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Obama certificate falls short in authenticity [has kerning, which is impossible on a typewriter]
World Net Daily ^ | May 8, 2011 | Bob Unruh

Posted on 06/07/2011 10:58:56 PM PDT by grundle

... the type on the birth document show evidence of "kerning," the squeezing of letters into a line so that they intrude into adjacent letter spaces. Kerning is routine, since the advent of word processors and computers, but impossible with a typewriter.

Denninger explains that in the image above, of the name of the hospital, the "a" and the "p" share vertical space on the line.

"This process, of course, requires that you know what the next letter is. With a computer this is pretty easy, since the computer can retroactively go back and adjust, and it also can typeset the current letter with the knowledge of what the previous one was," he reported. "A typewriter, on the other hand, is a mechanical device. It does not know what the next letter is that you will type, nor does it know what the last letter was that you typed. It thus has a typeface that always leaves physical space between the boundary of each character."

"To refute this point you must come up with a typewriter that contains a flux capacitor and thus is capable of accurately predicting the future," he said. "This document has been assembled by somebody on a computer."

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: ponygirl

Look at the security pattern. IIRC, the pattern on it goes straight all the way to the edges, but the printing on the certificate bends around.

I had assumed from that that security paper had been put in the copier, and the certificate, in a bound volume, was then copied onto the security paper.

I don’t know if this means anything, though.

41 posted on 06/08/2011 5:02:31 AM PDT by exDemMom (Now that I've finally accepted that I'm living a bad hair life, I'm more at peace with the world.)
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To: CitizenUSA
We used to do it so that we could fit more text into blocks on government forms. If you had an extra character or two that wouldn’t fit using normal kerning, you could scrunch it a bit to make it fit.

You could also get the same result by hitting the "1/2 backspace" key on some machines, or by manually sliding the paper over, or by not hitting the "space" bar with an even pressure, which could affect how for over the next key struck.

I'll give youngsters the benefit of the doubt, and write it off top ignorance, if they buy this. But as to anyone old enough to have used a real type writer, if you think that 1 overlap is evidence of kerning, you are either lying, or being willfully delusional.

If you want to see what "kerning" looks like, look up Buckethead's post re Dan Rather's fake documents. If you want to see what self delusion look like, look up Dan Rather's comments that his fake documents have never been proven to be fake to his satisfaction.

42 posted on 06/08/2011 5:07:22 AM PDT by Pilsner
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To: grundle


43 posted on 06/08/2011 5:28:54 AM PDT by tentmaker
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To: MHGinTN; grundle
The ‘ultimate evidence’ is the presence of different versions of the same letter, like capital “A” within text supposedly written all on the same typewriter back in 1961.

Have you ever actually seen a document typed on a manual typewriter using a fabric ribbon? I went through college typing my papers on one, before there were such things as word processors. (Oh, they were beginning to appear in basic form on computers like Apple IIs or TRS-80s, but most Professors wouldn't accept a paper printed using a dot matrix printer.)

Combining a fabric ribbon with computerized scanning, I can believe all of those letters match.

44 posted on 06/08/2011 6:10:41 AM PDT by Yo-Yo (Is the /sarc tag really necessary?)
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To: ponygirl; boop
It's a forgery.

Yes, it is. For many reasons, the largest of which is Obama always lies.

45 posted on 06/08/2011 6:12:01 AM PDT by Texas Fossil (Government, even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one)
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To: Waco

I Wholeheartedly agree that the facts have been clear to the ALPHA agencies but no one will do squat. There must be a lot of waste to be flushed and it’s starting to stink up the whole Country.

46 posted on 06/08/2011 6:23:06 AM PDT by mcshot ("...of the people, by the people, for the people..." but we aren't "his people".)
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To: doug from upland
Corsi is still making claims ...

All patriots should be thankful that someone is **still** pointing out that Obama posted an obvious forgery.

47 posted on 06/08/2011 7:00:53 AM PDT by wintertime
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To: El Sordo; grundle; LucyT

“And now they can’t stop singing it forever just because...”

And here’s another verse to your song and dance for your dear usurper in the whit-hut, Mr. FINO and spammer!!!

48 posted on 06/08/2011 7:02:21 AM PDT by danamco (-)
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To: mcshot
Two things stink up my nose more than others:

** Our so-called “conservative” yappers on radio and cable TV. Wow! Some even literally cry over the Constitution but have been silent on Obama’s eligibility or insulting. If true tyranny comes to our nation these entertainers WILL sell their talents to the fascist oligarchy. They WILL lick the boots crushing our necks. Bet on it!

** Where are our highest military? Where is the evidence that they peacefully and lawfully sought certifiable clarification of Obama’s eligibility from congress or the courts? When did upholding identity theft, election fraud, scamming Americans for campaign funds, and impersonating a Commander in Chief become part of the military code of honor. Honestly, I am surprised they aren't struck with lightening when accepting the salutes of the brave and honorable men and women serving under them.

49 posted on 06/08/2011 7:17:32 AM PDT by wintertime
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To: Texas Fossil; wastedyears
Why did it take three (3) years to produce such an obvious fraudulent "document(s)???

The polls were tanking like falling from a mountain cliff (like Paul Ryan's wheel-barring grandmother over the cliff) when Corsi's book became #1 selling on way before released!

Donald Trump suddenly came out of nowhere stirring up the crowd and shutting up the pandering media's talking heads!!

Then you have the claims of killing OBL with NO proof or DNA. Neighboring Pakistanis say they killed the wrong guy, the owner of the "Mansion"(?) which looked like a pig stall!!!

50 posted on 06/08/2011 7:20:36 AM PDT by danamco (-)
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To: danamco


Defies the reality check.

All it takes at this point is one more serious exposure.


51 posted on 06/08/2011 7:24:57 AM PDT by Texas Fossil (Government, even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one)
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To: DooDahhhh; Waco

I’ve seen posted he’s signed other B,C.s!!!

52 posted on 06/08/2011 7:46:10 AM PDT by danamco (-)
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To: grundle; All
There's a problem here that anybody who's used a manual, mechanical typewriter, as I have, can spot. Those old typewriters operated by having the carriage move one space to the left every time the operator hit a key. If the gears on the carriage became worn or if the mechanism was fouled by, for example, eraser fragments, the machine could erratically space. Accidentally striking two keys at the same time could produce a similar effect. That could easily be what produced this apparent kerning, not a deliberate forgery using a computer. Indeed, although most computer fonts include at least one typewriter font, I don't know of any that reproduces the appearance of a fabric ribbon machine's type, the kind of type that appears on this purported document. Proving it's fraudulent is going to take better evidence than this.
53 posted on 06/08/2011 7:50:23 AM PDT by libstripper
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To: CitizenUSA

You’re right. I often did this while in college and law school with a manual backspace button to add an extra letter to a word that needed to be corected. I’d just push the botton partly down to move the carriage back part of a space, allowing me to insert the new letter, an old typist’s trick with either a manual typewriter or an SCM electric with a manual carriage return.

54 posted on 06/08/2011 7:59:36 AM PDT by libstripper
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To: Yo-Yo; MHGinTN; grundle

Then you had difference in the clarity of letters when the ribbons came to the end and would not shift direction automatically. The writings looked like when a printer cartridge is going down in ink!!!

55 posted on 06/08/2011 8:03:28 AM PDT by danamco (-)
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To: grundle
I believe the BC is a composite of several different sources. Most of these letter differentiations can be explained by degradation of quality due to reproduction, faxing, digitizing, or even, as some have said here, fabric ribbon anomalies. What is striking to me looking at these letters side by side (haven't seen this table before; thanks for posting it) is that the second lowercase "a" is a different font. The stress on the counter of the "a" is almost vertical compared to the one next to it, which is more angled. Also, the bowl of the "a" (the little loop part) extends beyond the top serif much further than the "a" next to it does. It's a different x-height as well. Could be the result of stretching, or could just be a completely different font.

Look also at the serif on the descender of the "y". See how the second one almost curls back on itself? The first one does not. Different font. These are tiny little details that type designers put into their faces that most people would never notice. Degradation doesn't explain the serif on that "y."

Sometimes fonts are redrawn and re-released; even though they have the same names (say, "Helvetica" or "Courier") a trained eye can tell they are different and one was created in say, 1920 and the other one redrawn digitally in 2005.

56 posted on 06/08/2011 8:57:58 AM PDT by ponygirl
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The ‘ultimate evidence’ is the presence of different versions of the same letter, like capital “A” within text supposedly written all on the same typewriter back in 1961.

First the proof for forgery was that some of the letters were identical. Now, it's a forgery because they're not?

57 posted on 06/08/2011 8:57:58 AM PDT by Kleon
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To: Kleon
Nice try. Does it make you all warm inside to play at dissembling for your pResident?

When exact same form boxes, complete with printer anomolies which should be unique to a single printed paper form in a series, appear on completely different documents, right down to the pixilations when imaged, that is evidence that someone lifted a piece of one document using a computerized program like adobe and placed it where something was removed from the first document being altered. That is evidence of fabricating a composite, and I would guess done to remove something your little bastard didn't want known to the populace who have a right to know whom is the sonofabitch in the White House ordering our patriotic, brave troops around all over the world.

When completely different images of the same letters (like the "E" being different within the same supposed document) from the same typewriter appear on a supposed document typed in 1961, well, you servants to the father of lies need to get a new schtick. You're relentlessly defending lies and fraud, and you stink up freerepublic.

I suspect your bosses will now produce one or more fraudulent copies of some legitimate LFBC from Hawaii with completely different images of the same letters, because that is now the established pattern for you liars, to wait for the issue to arise over the pResident's fraudulent 'release' then fake more material to appear as if this issue is a non-issue. They and you in your service to this bastard are always trying to buy time for your devilish work. But that's how liars and lies work, one lie begets another lie, until you are spinning so fast and irrationally that you cannot see how absurd your defense of lies has become in its obviousness. The Truth has no agenda, but lies are employed relentlessly in service to evil intentions.

You traitors to the Republic disgust many of us because you obviously hold no allegiance to my Constitution and are more than eager to tell any lie, make any dissembling to defend your criminal barry bassturd. As he is the more exposed, you are more exposed as the servants TO LIES AND DISSEMBLING.

BTW, do you really think your clever little screen name is hiding the true nature of your presence? Your continued persistent defense of the lying fraud in the White House identifies you now.

58 posted on 06/08/2011 9:53:33 AM PDT by MHGinTN (Some, believing they can't be deceived, it's nigh impossible to convince them when they're deceived.)
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To: TigersEye

It’s not that, it’s the people that are in a position to do anything.

59 posted on 06/08/2011 10:30:06 AM PDT by wastedyears (SEAL SIX makes me proud to have been playing SOCOM since 2003.)
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To: wintertime

very true about the military brass. when i see them saluting obama, i often wonder how they can possibly do that knowing that obama is probably not even legally the President. don’t they ever wonder? are they able to just follow orders with no thought behind it? i guess it’s no wonder that LTC Laikin was treated so terribly in prison.

60 posted on 06/08/2011 2:04:13 PM PDT by matt1
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