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To: The Magical Mischief Tour

Most whites will have one zero children. Thats the problem which is only compounded by the fact that non-whites are having 2-3 or more...

158 posted on 09/22/2011 11:46:40 AM PDT by AngryMan0
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To: AngryMan0

Just so you know, the last reply on this thread was over 5 months ago.

159 posted on 09/22/2011 11:54:21 AM PDT by lonevoice (The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers, impeach we much)
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