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Bachmann goes into overdrive
The Washington Post ^ | 07/12/2011 | Jennifer Rubin

Posted on 07/12/2011 10:32:06 AM PDT by rob777


How is she doing it? For starters, she is showing some muscle on foreign policy. Among the GOP presidential contenders only she commented yesterday on the attack on the U.S. embassy in Syria. Her statement suggests she’s not about to shed the party’s Reagan-esque stance on national security: “The US Embassy, in the middle of the capital of Syria, has been under intermittent violent attack for days, permitted by the Syrian regime — and the Obama administration can only manage a peep of protest? At best this is another instance of ‘leading from behind,’ and at worst it is careless endangerment of American lives and property. It is time for the Obama administration to stand up for freedom — and stand up to our adversary regimes, both in Damascus and in Iran.”


But the rest of the interview was perhaps more telling as she explained her position on the debt ceiling (no hike in the debt ceiling until we have “dramatic cuts” including repeal or defunding of ObamaCare) and rose to the defense of small business (appropriate, given her location at an Iowa company). She zinged Obama for telling “small businesses to eat their peas.” She made the point (missed or evaded by several lawmakers’ whose interviews preceded hers) that Obama’s proposed “cuts” were in the out years (meaningless, in other words). And she came out four-square in favor of a pro-growth agenda (take the corporate tax down to 9 percent, cut government, reduce regulation). In talking about the need to weed out excessive regulation she argued that the biggest example of overregulation is ObamaCare. All in all, a first-rate performance.

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Don’t get me wrong. I REALLY like Michele. She’s a good conservative. But she’s in WAY over her head, and the LSM knows it.

21 posted on 07/12/2011 11:56:24 AM PDT by LaybackLenny (Palin-________ Overdrive 2012 - Holy Flippin' Crap!!)
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To: ansel12

You can vote for Willard if you wish, it is a big world,

22 posted on 07/12/2011 11:59:26 AM PDT by org.whodat
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Facts 1) Her thin resume has come under focus this last week and is affecting her poll numbers as people change their minds about her. She is now having to respond to the issue. Not good. 2) Her husband and pray away the gay has become a huge issue overnight and even turns off many social conservatives because to the average church goer , the Bachmann’s look too radical in beliefs. 3)She is a tool of the establishment , created by Rove himself and is becoming more evident as reports in news of her selling herself to establishment donors surface. Add in her ties to Rove who is working to clear the way for Romney.

23 posted on 07/12/2011 11:59:29 AM PDT by RED SOUTH (Follow me on twitter @redsouth72)
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To: org.whodat

Man, if you think that Romney is a great leader, the man that can inspire change among his peers, then no wonder you make such strange posts and do not value leadership.

Romney might be a stronger leader than Bachmann, hard to tell since his governorship was such a failure, but he pales when compared to a true, natural born leader like Governor Palin.

24 posted on 07/12/2011 12:09:33 PM PDT by ansel12 (America has close to India population of 1950s, India has 1,200,000,000 people now. Quality of Life?)
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To: ansel12
"I want someone that is a leader, a natural executive,..."

If there was someone in the wings who I trusted to take a chainsaw to the federal budget AND had executive experience, I would be all for it. I would like both criteria, but the first is more important to me at a time when we are in a spending crisis that threatens our civilization. Some are convinced that Perry is that person, but for now I need to be convinced. I want the person on the top of the ticket to be absolutely unwavering in their commitment to reign in the role of government. Michele Bachmann is one of the few Presidential prospects who fits that criteria. She can always add executive experience in the VP and Chief of Staff roles.
25 posted on 07/12/2011 12:37:11 PM PDT by rob777
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To: rob777

Perry is not a chainsaw leader, and Bachmann has no accomplishments to show for her 11 years in office.

Her inability to lead shows that she is merely a vote, a grey suit, she wouldn’t know how to operate a chainsaw, and at age 56, she is not suddenly going to become an effective leader and executive taking over America as President and leading the national government in new directions.

If Bachmann were capable of leading, of making change, of overcoming the stronger personalities of her peers, (much less entrenched career bureaucrats), it would have surfaced during her 11 years in office.

26 posted on 07/12/2011 12:45:46 PM PDT by ansel12 (America has close to India population of 1950s, India has 1,200,000,000 people now. Quality of Life?)
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To: LaybackLenny

‘and the LSM knows it.’

That is an indictment of your discernment.

have you met the President?

27 posted on 07/12/2011 12:48:42 PM PDT by hobbes1 (Hobbes1TheOmniscient® "I know everything so you don't have to...." ;)
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To: rob777

This thread reads like it’s clogged with people from DU.

Yeah, lets repeat Aught eight.

28 posted on 07/12/2011 12:50:43 PM PDT by hobbes1 (Hobbes1TheOmniscient® "I know everything so you don't have to...." ;)
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To: ansel12
"Perry is not a chainsaw leader, and Bachmann has no accomplishments to show for her 11 years in office."

In the absence of a chainsaw leader with executive experience, I will go with Bachmann. As for her accomplishments in office, I would hardly expect a principled conservative legislator to have many accomplishments after being elected to a largely liberal legislative body. She has occupied herself with opposing liberal legislation and has helped to mobilize grassroots pressure to oppose such measures. I wish more legislators had fewer "accomplishments". If they did, we would not be in the mess we are in.
29 posted on 07/12/2011 12:59:04 PM PDT by rob777
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To: rob777

A record of nothing after 11 years in safe legislative seats, the inability to command any leadership positions, except for one effort, where she got fired and sent back to her seat after a short period.

Cantor even blunted her and pushed her aside after 2010 at the peak of her power, something that infuriated me at first, but now I understand how it could be so easy for him to run over her.

30 posted on 07/12/2011 1:10:53 PM PDT by ansel12 (America has close to India population of 1950s, India has 1,200,000,000 people now. Quality of Life?)
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To: Extremely Extreme Extremist
Then ask yourself why a three-term Congresswoman who proclaims herself as "the leader" of the Tea Party (Tea Party has no leaders) suddenly decides to run for President, when she has zero legislative accomplishments and zero executive experience to run on otherwise.

Because there are things she believes that she wants to promote and believed she was the best person to do it.

No one standing on conservative principles that wants to get out and promote them should be bashed by alleged conservative.

I don't see you bashing Thadeus McCotter or Herman Cain. You're only bashing the candidate you consider, irrationally, to be a threat to your candidate, one that hasn't even said she is running yet.

Don't claim your actions are rooted in anything but jealousy and hatred.

31 posted on 07/12/2011 1:52:52 PM PDT by RINOs suck
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To: RINOs suck; rob777
"These sort of comments are petty and sheer lunacy."

You are correct. Again.

RED SOUTH is actually commenting to himself - probably because even the other haters can't stomach him anymore. I do notice he turned off the solid bold when talking to himself. Perhaps his quiet mutter mode.

Executive experience?


This ain't a race for governor and ain't nearly the same thing. The Clinton, Carter and Bush families have like 32 years in the White House and thus possess the VAST majority of the actual, factual presidential-level experience of anyone on the dang planet. Would you vote for ANY of them? Or even take advice on whom to vote for from them? Or put them or any of these state-level executives in charge of your small business?

Me neither.

Or would you instead take a deep breath, look around, evaluate the current national situation and calmly say "I DON'T WANT ANYONE WITH SUCCESSFUL EXPERIENCE IN GETTING US HERE! I WANT THEIR LEADING OPPONENT!"

Me too.

What is leadership in a presidential race?

-Is it Tweeting and occasionally Facebooking? Not really. Even I can do those things while drinking beer and sitting in my underwear watching Simpsons re-runs. And observing the current occupant of the office of the U.S President try to live Tweet was so disturbing I think he did it simply to de-legitimize the formerly for-the-birds communication style.

-Is it hiding in the weeds down near the border (or in the snow beyond the borders) waiting for a break in the traffic? Probably not. Frightened deer do that too a million times a day around here. Some just jump late and then either freeze in the headlights or try to go back making a real mess of things.

-Is leadership holding out or waiting on the bus while the rest of the team is in training camp, signed up and eager to play? Maybe. If what you are 'leading' is the NFL players' union or something.

-Is it gubernatorial hemming and hawing or 'rogue' coordination of movie premiers with provocative NewsWeek covers while the real current leader is all over TV hammering Obama and driving the debt debate in the Right direction? Kinda not.

So... what really is leadership in a presidential race? Maybe it's your name at the top of the polls with your foot on the throat of a RINO, your face on the evening news and your command of the issues on clear display. Just watch the video.


Is that something like running with a RINO, getting your ass handed to you by a socialist and then quitting your day job as a final result of it? I do have one beer in me, but that doesn't really sound Right.

As always, of course I will vote for Palin, Perry, TPaw, Cain, etc. if they get the nomination over Bachmann. But...

How many congressmen went from re-election immediately to insurrection this cycle, going directly for the head of Boehner? How many people either actually in this race or searching for the fortitude to join the race have registered opinions much less votes against TARP, against bailouts, against Obamacare, against Frank/Dodd against everything else foisted upon us by socialist thugs? How many submitted legislation instead of Tweets in the efforts to repeal these tides of evil?

I have personal reasons to be biased for Bachmann and don't expect all conservatives to know or appreciate her efforts as much as do I.

But I have zero respect for the Bachmann bashers here at FR. They behave as if they are trying out for "The KOSby Kids".

They say on the one hand Michele has failed to do anything in Congress. Then they say she should stay there instead of going executive because she's better in Congress.

What they fail to recognize is that Bachmann is a natural executive trapped in a legislative body. She can't help it. She was born that way. She doesn't need the phobics' taunts and the bigots' repression. She just needs a branch-change operation. Such diversity would benefit the whole freakin' village.

Plus, you'd kinda think the 'working for the establishment/ helping Romney' song would have fallen off the charts once Romney appeared in Bachmann's rear view mirror. But kookery is not easily explained sometimes. I just wish they'd inject some logic into the ridiculous theories. I mean TPaw hired Webber, Romney's guy from last cycle, and now both Tim and Vin have made debatably disparaging remarks about Michele. Maybe it's actually TPaw who is the horse in pink stalkings.

32 posted on 07/12/2011 5:07:35 PM PDT by BuddhaBrown (Path to enlightenment: Four right turns, then go straight until you see the Light!)
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To: RINOs suck
Listen pal, I'm just trying to save Bachmann from being squished like a pimple. You still don't understand that it was Bachmann who fired the first salvo at Palin (via Ed Rollins) even though Palin raised over $10 million for her 2010 Congressional race and likely saved her seat. Conservatives now view Bachmann as suspect and it's clear that she is a proxy to stop Palin so one of the RINOs can win the nomination.

If you don't see what's going on behind the scenes then I can't help you, but you need to open your eyes. Governor Palin is enemy #1 among the establishment and the elites will do anything to stop her. That's why Bachmann is in the race to split the conservative base and clear the way for another RINO.

33 posted on 07/13/2011 6:41:19 AM PDT by Extremely Extreme Extremist (Governor Sarah Heath Palin for President of the United States in 2012)
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To: Extremely Extreme Extremist

“it’s clear that she is a proxy to stop Palin”

Do people you around you actually believe this crap? Or do they only keep one of you per ward?

Wow, Bachmann must be good.

Stopped Sarah before she even got off the bus.

I guess that makes Ed Rollins campaign manager of the year - so far!

34 posted on 07/13/2011 5:42:37 PM PDT by BuddhaBrown (Path to enlightenment: Four right turns, then go straight until you see the Light!)
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To: RINOs suck

Here`s another attack on EEE, you used those same exact words to me... WHY IS IT YOU NEVER DEFEND PALIN AGAINST ATTACKS?

35 posted on 07/17/2011 4:47:19 PM PDT by Friendofgeorge (DID I MENTION...SARAH PALIN OR FLIPPIN BUST)
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