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The tea party's terrorist tactics
Politico ^

Posted on 07/29/2011 7:16:25 AM PDT by Sub-Driver

The tea party's terrorist tactics By: William Yeomans July 29, 2011 08:22 AM EDT

It has become commonplace to call the tea party faction in the House “hostage takers.” But they have now become full-blown terrorists.

They have joined the villains of American history who have been sufficiently craven to inflict massive harm on innocent victims to achieve their political goals. A strong America has always stood firm in the face of terrorism. That tradition is in jeopardy, as Congress and President Barack careen toward an uncertain outcome in the tea party- manufactured debt crisis.

As we stumble closer to Aug. 2, it has become clear that many in the tea party are willing to inflict massive harm on the American people to obtain their political objective of a severely shrunken federal government. Their persistence in rejecting compromise, even as the economic effects of the phony crisis they have created mount, has taken their radicalism beyond tough negotiating, beyond even hostage-taking.

As markets fall in anticipation that there may not be a timely resolution; as credit agencies issue dire warnings that the U.S. political system has become so dysfunctional that a credit downgrade may be inevitable, and as America looks weakened in the eyes of the world, the tea party’s hostage-taking has evolved into the intentional infliction of harm on innocent Americans to achieve a political objective – terrorism.

Terrorism is a tough term, but, unfortunately, it describes tea party tactics precisely. Their first step was to vow not to vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Here, as in many radical factions, there was a split between the purists and the pragmatists. Pragmatists vowed not to raise the ceiling unless draconian cuts were made in the federal government.

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I disagree. It is the place for this discussion because the debt - and its legal ceiling are the direct result of unchecked spending far and above the revenue the government is not a perfunctory formalization to pay debts we alreay owe; it is an admission that we are about to and will again commit to MORE DEBT! Refusing to raise the debt limit then forces the government to live within its means.

If that means that a few, or several agencies have to go out of existence, then so be it. If it means that some of the 40% of the people in this country who don't pay taxes have to, then so be it. If it forces a large portion of the people on EBT, EITC, AFDC, WICs, SCHIP and the hundreds of other supplements to go out and work, then so be it....

61 posted on 07/29/2011 7:46:47 AM PDT by Gaffer
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To: kevkrom

This is very simple.

The left wants Total Submission. To have even one Republican take a stand is intolerable for them, much less a whole “group” of “upstarts”.

The psychology behind that is - frightening.

62 posted on 07/29/2011 7:47:37 AM PDT by KittenClaws (A closed mouth gathers no foot.)
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To: Sub-Driver

Hysterical horseshit from the people who brought America to ruin. No comprise. Doing so will cheer the stock market but result in a greater disaster in a short time.

63 posted on 07/29/2011 7:48:28 AM PDT by andy58-in-nh (America does not need to be organized: it needs to be liberated.)
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To: Sub-Driver

There’s only one person, one side, sowing terror into Americans over this debt crisis. Let’s take one guess.

64 posted on 07/29/2011 7:51:42 AM PDT by The Bronze Titan
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To: Sub-Driver
I am trying to understand the reasoning behind statements made by people like the one that wrote this column.

Although there are always fringe people who show up in any group, the Tea Party movement is about less taxes, or no increased taxes specifically and promoting a cultural shift toward a government that serves the people rather than people serving the government.

The controversy over the budget is an example of how skewed our arguments can become. But, there is obviously something far deeper here than basic party politics.

It is obvious to anyone who manages a household budget that we can't stay on the path congress has chosen for us over the years and the tea party caucus is holding fast to the contention that we must face reality. Many in congress and folks like the writer of this column seem to staunchly believe that we can just keep spending, writing hoot checks and getting new credit cards to pay off the old credit cards.

They are so fixed on the belief that there is no need for responsibility that they are willing to attack and slander anyone speaking of responsible fiscal management. - At least that's the way it looks to my simple mind.

So where I get stuck is trying to assess what the folks on the left , the writer of this column and the defenders of democrat thought like the MSM commentators envision for the long run. What are they working for as the America of the coming decade or beyond?

65 posted on 07/29/2011 7:59:18 AM PDT by Baynative (If the government was in charge of the desert , we'd soon have a shortage of sand.)
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To: The Iceman Cometh

I hate to read the drivel of the Left, but I think it is wise to know your enemy.

This is the propaganda that they will push. I don’t watch TV much, but a few days ago there was some liberal nitwit spewing on Fox about raising taxes on the billionaires, corporate jets, yada, yada, yada. It sounded like just like some Marxist-Leninist during the Cold War.

The commies are here. They may not label themselves as such, but they are.

66 posted on 07/29/2011 8:02:38 AM PDT by darth
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To: Sub-Driver

This isn’t an article.

It’s not even an opinion piece.

It’s a full-on cry for mental health help.

67 posted on 07/29/2011 8:03:36 AM PDT by Lazamataz (If you pet a tiny goose, you will feel a little down.)
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To: Baynative

They are progressives fighting for the status quo. Amusing isn’t it?

68 posted on 07/29/2011 8:06:07 AM PDT by listenhillary (2007 deficit 160 Billion, 2008 - 458 billion, 2009 -1.4 Trillion, 2010 - 1.6 Trillion)
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To: KittenClaws
The psychology behind that is - frightening.

You Can Still Trust the Communists to be Communists

and you'll see that this "psychology" is fully a communist mindset.

69 posted on 07/29/2011 8:09:17 AM PDT by MrB (The difference between a Humanist and a Satanist - the latter knows whom he's working for)
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70 posted on 07/29/2011 8:14:33 AM PDT by TheOldLady (FReepmail me to get ON or OFF the ZOT LIGHTNING ping list.)
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To: Gaffer
Well...then we better be prepared to put on our big boy pants and face the consequences...and here they are:

1) The media and the dems will sucessfully spin the crash that will ensue...and it will happen. You cannot immediately take $100 Billion a month out of the system and not crash the economy. That's a lot of workers...etc. That's a lot of 401K.

2) You better be prepared for another 4 years. 3) You better be prepared for a democratically controlled house and senate.

You see...not everyone in this country is a Freeper. They don't 1) understand the issue...2) Understand teh need to suck it up now to avoid catastrophe later. All they will know is "this sucks and everything I hear is its the GOP's fault...especially THAT tea-parties"

You can disagree with that all you want...but that IS what will happen. If you think it will unfold any differently...I suggest you get out more...take a gander at who is actually inhabiting this little land of ours...and then take a look at who they actually voted for. Remember...these people that so many Freepers have faith in to do the right thing and understand the debate...and that what we are doing is right...are the same people that 1) Put Obama in office...2) Have 53 dem senators in the Harry Reid...and 3) Re-elected almost 200 house members who put their full support behind San Fran Nan.

And if you think this country of knuckle heads won't listen to the MSM and these dems spin a collapse (and it will be...don't kid yourself...we are almost there even WITH 100 billion a month) as OUR fault? Well...get out more and go meet some of these air heads.

71 posted on 07/29/2011 8:21:02 AM PDT by NELSON111
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To: Sub-Driver

Civility and all that...

72 posted on 07/29/2011 8:28:42 AM PDT by Virginia Ridgerunner (Sarah Palin has crossed the Rubicon!)
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To: listenhillary
"They are progressives fighting for the status quo..."

That part, I get. I am trying to see the long term objective of the folks who think like the author. Are they simple large 'D' democrats or is there a more sinister motive in their ideology. I don't want to accept that so many people are working for the demise of our country. But, it seems that way to me.

73 posted on 07/29/2011 8:29:55 AM PDT by Baynative (If the government was in charge of the desert , we'd soon have a shortage of sand.)
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To: listenhillary
William Yeomans joined the faculty of law in 2009. From 2006 until 2009, he served as Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s Chief Counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee. He has also been Legal Director of the Alliance for Justice and the first Director of Programs for the American Constitution Society, where he spearheaded the launch of its two publications: the Harvard Law and Policy Review and Advance. Prior to that, he spent 26 years at the Department of Justice where he litigated and supervised civil rights cases in the federal courts involving voting rights, school desegregation, employment discrimination, housing discrimination, hate crimes, police misconduct, abortion clinic violence, and human trafficking. He served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Chief of Staff, and acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.

Impeccable liberal pedigree. Maybe he can spend a little time investigating the civil rights-abridging diktats at his own university.

74 posted on 07/29/2011 8:31:06 AM PDT by rhema ("Break the conventions; keep the commandments." -- G. K. Chesterton)
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To: basil

Oh well, one man’s terrorist is another man’s patriot, I suppose...

Sound familiar?

75 posted on 07/29/2011 8:33:48 AM PDT by MarDav
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To: kevkrom
The Tea Party is as much a part of the political reality of this country as that crowd of anti-American, blood-sucking wastrels who put “O” into office.

It is time for the MSM AND the Liberals to face ‘reality’ the same way the American voters were forced to do when they were faced with this Socialist fifth column and formed the Tea Party.

American taxpayers are positively SKINNED and it is time for 'politicians' to face THAT reality!

76 posted on 07/29/2011 8:35:03 AM PDT by SMARTY (A claim for equality of material position can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers.)
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To: glennaro
These people live in a bazaar mirrored universe.

The words in this article describe to a “t” what Obama and the leftists are doing to this country.

Their brains are broken to such a degree, that they become pathological in their pronouncements.

I've mentioned before the corollary of Osama and Obama.

Osama tried to destroy the economy of the USA by his attack on the Twin Towers--the center of our financial system--and Obama and the democrats are doing the exact same thing.

So who is following the terrorist playbook?

Certainly not the Tea Party Movement.

The writer of this article should look in the mirror and recite this screed to himself. (With appropriate changes of subjects addressed)

77 posted on 07/29/2011 8:36:01 AM PDT by Syncro (Sarah Palin, the unofficial Tea Party candidate for president--Virtual Jerusalem)
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To: All
There's a tiny inconvenient fact for the writer: "Cut, Cap & Balance" passed from the House with bi-partisan support least week.

For many, like head of the Tea Party caucus, Michele Bachmann, that was compromise because it raised the debt ceiling period. It was a deal she was not willing to vote for. It was a deal Reid and his party was unwilling to even put up for a vote.

I am gravely concerned the Tea Party movement is on an economic suicide mission today that will destroy the opportunity for winning in 2012 and guarantee a Democrat sweep.

Make no mistake: if the GOP is destroyed by this tantrum in the next few days, they will be out of power for a very, very long time and no viable "third-party" is going to take their place in 2012.

You will have accomplished what the Democrats have not been able to do in 157 years or longer.

We're FINISHED as anything but a single Democrat Party nation.

You are about to do to the nation what the state GOP did in California during the 1990s.

Stop making them so happy!

78 posted on 07/29/2011 8:36:13 AM PDT by newzjunkey (Mike Pence is voting FOR the Boehner bill.)
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Some true. Perhaps not partitioned as you imagine.

1) You're assuming the $100Bn/month are "workers"...and no contributions to 401Ks,etc. I'm saying a lot are not 'workers'; they're scammers on assistance. What you'd loose is the spending they make on whatever the heck it is they buy with their money the government gives them. There is also a lot of other money spent that doesn't have a lot to do with economy - foreign aid in $$, for example. Add that to the host of mysterious disappearance of all that TARP money, QE 1 and 2 and the fraud.

2) That's your assumption for 4 more years - what do you think Obama's supporters will do if he's left impotent on the budget and they lose their checks? Take the time to vote? These people are too into instant gratification and Obama won't be able to give them that; their life-ease will evaporate. Hell no - they'll riot, and that's where they'll lose real America's sympathy, even to the point where the MSM will pull back.

As far as "getting out", you have no way to know one way or the other. I didn't see the announcement where they dubbed you Nostradamus' Heir, I guess I missed that. I see and read plenty, and I see the tons of people using EBT cards, cashing EITC checks, tendering WICs checks, et al - I know how they are and how they vote. I've worked elections as a clerk, and I've worked since age 14 to this day, served my country, and many like me who are fed up with this and won't listen to "all the reasons why we can't anymore".

Lastly, "big boy pants" .....real damned funny. I'd hazard to guess I'm a hell of a lot better prepared than you (except for cute retorts).

79 posted on 07/29/2011 8:42:37 AM PDT by Gaffer
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To: newzjunkey
"Cut, Cap & Balance" passed from the House with bi-partisan support least week.

Right. Raising the debt ceiling $2.4 TRILLION dollars.

80 posted on 07/29/2011 8:44:30 AM PDT by EternalVigilance (For decades they've kicked the can down the road. Sorry, but there's no more road.)
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