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Ignore the mainstream media: Americans still believe in one man, one woman ^ | June 26, 2011 | AWR Hawkins

Posted on 06/26/2011 8:12:08 AM PDT by Kaslin

For years, the mainstream media has done their level best to make the redefinition of marriage seem inevitable. As if in concert, local, regional, and national outlets have published the results of poll after poll under headlines like “Majority of Americans Now Supports Same-Sex ‘Marriage,’” all in an attempt to silence opposition and create an atmosphere wherein they can finally see the fabrication of same-sex “marriage” achieved. But in order for this to happen, they have to persuade every-day, salt-of-the-earth Americans that the ideal of marriage – a union existing only between one man and one woman – is no longer worthy of defense.

The good news for the media is they may have almost succeeded in persuading a sufficient number of salt-of-the-earth Americans to give up the fight. The bad news for the media is that almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. And when the Alliance Defense Fund and Public Opinion Strategies announced their latest marriage research data on June 16, data that included a scientific national poll conducted May 16-19 of this year, it was quite evident we weren’t playing with horseshoes or grenades.

The research reveals that 62 percent of Americans believe that “marriage should be defined as a union between one man and one woman.” By the way, not only is 62 percent a majority of Americans, it’s a solid majority. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone because it is right in line with what we’ve seen in voter opinion from around the country when those voters have been given the choice to either protect marriage in their state constitutions or leave it open to legal challenges or other attacks.

What should we do with this news?

While it should cheer us, it must also serve as a reminder that we cannot allow ourselves to fall prey to the machinations of the mainstream media, which frequently employs polls not simply to report public opinion, but to frame it.

For example, in July 2010, amid the debate surrounding Proposition 8, the L.A. Times released the findings of a survey which made it look like there was a surge of support for changing the legal definition of marriage in California. However, it was soon learned that the survey had been conducted by a group supportive of same-sex couples, whose goal was to use the survey to “develop religious education strategies supporting gay equality.” The comprehensive ADF and POS research, on the other hand, included numerous focus groups and a scientific survey that did not pose the question in biased language to achieve a particular politically correct result. It simply asked if “marriage should be defined only as a union between one man and one woman.” And the resounding answer—just like at the ballot box—was “yes.”

So, is same-sex “marriage” really inevitable? No more so than the disappearance of the ozone layer that my science teacher warned me about in 8th grade, or the dangers of man-made global warming all the Chicken Littles in the leftist establishment keep talking about, or the likelihood of a cow actually jumping over the moon.

What is inevitable right now are the facts, and those facts say that 62 percent of Americans believe marriage should be defined as a union between a man and a woman.

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1 posted on 06/26/2011 8:12:11 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

The good news is that most ARE ignoring the MSM. Those who admit watching have polled trust of that institution in the single digits.

They are widely recognized as part of the DNC’s reelection effort.

2 posted on 06/26/2011 8:18:27 AM PDT by kjo
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To: Kaslin

Remember George Soros has picked up some 30 news outlets....making the MSM even more unbelievable...all must do their own research don’t believe this same sex palaver, a small percentage may be true, the rest is just trash.

3 posted on 06/26/2011 8:23:30 AM PDT by yoe
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To: Kaslin

It is what the degenerates in legislation believe in that counts now. We are a people ruled by an oligarchy. As we see in New Yawk, the dead soul degenerates are the elected officials and they establish the moral position for the people they rule. If it were not so, the ones, every one, who voted to spread the pus of homosexuality all over New Yawk would be voted out of office. I would be surprised if even one is voted out over this degeneracy because these dead souls refelct the state of a majority of voters in their districts. Look at how Barney the fag Frank keeps getting re-elected in Massatwoshytes.

4 posted on 06/26/2011 8:25:08 AM PDT by MHGinTN (Some, believing they can't be deceived, it's nigh impossible to convince them when they're deceived.)
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To: Kaslin

Does this mean Anderson Cooper will finally tie the knot?

5 posted on 06/26/2011 8:26:41 AM PDT by School of Rational Thought ("The proposition that the government is always right is manifested either in corruption or benefits)
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To: Kaslin
If these reprobates get their way, which they recently did in NY, what next? The children of darkness never, never give up. Will it be multiple wives? Marriage between children of the same parents, marriage between humans and their favorite animal, marriage between a chicken hawk and his 11 year old prey, etc,etc.

There will be no end to their depravity until God Almighty pulls the plug.

6 posted on 06/26/2011 8:31:23 AM PDT by thirst4truth (The left elected a mouth that is unattached to an eye, brain or muscle.)
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To: Kaslin

Of course they do. All people do — it’s part of our structure. Why do you think the biggest televised event known to man is the Royal Wedding?

7 posted on 06/26/2011 8:33:08 AM PDT by the invisib1e hand (Lovers ARE fighters.)
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To: Kaslin

Has anyone noticed how Fox News has been soft-peddling this story in NY? CNN and MSNBC have been in all-out party mode, giving it top-headline coverage, naturally. Especially since most of their employees are New York queers. But, it’s interesting how Fox News is downplaying it, as if ‘not to rile up the conservatives out there’ on this issue. It tends to confirm my suspicions that Fox News is just as rapidly pro-gay marriage as the other networks, but is handling the issue differently, in order to avoid alienating its more conservative audience.

8 posted on 06/26/2011 8:46:50 AM PDT by greene66
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To: Kaslin
Shocker: Most see natures design for what it is and faggots as the twisted wrecks trying to change nature that they are.
9 posted on 06/26/2011 8:48:21 AM PDT by EGPWS (Trust in God, question everyone else)
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To: thirst4truth

What next? They’ve now gotten the mechanism set up for their goal of destroying the church. The judges will implement things in piecemeal fashion, and before long we’ll have what we see starting elsewhere... anyone daring to criticize homosexuality will face ‘hate crimes’ and be forced from their jobs, their property taken, and wind up in jail.

10 posted on 06/26/2011 8:55:30 AM PDT by greene66
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To: Kaslin
I wonder which poll it was which stated results of 52% in favor.

I wish someone would being trumpeting the fact that only 2-3% of the population are gay. Apparently many believe as many as 25% are.

11 posted on 06/26/2011 10:13:38 AM PDT by Siena Dreaming
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Poll: 62 percent of Americans believe that “marriage should be defined as a union between one man and one woman.”

12 posted on 06/26/2011 10:16:45 AM PDT by DJ MacWoW (America! The wolves are at your door! How will you answer the knock?)
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13 posted on 06/26/2011 10:30:00 AM PDT by narses ("Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions." Chesterton)
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To: DJ MacWoW

Good news. I’m going to bookmark this artcle so I can find it again easily.

14 posted on 06/26/2011 10:59:46 AM PDT by little jeremiah (Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. CSLewis)
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To: Kaslin

“By the way, not only is 62 percent a majority of Americans, it’s a solid majority.”

62% is a solid majority? For something as basic as what a marriage is? What was it 50 years ago? What is it going to be in 10 years? In 50 years?

By my count there are 8 states that voted pro-marriage amendments in by less than 62%. Of course there are many more states that voted it in by more, sometimes much more. The average they passed by was 67% or so, with most of the amendments passing in the middle of the last decade.


15 posted on 06/26/2011 11:06:42 AM PDT by Ransomed
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To: little jeremiah

I bookmark stuff and never see it again. lol

16 posted on 06/26/2011 11:09:38 AM PDT by DJ MacWoW (America! The wolves are at your door! How will you answer the knock?)
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To: greene66

Just in case people are not clear on one of the ways the media became political partners in pushing the homosexual agenda, despite hard science to the contrary, be aware that this national organization of journalists, journalism professors, with outreach to journalism students started in 1990:

17 posted on 06/26/2011 1:10:48 PM PDT by Seeing More Clearly Now (From 1963 Congressional Record
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To: Ransomed

Part of what drives the issue is how people feel the laws will affect them. If people feel that some people will go off and hold their little receptions somewhere else, chances are they probably wouldn’t mind same-sex marriage. However, if someone really feels, or really knows that laws and lawsuits can come your way through some legal manner, chances are that the person would be against it.

I am disappointed that this ever had to develop as a serious national and global issue, but what needs to be done, needs to be done.

18 posted on 06/26/2011 1:32:07 PM PDT by Morpheus2009
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To: greene66

A Massachusetts fire fighter lost his job because he dared to use his constitutional right to put his name on the petition that would have let the people of Massachusetts decide if they wanted same-sex marriage.

When the Democrats want to look patriotic and want the votes of the “first responders” they call them heroes, when a hero exercises his consitutional rights to speak his mind, they turn on him to please the degenerates who now control the Democratic party.

19 posted on 07/18/2011 3:02:54 PM PDT by cradle of freedom (Long live the Republic !)
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