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Yesterday was a sad day for Free Republic
May 3, 2011 | Huck

Posted on 05/03/2011 4:46:53 AM PDT by Huck

Yesterday should have been a glorious day around here. There should have been fireworks and celebration. There should have been somber remembrances. There should have been patriotic tributes. There should have been shared joy at the news that our guys had finally gotten Bin Laden.

Instead, when I visited the site, what I found was a lot of carping. I found people focused more on the political spin than on the great news. I found people transferring their birther mentality onto this event, talking about Obama faking this news, photoshopping information, etc. It wasn't everybody, but it was a LOT of people. It made me sick.

Yesterday Free Republic seemed like DU. It makes me wonder what the hell is going on. Are Freepers getting younger? I always assume that DU is so pathetically immature because they must be younger. Free Republic has always been a place dominated by great class, and wit, and decency. Not this time. What I saw yesterday was a pathetic embarrassment and totally unworthy of this great forum.

As some of you may know, I was in lower Manhattan on 9-11. I was just across the street from the WTC when the first plane hit. I still remember the beautiful clear blue sky that day. I remember walking in between the towers just a minute or so before 8:46am, on my normal route to work. I remember my co-workers screaming in panic when they watched from an office window as the second plane hit the south tower. I remember women crying and screaming hysterically. I remember not being able to contact my wife to tell her I was OK. I remember people jumping to their deaths. I remember seeing the north tower go down with my own eyes, hearing it with my own ears. I remember fleeing Manhattan. I remember it was a Tuesday.

I remember returning to work the following Monday, riding the ferry passed the site, noxious smoke still billowing from the wreckage. I remember armed troops on the sidewalks. I remember wearing a breathing mask inside my building because the foul odor was seeping in through the ventilation system. I remember thinking we'd really gotten kicked in the teeth. They had killed innocent people, they had traumatized our women and children, and I really wanted revenge. I hung a picture on my wall of the American eagle sharpening his talons.

It has been a long time since that day. It's hard to believe how fast time flies. Then again, if you lost your loved one, I imagine time hasn't gone so fast. I love my wife so much, I can empathize with anyone who has lost the one they love. I can't imagine how that would be, and don't want to know, but I can cry for those people because I know what it is like to find your one true love.

I'm not an Obama fan. I hate socialism. But I am so happy that Bin Laden is killed, and that we have exacted some real revenge. It's about time. The politics don't even play into it for me. I still have the little flag, now tattered, that I flew on my car antenna after 9-11. I want to take it out of storage and put it on my car. I want to see American flags on cars like we saw back then. But it's not going to happen, and partially because the normally patriotic conservatives such as the ones here on Free Republic are instead focused on the politics and the fact that a socialist Democrat was president and will get some of the credit.

I guess you all would have been pissed on D-Day too. FDR was as big a socialist as anyone. I guess VE day and VJ day would have chapped your hides, since Truman was a DEM. I don't mean to paint with a broad brush. I know it wasn't every Freeper acting this way. But when I went on the board, that was the general impression, and it was really disappointing. It should have been a great day here. Instead, I saw a lack of patriotism and a lack of class. Free Republic should be better than this. If conservatives lose their patriotism and class, then what will happen to those virtues? I hope we can get them back soon. In the meantime, thanks for reading.



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To: Huck

Kudos - I agree.

201 posted on 05/03/2011 6:17:39 AM PDT by ozarkgirl
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To: Huck

Disagree. Yesterday Free Republic functioned just fine. All the participants did what they are known for, expected to do, and did it well.

You don’t like some of what they did? You don’t like some of their/our opinions? Your opinion is also part of Free Republic, and you’ve done your duty for the cause as did the others.

Free Republic works whether it’s in the positive in your opinion, or in the negative in your opinion.

I noted your remark about an Opus, and so be it. I think it’s pretty stupid to jump off the opinion bandwagon such as FR over your perception of the opinions of others. “H” that’s what we all are here for.

I for one posted my suspicions, and that I am taking a wait and see attitude. I personally think it unwise to jump onto the joy wagon because of information dispersed by a serial liar such as Obama without one iota of proof to back it up.

Some say well I wouldn’t call Navy Seal’s liars, but then when did the Seal’s tell us at this point that they did as was reported? They didn’t. Obama reported they did it. He’s the one with the track record as Liar in Chief.

Get over it. Your vanity post shows you want to participate. So keep up the participation, or Opus out. You’ve been a participant for a long time. Makes no sense to Opus out over this.

202 posted on 05/03/2011 6:17:39 AM PDT by rockinqsranch (Dems, Libs, Socialists, call 'em what you will, they ALL have fairies livin' in their trees.)
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To: Lakeshark; Huck
When I read what Huck wrote, I think he was upset with those who took the strong position that this was faked by the administration and isn't true.

Frankly and for good reason, I would not put anything past this administration. The conspiracy theories are fueled by Obama's blatant dishonesty and his literal inability to tell the truth about the most trivial things. It is not unreasonable to doubt everything that Obama says and to demand verification of every claim, including the claim that his administration took out Osama Bin Laden on Sunday, had a 100% DNA verification done within 12 hours and conveniently buried his body at sea before anybody had a chance to see it.

Does it make me a conspiracy nut to think that buried in that story are more than a couple of untruths? Does it make you want to vacate Free Republic because I use my brain and demand proof from an Administration that is more than willing to piss on the legs of the American Public and tell them it's raining?

[Huck] didn't really say much at all about those who were upset with the grandstanding of the dems and how the media is spinning this for them.

BS. That is what 99% of the harping was about and that is why he posted this screed. He wants Free Republic to be a place that expresses his opinion and when he's happy he wants all the other posters here to be happy. And when he's not cynical he doesn't want anyone else to be cynical. If Huck is happy, then he should post that he's happy. This thread, however, is clear evidence that his own happiness was as short lived as those whom he is now condemning for not remaining happy. Hypocrisy.

203 posted on 05/03/2011 6:18:13 AM PDT by P-Marlowe (LPFOKETT GAHCOEEP-w/o*)
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To: Huck

Huck, I agree completely.

FR ain ‘t what it used to be. It’s just bozos and yahoos yelling all day long.

204 posted on 05/03/2011 6:18:45 AM PDT by Buckhead
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To: mad_as_he$$

Most were probably in elementary school, my son is in their age group. I know many their age who are not here to celebrate, they are on a FOB or COP, they got word probably did the high-five and still had to watch for IED’s, snipers and ambushes.

205 posted on 05/03/2011 6:18:48 AM PDT by panthermom (Proud Mom of an Infantry Soldier)
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To: alicewonders
Don’t blame FReepers for voicing what everyone is thinking right now.

Maybe what has been framed as blame is actually evidence that Free Republic has a very good sense of what America is really thinking.

For better or worse, at least we're accurate. :0)

206 posted on 05/03/2011 6:18:50 AM PDT by paulycy (Islamo-Marxism is Evil.)
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To: Huck

Shame on us; we should have at least given the regime time to get their stories consolidated and straight. I happy that I don’t have to hear about the boogy man anymore, now if Obama will just STFU.

207 posted on 05/03/2011 6:19:00 AM PDT by Mike Darancette (Is Trump a Stalking Horse for Guiliani?)
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To: Huck

Well, I must admit I am glad he is gone, and I haven’t expressed it enough here. I have been generally mistrustful of Obama, and this is another case where he has made it about himself. I also am not thrilled about our Navy conducting a Muslim funeral for him (it is hard to accept this aspect in particular). Obama ruins everything he touches.

208 posted on 05/03/2011 6:19:10 AM PDT by PghBaldy
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To: Huck

There were some of us calling for balance.

See this thread:

209 posted on 05/03/2011 6:19:44 AM PDT by xzins (Retired Army Chaplain & proud of it: Truly Supporting the Troops means praying for their Victory!)
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To: seeker41; Huck
“Wrote something along theses lines last month-it does seem to have shifted to sarcasm and bickering.”

And, I add, profanity and personal attacks. There was a time years ago when FReepers did not profane and engage in personally attacking other posters.

The decline of FR is noticeable and sad.

210 posted on 05/03/2011 6:19:54 AM PDT by Hulka
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To: ilovesarah2012

I did not say I believe Bin Laden is not dead. I believe he is dead.

I bought a lottery ticket awhile back and lost it somewhere in the house. Luckily I had scanned it on my computer.

Three days later, those numbers came up as a winner. I printed it out, took it to the lottery office and they told me, that’s nice, now we need to see the actual ticket to prove that you indeed won. (This is a hypothetical story, by the way.)

Trust but verify. Now where have I heard that before? If our military got Osama, that is terrific for the country. It won’t stop terrorism, but it will put the Bin Laden saga to rest and give some justice to the 9/11 families.

Now if we could just get Obama and Eric Holder to let the mastermind of 9/11, Kahlid Sheikh Muhammed, meet his punishment for planning it. I also hope we can get rid of Ayman Al Zawahiri, the acting Al Qaeda chief. Don’t you?

Closing our borders would also be very helpful going forward as far as national security goes.

211 posted on 05/03/2011 6:20:41 AM PDT by dforest
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To: saganite; Huck

Since the Rudy purge, the place has gone downhill.

I wasn’t a Rudy guy, but, a lot of his supporters were great contributors to FR. There have been other purges as well over the last few years, and while I understand the sentiment to keep FR ‘pure’ as you will, it seems that the more people we lose, the worse it gets around here.

Flame away.

212 posted on 05/03/2011 6:23:47 AM PDT by RockinRight (Maybe Trump's a stalking horse for Palin...)
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To: This I Wonder32460

How odd that this president takes credit for the actions of the Navy SEALS, which killed someone.

But he forgets that he attempted to PROSECUTE Navy SEALS a mere one year ago.....for slapping upside the head & giving a suspected terrorist a FAT LIP.

Murder-okay. Fat Lip-prosecution in court.

Ok, I get it.

213 posted on 05/03/2011 6:23:58 AM PDT by Daisyjane69 (Michael Reagan: "Welcome back, Dad, even if you're wearing a dress and bearing children this time)
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To: Huck


I am a New Yorker too. I agree with you about the tone here on FR, but with what we have seen our elected officials do in the last decade has even the most naive and easy going people I know more cynical, negative, and depressed that at any other time. I’m not making excuses for bad behavior, however, when have so many people been out of work, watched their life savings destroyed, their home values drop to levels that may take a decade to recover (if ever), the growing attacks on people of faith, the mind-rotting reality TV programming, moral relativism, the whittling away of our constitution and civil liberties and the mass propaganda machine called our liberal media which feeds the mood.

I now know how Winston Smith could succumb and learn to love Big Brother.

That doesn’t make it right, I’m just saying.....

214 posted on 05/03/2011 6:24:05 AM PDT by NoKoolAidforMe (Show me the body!!!)
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To: wintertime
uses every event for future political posturing and advantage

That also applies to releases of the BC. What he will continue to do is dribble out enough poor quality photocopies of transcripts to keep various mental gyrations and gymnastics going for his benefit. There is not a solitary shred of evidence that the BC issue has caused him any political harm. On the contrary it allows him to paint critics as part of the lunatic fringe.

(and don't post any "evidence" of forgeries on this thread, save it for those threads where it belongs)

215 posted on 05/03/2011 6:24:31 AM PDT by palmer (Cooperating with Obama = helping him extend the depression and implement socialism.)
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To: P-Marlowe

It makes you a conspiracy lunatic to think the entire National Security Team, including the SecDef, and the Navy Seals, and the CIA were all in on a big conspiracy involving the mastermind of 9-11 just so Obama can look good. Yes, it makes you a freak.

216 posted on 05/03/2011 6:24:35 AM PDT by Huck (We must have universal healthcare. -- Donald Trump.)
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To: ilovesarah2012

Well why do I have to hear about “rapid DNA” testing from a Freeper? WHy couldn’t the white house briefing talked about that? How stupid do they think we are. Besides you are making a supposition about how that DNA test was done(or is still being done). I didn’t hear one comment yesterday saying they thought OBL was still alive. Give it a break.

217 posted on 05/03/2011 6:24:58 AM PDT by central_va
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To: Huck
Yesterday should have been a glorious day around here. There should have been fireworks and celebration. There should have been somber remembrances. There should have been patriotic tributes. There should have been shared joy at the news that our guys had finally gotten Bin Laden.

And that's what our overlord wannabes in Washington would also like to see. Plug back into the Matrix of American Decline in celebratory bliss while they continue to lie, cheat, steal, and spin this story of military heroism to their own benefit in 2012.

It's hard to celebrate Osama's demise when equally dangerous domestic enemies called Politicians are pushing (or not resisting much) America towards financial/social collapse if not outright revolution/civil war.

Take the Founders' red pill, FRiend.

218 posted on 05/03/2011 6:25:42 AM PDT by DTogo (High time to bring back the Sons of Liberty !!)
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To: Huck

Huck can you elaborate a bit on what happened yesterday. I still do not know what you are talking about. Please give details on what piised you off so much. You say that there was a lot of carping and people focused on political spin? Isn’t this the whole point of having FR?

219 posted on 05/03/2011 6:25:51 AM PDT by Flavious_Maximus
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To: P-Marlowe; Huck
I'm laughing here, Huck will be the first to tell you that we don't agree on a lot. Most of the time I find his screeds to be .....screeds

If Huck is happy, then he should post that he's happy


220 posted on 05/03/2011 6:27:34 AM PDT by Lakeshark (Thank a member of the US armed forces for their sacrifice)
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