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Trump sends investigators to Hawaii to look into Obama

Posted on 04/07/2011 7:20:45 AM PDT by quesney

Washington (CNN) – Self-proclaimed birther Donald Trump is now so doubtful of President Obama's birthplace that he's sent a team of his own investigators to Hawaii in hopes of getting to the bottom of the issue.

That's according to Trump himself, who, in an interview with NBC, warned his investigators just might uncover "one of the greatest cons in the history of politics and beyond."

"I have people that have been studying it and they cannot believe what they're finding," Trump said an interview that aired Thursday Morning.

Asked if he has assigned people specifically to search in Hawaii, Trump said, "Absolutely."

The business mogul, who in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll is tied for second place among potential presidential candidates, also suggested the president is involved in an ongoing cover-up over the matter.

"He spent $2 million in legal fees trying on to get away from this issue, and if it weren't an issue, why wouldn't he just solve it?" he said. "I wish he would because if he doesn't, it's one of the greatest scams in the history of politics and in the history, period. You are not allowed to be a president if you're not born in this country. Right now, I have real doubts."

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To: crosshairs
A foreign entity.....? this bastard?
141 posted on 04/07/2011 9:18:47 AM PDT by AngelesCrestHighway
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To: Salvavida; All

According to the joint chiefs the primary focus of his command is diversity.

Maybe NASA will take it over and will keep “O” in office as a muslim outreach initiative.

Biden would lose all creditability, it would as you noted be a Constitutional crisis - I think most of the blame will go to the media as they did not do their job.

Lets assume none is found. Can the president be on the ballot in those states that have passed a law requiring proof or would they just say “incumbent president”?

142 posted on 04/07/2011 9:19:03 AM PDT by edcoil (Rule One: Fear No Man)
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To: Fantasywriter
Yes, the point is she looked if she had never heard any of this controversy.

Regardless of WHAT the truth is, doesn't she READ? And shouldn't she, being a "reporter" and all?

143 posted on 04/07/2011 9:21:16 AM PDT by truthkeeper ( Life is a pre-existing condition - Rush Limbaugh)
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To: crosshairs

Very well could be union enforcers making the threats,
but I was thinking something a little more direct from the spooks at the fed level.

144 posted on 04/07/2011 9:21:43 AM PDT by MrB (The difference between a Humanist and a Satanist - the latter knows whom he's working for)
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To: MichaelCorleone

I agree!!!

It is time to get rid of all of Obama’s phony appointments, also all of his czars, all of the Bills the has signed fraudulently!!

It’s time for Obama to be removed from Our WH & charged with “Treason” against The United States of America!!

Obama’s Close Friend Arrested During Prostitution Sting in Hawaii

Robert Richard Titcomb, 49, is a male prostitute! And BO has kept in touch with him since high school. Plays golf with him and spends time with him when he visits Hawaii.

145 posted on 04/07/2011 9:21:48 AM PDT by ebysan (ebysan)
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To: AngelesCrestHighway

146 posted on 04/07/2011 9:22:34 AM PDT by JoeProBono (A closed mouth gathers no feet - Visualize)
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To: jaydubya2
Here's one place where it's still up.

147 posted on 04/07/2011 9:25:28 AM PDT by Menehune56 ("Let them hate so long as they fear" (Oderint Dum Metuant), Lucius Accius, (170 BC - 86 BC))
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To: khnyny

Here’s what I have never understood about the whole thing.

There were questions about “O’s” status from the beginning and no one can argue that those accomplished and unflinching dirt-dealers, the Clintons, were unaware of it. So:

• Why didn’t the ‘smartest woman in America’ pick up the cudgel when it would have done her (and US) some good?
• Did she make a deal with “O” to shut up about it so he would withhold unsavory facts about HER? (NOT that bad press would be anything new for her, but maybe it was something REALLY damning)
• Will she remain EVEN NOW mum on the whole thing?
• Evita wanted the nomination SO bad she salivated!!! What would justify her risking the chance of a lifetime in, if you recall, a very toxic nomination process?
• Will she make the same devil’s deal with “O” again?

I think she has involvement as well. It is all too Byzantine!!

148 posted on 04/07/2011 9:25:44 AM PDT by SMARTY (Conforming to non-conformity is conforming just the same.)
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To: walterandrews
I think one of two things are true: either Obama doesn’t have a long-form birth certificate, or he does have it and he’s holding onto it for maximal political benefit.

The window of time for "maximum impact" has long passed. This issue has been festering in full public view for three years now, and Obama has failed to produce a long form bc. If he was going to make political points with this issue, the time to do that was perhaps six months into his presidency, not two and a half years in.

Any document he releases now, is going to be viewed with a great deal of suspicion and doubt, as to its authenticity. Had he done so in 2009, he would have likely ended all speculation and taken this issue away from his detractors.

That Obama has allowed this issue to grow, and to do real damage to his credibility for all this time, points to the conclusion that he doesn't have the ability to refute the charges. He is the fraud that we've accused him of being.

149 posted on 04/07/2011 9:26:19 AM PDT by Windflier (To anger a conservative, tell him a lie. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.)
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To: jetson
Bares repeating...

There is no such thing as a birther...just concerned US citizens.... who believe in the US Constitution and want it upheld!
150 posted on 04/07/2011 9:26:46 AM PDT by Lucky9teen (Jobs? Nope! Economy? Nope! Disarm the U.S? Yep! Impeach the treasonous Marxist Muslim usurper bast)
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To: RVN Airplane Driver
The interesting part is that there are a lot of "Rats" who are complicit in this fraud that are not sleeping well these days.

I would indict everyone involved with the coverup including the o and his wife. Have trials which match the War Crimes trials after WWII. Accept no plea agreements. This could be the biggest conspiracy in the history of this Country.

151 posted on 04/07/2011 9:28:21 AM PDT by Portcall24
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To: nikos1121
I'm curious. I keep reading that your parents have to be citizens for the child to be a natural born citizen. Where is that coming from?

Why did Mccain get vetted and not Obama as per birth certificate?

152 posted on 04/07/2011 9:29:24 AM PDT by Pure Country (“I’ve noticed that every person that is for abortion has already been born.” -Ronald Reagan)
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To: laweeks
""Well, no one else would even bring up the issue . . . neither Rush, Hannity, Beck, Malkin, Coulter . . . NONE OF THEM until now, and then they kinda' refer to it briefly . . . I'm so disgusted with our conservative voices for having ignored this issue as if they've been threatened with death or something."

Give them a break. Think about it. They know the media would convince the MAJORITY of the people that they really are a bunch of right wing nuts. On the other hand the MAJORITY of the people know Donald Trump is a good business man and WOULD BE CRAZY TO BE DOING THIS IF HE DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW OBAMA IS A FAKE. That is why the media are now giving the birth certificate issue air time and not calling Trump a nut.

153 posted on 04/07/2011 9:29:30 AM PDT by Spunky (Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.)
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To: truthkeeper
Trump has done some research because he also said on the Today Show the COLB has no serial number or signature.
154 posted on 04/07/2011 9:30:04 AM PDT by opentalk
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To: over3Owithabrain

But Trump is fairly safe here. If 0bama were going to provide slam-dunk definitive proof he would have already done it rather than spend $2 million keeping it hid. Trump at the minimum can continue to sow doubt. 0bama’s silence will be considered proof by many. When a guy is down, people look for additional reasons to dislike.

This may be a campaign to get him to decide not to run.

155 posted on 04/07/2011 9:30:42 AM PDT by Truth is a Weapon (If I weren't afraid of the feds, I would refer to Obama as our "undocumented POTUS")
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To: truthkeeper; curiosity

I can understand Meredith’s deer-in-the-headlights look. Liberals cannot call elderly Kenyan women liars; it runs diametrically opposite there liberal template, and would make their heads explode.

I asked curiosity yesterday why Obama’s granny would lie about what happened, and curiosity said it never happened. The thread, which was started by a retread troll, was deleted before I could request an explanation.

It will be interesting to see curiosity’s source documentation. His/her replies to me yesterday dripped with condescension. I’ve never had such replies from a conservative, only from liberals.

curiosity, I’m not calling you a liberal. I’m just saying you answered me as only liberals have. No conservative, for example, has copped full on snark with me straight out of the gate. It tracks one-for-one with the standard liberal playbook, though.

Just sayin’.

156 posted on 04/07/2011 9:30:57 AM PDT by Fantasywriter
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To: walterandrews
If we want to chase the birth certificate issue, we’d be better off doing it quietly rather than making a big media mountain out of it, because the bigger the media mountain, the more devastating it is for real conservatives if Obama DOES produce a birth certificate.

"We"? Who is we? Donald Trump is perfectly positioned to go after Obama on the bc issue. He can't be hurt by the media, the left establishment, or Obama. No one on our side is going to be "devastated" if Obama whips out a nicely aged forgery.

157 posted on 04/07/2011 9:30:57 AM PDT by Windflier (To anger a conservative, tell him a lie. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.)
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To: quesney

Look, even the researchers who’ve already been there have uncovered a lot of stuff. If this were a criminal case (and it should be - fraud against America) there is enough evidence to take it to trial.

That little piece of video of Obama debating Alan keys may end up being evidence against Obama’s next defense, that he did not know he was ineligible.

Believe me, if he is found out, he will pull a bill Clinton and start saying “I found this out in the papers just like you did”. Which is a freaking lie.

158 posted on 04/07/2011 9:31:11 AM PDT by Yaelle
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To: Spunky
Give them a break.

Sorry, but their silence was deafening and maddening at the same time. You can't tell me that their combined microphones and voices couldn't have shattered this punk's claim to the White House long before our Chief Justice failed to do his duty by refusing to inaugurate Obambi. Inexcusable at all levels.

159 posted on 04/07/2011 9:34:25 AM PDT by laweeks
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To: Pollster1

Yes! I want reporters covering Elena Kagan and the Wise Latina carrying their boxes of stuff down the steps of the Supreme Court into their waiting cars!!! I’d cry tears of joy.

160 posted on 04/07/2011 9:34:29 AM PDT by Yaelle
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